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Ep 45: Key Parts of Every Sales Presentation Transcript

Am I alive? I am. Alright ladies, can you hear me? Can you hear me and I see that there is quite a delay. So if you can hear me, please let me know. Can you hear me? I’m going to pop that in here. Can you hear me? And I don’t like this delay But okay, you’re here. Okay. Excellent. Excellent.

Well welcome to day two of the I love sales workshop. Welcome back. Wow, wow, what an amazing day yesterday, inside day one deal Great. So many aha moments, such positive feedback, such hope and excitement about the future of your business, the extraordinary future that God has for each one of you. So welcome as you’re popping on and I see that you are that’s so exciting. Would you please let me know who’s here say hi.

And as you saw, it may have happened hours later, but I always come back to personally respond. It’s not someone on my team. This is how I do things. I’m kind of a control freak. But more than just control I want you to know that you matter to me. Like you are important to me, you are not a number, you are not one of 2600 or however many you are. My one you are many of my ones that I truly care about and love. So when you respond and type in the comments, you know, I take the time to honor that and respond personally. So I’m alright right. Today, we’re talking about the sales presentation. And now I need to hear from you. Before we go on. I need you to come into the chat here into the comments and say, What is the scariest part Tell me what is the scariest part of your sales presentation? What is the scariest part

Think about it, whether you get people on the phone to buy from you, or whether you go to their home when we’re not in COVID. And you know they buy for you or if you’re selling online, right through your Facebook group through email, through DMS, however you do it, what’s the scariest part? And what questions do you specifically have for me that you’re hoping to learn today? When I told you this is going to be all about sales presentation? Okay. So please take care of that. And I see many comments popping up. Amanda. Hello, I finally have time to jump on. Yay. Talking about commission. Okay. Very, very good. And that is going to be addressed on Thursday night q&a. That’s a great question. Christine. Asking for the business.

Yes. Okay. And starting the conversation says Robin, okay, please keep them coming. And by the way, I’m jumping ahead of myself, but I hope that you’ve calendar this Thursday 8pm. Eastern. For my bonus live QA. There are so many questions to answer on this broad topic of sales. And so I want to be there for you. I want to answer your questions. So I’m going to be happy to stay for up to an hour and a half on Thursday night. 8pm. Eastern, make sure you are going to join me and send me your questions here either right now in the chat, or of course, post them inside this beautiful, blessed deprived community.

All right, so I want to thank so many of you, who took the time to invite so many friends, Deborah invited 10 Jordan invited seven, Amy invited six or so I mean, this is really, really good. Okay. And it’s not just about building this group. For me. I mean, let’s be honest. This is a sales outreach. For me. This is an outreach of my business, right? I am a Christian Christian business coach. I am a growth strategist. And so who do I want in my group? prospects right women who are in business those who love the Lord.

But more than that, truly my heart when I created this group was to have it be God breathed, to have like, lifelong business besties that are made inside here and to have that networking and the collaboration so that we could learn new things from each other, we could discover different resources that we might not have known about. And, you know, as we bring different industries together, that’s really powerful. Because one industry can get very pigeonholed, like blinders on and do things a certain way. But when you see how someone in a different industry does things, it opens up the mind to possibilities right and new things to try. So I love Love, love it. Okay, so
you know, and the amazingness that I see inside this Facebook group.

It’s even more of the business bestie accountability inside my Blessed to Thrive Academy which is where ambitious women of faith like you come to become thriving FEM printers. And inside that group, which is my paid program, my membership ladies have like accountability partners. And so they meet on a regular basis and they hold each other accountable and they do role plays and they’re learning together growing together and praying together, becoming more confident doing more and scary things which are becoming less and less scary as they do it. You know, I’ll talk more about the Academy in the coming days, but I just love it. I just love it.

And actually, a few of you are going to win a one week trial inside the academy tonight. I mean today at the end of this so it pays to take action and to participate in this workshop this week, because what you’re going to do inside that week long trial, those of you that are going to win, you’re gonna love it, because you’re going to experience something you’ve never experienced before. Learn.
Growth all built on Jesus. So that’s going to be really, really awesome. Okay, so three housekeeping points I want to make before we pray and dive in.

First, you may have seen my post I have decided to put the audio of each day’s training for this week inside an episode of my she is extraordinary podcast. And so I decided to do this because I know you’re all busy. We as women love to multitask, we’re very, very good at it. So if you can’t catch me live or have to drop off, listening on the podcast while you’re doing something else is a great great way for you to consume the content and plus, it’s a great that’s if I can say so myself. That’s a wonderful podcast for you should listen to it every week, okay? But of course, you know, you have to be logged win prizes, so consider that. Okay, so the podcast.

Secondly, I wanted you to know that I created an album inside the photo section here in the community Facebook group, so that every time. Training is going to be there. So you don’t have to try to like find it. It’s going to be inside that photo album. So that’s really cool. Okay. And then I just one more reminder, Thursday 8pm. Eastern, I need your questions and I need you to show up live. Also I have hot seats available. I think I have two takers. I could use one or two more. And to that I want to say, I encourage you to be gutsy. God calls us to be bold and powerful, right? He did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of you know of strength and power and of sound mind and courage.

Let’s pray and then we’ll dive on him. Heavenly Father, thank you God Thank You, Lord for you know quickening my heart and mind and equipping me to do this important work as I encourage and teach and train women who love you so much Jesus who love you so much Almighty God Heavenly Father, beautiful, beautiful. Oh, Thank you.
Thank you, Lord, for bringing all of us together in this group and especially right now whether it’s live or on the replay, bless these ladies, Lord, please and their lives and their businesses. They’re here because they want to show up big time for you, to make you proud, Lord, to do business your way. So use me today as your vessel Lord, take over. I’m a control freak, but I’m going to take the passenger seat always Lord to let you lead. We love you and we trust you God. It’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right, all right. All right. Okay. Oh my goodness. It’s 2am in South Africa. And Jordan is here. Ladies. That is dedication. Jordan, welcome. And thank you for that. Oh, my goodness. And and let I’m gonna butcher your name. I’m so sorry. lapto your tell me how to say your name. If you can phonetically say it. What are you going live each week this week is the I love sales workshop and every day I go live at 12. Eastern, so make sure that’s on your calendar as well as Thursday night. 8pm Eastern. Alright, so
now we’re going to talk about the key parts of the sales presentation, we’re going to talk about why women are better at sales are really great at sales than men.

Okay, but first, I want to chat about trust and how important that is to your business.
First of all, how do we establish trust? Okay, you know, how everybody talks about the know, like trust factor? Well, I mean, to me, it’s all kind of one, right? I mean, if they discover you, I don’t think it has. I don’t think it has to take days and weeks and months for someone to trust you. So I want to talk about how you establish trust ASAP, to get you to your next sale. Right? Well, trust begins with a smile.

Trust begins with a confident smile. And if someone wouldn’t mind tapping that in to the comments, trust begins with a confident smile. Right? If I came in here on this slide, and I presented myself timidly, and I was holding back and I wasn’t smiling, and I looked really, really scared, would you trust that what I have to say, is valuable? Probably not. Right. So I need to think about that. I may be super nervous, but you don’t know about it. Right? The first time I went live on Facebook, it was December 2017. I can tell you my stomach was horrible. And throughout it, the enemy was saying What are you doing? Who are you? Why are you there? And I thought I was going to faint.

So for those of you who said I’m afraid to go live, I’m gonna I get it. I get it. But you just got to do it. So as I was saying, trust begins with a confident smile. Next is an attentive ear, an attentive ear, need to listen to many times and I know I find myself at fault of this.
I interrupt because I’m on my mind things quickly and I want to rush on to the next. And the older I get, and the more savvy of a business owner I become, I realize I’ve got to slow down. And the person that I’m speaking to, whether it’s on the phone, you know, whether it’s through zoom like this, or whatever the circumstance, I need to listen and listen well. So an attentive ear establishes trust, it makes someone know that you care. Right? And that’s the next part of trust. So we have confidence smile, attentive ear, and a genuine interest in the other person.

A genuine interest in the other person. And you can’t fake that. You really can’t. So we have great hearts. We can do that. Right. Other things to think about I’ve already mentioned Don’t interrupt, have great eye contact. And third, ask questions. That is how you will
establish trust. Right. Now some other things to think about. Other than those basics is one thing is social proof. Please don’t be afraid to ask your clients for testimonials. Videos are always best. You get testimonials, who finds it hard, who finds it difficult to ask for testimonials.

Okay, and I know I’m delayed so I won’t be able to see that. But I want you to promise yourself to be bolder, and to regularly ask for testimonials. And ideally, again, video. Ah, later today, I’m going to be dropping the link for my revised blesta private Academy page. And I want you to go there. And I want you to watch the videos. There are tons on there and more to come later in the week. But videos hearing from the person you’re calling What they think of you, is a heck of a lot more compelling than just words.

And a first name, for example. Right? So I want you to think about that. And I want you to understand that testimonials are not hard to get, you just have to ask and Bonnie says I do not like to ask, or I just forget, body are awesome. Your people will love to help and support you. And I’ve been working together for quite a while. I know that about you. Okay? Don’t be afraid and don’t forget, right. It’s a priority in order to establish yourself as the authority and get that social proof. Next thing I want to say before I move on is credibility. Right? I need you how do you establish credibility? You’re like, well, how can I establish myself as the authority or, you know, how can I get credibility? Well, regular and consistent posts a value on social is one way or videos or blog articles.

Emails regularly and of course, if applicable, your credit, right your education, your dedication to awards, any press mentions things like that. Okay? But while all of that is an element of trust, my computer’s going crazy. All right, um, I hope you can still hear me. And if you can tell me if you can still hear me that would be good because my computer’s going kind of crazy. Why? Oh, that is an element of trust, almost nothing beats showing that you care. Almost nothing beats showing that you care.

The only thing more than showing that you care in an authentic way I think is a referral from someone who absolutely synced your braces. Okay, and if you can hear me still could someone please pop in? Make sure you’re hearing me. Okay, so Oh, that was trust. And Oh, good. You can hear me. Thanks, Carolina. All right. So all that was trust. Now we’re going to move on to why you as a woman
Our greatest sales, what makes women extraordinary sales professionals? Well, there was a study done by the Harvard Business Review. There are seven personality traits of top salespeople. And I can tell you many of these surprised me. And I want to quickly run through them. And I want this to sink in ladies, because you have most if not all of them, I could almost guarantee it. Okay, so, first personality trait of top salespeople modesty, modesty. Did you hear me on that? That surprised me?

The study said 91% had medium to high scores in modesty. So the best salespeople aren’t the egotistical ones and they’re not the pushy ones to that, right. Second, personality trait conscientiousness, there’s this sense of duty and responsibility. I know you have that. Okay. Third personality trait. You’re obsessed with goals, your eyes on the prize.

And you know what you’re aiming for. Now that some of you may fall down, so tell me be honest. Do you have goals? Do you have annual goals, six month goals, three month goals, you know, monthly goals for revenue. You need to be obsessed with goals that is a characteristic of top salespeople. Okay, fourth personality trait is curiosity, hungry to learn curious, and, you know, they, they, they they’re hungry for information, because you want to become the expert. Right? curiosity.

I bet that you fifth personality trait and this is one for the introverts, and this in particular surprised me and that is a lack of gregariousness, right? top performers were 30% less gregarious than those that didn’t do too great in sales, which surprised me, because I always thought that the bigger personalities likeor example, you know, we’re the best salespeople, but not necessarily in the Harvard study. If you tend to be more of an introvert more quiet and subdued, you probably are going to do good. Very good. You’re going to be better according to that study, right? That’s awesome. Consuelo has goals. Christina has life goals. Robin has goals as well. Excellent. All right, six, personality trait of top sales professionals, optimistic. optimistic, come what may come COVID comm you know, a furlough.

Calm come. You know the enemy wants to throw darts and mess with my audio. Right? Whatever. We will stay optimistic because we especially as Christians know that God is in control hallelujah. And we know that he has our best in mind for His glory. so optimistic. And the seventh and final personality trait of top sales pros is being action oriented and do
get afraid, like cold calling, like networking, like going live on Facebook. So ladies, I really want you to embrace the results of this Harvard study. You got it as women. Listen, would you agree we are naturally relational, empathetic? All of that right? And after speaking of thousands of women in business throughout many, many years now, I have yet to meet one who doesn’t tell me I’m not in it for the money. That’s not why I do it. I lead with my heart.

Is that you? I bet it is. So I want you to embrace your femininity. I want you to tap into it because it works. Just be your authentic self. Yes. Even when it comes to sales. And go all in on that extraordinary woman that God made you to be. All right. I hope this is good. Awesome, awesome. Awesome. Yes. He says I love this list of traits. Jordan says action. Jodi says, Yes, I embrace these traits. Awesome, ladies. Great, great, great. All right. Finally, let’s get to the parts of a sales presentation. Now, this is not going to be the conventional standard list of steps to know that by now, right? That’s just not me. I don’t do things that conventional way. I don’t do things the way others do them. And I never ever will. So when I want to share with you are the parts that I want you to make sure are a part of your presentation.
So your presentation right now, maybe a PowerPoint. Or it may just be, you know, a certain script that you might be following, or you may be having them interact with your product, whatever it may be, that’s fine.

But I want you to tweak it today for success work to make sure that it is in line with what I’m about to share with you about each of these key parts that I’m going to talk about. are a part of your sales presentation. Okay, who’s excited? Excited? Are you excited? All right. So let’s take care of the basics. These are basics, but they’re super important. First thing about your sales presentation, the very first part, you better arrive on time. You’ve got a smile, and you’ve got to arrive with energy with energy. And as I said, these are all the basics. I can’t tell you how many gloss over them. And in doing so, you you know, you don’t practice it. You don’t honor the clock, you you aren’t showing up with energy, you’re allowing the crap of the day. You know what has happened before to come into that sales call, or into that face to face meeting as the case may be? And you need to leave the crap of the day, in the car, or behind you if you’re on the phone right arrive on time.

Call on time, smile energy, huge if you start there, and I have an optimistic attitude and assuming the sale, if you start right there, ladies, you’re gonna win more business if you do nothing else. I guarantee it. Okay. All right. A second critical piece of your presentation has to be asking questions. Asking questions. Do you know that the presentation is not the time for you to talk, talk talk.
It’s not about you. The presentation is about them. It’s about the person that you’re talking to, if the person you’re sitting with so as you ask these questions, you are the leader understand this. The person who asked the questions in the sales call is the one in control of that call.

And you need to ask questions, and then take time to listen, to listen. And I need you to go deep on these questions right?
Don’t make the mistake that so many others do. And they have this list of questions. You have a list of questions and you’re like, Okay, I’m pretty good for open, you’re in your market is down, okay? Ask that one. Okay, here comes the next one, and you’re not even listening.
You’re so nervous and wrapped up in the script, that you’re not even listening to the answer.

Because you see, when you are asking these questions, you’re gaining valuable Intel, you’re getting knowledge, knowledge that will help you get this person you’re sitting with to a decision member. That’s the goal, not to convince, but to get them to a decision of what is best for them and the next step. So you need to ask questions, you need to go deep you need to listen. And when I say go deep, I mean you need to ask qualifying questions and clarifying questions. When you say x. Do I understand correctly that you mean x y&z i mean? You
have to say, I want to make sure I understand you correctly. When you said that this was important to you, you know, did you mean this or even better? You said, blah, blah, blah was important to you.

Would you please explain what you mean by that? That is one of the most powerful questions you can ask. Can you please explain what you mean by that too many times we assume that we know. But we need to ask to make sure that we know what this person we’re talking to me by that statement. Okay. So we need to ask those follow up questions and do it without apology. We don’t say I’m so sorry to keep asking you questions. Now. Does your doctor ever do that? Imagine there’s your doctor as as he or she is is reviewing your chart and trying to figure out what’s going on? Could they ever say oh gosh, I’m sorry. I wish I didn’t ask ask you ask you somebody questions. And why don’t they? She that doctor does not ask questions. You know, apologize for asking questions because she knows that’s necessary.

Siri in order for her to diagnose. So if it helps understand that you are diagnosing you are diagnosing this person that you’re sitting in front of to see what their problems are, what their pain points are, and how you can best help them. Okay, so that requires asking questions. Okay. All right. So here’s what you need to know, no matter what you’re selling, no matter what the industry. The final piece is, you need to ask questions about their problems and their challenges. And here again, get specific, go deep, get emotional, or rather bring out the emotion on them. I don’t need you to get emotional. I take that back. You don’t get emotional, but I want you to irritate the pain a little bit. I want you to have them identify the challenge the problem that you’re there to solve,

So as an example, you know, for me, I’d be like, why did you reach out to me now? Why do you need a coat now? There’s that
sense of urgency. And when I say go deep and maybe irritate the pain, I’d say, Well, what happens if you keep things the way they are in the status quo, and you keep trying to figure out how to do this business thing on your own? And then they’ll say, Well, whatever they say, and then I’ll say, well, well, okay, I understand that. But how long? Have you tried it your way? And what do you think is different now to make you believe that continuing in that way is going to get you different results? Right.

Other questions that you could apply to your industry? What is it costing you in both time and money? Trying to put all the pieces together on your own? Okay, that emotional element is huge. What I want you to imagine for a moment that your business is really, really great. How is life different? What can you do now that you couldn’t do then before you started, you know, be able to figure this out? I want them to see what it would be like to work with me. Imagine you’re hitting your goals.
Imagine you’re able to take your family on vacation, you’re able to retire your husband imagine. So what are you able to do then? That right now you can’t do? And how important is that to you?

I need you to make it real for them during your sales presentation. You see, our brains naturally want to protect us. And they resist change. Right? That’s, that’s the way the brain works. So we get used to just dealing with things the way they are, oh, I’m a prime example. I’ve been saying I would always wait and I keep gaining weight. So my brain says, Oh, you know, I shouldn’t have this ice cream, but I’m gonna have it anyway. And maybe some of you out there as far as your business, I know I need something but instead I’m just gonna keep trying to figure it out. Right.

Okay, I need you to make it real for them what they’re missing out on this kind of piggybacks on one of the exercises from yesterday. And again, we will be doing the prospect a disservice by not pointing out exactly what the status quo is going to cost them.
Not working with you as a relationship coach, not working with you as a health and fitness coach, etc. Not working with you as a realtor, because somebody else doesn’t care about them the way you do. Okay.

You know, other examples finding Mr. Right? What’s it going to cost you if another year goes by without finding the love of your life? What’s it going to cost you to stay in a job you hate? Instead of working with me as a career growth strategist, one of my clients is that, okay? And finally, two more things I want you to ask about ask questions about their motivation.

Why do they want what it is you’re selling? Like, why is it important to them? And I kind of touched on that a little bit earlier, but that’s to be a separate thing. I need you to understand. Why do you need to sell your home now?
And piggyback to that is their timeline. Why now? Why be urgency? Okay? Because I can tell you this, if they don’t see the urgency,
they’re going to be less likely to buy. Right.

Okay, so I just want to move up, and then I’m coming to you very soon. So we talked about arriving on time smiling and energy. We talked about asking questions. The third part it’s really, really important is sharing stories. They need to hear your story. Remember, I said mostly the presentation is about them. But there is certainly time in the presentation where you need them to know who you are. They need to know why they should work with you. So don’t be afraid to tell your story. But that should be in a way that it needs to be in a way that is interesting to them. It’s not just you saying I went to school and I have these designations, make it mean something to them. Okay?

Show them why tell them why you’re passionate about what you do. Tell them about your past experience and how bad bear is on what you’re doing right now. Right? Tell them horror stories of clients that came to you. And what prior people, you know, people that do what you do, didn’t do for them and how you turn it around, and the results, right? So I could go on and on and on and talk for hours just about that aspect of telling stories. Stories are memorable, and stories are relatable and make the sales process more, as I said, memorable and more effective. High. Okay, so forth. And finally is ask for the business. Ask for the business. You know, when I first started working in an official way

Working with real estate agents and brokers, because I’ve done it for years prior. But, you know, about three, three and a half years ago, I started working professionally as a coach for real estate agents and brokers. And I can’t tell you how many times I would ask the question, how do you ask for the business? And I’d say 80% of the time, they say, Well, I really don’t like what? What happens? What happens at the end? Well, I asked if they have any questions, and then I say, well, when you’re ready to go, let me know. And I leave how Wow.

Why would you ask for your business? Look, presentations, it’s all about getting little yeses. You know, you’re getting their ingredient agreement, a little things throughout the presentation. So that they’re saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, throughout. But then at the end, you’re leading them down a path where it is perfectly natural for you to say you know what, I think that this is a great fit, and I’m so excited to work with you to sell your house. So let’s go

Get the paperwork out. And let’s get started. And you just, that’s it. If you go, Judy, that’s, that’s pretty presumptuous. Wait a minute. If they’re not ready, they’ll stop you assume the sale.
And why not? The meeting went great. You showed up big time, you asked tons of questions. You help them highlight their urgency and their problem and how you could be wonderful at fixing it. So why wouldn’t they want to work with you? Right? Ask for the business at the end of the call, you know, think about why am I on this call and you should have this framework of a phone call if that’s what you do to get clients signed up, right. So again, all these little yeses lead to the big yes at the end. Well, that’s super, I’m so excited to work with you. So the next step is X, Y and Z and let them say, Whoa, hold on a second. I have a question. That’s great.
Okay, now have a look here, Christine. Today’s a jam packed day.

Have info Yes. And you can listen in on the podcast later today, Bonnie says I never asked. I was being polite and blowing it by not asking now I think I’ll make it easier for all by moving things along. Absolutely. I mean, think about it this way.
Again, with the doctor analogy, I love that because it really makes the point that first of all, my dear sister, you’re a professional. You’re an expert. So don’t apologize for leading the way. Hey, they’re talking to you.

They have an interest, right? So a doctor as he’s asking, or she’s asking you questions. She wouldn’t like make you leave without telling you the punch line. Here are our options. And here’s what I recommend for treatment. And then they give you the script. Now I understand they’re not selling anything. So it’s not directly analogous, right. But the point is, they’re not just gonna like send you
off and leave things hanging.

I don’t want you ideally to say, Well think about it. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll follow back with you next week. Why? Why not get the deal done today? And if they have questions, and if ultimately they say they need time to think and that’s a whole other discussion on how to handle that objection of, Oh, I think we’re going to handle that. I think on Friday. I’m, I need you to assume it’s ready to rock and roll. And believe me if they have questions, or if they’re not ready, they’re going to stop you. So don’t worry about that.

Okay. All right. So, I want to come to all of these comments. You ladies are so amazing. Yes, I have goals. God, I have goals ready. I really need to write them down and break them down. Yes, ma’am. You do. Jordan says come what may God is in control. Amen. Amen. Okay, April’s here. Christine’s here. I always here. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Jordan says I need to practice this. I’m so bad at asking questions. Okay. And here’s another quick tip. Stop talking badly about yourself.
For anything, I sometimes say I’m bad at Tech, and I see myself switching it to say, I’m not as good at check as I need as I will be. I’m not as good at Tech as I will be. Or I could say I’m growing in my tech savviness. And so Jordan, I encourage you to say the same thing. I’m growing in my question asking skills, right. Tama is here. Great to see you. Rebecca is here, Trisha. Let’s see. Let’s see. Okay, assume the sale says Jordan and Audrey says the same. Michelle says great idea to assume the sale we have something to offer. All right. And Jodi, thank you so much. I know you have to go Alright, so let’s get to the success work now.

Let’s get to the success work. You’ll see it in your workbook. If you have not gotten my emails you should have please check your promos.
Your promo folder or your spam folder. A couple of us I went through last night Personally, I saw a couple of you had misspellings when you register, that’s going to be a problem. So maybe that’s why, but if you’re not getting your emails, let me know what went out this morning. Okay, so in the workbook, you will see I think it’s the next to last page your success work. So there are a couple of parts again, number one, I need you to revise your sales presentation.

I need you to make sure that everything we talked about is in your presentation going forward. Okay, and you can listen back to make sure you call them off. Okay. I also as you’re doing that revising your presentation, I want you to think about what story or stories Can I throw in there? What story are you telling them about you? What stories can you tell them about past clients when it’s applicable? I’m not saying bore them to death, right. One of my first sales manager said Hey, dude, you got two ears and one mouth
Use them in that proportion. Right? Listen twice as much as you talk. All right, so that’s step one, revising the sales presentation, making sure that all these keys I talked about are there and at least one story is there.

Secondly, if you haven’t already done so, I really want you to listen to the she has extraordinary podcasts. And if you want to win prizes you need need me to do this, you need to write a rating and a review on iTunes. Okay, and subscribe. Okay. All right. So today is the day for say prizes. And I’m so excited to be giving away a bunch of prizes.

Okay. First of all, there are two ladies that are already inside my Academy. But I want to acknowledge you for actually three ladies, I want to acknowledge you for doing the work and showing up all the time and those three ladies are LaShawn kita, Clark, Kira, Lena Silva, Karolina Jordan and Megan Jackson. Okay, so last time kita Clark, Kira, Lena Jordan, and Megan Jackson, each of you are getting a bonus one on one with me. And you know how powerful that is. So that’s on me. Congrats. And that’s your reward for doing the work and showing up even when you’re busy even when you’re scared, blah, blah, blah, right. And there are another three beautiful ladies that I want to a ward award with a one week trial inside the Buster private Academy.

And ladies, you’re gonna love this, you’re gonna have to join us Friday for our two hour group coaching mastermind sessions you’re gonna love it. Um, in addition to the video trainings and resources and that other private Facebook group for Academy members, okay, so without further ado, the winners of that one week trial are Jordan Beth. Congratulations, Jordan well worth you being here too. in the morning. God bless you. Oh my goodness.

Robin Rhys Drast and I’m sorry if I’m messing your name up there, but Robin Reese, dressed you have one as well. Congratulations. I’ll be in touch with all of you. And finally, Joanie, Mohawk. Joanie. Congratulations Jenny. and I have known each other for well over a year and I’m so excited to work with you inside the academy on me. So congratulations, one at all. Okay, so Lawson Keenan says Yay, I’m excited. Jordan says Congrats. Yes. Congrats to on congrats to you.

This is so weird because I’m looking at us. wildlife. I’m here live. So anywho I have about three more minutes. And I know you’re behind me, but how can I help? What questions do you have? And as I’m waiting for y’all to catch up with me. I want you to again remember please put in your calendars to join me here live at noon every single day noon Eastern this
Week inside the I love sales workshop, I need you to invite more ladies, hey, if you’re learning something, unless a great today was power pack, right? It was power packed and maybe I’m overwhelming, but, but it’s good stuff and you can always listen back and refer back to your notes. And now listen to the podcast again and again. Right? So I need you to do that.

I need you to make sure you’re going to join me Thursday for the live q&a at the end. And if any of you want to jump on in a hot seat, where we’re going to go deep on something in your world, in the way of sales, answer your questions, roleplay whatever it may be, private message me. Or even better yet, you know, let me know here in the group.

Hey, Judy, I’m ready. I’m scared, but I’m doing it afraid. I want a hot seat. Okay, it’s gonna be exciting, on average has been like, between 25 and 30 of you watching live, which is awesome. I want that much if not more on Thursday. So please continue to invite your friends. You will it will I’ll make it worth your while. Not only you’ll learn to grow your business, but you may get some of these awesome additional prizes, right? So Audrey says Congrats. This is exciting. I’m not seeing any questions.

I think I better run ladies Listen, it has been an absolute and utter joy to be here with you as always. And I just can’t wait to say I can’t wait to see your success work. I’m going to be posting another thread. Please use that thread to do your success work. And by the way, if you hadn’t yet done your intro video, actually, you need to do that if you want to buy for the grand prize. So I need you please take care of doing about until bed till tomorrow at noon. Bless you. Love you so much, ladies. Have a wonderful rest of the day.

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