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Ep 100: What I’ve Learned in 2020!

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Welcome to Episode 100 of the She Is Extraordinary Podcast, I am so excited to bring you this very, very special episode sister. This one is all about 2020. And what I learned 2020 The year of uncertainty, the year of quarantine is the year of the pivot. Not to mention the year of the election of a lifetime, here in the US 2020 a year of division, whether as a result of race or political affiliation, or even religion as a year of labels, pitting one against the other. So sad. So sick, got to end, a year of dramatic life change. And in addition to all of the crazy that has happened across the US and around the world this year, each of us has no doubt had our personal stuff to deal with. Whether health issues relational issues, financial issues, oh, my goodness, when I think about 2020, the year that started with such promise and excitement, a brand new decade look like nothing but opportunity, right. That’s how I looked at it. But how quickly 2020 turned into a year of like mayhem. Right. And for many a year of disappointment and stumbling blocks and even fear for many significant fear.

So we went from a year filled with such hope to currently for so many, as I said is a year that a vast majority of us, right? We just want it to be over. And so we’re thinking regardless of what 2021 may bring, you know, so many feel it’s got to be better than 2020. Well, ladies fair warning, this 100th episode is going to be raw, I’m going to be 1,000% authentic, as I always am right telling it like it is so pardon the tears if they come, you know, I just have some notes that I’m reviewing here and reading for the episode, I’m going to be sharing my personal struggles, my insights and thoughts of the past year as things unfolded. Like you, I’m looking with hopeful anticipation and expectation for the new year. And my hope is that this episode is going to leave you feeling encouraged that you would know you are not alone, that you are okay. No matter how you feel right now. And please know that the Lord God Almighty is in control through it all. Hallelujah.

Now, before I dive in, I want to go to God in prayer. And I know I usually don’t do this in the episodes, but I feel like this is necessary for this fun. So Heavenly Father, we come before you just so grateful I just so appreciate, Lord, how gracious you are and how merciful you are and how you have moved on. Even in this crazy pandemic year. Lord, I thank you for giving me this platform, allowing me to be a voice and a vessel for you. Lord, I pray that your words would come through the Lord, I you know, I’m happy to step aside by the Spirit’s prompting, if there is something that I thought I’d say, but you think not for something that I didn’t have any idea that I was going to say but you want to speak, Lord, have your way here. And they the words that I’m about to say. Be right in your eyes, bringing glory, Lord, and impact the hearts and the minds of each lady, listening, Lord, as you would as you would have, Lord that your will be done God, your will not mine be done. We love you. We trust you. And it’s in the mighty and Almighty name of your son, Jesus our Lord we pray. Amen. Amen.

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We’re putting the Lord Jesus Christ in his rightful place, right front and center, bringing him glory, while you serve those that he has chosen for you to serve with the gifts that he gave you. Now, this workshop is going to be over four powerful days. And inside, we’re going to create your blueprint to extraordinary success. It’s time for clarity, it’s time for specificity, it’s time for faith, first and foremost time to go all in on who Christ made you to be. And it’s time for you to get that download direct from God himself for his vision for your business to life. Because, you know, this vision will come to pass and the best place to be is in his will. Right? Hallelujah. Right? So here’s a quick sneak peek inside the workshop. As I said, it’s four days, day one, we’re going to assess and analyze what are you doing? What worked? What didn’t work? What are your competitors doing? We’re going to analyze and assess.

Okay, day two, we’re going to dream and decide, what do you want your life and your business to look like? And to feel like what’s important to you, I’m going to take you through key areas of your life and your business and asked you to decide what you want your future to look like. Alright, day three, we’re going to submit and surrender, we’re going to identify our stumbling blocks, whether they’re real or imagined. And we’re going to surrender and submit everything to the Lord, in order to heal, etc. Okay, day four, we’re gonna pray and plan. We’re going to discover what God has for you, and for your clients through you. So it’s going to be amazing. Sounds good, right? You’re going to leave this workshop more focused, more confident, more equipped to start 2021 strong, and to crush your goals, period. So to find out more, and to save your seat, I want you to go to bit.li slash 2021 goal workshop all lowercase again, bit.li slash 2021. Goal workshop. Okay, there is no better time to pause, pray and prepare for significant impact, and your most profitable year in business.

Alright, so 2020 Here we go. wowzers didn’t see that comment? Do you feel the same? When you think back on where we’ve been this year, faced with so much uncertainty, and pretty much since day one. We were presented with a choice. Right? We could either buckle under the pressure or stay in bed, pull those covers up over our heads assume the fetal position, right. That’s one thing we could do every day. Or, instead, we could choose to get up, to stand strong in the Lord to act with courage, knowing Almighty God is in control.

Right? I mean, those are the two choices. And for me throughout this year, at times, that choice, to live life, to trust God and make the best of things. Or, instead to give up to cower in fear was not even like a daily thing. But to me that decision, those decisions were made almost minute by minute like things would happen and I might feel good. But then something else would happen. Or I’d happen to catch something on the news or on the radio or social media and all of a sudden my world would feel like it’s upside down again. And so I was faced with that choice again. Do I stand firm and the Lord or do I give in to fear? Right? But Wow, when you look back, for me, at least, all those ups and downs of the year they certainly brought clarity and clarity as to what really matters in life is too short. We need to go all in on who we are in Christ.

We need to live boldly for him. Why? So we can tap into his plan for us tap into our potential and walk in our God given purpose. We all have doubts. We’re gonna fear at times. Right? But but in these crazy tumultuous days, this is where the rubber hits the road for us as credit All right. So we have to ask ourselves, does my life look different? I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of the world. Does my life look different than someone who doesn’t know him? I hope so. And so when in the Bible talks about, you know, work through your salvation in fear with fear and trepidation, I mean, wow. Yeah. What do I really believe? Do I do I say, I, what I say I believe, do I live in that? Right? So that’s it? That’s a huge question that we all need to ask ourselves.

Because we need to think different, we need to act different, we need to speak different, we need to live different, right? I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to anybody else. So let me share some of my personal struggles throughout the year. And the first, of course, is COVID. Now, when this hit in March, here in the States, my initial reaction was no big deal. last couple of weeks, I had resolved myself to not panic. And I was actually pretty darn proud of myself. Because if you never heard me talk about this before. 911 threw me for a huge loop. It messed me up. And it’s impacted me always right. I’m seeing 100 storey buildings fall. You know, it’s kind of crazy, right? planes flying into buildings, like something out of a movie. So the trauma of that. And the fact that we lived through it. I was resolved to say I am not going to get freaked out, even by a worldwide pandemic. And so they were telling us look, what are your math for two weeks? We’ll get through this. So I’m like, okay, no big deal. We’ll do that.

Who before long? It became a big deal, right? I still remember the day Fauci and others had had stood before us in a news conference. And they had said before, this is all over one to 2 million Americans would lose their lives. What What are you telling me? How can this possibly be? I was worried about my son on his own in Chicago, I was worried about my, my two college kids. And I immediately threw up a prayer Lord God, don’t let it be any of them. Listen, ladies, you could hear my emotion and my boys. Look, TV and the media can not only be a time suck, it can be a source of hysteria. And I know I was just I got a private message this morning. I’m recording this on Tuesday, December 8, I got a message from a dear friend I haven’t seen on social launch and she said, You know what, you just had to pull back. I just had to pull back.

When I applaud her for that, I don’t watch TV. I’m a Netflix and Hulu girl. My Guilty Pleasures old sitcoms, reminded me of simpler days gone by I love Mary Tyler Moore. I love taxi. I love wings. Listen, let’s add some levity to the moment right now find me on social at Judy Weber live dmvpn me whatever the word and tell me what are your favorite sitcoms from back in the day? How do you kind of what do you do to pull back from the crazy of this this time that we’re in? What do you do?

All right. Well, over the past several months, you know, I have continued to minimize my news watching. And I call that self protection. And so my dear friend the sense she’s pulling back again, I applaud her no guilt there, right? We’ve got to do what we need to do to live our best life before the Lord God. And so I personally I don’t need to know every so called breaking news event. I choose to live my life as best I can to walk in faith and trust that God has got everything in the palm of his hand. I choose I choose I choose ladies decision. It’s ginormous and the choice is yours. I choose to remain steadfast and hopeful because Christ is my hope. And as he told us, he’s WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE hallelujah. Or when crisis comes even a worldwide pandemic. That is not the time for us, women of faith to retreat. That’s the time when we as Christians are to live Keep moving forward as God directs, you know, john 1010. That applies even in these times, not just in good times, right? The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but the Lord Jesus Christ has come to give us life and life gonna fall here, here, right now on Earth. Now, times of crisis and uncertainty present for us, I believe the perfect opportunity to show up big and to serve to serve our families to serve our, you know, clients to serve our target audiences, right? To stand strong. And I encourage you today SR stands strong, know that you are not alone. And you can be scared. No, I think I think for honest all of us are, to some degree, we don’t know what’s ahead. But we can be confident, knowing that the one who made it all, he knows exactly what’s ahead, and he promises to be with us through everything. And as I was thinking about kind of what to say and and, and how to handle all of this through the years, through rather through the past couple of months.

First john three, one. I love that first. Oh, how the Lord God Almighty loves us. First john three, one. See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God. exclamation point. And that is what we are. exclamation point. I love this verse for 1000 reasons. You know, first of all, I love how in Scripture God is telling us he’s trying to to give us a full understanding or at least a fuller understanding of the magnitude the intensity, you know, of his love for us. He doesn’t just give us love He lifted ambitious it he pours out you know in excess, right? He lavished his love on us. So much so that we should be called children of God, right, his children. And an exclamation point like he wants to emphasize that. I don’t think there are too many exclamation points in the Bible. But we see to hear back to back. Right. Oh, how the Father has lavished his love on us that we should be called children of God. And that is what we are exclamation point. So when you’re feeling alone when you’re feeling unloved when you’re feeling weak, go back to first time three, one.

All right. So besides COVID, and that seems to keep rearing its ugly head with spikes and peaks and whatever they’re calling it. Um, my next personal struggle really came just six weeks ago, smack dab in the middle of a workshop. workshop week for me, which was the precursor right to a promotion. Specifically, the doors to my blessed to thrive Academy set to open with a new group coming in. Yeah. So this trouble that happened smack dab in the middle of workshop week was a huge monkey wrench thrown into my marketing plans. What was it? My Facebook account that I’ve had since September 2008, was hacked.

It happened in the middle of a live that I had done, I think it was day, three of five days, where all of a sudden, I you know, I had my phone on to the page. And all of a sudden it went black. Like I didn’t have access to the group anymore. What? So I thought that was weird. During the live after the live, I looked and I couldn’t access my personal account, which means I couldn’t access any of my Facebook groups as me because I was the only admin and my Facebook groups. Yikes. Not too smart on my part, right? But I was living a real life example of something that I often said to you ladies, which is Hey, what happens if Facebook goes away tomorrow? Would you still be able to contact all your peeps? Would it negatively impact your business? Now thankfully, I have an email list of 1000s if not everybody in my you know less to thrive community Facebook group had given me their email so I don’t have everybody. That’s my bad. And since then I’ve created an entirely new Facebook group. It is called she is extraordinary. So if you are not a part of my brand new Facebook group for high achieving women of faith, who are committed to building a business of significance, you know, to serve the Lord bring him glory.

I would love it. If you would search on Facebook. She is extraordinary and you’ll find it. I would love to have you join us there. But Wow, yeah, that’s a problem. And oh, by the way, on my Facebook ads account was also hacked. That hacker actually put up an ad and I didn’t see it my Facebook Ads Manager did. And hacker created a $6,000 budget. Thankfully, this is one good thing of Facebook’s AI, it recognize that that’s not a normal thing that I would do. And so they close down that. Boy. Well, let me say this, I will tell you, I was proud of myself for how I handled that Facebook hacking. I did not panic. I never said Oh, no, what was me? my lunch is ruined. I never said no one’s gonna say yes to the academy this time around. Yeah, no, no, I stayed positive. I kept going, I shifted my plan on what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. I continued to show up, confidently, pouring huge value into all the attendees inside the workshop continuing to serve in the best way that I knew how I would repeat scripture, right? Including stronger see, that is in me that is in the world. And I really believe that God loves when we quote scripture and even pray his promises back to him. And when we tell him, I know you’re with me, Lord, and I know you’re gonna win. Another scripture I loved was, you know what the enemy intends to harm me. God intends for good. I will not be overcome.

In Christ. I am more than a conqueror. I just kept repeating verses as they came to me over and over and over.
How did I do that? How did I not freak out? Well, it’s actually quite simple. I made a decision. There’s that word again. I made a decision. I chose faith, specifically, faith over fear, faith over worry. Right. As Christians, my dear sisters, we are called to trust in the Lord and to choose faith over fear every time we are to go where he calls us, even if we don’t know where we’re going. And even when we don’t know how it’s all going to work out. Where to take that next step, after going to the Lord asking him to show us that next step. That’s it. That is what we are to do. We are not to worry about tomorrow. We are to live today and take action today. Yesterday is behind us. Let’s leave it there. Tomorrow’s not promised, so no need to worry about it. Right? God and His grace gave us free will, which means we have a choice.

We’re able to make a choice. So will you choose fear? And not just fear about the crazy world we live in? You know, what’s going to happen in the way of, you know, the virus and elections, whatever, right? But are you going to choose fear as in fear of failure, or fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of what others are going to think, fear over what somebody else may do to us? Fear over making mistake, self sabotage, you know, are we going to allow fear to become paralyzing? Or? Or are we going to choose faith, believing in the one who created the heavens and the earth? And it really comes down to this. We’ve got to believe and live that we know that we know that we know that God is in control. His timing is perfect. Hallelujah. Even when we don’t feel like it is right. We’ve got to trust him. He knows so much more infinitely more than we do. So we just got to choose faith. And I know ladies, that that is not an easy thing, believe me, I know. But as Christians, we need to speak truth to ourselves. And we need to remind ourselves of you know God’s word, because that is the truth.

He has laid out how we’re to live and it doesn’t matter whether we’re in a high time or a low time, in a time of peace or in a time of mayhem. Right. Which brings us to my next personal struggle that I’ve had to deal with in 2020. And I’m not alone in this one, the US election and its aftermath. an outright attack on our democratic republic. I mean, it’s, I feel like it’s so surreal, right? There is a war on our constitutional rights, including our fundamental first amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion. To some extent, right. We have media and big tech, censoring news, telling us and deciding for us What we are to believe, what we even can hear what they’re wanting to turn a deaf ear in a blind eye, among other things to eyewitness testimony of election anomalies and irregularities, and in some cases, outright fraud, denying that such eyewitness testimony even exists. Like, what? What is this? Am I living in George Orwell’s book 1984. Look, this is not about, you know, right or left or Democrat or Republican. This is about this is about our country. And I, for one don’t want to live in a us versus them. country. I hate this division. As Americans, we really should be united, we must be united, that old adage still holds true. United we stand divided we fall.

Listen, we can disagree with there’s always been disagreement. We’re not robots. We don’t all think alike. But we must stand united period, end of story. Just as Christians, Jesus called for us to be united in him, despite any disagreements, right. So here in the United States, our forefathers fought and died, so that we could live free the pursuit of happiness. All founded on Judeo Christian principles. Make no mistake, when we if you if you were to study history, and you were to see the strength of our fighters, I know what the word is, versus, you know, Britain, I mean, there’s no way we should have won. There’s no way we should have won. And those that have but for God, right, only by God’s movement, by his divine intervention and the way he works things out, it’s the only reason the US won their independence. And today, all these years later, those that want to fundamentally change our lives and remove our freedoms.

I pray every day, that the Lord God would show His mercy and grace on his people hear, and not allow that fundamental change to happen. Right? When truth is called a lie, and lies called truth. When our free speech is censored, there’s only one word for it unacceptable. As a US citizen, I’m appalled. As an attorney and officer of the court, I’m stunned. I’m shocked. I’m pissed. I like freedom. I want to keep freedom. And I want to keep my autonomy to make decisions for me and my family. God gave me my children. You gave them to me. It’s up to me and up to them now that they’re adults as to how they’re going to conduct themselves. And and if if my kids were not 18, I would be concerned about some of what I’m hearing out there. When politicians are saying the kids belong to the government or belong to them in some way and not me.

Whoa, whoa. You know, and more recent COVID lockdowns play into my concerns, of course, regarding the attack on the American way of life. Political leaders, under our form of government are to answer to we the people. We the People are not supposed to kowtow to elected leaders who are really acting as pseudo dictators, who repeatedly choose without apology to act outside of the very orders and edicts that they set out for the rest of us. Now, add to all of that, all of that ridiculous it concerns about the safety of the COVID vaccine. I have done some research here. And none of it’s pretty, right. little mini robots. Micro something’s inside the vaccine, this vaccine works very differently. I’m told I’m seeing all across, you know, the internet. It works very differently than any other vaccine in the past. There’s talk of transhumanism it’s like what? something out of a sci fi movie and other kind of movies I never go to you know why? Because he’s carrying the heck out of me. Oh, and added to the tech side of things, the potentially harmful effects of 5g. Have you seen these ginormous 5g transmitters? That happened to appear almost overnight.

Listen, we are living in crazy times. No doubt about it. And you know, my kids, I know they’re really good about They’re respectful to me, but I think that they think I’m over the top. They are reassuring me, Mom, it’s okay. not that big a deal, no matter who’s in the White House, even if we have to get the vaccine. Mom, why do you get so emotional when you put that mask on? And they haven’t said this, but I think they kind of think I’m a conspiracy theorist. Well, in this topsy turvy world we all live in now, when someone can say anything, is simply by reason of its repetition, that anything, even if it’s a lie, becomes true. in the minds of so many. When I see the precious Bill of Rights, that I studied in law school for years and being eroded right before my eyes, I believe we must stand up for what we believe in, I don’t think, I don’t think you were a good Christian, necessarily to, you know, sit quiet, we absolutely should be on our knees and in that prayer closet. But me personally, I don’t believe I was made to stay there alone, right? the prayers of a fervent man and woman accomplished much, but I don’t believe that we all, you know, should be staying quiet. And in our homes, even the prayer closet, right? I just don’t, I believe that we as Christians need to stand up for what we believe in and voice that position.

I believe that we must have a dialogue. We must listen to each other, across all everyone in this country to come together and find common ground. And I believe we must use our brains and think for ourselves and to be discerning, not blindly accepting what somebody tells us because they seem to be in a power position. We’re going to do our own due diligence to protect ourselves to protect our families. Hello, if I’m honest, there’s absolutely a part of me, that’s more than a bit frightened. What’s gonna happen to this the greatest country on the planet, this last bastion of freedom in the world? One of my clients is from Australia. And she said to me, hey, Judy, you know, we’re praying. And I said, really like, this US election affects you. I have another client, South Africa, she said the same thing. I go, really, this matters. She goes, Oh, my goodness, she’s the one that said that. to us. The US is the last bastion of freedom. You are bold, Americans are bold, and they’re able to speak because of, you know, the First Amendment. So many in the world can’t. We need to stand up. But yeah, I get concerned if the people that want to take that right away from me, when I get a little bit concerned and a tad frightened when I think will I be targeted. More than one democrat has expressed a call for us to be identified those that align with the conservative side of things. Hey, my facebook account was hacked and shut down. Despite countless outreaches to Facebook to help me gain access to my account.

Didn’t care. Maybe I’m gonna list I can’t worry about that. My God is bigger. So as if all of that were not enough. On November 14, my ex husband died suddenly, pulmonary embolism to Islam. And what followed his death I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. So let me go back to that. second week of November, I think was the eighth. I decided to leave Philadelphia for a little vacation a little respite. I wanted to visit my twin sister in Virginia so we can celebrate our 55th birthday together. That’s kind of a big deal, right? I wanted to take some much needed r&r before Black Friday and the busy holiday season. But rather than a respite just stays in to my visit. I was faced with the incredibly difficult task of telling my kids their father had died. And while that would be difficult enough, when I when we all got home, right? You know, my two kids from college, I’d pick them up. My oldest son flew in from Chicago. My boys had to grapple with their dad’s family, their own grandparents, and aunt and uncle, the brother and sister of my ex husband and his family. But they demanded that my children pay for their dad’s funeral, while at the same time are refusing to allow them to have their desires and plans for their dad’s funeral before. I mean, I was literally on the phone at the airport.

When I heard their aunt say, Look, I don’t really care what you and your brothers feel like blacks. What the I yeah, I’m not going to be sports that anymore. But the ugliness And the anger. And it’s just an ugly, ugly things that I’ve heard and that my kids had to endure. And add to all of that. My personal, ongoing family relational issues, and I’m not going to get into specifics, but I’m gonna say this. First Corinthians 13, the love chapter in the Bible, is something I believe we all need to live into more fully, always. Especially now, though, right with all the crazy that’s going on. First Corinthians 13, a god Bey love, thinking of living for others, not yourself. Being more concerned about the welfare of your loved ones, your spouse, your kids, other family members more than yourself, I firmly believe scripture when it states Love never fails. Jesus Christ. He’s the way the truth and the life Hallelujah Jesus is the source of love. Oh, how we need him today and always how blessed we are that he promises to never leave us nor forsake us that he is right there with us beside us as he walks through the fire with us.

So, Sister, I feel like in a way, I was kind of all over the place. But I want to leave you with this. Okay. We all need to give ourselves grace, and time for healing. This has been a tough year. No matter who you are, no matter if you’re rich or poor. No matter if you’re black, or white, or yellow or polka dotted. We need grace. We need healing and healing from what healing from everything. healing from the hurts of our past by others. healing from our mistakes of the past, and healing from our guilt and our shame. As I said, we need to give ourselves grace, realizing that we’re only human, we’ve got to forgive ourselves, as we forgive others, right. So Sister, I would love to hear from you a response to my story of 2020. As I said earlier, find me on social at Judy Weber Live, DM me, PM, me Whatever it is, find me. I’m everywhere at Judy Weber live. And I would love to hear your story. I would love to pray for you. Specifically, let me know how to do that. Please know that you are not alone. That I encourage you to join me over in my facebook group, she is extraordinary.

You will find a community of hundreds of women who gets you who love you, no matter what, no matter the difference is and who you know, are ready with open arms to welcome you inside. And if you are in the group, I encourage you feel free to do a post inside the group and let me know about your experiences inside of 2020. And, and kind of what you’ve learned. And I’m super excited.

That’s why through all of the muck in the mire of the year. That is why I’m super excited to have you join me next week. For the goal setting workshop where we are, you know, looking to God, we’re not going to create our roadmap outside of his anointing and his wisdom. So this is all about setting goals that God gives us, right? seeking his vision for your life and for your business. And then setting out a roadmap to bring those goals to fruition. So as I said, Sister, I pray that this episode leaves you more encouraged than you were when you first listened.

And just know that I love you. And by the way, if nobody’s told you this today, I want to tell you, you are extraordinary. So if you liked this episode or whatever you thought of it please do take a moment. leave a rating and a review. I love to hear from you and be can’t be candid, you know I can take I can take some alternative viewpoints. I love you. And I look forward to serving you next week inside the workshop and bringing you another 100 episodes in the coming year. God bless you love you, sister.

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