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Ep 104: ‘Extraordinary 2021’ Goal Setting Workshop – #Day3

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All right, we’re gonna have some fun today ladies. Welcome to day three of the extraordinary 2021 goal setting workshop. Question. We’re gonna start out like from the, from the get go with some gusto. Are you feeling bold today? Are you feeling courageous? Because in a minute, I’m going to ask one of you that are here with me live to be brave. And so I hope one of you will step up, but don’t worry if that’s you, if you’re like, Alright, I’m really not too brave, but I’m going to do it. No worries, I’m going to be right here with you. You’re in a safe place. And all the ladies here amazing. So more for that just a moment. But by now, do you notice anything different about me? anything different about me today? Yes, yeah, wearing a crown.

That’s right. I am wearing a tiara. How to say that era. Okay, so why am I wearing my wearing this? picture, we have clean line. Okay, I am wearing this. Because I’m royalty. I am a daughter of the king of kings. Hallelujah. And so are you. And I actually have this on now because I you I think I know I mentioned this before, I’m packing for a move that’s happening in a couple of months. And I happen to find this and I decided I’m going to keep this in front and center for me in my office to remind me of this powerful truth, that I am a daughter of the king of kings. And this is a truth and it is powerful. But but but only if I believe it. And I receive it from the Lord, right. And I lean all into it, and I live it and that ladies, is exactly what I mean, when I am telling you time and time again, to go all in on who you are in Christ. Right who he made you to be. And we’re going to talk a little bit more about the fact that you were not made with a spirit of fear, or timidity, but rather with the spirit of power. So I’m just really excited about that. And I hope that that kind of fuels you on this is the kind of day that today is going to be okay. And every day can be like this, we just have to decide that it will. Right. I hope you know that.

Alright, so next part, how did yesterday go for you, I truly would love to see what your dream business looks like, and what your dream life looks like. So if you are comfortable sharing, please feel free to send me all of your success work that you’re doing this week, by email, okay. And also feel free to share it parts of it. Not all of it, we don’t want to screenshot because you paid to be here. And I don’t want that to be impacted in any way. Other people get it for free. But share snippets of what you’re doing with respect to the goal setting inside the sheet is extraordinary Facebook group because that would maybe spur these other women on to do this thing that is good for them, although they don’t have this framework, right. But it’s good to inspire each other and support each other. Right? There is a strong sense of community in everything I do. It’s a hallmark of my blessed to thrive Academy. I’m very intentional in how I create community, because it is incredibly powerful. And many of you are already inside NEC my Academy and you can attest to its strength and how The Sisterhood of like minded women of faith propels you forward, both in your business and your life.

So the scary thing, but not too scary, right? That I want to do right now is I want to open the microphone for one of you here right now. So is there a brave soul here who would like to share even just a snippet? Okay, we don’t have time to share it all but a short sentence or two of your success work from yesterday. I would love if one of you would be so brave and bold as to do that. So hi, Kim, really great to see you. Alright, so does anybody gonna be brave and open up the mic and share a sentence or two? About her homework?

I will. Okay, Beth. All right. We’re gonna hear about that’s three business. Well, it was really what I wanted to share is how good my time with God was yesterday. I just focused on I just prayed for a lot of things. And then I focused on my business. And I felt really strongly that he was helping me decide what my business was going to look like, next week. The one thing I really got from him Was that he wanted me to speak truth into women’s lives. That’s what I felt main word from him was, and evergreen came up for me. And that’s not a word I use regularly. But that word came to me. And so I guess I’m looking at an evergreen program. Wow. Wow. So okay, this is really exciting. So it’s an evergreen program, not anything you really had thought about? much, or I didn’t know how to go about doing the program yet, or looking at what that was going to be like, for me. It’s been one on one with people, individuals, and it’s as long as they need it. But I, I don’t like didn’t. Yeah, I just didn’t know how I was going to do that. And that word came to me. And and that’s what I think. I’ve always wanted just to have an open an open group. But I didn’t know how to do it. And no, I just know that it’s, it’s gonna be that way that’s in your future at some at some form or fashion. That is so awesome. Excellent. Thank you brace all. I appreciate that, Beth. All right, I’m going to go back to my notes. And we’re going to keep on going. Thank you. Thank you.

So let me say this. I realized that in the past two days, I gave you quite a bit, ladies to chew on. And I understand that with everything you have on your plate, you may not have been able to devote your full attention to each day success work quite yet. And if that’s you, no worries, okay? I plan to this to be closer to, you know, early to middle of the month, so that you had some time to go back. During what I hope you will find some downtime right over the holidays in the coming two weeks, so that you can complete everything more fully. Okay. So I hope that you’re looking forward to doing exactly that. Because as you ask yourself these important questions and go through the success work, step by step. And more importantly, as you go to the Lord for His wisdom and his guidance, you’re giving yourself space, all important space to create, and to plan and to strategize in a powerful way. And as Beth testifies to when you go to the Lord, he’ll give you that word, or he’ll give you that nudge. And a lot of times, it’ll be like, oh, wow, I didn’t see that coming. And that is when you know that you’re right where you need to be, and that this business is truly God inspired. And there’s nothing better than that.

Right? So let’s go to God in prayer and invite him into our time together, and then we’ll dive in for today. Okay, Heavenly Father, we thank You, God, thank you. I have a father that, that you have adopted us, Lord as your own, that we are each a daughter, of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Help us to speak that truth into our lives. You know, building a business is tough. I think as a woman, it’s even tougher, because we’re so darn hard on ourselves. And you know that Lord, You made us. And you know, I personally think you made us to be the way we are, we are in your image, but we are flawed. And I think that you made it that way so that we would come to you, we had that hole in the heart that is not going to be filled by anything, not a substance, not money, not anything but you, Lord. And thank you for that guy. So I asked you to be here today as we’re going through step three, in the goal setting that you laid out for me, which is submit, and surrender. So we welcome you. And we look forward with hopeful expectation to see how you’re going to move today, in this time together, and in the women’s individual time with you later today, or whatever that might happen to be. Lord, we love you when we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, let me just go to the chat real quick before I do something else. Okay. Someone had to go. Love your crown Carolina. Thank you. And and Emmanuella says that Marie, all right, love you ladies so much. Okay, let’s go to my notes. Let’s go. Alright.

So for those of you who took advantage, a little admin point here, for those of you who took advantage of the goal setting strategy session with me, check the p s in this afternoon’s reply or not reply, replay, email, okay for a link to schedule your session with me. Now for you. I have cleared my calendar for next week, the 22nd and the 23rd. So those are the two dates there will be others opened up but I only and I’ll remind you to please choose a date only for December 22 or December 23. Okay. And if those days are not good for you, no worries. Reach out to me. And we’re going to schedule your session for sure, in the first two weeks of January 2021. Now, you’ll find that when you go to the link, there’s going to be a questionnaire for you to fill out as you make your appointment. And that is to make sure that our time together is as productive and efficient as possible. So please complete that in its entirety, because I will be spending time prior to our one on one brainstorming so that we can really hit the ground running with our time together. Okay, additionally, for those that scheduled that one on one strategy session, please email me all of your success work, whether it’s 100% completed or not. And I’ll be sending you an email reminding you to do that. But that’s really important because, you know, I can’t wait to meet with you and strategize and map out a truly extraordinary 2021. And the best way for me to do that is to make sure I have all the information that I need. Okay. All right, one last check that there’s nobody waiting looks like we’re good. Okay, so I’m super excited for today, today is to vote it 100% of the Lord. But I need to emphasize ladies that this day is not fluff. So please don’t turn off. Please don’t leave. All right. As Christians, we need to submit and surrender all that we are all that we have everything to the Lord God Almighty. And, you know, there aren’t too many out there in the business world talking about surrendering your business to the Lord.

Right. And so I wanted to start off today by asking you a couple of important questions in this regard. Have you dedicated your business to him? Have you submitted not just your life but your business? Have you surrendered your business to the Lord? You know, and have you said something like this to him, Lord, this business is yours. Thank you, God for the talents and the gifts that you’ve given me. Thank you, for the smarts and the ambition that you blessed me with helped me God, to use these talents and gifts and abilities in a way that pleases you and brings you glory. And as I make plans for the new year, Lord, please guide me with your wisdom. What should I do? How should I do it? How I longed to do your will Lord. I submit it all to you. I wait with hopeful expectation to hear what it is you have for me and for my business. Thank you in advance God. So have you done that? Every day, ladies? Every day, we need to go to him and seek His wisdom always. Because right now your bank account made these zip. But he can do miraculous things.

Right? And it’s interesting as we as we look at the Bible, whenever a man of God had an issue, we see him pray first. And women as well. Esther, right, Esther, Daniel, David Moses and so many more just powerful modeling for us. Now, as you know, as always, I want to be really real with you. Okay, because you’re my sisters and you’re my friends. While I totally get an agree with this concept of submitting to the Lord and surrendering to His will for me and for my business. I find it really hard to do sometimes. And so you know, I just want to confess that am I alone? Is there anybody else out there? That’s a control freak. I’m gonna come to you so I can see anybody out there.
That’s a control freak. Kimberly’s known me for decades. So she knows I am right. All right. So yeah, so you’re not alone. So that should give us some some solace. Right. But we’re not going to stay there. Okay. Right. Um, so yeah, I feel like, as long as I’m in control, everything’s gonna be fine. But that is so wrong, right. But I think as long as I take responsibility, and I oversee things, then everything’s gonna be fine. That’s how I feel. And so I have to own that, yes, that’s how I feel. But it’s always that, but God, I love that phrase, but God, but I know, both in my head and in my heart, that the absolute best thing, or none, that I can possibly do, is to give everything over to the one worthy of all my trust, worth dying for the Lord Jesus Christ.

So to encourage all of us to do what we know is right, even if we don’t feel it right, and to do that hard thing and to let go so that God can take what is good in order to offer us his best. Right? What is more in step with his will, I have some scripture for you on this important point of submitting and surrendering. And so in your workbook for today, I have a couple of them. And so I’m going to go through a couple more today, here with you live. And like I say, I don’t know about you, but I feel like this Christian walk. Certainly having a business grounded on the Lord God. It requires us to be constantly reminded of his truths. Okay. So, so I hope you’ll find this helpful for you in your goal planning process and in your daily walk and your daily business activities. So Jeremiah, one five, before he were formed in your mother’s womb got approved, you need you needed you inside your mom’s womb, I don’t know why, but every time I hear that I just want to tear up. I think it’s because I think about my mom who’s in heaven. But also I just think about, I think about the Lord God, like carefully putting us together just right, Oh, she needs a little bit more boldness, or, Oh, she needs a little bit more this or that, you know, it’s just so neat.

God didn’t make a mistake. So if you don’t like your nose, or your hair, or your whatever, you know, you’re perfectly imperfect, we need to really embrace that. Romans 828, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Entrepreneurship is a really interesting place. Um, there’s lots of failure out there, lots of quitting out there, right. But when we know that there’s a purpose for what we’re doing, and we’re clear on that assignment we’ve, we’ve heard from the Lord, then we can be confident that in all things, even in the monkey wrenches that get thrown into our business, like the COVID, and the crazy, who knows what may come also in our personal lives, that all of it is being worked together for our good and ultimately, for God’s glory. Okay, Psalm 37, for Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart, okay? So all we need to do is, is praise Him, and we need to spend time with him and truly find joy in him. And as we do that, we’re going to be in more alignment with him and his will. And then what we need, right will become our desires. And he will fulfill that, you know, I really believe that that is not a manifestation, I can speak and say I want, you know, this million dollar house, and therefore, if I just keep thinking about it, it’ll be no, if God doesn’t want it, it won’t be. But the closer we are to him, the more we will know what his will is for us. And so, you know, those won’t be like, you know, acting like we are God that we can speak it into truth.

That’s nonsense. Okay, Matthew seven, seven, asks, and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and the door will be opened. Okay? I find it interesting that, that the secular world points to biblical principles, but they don’t grounded in anything that that that has substance, right. This is grounded in the Lord God’s truth. This is the word of God, ie Jesus Christ. So again, this is such a beautiful dovetail with the last scripture that as long as we are in step with God, we’re going to ask for what it is that he wants us to have, because we’re going to know him so well. And we’re going to, you know, be going to him every day, and he’s going to tell us exactly what to do. And so we’re gonna know what to ask for, we’re gonna know what we’re seeking, and we’re gonna knock for opportunities that we know, will get us to the next step, because he’s going to open up those doors, and he’s going to speak to us. And I mean, I’ll confess I need to be more the word. And I know that the times that I am, like this better joyfilled even through the muck in the mire, and the direction is clear. path is clear. Okay. I love Habakkuk. I don’t know if I’m saying that right? I never know Habakkuk Two, two, I love this. Ladies, this is so speaks to me as an entrepreneur. And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and make it plain. Wow.

Write the vision and make it plain. If you don’t have a clear vision, on the purpose of your business, and where it’s going, and its future, God’s waiting for you to ask him. I firmly believe that we need to spend that time alone with him. And he, he knows he’s just so amazing. He is the best strategist ever. He is the best everything ever. Hallelujah. And so and so when you go to him, he’s going to give you this this big vision for your business. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna impact a million people. But it’s a big vision because we know how our work has that ripple effect. And the neat thing is your vision has to be simple. It has to be plain read write it plainly, so that the masses or whoever it is that God has you to work with understands it. That’s why I love this first, I think it’s an entrepreneurial verse, or directly. All right, um, let’s see I have somebody I don’t want to. Okay, how about proverbs 16 three, commit your work, as on to the Word, and I thought shall be established right? commit what you’re doing to the Lord and it will prosper. As we’re putting together these goals, you know, I saw someone talk about share it with God, wait a minute, I I will present it to God says this good. I need to hear from you, Lord, right? We need to invite God not only to be a part of our business, but to be the head of it. Okay, commit your work as unto the Lord. It is his business. Right? That he graciously allows us to work on his behalf.

Right. Matthew 633, Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. I mean, it’s just so great. All right, there’s so much more but and look in your in your workbook for some others, but I want you to really spend time with him. And allow yourself this time of dedication and reverence to the Lord. Your Business belongs to him. Okay, so as far as your success work beyond that, we’re going to really dive into the planning tomorrow, it’s going to be a deep deep dive. And I’ve already decided that next week, I haven’t chosen the date or time, we’re going to have a follow up session to bring all this together, okay, for a live q&a, okay. But today, I want you to, to identify two things. Okay. First thing is your personal word of the year. And I want this word to capture your personal focus for the new year. This year, my personal word was joy. And so every day I thought of that as I woke up, and as I went about my business, which a lot of the day is business, not just personal. So you know, for me, it was all about joy. I wanted to find joy. I wanted to live joy. In 2020. Maybe yours is stay with fitness. No go to God and say, Lord, what’s my word for the year you can make one upstate with fitness isn’t really a word. Maybe it’s perseverance. But anyway, intention.

Could that be your word for the new year? resilience, no creative, whatever, I there’s nothing, there’s no right or wrong. But I want you to identify a word that captures your personal focus for 2021. And then I also want you to begin to think about in the way of your business, I want you to think about what’s one thing, one big thing that you’re going to focus on next year in your business. Okay, for example, is next year, the year of your launch. Maybe that’s your focus launch. Or maybe your focus next year will be team building. Maybe your primary one business focus will be visibility, it’s time for you to really get out there and, and guest on podcasts or guest blogs or create your own podcast or, you know, really go hard on building your referral side of the business, whatever it may be. Maybe visibility and really getting out there is your word. I’m just going to rattle off a couple of others to get your creative juices flowing on this. Maybe your business focus for next year is going to be mastering your craft and maybe its profitability. Maybe it’s scaling and growing your email list growing your social media following. Maybe it’s consistency, right? Maybe it’s speaking on stages, maybe that’s where you want to focus. Maybe you want to write a book. Maybe it’s a system that can say this word systemization. Okay, whatever it may be, I want you to identify that business focus that primary business focus for the year.

Okay, so, among other things tomorrow, we’ll be setting our revenue goal for 2021. And so I wanted to end today, chatting a bit about that. Okay, day one, we did some number crunching. Okay. And tomorrow, we’re going to come back to that. And I alluded to this earlier the importance of your mindset, when it comes to goal setting, and in particular, setting a revenue goal. Okay. And the purpose of you being here in this workshop is to plan and strategize so that you can have your best year in business yet, right. So your time is precious, and the time spent here should be productive, and really move your business forward and I know that it can, but we know we have an enemy and it’s the father of life. hates, hates to see God’s people, you and me prosper. And so he’s going to be quick to whisper lies in your ear to hold you back, to put doubts in your mind, maybe even to question your faith, right? And to bring up all types of insecurities and limiting beliefs. I’m not worthy, who am I to make six figures or more, I’m not really an expert. I’m too old, too young, too skinny, too fat too dumb, all the rest, right?

All the negative self talk that we ladies, especially grapple with. So yes, this is certain the enemy is coming after you. And he’s coming after me. He’s coming after all of us to do what to steal, to kill and destroy. But God, love that phrase. But God, He is the victor. Hallelujah, Thank You, Lord. He is our shield, our rock, our protector, and our Savior. And as entrepreneurs, we must keep our focus Above all, on the Lord Jesus Christ. Right. So that like Peter, we can walk on water and do the impossible by his strength, right, but we have to keep our focus on him. So that we can drown out all the noise of the enemy’s lies, we can eliminate the negative self talk. So we can overcome the overwhelm and replace it with clarity and call in peace. So that we can avoid the procrastination and replace it with productivity, allowing us to do and what our what used to take us two or three, or maybe even four, we have to focus on the Lord so we can eliminate the distraction and replace it with laser focus, so that we can be more efficient than we’ve ever been before. You see, ladies again, with Christ, nothing is impossible. There’s nothing you can’t do. And so as you set your goals for 2021, you must make thinking, right? Like strengthening your resolve and your commitment, strengthening that muscle that mindset muscle, to where you know that you know that you know that you know that you are a success. Not that you will be a success, but that you already are. Right? You already are. And to see evidence of that truth. In order to see that truth realized, as you work your plan, with confidence, with boldness with faith in 2021, you need to know it, you need to know it.

Okay. So in a moment, I’m going to show you a photo that I know I posted before among many Facebook groups, and I’ve shared with my clients. It’s so important what you think Philippians, four, eight is in your workbook. And I love that. And that is to me an exclusive list of what we’re supposed to think about. And if if a thought comes up that’s not on the list, then don’t think about it. But in the way of setting yourself up for success in 2021, is you have to think positively and know that this impossible is possible. So that so that I want you to as you think about setting a revenue goal, I don’t want you to worry about failure. I want you to focus on this is achievable if I’m committed enough, if I’m listening to the Lord. Okay. I don’t want us to think what’s a reasonable goal, no reasonableness thrown out? Why? Because we serve Almighty God who could do anything. Now, if you’re just starting out, I might say it’s, it’s a little crazy to think you’re gonna have a million dollar business in your first year. Okay, so that is a little unreasonable, okay. But what I’m saying is, I don’t want you to limit yourself saying, well, the average person only makes you know, 50,000 in the first year, or 20,000, or whatever the number is. And so therefore, I am going to make sure I hit my goals, I’m going to under, you know, I’m going to target under to make sure I hit my goal. The idea and the purpose of setting goals is not to make yourself feel better. It’s actually to stretch yourself beyond what you even think is really possible. But we’re crushing down that negative and fear and we’re living boldly and courageously especially we Christians need to be this way. Right. So again, I’m going to show you this graphic in a moment, but I don’t want you to do the what ifs? What if I don’t hit the number? What if I fail? What if I go live and nobody watches? Right? As you’re setting up all these other things we’re going to be talking about? What if I make a fool of myself? what if what if, what if no.

Now the only what ifs that allow you to do is what right? What if? What if I am the expert that I didn’t realize I was those what ifs are good What if I am the better leader than I ever thought I could be? Wow. And if that’s the case, right, when you succeed, all glory and praise and honor goes to Jesus Christ because it’s by his power, that you’re able to do that. Right? So make today the day, you commit to approaching every day with excitement, with hopeful expectation to see the Lord move, look for it, expect it, anticipate it, and you’re going to see it. Okay, now I’m going to pull this up, so that I can share my screen and show you what I’m about. Okay, can you ladies see this the chance of success? Kimberly, I can see you can you see that? Huh? Is that on the screen? Okay. So chance of success. I want this to really, like, become a big part of your brain. So take a screenshot of this even chances of success. If you say I can’t, I got a 10% chance of making it, which ain’t too good, right? If you say, I think I can, I think I can, that might have been good for the train. In that little store. We all heard when we were little, but you have a 5050 chance to make it if that’s your mindset, if that is what you’re thinking about. If you say I can do this, I can do this. Look at that, just by having that mindset and that attitude. 80% chance you’re gonna do it. And you see earlier I said, we need to have the mindset that we’re already successful, like, it’s already done. And that’s the 100% I did. I am a success now. Not in the future. I did it.

Right. Okay. So I really want this to be, you know, this isn’t the prettiest thing. But I think it’s a powerful graphic that you need to print out. And you need to have on your bathroom mirror. And on your, you know, somewhere in your office, and maybe even in a small little thing on the dashboard in your car, I don’t want it to be blocking your view. But ladies, this is important. And I’ve been in business since 203. And it took years for me to get that
mindset was important that you can have all the strategies in the world.

You could have the most beautiful logo in the world and your brand and your website could all be beautiful. And you could still be struggling. And you know why? Because you don’t really believe because your mindset isn’t where it needs to be. And I’m telling you this last thing I’ll say before I go to chat, this is huge. we as Christians should be the most joy filled, the most content, the most courageous, the most fearless, and the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. And I tell me that myself that all the time. I mean, you know that I’ve dealt with some personal things, a loss recently and you know, we’ve all gone through it in this year with COVID. We are emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted. And the election is like, oh, Lord God, when will that ever be decided one way or another so we can freakin move on. But even through that, we just say, Lord God, I got this. So enjoy this time with him today. All right. I want to go to the chat. Okay. My Word is enjoyment to enjoy. I love that Carolina. Yes, every day should be enjoyed. And, and ladies, I will be probably including that image in the email. That was a great, that’s a great suggestion. Kimberly.

So I will add that to the email that goes out later today. Kimberly says rebuilding my business in 2021 emanuelle other words clarity in business in life and parenting and relationships with clarity. I’m going to gain more focused direction. Awesome. Yes, ma’am. Okay, I’ve got to run. I get your little sweetie next to you. Ah, well ladies, listen, I so love spending time with you get ready because tomorrow is going to be intense ain’t gonna lie. For you realtors that are here, whether it’s live or on the replay. There are a couple of here with me now, I have a special planning document for you ladies, I’m going to make that available to you.

I’m going to send a link for everyone and if you’re a realtor, take advantage of that. Because that’s a little bit of a different animal. I’ve been an agent since so eight. And so I know the ins and outs of that planning which is going to be in addition to what I give you but it’s very specialized for you. So ladies, get ready for tomorrow. Rest in the Lord today. Have a beautiful and blessed day and be in touch reply to my To the emails and feel free to send me your success work so that I can respond further in more detail. Wow that bless you ladies have a beautiful day.

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