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Ep 43: Thriving as a Mompreneur (as told by a busy mom of 4!) Transcript

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Shea’s extraordinary podcast. Today I’m interviewing my good friend Melissa Sophia, who is a woman that is juggling more than well, you know how the army says, join us or something and you’ll do more before 9am. And most people do all day. I think they missed this woman. Beautiful Melissa. She’s going to be talking about not just surviving, but thriving at the mompreneur life. She is the owner and founder of mom keishon. She is the principal broker and owner of the avenue home collective, which is a real estate brokerage, the founder of the mompreneur meetup and the host of the mompreneur meetup podcast, and she’s very involved with the Asian Real Estate Association of America. And she was also awarded as a 40 under 40 by the San Diego union Tribune and her brokerage has been nominated as one of San Diego’s very best.

So this was recorded pre COVID. Okay, so we’re talking early March. And so there is not that element of stuck at home. And that wasn’t even on our radar. So imagine, this is like a week or so before COVID that the United States and put us all on lockdown to some degree. So I wanted you guys to get that context because of kind of now where we are all these months later. Wow. Mike was very different back on March 6, but you’re going to be here ladies how this beautiful woman of four young children is doing everything that I just mentioned. And she’s doing it with grace and ease. She has mastered time locking and delegation. So that she is very focused on the task at hand. And, you know, it’s just amazing because she’s doing all of this without a full time nanny, she does have her mother in law that’s able to help. But even with all of that, I’m just Marvel an amazed amazement as to how she is, as I’ve just mentioned, not just surviving, but she’s thriving with her husband and her family.

So this is going to be one you really going to enjoy. And she has a little extra gift for you. So be sure to listen to the very end. And as always, we would so appreciate you leaving a rating and a review just takes a moment. But it means so much to us. Because the more you tell iTunes that we are worth listening to, the more iTunes will pay attention and move us up and allow that she is extraordinary podcast to be heard, and found by more women who need to hear how to thrive as a Christian woman in today’s world. So enjoy this episode ladies.

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All right, ladies. Welcome to yet another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast and I have a beautiful woman who I haven’t seen since October at the woman up event Miss Melissa Sophia. Hi, how are you? So great to see your face. Oh, you’re so sweet. Um, we’re going to be talking today ladies about not surviving but thriving as a mompreneur and Melissa, I met her at the woman up conference in San Diego, which is amazing. The first time I’ve been to California and your home is just San Diego’s beautiful How was your first time to California? Oh my god, I know that we would have just blown that popsicle stand it would take me out to all my favorite beaches and burrito places and all kinds of Okay, you’re gonna have to come back for the woman up conference this year.

It’s yeah, absolutely stunning location. So, okay, well, no, all I know is where last year’s was. was like, I’m an East Coast girl. But that could be tempting for me to think about moving there because it was just gorgeous. So it’s almost worth paying that sunshine Jax.

Almost right. Oh, listen, you are a woman. It’s just extraordinary. Really? You have businesses Really? I mean, you are the broker of the avenue home collective real estate brokerage? Yes. You’ve been in the business for 17 years. I don’t know when you started when you were five or something. But now owner and founder of mom keishon, and also the founder of the mompreneur meetup Plus, you have four kids. I do I have four kids. I’ve got a couple other little things I do. I’m also in the, the Executive Board of ARIA, which is the Asian real estate agents Association of America. And, you know, I, I started a podcast for the mompreneur meetup also. So oh, adding things to the list, but okay, no, that’s just crazy. All right. So, before we dive into the more specifics, I’m going to get real right here. Okay. So I love these. What is your average day like? What
time to get up. What do you do? And when the heck do you go to sleep?

I’ll tell you I am not a morning person never have been. So I know there is a lot of magic, you know, the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. And so many people live by that but I realized that wasn’t for me and it wasn’t like my best most creative on fire time. So in the morning when I get up, I dedicate my time to centering myself. I you know, I pray I like to say I pray to take I you know, I have a moment of meditation prayer, and I spend time with my husband and my family and I help my kids get ready for school or kids breakfast, lunches, you know, getting them ready getting off to school, I do all of the drop offs. And then I come back and start getting on my game. I think the most crucial thing about running back any business. This is and having this many tasks is just staying as efficient as possible with my scheduling. So one thing that I do not allow myself to do is I have set times in my calendar, where I am answering my text messages, my phone calls, and my emails, I don’t allow them to take me away like every single minute of every day, obviously, with text messages, you kind of have to glance at it and go, is this an emergency emergency call, somebody’s calling me 10 times in a row. But I build that time into my schedule, so that I can focus on a task that I need to do at hand. And, you know, at night after I put the kids to bed, I actually I actually run all of these businesses and I do not have a full time nanny. So I

I’m sorry. First of all, I’m sorry to interrupt but I want to applaud you on the time blocking you should like teach the world about time blocking because you have no phone to spare. So I love what you’re doing because I always tell the ladies, you know what, I don’t care what your industry is, and even the real estate where your clients can feel so demanding. You get to determine what you’re doing how you run your business. So I love that. But you did you say you don’t have a nanny, do not have a nanny. I am.

I you know, I’m the primary caregiver. For my kids. My mother in law comes and helps me maybe two, three days a week, which is so wonderful, such a big help. I was actually surprised because I grew up thinking I was going to be this like 60 Hour Work Week, Mom, you know, and that’s great. You know, I applaud the women who you know, have that schedule set up for themselves. I you know, turned out when I had my kids and I got into it. I was like, you know, a priority for me and my life is that I really want to be there for those like all those little tiny moments and I don’t want to miss a beat. When it comes to certain things, so the way I prioritize prioritize my life, I just have to be so super efficient with all of the time that I give myself to do my business so that I can be fully there in the way that I want to be for my family. So, how do you divide your time between the brokerage and all these other businesses that, you know they’re time consuming? Right?

Absolutely. I think the net Well, what I do every single night, you know that the night time is actually once I put the kids to bed, that is like my fire time. And I sit down, I make sure I hit all of my priority to do list for the day. And if I didn’t hit them, I either do them right then or schedule in my time, the very next day to make sure I get everything done that I need to do. And then every single night, a crucial thing that I do is I re analyze my entire to do list in and my like, must have an I, I make sure I reprioritize it and put it into my schedule. When I make my lists, I don’t just have like broad items, I break them down into my grow and even smaller, like macro items. And then I work those items into my calendar specifically. So then the next day, I mean, it’s kind of funny, because you could ask me like, what are you doing tomorrow? And I’m like, I don’t know, let me look at my calendar. And I will, I can then tell you exactly what I’m doing. It’s all in my calendar. But if I if I look through everything I need to do every night, bring it into my schedule. It’s like autopilot during the day, I just go where my calendar takes me and I get to enjoy the ride Stress, Stress ish free of it. And you know, I’m smiling what you said about being specific because I think that’s the secret to time blocking. It’s not going to spend 45 minutes on social media. If I’m going to spend 15 minutes on Facebook and reaching out to past clients, and then I’m going to spend 15 minutes on Instagram doing whatever, you know what I mean.

So, absolutely, yeah. And you know, the other thing that helps me accomplish is delegation, delegation effectively. So who who can you delegate to? Who do you? I mean, I really, I think one of the things with delegation is really finding who in your life has the like the purpose and the skill set for specific items like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, it’s not going to work for you is not going to work for your business. So I really take my time to make sure the people working in different you know, aspects and different different roles. My businesses
know exactly what their what their jobs are. They have their specific to do list broken down like like I do, and I mean, I don’t delegate to everyone including my children.

So, I mean, this is so good. I’m dying to learn now. Okay?

You know before like, for instance, just such a simple thing, like at the end of the night when we’re all about ready to go upstairs and go to bed, everybody’s got to pitch in and clean up, you know, we’re not going to leave a mess for when I’m trying to get stuff done at night after they go to bed everybody. I mean, my two year old, I will be like, carry this towel up the stairs, carry your backpack to your room. I mean, I I have set expectations for them. And I think you know when it comes to children, and I mean, you know, even our biggest children or husbands
i think you know, making sure you widen the opportunity for them and creating an expectation for them to all pitch in and to not like take on everything we already take on so much like invisible mental load. We take on physical load for the household plus our jobs and our careers and all of the love that we put into our family. All the extra stuff the birthday parties, the presence, you know, the clothes. You know, we Let’s ask for help where we can where we can get it.

So I’m thinking that your husband must be a real sweetheart. Oh, she’s a Jen. I cannot. I was literally speaking to one of my best friends who is also a big huge part of the success that I you know, I have my best friends are also mompreneurs and we chat quite often we check in we’ll do playdates. But we also are like Business Advisory meetings. It’s really great. And one of the things I was talking about with her at the park this week is how very lucky we are to have our husbands. I asked my husband at lunch yesterday. How do you feel? And I’ll ask him every every once in a while. How do you feel about, like, all the crazy ideas that I have for the businesses this year, like, I know, it’s a lot and his response was, was like, I love, I love all your ideas. He’s like, I know you can totally do it. And I was like, Is it okay? Like, it’s a lot and he’s like, let’s do it all, you know, and
it is a lot to take off. He’s on board. I mean, he’s always like putting together the step and repeats and the backdrops and he’ll,
you know, he helps me until 11 o’clock at night, loading my car up so that the next day, it’s like ready to go to an event, or, you know, even posting, posting a real estate event that I have upcoming for a buyer’s workshop or whatever. He’s just always there. He’s always very supportive. And he’s just, I’m very, I’m very blessed to have found him in my

Okay, so So fast, but I do want to, I want I want us to get a real look into your life. So you’ve said a lot already, but but like your brokerage, let’s talk about the time there do you have? Are you there every day? Or do you want to go there certain days of the week? I mean,
you’re only one person and you’re doing so much.

It’s true. So an interesting thing I do with my real estate brokerage, I set aside two to two and a half days that I will take appointments. The other days, I do not take, I do not take appointments. It’s just as simple as that. I time block the days that I that I do have and I dedicate those. I mean, it’s great because then I’m like, Oh, I really only have to do like full hair and makeup and, you know,
like, two three days a week. It’s It’s, um, but I would say you know, with real estate, it’s it’s 24 hours, seven days.
A week job, I’m always talking to my clients. But you know, I make sure that I also set aside for for the clients that I need to like I need to go now to this to this house. I have wonderful agents within my brokerage that I work with, that you know, will pick up the slack or will take the appointments when I just set it when I don’t set them aside. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to that.
As far as time blocking for my real estate, I literally set aside time. This is the time that I’m answering my emails. This is the time that I’m reaching out to my my hot leads my warm leads. And this is the I’m contacting 10 of my sphere of influence, and touching base with my assistant throughout the day all the time and constant communication to make sure she executes the things that she needs to do to help me keep my business running. So typical brokerage, or shared assistant like Ashley, she is my executive assistant that works across all of my all my businesses. And you know, when it came to finding her, it was all about not necessarily finding someone who had a super lot of experience in real estate in particular, I wanted to find someone very driven, who had the same philosophy as me about work about life, who is willing to multitask and, you know, there’s a lot of people who know how to talk and interview and say stuff. But when you really start working with someone, you can tell if they really aren’t in it and can like, you know, what’s really great is when I when, when I started giving her things to do, she was already like, okay, doing two things, two things at a time. She’s like, taking, you know, taking notes from me talking and she’s like, also doing the job that I said, You know, I asked her to do earlier. She’s always working, Ignore her checklists. And working with me. It’s It’s wonderful.

Sounds wonderful. But you know what you seem like a really great manager and leader. I mean time blocking the discipline the organization, because, you know, it was funny is like organization isn’t even my time it is organization is like not my strong suit at all. It’s not but what I am good at is, and I didn’t even know this was like a talent when I was young. I always knew I could do it, but I didn’t really think it was that meaningful. I am very good at taking the big idea and breaking it down into executable items and making it happen so that I can do I can.

Yep, thank you. That’s a very good skill because I think a lot of my clients when they think of, for example, social media, or they think of marketing strategy, you know, listened to everybody and they say do do all these 10,000 things. You’re like, okay, now I’m on overwhelm. I don’t know where to begin and I’m like, Okay, let’s how do you how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time and talk about the month. Oh, I’m sorry. Well, that’s exactly right. And I want to I want to hear about this mom pension because my youngest is almost 19 so maybe I’m too old for it, but boy, oh, no, never really. Okay, tell me about it. Okay. So my mom question is is it is a getaway for moms to rest and refill and recharge.

You know, we’re our buckets are constantly pouring out into our families. And just like we were talking about earlier, we have such a large and invisible mental load that we take on and you know, we’ll get our fill will refill here in there where we can but what I realized is that moms need a place where they can actually like, decompress, get away, and really focus on what they need. So what it is, it’s like a moms conference, plus a girls trip and wellness retreat all rolled into one. So we’ll have yoga in the morning. You know, we’ll have a mimosa bar sitting at at you know, waiting for them when they come out. We’ll have a schedule of expert led workshops. So you know, we’ll have like an expert, a therapist come and talk about, about self love for mothers and why it’s so so important to have a great self image because our children are looking at us and they’re learning from everything that we do and what’s normal, and what our self talk is. We’ll have a how to raise happy, healthy children will also do fun stuff like we had the Laura Mercier a head of makeup calm and do like a seven seven products and seven minutes makeover so that moms can get out the door really quick every single morning. We have like a DJ calm and have like a poolside party at night. What I really wanted for women to have with modification is a chance where you could do all of the things that would take you months to schedule, you know, how long would it take us to schedule a yoga class a breakfast with our friends, to go see a speaker about you know how to how to organize your schedule and be the most efficient mom or mompreneur possible, plus, you’re going to go to a chef, you know, a five star you know, five course meal made by a private chef in your home. I mean, these things if we scheduled them one by one would take what nine months a year. Maybe

Yeah, it’s true. And so I really and one thing that really resonated with me when when the women would walk around the mall location is they would say, you know, is this what my family feels like? Because every turn the, you know, lunch would already be laid out before they asked for it. You know, they would have music and they’d have blankets out for them by the fire waiting for them. We wanted to work really hard to anticipate what mom’s needs were before they even asked for them. Because, you know, isn’t that what we do for our families all the time? But whoever does it for us. So yeah, please join us. We’re about to announce the next dates from on vacation very soon. can find us on Instagram at mom keishon official and also on Facebook.

Awesome. So like what types where where did these were these modifications take taking place. So luckily for you, what’s your What are your new favorite cities San Diego, California, we actually have some plans to expand into some other great cities. But you know, we have so much sunshine so much of the time here. So you know, come visit us. It is a getaway that you will really not regret having bring a friend, and it really rejuvenates you and gets you ready to just serve the people in your life even better than when you came.

Just one question about that. How many women attend each time?

So we had a house of 16 women, and it was nice and intimate, but we’re looking at seeing if we can get a new space for our next modification to be just able to serve few more people or like it was it’s sells out so fast. It’s like they really everyone wants to bring a friend or two or three. So you know, we’re trying to see if we can up it a little bit and still keep it intimate, and still keep it really personal. There’s a lot of like tears and laughs and, and wonderful good times that are shared lots of hugs and, and great conversation. So we want to make sure we don’t lose that. But yeah, we’re gonna see what we can do to get a few more few more beds there.

That is great. And, you know, I just came back from a working retreat, where I was a facilitator, and there were six of us facilitators and about six or seven attendees. And I love that idea of doing life together. And actually, I’m doing a retreat, a business retreat in one of my other favorite places in the US, which is in the panhandle of Florida, in September soul wise, is, yeah, they’re almost as good as San Diego beaches.

Gonna have to come out there and see I

Yeah, you have to come out. So all right, so we have the brokerage, we have mancave. And we have the mompreneur meetup. Yes, the mompreneur meetup. So what we’ve created with the mompreneur meetup I mean, I walked I started in this business, not at five, but at 18 years old. And, you know, entrepreneurship can be a lonely road in and of itself. And I’m sure any mother, who has been at home with their young children also knows that there’s an aspect to motherhood, that even when you’re even though you’re surrounded with so much love and your children and your family, it can also feel like a very lonely place sometimes, you know, especially if you’re trying to navigate both owning a business running a business and motherhood at the same time. So what we wanted to create with the mompreneur meetup is a network of women who are a real tribe for each other and we help each other excel in business and in mom life because, you know, they’re like one in the same they go hand in hand. We never stopped being a mom, even though we are a successful business owner. And you know, often you know, it really comes first doesn’t it? So what’s wonderful is we meet once a month here in San Diego, but we also have a wonderful online community. So if you are not here in San Diego, you can make it to the live meetups. You can join our group on Facebook at the mompreneur meetup. And there are such wonderful resources. It’s such a great place because not only do you feel the support and the love of other moms who are going through both juggling both jobs in their life, but you also I mean, today I was like, okay, what’s the best you know, personality profiling that you that you guys like to use for a new employee of a new employee, hire you know, there’s such such great things like people just jump on. They’re like, where’s the best place to order signs? You know?

Can I run this mission statement by you? What do you guys think about this? You I use this word or that word. If you’re looking for a tribe of women that are going to support you, lift you up in times of struggle and also help you recommendations resources. That’s what the mompreneur meetup is and we’re on Instagram and Facebook. That is just so incredible. Because no, you you probably know I have a couple of Facebook groups girls guide to outrageous real estate success. And you know, 27,000 ladies across the world bear and then I had another group driven and equipped, incredible Well, thank you. I mean, look, he’s talking right but but this is the thing. When I was in my 30s I did not see the women empowering women like I do now and it is just so great. I felt like it was, especially in the law. You know, I used to practice law and there it was really doggy dog. Right. It was catty, backbiting, amazingly horrible, horrific. And now I see this momentum going where we’re lifting each other up. And it’s exactly what we need because we beat ourselves up. We don’t need another sister to do it for us, right?

Amen. Yeah, that’s one thing. Um, and I was talking about it at woman up is one of the most beautiful things about the mompreneur meetup is we really live by by the feeling that you don’t need to blow another woman’s candle out to shut make your shine brighter. And we absolutely live by that. And, you know, it’s really collaboration over competition because we’re so much we’re so much stronger together than we are working against each other. And I agree, I mean, even the real estate industry can be very competitive. And it can be a dog eat dog world sometimes. And I feel like the tide is changing. And I think we’re ready, you know, to come together as moms and as women, and really make that just a thing of the past.

I love that. I hope so, you know, because what you were talking about sharing ideas and sharing resources and sharing stories. You know, when I stayed home with my boys, I had three I had one that I had two that I had three boys. And at that point, I made the decision to leave the practice of law for time. And so, you know, but my husband was not, you know, we’re not married anymore, and he was not supportive. He was never home. So for me, there was a lot of guilt. Guilt with I felt like I believe I love my boys, and they’re the biggest accomplishment that I’ve ever done in my life. But I felt like this was the hardest job but still it was And enough, yes, you know what I mean? Like, I remember calling my mom and crying. It was only two weeks I was home and I go, mom, I love my boys, but I need something more. I can’t just do this like, and I beat myself up I thought I thought it was a horrible woman, a horrific mom. And, and then years and years later, I say, you know what, God made me the way I am. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And don’t be a bad mom.

You had skills and you had God given talents that were you know, you were just bursting out of you, and that you knew needed to be shared with the world. And you have that calling and you just, you know, it needed to be fulfilled, and that’s and that’s totally okay. I think it’s beautiful, that we can show our children, that we can love them and raise them and spend our time with them. But that we want to do more. We want to create more, we want to be more and that we can do it all. It’s all starts right here. You know, it’s all mindset and Think that’s a beautiful thing to show them and to teach them.

Thank you. Yes, I always say this is gonna be funny. You know, my kids are 2321 and almost 19. And I kiddingly say to myself, I think my daughters in law, I hope they thank me. way I raised my boys. Oh my goodness. All right, so let’s see what’s on your heart. You know what life lessons would you love our listeners to know, in a way of being that involved mom, but yet still having that ambition to have that impact on the world?
Right, you know?

So for for so many years, my mom was a super hard working realtor. And, you know, it was it was actually so inspiring to see the drive that she had in life. But, you know, I lost her at a super young age. I was 21. She died of a brain aneurysm very suddenly and It was a really tough, it was a really tough loss. Um, I think that one of the things I wish she would have known and understood is that, you know, even though even though she had that huge drive in huge ambition, which I respected so much, I wish that she had taken the time to advocate for herself. And to know and understand that there’s, there’s so much more to life than like just working. Even though she was she was doing it for us. There the legacy that she was trying to leave behind, it doesn’t have to be in dollars. You know, it is absolutely in the hearts and the minds of the people that we’re helping. And, you know, that is, I mean, that is what we leave behind as our legacy. And you know, you Luckily, for, for me, I was able to see that, you know, she was able to do that. And I wish that she could have experienced more in life if she could have just advocate for herself to have a little bit more help, and a little bit more self love and self care.

Sorry for your loss. And I remember that story. Now, as soon as you started talking, I remember that story. And it was obvious how, how much of an impact she’s had on you. And I have no doubt that that molded you into this amazing lady, this extraordinary lady that I’m looking at right now, truly, and you are serving as that role model for your kids. And so that is the legacy. So, that’s a beautiful thing. It’s not about the money. It’s Yep, you know, so alright, so I was gonna ask a question, but I have a feeling I know the answer. And that is, that is who is an extraordinary woman in your life. Okay, so we’ll just say other than your mother.

Okay. Other than my mother. Oh, I have to say, my mother in law is I and I know a lot of a lot of people.

Here you’re very blessed.

I I truly am very blessed. You know, I have no my mother in law for 20 years now. And I always say she is just like an angel on Earth. You know she is one of those people that she always puts people you know before her, and she is just so like kind and generous and loving. And I’m, I’m always in her ear about advocating for herself care, and for her goals and her dreams and making sure that that she’s also living for herself but I have to say, watching the love that she puts out into the world is is really incredible.

So love to hear that She probably already knows that you’re probably.Alright, so I just want to make sure before we wrap up that everybody knows where to find you. So I already kind of said that but would you mind summarizing that so everybody can grab their paper and pen?

Absolutely. Well, if you want to see the antics of all my four children and all, how all three of these businesses run in my life, my my personal Instagram is Mel knows me, l k, n o Ws. And you can also find us on Instagram at the mompreneur meetup and mancation official and you’ll find me just by searching my name Melissa Sophia, with an F. My beautiful Italian last name that I got from my mother from my mother in law, my husband. And yeah, you can find us on Facebook. So we’d love to reach out and we’re happy to hand we have actually been incredible speakers. At the mompreneur meetup last month, she’s a TED talk speaker. And I’m so happy to hand out the notes to anyone from that talk. So reach out to me and remind me that, that you found me on the she’s extraordinary podcasts. And I’m so happy to give that to you as like a free treat.

Thank you. Oh, my goodness, I’m very interested in that. I’m very, very interested in that. So Melissa, thank you so much. And I have to say you do have to check out Melissa. Her personal account on Facebook, your cover photo, kind of captures your essence, like it’s your four little ones with you. And you know, as a mom who’s been in business when they were little too I started my little guy was too. So you know, it’s just really captures a moment ladies. You’ve got to check out Melissa Sophie on Facebook.

That is real. Those are real times right there. That is like what my real life looks like. So beautiful.

Thank you. That’s right. All right. Well, listen. Thank you so much. And ladies, thank you for listening. And if you’ve enjoyed this episode, please be sure to let me know. We want to know your feedback so that we know what type of topics and you know what things you’d be interested in. So we make sure we bring it to you each and every time.

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