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Ep 44: What is Sales…Really? Transcript

Hey ladies, how are you?
Would as you’re hopping on? I need to know that you can hear me. So before I go into anything of my notes, I need you to please tell me Can you hear me? Can you hear me and I’m gonna unplug there so that I stopped getting that Okay, So hear me, please let me know this new
producer is do I have lipstick on my teeth? This slide producer is very difficult. Okay, good thanks carlina all right now I’m ready now I’m ready to go into my notes. Okay, welcome. To day one of the I love sales workshop.

You know, I so love bringing to you these challenges and these workshops because each time I get to see your breakthroughs, you know, I get to watch I don’t know something click inside. I can just see that In everyone that participates, the light bulb goes off as you learn and grow, and not only as a business owner but also in your relationship with Christ. And as you rely on him in your business, you see, I am a Christian business growth strategist and coach. So everything I do, has two solid foundations First, the most solid foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ, that is a pillar of everything I do, but also sound business strategy. So the two combined, you know, it’s unstoppable, right? And I want to welcome each and every one of you here we have many, many new faces inside the group, I think 40 in the last week or so, and a bunch more, that are brand brand new because of this workshop.

So welcome. If we haven’t met, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Judy Weber. And as I mentioned, my business group strategist and coach, I help ambitious women have faith like you build a thriving business while living the extraordinary life that Christ has for you. So as you’re jumping on, I really need you to say hey in the comments. Okay, now it’s gonna be interactive. I want you to engage. I want hearts. But more than that I want emojis in there. I want you to answer my questions. I want you to tell me who’s watching. Even if it’s on the replay, just put hashtag replay, if that’s you, but if you’re here live with me, but you please let me know you’re here because after I’m done the teaching segment, I’m going to be coming over to you and answering all your questions.

Okay. This week, as you know, is all about I love sales. We’re devoted to a subject that makes many of us cringe and that is sales, right? So tell me in the chat, when you think about selling in your business, what thoughts and feelings come up, and I want you to be honest, there’s no judgement. Because if words like fear and yucky and salesy and pushy and intimidating come up, that’s okay. I know you’re not alone.

So really what images come to mind? Is it that slimy, smarmy, yucky car salesman, or the pushy door to door salesman? Let’s be honest, ladies, get real with yourself about what you think what you believe and what you feel about sales, okay? Because, again, I assure you if you’re like many women that I work with through the years selling could literally be something you dread. And I hear this a lot. Okay, and one of you just typed this in for me not 20 minutes ago, in reply to the email that went out earlier. You said I’m great at what I do. And once I get a client, wow, I mean, I just blow their mind, but finding them and secondly, converting them into a client. Those parts aren’t fun. And that’s where I struggle is that you?
You know, you may be fearful about saying the wrong thing or being asked a question that you won’t know the answer to. You want to work
With your ideal client, but you don’t know how to like, ask for the business, right? And it feels heavy and awkward and maybe even scary to do that. Now, there may be some of you out there that say, Look, I’m an introvert. I’m never gonna be good at sales.

Or you may say, you know what, I am just not a salesperson. I love people. And I want to share the talents and gifts that God has given me, but it’s uncomfortable for me to put myself out there. And, you know, as I said earlier, a lot of you just say I don’t want to be pushy or salesy period, the end that’s just not me. I hate being sold to and I never want to sell to anybody else. Now, if any of those are you, please say yes, in the chat in the comments, and tell me which one it is for you. And again, no judgments, it’s time ladies, to get real with your true feelings and to identify your current thoughts about sales. And so part one of today’s success work is I want you to write that down.

You can begin here in the comments, but I really want you to spend a solid 10 minutes or so maybe longer if you have it to spare, I want you to just brain dump your current thoughts all around sales, okay? Because by the end of this week, my goal is that any of those negative feelings that you have any of those negative thoughts around selling or sales are going to be replaced by positive, encouraging hopeful feelings, beliefs and thoughts. Okay. So again, if you haven’t yet already done so in the comments, give me just a quickie. What do you think about sales?

All right. And so before we dive into the meat of today’s training, let’s go to God in prayer.
Heavenly Father, thank you, thank you, Lord, for who you are. Thank you God that you have given these ladies that that ambition and that drive you prompted their hearts and their minds to go for it to be in business or or some may be thinking about
going into business Lord God, I pray that you will use me as a vessel. And, you know, speak to them, even in this time Lord about sales. We know that without sales, there really is no business Lord. So this is so important in the life of their businesses, by ask you to speak through me, Lord, I ask that you would put out of their minds any worries and distractions so that we could only be present here with me and with you. Thank you, God for everything you’re doing that we have no idea we can’t see. But we’re going to walk in faith. We love your Lord and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right. So, once again, welcome. This week is dedicated to growing your business through sales. Now, one thing I want to get taken care of right away is sales versus marketing. When I asked what your number one struggle was, with sales, many of you responded with my struggle with sales is finding leads, finding leads, is not really about sales as much as it’s about marketing. And last month was all about marketing, all about lead gen and connecting, right connecting with that target audience of your ideal clients. And I did that all last month that came live every day in the 31 days of leads, if you missed that, you missed a lot. I mean, every day I went live with a proven lead gen strategy or a way to connect. And it was free inside this group just like this workshop, but those trainings have been taken down and my team is putting it together for sale. If you’re interested in that, let me know.

This week, it’s about converting those leads, right the prospects, those in your in your database that you already have and converting them into a client or a customer again, it’s about getting more sales, bringing in new business new money into your bank account generating revenue. Okay. Specifically, if I had to say in one sentence, here’s what you’re gonna learn this week, how to sell in a relatable, genuine and powerful way that feels good. So someone could type that in today. And this whole week we’re going to learn how to sell in a relatable, genuine, powerful way that feels good. And of course selling in a way that honors God. Now, throughout this week, I’m going to be dropping some truth bombs, that may at times not seem like truth, right? It may seem counter intuitive, and some may even come as a shock, or at least kind of from a new or different perspective. Because thinking right about sales thinking right? And having the right mindset will make all the difference to the success of your business. Okay.

All right. I do want to pop over and see how we’re doing. how we’re doing. Okay, excellent. Excellent. Uh, where are you using to go live? Oh, I’m using live producer boots is here. Bonnie is here. Christina is here. Yes, Carly and I bring Diana Yes. Leanne again. All right, Azalea Good to see you. Good to see you. Heidi. Robin is from Montana. Oh my goodness. Mary Jo. Amy. Okay. laughs Akita is here. Oh, this is so good. This is such a great party. All right. Let me go back. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Okay.

We’re going to start here. What you’re doing right now in your business is either a business or a hobby. It’s got to be one or the other. a hobby is something you do for fun for recreation, and it’s not about making money. Business, on the other hand, is about making money. So we’re not talking about nonprofits, right? So if you are in business, but you’re not generating revenue, what you really have is a probably an expensive hobby, right? And that’s what this week is all about. I want to turn that around, right? So how do you make money? How do you bring in money by selling your products or your services, right? So selling needs to be a part of your every day. It needs to be. Now listen, I get it. I’ve been in sales since college, and I’m 54. So we’re going on 30 plus years, all of my life. First I was in retail. Then I went to outside sales, and then of course as a trial lawyer, and then in 2003, I opened my first business and I vividly remember having this like negative perspective on selling it felt very uncomfortable, very fake. It felt like I was bragging on myself. Like I was just trying to push myself on someone and it did not feel good. Can anybody relate to this?

Okay, but before long, I realized that selling was the only way that I was going to get my awesome. So that I had to give into the hands of people who need it, whether I was selling a product for someone else, whether I was selling my, my side of the story to the jury, or you know, whether I was selling my interior decorating services or now, you know, putting out there my business coaching services, right? So I want to repeat that this is so very important. The only way that your product or service is going to make a difference in people’s lives, is if they have it, if they buy it, okay? And you need to understand the key to sales, is you need to understand and fully believe and be passionate about that what you do. Nobody does it better. You have to believe that sister you truly do.

So here’s an example. Let’s say let’s say you’re a life coach, and you help moms find themselves again. Okay, and by doing so, You know, you help them find themselves so then they can become better moms better sisters better wives, right? Well, those moms, that God wants you to serve, you know, those that he’s already chosen for you, they’re not going to get to that new place of better after, you know, finding themselves again, right, if they don’t work with you, you have to believe that I have a bunch of real estate agents here, you have to understand that I don’t care if there are thousands of others in your neck of the woods. You have to believe that your diligence in selling a home or finding the perfect time for your buyers, or for investors that that if they don’t work with you, they’re gonna get subpar service, they’re gonna not have as great a deal because you’re super negotiating and all the rest. Okay? I need you to believe that.

Here’s yet another example. Let’s say you have a phenomenal line of skincare products and you’re mind you know that your skincare products standalone, it’s pure, their natural, you have a unique personal story about how you came to create them. And I’m talking about one of my beautiful clients, you know, they work. And so you created this line and you want to get them in the hands of others so that they can have that dramatic life change that you had as a result of healthy skin. Well, the people who need your skincare will find you or if they find you, but you don’t say hey, do you want to buy this, they’re never going to enjoy that. Right? They’re gonna miss out because your products work and they changed your life and so you want to change others. Alright, I’m gonna give you one more example. me.

I’m a business coach. clients who work with me gained confidence and it’s not just confidence in a bubble it’s confidence so that they could grow as thriving FEM printers and I’ve many clients here watching this. My clients learn how to dial in their branding, they become skilled at marketing and finding their ideal clients. They become bold action takers. They learn how to do the scary stuff every day and they do it consistently. They’re powerful decision makers. They’re thriving FEM printers and their lives are forever changed as their businesses grow. And as they lean into and fully embrace who they are in Christ, and that makes all the difference, not only in their business, but in their lives. I’m the best at what I do. My experience, my background, my education and tireless support that I offer stands alone in the marketplace. No one else does that. And they couldn’t, because God made me uniquely and he allowed the good, the bad, the ugly to happen in my life, to make me who I am today, and all that brings to bear on my coaching.

So that may sound braggy but sister, you need to have that passion and belief in yourself, that is in who God made you to be with your unique set of gifts and talents. And you know, your heart, your brain, your experiences, you need to believe you’re the best.
I need you to realize that you need to know that your services are the best that your products they work and they’re amazing, and what you deliver in the way of services and products you deliver with heart with love and sincere caring about your clients to make their lives better. If you believe that I want to see when I come back, I want to see in the comments. Yes, I believe that or not yet, but I want to believe that or Judy, you’re insane. Okay, whatever it is, let me know. Okay.

Because Listen, I believe I need you to believe that because that passion and that strong belief that you’re the best is where selling really begins.
The realization, see if I could put it this way, the realization that you are so great at what you do and how you do it, and that you know, deep down in your heart, that you would be doing your ideal clients a disservice if you didn’t tell them about your programs or about your products, right? If you didn’t share with them, how you’ve changed lives. You know, you’re thinking if they work with someone else, I feel bad for them, they’re going to make a wrong choice. And this is a critical mindset piece. And so I want that truth to really sink in. Because even if you’re just getting started in your business, you clearly have a passion for what you’re doing and a willingness to learn, as evidenced by the fact that you’re here watching me right.

Okay, so, one piece of your homework what I call success work is to write down what your ideal client will lose or miss out on, if they don’t work with you. Right? Or if they don’t buy your product. So I want you to be specific. And I want you to take your time to really think about the results that you deliver. Whether it be a service or product, the results that your clients enjoy, as a result of working with you, I want you to be really specific. How do you do things? What do you do? What are the results, your clients get that maybe when they go with someone else they wouldn’t get? Okay, I’ll give you a real quick example for me. Right? I don’t just give strategies. As far as we’re talking about client results. I don’t just get strategies.

The power of what I do isn’t in giving information. Again, it’s about results, how my clients lives and their businesses change as a result of working with me. And that change allows them to change generate more profits. Right? And how do they get these amazing results? Well, part of it is through unparalleled support that me and my team offer high touch, accountability, and community. And first and foremost, a focus on Jesus Christ. These are the hallmarks, the hallmarks of how I do what I do, and it makes all the difference. Right. So, what are the results your clients get? What do you bring to the table that nobody else does?

Listen, if I don’t, if I don’t sell if I don’t explain all of this to someone who’s kind of considering coaching or one of the other services that I offer, if I hold back on sharing my passion for what I do and how I do it, if I don’t tell you that this is my life’s purpose before God, that He equipped me for this, then you and women like you are going to miss out. Right? So I fully get how on one hand that may sound braggy. And you might even think, Wow, Judy thinks highly of herself, doesn’t she? But I know my heart. I’m not a braggy person. But I am unapologetically bold, about who God made me to be. And the work that he’s called me to do and how he’s equipped me in that way. It’s by his power and his spirit, that I’m able to do anything and everything. He calls me to be bold, and he calls you to be bold. If you believe that someone might want to type Jesus calls me to be bold.

Okay, and why would he want you to be bold because he has a big purpose on your life. God is the one that put that ambition in your heart. Your ambition is to serve. It’s not selfish ambition it is to serve right he sparked the desire inside you to start a business and you being here listening to me right now is no accident, right? It is a divine appointment. God wants you to hear this message.

Okay? So in order for you to do the important work that God has for you to do, you need to hear this message and go to him and say, Lord, you know, this is kinda different. feels kind of, you know, maybe it feels kind of funny, right? But go to him and say, help me, help me, Lord, to do your will. Okay, now, I want you to think about your favorite people from the Bible. Obviously, there’s Jesus who is perfect. Well, let’s talk about human beings. Okay? Think about your favorite human beings from the Bible, that any of them hold back when they walked into their purpose, Moses initially was until God reminded him that it was he who would put the words in Moses mouth, and what kind of leader was Moses? Same with Paul and Peter, and Esther, and Ruth and Steven, and on and on and on. God himself. Sal has given you, you who’s watching each and every one of you unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

He’s called you to serve others through those gifts. So, I want you to give yourself permission today. My dear sister, I want you to give yourself permission to step into that purpose today, to trust our ever faithful God and be bold and sharing your unique something, your work your products or services to those who need them. Right. It’s time to rethink the way you sell. And understand that if your audience if your peeps decide to go another way, they’re going to be worse off. They need you. Right. Okay, well let that sit for a second.

Let’s chat about one more important part of this reframe when it comes to selling. Okay, first of all, no guilt.
Inside your workbook, you see that I reference to Proverbs 31 verses. And basically I did that because I want you to understand that, you know, that proverbs 31 woman was a mom, a wife, but a serial entrepreneur who was profitable and successful, and she is revered. As a woman of noble character. It’s okay to want to make money because the more money we make, the more we can donate, right? The more we can get. And even with our talents and products and services we’re giving, right? So, no guilt around making money.

Secondly, selling I want you to understand that, you know, some of you have thought and you’ve told me you know what, I’m so good at this, like, should I even charge money for this? And I want you to understand selling is an exchange of value, you charge X dollars, and in return, you’re giving your clients something of value and in that
Way getting paid is only fair. And just because while something may come very naturally to you, like helping a woman find herself, who’s been a mom, and she’s all she has in her mind is, is a mom and she lost who she is, as a as a daughter of the Lord, for example. Right. So that may not come naturally to other people. And so you offering that help is huge. Think of the value of that.

And later we’ll get into pricing and how it’s not about your hours that you spend providing what it is that you do. But for this point, understand selling is an exchange of value. And so getting paid for what you’re offering and giving to your clients and customers is only right now we all have money stories, and a lot of them are holding us back. But for now, I do want you to think of this. If you invest money wisely, you can get it back and two times or 10 times or more, you know, but But what’s even more precious than dollars is your time time is a non renewable resource.

There’s nothing more precious than our time. So if what you do in any way saves your clients time, that is truly the best benefit that you can provide. And I want you to think about that. How does what I do save time? I am an awesome real estate agent and so I will help them find that you know, their, their their forever home better than anybody else. Or, you know, I am excellent at pricing listing so my clients are going to enjoy a quicker sale. For example, I want you to think about that. It is fair to take money and be paid compensated for your talents. God given talents. All right. Third, let’s talk about what’s the goal of selling and mentioned this yesterday while I was in my bathrobe
Have you saw that? Getting ready for church? What’s the goal of selling? Is it to persuade someone to buy from you? Is it to convince them? Okay?
Excuse me for persuade, is it? Is it a goal of selling to persuade? My answer to that is maybe.

I mean, you simply share what you do, how you do and why, in your opinion, it’s the best, including stories of how you’ve helped others. So I guess that is persuading you are making sure they’re aware of what you do and how you do it. But convince never, never, never, never. Your job as a business owner is not ever to convince anyone to go with you. Okay, that is more the example of that greasy car salesman who tries to intimidate intimidate you into buying today. You have to buy today but No, thank you. We’re not here to convince, in mind estimation the goal of selling is simply to help your prospect come to a decision.
A yes or no. Maybe it’s not a decision. Okay.

This all may be new, but stay with me. All right. So in my for what I do as a business coach, okay, so I would be talking to someone maybe like you, and I would say, Do you want a better business? Yes or no? Okay. Are you committed to doing things differently in order to get different results? Yes or no? That’s it. And if they go, Well, you know, I kind of would like to But no, that’s not an answer. Are you okay with where things are now? Is that good enough? Or do you want better? You want them to say yes or no. Another example on the skincare line. Do you want clear skin? Yes or no? Have you tried things that didn’t work?

Yes. Okay. Are you ready to try something new? That’s work for my clients Yes or No? Okay. Now this point of maybe, or being on the fence makes me think of Matthew 1230 He who is not with me is against me. Stay with me here. It’s gonna I’m gonna bring it all around.
He who is not with me is against me, right? You’re either for God or against him. There’s no in between. And remember that Jesus, what he said about lukewarm, it’s another term for those who are in the middle about their faith. Right? So, you know, God wants us to be decisive yes or no. So I liken that to our goal, our job when we are selling and making someone aware of what we do. We’re getting them to a decision. You have a choice. either continue with the way things have been and hope that you have

Whatever they go figure it out or whatever the case may be or head that your skin will clear. Or, you know, the fizz bows, they want to try to sell their house on the own, okay? You’re either going to go the way you’ve been going or you’re going to take this other road. There is no middle ground. It’s one or the other. Okay.

All right. hope that makes sense. Okay, one huge thing to help people that you’re talking to get to that point of decision, yes or no, is to build trust. And tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the key parts of any sales presentation. But for now, let me share with you, but the most important part of your sales presentation is establishing trust. Right? Does the prospect believe you can help them? Do they believe that what you’re telling them about you and your experiences and your education and everything you bring to the table? Do they believe it? Do they feel they can trust you? Is your heart into helping them? Do you really want to serve them? Or are you just in it for the money? Right?

So establishing trust building rapport, it’s really easier than you think. So you do not want to miss day two tomorrow. Okay, I know this is a bit long, but we’re setting up the foundation for our week together. And this is all good stuff. Right? I hope some light bulbs went off even today, if you agree that this is this has been good so far. Would you post an emoji in the comments or, or say I love it or tell me what you’re thinking. Okay.

All right. So let’s address the final piece for today. Okay, we’re going to answer the question, when does the sales process begin? Now by sales process, what do I mean by that? Well, we often kind of compartmentalize things, right? We have branding versus marketing versus systems versus selling but on this point of when the sales process begins, I want to impress upon you that selling begins at first sight.
That is the first time someone sees you, the sales process has begun. Let me explain within seconds, someone gets an impression of you. They make judgments about you. Yes, it’s true. Think about it.

When you discover someone online, that you may be interested in maybe on Facebook, as you peruse their profile, or maybe their business page, don’t you immediately get a sense of the person. And within that very short period of time you decide, is this person, someone that I should friend some of it I should follow or not? And that’s exactly what I’m talking about in the way of, you know, when does the sales process begin from the first look, right? So it’s important for you to understand that selling is a part of our every day and we sell things.

Anyway, even in our personal lives, hey, I’m gonna go to this restaurant, I got to sell it to my husband and family. Right? I want to, you know, I don’t know go to Disney World or I want to take this vacation and so I’ve got to sell it to the rest, right? But in the way of business, I want you to understand that every post on social media, every picture, every page, on your website, every blog, post every comment on social media
that it’s selling, every time you show up in real life, if you have a local business, how you present yourself how you speak, how you look, you’re always selling.

Okay, so I don’t want that to scare you. But you know, I don’t want you to go down that perfection drain Oh, I can’t go out unless my makeup looks just right or I can’t press post now until I double and triple and quadruple check. I don’t want that. The big thing here is just be you. Be your authentic thick, beautiful, perfectly imperfect self, fully embrace who you are in Christ, see yourself as he sees you. And I want you to ask him that, Lord, help me to see you. As you see me, or rather see me, help me, Lord to see me the way you see me. Okay, let’s just chat for a moment about today’s success work.

As I mentioned, first, I want you to write down your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs about sales. And this may be negative right now that smarmy, you know, car salesman, whatever it is, I want you to write that down. That’s first. Second, I want you to think about those results that you provide to your clients. How do you change your customers and clients lives? Right? Whether it’s service or product, how do you change lives? And why is it that they would lose if they don’t hire you? Right? And then step three, step three is and this is all for prizes. So if you’ll do all three. You’re going to be eligible for prizes tomorrow.

All right. So I want you to listen, if you haven’t already, I want you to listen to an episode or two of the she is extraordinary podcast, my podcast, and I want you to leave a rating and review on iTunes. All right, and before you hit submit, post a picture of it here in the group. Now, if you want Double, double bonus points, I want you to invite a friend or two or three and many of you have already done that, hey, you know, you know, they’re going to get good value, and it’s for free. All right, so let them know about that. And I want you to post all of this success work right here inside the blessed, bright community Facebook group using two hashtags, hashtag day one, and hashtag I love sales. All right. Now I want to come back to you but I just want to reiterate that prizes.

We’re going to be having a big party next Tuesday at noon, the 23rd and I want you to put that on your calendar right now. Also, I’m going to be coming live to you every day this week at 12 noon, Eastern put that in your calendar right now. And I’m going to be coming with a live q&a on Thursday night at 8pm. Eastern. And I also am opening up three hot seats, hot seats where we can go deep on you and your sales talk and your mindset and your sales skills. So if you’re interested in taking advantage of that, let me know post it here in the group. Okay, the more engaged you are, the more likely you will win and starting tomorrow, I’m going to be awarding surprises but in order to be eligible, you have to complete all of those three success work and I’m going to post a thread so you can put it all in one place. I want you to do all of that and show up live tomorrow.

All right now i know i brain dump a lot on you. And I so appreciate you sticking with me here. My goodness. I have 27 of you so let me see that’s such a toy. Let me see what your reaction. Amy. personal attention knowledge grows. Positive mindset. Excellent Carolina, Jesus caused me to be bold. Jordan unapologetically bold. I love it. Yes, unapologetically bold, says Christine. Good boots says the same Leanne. Megan. Jackie. You ladies are awesome. Awesome. He was not with me as against me. Great.

Okay, help the prospect come to a decision. establish trust. Love it. Love it. Love it. Sarah’s here. LaShawn kita I’m so glad that you ladies are here. All right, Leanne, so begins at first sight. Christine, thank you for reiterating establishing trust is the most important part of the sales presentation. Jordan, I love this be perfectly imperfect. That’s one of my things be perfectly imperfect. And Melissa says love that up listen to the replay. Hot Seat sounds amazing. All right. So Sandra, I’m so glad you said that and it’s all caps.

What I need you to do, I’m going to be doing a post that says hot seats for Thursday’s QA. If you want the hot seat. I’ll need you to come say give me a hot seat and I will let you know which three ladies will be blessed with that opportunity. But this is an opportunity for you to go deep. And you will have an idea of how I coach you through these kinds of things. And at the end of those hot seats you three ladies are going to move forward in in a powerful way you’re going to have to be clear in whatever is holding you back in the way of sales whether it’s the sales presentation which we’re going to talk about tomorrow, whether it’s your mindset still you can’t get past something something’s blocking or if it’s maybe objections, overcoming objections, which we’re going to be handling later in the week. Whatever your hot seat issue is, besides telling me what a hot seat, I’d love for you to tell me what you want to focus on in the hot seat. Okay, so Jordans, smiley faces and Sandra branded Sandra so great to see you, sister. How are you?

Listen, I have three more minutes. So how can I help you? Is there any questions that you have? And by the way i can i can sense the excitement in the comments and I so appreciate that. But I guess it’s not a but But what? What are you feeling? What are you feeling right now? Tell me in the in the in the in the comments. Are you excited? Are you scared? Are you ready? Whatever word comes up, as you think about how you’re feeling right now, Are you hopeful? Are you petrified? Right? I really want to know, and if you’re feeling any and all of that, it’s perfectly great. Because let me let me share this again, you know how I talked about being bold.

To me, the older I get, and the bolder I get, it’s because I’m more mature in Christ and I’m okay with just being me and I want that for you. Okay, I have a long way to go. We don’t get there until we meet Christ right? And heaven but I want you to know, stand that when you do scary stuff, like going live, like doing more videos, like getting your website up, like, you know, making it a goal for you to reach out to brand new people every day through DMS, PMS, whatever the case may be, or live, if you are local service provider and your world has opened up again, like ours will soon I hope. I want you to know that when you do that scary stuff. That is when your business is going to take off, it’s going to take off like that. And I worked with enough ladies hundreds and hundreds of them by now enough to know that that is true. And I know it in myself.

When I say I’m not going to play small anymore. I am not going to be afraid or if I am afraid I’m going to be more courageous than I am afraid and I’m going to do it afraid. I’m not going to let anything hold me back. I don’t care if my friend says I’m crazy and I should go back to work. I’m not going to do it. I don’t care if my husband doesn’t understand. I don’t care if my kids are looking at me saying Why are you doing this? What in the world are you doing? I am going to go to God and do what He tells me to do. And I feel strongly This is after you talk with God, right? You should be doing that every day in your business. Lord, give me your wisdom. Lord, tell me the truth. Tell me my next step. And as you do that, that is going to help you to be bold, and to help you to step out and do those things that maybe even right now you can imagine yourself doing, but by the end of the week, you will have tried it or at the very least committed to try it and get it time blocked on your calendar. Yes, I’m going to go live next Tuesday, for example, or, yes, I’m going to reach out to all my past clients who I haven’t spoken to even if it’s been two years.

Okay, this is the kind of bold action it’s going to make a huge, huge difference in your business. So Christine says I’m so excited I need to be able to drop that negativity. Whether it be people that do not add to my joy Yes, Melissa do it afraid Jordan already experiencing positive results just listening to podcast and watching the masterclass awesome. Welcome Jordan Jordans brand new to the group and she is jumping all in with both feet both arms she’s all in so it’s great to see and you’re gonna get results when you take action on what I’m talking about there’s no doubt in my mind you’re gonna see huge huge results and Melissa lots of light bulbs there. Heidi this morning my aha was you have no other choice but to jump today. I don’t have everything ready with my Facebook business page but that should prevent me from reaching out to clients. Ah, then Melissa, my chicken lists so true. That’s cute. That’s cute.

Sarah is ready to move past the fear. Yes, Sara is inside the academy as well as Heidi as well as Christine and Karolina and Jackie. And maybe that’s something that you want to be a part of. We’ll talk about that later in the week but these ladies that are jumping in and doing it afraid doing big things are surprising even themselves. their confidence boost is allowing them to make better CEO type decisions. And they’re reaching out to more people and ultimately generating more money and having more of an impact, which is huge.

All right. So Melissa massive action. Robin says I’m ready to focus and learn how to get past my fears. Awesome. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Oh, To him be all glory. Yes, I’m just a vessel. Alright, ladies, I have got to go. Listen, thank you so much for joining me today who’s going to be with me tomorrow, you do not want to miss it. Every day builds on itself. So make it a point, if at all possible to show up live, do all the success work. If you do all the success work, and then show up live the next day you’re eligible for some really terrific prizes. I want that for you. Not just for the prize winning, but for the ultimate goal of growing and who you are in Christ as a thriving, female.

And an extra little bonus of you know winning some great things that are going to move your business forward. Me me me CEO decision says Jordan awesome. Do it afraid, says Amy. Excellent. All right, ladies, I got to run. God bless you all. Love, love you so much and I’ll see you inside the group. Take good care.

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