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Ep 39: Getting Your Book Written & Published

Meet Jodi Costa, CEO of Two Penny Publishing, an emerging author partnership company.  Jodi has a God-given passion for helping others obtain their aspirations, including bringing their dream book to life.

In this episode, Jodie shares the steps to getting your book idea from scribbles on a post-it note to a published book.  (While it’s hard work, her team makes the process totally do-able!)

Plus she shares two free opportunities to get you closer to status as a published author, including: an upcoming webinar called: 5 Steps to Getting Your Book Beyond Chapter 1 and several Writers’ Workshops.

No excuses, beautiful! 2020 is your year for getting that book written & published!

For more information visit: twopennypublishing.com.  You can connect with her on social at @twopennypublishing.

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