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Ep 38: Think Social Media is a ‘MUST’ to have a thriving business? Think AGAIN! Transcript

Welcome to Episode 38 of the she is extraordinary podcast and today’s episode, I think is going to be one of the most popular, it’s definitely controversial. I am drawing a line in the sand, asking you to stop doing what is kind of making you crazy, and yet you feel compelled to do it. That is spending so much time on social media. I’m going to urge you, in today’s episode, to stop worrying about what the so called gurus are telling you to do in the way of social. Trust me when I say being on social just for the sake of being on social and posting X number of times a day is not going to mean your business will thrive. And a lot of times if you’re focused on the posting and how many and when and you know all this specific And you’re and you’re just running out of ideas. And all you do is sit on social all day. Right? And you’re trying to get more followers. If you’re doing that, and you’re frustrated,

I know why.

And in this episode, I tell you, where you should focus on with respect to social media. And it will make your life a heck of a lot easier, and definitely more fun. So today’s episode is something that I had done last Thursday in my blessed to thrive community Facebook group, which if you’re not there, please join. We have well over 2500 amazing and extraordinary women of faith like you, who are committed to building a thriving business while living an extraordinary life, the one that Christ has for them so I want you in there, and every Thursday I go live at 11am Eastern with fiber Thursdays, fiber Thursday live and so this is a My social media rant, if you will, and it’s a goodie. And I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. And actually a lot of so many women have said, Thank you, Judy. Thank you, Judy. For this, you’ve given me permission to kind of approach it the way I always thought I should, but kind of goes against the grain. So I look forward to your feedback. I can’t wait to work with you and collaborate with you inside the blessed to thrive community Facebook group. Enjoy this episode, ladies, either beautiful.

Welcome to the she is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to dream again. to boldly in faith pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker and beach loving mom of six boys on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness today. For you want to greatness in both life and business, it’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary.

Hello and welcome, Allison. I am so so excited for today’s thriver Thursday. Live Hey Bonnie, how are you? Hey radicle raising Mama. Good to see you up there on Instagram. All right, I’m gonna hop into my notes as you are hopping on whether you’re here on Instagram, and I love that filter. Ah, and or here on Facebook. Please tell me who you are, where you are watching. And what do you think of today’s topic? I’m tackling social media. And I’m getting really real with you beautiful because I see you. I know what’s going on and I want it to stop. Because I love you. And I want better for you.

So, all right, as you’re hopping on, tell me do you think about Write that you don’t need social media to thrive. Okay, so let me walk you through a scenario. Tell me if this sounds like you. As soon as you get up, you reach for your phone. You got to check on social media, either Facebook, Instagram, you don’t want to miss anything. Right? So as you work, you have your social media notifications on of course. And when you hear that, you stop what you’re doing. You got to see who commented, right? Because you got to respond immediately. Again, you don’t want to miss anything. And you heard that the algorithm is favorable to a quick response. So you will do the right thing, right? You want that algorithm to like you and be kind to you, right? So for DME with a notification, it’s back to work. Huh? What am I gonna do? I’m struggling with content. What am I supposed to say? You pulled down this freebie, you’ve watched that video. But still you’re not sure. Your mind is a blank without a plan without a strategy, you just post something and you think something’s better than nothing.

But you know, you really need a strategy. But thing, there goes another notification. Whoa, gotta stop what I’m doing that to respond, that pesky algorithm is gonna like me or else. So you check that notification and then you think women are was I don’t know, when you’re supposed to post, you’ve heard there are certain times when posts are supposed to perform better. And again, you don’t want to miss out on even the slightest bump and engagement because every bump helps, right. Okay. You’re trying to be consistent, posting at least once or maybe twice a day sometimes with all these different platforms, right? I mean, you feel like you’re working so hard. You’re doing everything they’re telling you to do. I don’t know who they is. But they’re telling you to do it right. And yet you have little to no engagement. And you think, what the heck do I have to do? That was a phenomenal post. Why did I only get two likes? And it looks a heck of a lot like the post that insert name of your influencer here. It looks like a post that she did. She got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Why did I get a whole lot of nothing?

All right. Let’s rethink this. You say to yourself, let’s take a moment I’m going to strategize. What did I do wrong thing? There goes another notification. gotta stop what I’m doing. Gotta respond. that pesky algorithm. You see a pattern here, ladies. Right? So yeah, and you get back at it. Hmm. strategy. I think I was thinking about strategy. I need to grab people’s attention. How exactly should I do that? Well, let me scroll and let me see if anything inspires me. I’ll give myself 10 minutes and I’ll get right back to it. Oh, my goodness. cute baby. Look at that cute little fur baby. Oh my gosh, this video is so funny. Ah, ooh, that makeup tutorial looks pretty good. Whoa, 40 minutes. Oh my gosh, look at the time. I gotta get something done today. First, I gotta come up with a post. I cannot stop. Wait a minute, maybe I’ll do a video. Yeah, yeah Judy and some other things I say video does better. So I’ll do that. Wait a minute lives are better than an uploaded video. Maybe I’ll do that. Can I really do that? Is anybody gonna watch? What the heck am I going to talk about? Why are my palms sweating? Maybe not today. I’m having a really bad hair day today. Maybe tomorrow. There’s another notification Saved by the Bell. Let’s see who commented. That sound like you seeing a lot of Whoa, that’s me and exactly up there on Instagram. I’m not with you on Facebook. I will be very soon. Does this sound like you?

Or maybe you try to do it on your own. And you’ve just thrown up your hands and you say I give up. So you decided to let somebody else handle your socio social media. Now, listen, in this way, I’m not talking about a dedicated social media manager who fully understands your brand. By the way, you do have a brand, right? I mean, even if you’re a realtor, I hope you’re not relying on the brand of your broker to send you business and to help you stand out. And ladies, whatever your industry, your business is you and in today’s saturated marketplace, no matter the industry, there is no way you’re going to be seen, let alone stand out without a brand. You know that right?

Okay, so as I was saying, some of you have hired some big company, some well known company to post a mass produced, speak to everybody, nothing about you, not in your voice, completely generic and vanilla. mela ho hum boring posts, I get no engagement, very little reach. And it’s costing you money month after month ROI, pretty much not a big zero. And now that’s not many of you. Most of you are doing it on your own. There’s another notification. Are you catching me? By the way, welcome to thriver Thursday, the place you need to be every Thursday to learn powerful, powerful strategy to move your business forward and grow in your walk with Christ. I see you so many of you practically live online. No matter what time it is. As soon as a notification comes through, you’re on it, you respond right away and while on one hand. That’s kind of commendable, right? I mean, you’re on it. But on the other hand, when I see this happening, I’m thinking, How can she possibly respond that quickly? Was she just kind of sitting around waiting for a comment? She literally sitting on social waiting. But listen, Sister, I get it. That used to be me. And even now, when I am in the middle of my social media time, I do respond ASAP. But I have a truth that I have felt compelled to share.

And today is the day. And I really want to scream this from the mountaintops. And so if you would like to share this video, I’m going to be downloading it and putting it on my business page. I need this to get out. Thanks for the love on Insta. And I can’t wait to share with you back on Facebook. But thank you. So I need this truth to get out and I need this to sink in for you. Today right now. You do not need to be on social media to have a thriving business. I have known dozens and dozens and dozens of women who have made multi six figures consistently over years, even several seven figure businesses who built their business and sustain their business without having any sort of significant social presence or following. Okay, so right here, let me pause to give you some important caveats. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be on social. Hello, I’m on social right now. Social media is an awesome marketing tool that allows you to gain exposure that you might not have otherwise gotten. And if your business is online, your social media presence is required. But even for you, just posting, just gaining followers will not alone, get you to where you want to go. That thriving business. Because if you’re desperately posting anything, and trying all kinds of those tricks and hacks to grow your following on all these different platforms, and despite all this, despite all this effort, if your engagement is near zero, and you’re not making money and your business is on life support.

I know why. I know why. And it is such a basic thing, ladies. In all this hype of social media is king somehow has gotten lost. Now what is this vital, simple, most basic aspect of business that you must? This is a must that you must incorporate into everything you do in the way of marketing your business, including social media. It’s a word I use a lot.

Connection, relationship. All right. I’ll dive in in a moment. Let’s go to God in prayer. Oh Heavenly Father, thank you God for putting this on my heart. I pray that you are you will speak through me Lord I’m a vessel say it Lord. Say it Lord, speak your truth. Speak the truth. You are absolute true. Everything about you is 1,000% through Thank You, Lord that we know you may we know you ever more. Thank you for your presence. Please bless all the all the ladies watching their businesses, their families. Lord, we want to do right by you. We want to honor you in our businesses help us to do that, Lord, we thank you in advance for all that you’re doing. And it’s in the awesome name of your son, Jesus our Lord we pray. Amen. Amen.

Right. Can you tell them fire it out, ladies? All right, think about your closest relationships. How were they built in a group setting? Did you get to know your spouse through group dating? Or were those most powerful and important relationships that you have right now? Where they built one on one? Social media. Don’t get me wrong. It is fantastic for reaching new prospective clients potential leads, collaborative partners and all the rest. But simply gathering friends and followers without engaging with them. One on one at a personal level, taking a genuine interest in their lives and applicable in their businesses, it’s gonna get to no place. That’s pretty much where a lot of you are. or social is concerned. There’s this herd mentality, vanity numbers, right? Grow Your following. No, no, no, no. Ladies concern yourself first and foremost, with connecting with people one at a time. And that’s how you will not only develop a following, but a loyal following people who actually know you and like you and will ultimately come to trust you and maybe work with you and maybe tell others about you. And that, my dear sister is when your business will thrive.

Okay, one side note that I wasn’t going to talk about but i will i just earlier this morning. heard someone talk about building your business in the same breath as they were talking about scaling your business, this might be what I’ll talk about next Thursday, when you are just trying to get your business built on a solid foundation, and you are not generating consistent revenue. Please don’t think about scaling. Please don’t concern yourself with scaling strategies. They’re not going to work. You’ve got to get the building, right, the foundation right first, before you can worry about scaling. And what I’m talking about is just that, if you’re not generating consistent 5000 10,000 20,000, whatever, it depends on your industry, you’re not doing that every month. Please don’t jump to the scaling. It’s not gonna work. You got to get the foundation first. All right. So I want to give you three tips to get your social back on track. Okay, so tip number one. I need you to prioritize relationships. That’s what business is all about connections, relationships. Don’t just post your own content. And then move on. You’ve got to engage with others. How? Visit other’s profiles, right or their posts, see what they’re doing. See what they’re posting and comment, not just like or send a little emoji. You have to comment. Okay. Next visit their Facebook business page. If you’re on Facebook, and I need you to engage, ask questions, comment, and oh yeah, maybe share their post if it’s relevant. Write a great motivational quote. Let’s share it. Let’s help each other. Okay. So visit their profiles comment, visit their Facebook business page. Comment, then take it private, dm pn messaging, have a dialogue, show that you care show support offer to help proactively help, as I mentioned, share the post give value. Okay. So that was tip number one, prioritize relationships.

Tip number two, time block, time block, please and honor your time block. Do you know the time that money is our most precious resource? Because you see if you invest wisely, you will get that money back. But no matter how you spend your time, it’s gone. never to be seen again. Right? So time block when you’re going to go on social and stick with your block and be specific. If you missed my time blocking workshop. Please DM me, pm me, I’ll send you the This is the only way that I got time blocking to work for me. And so I’m happy to share this with you for free. If you DM me or pm me and say, Judy, I need to get your methodology on time blocking. Look, social media is not the be all end all when it comes to building your business. It’s just one tool can’t be your only tool. That’s where time blocking becomes so important. you dedicate time to it and then you move on. Right? Other things you need to be doing to build your business besides social is growing your email list, go to my freebies page. I have an email checklist. Are you reaching out to past clients and others in your database? Are you following up unapologetically with people who have reached out to you in the past? without fear of sounding pushy or salesy? Ladies, this is business. You’re amazing at what to do aren’t sure? But you want to share that with others. That’s not the only thing how

Finally, tip number three. Please listen less to the gurus and the noise and more to God or to God. Do you pray for your business? Do you know it’s not a sin to ask God to help you in your business? God wants to hear from you. My dear sister he does about your business. Look, if you’re here watching me right now, there are six here on Instagram. I’m sorry. I’ll be with you in Facebook in a moment. And you are so I’m so honored that you’re here. But it is no accident. no coincidence that you’re watching me right now. And you may feel like oh, I just happened to find Judy right now. God made it me. And I firmly believe he wants you to hear this message, whether it’s live or on the replay. You started this business that you have. It was by his prompting that you did that. He wants you to thrive. He wants you to serve people with that unique and special something that he gifted to you and you alone. no guilt. about making money. You understand that To God be all glory for all your success and that you can do nothing without him. You don’t idolize money, you have your priorities straight God first. So please stop playing these stories in your mind that are holding you back from having that extraordinary life that Christ has for you. Okay, prioritize your time with God make sure to listening to him, not the so called gurus. So, are you convinced? Do you agree that social media is not what will get you to a thriving business apart from true, authentic connection? one on one. You won’t get there without it.

But tell me and I’m going to jump into Facebook in a moment. I hope and I pray that your mind is blown. Today’s a new day sister It is time to thrive. Okay, so I want to make sure you know about the opportunities available to you inside The Blessed deprived community Facebook group, those of you on Instagram if you are not in my amazing group of ambitious women of faith just like you over 2500 praise you God, you’ve got to search on Facebook less deprived community and join us there. There are no so many opportunities and I want to make sure ladies that you’re not missing any of them. So bear with me for just one moment.

The first opportunity is ongoing throughout every day here in May, in the 31 days of leads where I go live every day at four o’clock eastern inside the bus deprived community to share with you a lead gen strategy. If you know here we are on day 14. It’s not too late jump in. Second, today is the deadline to get a two week trial. zero cost inside my blesta private Academy. All right, and I’m going to be doing an insider behind the scenes webinar. I got to pick the date. I think it’s going to be next Friday. But I want to give you a sneak peek inside the Academy. But it is awesome. Okay, it is where it’s where ambitious Christian women go to become Bing fan printers learn step by step by step with me and a community of sisters supporting you. It’s like nothing else out there. But I’ll give you a two week trial inside the Academy. You can test drive it, I just need you to go to my she is extraordinary podcast, listen to an episode or two on iTunes. Then leave a rating and a review both on iTunes snap a picture of it before you hit submit, post it as a separate post not in a thread please I will miss it in a separate post inside the blessed deprived Facebook community page. And within 24 hours, my team will send you your login information.

All right, opportunity number three is five spots left there not think it’s four spots left for a one on one branding strategy session with me and we really roll up our sleeves and get work done. So all right. I am back with you. I am here Heidi is here Nancy Chris Felicia Christie says I’m interviewing someone this morning to do my social media and marketing stuff. Any pointers? Um, you want to talk to people who are their clients? You want to see their work? Yes to see you know a couple of their clients pages like give me the names of them if they hesitate red flag. They need to understand what your brand is. And if you don’t have a brand, you’re probably gonna waste money by hiring somebody until you figure that out. So Christie, I would love for you to grab one of the remaining four spots.

Click the link here on Facebook to grab a day and time that’s convenient for you and we can strategize about your branding. Okay, Heidi, I am about sharing truth. Yes, ma’am. Nancy, Heidi, especially during this time, people need connection they’re scared and lonely. That’s so true. All right, and Kim join. Now I want to see what’s going on here and Instagram I want to give my peeps some Hello, I know what happened. Okay, radical raising mama Chris 473942 out. Thank you teaching the children one was saying, right? That used to be me said radical raising Mama. Exactly. So funny.

Okay. Oh, okay, Bonnie requested to be live. But now I don’t know how I can do that. Okay. I’ve got to learn Instagram better. Okay, so ladies, I want to know there’s 10 of you here with me on Facebook and you may have just jumped in. Are you with me? Today is a new day. Today is a new day. It’s about connecting ladies, not about having 1000 or 5000 or 10,000 followers if they don’t even know you
You need to connect.

And I’ve given you three tips on how to get back on track with using social media in the best way possible optimizing the platform, leave algorithms to themselves. You’ve got a strategy Okay, God is going to put you in front of everybody who needs to see it. We don’t need to read. We don’t need to rely on algorithm. Okay? We don’t need to muddle our minds with with, you know, oh gosh, what’s going to work this week? Okay? We just do what we know is best. We put great content out there. We serve like crazy. And we connect. I would say you should reach out to no less than 10 people every day through social media, dm PM, right and comment. And if you can do 20, great. You can do more even better. But the one on one connection is vital. absolutely vital. All right. Millie just joined.

Well, I’ve got to head off. I don’t see any questions. Thank you for joining me. Here on Facebook. Thank you for joining me on Instagram. I want your feedback. Do you agree with me on social? If not, I always love a good dialogue. Okay. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for listening. Beautiful. If you’d like this podcast, I would so appreciate it if you would subscribe and leave a review. In fact, snap a picture of your review before you hit submit. Post it inside my facebook group the plus to thrive community and I will gift you with a one week trial absolutely free inside my best to thrive Academy where ambitious women of faith like you learn how to become thriving FEM printers.

Find out more about the academy by visiting my website at Judy Weber comm slash blessed hyphen to hyphen thrive. While you’re there, be sure to grab some truly extraordinary biz building resources and take my popular entrepreneurial stock quiz and find out whether you’re a passionate visionary, a bold boss or a legacy leader. And while you’re there, you can find out other ways we might be able to work together. Remember new episodes of the she is extraordinary podcast drop every Tuesday with occasional bonus episodes on Friday. Thanks again for listening and taking just a moment to leave a review. I love to hear from you. So let me know how I can support you and your business!

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