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Ep 103: ‘Extraordinary 2021’ Goal Setting Workshop – #Day2

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Welcome, ladies, can you believe it? Here we are already on day two. Let me before I like dive into the meat, I just want to ask like, does anybody else feel like days are going by like this anymore? It’s insane. Right? The entire year has been a wash.

It’s true. I don’t know, you know, they always say as you get older, you know, time goes quicker. And I remember when I was a little girl like, you know, you wake up and you play and then mommy or daddy says, Okay, time for breakfast. And then you play, play, play, play, play some more. And then they go, Okay, time for lunch, and you’re like, wow, it’s only lunch, and then you play play play. I life isn’t like that anymore. So anyway, I was just thinking about, I would share it. Alright, ladies, let me head over to my notes. And we’ll do what we came here for Well, today is going to be a fun day. The super, super fun day. Okay, because I know part of yesterday was dredging out. And I say dredging, because that’s how I approach it. And I know that’s not the best mindset, but I’m not really a naturally organized person. And so for me to look at my Yeah, and Catherine mix, were surprised at that I work at that I work at that, because I know I need to be. But that is not like, exciting for me to to like, have those numbers like ready at hand. So if you’re like me, that may not have been super fun for you.

But it’s important, because as I said, we’re building every day on what we’ve done the day before. So today’s all about dreaming, and deciding and dreaming what kind of life and business you want, you get to decide. And then once you decide what it is you want. And then in the later days coming up, we’re going to be planning out the actions that you need to take to make those dreams about these different parts of your life. actual reality. But first, I do want to pop up the chat. What is your number one takeaway from yesterday’s teaching? Like any Aha, as as you reviewed your 2020 stuff? anything surprising? I really would love to, you know, have you take a moment and think about that. Brandy says I’m excited. Oh, she says I’m incredible. You know what, Brandy, you are incredible. And I’m so glad to see you for the second day here, Brandy, and I’ve known each other for what feels like forever, it’s probably only been a couple of years.

She’s an amazing realtor near Cincinnati. And wow, you ladies are all I’m just so blessed to be here with you. So I’m going to move on. But I’m going to come back to the chat and I want to see what was your biggest takeaway, what are you learning? What are you excited about? Okay, what I find is this too many don’t know their numbers as well as they should. And they may not realize that a particular service or product was even their best seller. Or in the case of realtors, you may not realize oh my gosh, I did work with more sellers than buyers or I did work with more investors than I realized something like that, right. And also, a lot of times women don’t realize just how much they’re spending on their business. So that’s important work that we did yesterday. So I just want to emphasize that that will be used in the days to come. Okay. So yesterday was all about that assessment, and the analysis about what happened in 2020. And with that knowledge with that Intel, today, we’re going to look forward into that brand new year coming up the year full of possibilities. 2021 what is in store there for you, my friend? And the answer is a lot of good stuff. Right?

So first, let’s go to God in prayer. And then we will dive in. Heavenly Father, we thank you, we thank you God that this tech is working. We thank you, Lord, for bringing these ladies here. Whether they’re here and available, to be with me live or watching on the replay. Lord, we want to hear from you. You are the reason we even exist. And you are the reason that we’re running our businesses. Lord, we want to not only serve those that you have called us to serve, but we want to bring glory to you, Lord, we want to honor you in everything we’re doing. From our actions in our business, to our actions outside of business, to our thoughts and our words, Lord, help us to do just that. We welcome your presence here. We thank you in advance for it. And it’s in the mighty name of your son, our Lord Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, so look, I want to start off by saying this. And this isn’t like critical, but it always happens. And that is there were like 20 some women watching on day one, and they’re live. And there may be more to come. But here we are five minutes in and we have like seven.

So I want to applaud you ladies for showing up and I understand schedules are tough. So those watching on the replay, no, I don’t mean to beat you up, but but you get a lot more out of it. I find when you’re live, so I appreciate you being here. Alright, so so so so first order of business, if we’re not connected on social, I really want to get connected with you and my handle everywhere is at Judy Weber live. So truly, if we’re not friends on Facebook, please find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, because while we don’t own the platform, it is neat to see what each of you were doing. So I just wanted to point that out. As I mentioned, today should be super fun. We’re moving, we are removing rather, all restrictions and all limitations, all beliefs that don’t serve us, including limiting beliefs. Like, I’m not enough. I could never do that. How am I supposed to make that kind of money? Right? So, really, in, in this exercise today, I want you to give yourself permission to really dream like we did when we were kids, when we thought we could be the first woman president of the United States, right?

I thought that, or you know, we could be in the Olympics or be a princess or whatever it was right? I want us to dream big. Remembering that with God, nothing is impossible. Okay, your business exists specifically because God quickens your heart, your mind your spirit, to pursue your business. So it’s time to let go and let God and I know that sounds cliche, but I believe that when we do exactly that, and when we go all in, on who Christ made each of us to be that is when you will finally be walking in your true God given purpose and living that life of abundance that Jesus spoke about in john 1010, you’re going to tap in to your full potential, and your impact will be nothing short of extraordinary. Okay. All right. So let’s go and start with that last exercise I gave you yesterday. Remember that and grab your workbook for today, if you didn’t already. Okay, I asked you to rate in yesterday’s workbook for aspects of your life. First one was family and relationships, and then spiritual, and then business, financial and career and fourth, your physical health. And I asked you to rate each of those as of today, like, where are you? And specifically what needs to change? what needs to change to get that closer to that 10?

Okay, so today, I want you to take time, and I’m talking about at least 15 minutes in each of those core areas, to think about each of those aspects and dream. Like if I could have it my way? What would my family and relationships look like? You know, maybe it’s my hubby. And I would actually hold hands again, we’d have a weekly date, we’d hang out with the kiddos on Saturdays, or we’d go hiking, or we’d go to the beach, right? Or maybe I’m going to have a girls getaway with my besties every quarter. Like whatever relational life and family life would be awesome to you and dream without restrictions or what’s reasonable or if something’s too expensive. Okay, we’re dreaming. Okay, today’s the day to imagine, what if I could choose the life that I was living? Okay. Now, we know that Almighty God is in control, of course. But it’s also true that it gives us free will. So we do get to decide whether we realize it or not, we decide each and every day, even when we think we’re not deciding that non decision is a decision. Okay, as in? Oh, I don’t have time to exercise today. So you don’t. So that kind of non decision or maybe you avoid it, it kind of pops in your head, Oh, I should squeeze in, you look at your calendar and you think, oh, why should squeeze in working out? But then you’re like, ah, maybe tomorrow. So you kind of don’t decide. But that non decision is a decision and it results in not action. So you don’t exercise? Right? Like Does that make sense? So today, I really want you to take the time to really think about what would my best life look like. And when I say take the time again, I suggest you time block at least 15 minutes for each of these four parts of your life. Okay, now, I want to as your coach, get you in the right mindset as you do this exercise and I really want to emphasize that we’re going for we’re going for broke here, okay, we got to remember God’s promises and remember his truth. Do not allow the enemy’s distractions to pull you away from this all important task today.

And please do not allow the enemy to keep telling you about the current crazy of the world. dumbed down your dreams. Okay, don’t say yeah, but I really love to do this but COVID might still be going on or some lockdown or something or you know, because of so and so is President blah, blah, blah. Ah, no, no, no. Our God is bigger than any scheme, any illness, any anything. thing that the enemy can throw out there, right? And by the way, we need to remember that in Christ we are more than conquerors. Right? So let’s commit to not going small on this. Okay? So what is your perfect day look like? Okay? I want you to think about your perfect day, as you’re going through each of these things. And really, I guess I’m, I’m thinking not only of your business, but of your entire day. But in a minute, I’m going to be talking to you specifically about your business. But even just overall, what is the perfect day look like? I touched on this a little bit yesterday that if you were in charge of your schedule, which you are, right, you would get to decide how do you want to spend your time, too often, we think, Oh, I need to do that. Or I have to I must do that. Or, Oh, I wish I could do that. But I don’t have time. Well, I got some tough love for you here. Ladies. I’m here to tell you, you get to decide how to spend all of your time it’s you. Right? It’s not your clients.

They don’t get to decide how you spend your time unless you let them unless you give them that permission, right? Not your husband, not your kids, not your friends. It’s you. I mean, yes, like if you have to get your son or daughter to a lesson, and they’re under 16. Like, you need to drive them there. Or do you? Could you figure out another way to get them where they need to go? That’s what I’m talking about. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. And so you know, just just think about that, that oh, I have to otherwise you know who else would do it? Did you really ever think about that? Maybe you could carpool or open up more time for yourself. And that’s not being selfish in doing that. As long as we carve out other special time with that son or daughter known. I mean, there are people out there in our lives. Whether they be personally right here with us locally or someone we follow an influencer, you know, online, who do their darndest to convince us of what we have to do. And they may even sometimes unintentionally intimidate or bully us. Right? Not realizing how they come across. But you don’t have to decide to say yes to any of that. Because listen as thriving CEOs and that’s what you are. That’s the mindset you have to have. I am a thriving CEO, even if you’re just getting started, even if you don’t feel it, just like when I got pregnant, I said I am an awesome mom, even before the baby came out of the bun, right? Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Okay, you’re in control of your day and how you spend it. And today is the day you will dream.

What does that perfect day look like? time do I get up? When do I eat? Do I you know? What am I eating? Like in a perfect day like that? Just plan it out, right? One of my dreams has always been living by a beach. And I’m getting closer. In February, I’m moving to announce two hours away from the beach. Now I’m going to be 30 minutes away from a beach in Charleston, South Carolina. And it’s only because I’ve been thinking about that. Okay, Judy, if that’s what you want to do, is that is that where you want to be? And what do you have to do to get there? Right? You’re in control. Okay. So on this idea of your perfect day, I mentioned yesterday that if you want to make Wednesday, your admin day, great if you want to carve out lunch every day to hang out with your kids, or to get together with friends, great, whatever it is, plan it, write it down. Okay. I sort of see if anybody else is trying to get in. Okay. All right. So next point, we’re going to the Bible, of course, the Bible tells us in Matthew 621, where your treasure is, there, your heart will be also. So let’s be really real with ourselves. And how we spend our time shows the world, what we value, what we treasure. Let’s face it, if you value something, you’re gonna make it happen. Simple example, church. I’m not talking about COVID time I’m talking about normal time, right?

If you value the gathering of saints in God’s house, you will get to church every week. Right? But if you value, getting that extra hour of sleep, or watching sports, more than gathering of the saints in God’s house, and that’s what you’re going to do, right? So, today would be a great day to review your calendar. How are you spending your time now? And is the time that you’re spending on whatever it is you’re spending it on? Is that in step with your values, right? Are you spending quality time and the quantity of time with your family that’s indicative of how you value them. And if not no shame, no judgment here. That’s not what this is about. But realizing and again, now pausing taking that time, to dream about how you want your life to be, how you want to live, and getting that dream life on paper. And then in the next two days, we’re going to schedule that out and make it happen. Now, as a part of this dreaming your life in 2021, I want to make sure that you plan your respites, your time off, including when you’re going to take a vacation with more than one vacation, right? planet, write it down, dream it, map it out, right? Where will you go. And again, for purposes of today’s dreaming, we’re not going to concern ourselves with whether COVID may impact our travel plans, or whatever it is we want to do.

We’re in charge of today’s dream year, and this exercise is mapping out the ideal. Okay, and we’ll tweak it as necessary going forward. But again, I don’t want us to allow the possible wrinkles to curtail our dreaming. Okay, see, can’t wait to get in. All right. Okay, let me pause here and say this. As you dream about what your ideal day looks like, and your ideal life in 2021, I, of course, want you to be talking to God as you do this. And I would suggest that even before you begin, you go to him, and ask the Lord God Almighty to speak to your heart and reveal his plans for you in 2021, and be open to hearing it. See, we got to sit quietly before him for a time. I think even before we start writing, and if you’re like me, you know, that may be tough. I’m impatient. I’m gonna go go go go kind of girl. But in order to, as I say, Here, the download from God in order to really connect with him, can’t be rushed. I mean, what a blessing it is that we can even come before him in the first place and that he hears us. So I know for me, I tend to take prayer, and his availability for granted. And I really shouldn’t do that. Okay, because we know we always want to walk in His purposes for our life and be in his will. And that’s how we want to live each day. So ask him, Lord, reveal your vision for my life in the coming year.

What do you have for me? Right? Here’s what I want. What do you think? So as you sit before him, and then you start writing, if you’re not really feeling him, just write it down, okay, so that you don’t lose it. And then maybe, you know, at the end of that take time, again to say, Lord, I leave this at your feet. Please speak to me. And then later, maybe, you know, carve out this time for the Lord to hear him. Okay. So, today’s dream exercise, I just want to emphasize is not only a time for you to be open to the possibilities of what life could be, you know, getting each of those aspects of your life closer to that 10 rating, but also an opportunity for you to hang out with God, spending precious time with him as you contemplate all the opportunities and all the possibilities that are ahead in 2021. Because it’s going to be your best year yet. All right. So I’m going to pause for a moment because that’s quite a job for today, isn’t it? I mean, on the one hand, dreaming feels like yay, I’m in charge, this is gonna be fun. But on the other, there’s a lot of things to think about. And we all have stuff going on in our lives that and I know it’s gonna be tough to fight off those limiting thoughts that are going to be popping up in our mind, okay. And as a part of all of this streaming, again, I want to be sure that you turn your attention specifically to your business. And there are three things specifically that I want you to think about and it’s in your download.

As you’ll recall, you know, the finance and the businesses career and career is one of those four categories of your life. And I wanted to give you some additional guidance on things to think about where your business is concerned. First thing, work hours. work hours, need to set up boundaries and parameters around your time. When it comes to your work. You do not and you really if you don’t listen to me at all. I need you to get this from today. All right. You do not have to be available for your clients. 24 seven, and indeed you should not be okay. Think about it. Your doctor is not available. 24 seven lawyers aren’t available 24 seven your chiropractor is not available your account it’s not available. You’re nobody is available, your dry cleaner, nobody is available. 24 seven, why do you think you need to be? Why do you think as soon as your notification goes off? On Facebook or Instagram or, or email that you need to immediately get back to them. Now, I, I’m with you, I want to be on it like that. But at the same time, you’ve got to set parameters that work for you. So I really don’t care. If the Instagram algorithm is going to smack my hand, if I don’t respond to comments instantaneously, I refuse to live my life, beholden to AI.

And while I love you, ladies and my clients, and I want to get back to you just as soon as I possibly can I have learned through the years, that it’s not healthy, to constantly like live your life based upon a being on your phone. And my realtor friends, I know that so many of you tend to believe that you need to be accessible by your clients around the clock, no, no, no, no, right? You can’t. And you Oh, I’m gonna lose the sale, well, maybe that client really wasn’t your ideal client, it’s time for you to get selfish with who you really want to work with. And not make yourself crazy, okay. Because every one of us in our businesses, in order to make these work our boundaries and other similar boundaries work, you just need to make clear how you operate. As soon as you begin working with a client set the expectation. And occasionally, as you’re working together, depending upon how much interaction there is, you’ll need to remind them of this and I need you to stand firm, you are not going to be available 24 seven, and in honoring your work time, you’re honoring the boundary that you set in place, and you need to make your client understand that’s how you operate. And that’s to do that without apology.

Okay. So I’m okay, no limitations on that. Okay, so that was the first thing to work hours. The second part of business that I really want you to give some good thought to is, what do you love to do? What do you love to do? inside your dream business? Okay. Like if you if you if your business was exactly what you wanted it to be? What, what do you wake up and can’t wait to get to? Right? So for coaches, would you work exclusively one on one with clients? Because you love that personal interaction? Or are you the type of coach that would maybe prefer to be more hands off only doing like a membership, and a membership site, for example, where you meet with your members once a week, and that’s it. Or maybe your course creator. And there’s a reason your course creator, because you just want to do DIY courses, spit them out, make them available, and you’re really not involved Other than that, okay. And none of those business models are right or wrong. It’s about what you want. But again, I don’t want you to build a business model based upon what some suppose it expert told you, you need to do. Okay, I’m going to go on a tangent here. I recently discovered someone who I am like, loving on, because she introduced this whole new concept with respect to pricing, and scaling. And I’m going to be sharing that in the coming weeks. But, but just another example, even if everybody is saying you must do business This way, please know that God may be itching to reveal to you this amazing way to do your business. He’s just trying to grab your attention.

Okay. So this is a day when I want you to take the time to be honest with yourself, what do I love about my business? and not worry about what others in your industry are doing? Or even how they’re doing it? You’re not them? You are you. And you get to decide the kind of business you have without apology. Okay, and the third and final part of your business that I really want you to think about. And it kind of dovetails beautifully from number two and that is, what aspects of your business. Do you not? Like? Like, what do you run from? What do you maybe even I hate to use this word, it’s kind of a strong word, but what do you hate about it? Right? Like, what is there a part of your business that you really can’t stand when I was in real estate? And I was in production? I hated the paperwork. I hated it. So you know what I did? I hired a transaction coordinator to die, okay, but for some of us, we just say, Oh, this is all has to be part of the business, not necessarily. So I do want you to identify what you do not like about your business and be real with yourself. And these could be things that you’re not good at. Like maybe you’re not good at sales. So maybe it makes sense to hire sales Pro. I don’t know.

Maybe it’s not So for you to mess around in Canva, you hear all your friends say, Candace, great, I love it and you go to it, and you’re just like, you know, so write it down. What do you run from? And so later on in the workshop we’re going to be talking about, maybe we can take that off your plate. But for now, don’t worry about how that might happen. We’re just identifying things. Okay. So are you excited? Are you excited? Okay. I think sometimes when this concept of dreaming comes up, we are, well, I can sometimes turn off a bit. Like, I’m a realist. I’m very pragmatic, like, like, I’m not really, I’m a visionary when it comes to my business. But when it comes to the rest of my life, that’s not as easy Somehow, I don’t know why that is. But if you’re like me, in that regard, I encourage you to let down that guard of yours and go to the Lord and ask that he show you his beautiful vision for your life and for your business. And it’s so important, again, that we carve out that special time and even a special place where we can be alone to do today’s dreaming. Okay.

I hope that that is exciting for you. So feel free to post or even do a video inside the sheet is extraordinary Facebook group, because everybody in that group, whether they’re doing this workshop along with us or not, could use encouragement and inspiration. And finally, the last thing I want to say before I come to you live is you know, come back to you. I’m in my notes now. Last call. If you did not yet take advantage of the opportunity to save your seat. For a one on one strategy session with me Be sure to check the PS and the email that went out this morning for the link to do exactly that. So all right, let me check the chat. biggest takeaway says Beth encouragement without judgment from beautiful ladies to do the tough work. Oh, that’s awesome. Rebecca had to go. Alright, well, I’m gonna come I’m gonna come to you. And I would love to change my view here. Ladies, you guys, I missed this yesterday. I want to take a picture of you ladies. Hey, would would it if you’re able? Could you like let me see your pretty face and take a picture for social and I’ll tag as many as I can.

Oh, no, I love Bonnie. She’s crimping. Okay, and you know what’s funny? Oh, hi, Jennifer. Oh my gosh, you ladies, I love you so much and Marie. Okay, and Sandra looks like she can’t brandy. That’s okay. And highly. You know, I got my pearls back. Thank you, Beth. And Beth, notice that I wasn’t in my pearls lately. And just real briefly, you know, I’m coming out of a funk. And I’m very open and honest with the fact that I’m kind of in a funk and, but as I look around and talk to more ladies, I’m not alone in that. But that was like I miss your pearl. She says sweet, so I thought I’d bring it back out for today. So thank you for for all of your love and concern. All right, ladies, we’re gonna try to get this in the picture. Okay, what up? Okay, all right. So does that note goes away? All right, ladies. 123 All right. Okay, any questions for today? Any any any any? I have like two minutes and then I’ve got to hop off. That is right. I was gonna mention the pearls they are you. You know what? I mean? So funny.

I was thinking maybe I should do like a social post. Say, who’s got like interesting pearls, like funky pearls like different pearls. Like Heidi, when I think Funk I think of you like your funk girl. So if you have pearls, like take a picture of it and show me and Bonnie, do you have pearls? Ladies, if you have pearls? Oh, that’d be awesome. Take a picture of you in the pearls. have cool pearls. I’m wearing them now. But for you, I will. Okay, that would be fun. Yeah. That would be awesome. All right, ladies about the face book. And its advice. Whoops. Let me check that chat out. We had to hear I don’t have to follow all those incentives. No, I mean, and here’s the thing too with that. I I think that where we grow our influence can be wherever we want it. And I think social could be amazing, because I don’t think I would have met any of you without social so praise God on that. But to live your life by it is to me not living at all.

Wow. That’s all Yeah. I think I should put that down. Thank you, God, you’re amazing. All right. Well, ladies, any any last words? I should say that that sounds horrible. Any any last thoughts before we jump off for today? I can’t wait to see your dreams. Feel free to be sending me by email, whatever you would like. Like I say I don’t want us to post this in the free group because I don’t want them to benefit when they didn’t, you know, raise their hand and actually put some skin in the game as you all have.

Okay. But I would love to see kind of what’s going on in your mind. how things are coming together. So, all right tomorrow What are we talking about tomorrow we’re talking about surrendering and submitting to the Lord which is ginormous. So please don’t miss that. I will see you tomorrow at 12 Eastern right here Same time, same bat time, same bat channel. Until then, God bless. Love you ladies!

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