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Ep 101: Master Sales Once & For All

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All right, ladies, welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m here today with a new friend. We have a mutual mentor who’s amazing. I want to introduce you to Ryan dowdy. Hey, Ryan. Hi, Jay, how are you?

I am so good ladies, Ryan is the owner of uncensored consulting, and she is the host of the uncensored sales podcast. She loves to help female entrepreneurs master their sales. And she and I as I was kind of preparing for this, I see that we have very similar approaches to sales. So ladies, if you hear the word sales, and it kind of freaks you out, and you’re about ready to like, hide under the covers, you want to grab your paper and pen because this is going to be a power power session for you. So let’s get started. Ryan, I was really impressed at your resume. You had a beautiful prior experience in corporate. And I think that background could help the ladies get some context.

Yeah, you explained that. Yes, I actually spent 15 years in the corporate world in sales. And I never intended to be in sales duty. That was not part of the deal. I got a communications degree, I studied marketing, and I thought it was gonna work on the agency side of the business. And when I graduated with zero experience and a boatload of college debt, I was like, I need a job. And so I got a sales job and quickly fell in love with the idea of being in control of my financial destiny. Right? Well, yes, most sales jobs for rookie salespeople didn’t have huge base salaries, I could make a lot of money if I performed. And so that’s kind of how it started. And it just grew arms and legs. So I started selling radio advertising. And then I dabbled in TV and print for a little while and then went over to the digital side and then worked for a slew of startups and actually got into sales, training and coaching. So that’s why I really got into coaching, I got to travel the country, and train sales organizations built several multimillion dollar sales organizations. And like what happens to a lot of women, I had a baby and I went back to work, I had my dream job, I was the director of sales, I was finally building my own sales org and I could do what I wanted to do. And about four months back to work after Davis was born, her you know, after my maternity leave, and everything, I just woke up one day, and I was like, I don’t, I don’t want to do this forever. You know, like, this is just not like, because the next step from director is, you know, senior director, and then VP or senior VP. And that just felt like a lot. And it felt like a lot of travel and a lot of pressure and a lot of, you know, time away from my family.

And so I started networking and talking to people and, you know, what are my options, you know, female breadwinner in my family had a very successful corporate career. And I was like, how do I replace that? Right? Like, where am I changing industries at this point felt impossible, right. And so as I just started networking, and talking, I kept meeting entrepreneurs, I kept meeting women who had started their own businesses, super smart women who also had very successful corporate careers. And the majority of them their businesses were struggling, Judy, and I couldn’t figure out why I was like, you’re so smart, your ideas fantastic. Like seems like a no brainer. And what I realized is that no one is teaching sales, to entrepreneurs, but specifically female entrepreneurs, right?

There’s a lot of people teaching marketing, there’s a lot of people teaching a lot of different things, all extremely valuable skills. But there was missing that part. It’s like, how do I go out, start a conversation with a stranger, build a relationship, and then make an offer to help someone without feeling like a used car salesman without feeling like I’m being pushy, without feeling like I’m, you know, bothering someone, how do I go about doing that. And so that was kind of really my entire journey. And I found that gap and which is exactly what our mentor teaches us find the gap. I found the gap and got to work. And it was a crazy, crazy adventure. But once I figured out what I really was meant to do, and really meant to serve it, it grew pretty fast. And I was able to leave my full time job after my second kid I was born, so I never returned after my maternity leave with Georgia, and she’s 15 months now.
Congratulations. Thank you. That’s really good, right? It’s amazing. Yeah, yeah. Well, I love your story. And I want to dive into a couple of things first, I would imagine that there’s some ladies out there listening and saying, Okay, well Ryan, you know, graduated, she went out and sales and hit it. Well, I’m just not a salesperson. say to her,
I would say we are actually all salespeople, like sales is universal.

If you’ve ever you know, negotiated desert with a toddler like your salesperson if you’ve ever negotiated you know, towels not being on the floor by your spouse, you’re a salesperson, right like we are all selling something to someone in some capacity. If you are a corporate leader, right if you are leading a team, if you are managing your boss and everything in life where you are Trying to, you know, get somebody on your team and get them to help them do something or accomplish something, you’re essentially selling something. Right? If you’re married, or you’re dating sales, right, like all of it is, is sales. And so we think that sales is this thing that we do to someone, Judy, right. It’s this, it’s this thing. But I fully believe that sales are relationships, right?

Well, one we can’t sell to anyone who, you know, isn’t open to being sold to, like, it just doesn’t work that way. So there’s a lot of people that say that they’re not salespeople. But I think if they look through their lives and realize how did I get my last job, you know, how did I enter my spouse? How did I convince I think of a simple example, in our home, we recently bought a new home. And my stepdaughter wanted the downstairs bedroom, which is like, you know, two floors below us and stuff. And we, we persuaded her to take the upstairs bedroom by selling her the idea of her own on suite bathroom and not needing to share that space. But because we really wanted that fixes the play room, right? Like, we sold her the idea of why that bedroom was better than this bedroom.

So we’re all selling something. It’s just not always monetary. So you’re probably so much better at sales than you think you are. Yeah. And I think it comes with that mindset of just the car salesman. And sometimes I don’t know about you, Ryan, I know you’re on LinkedIn like me, sometimes when you connect with somebody, they instantly send you that message, hey, do you want to buy this? What about that, and that is the frankly, crappy way to sell. It doesn’t work. It’s amazing to me that I see it so so much. But I think that’s what women especially are sick and tired of. So I love how you like me? Look, it’s about relationships, ladies. And also, let’s not think the digital world is so much different than the real world, the offline world, right? If you find somebody online, you know, why do you think they’re gonna buy from you instantaneously? If a guy that you think is really neat would propose to you in the first minute? I think you’d say no. So I really want to talk about that. I really want to dive in deep about the power of connecting and relationship.

Yeah, absolutely. So the way I view it is, and you know, it’s so cliche, Judy. And I actually thought this for a long time, it’s the whole idea of like, your network is your net worth, right? Like, I have no idea who originally said that it was not me. And I thought it I even as a salesperson in the corporate world, I thought that networking was just for like smarmy salespeople, it was like your local Chamber of Commerce events. It was like, you know, just salespeople, everybody in the room was trying to sell something, and it did not feel good. And so I fought it for a very long time. I was like, that doesn’t work. That’s not my thing. And I did a lot of cold calling and cold email and door pulling in my corporate career. And that worked fine. But when I really learned the power of building a network, that is when everything changed for me. And the mindset shift that came with that was the idea of if you’re going to network to get something, you’re doing it wrong. Right? We go network to serve, to connect, to meet new people to build relationships, and we have no idea where those relationships will go. You and I Case in point, we don’t know one another? Well, we’re in a similar network, which is what allowed us to sit here and have this conversation today. Right? It wasn’t what can I sell something to Judy, can Judy sell something to me? Or, you know, it was like, Hey, we’re in this space together, I think you’re really neat.

Can we have this conversation. And to me, that is the part that we miss, we go into relationships, thinking, Well, I’m eventually going to try to sell something to this person. And that’s not the right way to build a relationship. So I don’t feel comfortable doing that, because I don’t want people thinking I’m just building relationships with them to sell them something. And truth of the matter is, again, we only sell to people I tell my students all the time, God, the number one thing I can teach you is we only sell to people when we have permission. We do not sell to people, there’s LinkedIn messages that you’re getting that are like we’ve been no permission to pop into your inbox and sell you something. That’s why it feels terrible, right? We sell to people who are willing participants in the sales conversation. And that comes through building a relationship. And yes, sometimes you will get into conversations and relationships with people that will never buy anything from you, and you will never buy anything from them. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t make an introduction for you invite you onto their podcast, connect them with a friend of theirs that needs your services, introduce you to a new mentor or coach, right. Like there’s so much value to building relationships that go way beyond the sales, sales or the byproduct of the relationships. It’s not the other way around. Like we think that sales, builds the relationships, like know the relationships and brings the sales, right. And it’s not always where you think it’s coming from.

It’s not always the relationship directly with Judy and I, it’s, you know, us having this conversation. And maybe one of you out there is like, Oh my gosh, that speaks to me. You know, I want to go join Ryan’s community. Or maybe when I have the opportunity to interview Judy, on my podcast, somebody who’s listening to my podcast is like, Oh my gosh, I love her. Right. So to me, it’s always thinking about how can we leave the world, the world, the space that we go into better than we found it? So is that a networking event? Is it a Facebook group? Is it hanging out on LinkedIn? How can I show up and serve and Build relationships today. Because they think the more that we serve, that’s how we sell, we sell through service, the more that you show up and provide value, build relationships look to become a connector look to become the kind of person that people think to ask, Oh, I should ask, Judy, my guess is she probably knows somebody who does, blah, blah, blah, right? Like that is the magic of building a network. And that’s when sales doesn’t feel salesy anymore, because it’s all about a mutual connection, or an introduction or referral.

It’s fun. I totally relate to what you’re saying, I 100% agree. I know growing up, I come from poor stock, I like to say that was effective with your mom stayed home. And so I really hated the expression. It’s not what you know, to you know, I didn’t know anybody, my family didn’t know anybody. And so I didn’t like that whole thing of like having to create this network. But as she said, as I got older, I’m almost 55. And then she get out there in the world, and you mix and mingle, and you learn and get wisdom. And you think, Oh, my gosh, people what it’s all about, and the connecting. There’s one word I always use in my community, it’s connection. How are you connecting today? Who are you connecting with? And I do want to go deeper in what you said, because I think this could be a really good mindset shift for the ladies listening. And that is, some of the ladies have told me look duty. I’m giving value. I’m, I’m doing these posts in other people’s groups on connecting with people. And I just feel like they’re using me. And I feel like, What do I have to do to I guess, get the sale. So part of it, I think is they still have that mindset of this is selling. Like I always have to think about the sale instead of just letting things grow naturally and kind of position yourself as the authority.

So I really just want to address the idea of mindset. Like ladies, you could be doing some of the right stuff and just need this minor tweak in the way you approach it and the way you think about it.
Absolutely. So we talk a lot about sales mindset in my community. And especially when you’re learning a new skill, when you’re doing something you’ve never done before, it takes time. And as high achieving women, we have a tendency to be like, why isn’t it happening faster, right, like this should be happening faster, I’m doing it wrong. And so I always shift my students from the idea of, I’m doing it wrong to I’m learning a new skill, right, because it never feels good. When you say I’m doing this wrong, like there is no good energy coming from that there’s no creativity coming from, I’m doing this wrong. But you can come up with good energy and creativity from the space of I’m learning a new skill. And sometimes I’m gonna write a fantastic social post, and people are gonna love it. And sometimes I’m gonna write a social posting, no one’s gonna love it, right. Or sometimes there will be people in my inbox that don’t want to pay me and want me to serve them for free. And I will bless them to the best of my ability. And you know, and I will, I will, you know, honor my own boundaries, right?

Instead of meaning that that means that something is going wrong. Like I tell my students all the time, nothing has gone wrong. Sometimes we just are learning a new skill, or we haven’t done something consistently enough to get good at it. Right. And again, you know, Judy, and I share the same mentor, he says all of the time, you know, entrepreneurs need to train for their business like athletes do for sports, right? And I think of you know, Michael Jordan, and his story of how he was cut from the freshman basketball team, and you think of Oprah Winfrey, and the time that, you know, she was she didn’t get she got fired from her first TV job, right? Like, it’s not, we’re not meant to just start doing something brand new and come out swinging. Like, that’s just not the way we were created. And frankly, if we were able to do that we would miss so many of the lessons that we are meant to learn about what copy do people respond to? What do they not respond to? You know, what store? Am I getting really good at telling, right? Because the bigger your business gets, the more it shifts from one to one selling to being a good seller, a storyteller and selling one to many, but you have to sell one to one to learn those lessons, you have to practice over and over and over again. And then just you know, keep track, right? Just like an athlete keeps score. Okay, this post went, well, this one, no, maybe I just, I really like the stories, I’m just going to tweak it.

But again, instead of being like, well, I’m terrible at this, I’m not good at that I must be doing it wrong, something is missing. And sometimes the only thing missing is that we just haven’t been patient enough to let it work. Because if you go out in a true heart of service and connect with enough people and enough is arbitrary enough can be 10 people, it could be 1000. Right? Like enough people, you’re going to find your people and you’re going to find clients. It’s just most people shake 10 hands, they get no clients, and they you know, they pack their stuff up and they go home because they think they’re doing it wrong. And there’s no solutions and creativities that come out of that mindset. So we my students are not allowed to say that they are doing something wrong, or that something is not working. They are allowed to say I am learning something new, and I don’t have the result I want yet.
Those are yeah We always have to put it Yeah, you’re not you’re not doing it wrong. It’s not not working. You just don’t have the result you want. Yeah. Right, you can always use the example of like diet and exercise, right? Like, we go to the gym three days in a row, and we’re mad at the scale hasn’t moved? Well, it’s just like you haven’t put in enough effort yet to see your results. It doesn’t mean that the gym isn’t working.

I love it. Patience. You know, like you said, we’re smart, high achieving women, the ladies that listen to this are high achievers. I’m a lawyer of 20 plus years. And you know, I miss sales pretty much since graduating college. And we’re going back some years, obviously, 30 some years. But, you know, when I started my first business in Oh, three, it was not like gangbusters, you know, I had actually got tons of clients. But at that time, my kids were little, I couldn’t even service them. And so anyway, long story there. But the point of what I’m saying is, how can we realistically help the ladies listening to stay? You know, they might say, well, how long is it until I can expect that my business will kind of get going. And of course, that’s going to be different for everybody. But I firmly believe it’s the mindset, if the actions that are going to make the difference. And so if you don’t get the mind piece ready, the actions are never going to work. What do you think?

100%? Agree, right. I actually just recorded a podcast for my podcast that coming out in September sometime, about like mindset versus strategy. Because I came out of the corporate world, much like you, I was very tapped, like I was strategy, give me the list, tell me what to do. And I did what I was supposed to do, Judy, for a very long time, and still did not have a successful business. And the reason that I didn’t have a successful business is because of the mindset, right, you can do what exactly what God teaches, you are exactly what I teach, you do exactly what any guru out there teaches you. But if you come at it from a place of, I’m not good at this, no one wants what I’m selling, no one can afford my services, I’m doing this wrong, I’m probably bothering this person. Nobody wants what I have to offer, there’s too many competitors, this is never gonna work is that is the highlight reel in your head while you’re taking action, you still won’t see the result that you want. Because again, it is impossible to take inspired action. When you’re saying, Well, I’m doing what my coach told me to do. But I don’t really believe it’s gonna work. Alright, that social media posts that you’re writing is not going to inspire anybody to take action. Because when you wrote it, your head, but your brain was like, yeah, this is never gonna work. So you put out mediocre work, you know, and it’s not your fault, your brain is a very smart tool. And it just does, you know, it’s not nearly as creative as we think it is, at least not the whole thing, right? And so we’re inputting this information, and I was like, This is never gonna work. There’s never gonna be out there people out there that can afford this. And taking space from that action from that space. You know, it feels good to take action.

But oftentimes, it doesn’t yield the result. Because the mindset is that this is never going to work and your brains like, yeah, I’m just not going to try that hard. I’m not going to follow up with that person. Because I don’t want to bother them. Instead of thinking, I can really help this person. And it’s my job to follow up with them, because I can really help them. So I 1,000% am in the mindset camp. And so in my in my podcast, spoiler alert, at the end, I tell you that mindset wins, like in the buzzer beater. I’m like, you need the strategy. It’s important, but all strategy will work. If you have the right mindset, there is no one strategy. And I think that too, and that has I think that might be a female thing. Judy, you can tell me whether you agree or not, that as women, we think there’s only there’s one way, right, there’s one way to make the business work, there’s one way to lose the 20 pounds, there’s one way to you know, raise kids, there’s one way to you know, whatever. And so we’re looking for the one way instead of being like, Whatever way feels good to me will work. If I do the work. And I have the right mindset.

I can tell you, when I first got in sales, every time they talked about mindset, I was like lalalala Yeah, whatever get to the strategy, what do I have to do? I’m seriously arrogant back in the days before I found Christ, I’ll tell you that. And so I thought I can do anything. So stop loaning me what I need. But now I know better. So ladies, if you’re, if you’re like me, and you’re fighting this whole thing, and saying I do the do, it’ll work. We’re talking to Ryan, and you’re talking to Judy, been there tried it that way, and it does not work. All right. So one thing that I like to do, is I like to take the ladies, I need them to understand your expert. Even if you’re just starting in business, you wouldn’t have opened for business if you didn’t have a special skill, talent, ability, whatever. Right? So I like to say, think about a doctor. A doctor doesn’t ask for permission to give you her diagnosis. A doctor doesn’t beg you to pay her. A doctor knows her worth knows her value is this expert. She leaves it with questions and she takes you through Now how would you feel if you were seeing a doctor and she’s like, I don’t really know about that. What do you think about that? Or you know, she wasn’t decisive and she didn’t lead you through it. reason why you came to her. So ladies, if that helps, you know, think about that I am the doctor IE I am the expert. Because God gave you these gifts and these abilities to share with others. What do you think about that run?

Oh, I 1,000% agree. I think too, we almost overestimate the word expert. Like we think expert means we have to know everything. And oftentimes, and I work a lot of wit with women who are like bookkeepers, and copywriters, and digital marketers. And they’re often new or to their skill, some of them coming out of the corporate world, but some of them like literally took a course to learn how to become a copywriter to offer that service in their business, which I think is incredible. But I’m like, the fact that you sat through that course alone means that you know, more than 95% of the world about copywriting who have not sat through that course, I if you want to be a copywriter, and you want to write copy for chiropractors, I promise you, they’re not teaching copywriting in chiropractic school. So you, you know more about copywriting than that person, you know, enough to get them a results. And so that’s the thing, too, is we think the word expert means like, I got to know all the things and I like to remind my students that, you know, online entrepreneurship is not, it’s still relatively new.

There’s nobody out there with 30 years of experience writing sales copy, because we weren’t writing sales copy 30 years ago, cuz there was no internet, right? It just wasn’t a thing. And so it’s really kind of putting it into perspective of what expert means. Because again, it’s not 30 years of experience expert, it’s I studied this, I know this, I read about it. Every day, I listen to podcasts. I’m constantly tweaking and studying and learning. And I have time to become an expert at this thing that you don’t because you’re doing something else, right? Because you’re really good at something else. So, and I remind my students about all the time that it’s not, I don’t think that God put it on your heart to start a business on accident, right? Like you’re not here on accident. And so I kind of remind them sometimes that you’re pushing back on a gift that God gave you, like you’re pushing back on a desire that he gave you. And you know, how would you feel, you know, if you gave your kids this amazing gift, and they were like, you know, I’m not really sure what I like this gift.

I’m not sure that I meant to do that. I’m not sure that this gift was meant for me. Right? Like, when you think about it that way, you’re like, Oh, well, that’s silly. And not to downplay your fears, because we all have them. But think about it that way. You know, like it honestly, this was a gift given to you by God, this is a desire he put on your heart. And every time you second guess that in question that you know, you’re second guessing that gift that he gave you.
God doesn’t make mistakes. And he promises where he calls us, he will equip us, which is love. And ladies, let’s go back to that doctor free. Guess what? doctors don’t have all the answers. He is a lawyer didn’t have all the answers. But you know, what you have is an expert, you know where to go to get the answers if you don’t have them. And you learn and grow, as Ryan said, which I just love. Um, let’s see, I want to, I want to switch gears just a little bit. And you had sales positions, you had marketing positions. And to end out the podcast, I just want to kind of make sure it’s clear for the ladies, what’s the difference between sales and marketing, because they are very different. They are.
And the way that I described them, it’s so funny, you just asked me this, we talked about this on a coaching call yesterday, with my students. To me, sales is a one on one relationship.

Meaning I can go out and sell to one person I can go sell services to do marketing is a message that goes out to a lot of people, it is a message that invites people into your world sales is actually making the invitation, right? Like marketing is not meant to sell for you marketing is meant to draw people into your world, right? It’s meant to, you know, get people into your Facebook group, get them onto your email list, invite them into your store, you know, whatever kind of business you have. But once they’re there, you have to convert them from I’m interested to here’s my credit card. That’s the sales process. So again, I’m a salesperson. So this is my thought is that all you can’t, all of the marketing in the world will not serve you if you don’t have a good sales process. And I sold advertising for many, many years. And I worked with a ton of car dealers because they’re giant advertisers. And you know, that was our thing. They’d be like, well, how many cars are we going to sell? And like, I don’t know, how good is your sales staff? Right, I can drive foot traffic into your car lot all day long.

I can put traffic to your website, I can even give you people’s names and phone numbers. But if you call them and you’re rude to them, or you you know, harass them, they’re not going to buy a car from you. And so to me, that is the difference between sales and marketing. Marketing is an outbound message to a lot of people meant to draw them into your world sales is the invitation to work with you and you know, really discovering their problems and then offering a solution and collecting money. So they’re obviously you know, I once did a podcast interview where somebody was like, They’re like roommates, right? Like, they live in the same house. But they like they don’t share a room. Like they have their own rooms. In the house, they’re roommates. And I thought that was so perfect, cuz you can’t have one without the other. But I often think that we think that if we just mark it well enough, we’ll get clients, and unfortunately, doesn’t work that way. We have to actually invite people in, have a conversation with them, ask them for money, you know, build relationships, and marketing and content is a fantastic part of that. But it really comes down to, you know, having that conversation.

So again, I could generate leads for days. But if I don’t have a process to take them from someone interested person to money in the bank, you know, your marketing efforts, unfortunately, are futile. And I see that happen a lot. And I think the primary reason I see it happen today is my entrepreneurs are so new to business, don’t yet know their ideal client well enough to become really good marketers, right? If you don’t know your ideal client and problems that they have, and what keeps them up at night, and what they’ve tried to fix that problem in the past, and how much they paid. And all the other stuff, it’s very hard to be a good marketer. But you can still sell just by networking and talking to people, right? Because then you’re gonna learn about your ideal client. So that’s kind of the journey I took my students on is, you know, marketing is a beautiful tool. Once you have nailed your ideal client inside and out, you know exactly what’s going on in their world, you know exactly what keeps them up at night. That’s when they become a fantastic marketer. But until you know that it’s done handshake by handshake,
the mindset, and the branding, and a big, big part of the branding is the world we serve. And please don’t say everybody, please don’t say, ladies, I need to know what kind of ladies what car do they drive, what podcasts they listen to what stores do they shop at.

And when you know her that well or hammer them, whoever your ideal client is, that’s when you can craft your marketing, as you said, and then when you have the conversations, I love how you say the sales process. And I’m thinking there may be some ladies listening and they’re like, what do you mean by a sales process? Well, how do you get them from interest to ride said, getting your credit getting their credit card out? You need to have a process, whether that’s inviting to a phone call, right, whether that is directing them to somewhere on your website. But depending on your price point, it ultimately will be a conversation and the conversation is only going to be as difficult as you think it’s going to be a minute late, right? Because I remember thinking sales was hard. I sold copiers for linear. Anybody remember linear copiers? And it was? That was the beginning. And I didn’t understand how other people were doing great. And I was struggling. Wait, I’m smart, what’s going on? And it’s about comfortable with who you are your value and your sales conversation. So you want to talk to that point at all, Ryan and anything come up for you, as I mentioned that story?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s it really is an I think the two biggest things that make successful salespeople successful is their relationships, and their mindset, right? The idea of people want what I have to offer, right? Because so often we think we’re bothering people, because we think that nobody wants what we have,
right? But like people want what I have to offer. And I totally agree like the most success, I sold radio advertising and the most successful sales reps were the ones who, every time we came out with something new, it was a new promotion, a new event, a new whatever. Like they thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. And so they went out and told all of their clients, this is the best thing since sliced bread. And because they had fantastic relationships with their clients, and their clients trusted them. They said, cool. Nancy says this is the best thing since sliced bread.

I’m here for it. Right? But if they had said, you know, hey, Judy, we just rolled out this new thing. I don’t know if it’s a good fit for you. But it might be and did it again. That person is like, nope. If you’re not sure, I’m not sure.
You know, that Nancy has served them so well for so long. And they trust her so much. Everything she brings to them they back. And that was the people that I saw that were most successful is they believed 1,000% in what they offered. And they built fantastic relationships, and their people loved them. They referred to them all the time. They would you know, at any time they had a choice. Like if we can give more advertising dollars, we’re giving it to Nancy because Nancy serves me every time you send a five letter word which is key and I think it’s trust, trust you can actually come after time and relationship building and nurturing and following up and not feeling like you’re bothering them. When you have their trust. You’ve got them as a client and you can serve them and one thing when when lady she mentioned you know when you talking to this car dealer car dealer salespeople, you know, are they going to be harassing and they’re going to lose business. But also that’s the other way women tend to go the other way and we’re not harassing.

We more like back off. Like we almost have to ask permission to tell them how we can help them and that is that’s we’re talking about ladies on this mind. said, refrain. You have to believe in yourself so much, that you believe that if somebody doesn’t work with you, they’re gonna lose. And that doesn’t mean that you’re arrogant or think you’re you’re like, you know the best thing since who knows what. But you do know that while you don’t know everything, you’re gonna serve these clients to the uttermost. And so it’s that it’s that mindset, I’m not bothering people, I’m letting them in on this opportunity, because I know I can help. And it’s that energy and excitement that is going to be heard on the other side as you’re building your relationship. So I just really want to emphasize that that trust is key.
Absolutely. And that’s where the relationships come in. Right? It’s it’s the know, like and trust factor. And again, it’s so interesting, because I feel like I’m constantly spouting cliches. And I’m like, because it’s been the same for, you know, decades, if not hundreds of years, right? Like the sales process is identical. And we think now that we have the internet, we have social media, that it’s different.

And it’s like, No, no, no, my friends, it is exactly the same as it was when you were selling copiers. And as you know, the person selling you know, insurance 50 years ago, and the person selling automobiles 100 years ago, we had to go out, build relationships, build trust, and solve problems for people, nothing has changed. We now just are so blessed to have access to so many people without ever leaving the house. Right. Like it’s such an incredible tool and blessing that we live in this time. And I you know, I believe it’s no accident that God put us here at this time. But nothing has changed in the sales process. Nothing has changed at all. It’s still about know like and trust. It’s still about, you know, your network is your net worth. And like I said, Sometimes I cringe. I’m like, I hate being so cliche. But why reinvent the wheel and somebody has already said it so beautifully.

That’s right. That’s right. They’re selling that whatever Jesus was making as a carpenter, it goes to the same thing. It’s relationship building, being referred to as the expert. That’s awesome. I can’t believe our time has flown. I have more questions for you, Ryan. First of all, please tell the ladies where they can find you.
Yes, so we hang out on two places. So on Facebook, we have a Facebook community. It’s called the ambitious women entrepreneurs mastering sales skills community. I know that is mouthful. But if you type in sales skills for women, it’ll pop up for you on Facebook. And then if Instagram is your jam, you’re at uncensored sales. You are welcome to find us there. And we are relaunching the uncensored sales podcast and went on a little bit of hiatus for I think about seven or eight months, but it’s coming back in September. So depending on when you see this, the app instance or the instance or sales podcast is back as well.

Right last question, this is very podcast, I would love you to share with every woman in your life, what makes her extraordinary. Oh my goodness, I’m blessed with a lot of extraordinary women in my life. So I’m gonna use an example of my sister. So my sister, I have the incredible blessing of my sister Shannon, and she works for me. So she is my director of client experience in my business. And Shannon recently went through a divorce. And it was not a pretty divorce. It was a mess.

There was a lot of stuff, a lot of emotional stuff and things like that. And, you know, she easily could have gone down a rabbit hole that would have been very sad and very scary. And she she didn’t, you know, she went she found a therapist, she found a life coach, she got into entrepreneurship, and really just turned her life around in an incredible way. And her daughter turns five actually yesterday, and so it’s just so fun to think about that day and who Shannon was five years ago and who she is today. And I just think that she is very extraordinary. And she’s a huge asset to my business. And I’m just grateful to God every day that he lets us work together.

So here, ladies, we want to know your feedback. Please take a moment subscribe, leave a rating and a review. Let us know other guests you might like to have on the show or what topics you’d like us to cover because this podcast is for you. Thanks again, Ryan. See you next time. Take good care.

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