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Ep 106: 3 Things to Focus On to Generate Revenue

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Welcome to thriver. Thursday, live, the place to be to learn powerful business strategy and grow in your walk with Christ. Again, welcome to our very first weekly, Thursday live in 2021. That’s right, every Thursday at 11am. Eastern, I come live for you to bring you these free business trainings. And I hope that you’re going to add Thursdays at 11am. Eastern to your calendar so you won’t miss a single training. I want to look and make sure I’m live.

Oh, goody, goody. I am. Okay. So listen, if you are here with me now, would you please do me a favor? Hey, Nancy, thanks so much for joining. I would love you to just say, hey, in the comments, throw me an emoji. How are you feeling today? And listen, how has your year been? so far? We’re seven days in here into 2021. And I’d love to know, how are you? It’s been a tough couple of weeks here in the US with elections and other crazy stuff going on. But through it all. We are blessed to be able to keep our minds and our hearts focused on the Lord Jesus Christ to get us through the muck and the mire, right? But are you excited about your business? How’s it going, I’d love you to tell me take a moment and say, Hey, and let me know where you’re watching from and what you hope to gain from today’s topic of focus, in order to really move the needle in your business. This and if this is the first time we met, I want to introduce myself.

My name is Judy Weber. And I’m the professional woman’s business coach, I work exclusively with high achieving women of the Lord Jesus Christ, and growing and scaling businesses of impact and significance and doing it God’s way. Right. For me. 2021 is the year of impact. That is my word for the year. That’s it My word for January starting out here. I want to know how I can impact more people, how I can impact more businesses? And how can what I do inside my business have an eternal impact by building the Lord’s Kingdom. I mean, impact is what it’s all about. Right? And so what is your word for the year? It’s not about that. What is your word for the year? please do comment. I’d love to see that. Inside my business as a business coach, every day I see ladies smart ladies, ambitious ladies, accomplished educated, skilled ladies passionate about what they do yet not enjoying running their businesses. And I want to change that. Right? What I see is that so many ladies are feeling overwhelmed and distracted. They lack the focus. They feel scatterbrained they’re doubtful. They’re scared. Put simply, these ladies aren’t having fun. And they’re not having the impact inside their business that they agreed that they would have when they started their business. And Jennifer just said, Hey, I am staying focused this year. Whoo, way to go, Jennifer, she’s inside the Academy. And I’m hoping that that is helping you to stay focused. That is so important, right? But does that sound like you like not really having fun in your business? Well, listen, after thinking about this and praying about this for many, many months, many, many months for a while. Here’s what I come up with. And when you hear what I’ve come up with, you may think it’s overly simplistic, but that’s the beauty ladies. business does not have to be complicated. Choose simplicity over complexity.

Choose, I got this over overwhelmed. That’s your choice to choice, right? Okay. So here after all, my thought is what success in business comes down to. And I want you to hear me on this. And I’d love for someone to put it in the chat. success in business comes down to this mindset is an action. Now, some might say what about strategy? I couldn’t give a crap about strategy. If your mindset isn’t right. If you’re not taking action, if you’re just thinking about stuff, or if you’re holding back, and not really showing up like you should, and we’re gonna be talking about this in further detail. But initially, I just wanted to say mindset and action. Thanks for the love ladies. That’s it. Truly, that is how simple business can be. Thank you for jotting that down. Jennifer. Hey, missy. So glad you’re here. Now, what’s mindset, just very briefly before we dive into what I think you need to focus on this year to really move the needle in your business mindset, thinking right?

Positive, optimistic, looking to Christ to guide you through your decision making and trusting him. right mindset. And here I have a little footnote Philippians four, eight, God was gracious and giving us this exclusive list of things were to think about down on the list. Right fear eight on the list. mindset. Okay, so mindset and action. What do I mean with that action doing the right things? The revenue generating things? Hey, Abby, glad to see you here, hon. Listen to many of you are stretching yourself way too thin. You’re doing too many things, things that don’t have to be done. And today’s live is going to touch on that a little bit what to focus on in order to move your business forward. Okay, so before we go to God in prayer, I want to let you know about an awesome live a virtual event coming up later this month, I am hosting a three day free event. It’s super valuable, but I’m offering it for free this month, and it’s called Fast Track your business exponentially grow your biz, with faith and focus. Okay, Fast Track your business. Who wants to be a part of that, I hope everyone has their hands raised right? This event Fast Track your business is coming up January 19 to the 22nd we’re gonna go deep into how to get more money in your bank account ASAP.

No fluff, real strategy and action steps that if you implement will make a big and lasting difference in your business. But you first have to show up to the event, right? And then second, implement and take action. So if you’re excited about my upcoming best track your business workshop, drop an emoji in the comments here. Look for registration to open very soon. All right, let’s go to God and then we’ll jump into today’s training. Heavenly Father, we praise you, Lord, we thank you we exalt your name, Lord, we know that you are the Almighty, that you know all things, your omniscient, omnipresent, you are amazing. You’re awesome. Lord, thank you for creating this opportunity where your daughters could come together, to share ideas, to learn to grow to network. And, of course, first and foremost, to put you front and center Lord, so that we can at all times through the joy, or through the morning to come to you and be confident that you are moving. Lord, I pray that that you would click in my spirit to you know, be led, as you would have me to speak, Lord, this is your business. My business is your business Lord, and the lives that are being impacted by it. And the ripple effect of other lives impacted by that impact. Lord, I just give it all to you. It’s all to your glory, Lord. And so I can’t wait to see how you are going to move even in this short time together today. Lord, we love you. We trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of your son, our Lord Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right. Okay. So let’s start here. Earlier this week, I did a post inside my sheet is extraordinary Facebook group. And listen, I’m going to be putting this up as a podcast. So if you’re listening to the podcast right now, but she has extraordinary podcast, but you’re not inside by she is extraordinary Facebook group, will you please search it and find it and join us? So I posted this, here’s my post earlier in the week. I hear it all the time, from ladies who are struggling in business, and they say, I know what to do, dude, I’m just not doing it. Have you ever said that? Ladies, I’ve got to confess that years ago I did. I thought I knew what to do. Like, I’m scratching my head and things weren’t working out like I thought they should, right. But now several years later, after several multi six figure businesses, I realize that if you say hey, I know what to do, but I’m just not doing it.

There’s really one of two things really going on. One is you really don’t know what to do. And so you’re spinning your wheels, doing the wrong things or doing potentially right things. But what you’re doing isn’t optimized in a way that’s going to change your bottom line. So really, you either don’t know what you’re doing, right? Or you’re not committed to your business, truly. Because if you know what to do, and you’re not doing it, then I guess you really don’t care about your business. Like you say you do, okay. And that may sound like tough love. But I always want to speak truth in love to you, sister, right? You may know what to do, generally, but you’re not doing it. Right, you’re not consistently showing up to gain visibility, you’re not consistently showing up connecting with your target audience individually via consults over the phone or on zoom, or in the DMZ or whatever. Now if you’re in the second category, you’re also probably not time blocking. And so you’re losing a lot of time going down rabbit holes, and that wasted time translates into loss income.

So today I want to briefly talk about what to focus on in order to get your business moving forward. But I want 2021 to be your best year in business. And I know it can be, I don’t want 2021 to be a repeat of year one. Okay to know what I mean by that. Never heard of that. Some ladies have been in business for two years, five years, some even 10 years and more. And yet, they haven’t yet gotten the right systems in place. They’re still running their business, the seat of their pants, even years in, they’re running their business today, the same way that they ran their business back in year one. That’s what I’m talking about repeating year, one, year after year after year after year, and I don’t want that for you, sister. It’s time to get focused, and do the things you need to do. To get things on a calendar to get time block the things you must do and get rid of those things you don’t have to do. All right, sorry, excited to learn about this. Give me an emoji in the comments. And I know that there is a delay, so that we don’t have dead air. I’m going to keep on going but I want to see those emojis. Okay. So there’s three things that you need to focus on to get your business moving and grooving.

First, clarity. You need to focus on getting clarity on your business, what to do, who to serve, what is your unique something, as in? Why you? Why are you better? And finally, clarity about your offerings, your products and services. That’s it. You need clarity on those issues. Who are you? What do you do? Who do you serve? Why or why you’re you better? And what do you offer? Sounds pretty basic. Right? Pretty simple. And yet, and yet, when I asked you, what do you do? So many times, you know, when I asked for that elevator pitch, you know, I see your your eyes glaze over like deer in the headlights you freeze up, you’re not sure what to say. So listen, don’t overthink it. This could be a one sentence thing that describes who you serve and what you do for him. Okay. clarity, clarity, simplicity, something that is so easy that a third grader would get it, okay. And when I asked, you know, this idea of clarity and why I’m why I’m gonna bring this up, because we tend to gloss over what we think is so simplistic, but we didn’t really get the clarity yet. And that’s a problem. So when I asked you tell me about your services you want you know what I often hear. I hear a lot of hesitation. disclaimers, like, well, I don’t really have it all figured out. Or I’m not 100% sure about this. But this lady says it’s time to get clear, crystal clear on what you do, who you serve, why you’re better, and what you offer your target audience, okay.

And if you don’t know this, if you don’t have that clarity, just spit it out. Do yourself a favor, grab your calendar right now. And time block, when you’re going to think these business basics through and get clear, this has to be bar none. Your number one focus. Without clarity, your business will falter, you’re going to lack confidence and your business surely will not be fun. Okay? Trust me on that. So if you’re if you’re jumping to marketing, if you’re concerning yourself with social media, and you don’t have the basics of the clarity around your business done. Nothing else is gonna work really. Okay, so number one, clarity. Number two, once you’ve gotten clarity around these issues, the second thing you need to focus on is visibility and visibility showing up for the right people, not for everybody showing up for your target audience. Where are they? How do they like to consume content? Right? How do they like to consume content? audio, video, written word?

I don’t know. And even with respect to each of those, well, where where do they like to consume that content? For example, if they like video, do they like YouTube, or Facebook, or maybe reels on Instagram, or HGTV or perhaps even LinkedIn? And listen, if you’ve done the work on focus number one, which includes in this idea of clarity around your business, that includes knowing your ideal client, then you should come to step two here, focus number two, already knowing where to go to be more visible, right? Because you know, your ideal client inside now. So now When you come to this step to have visibility, it’s a matter of simply showing up, creating content, giving value, positioning yourself as the authority in your space. There you go.
That’s it.

Now, in December last month, inside my blessed to thrive Academy, I laid out a very detailed method to easily create content. And the ladies inside said, Oh, my goodness, this is gold. I set it up step by step. Look, I want to do business with simplicity and grace. And that’s what I want for you. So that’s what makes business fun. And it brings both me and my audience. And that audience, of course, includes my clients, it brings us all joy. So listen, if you’re exhausted trying to figure all this out, DM me, or check out my Academy at Judy hyphen, weber.com slash Academy, read those testimonials from members whose lives and businesses are forever changed. But for now, I’ll say this, whether you believe this or not, you have so much content, you’re losing it. Okay, so again, we’re talking about visibility, showing up curating content, that your target audience once. And so so many of you think, Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to say. This. content creation is just overwhelming. I’m running out of ideas. Oh, my goodness, I could chat with you. And in less than 10 minutes, no doubt, I could come up with a list of at least 15 to 20 content ideas for you probably more.

You got it. You just need to stop overthinking it. Sit down. Think about the questions you get asked most Think about your ideal clients struggles, problems, challenges, you should know that. Right? If you take care of the clarity, focus number one. And then you just need to identify the topics they need to hear more about, teach them, educate them. And yes, at times entertain them. You got this again, simplicity we’re not gonna overthink that 20 2021 a year when we say bye bye to overthinking by by too overwhelmed by by the doubt and fear, I want you to decide and take action. And if there is fear, do it afraid. Okay. And by the way, last point on disability, you do not and should not be everywhere. I want you to remember the power of one power of one, choose one place that you’re going to consistently show up. It could be social, but it could be your blog. It could be your podcast, or you could be a prolific guest podcaster. Right, whatever it is, choose that one primary place to deliver the content to show up big time for your target audience and position yourself as that go to.

Right. So we have focused number one clarity around the business basics. Focus number two, the visibility, the content creation that’s showing up consistently. And the third and final area of our focus for today is getting sales and getting sales. Okay? When I say the word sales, don’t you know, stay with me to let your eyes glaze over glaze over. If you want sales, then I want you to I’m going to quiz you on this. Do you want sales? Tell me what is the number one way to get business in the door? Tell me the chat. Tell me the check. What must you do? If you want to generate revenue in your business? I know you’d have the answer. Okay, and the best thing is the answer as women you are already naturally awesome at this. You’re already innately gifted in this area. Anybody want to venture a guess? I talked about it all the time. Okay. It’s talk to people

We make this to be such a such a big deal. So much anxiety and Missy says communication one on one interaction at so lovely, beautiful, beautiful, excellent client, very big student. Okay. Start new relationships, nurture the ones you already had. Get to know those in your email list on a one on one basis, you know, reach out to those followers on whatever yet that number one chosen platform is engaged with them and not the one to many allow social all the time right. I’m talking about connecting and engaging with people individually just as Missy had pointed out excellent. chat with them via di n Better yet, get over the phone or do it via zoom, talk to people and not to sell that. There’s a way to approach a conversation. And actually, by the end of it have the other person if it’s a fit. Excuse me reach out to you And say, How can we work together? They truly at the end of a call could say, I didn’t even know I needed you, like, I came to this call just to chat. But like, I really want you happens to me all the time can happen for you. Again, you need to get to know them learn all you can about these individual people, your business grows one person at a time. You want to find out on that call, what really makes them tick? What are their joys? What are their struggles, this individual person, you see what I mean? What do they see as their problem? Now we’re gonna write down every word. And at the end, the very best result will be you get your next client. Now, what’s the worst result, and it’s not a bad one.

It’s a very positive one, and absolutely a win for you. And that is to gain knowledge and Intel, as the discussion becomes invaluable market research for you. You’re going to learn how your ideal client speaks, the words they use, how they think, all these things? Why is that important? So you can incorporate all of this great Intel into your messaging. When you talk about your business, when you talk about your services. When you talk about who you serve, and the difference you really make in their lives. Making sure that your words and how you show up, are appealing to the very people you want to serve inside your business. Does that make sense? Thanks, piata. Thank you. Okay, so we’re coming to the end. To summarize the top three things you need to focus on to move that needle in your business and make 2021 the best year yet? Number one, clarity about the key aspects of your business? What do you do? Who do you serve? What’s your unique something? What makes you the best? And what are the services you deliver? And by the way, big, big, get a footnote here, you don’t need a bunch of offerings, you need a powerful one offering. Okay, so number one clarity, you’ve got to focus and get that all important clarity, number two, visibility and get out there, show up consistently for your target audience, give them valuable content, set yourself up as that authority that you are so that they come to you.

You’re not chasing them. That’s a better, much better business model. Right? It makes business a heck of a lot more fun. Okay, clarity, visibility. And finally, get sales. Don’t be afraid to ask for the business. But make it such an easy conversation. And it’s just merely a connection. You’re talking to your ideal client. And you’re learning about them, what makes them tick. You’re telling them about the impact you’ve made with others. If it gets to that point in the conversation, and you’re making yourself seem so great, because you are that the person that you’re talking to is the one that says hey, how can we work together? Okay. Hey, Kyra Lena. Thanks for joining me. I’m I’m kind of wrapping up here, but great to see you. So ladies, what do you think about this? Are you going to be focusing on these top three areas this week, and in the weeks to come by the end of January, I want all this to be done. I want you to have clarity around your business. I want you to know specifically how you’re going to show up where you’re going to show up what you’re going to do have it mapped out ladies. There’s no one right way. Because if you talk to five gurus, they’re all going to have a different approach a different methodology. But one thing we have in common is simplicity. Okay? So again, clarity, visibility, and then sales, sales, conversations, Connecting, Connecting. If you want dollars in your bank account this week, get on the phone. Get on the DMS, connect one to one. I don’t care if you have 100 followers or 10,000 followers, and just know that I know people that have 100,000 followers that are struggling in their business. And I know people with less than 500 and debriefing so no more excuses. No more blame no more shame.

No worked out. No more fears for taking action. Remember the beginning? What did I say? success in business. So two things. mindset. I can do this. I’ve done it. I am a thriving CEO. And action. I’m gonna take imperfect action. I’m perfectly imperfect. I don’t have to have it all figured out. I’m going to jump. I’m going to strategize as best I can. But I’m not going to overthink it. I’m going to do I’m going to take action. I’m going to reach out and connect with the people that I need to connect with. I’m not going to sit and cry and complain and be scared and hold back. I’m going to do video 2021 is my your video.

I want To say if 2020 wasn’t your your video ladies, I want it to be this year. No more fear. Okay, great. And Jennifer says that’s the goal clarity by the end of January. All right ladies, it has been a joy spending time with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Ladies, if you’re listening on the podcast, would you please do me a big favor? Take a moment and rate and leave a review for this episode. I really appreciate your candor. And if you have questions come on over and join me inside the sheet is extraordinary Facebook group.

I would love to see you there. Diana just joined and Nancy says yes I’m gonna plan and get it done by the end of the year. This ladies I love you so much. That bless you have a beautiful rest of your week and a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you back here next Thursday eliminated Easter. God bless!

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