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Ep 40: Better You. Better Business. (Through Health & Nutrition Self Care) Transcript

Welcome to Episode 40 of the she is extraordinary podcast. Today we’re talking all things health, wellness and fitness with my friend Lj Johnson. She is an international personal trainer, and health and fitness coach. She has worked in the health and wellness area for well over 20 years she’s trained thousands of clients with companies such as extreme weight loss show fitness on the rocks, and a name I can’t pronounce, and Anschutz Medical Center. She’s a certified women’s health and nutrition coach and what I love about what Lj brings, that is different than pretty much any other coach that I have met to date.

She has the knowledge of like a doctor. I mean, I was listening to her. And I was just thinking, I can’t believe she’s got a PhD. I mean, we’re an MD for that matter. Like she knows her stuff in such a deep way. It’s not just a love of fitness. It is a knowledge a very deep, detailed knowledge about her craft. I mean she specializes in helping women with hormonal imbalances of various instances, many diseases pcls and just hormones with someone like myself through menopause and so much more. So you are going to get so much out of today’s episode. So as usual ladies and grab your note pen and pad and get ready to be inspired as I am to finally knock off the train and do the doing of taking good good care of this body that God gifted us with. So enjoy, enjoy.

Hey there beautiful Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to dream again to boldly in faith pursue your God given passion and live. The abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host, Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker, and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness in both life and business. It’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary.

Alright ladies, welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast and I am here today with Lj Johnson. She is a health and wellness health and fitness coach. She’s been in that space for 20 years, and you’re going to hear this incredible extraordinary lady’s story and the amazing work that she’s doing. So let’s say hey to Lj Hello

Hello everybody. How are you?

I just can’t wait for this because I know you specialize with helping women feel better and be healthier, especially those that have hormonal imbalances. But before we get into all of that, I would love it if you would share, like kind of your backstory with our listeners

On my backstory, I would say started probably right when I graduated from high school. So I graduated high school when I was 15 years old, and went straight to college turns 16 while in college, and so that is kind of where all of my journey began as far as my education into what I do now, but also where the symptoms of what I was dealing with, they really start to flare up in my teenage years. So as you know, I was going through my own health and wellness journey, I became a personal trainer, I started teaching classes doing group fitness, so I’ve been in the fitness industry for about 23 years, and I’ve been doing the coaching and the health and wellness coaching for about a good 15 so I mean, it’s funny when I say it, it always makes me laugh but motivating and mentoring women. It’s like my passion like that’s my jam. That’s what I love to do. I’d love to get the goals and get them results and that’s what fills my cup and brings me joy.

So excellent. See, ladies you need to follow Lj on Insta what’s your handle on going LGs Lj underscore powerhouse. Okay, excellent because she just see that you love what you do and I love when you go live I love I love watching ladies on video but you in particular, you make it look easy. You don’t appear nervous at all. And you can find to get there. Yes, yeah, but it’s there. I mean, I’m impressed. I love watching you. So tell me lady, you mentioned to me that you had issues in overweight and the hole when you were younger and that is that would put you on your fitness journey.

It honestly did. I will say on I had some people in my life that were bringing to my attention that I was overweight that I need to lose weight that I wasn’t healthy. So they were very good at bringing the problem but they weren’t bringing a solution and so on.
One of those many people were some people that are putting a situation it wears on their self esteem, it starts wearing on their self confidence. And they’re just being beaten down by that negativity. And thankfully, my personality, I was able to take that negative energy and really channel it in. I remember my very first workout.

It’s funny, I was just talking to someone about that this morning, because some of the things that we did long time ago, like the old school step, and things that we don’t really, you know, we weren’t using five or six years ago, it’s like, I just dug the old step out and that was my first real, you know, fitness opportunity to like, get my body healthy. Get me moving. I was doing like VHS tapes, you know, the little hand weights and the leg warmers like that was my thing back then like it I laugh at it now, but and that’s where I began, you know, I when you couldn’t afford you know, step aerobics, you know, you just kind of stepped on the carpet or whatever, but that’s when I really started to just hone in on my personal fitness. And so it was really to be honest, it was just the negativity that I was being you know, constantly reminded that I was not good enough constantly reminded that I was bigger than, you know, that individual or I was bigger than others around me, it got to a point I remember where it was like almost I needed clothing, you know, I needed different things because my body was getting bigger. And it’s like not just, you know, gaining weight, but it’s like when you’re 13, or 14, your body’s kind of doing its own thing, you’re turning into a woman, all these changes are happening.

And I just was not in the situation where I was being supported to where I remember a time where I needed another size clothing. And I was told kind of like, well, you just need to stop eating too much like, if you want, you know, more clothing, and it was like, they’re like, you’re fitting into these clothes. And I’m like, Well, I can’t really fit. I mean, I understand what you’re saying. But like I said, I was able to channel that negativity. And I think that when I’m coaching people, that’s what really resonates with me because I think sometimes people really look at the coach or the trainer and where they’re at now, and they don’t remember or we don’t share our story or they just don’t remember they look at you, you know, you made it but it’s like No, I mean, I started just like everyone else like I didn’t start doing you know, p90x and all these extreme exercises. I mean, I was doing you know, VHS tapes at home after that it went to college, you know, and I got it maybe a couple of complaints because I was like, stepping on, making a bunch of noise and six o’clock in the morning. So then I started walking around the track, you know, four laps around the track was a mile and that was my thing, walk my 12 laps. And that’s when I started really finding the power of group fitness because others began to join me and then it wasn’t really just like, Okay, I need to walk my phone, you know, 12 laps to get my fitness it was more about they were counting on me to motivate them.

You know, that was the days of the old Walkman where you had your little earbuds you know, your earbuds that your headphones your Walkman, you have to sport kind of the yellow one. So you were super cool. But that was like the beginning journey of where I really fell in love with fitness. And it really is what inspired me because at that point, I was more concerned about the accountability of others that were meeting me at the track than my own goals and while helping them reach their goals. Everything kind of fell in line for me. So those that’s my humble beginnings, you know, step firm aerobics, and I mean, we’re going back to those humble beginnings pulling those steps out now that we’re not going to the gym. So yeah, it all start but it definitely impacted my life and put me where I am now.

Wow. Wow. So I’m curious when you went to college, what was your major was health and fitness kind of in your world?

I guess not at that time it you know, it really wasn’t and it’s funny when people ask me I’ve got four bachelor’s psychology, sociology, education and criminology yet you know, I’m full time personal trainer, health coach fitness coach nutrition, and I do have a master’s in counseling so I just kind of explain it like, you know, all those, you know, bachelor’s in the Masters definitely, it just helps me be a better coach, I’m able to pull from that, you know, that psychology, the sociology and really I know some of my clients kind of joke, but sometimes it’s like they’re getting a free therapy session because I’m able to connect, I didn’t want to resonate with their stories, and really not just work on the physical or the nutrition, but it’s also the mental health it’s a mindset because you can do all the right eating and all the right you know, exercises, all the right moves and grooves, but if your mindset is not set for that success, you’re still not going to get the results that you need. –

Absolutely. So, so, so much.

– like me, who I feel like I gained like 10 pounds in COVID and I’ve been saying now for probably closer to two years, you know, I’m a type a person, I’ll be honest with you, right? Before I was 50 I could eat whatever I go on. Well wanted never had to worry about my weight if I wanted to lose a few pounds, I just wouldn’t eat for a couple of days. And I know that sounds horrible. But now, I know it’s horrible. But now that I’m 54 You know, my body says uh huh, no longer no more. But so someone like me who feels like an inflamed you know, puffer fish or something.
And then we’ll get into you specifically, like where are you shine but, but someone like me who’s fighting this exercise thing? What would you tell me?

I would say, number one, give yourself some grace. I’m not saying that you’re making excuses. But give yourself some grace. I routines have changed drastically. For example, it’s not like a mother that’s about to have a baby. You have nine months to prep for the changes nine months to know that you know, you’re not grabbing Starbucks with the girlfriends every you know, Tuesday at noon, your routine, like you’re able, you’re grieving those changes, but you’re excited about what’s to come. These changes for us were like, Hey, you know, it’s common, it’s common, oh, by the way, everyone stay home. And it’s like, all of a sudden, it’s like you hadn’t been able to prepare, you hadn’t changed your schedule, you didn’t know if you’re going to be working or working from home. So first thing I say is give yourself grace. You know, give yourself some grace, because it’s been a lot of changes.

And typically, most people are planners, you know, some people are very laissez faire, they can just go But for us, it was very forced upon us and we had to transition very quickly. So people want to comfort themselves when you’re stressed out, you know, you’re working on a project, even myself, like I said, in another Instagram video, it’s like, I’m not cheating. I’m not eating things that are off, you know, my plan, but I’m eating too much. It’s like that stressful project that you’re working on on the computer. Suddenly, I’m just eating pork rinds for like, no reason, like I don’t really need need, I’m not hungry, but it’s just like that stressful where you want to crunch or you want to chew the gum and it’s just, you know, it’s like building up that tension. So it has been a huge adjustment, but now it

We’re in it, you know, like, this isn’t going to change anytime soon, you know, not being negative, but you know, the stay at home and the safer at home and things like that, it’s going to look a little different for the rest of the year. So now we need to come up with a game plan. We actually also what I focus on is thinking about all the time that you’re gaining the time that you used to commute to work, the time that you know, maybe used to commute to the gym and that you know, there’s nothing wrong with going to the gym. But think about all the time that you’re saving. I think in the beginning it was very stressful and people needed to really just focus on bringing that family unit back together. But now you’re not running to soccer and theater and all these other things that used to keep you so preoccupied. really look at how you can use that time to allocate and pour back into your cup because you’ve been giving giving giving you’re working 6070 hours a week etc. Now it’s time to be like okay, I’m maybe I’m only working 50 hours a week but the two hours I would spend on the light rail or in traffic that is 30 minutes you know that you can do some type of, you know, meditation word and prayer in the morning you can get in your fitness, you can use an extra hour to do food prep, and I would say the biggest thing I would say right now is the food.
Just because the kitchen is literally feet away from us, you know, it’s a little different. When you’re at the office, when you run out of your building, you run out of your deal. And maybe you’ll go to the vending machine, you know, maybe you’ll grab a little candy here and there. But typically when the food is gone, it’s gone. Now we have unlimited resources, you know, the food is not gone. And if it is, what does it take, like 15 minutes to order on instacart it’ll be here now. So you can replenish those goodies very quickly. So it’s really about prepping for your day, the same way that you prep for your business. You know, I’m going to make 18 sales calls today I’m going to be on a podcast, I am going to you know, be on a training call the same way that you plan them put that same dedication because you’re clearly planning for your business because it’s bringing results there wasn’t bringing results you wouldn’t do it. So when you’re getting results, take that same dedication and structure and apply it to I would say to apply it to your nutrition or to your fitness because I feel like if you do both it can be overwhelming. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure so that every evening you’re like, Oh gosh, I didn’t work out but I ate good salad. It’s just like she’s one if you’re putting energy into fitness, then put it into fitness.
To decide exactly what you’re going to do maybe 30 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe it’s a 15 minute walk in the morning, a little strict training in the evening because you are at home now. And unless you’re, you know, doing something where and you can even have the leggings on, right and have your party shirt, you know, business apparel, it’s out for your calls,
and walk the dog be active. So find ways that you can incorporate into your daily routine. And then if you’re doing the nutrition, then food prep, you know, the same way if you would leave the house, you know, you would probably have your smoothie. And you probably wouldn’t eat anything again till lunch. But now when you’re at the house, you’re like, oh, red gin and snack, oh, I’m feeling this or grab that and just plan your food out and really stick to the plan. And I would say especially with women that are building a business as entrepreneurs have been printers, we know how to set that structure for the business. So just apply it to the nutrition or the fitness because we have to give ourselves grace but then we also know that Okay, it’s time to hold ourselves accountable. The next thing I would say is having accountability partner for me, the community and the accountant.
Ability partner has been a game changer for absolutely every single project I’ve ever done may be going through a family situation, maybe going through a surgery, may it be transitioning and my occupation support and accountability is what you needed set firm foundation that allows you to, you know, if you slip, if you follow, you can come back to those group of ladies or maybe just two accountability partners that are always encouraging you and they know your goals. So you need to be transparent with them that, you know, hey, my goal is to exercise you know, X amount of hours a week or every other day, you know, find a walking partner or, hey, my goal is to stop doing doordash for lunch every day, you know, because it’s very convenient. I’m going to cook something you know, maybe if it’s not even the healthiest option. You know, just not doing the takeout alone and holding yourself accountable will bring you closer to your goal. I think what we usually do is we grab a bunch of bowls, we’re going to do our fitness, we’re going to do this we’re going to do that. And then the end of the day you’re beating yourself up you’re like Oh God, I have 18 goals and only eight enemy it’s just don’t set yourself up for failure. You can’t change everything overnight. You
Yes, you know, coming home and working from home, all those things were done probably within 24 to 48 hours, and you had to adjust very quickly. But with your nutrition, you can really find a way that works for you. Maybe you know, eating out less, find a day that you can take out. But food prep, I would say is key and really sticking with your food prep. If you make that, you know, chicken lasagna or whatever, you know, stick with it, don’t cave in and grab Applebee’s or you know, order something off your dash, like just stick with what you’re doing. And then give yourself some flexibility as well. Okay, so good. Okay, here’s the here’s, I always have these stumbling blocks when it comes to my nutrition. And my health generally. And that is two things. Number one like for today, my first call was at nine, and I’m not till seven. So I’m literally just grabbing what I can when I had it. So that’s one issue, but I think you’re good in that if the night before I planned for that. And I wouldn’t get ready, then that would take care of that. But here’s my second stumbling block. I don’t know
How to Cook. I hate to cook. I don’t know how to read recipes and then you say well Judy or smart lady, how do you not do recipes? I don’t know. It’s like a thing for me. So, is there an easy way? Is there like an easy way to to eat? Well, if you don’t know how to cook or don’t like to cook, like, like, Where can we go for people like me. So I’m kind of in the same boat. I mean, I can cook if I need to, but if you give me the choice of doing something else and cooking, I’m scrubbing the toilet, I’m vacuuming
you know anything but sitting down, you know, like having to do that. So what I suggest is, if you don’t like to do the large meals, meals do not always have to be and I think it’s just our culture, you know, you need your main dish, you need a couple of sizes and the other, it doesn’t really have to be all that you could just simply throw something in the crock pot and just have a protein. And then each day if you love variety, let that variety be adding in a different vegetable or adding in a salad or adding in you know, whatever grains or whatever that you need. I would always recommend you
No minimizing the carbs, you don’t want to do too many cards. Yes, it’s going to spike your energy in your blood sugar and you’re filled right for a little bit and then after that it’s going to die down and you’re going to kind of regret it. So you don’t want to be having those crashes. But I would say use the crock pot and then find simple things that really stick with your nutrition like if you’re vegetarian then you know what things you eat if you’re paleo you know what to eat. For me I’m more on healthy fats and low carbs so I know my goat cheese do I you know recommend lunch eat and pepperoni and things like that all the time. But no, sometimes it’s convenient. And it’s better you know than the you know crispy and a croissant or you know, sandwiches or different things like that. So I would say have your go to staple items. You know, if you know you love fruits and vegetables, have them up, have them portioned in a container where you can grab them have everything accessible and easy. We like easy and on the go. That’s kind of like when people buy the mini yogurts, you know, yeah, they can buy the big 60 per ounce and save some money, but it’s not about that they need the convenience they need the portion size they want to get it and go. So if you don’t enjoy cooking, I mean utilize things like the instapot the crock pot
You know, do some you know some food prep meal prep, if you get it, you know something writing on a Sunday like a casserole, then you can have that throughout the week, but they have long days like yours, you definitely just want to have some things ready. So you’re not just waiting till the end of the day because then you don’t want to get done at seven and then eat from seven to nine straight because you’re just trying to take in all your calories throughout the day. Yes, ma’am. All right. That is so good. Thank you for this. This is so so so good. All right. So what I want to do now, is I want to tell the ladies about your specialization, like you’re all about hormonal helping women with hormonal imbalances. And, you know, I think that’s super niche. So first of all, I want to congratulate you on being so niched, because so many of the ladies that I know so many of my clients and students, they’re like afraid to go niching because they think there’s not a need. But tell us about what that means hormonal imbalances and the types of diseases that you help the women to get through.
And in some cases get over, right? Absolutely get them get them through, get, you know, decrease the symptoms, and sometimes we’re symptom free. So with hormonal imbalance and it really is, like you said before, you know what you can eat and drink and do it 30 and 40 is a little different than your body now. So as our body I don’t want to say necessarily ages like it is part of the process, but it’s more it’s like our toxic load. Once we get to where we take it in, you know enough toxins, our body’s like, okay, we can no longer you know, keep eating a bag of Doritos not eat for two days and drop the weight, like your body’s that we can’t do that it’s too much up and down blood sugars all over. So what happens is you really just start to have these health issues. It usually starts with inflammation, you know, it may attack your joints without the rightest it may attack your lungs with asthma, you may have sinus issues and allergies and different things like that. So what I really like to do with the women is they typically come to me with all of their symptoms. Most of them are hormonal imbalances, and they just aren’t aware of it. It’s just kind of like oh, well, my ankles always hurt. It just started when I’m 30 when I was 35. And my back always hurt. You know, it’s like
We just come to accept, like, Oh, that’s how it is. So it’s really looking at the fuel that they’re taking in lifestyle, you know, habits and changes and different things like that. And as we age or hormones start, you know, like, as you’re going into menopause, perimenopause, your body starts shifting even with your cycle. But what happens is when you start to get toxic, those those hormones don’t shift and go up and down, they just, you know, usually have one that just starts going off the charts, like it’ll just lift all the way up. So estrogen dominance is probably the main thing that I see. And very seldom do you see people that have really high progesterone levels, like that’s just not typical. It’s typically estrogen. And what’s interesting is with estrogen dominance, we get this extra estrogen from everywhere, so it’s not necessarily a issue of you know, one day you just wake up and you’re like, Oh, my gosh, my estrogens up, it’s more of, you know, taking it in through water, you know, that’s something they can’t filter out through tap water. You know, people are flushing their prescription. So it’s like, they kind of joke and say you’re taking your neighbor’s dog control. So all of those different things are in the water. You know, you’re
microwaves things and plastic, you’re eating certain foods, you’re not eating organic, you’re getting those hormones, all of those imbalances. So it’s really just looking at all of those things and seeing what we can do to kind of calm all those down and make lifestyle changes. Typically the issue is, by the time you realize like, Oh my gosh, my hormones are out of whack. They’ve been out of whack for quite some time. It’s not like it, you know, first of the month, you figure it out. And it only started a couple months ago. It’s usually years and years of habits and things that we’re doing that have gotten us to that imbalance. Wow. See, I didn’t even think about that. When I was thinking about hormonal imbalances. I was thinking of like, like diseases and now I can’t think of the acronym p SFC. Or what was that pcls? Yes, so is a hormonal imbalance you’ve got endometriosis, you know, even asthma, allergies, all of those autoimmune diseases. So really with like endometriosis, what happens is your estrogen level is compromised, compromised as a not lower but it is extremely high. So it’s like you’ve got your estrogen
And your progesterone and you’ve got the estrogen that’s up here. And then usually when the estrogen is really high, your stress level anxieties really high, which suppresses the progesterone. So then you have that imbalance, it’s not, you know, just kind of teetering off of each other, you’ve got a huge imbalance. So when the estrogen kicks in, that’s when you’re looking at the weight loss, you know, the weight gain, some people weight loss, but mostly it’s going to be weight gain, you’re very inflamed, you start having all of these symptoms, you know, maybe you know symptoms with your cycle, the lack of cycle with pcls, it’s typically going to be a lack of cycle, your testosterone gets really high, and your body is really everything you eat, it’s inflamed in your body, but it’s also just creating cysts. So it’s just like, that’s kind of your thing. That’s why they’re called pcls. Li women that have PCs refer themselves as sisters, because they know that they have these cysts, but it’s really about what changes can you make, to not necessarily get rid of the PCs because their lifestyle changes and they’re things that you know, are just in your DNA that are hereditary, but there are things you can do to really calm those things down, so that you’re not having all of the symptoms because once the world are out of alignment.

You know, like you said, there’s a pcls endometriosis, but there’s also just, you know, everyday aches and pains in your joints. You know, it’s like you feel like you’re eating the same healthy foods, you know, you’re doing your meal prep and all that, but it’s like somehow you’re still gaining two, three pounds every month. That is a hormonal imbalance. And it also starts pulling on your adrenals and your thyroid and meet the thyroid to really regulate the metabolism as well.

Wow, okay, so many things I want to say. You are like an encyclopedia of medical stuff like, like I used to be a medical malpractice defense attorney. And I remember I had a case one of the women had pcls and so right, kind of sort of know what you’re saying, but you’re blowing me away. So like you are, you are just amazing. So But no, when you were talking earlier about hormonal stuff, the pcls the endometriosis I get, but I didn’t even think about the hormones that are coming in through the foods we eat and through our water and that is that just kind of scary, but
stuff we need to know to stay healthy. So right so what can we do like obviously work with you but but we’ll talk about that.

Yeah, also have the option of like I said you’re looking at water you’re looking at your food. So really starting to address those one by one one thing that I would start with all women is personal care products. And that’s down to your lotions, your night cream, your face cream, the makeup that you’re using their estrogenic products in there. So it’s pretty much like when you’re rubbing on the makeup and you’re ready for work and you’re feeling great and looking great, it’s fine but your skin is a poor as well. So if they’re you know, things in there that are mimicking estrogen if you’re already high estrogen or maybe your hormones are fine every time you’re applying that cream, whatever it may be to your body, your body you know the skin is a poor it’s taking it in. So it becomes like a toxic overload. You know, there’s simple things with, you know, buying meats and rather than just going to the store and being like, oh that’s on sale and grabbing the meat on sale. Maybe you look at
You know, the grass fed the organic, there’s different things that you can do, because that will take the load and just kind of decrease the load.

I would say after that nutrition as far as digestion, a lot of us you know, kind of funny than TMI, but not everyone has, you know about movements everyday. So if you’re not moving things through your digestive tract, you’re basically taking the toxins in, it’s sitting down there and it’s just kind of hanging out. And the issue is as you begin to re absorb those toxins. So you want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, keeping your cycle normal, you know, keeping yourself hydrated, but also making sure you’re getting in fiber, may that be a fiber product that Your doctor has recommended. May it be just you know, having fruits and vegetables everyday, you know, getting in your leafy greens, so that you can kind of sweep all of that out because if not, it’s sitting in your system and you just start reinvesting that so it’s like you’re already toxic, which is why you’re having the symptoms and then you’re letting it just sit down in your gut.

You want to make sure you’re sweeping that through. So the hydration there’s the water quality, you know, if you can, you know get alkaline water or get spring water or mineral water or you know, some way to clean your water, because not only for you, but for your children. I think that’s another thing when I think back to health issues I had when I was younger, oh my gosh, if we would have known and, you know, not to negative, you know, to my parents or anything, I’m sure they’re doing the best they can, but it’s just like thinking back, there were small changes that I’ve made even with my children. So that that, you know, the toxicity is coming in from everywhere, but I’m like, okay, I can take control and kind of monitor some of these things by you know, getting grass fed by organic, I drink alkaline water, just to make sure that I’m keeping my you know, my acid level down. I don’t want to be acidic, because once again, when you’re sick, you’re more inflamed as well.

I could have you back a second time just to like, talk through this, but Okay, so I have a couple other quick questions. Yes, I shouldn’t in the notes to me, that no surgery for some can be an option with respect to some of these issues, but bring you that that may be like a, quote, quick fix, but that wasn’t going to be enough. And so I’d love to address that issue. What surgeries specifically were you talking about that could help. But really, what is the better way to go, which I think the better way is what we’ve been talking about all along. Right?

Right. The nutrition and the fitness in the lifestyle changes is the better way to go as far as controlling the symptoms and really not just putting a bandaid over it because the band aid may fall off in six months. It could fall up in a year, especially with endometriosis. There are several options, you know, you’ve got your ablation, you’ve got excision surgery, there’s all these options. But the issue is, is even if you go as to the farthest option, let’s say you remove your uterus and you have a hysterectomy, the endometriosis can still grow within your body. And so if the estrogen is still offered, the hormones are still imbalanced. Yes, you can have a hysterectomy and there are people that have had the surgery, and they’re like, Alright, thank God, I’m done. You know, hormones were good. And it’s like eight years later, they’re in pain. There’s a pain in their back. There’s a pain in their pelvis. They don’t understand. And so that’s when I say and I like I said, I’m not saying that surgery is not a good idea. But I would say if you’re doing the surgery, you still want to be kind of marry that and couple it to nutrition. Because if not, you will be in the same situation, anyone can go have a surgery every couple of years and have fibroids and sister moves and things like that, you know, and then you’re building up all that additional scar tissue, every surgery you have, you know, you’re pumping yourself with all these meds, you know, it’s bouncing your body even more.

So it’s like, do you want to do that every couple of years? Or do you maybe, you know, if you need the surgery, get the surgery and then make some lifestyle changes, because you don’t want to be like other people were like, yeah, I have a surgery every couple years, and they just clean me out and send me out and back. And just like, you know, that may be working. But what if it comes to a point where you can’t have a surgery, for example, you know, with COVID some elective surgeries have been put, you know, on the back burner. So it’s like if you were just eating and doing whatever. Now you’re kind of forced to look at alternative and natural options because you don’t know when you can reschedule that surgery. Not to mention the fact that the surgery just removes the immediate issue. It doesn’t bounce on hormones, it doesn’t change the exact you know the actual situation that you’re dealing with. So you really have to look at the nutrition but ablation, you know, it’ll go in and burn the lining, etc. That doesn’t really help a lot, usually because it doesn’t go deep enough it needs to. And so the endometrial lining. So it’s like, it’s kind of a quick fix for the band aid works. For some people, it doesn’t work for most, you know, you can have the lap where they go in and they come in, you know, take a little piece out and do these things. But once again, if you don’t change your nutrition, if you go back to eating the sugary foods, or you know, you’re indulging in too much alcohol, you’re not moving your body, you’re not getting that blood flowing. You’ll be right back in the same situation.

I want to talk for a moment about your course because I love what you said on your website. I mean, everything this course is, is everything we need. Right? Start your metabolism. Hello, that’s me. Oh, yeah, strengthen your immune system lose weight while getting more energy. So tell me more about your course because it sounds like perfect for me. So it’s perfect for everyone. We just have to make the time for it.

Yes. So the course is a four week course and it’s intense. So what I will say in the very beginning is, it’s not a DIY. This is not a course where I’m just going to shoot you some emails every Monday and say go with God. I mean, I do the live coaching. And I think that really comes because I have a heart for women, I love to mentor and motivate. And what I’ve noticed just in the fitness industry is I’m very results driven. So I don’t want to be giving you things that are cookie cutter cutter, I want them to really be tailored to your needs. So it’s one on one coaching or small group coaching. We talked about the nutrition, we talked about the lifestyle changes. We do focus a lot on the symptoms in the beginning, but that’s because I need that information to kind of tailor your nutrition.

There are things that are healthy for the everyday person. For example, we were just talking a bit on social media about you know, nightshades and that was a great question. someone’s like, what’s the night shades? Well, it’s like red peppers and peppers and paprika and chili and eggplant, and those things are all very healthy. I’m not saying that they aren’t but when you have a hormonal imbalance, the night sheets actually insulin in your body so the recipe I make it one person may not work for another you know if they have high estrogen, there may be foods that are tailored for them.

Versus if you have conseil s, we may want to look at removing a dairy gluten, but someone that’s just estrogen dominant, they may be able to tolerate the dairy and still get some really good results and you know, eliminate that the inflammation. So the course is really even if you do the group session, it’s very tailored recovery nutrition, we’re covering the lifestyle changes, I got to throw in the fitness because it’s just my jam, and I love it. So we definitely talk about you know, nutrition. And if you want workouts and different things to do for those four weeks, that’s an option as well, but it’s one on one coaching. We do that once a week. And then you have me as a resource throughout the week as well. And the support group. Well, that sounds perfect. And so it sounds like it’s very tailored to what the individual needs depending upon their symptoms. Yeah, and what else is going on? Well, you know, what I loved about what you had said is your work is so important, especially for those of us like you who are foreigners, we’re running our businesses and so you say you know, it’s not about living I love this coffee to coffee and feeling fatigued and drained. We we need to take care of ourselves, and I will say I’ll raise my hand as one who says that to my clients, but I’m not good at doing it myself.

But I just love how you say that because I know we run on coffee a lot of the time. We love it. It’s a Starbucks to a Starbucks. And there’s nothing wrong with coffee by any means. You definitely don’t want to overdo the coffee because what happens in the long run as you tax your adrenals, and then you’re dependent on that coffee. It’s like you are only kickstarted when you have the Starbucks and you definitely don’t want to get into that situation. But it’s been foreigners. It’s like we have these gifts we have these talents, and how will we share and how will we pour into others? If our own bodies breaking down if we are fatigued if we are not able to concentrate? If we are not focused, you know, you could have 100 clients but is it a justice to you know, drag them to a program where you’re barely hanging on by the skin of your teeth? Or really, you know, get your nutrition get your energy, right, make sure you’re sharp, you know, and that everything is firing correctly so that you can really help these people because when they’re coming to us as coaches when they’re coming to us with their situations, they know that we have the answer. But it’s hard for us to get the answer if we’re not even taking care of ourselves.

Happy energy sometimes thinking, absolutely. is so good. Okay, I can’t believe the time is almost up. But I do have another question or two. All right. So this is the she is extraordinary podcast. So I would love to hear about an extraordinary – unsaved again, it cut out for just a second. Oh, I’m sorry. Sure. This is the she’s extraordinary podcast. And so I always like to ask my guests, who is an extraordinary woman in your life and what makes her extraordinary?

An extraordinary woman in my life, I would say and mentor that I ran into when I first started in the fitness industry. I you know, I was very coachable. I was willing to learn it was just finding someone that was willing to pour into me and she did. She took the time. I mean, we still stay connected to this day and I just really remember when I was struggling with different things, and I wasn’t sure where to go.
How to build my business, the structure, I could tell that she had been there and done that. And I loved that because she’d been there she’d been in where I was at, and she was really able to coach me. And for that, you know, from a mentor, I’m very grateful. I mean, it has impacted my life, like I said, when I first started, and even now there are things that I do in the way I structure things based upon that coaching that I received many, many years ago.

I love to highlight these extraordinary women who really have made a difference and because of her, look at all the impact you’re making. That’s just

That’s it.

It’s the ripple, it just keeps going and going. So where can the ladies we already gave them their Instagram handle, but what’s your website so they can find out more about you? So My website is ljs powerhouse. So Lj s powerhouse.org. So that’s my website. You can find me on Insta and then on Facebook and just Lj Johnson. You’ll know it’s nice. I’m smiling, having the time of my life on a cycle bike. So that’s me.

Thank you so much for being here.

I have no doubt that you have inspired people. You’ve inspired me and you actually a little bit scared me but that’s good. I sometimes I need to be scared. It’s time for me to get off the fence. So thank you so much. Thank you, Lj Have a great rest of your day.

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