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Ep 107: The Excitement of Growth & the Power of Rest

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Welcome to Episode 107 of the sheet is extraordinary podcast. My name is Judy Weber. And I am the host of this show. And I welcome you, I welcome you. If this is the first time you’re listening, welcome, welcome. This show is all about high achieving women of faith, like you, who are on mission on purpose, living a life, trying to live the life that Christ has for you your best life. You know, I mean, I am so blessed to work with women every single day who are committed to building a business.

Yes, that is profitable. But more importantly than that, really, because we need to think not only temporarily, but eternally right, ladies. But again, it’s a business not merely a profit, although of course, that’s a goal. That’s the whole point of business, right? But it’s building a business of significance and impact. Is that you? Are your eyes focused on the money? Or are your eyes and your heart and your mind focused on the ways of the Lord? And I pray that that is the case. So today, it is a brief episode, where I kind of wanted to talk about resting, and kind of the season that I’ve been in, is kind of one of rest. And that was not something that I planned. But I firmly believe it is something that God knows I need. Okay, so I’m anxious to I’m excited to tell you that that. But before I do that, I do want to let you know that I’m 2021. Despite anything you may be feeling right now, with the unrest going on in the United States, with the election, right, with the riots that happened at the Capitol, where the, you know, the protesting, and you know, we are here on the eve of the new inauguration of the new president, you know, this is a time of stress, no matter which candidate you’re for, right.

Because of the unrest because of the division. And yesterday, I did a post for MLK love Martin Luther King, Jr. He is such a man of God. And I say is even though he is deceased, because he still exists, right? Hallelujah. He knew the Lord. So he’s in heaven. So he lives forever, as do we, hallelujah. Thank you, God. And so he’s such a beautiful man. And yesterday, I took the time to reread his I Have a Dream speech. And frankly, I don’t know that I ever read the whole thing before we even heard the whole thing before. And I pulled out in a post on Instagram, so follow me. They’re not already at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live? Check it out, let me know what you think. I picked out some really powerful, I believe God breathed words. Which ring true today. You know, on this, this, this feeling of unrest and division has got to stop.

We’re all in this together. And my guess is that you, my audience, are with me on this, right? Because we know that Jesus Christ calls us to unity as a body of him as the body of Christ. And also as a country. I mean, we’re we’re blessed to be in the best country in the world. I mean, we’re freedom and liberty were born on the earth. And while that may seem in question, by some, you know, as we’re moving forward here, we need to hold strong in what we know to be true. Right? We need to know that God is in control, he is sovereign, hallelujah, no matter what is going on here on the earth, no matter who or what seems to be dominating, or, you know, dictating, or just whatever’s going on. We need to know the Lord God has it all under control. It is not hard for him. Nothing is a surprise for him. And he is allowing things to happen according to His will, which is perfect, and we need to trust it, right.

Okay, but this is a new year. And despite all the unrest and uncertainty, it’s exciting. So I just wanted to make sure you ladies like knew about some of the exciting things happening inside my world that I want you to be a part of. Right. So I know that many of my Academy my blesta, thrive Academy members are, you know, loyal listeners, and maybe some of you have wanted to join my Academy, but for whatever reason you’re on the fence and didn’t say yes, I just want you to know, ladies, the Academy is I’m implementing some amazing improvements coming up first quarter. And I can’t elaborate here what they are. But know that at the end of last year, I did a customer survey where I invited all the academy members to complete you know, it’s pretty brief 10 or So question survey, but they were very pointed and intentional questions, because I want to get inside the heads of my clients, and I want you to do the same. Where did I go? Right? Where did I go wrong? I asked them. And it was more specific than this. But I invited them to be real with me. Because if I don’t know the real deal, and how they really feel, how can I improve? Right? If I don’t know if there’s an issue, I can’t fix it.

So I’m so excited. We’re constantly My team and I are constantly making improvements, looking at what we can do better, in order to better serve our clients. Are you doing that? I hope that you are. So there’s some new, exciting additional benefits to our, to our members inside the Academy. So that’s super exciting. I am. Another thing that’s going to be happening is next week, beginning on January 26. I am having a brand new multi day virtual event which is going to be happening live every day at noon, I’m going to be going live. It is yes, track your business. Right? How with faith and focus. So this is a brand new event that I put together over the holidays because what I found is I’m sitting and thinking and praying and I say Lord, what, what, what are women really grappling with? And what I heard was Focus, focus, focus, focus. I mean, we women do not lack for creativity. Okay, I don’t know if you know that you’re creative, but I know that you are okay, to some degree.

So we don’t lack ideas, we don’t lack creativity. What we lack is time and focus. And I believe that once we get focused on the right things, and we really go all in on our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And by doing that we go all in on who we are in Him and who he made us to be, that is when your business is going to be booming. And that is when you are going to love waking up and jumping into your business and working on your business and working with your ideal clients. Not the tire kickers, not those who are looking to Penny pinch and trying to chew you down and get discounts and try to get things for free. All that. Okay. So if you need focus, if you are feeling like 2021, darn it, this is the year when I’m going to stop messing around. This is the year when I’m going to get focused, I’m going to trust the Lord. Let’s go, then I need you to follow the link that I’m going to have in my show notes here for you and register, save your seat for that free event. And also it’s a three day event. And then by invitation only. There’s a fourth day, which is a really special event. So you could be a VIP but it begins when you register to join me for the fast track your biz workshop.

So make sure you register for that and other exciting things going on is I you may have seen a little teaser I put out over the holiday, which is I’m kind of doing a branching out on my content and on my services and products. Because I’m focusing on kind of the law side of business. No, no, no, I am not going to practice per se in that area. But I’m going to be giving you some content. I’m going to be educating you on some law related business stuff that I believe that smart and savvy, high achieving women business owners like you women founders, like you need to know. And part of that is going to be contract law and contract templates available for purchase and bundles. And we’re gonna be talking about trademarking and other intellectual property. I’ll be sharing with you some ideas on employment law.

Hey, when do I need an employment agreement agreement with my employees when don’t I kind of that’s it. So I’m excited about branching out into that, and actually using my law degree, to not only use my law degree that I paid so dearly for, from Villanova law, but also to empower you, which is my ultimate goal. That is my life’s purpose before the Lord Jesus Christ. And so I’m happy happy to do that. And one other exciting thing I want to mention happening later this year, just in the beginning of second quarter is my beach retreat, happening in my favorite place on Earth. Down in Rosemary Beach, Florida, I rented this amazing huge beach house. And I have a few spots left. For those of you who are ready to come together for a live event. That’s coming up April 11th, to the 13th. And I would direct you to Episode 95 of the she is extraordinary podcast for some more information on that. And I’m also going to leave the link here for you to apply for that to jump on a call with me and see if this is something that you would love to be a part of. Goodness, I didn’t mentioned what the topic is. The beach retreat, I’m so so excited, is all about social media and marketing. So I’m bringing together some of the absolute best of the best to come before you ladies some live some virtual, but it’s all going to be good.

So that you’re going to leave there, it’s a workshop style, get stuff done retreat in an environment, which is going to be relaxing. And you know, sisterhood. It’s gonna be so good. So if you’re interested in finding out more about the upcoming social media and marketing beach retreat, check out Episode 95 DM me at Judy Weber live. And let’s jump on a phone call. Okay, now I want to spend the rest of our time together today, talking about resting. Rest is something I have to confess it does not come natural to me. I have been called, you know, the Energizer Bunny, for as long as I can remember. And I was darn proud of it. And you know, I remember, I don’t know if it was late in high school or early in college, when I turned to my mom and I said you know what, Mom, I don’t know how to relax. And I’m okay with that. Like, I was always a go getter. straight A’s was the goal. But it’s interesting, I have to confess this to what I say straight A’s is the goal. I wasn’t one of those nerds. And if you’re one of these, God bless you, I don’t mean any disrespect. But you know, I want a straight A’s, but I didn’t care if it was a 90 or 100. As long as I eat dinner on the A, I was good with that. But I did want that a. And so I remember saying you know what, Mom, I don’t know how to relax. I’m good with that. And you know what’s amazing? Even in that moment, I remember that God. I can’t even describe the feeling. But there have been a handful or so times when God did this where I’ve said something. And there was something intense in the moment.

Where I know that God was like, remember this, Judy? This is important, Judy, this is this is life impacting potentially life changing, Judy, and yeah, you can hear me I’m getting emotional. That happened to me. Last time, I saw my dad alive in my house, where I was like, I looked at a shirt and I said, Oh, that’s a really neat shirt. And even as I said that, again, there was this intensity in the moment where I remember thinking, wow, something is important about this moment. And that T shirt was something that I cherished after his death. And I This is so weird. I used to smell his shirt every day. For years after for at least the first year after he died, I would grab it when I got up and I would smell it and I gotta hug it. That’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? But anyway, so on this point of resting and relaxing
you know, that doesn’t come easy for me. And 2020 was a tough year Hey, it was a tough year for all of us. Right? No matter what just the whole lockdown and COVID and the fear the just crazy new life. And you know, in November my ex husband died and that he yanked me out of a rest period celebrate supposedly celebrating my birthday with my twin sister, but God had other plans and all this so, you know, over the Christmas holiday as my boys were home I I was forced to rest I love spending time with them. But you know what, ladies, there’s only so much time in a day. So we always have to prioritize our time. And that’s why I always talk about time blocking, you know, search the excuse extraordinary podcast for my time blocking, training, which is amazing.

For you, time blocking is so important. And we have to prioritize our time. And so we go through seasons. And we cannot and should not be guilty or shaped feel shamed if we’re in a period of life when we need to slow down and rest. Excuse me, right? When we, when things happen in our life, and God says slow down, step away from the normal step away from the usual. Spend time with loved ones. Spend time with me. And so I want to speak to my sisters out there who have been feeling tired, or who have been feeling, gosh, I need a break. But I don’t see one insight. If that’s you, and I suspect it’s a lot of you. And it is still me, man, I say, we need to go to God and say, Lord, tell me what my marching orders are. Tell me what you would have me do, Lord? How should I prioritize my week next week? How shall I prioritize my day today? We need to be intentional about going to him and trusting him. Because look, whether you have $1,000 in your bank account, $1 or a million dollars, God can change that in an instant.
Because His ways are so far above our ways. And he’s working on things we have no idea.

That’s why my life verse Ephesians, 320, you know, talking about how God how the Lord Jesus Christ
can do immeasurably more like we can’t even measure how much more he can do than anything that we think, or even imagine. Anything we ask for anything we imagine that Christ can do so much more, we couldn’t even measure it. And here’s the beautiful part. And frankly, the amazing part. How does that happen? How does the Lord Jesus Christ do that? By His power, that is at work, were in us. And I firmly believe ladies that that power is available to each of us as Daughters of the King of kings, right. And I believe that and I’m including myself in this, that we are missing out on that. We are not tapping into that power. Because we don’t trust him enough. Because we don’t go to him enough. Because we don’t spend enough time with him. And we’re not going all in on who he made us to be we are perfectly imperfect, made by him. And so, ladies, I point you to to Psalms 4610 be still not be do, right. God doesn’t tell you to do. He said, Be still and know that I am God. And this arresting in that. Right? He still he still trust me. And I’m reminded of another verse, Matthew 1128, where Jesus himself says, Come to me, those who are heavy laden and feeling burdened, and I will give you rest.

You know, it’s funny, my middle son, who was finishing up his senior year at Liberty University, studying pastoral ministry is going to be going to seminary next year. God willing, that’s his plan and his goal. And I was talking about rest. And he said, Mom, you know what? resting is not a place, or a thing that you do. Like, like, on like, Oh, you know, I, I slept more. Or, you know, I took some more time off and I watch something like just fun and light on TV to try to rest my mind or to try to just step away. And he goes, You know what, mom? I’m thinking about this and rest isn’t what you do, or a place or anything really like that. Resting comes when you kind of just sit before the Lord. Rest is in him. And I thought, Wow, wow. That’s profound. And right here it is Jesus Himself saying I’ll give you a rest. Come to me. Come to me. come to Christ. And he will give you rest, he will give you the rest you need. So it’s not something that even we can do when we give our life to Him, and arrested him. And I’ll be honest with you, ladies, I’m trying to figure out exactly what that rest looks like. But I think there really is some powerful wisdom in what my son said that, that the rest is in Christ. And it’s nothing we can do. So ladies, I hope that this kind of shorter podcast has been helpful for you, and has given you at least a nugget of wisdom that you can use today. I pray that today and this coming week is an absolute joy and a blessing. And here’s the thing, ladies, no matter what our circumstances, it always can be.

Right? Because just as Paul in prison, was praising the Lord in song, and trusting in Him, and as he even tells us, he was joy filled despite being imprisoned, then ladies, we can wake up and decide, not even in that morning, we get every moment we get that opportunity to decide. How am I feeling? What do I decide to do right now? Like, like, like, what am I looking to? What am I focusing on? That idea of focus? Let’s bring it 360 What am I choosing to focus on? Am I going to choose on the Lord Jesus Christ who is perfect? Who is our Savior or Redeemer, our defender, our friend, our advocate, our counselor, our comforter?

What do I get weepy when I named him? The Great I Am? Okay, am I going to focus on him and his essence and his beauty and just his just everything amazingness that he is, and be joyfilled and peace filled and optimistic and excited about the future future and hope filled? Or instead? Will I choose to be mopey, and sad, and scared or even depressed? That is a choice, ladies. And the little caveat there is unless you have a chemical imbalance i’m not i’m not saying depression is not a diagnosable condition. But what I’m saying, ladies is I want you to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s do that together. Right. Let’s do that together. Let’s decide right here right now. That come what may in the following days, weeks, months and even years, I will choose to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I will choose joy. I will choose peace, and I will trust him. Ladies, I pray that this has been a blessing for you. If you haven’t yet written a rating or review, would you please take just a moment and do that now? I would so appreciate it.

And as I said, Let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook. If we’re not already, in both places I’m at at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live. You know, reach out to me send me a DM or a pm. I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what topics you would like to hear going forward. God bless you, Sister love you so much and look forward to seeing you in next week’s workshop.

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