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Ep 102: ‘Extraordinary 2021’ Goal Setting Workshop #Day1

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We’re gonna hit record. Welcome, ladies, I am so excited to have you here. Welcome to Day One of the extraordinary 2021 goal setting workshop, I will tell you, I’m now looking at my notes. So I do not see what’s going on in your world. So I’m going to have to pause and go back and forth, to make sure that I’m letting people in as they are coming on. Because I don’t see that when I’m sharing my screen, or when I’m looking at my notes, but welcome. I love, love, love bringing these workshops to you.

Why? Because I just love serving you, right, and I get to see your breakthroughs. It happens time and time again, each and every workshop that I do. And by the way, every workshop or challenge that I do comes from a direct download from the Lord. I mean, Truly I say, Lord, here’s what I want to do, and what should I say? And how should I set it up and he is so awesome. And you know, faithful to totally download that we’re gonna talk about that through the course of our time together. So it’s so neat when I get to see how each of you like the light bulb goes off, as you learn and you grow, and not just in business, but grow in your walk with Christ and your trust in him.

You see, I’m a 30 plus year sales professional. As soon as I graduated college in 87, I’ve had a sales ish position in some way or another. Right? I’m a 20 plus year trial lawyer. I’m a former C suite executive General Counsel, and director of HR in a multimillion dollar company, and a 15 year plus Bing entrepreneur. So I’ve been where you are. As a business growth coach. I love helping high achieving women of faith like you, that’s my passion. That’s my god given gift.

And everything I do, just so we’re upfront and everybody you know, is well aware, I have two solid foundations for everything I do. And you’re gonna see that we’ve through these four days together. First, the strongest of foundations, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is our rock, he is our refuge, not only in life, but also in business. And second, the foundation of proven business strategy that I have lived in for decades, right? So I want to get to know you in the chat. Please tell me who you are, where you are, and what you do. Right. And part of the what you do is who you serve. And question for me for you. Is Christ, the love of your life? Is he the love of your life?
If he is you’re in the right place? If not, I don’t think you’re gonna like this, this whole thing too much. But I think I think we’re good, right?

Okay, so welcome over these next four days, you’re going to begin to strategically plan your best year in business, right in 2021. I want to say that again, because it’s really important that you are going to strategically plan what you want in 2021. Now I’m not one of those manifestation babes, okay? Only the Lord God, in my opinion, gets to speak something into being. But I also firmly believe, well, I don’t do that manifestation thing, because only the Lord God make something to be only He is the Creator, I do believe that you have a responsibility to make decisions and take actions that make your life what it is, right? So did you know that you can be as successful as you want, you can actually blow your own mind and be even more successful than you ever imagined. Did you know that?

You don’t know that you need to know that. Okay. And I hope that I, you know, turn you on to that way of thinking before this week is out. Did you know that you and you alone are 100% responsible for your own success? I can’t make you more successful than you are responsible or or willing to commit to making yourself responsible for your success, right? I can’t do the work for you. No other coach can no book can no course can. Right? And so I in my normal ways of doing things. I always want to be really honest with you. And you may think, Oh gosh, dude, let’s get to the meat. But this mindset stuff is critically important. Okay, so bear with me.

Um, there are a lot of lies out there. You know, lies like success is reserved only for a select few. only for the privileged, whatever that means, right? however you define that. There are people out there saying success doesn’t come to those without the right education or the right credential. That’s malarkey. If you’re an A many of my clients are on this call. And you know that I firmly believe that if you have a god given talent, you don’t need a certification.
Right to experience life experience and that zone of genius, but you don’t need a certain credential to make it in business. Okay? another lie that we often hear is that success only happens to the rich, it’s kind of like you need money to make money. And while there is some truth to that, you don’t have to, you know, have a million dollar Trust Fund to start a business, right? I know I did. And I come from poor stock.

Also, there are some that say success only comes to those with connections already in place. And I’m here to tell you ladies, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie all the way. Because I didn’t come from a place where anybody knew anybody. But I had big dreams and big ambitions, right. So what I firmly believe and what I’ve lived is success comes to those who pursue it with a vengeance, with commitment, and those that are ready, willing and able to sacrifice to make that happen. Right? What do I mean by sacrifice? No, I do not mean that you work 14 hour days, I do not mean that you never see your family. That’s not the sacrifice I’m talking about. But I am talking about sacrifices, like willing to try new things, and willing to stretch yourself willing to do it afraid, even before you’re ready, that you do something that you take action, even when you don’t have everything figured out right.

Now, that’s the worldly, General, General stuff. Now, just briefly, I want to touch on some things that we Christian sisters, that I find, as I talk to you beautiful ladies, that I find that are stuck points for you, in this whole success thing. There are people out there, and even Christian sisters, right? Who are telling other Christian sisters, that if you thrive in business, if you’re successful in business, that you’re not a good Christian.

It’s nonsense, nonsense. There are those out there telling others that it’s a sin to make money.
And even some say, look, Jesus was poor. So we should be content in our lack. And and that pursuing our God given talents for money, even though it’s helping others is selfish ambition. And it’s nothing but greed.

And please, ladies, hear me on this. And I was raised in a church as a little girl. And even as I say that there was an inkling of me that like, it resonates with me a little bit. But it’s a lie, lie, lie. Being a good Christian does not condemn you to poverty. That is not God’s plan for all Christians to be destitute, right and living on the streets. I mean, please, it can’t be, you will not be getting, on the other hand, the prosperity gospel from me, either, because that’s not what I’m about. God does not prosper every Christian with hundreds of 1000s or millions of dollars, right. But I want you to hear me on this, in my experience over decades, and I’ve studied and I prayed, and I’ve seen and I’ve learned that God calls us to an abundant life in him. It’s john 1010. And abundance does not necessarily mean financial, it means a joy filled life, full of love full of Christ. And I believe that for those willing to do the work, to use their God given talents and gifts to go all in, on who Christ made them to be to be bold, to be courageous, and speak that message that the Lord Himself gave you, and pursue your business in that way you will prosper. But you got to be thinking, right? Okay.

All right, let’s let these last couple of ladies in and then go back to where I was. All right, thank you for your indulgence as I go back and forth. Okay. Again, it’s not a sin to prosper financially, that is not greed. That is not greed, where you’re serving those that you were meant to serve. Giving them huge value, helping them in their life, right with your God given set of genius. And don’t forget, the more you make, the more you can give, you can tie to the church and give extra right donate to worthy causes and help people otherwise. So right up front, we need to all be on the same page with this, it is not a sin, to want to make a good living. It is not a sin to earn that good living. And it’s not it’s not a sin to prosper. So again, as long as we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and as long as pleasing Him and bringing him honor and glory is our number one priority, our ultimate goal, then, great, then I believe we’re walking in our purpose if we feel called to do this business, right? business is about making money. You can do a nonprofit, you could do volunteer, but that wouldn’t be a business right? And last thing I want to say on this point is money is not the root of all evil. Right? Scripture tells us that it’s the love of money, that is the root of all evil. It is exalted money as an idol above God. Okay? And that is not what a business of service is.

Business built on biblical principles built on the rock of our Lord Jesus Christ, that type of business that you have. My sister is not fueled by the love of money. It is fueled by a deep love for our great God and King. Amen. Okay, so with that said, let’s begin and we’ll go to prayer to our Heavenly Father to invite him in, and then we’ll dive into day one. Okay. Heavenly Father, we thank You, God, we thank you that so many leaders are here. They are hungry, Lord, to learn your way of doing business. I just I feel it. I know it. So help me God, I have prepared, you know that I prepared this based upon what we’ve talked about. But if there’s something that I need to change something I need to tweak something that’s some woman here, whether it’s live or on the replay needs to hear, please work quick in my spirit and lead me to where I need to go, Lord, we are open to your movement. Lord, we thank you in advance for how you’re moving in these ladies lives and in their businesses and in their families. We love you God and we trust you. It’s in the mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, one more check. Okay, looks like we’re all here.

Okay, so before we jump in, to day one, two things. I wanted to invite each of you if you have not yet done so, to head on over to my podcast, it’s called the sheet is extraordinary podcast, it’s on iTunes, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, all the rest. And in particular, my most recent episode, Episode 100. It’s all about what I learned in 2020. And I have gotten such an incredible response from this episode, lots of Oh, my goodness, I was I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I thought I was the only one going through emotional exhaustion and all of that, right. So I wanted to be sure to point you there if you are in need of a real and raw discussion of life in 2020. And what I have learned in the ups and the downs, including a recent personal loss, and by the way, there are a lot of women in my client, community and followers who have experienced loss.

So if that’s you, you are not alone. God loves you. And as he promises in Romans 828. Now more than ever, we got to cling to this truth that God is working all things out for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose. So if you need an uplift or an encouragement, you want to kind of see what I’ve learned, head over to Episode 100. And just one more administrative thing, if you took advantage of the opportunity for a strategic one on one call with me, first of all, congratulations, you’ll be receiving a link in the next couple of days where you can schedule a convenient time for you and me to meet via zoom. But if you did not yet register for your one on one, I would highly encourage you to do so today, my calendar is quickly filling. And at this point, I only have about four slots left. This is an opportunity that’s absolute no brainer at a price point never offered before. It’s like a 70% discount than my normal rate. strategic thinking and creativity. I’m not bragging, it is a gift from the Lord. And I would be honored to impart my wisdom, his wisdom as we work together to get your new year off to the very best start. So I will be sending an email out with that link, if you would like to consider taking advantage of that.
Grab your handout that I emailed out just about a half an hour ago. It’s not as pretty as I want it to be. But all the right information that we need is there. So make sure you grab that.

Okay, so let’s go in. Okay, day one. Today we’re talking about assess, and analyze, assess and analyze. Look, before we plan for the future. It is a very smart thing to look at the past, we’re going to look back to all that we did in 2020 in our business, and we’re going to analyze, to determine what worked and what didn’t work and what should we be doing moving forward. And it’s not just about the dollars and cents, okay.

I want to remind you of what’s to come just so you’re kind of aware, day two is all about dream and decide dreaming about what kind of life in business you want. You get to decide. And then once you decide what it is you want, you begin to plan out the actions that you’re going to take to make that dream a reality. Then day three is all about submit and surrender. This is true success, living out God’s perfect plan for your life. It simply cannot happen unless we submit and surrender our business to the Lord God Almighty. And when we do, even the impossible becomes possible, which is really awesome. And then we wrap up in day four with pray and plan and here’s where we map out very specifically, next year’s goals. prayer and discernment are critical to developing and curating a plan. That’s going to get us to our goal, okay. So again, assess and analyze.

We’re gonna look back, what are we going to look at? Well, I approach goal setting differently than most I take a holistic approach. And I spell that like whole w h o l e, I don’t mean holistic with an H woowoo. You know me, I’m not, that’s not I’m not a woowoo person. By that I mean, holistic, meaning comprehensive. Right? So to that point, did you know that your business is an extension of you, like you or your business? Right? You’ve heard that before. But your business is really an extension of you. So if you’re having issues in your business, I in love, and respect, say to you, what’s going on with you? Right? What is the stuck point in your mind? Right? Sometimes it’s not even a strategy. It’s, it’s in the mind, right?

So in my opinion, as we’re talking about planning, even in business planning, we can’t do the business part in isolation from the rest of your life. We need to approach 2021 planning, holistically, meaning comprehensively life plus business. So what are we going to look at? First, let’s take a look at what’s going on in the business. And here’s specifically what I want you to look at what you need to answer. And this is the homework as you work through your your workbook is, first. What was your? What was your revenue goal for 2020?
What was your revenue goal for 2020?

And I want to pause for a moment here, because inside my Academy, there was some discussion on this point. And it really surprised me. And when I say it surprised me, I don’t mean to shame anyone or guilt, anyone, nothing like that, right? There’s no judgment here. But I was surprised, because there was some discussion about, I don’t want to make revenue goals. Because then when I don’t hit them, I get disappointed.

And there’s a circular like self fulfilling prophecy thing to that. Because ladies, look, when we set a revenue goal, I am going to ask you to stretch yourself, I don’t want it to be easy. I want you to look at this number. As we look to what’s going to happen in 2021. You know, for later this week, I want you to stretch yourself, if right now you’re doing like 1000 a month, then I don’t want your goal for 2021 to continue with 1000 a month. Now, by the same token, if right now you’re making 1000 a month and you want to make 50,000 a month, I might caution you to say, huh, maybe that’s a bit too aggressive, maybe, right, unless you change something dramatically, whether that is the strategy or the automation or the mindset, but on this issue of I don’t know that I want to set a goal because I don’t want to be disappointed. And I don’t want to be frustrated when it doesn’t happen.

I just want to encourage you, ladies to go to God and have him give you the number. Because he’s always perfect, right? But I want you to start to believe that with God, the impossible is possible. And I mean, when I first heard someone say this, I was like, same old garbage Shut up, get me to the strategy. But I really want to land here for just a moment. If as you’re setting a revenue goal, or any goal for that matter, if as you’re writing that down, more of you than not is thinking this is ridiculous. It’ll never happen. That I have to say that. You’re you’re shooting yourself in the foot before it begins. Right? That’s a problem. you’re setting yourself up to fail. You can doubt momentary doubts, right? It’s kind of like sometimes you can have momentary doubts or frustrations with the Lord. But your foundation is he is who He says He is. I need your foundation in goal setting, going forward, if not previous to be
I’m going to set a goal that’s going to stretch me and I’m going to assume that I made it. And if something happens that I didn’t make it, then I’m not going to beat myself up and be disappointed because that’s not a fail. It’s not a fail. If I take the time to evaluate, what did I do? What didn’t work? What can I tweak and move forward? Okay, so more of that to come. But I really wanted to land there because I know that that has been an issue for so many. And it really is a mindset. Okay, so the first question again, was, what was your revenue goal for 2020? And the next question, how much money how much revenue? Did you bring in in 2020? Okay, and again, let’s say your revenue goal was you know, 50,000 and you brought in 30,000. I don’t want you to say, I stink. I’m horrible. I can’t do this. Everything I do.

Yep, it’s just, that’s just not going to serve you. Instead, you approach it and say, You know what? I’m not going to say my goal was too high, I’m going to say, I can do this, what has to change? Okay. And as we get further along, we’ll dig deeper into that. All right. Next important question regarding your businesses, I need you to evaluate your expenses. And this includes everything related to your business, all subscriptions, all courses, all investments, all books, all client gifts, all of that, right. And by the way, now’s a great time to review all those subscriptions. What are you paying for that you really don’t need? What are you paying for that you are not even using, right? So if you don’t have QuickBooks, or a similar thing, where you know right now at a moment’s notice how much money you brought in, and how much money went out, I need you to get your bank statements. For this today, I need you to get your credit card statements and do the work. Because we need to look at real numbers. And if you’re like me, you’re like, Oh, I hate this part. I hate the whole tax thing. But think of it this way, it’s going to help you come April, okay, if you’re in the States, okay. So you need to know how much money came in, and what your expenses are. And then from that, you just do the math. And you say, here’s what came in? Here are my expenses, right? And the number you’re left with is your profit.

So what was your profit? And when you look at that number, my question is, Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied with that number? If If yes, awesome. Praise the Lord. If not, that’s okay. You don’t have to be satisfied. Praise the Lord. You’re in business. Okay. It is what it is, right? I mean, we only have a few days left in the year, but know this tomorrow can be dramatically different. And God can do the impossible. And I never want you to forget that. And I want to pause here to give you a real life story.

I have had lots of bad stuff happening for me in 2020. Besides the basic that we’re all dealing with, which is mentally, physically, spiritually, everything exhausting, right, with COVID and the lockdowns, I have experienced loss in a couple of different ways. Most recently, my ex husband died. And then my kids are grappling with all of that, and his family being really horrible to them. And it’s just it’s draining on the mind. And I’ll be very honest, I had to step away from the business for about two weeks. And even over the weekend, I’ll tell you ladies, I’m very honest, I wasn’t really like yea gung ho excited about the business. But I kept going to God. And I gave myself the space to rest.
Because I know even when I’m in that down moment, I know and I cling to the fact that with man, that is impossible, but with God, nothing is impossible. Hallelujah. And so I would encourage you on that, if you are looking at those numbers now or later, when you actually pull out the numbers, and you’re looking at it and you’re like,
why do I even bother? Like, this is crazy.

You can stay there for about 30 seconds. And then if you are committed to your business, and you believe that God really gave you these gifts and talents and this ambition to build a business, then I need you to protect the side and roll up your sleeves and say, Okay, how am I going to do better? Okay, and then By the way, did you earn more in 2020 than you did in 2019? Okay, so that’s the first like, meat potatoes. analysis that I want you to do. Okay, now I want to talk about marketing marketing, okay? Are first offers, I guess, is really what we’re gonna look at, I want you to look at everything you are offering for sale, right, whether it’s a product or a service. For example, if you’re a coach, I want you to look at the offers, you could only have one offer, maybe you have a signature offer. Or maybe you have a one on one offer, in addition to a group offer, in addition to a membership site, I don’t know what it is. But I need you ladies to first identify each and every one of your offers for 2020. Okay.

And then once you’ve identified your offers, and even if it’s something you only ran for like a month, I really want you to put everything on this paper. Right? I need you to determine next the revenue generated for each of those offers. Okay, so, you know, even if it’s 20 bucks, I need to have it there. All right. But here’s the thing a lot of goal setting they just look at the numbers. It’s a hard and fast numbers thing. We look at the numbers and what worked and what didn’t work and then we move on. No, no, no.

That’s just the first step to get the numbers down. The next really important thing is to ask yourself, did you enjoy delivering each of these offers? Right? Or did you enjoy? If it’s a product? Do you believe in that product? Do you? Do you stand behind it? Are you excited about it? Okay? You need to be honest with yourself, because it’s not just about the money. So, back to the coaching example, if you brought in $40,000, last year in one on one, and that was your number one revenue generator, but you really prefer group coaching. But that brought in like, 25,000, now’s the time to look at those numbers and begin to think about, okay, I realized one on one brought in more money, but I really would rather spend my time and my efforts and my support in the group coaching, right. It’s like, what do I enjoy spending my time in? What do I enjoy the most? Okay, and so, when we’re talking about what do I enjoy, I also want you to put down the amount of time spent for each of the offers. So what do I mean by time I’m talking about how much time did you spend in the deliverables? And also, how much time did you spend last year developing or curating whatever it was that you were offering, in addition to the time actually delivering the service, that kind of thing? So everything wrapped up? In in that, Okay, one more person looking to come in, okay.

Okay, so we’re getting it all out there right now. That’s what today is all about beginning to think about what we want based upon what we’ve seen in the past. Because remember, you get to decide, you get to decide how you’re going to spend your time, what you’re going to focus on, what offerings are even going to put out there. And maybe what offerings are going to let go, right. Okay, so now now now, now we are into the marketing piece of it. And we’re on page two of our handout. Okay. So, first, we’re going to look at social media. And here, I want to remind you that I’m all about to do the one thing, person we, we can really only be effective if we focus on mastering one thing at a time. Okay, so for purposes of this exercise, today, I need you to focus on your number one platform.

Where are you looking to master first, and I understand many of us could be on Facebook, and Instagram, and many others, but I need you to choose your primary platform, which should be number one, where your ideal client is a number to a platform that you enjoy being on so that you show up, okay. So I want you to, on a scale of one to 10 and rate yourself on your performance, for lack of a better word inside that number one social platform. Okay.
And part of that is, you know, looking at how you use that platform, and I know this is subjective, it’s going to be different for everybody. But that’s the point of my goal setting workshops. It’s very individualized, it’s very customized, it’s not cookie cutter.

So on a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your performance on your platform of choice? Right? Where are you live every week? really consistent? Did you do beautiful graphics that went with your brand colors, and powerful, you know, moving real life stories that really got engagement, or really inconsistent and didn’t really get a template that has your vibe, your brand in it? I need you to be honest with yourself here. Because social, whether we like it or not, I think is important, especially in these COVID days, how else are we going to engage with people besides zoom, right? But for many of you, we wouldn’t have met probably most of you, but for social media.
I got my facebook account hacked about seven weeks ago now. I’ll be the first to say I hate Facebook. I’m in a love hate relationship with Facebook. I love it. And then they hacked me and messed me up. But it’s important. So I need you to evaluate that. Okay. And then also, as I as I say here on on your workbook some more questions. What did you enjoy about the platform? Do you like going live?

Do you like doing your own graphics? If that’s you? Right? What did you not enjoy? Are you not into Canva? Would you ideally love to pass that on to somebody else? We’re going to be talking about that later in the week about delegating and outsourcing. Okay, but right now we’re just kind of putting everything out there. How much time
On average, do you spend a day on that platform? How much time a month, and that includes the planning part. And then I want you to kind of come up with a result. Now, if you have a social media manager like I do, they give you the reports, they show you the most engaging posts, and they tell you about how your follower numbers increasing and engagement, that whole thing, the insights, but if not, can you go back and take a peek? And give it I don’t mean, you know, detailed, I’m not I’m gonna blow your minds and overwhelm you. But I do want you to get a sense of, if I’m spending all this time on the platform, what am I getting from it? Anything?

So it doesn’t necessarily mean clients, although, of course, we’re working in that direction, right? It’s all about relationships, establishing your credibility, and your authority. And converting leads new friends into clients, right? So I want you to think about all those things, thoughtfully go through these questions. Look, I’m a lawyer. And one of the most valuable things as a lawyer is you learned how to think in law school like a lawyer. So part of what I do is I present these questions, which may be a pain in the butt, but believe me, it’s good medicine, okay? Because I’m really teaching you how to think like a thriving CEO. Okay, so trust the process. Okay.

Okay. So that’s all social media. Now, I want to spend some time as you’re thinking about this assessment of 2020, I want you to think about all your other marketing efforts. First, I need you to identify what those are. Okay, so was it networking? Even if virtual networking? Was it Facebook ads, or Instagram ads? or Google ads? Whatever it is? Is it speaking? Is it blogging, podcasts, whatever it may be article writing, whatever it is, right? So I need you to identify everything you’re doing to market your business besides social, okay. And then again, I need you to evaluate the time that you spent doing each of those things. And then the result for each. And of course, when I’m talking about the result, part of it is how much revenue is generated as a result of that effort. But sometimes it’s hard to quantify where clients are coming from. So if that’s you just do your best, you know, if you because the point of this exercise is to say, Wow, I didn’t realize I’m spending, you know, 10% of my time pursuing guest podcast appearances. And I grew my email list by 300. Because that’s another thing we should look at, right? That’s part of the result.

But at the same time, you could say, my goodness, I spent 25% of my time on Facebook, and I feels like I got bubkis. Okay, so we want to be really honest about our time and what we’re doing and what it’s resulting for us. Okay.
All right. We are already on page three. And this next question is where we get really real. Okay. And it’s an eye opener for many. And it’s simply this on a scale of one to 10? How much effort Are you actually putting in to growing a thriving business? And I need you to be honest here, right? So if as you’re honestly thinking about the time and effort you’ve devoted to your business in 2020.

If it sounds like this, then maybe it’s going to be lower on the scale. If your honest assessment of your time and effort in building your business is this, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I have a tough time staying motivated. I avoid social media, like the plague. I hate selling, I’m afraid to put myself out there and I’m basically praying for a miracle. Well, if that’s you, my friend and sister, I’m going to tell you in love, love, love, love. You’re probably like a one, two or three, right? And that’s okay. Because we’re just kind of getting an honest assessment of where we are. Okay, that’s you. And then that’s what it is. Now, if instead you’re like, well, I really want this business. And I really want to make it work. But I’m kind of lost. I’m struggling. I’ve invested in my business. But I am not really showing up for everything. Like I could like if I bought a course I’m not really going through the course. Or if I have a coach, you know, I’m not really doing the homework that she gives me. I feel like I’m trying but I’m not always consistent. Like one day, I’m all in and I’m excited. And the next day, I’m kind of sort of ready to quit, if that is you. And I would say you’re like a four or five or six, right?

Maybe instead, as you think about the time and effort that you put in this year to build your thriving business, maybe you’re like, Oh yeah, I am all in. I’m all in on who the Lord Jesus made me to be. I’m constantly investing in myself. I’m buying books. I have a coach. I’m super active on social, I’m growing my following and I’m building relationships and I’m doing scary stuff and I’m actually having fun and I love My clients and they love me if that is you, and I want to say huge congrats to you, sister, you are well, well on your way, and you’re like a nine or 10. But I need you to honestly assess where you are. Okay? And then I know this, no matter what that number is, if it’s a one or a 10, success requires commitment, and sacrifice. So, all the rest of this page three, I want you and for your eyes only, right? I want you to write down your thoughts on your level of commitment. Because your level of commitment in 20 need not be that level of commitment going forward. I want us to be real, real, real and honest with ourselves on the level of commitment that we displayed through our actions.

And as a part of that honest assessment, think about what you are and what you’re not willing to sacrifice when it comes to building your business. Okay. All right. So check. All good. All right. Okay, so now we’re at the last exercise, which is not in your notes. If you’re able, I want you to grab a blank piece of paper. And if not, that’s fine, you’ll be able to you’ll get a link to this replay. But this last exercise is ginormous in this whole assess and analyze step,
I want you to grab a blank piece of paper.

Okay, and I want you to draw a big cross in the middle of it. Because we’re making four sections on our paper. So it looks something like that. Hopefully you’re seeing that. Okay, so we have four sections, and each section represents a part of your life. Remember, earlier, I said I’m all about a whole who lie, holistic, comprehensive goal setting, not just business, we’re going to take a closer look at each part of your life. Okay. So in one square, I need you to put family slash relationships. Because the whole family relationships is one important part of your life that we need to kind of get out on paper and assess about that part of our life in 2020. So family relationships. Another one is spiritual, right? spiritual, our spiritual relationship with the Lord God. So this is like human relationships. And this one is God relationship. Okay.

The third aspect of our life that I need you to think about as we’re goal setting for 2021 is business and financial. Right. And some of you may be still with a career, maybe you haven’t yet taken the leap. So this third one is business slash financial slash career. Okay. And then the fourth and final area of life that I want you to examine is physical, and your health. Right, your well being. And I would include in that not only your physical, but also your mental well being, because I think that’s all part of health. Okay. I just want to check to see that we’re good. Okay. So, once you have those four squares, for each of them, without overthinking, I want you to determine on a scale of one to 10, with one being not good and 10 being fantabulous, okay, how would you rate that part of your life? Right? So let’s do this person went together. So when we talk about family and relationships, that part of our lives, if you were to think back on 2020, whatever that means to you, whether it means time, quality activities, whatever it is, on a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your family part of your life, write a number and circle it, and I need you to put it like right under where you write, because we’re going to leave room for additional information. But for each of these, I want you to determine one to 10 and then circle it.

So then move on to the next spiritual with respect to your walk with the Lord, where would you rate it on a scale of one to 10 and so on. Okay. So when you’ve done all that, then the last step to this exercise which is where the rubber meets the road is I want you to in that box right? I want you to write down what needs to change to get that number whatever it may be, to get that number you wrote down closer to a 10 Okay, what has to change? What was lacking? What has to be different? Now, you may not know how specifically to improve that part of your life. Okay, like for me, I gained weight. I don’t like the way my body looks, then I don’t like the way I feel. So I don’t know specifically what has to improve, except for generalities like I really didn’t do need to move my body more often. I definitely need to eat better, I need to drink more water, that kind of thing. Okay. So you don’t have to know the gritty details right now. But you certainly know enough to say, Okay, this was bad, I need to stop doing this, or I need to start doing that. Okay. And this is all about getting things in paper. So that we can analyze and assess going forward and get into the details. Okay, that makes sense. So, that is all I have for today.

But I don’t I am opening up for questions. I’m going to go in the chat in just a moment, I want you to make sure that you hear me on this, which is this, this day’s exercises can’t be skipped in order to get the most out of this whole four days together. And there will be follow up thinking in the days and weeks to come. And that’s why that one on one strategy call is going to be so important for those of you to take advantage of it. You can’t miss this step. Because everything that happens in the coming days builds on the work that you’re going to do today. So it really has to
has to be done. Alright, so we have that is here from Alberta.

And Meghan is here from Ontario. Brandy from Cincinnati. Cara Carolyn is from pa Carolyn, where are you from? Pa see Are you from the east or the west or the central? Okay, Carolina, Georgia. Yes, Jesus is the love of my life. Yes, Marcella copywriter from also Ottawa, Canada. Me from Northeast Texas. Yes, staging East Texas and Jesus is Lord of her life. And Sharon says exactly what I needed. Thank God, you’re on fire. All right. So um, but look, ladies, I have about 10 minutes. And if there are specific questions, whether it’s something I covered, or something that is kind of in your mind or holding you back or anything like that related in any way to goal setting, or looking forward to 2021, I invite you now to unmute and ask away.

Don’t be shy. Judy, is Carolyn Boyd from computing? Yeah. Hi, Carolyn, where are you? I’m in a little outside about 30 minutes west of Philadelphia. Me too. I’m in eagleville. Where are you? Oh, my gosh. I’m in Phoenix. Phil, come on. We got to get together with it. I would love that. Yes, yes. So I’ve been I’ve I struggled with Facebook, I’m on all social platforms, I’ve connected with you. And I’m looking up some of the members that are on today. I’m trying to connect with them as well. I hired a company to do my posting for me. I’m and I realized, you know, most of my audience likes to see more personal posts, then market shares, things like that. So I would love to talk further about that. You know, what works, and and how you get business. I know people get business off of Facebook. For me, it has always just been another platform to be in front of people. I’ve never gained any business from it. Yeah, so I’d like to be able to gain some business from the social media platforms versus just being in front of people. I love it. Okay, so. So I think that I know that you’re not alone. And there are two parts of social media one is kind of establishing yourself as an authority being seen getting eyeballs on you, which otherwise may not have seen you even if you’re in a local business, right. But the other part is monetization, actually converting that interest into money. And that’s kind of beyond the scope of this goal setting. But I will say this, I will say this, this is really huge. When you think about your social media, you hit the nail on the head, Carolyn, when you said, I know everybody likes to see me and like the personal side, you know, but it’s easier to it is easier to just pay somebody else to do it and somebody else could still do it. But they’ve got to have your voice and people need to see your face. And ideally they really want to see you on video.

Really They do. Because then they know well, who is Carolyn? Why? Why should I choose her over somebody else? And what is her approach to x, y or z? Right. And so when you think about ladies, your 2021, social media content, what I do is I pick a word of the month. My word for January is impact. Now, I’m a business coach. So I’m going to be talking in each of my lives, which I go live in my group every Thursday at 11, I’m going to be talking about impact. You know, what does that mean, for my ideal client? for, you know, other women business owners? So, I would suggest that each of you if that, you know, there’s so many ways to talk about social media content, but that’s how I kind of helped to put parameters or help to get a schedule together with respect to content. And then, you know, you go from there and you say, okay, When am I going to go live? Is it going to be once a week is going to be two times a week? What is it going to be? Right, Carolyn, you’re a realtor, right?

Yes, that’s correct. Okay. Okay. So So, you know, you could have a preview day, where you go into homes, assuming that we can get to them, you know, and that could be alive, or, you know, another day of the week, you could interview local business owners, or or maybe you could interview was there a thing I was thinking, oh, maybe you could have a tip day or something. So you could literally do video every day, in addition to posting. And as I say that up at any money, you’re thinking, Oh, my gosh, my eyes are glazing over. I don’t want to do that. Okay, great. You don’t have to do that. I’m just saying, what I find is that we tend to overthink it. And we’re like, what am I going to talk about? Like, what am I going to talk about, but you are an expert of so many areas, you are community expert, your real estate expert.

You know, you probably could give helpful hints on decorating and decor as it relates to staging and styling a home. And by the way, ladies, I want you to also think about social media. Don’t be afraid to share yourself. Like, what are you really into? If you’re into drinking wine, then Okay, maybe occasionally, you’ll talk about your great wine that you just discovered, or this great wine bar that you just discovered or something like that. Or if you’re into,
oh, gosh, what’s that other thing? Whatever your hobby might be, if you’re into books, and talk about books, right? If you’re passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is a part of your brand. And even if it may not necessarily be in front of your brand, like mine is, but he is still important. Maybe occasionally you want to talk about, you know, have a scripture, or motivational quotes that are based on scripture.

So the point of what I’m saying is, there’s that piece of it of what am I going to post? But then there’s also the piece of, well, great, I’m doing all this and people are liking it. And I’m seeing that I’m making an impact, and I’m getting more likes and all that. But I don’t I’m not just in this to get likes, then it becomes the monetization piece. How do I further that relationship? How do I take it from the offline to the online and we will be getting into some of those specifics by the end of the week. But I really want us to think of social media more personal. And in a way, I want you to stop worrying about what the gurus are telling you to do.

And just show up 1,000% you that’s my best advice. Okay, hope that helps. Right before this, I guess about an hour before 11 o’clock or so I finally put my face together. You can see I’m kind of casually dressed ladies. And I thought you know what, because I was in my respite after my ex husband’s death. I haven’t done a whole lot of video. So I thought, let me grab my phone and do a quick video just to let those know that didn’t get signed up for this that I don’t want them to miss it.

I did not have a script. I just talked for about 20 seconds popped it up. And I got like three or four additional signups. So sometimes we kind of overthink it and we think it has to be this long drawn out something. But sometimes the most powerful posts are just you showing up real live or in a recorded video video. I love it. And your people will love it too. So I encourage you to do that. Great question, Carolyn. Anyone else? I have like two minutes left.

Okay, so Oh, Marcella. Hi, there. Hi. Just a quick question for the newbies. In my case I’m I’m an experienced person in the field that I’m in, but I did that for corporate. So I’m going in on my own right now. So that’s why I just want to your take on what should be like the main goal setting for a newbie in the sense of audience building without sort of being desperate that you don’t have one, although you have the credibility of knowing that I just want the right people to get to me. So I want something mental from a Christian perspective, what I don’t fall into this. And, you know, desperation that sends you into those silly rabbit holes, I get nowhere. Okay. So critical for you. So so you still have your foot in corporate? No, I got laid off now, because of COVID. Gotcha, gotcha. Okay. So I think time blocking is huge. Like, I want you as we go through this, to determine what will be your office hours, what will be your working hours, you know, maybe you want to say, I’m taking Wednesday’s off as a mental health day, you could do that. Or I’m taking Thursday’s off as my Office Admin day, you could do that. Or maybe you say, you know what, I always want to be done by four o’clock, so that I could have family time. So I really encourage you to such a great question, Marcella. And we will be getting into this even further. But I want you to start thinking about what would my ideal day look like?

What would my ideal day look like? Like? Do I want to have lunch with my family and carve out 12 to two, and then maybe I’ll work a little bit later at night, or, you know, structure it that way. So think about your time. And then the other thing that I want you to think about is the most important thing when you’re building a business is not the number of followers is not how big your email list is. It is relationships. I would rather have 100 people who know me and love me, and that I interact with on a regular basis, whether it’s in a Facebook group, or whether it’s on Instagram, or wherever it is, I’d rather have 100 people that I’m really engaged with, rather than 1000, who like five, even know really who I am. So I want us to have that change of mindset that it’s not about the numbers. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. And I really want to get to know this person. So that’s going to be the plan that we set out, how can I reach out to the right people and build a relationship that matters, that ultimately will for the right people get them to be a paid client. So I hope that helps. There’s so much I could say there, but thank you. Okay, you’re welcome.

All right. Well, ladies, thank you. This afternoon, before six, I will be sending you by email, a link to the replay. I’m also going to be encouraging you if you’re not already inside my she is extraordinary Facebook group, I would encourage you to join there. And while I don’t want you necessarily to post the actual pages of the workbook, because a lot of people in there have not paid as you’ve had to be here, right.

You know, it might not be a bad idea to share some thoughts as you’re going through or if there’s a stuck point or something that you you know, gosh, I can’t quite get wrap my head around how to assess my social media result or something like that. Feel free to post your questions there in the sheet is extraordinary Facebook group, and or hit reply, because I’m going to be reading your emails and I’m always happy to engage and help in any way that I can. Right. So thank you all for being here. I will see you tomorrow. Live at 12 noon Eastern and God bless you have a beautiful rest of your day. Take good care

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