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Ep 46: Let’s Hone Your Negotiation Skills Transcript

All right, I think I am with you ladies. I think I am with you. Yay. I am with you. Hello. Welcome to day three of I love sales workshop. Let me go to my notes here.

Welcome. Welcome, ladies. How are you? Listen, sales can be a very tough topic. There’s lots of mental baggage around sales, right? for pretty much all of us. I mean, sales is the culmination of all of our fears, where the rubber meets the road where our business is concerned. That’s what it’s all about, right? You know what I mean? Like if you don’t sell, if you don’t get clients and customers, your business won’t survive.

Right? And so if you have unrealistic expectations, or your perfectionism leaves you paralyzed or your fear is stops you from making that sales call or taking that appointment. Or if your negative thoughts hold you back from speaking your voice from sharing your passion with conviction and confidence, and ultimately stopping you from asking for the business. If all of that bad stuff happens, then what? disappointment sets in, followed by frustration, followed by maybe even anger, resentment, like why can she do it? But I can’t?

Negative thoughts, right, feeding into more doubt. And then that becomes like a self fulfilling prophecy. I can’t do this. They’re not going to buy from me. Why bother? Does any of this sound familiar? Does any of this sound familiar? I need you to tell me and I’m going to pause for a moment to see who’s here. Melissa and Kathleen and Beth and Bonnie Jordan, Michelle, Kimberly. Hello, hello. So glad to see you. Making sure to listen
Are you carrying around mental baggage? When it comes to sales?

It’s really be real because, ladies, I hope, you know, there’s no judgment here from me ever. And I won’t allow it to happen inside this is the thrive community, right? This is the safe place where you can be honest and real and identify things holding you back, like what we’ve been talking about, like this negative mental baggage about sales. And so once you identify it, then you can get rid of it. Okay, so in the comments, I want you to tell me, if you’re struggling with sales, I’m gonna read for you in a moment. A big win by Jordan who I think I saw is here, and I want you to have these all important shifts in the way you think about sales. Okay, so I want to share this big win by Jordan. She is looking at sales differently after just two days of working inside this island sales workshop.

Right. She’s a very talented artist, young woman. And she posted this this morning inside the group. She said, I’m actually learning to love sales. Who could have imagined that I am that I enjoyed these exercises. And although I’m working and reworking my presentation, I’m beginning to lose the baggage of sales feeling icky, and view it as providing a great service for those who know they need something. But they didn’t know that I could create that something for them. And then she says sidebar my niche is beginning to become clear. Little by little Jordan. Congratulations. Amazing. Really, that’s just super. So you ladies other than Jordan, how are you? I want to know is your mind changing? Are you feeling that shift?

Alright, let’s go to God in prayer and then we’ll dive in to date three. Heavenly Father. Thank you, Lord, for how you’re moving. Thank you God for bringing these beautiful ladies here, whether they’re here with me live, Lord or
By the replay each is important. Each is important. I know these ladies are busy. As women we are so busy had so many hats within our within our business we wear so many hats and, and in our homes we wear so many hats. Lord, I just pray that you will bless each of these ladies listening with peace and joy and calm, to be present in whatever they’re doing. And also that includes now so that as I speak, and I’m your vessel, Lord, that what I’m saying will resonate with them and hit them in the heart in the mind, to help move their businesses forward. And to help them in their relationship with you and they’re trusting you. Thank you, Lord, we love you. It’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son we pray, Amen. Amen.

All right. So I want you to grab your phones ladies, thank you all have you’re watching Marius here and Deborah is here Robin Rhonda Kimberly
Megan, Christina and Liz. Oh my goodness, it’s such a blessing to have you here. All right, so I want you to grab your phone. And at some point throughout the rest of this time together, it’ll be about like 20 minutes, I want you to snap a picture.
I want to give away a one on one session with me tomorrow. And so three easy steps. Take a screenshot of this training today. And then I want you to post it on Instagram, using the hashtag I love sales. And then tag me at Judy Weber live. So take a screenshot posted on Instagram. Hashtag I love sales, and then tag me.

Alright, so grab your workbooks, you’ll see that one of the things I talk about is what is your mission? And so I want to share with you my mission, and I hope you have a mission for your business and your life as well. Right. And I know this isn’t exactly on topic or is it
All right, well, I spoke yesterday about telling your story showing through words, your passion, touching the heart of your prospective client, making that connection and authentic real connection. And being a bit vulnerable, sharing a piece of yourself. So as you know, I help ambitious women have faith like you build a thriving business and live the extraordinary life that Christ has for you. Coaching and teaching and training, and mentoring and consulting. I get to do all of that with beautiful sisters in Christ like you.

And that is what I’m great at. That is what I love to do. And doing that brings together both my logical side as a trial lawyer, I think very logically, and my creative side, did you know that I was a music Ed major, a music major in college, and my first business was interior decorating. And so as I strategize with my clients in their branding and their marketing, offering personal specific strategies for each them that fit them individually, as I encourage my clients, and I’m gifted with that gift of encouragement, right, that encouraged your spirit, as I encourage my clients, giving them the tools and the skills to grow in their confidence in who Christ made them to be. I do all of that, so that my clients can accomplish more than they ever thought possible, and faster than they dreamed. Right. And while all of that alone is amazing.

I mean, I get to help women build thriving businesses so they can have a better life. And so that they can grow as a savvy CEO and grow as a daughter of the king. That’s this is absolutely the best job I’ve ever had. I get to be a part of life change. And that life change ripples and affects countless other lives like those in their family and those of their clients that they’re going to be ultimately serving. That’s phenomenal. And it’s that light change. piece that I’m beyond passionate about lifting women up. And I think you can feel that you hear it in my voice right? So that I help you step into your God given purpose going all in fully relying on God, as you embrace who you are in Christ, seeing yourself as God sees you. And I firmly believe that when you do that sister, that’s when your extraordinariness is revealed. And that’s when you begin to tap into making huge impact in the world.

Right. And even more than all of that’s possible when we as sisters in Christ collectively, fully step in to all that Christ has for us. And when we come together in community, as we are here in the blessed to thrive community, that impact that we’re making individually becomes exponentially greater and global. Right. I mean, Jordan is from South Africa. I now have ladies and gents
This membership inside this community that hail from various parts of the world, not just North America.

It’s phenomenal. And it’s all the mighty movement of God. So sharing God’s love pursuing our God given talents, gifts and passion, showing up with confidence, showing up boldly speaking our convictions, dead to self, but fully alive in Christ and showing the world the awesomeness of who he is that my sister will bring change, much needed change to the world. And that impact is only possible through the mighty movement of God. And I see it happening all around me as I watch you. And as I watched my clients and my students, you know, how extraordinary is that?
And that whole concept of extraordinary individual and extraordinary impact, because of our extraordinary God. That’s what the sheet is extraordinary movement is all about. And that’s the inspiration for my sheet.

His extraordinary podcast. Okay. So like, that’s my mission. And so when I share that with you, I would hope that that would resonate with you because you are my ideal client. This is the mission that I want each of you to figure out for yourselves. Okay? Here’s what I believe every woman is extraordinary. Yes, you and you’re poised to do truly extraordinary things by his power. I want you to step into it. I want you to allow it to happen. Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let doubt hold you back. Trust Him, move forward. Take that big, scary next step in faith, because he wants to bless you. God is ready to do something big in your life. Are you ready? That’s my mission. What’s yours?

Okay, I’d love to hear some comments. See some comments in the comments here about Wow, okay. I’ve got to think about my mission. Yeah, it’s important. It’s

Because again, sales and negotiations, which we’re going to talk about in a second, and presentation, it all has to do with your passion and your confidence and hitting that emotional nerve. And Jordan says yes, every woman is extraordinary. Thank you for that. Alright, so let’s talk a little bit about negotiation. It is all about persuasion. And the most powerful way to persuade is through hitting an emotional aspect, which I just did, I hope and explaining my life’s mission. Was I successful in that please let me know in the comments. All right. Now, let’s get a few things out of the way right up front. You remember back in day one, I said that the goal of your sales presentation, and this whole sales thing is to get the prospective client to make a decision. It is never to convince and you can’t force someone to say yes, but but thank you, Deborah. But

You can and you must be persuasive. Like, you have to tell them why they should choose you over anybody else. And doing so right when we are persuasive. And we are sharing ourselves with them and giving value even in the presentation. It is all for their benefit, as well as yours, right? Remember what we said, You are the best person to help the other person you’re talking to right? Help them with your product, help them with your service. And so that prospective client is going to be better off if they choose you. And that’s why persuasion, which I’m going to talk about in just a second now, that is a win win.

You are an effective persuader. And you win because you get a new client. You get you know the other You’re so persuasive that you get them to say yes. And because you are the best at what you do, they went to it’s a win win. Now listen,
excuse me. I have been in sales my adult life, my graduated college, I couldn’t get that teaching job. And so I went right into sales. And then in 1995, I became a trial lawyer. And I had to persuade in the face of a male dominated environment, which required that I hone my persuasion skills and my negotiation skills and master them. So I could teach on this for hours and hours and hours. And I would love to, but for today, I want to share just a couple of very important things about persuasion. Okay, first, I’ve been talking about this before, but I want to go a little bit deeper and that is confidence.

Confidence may be an intangible, like, I can’t hold on to it, I can’t see it. But it’s vital. Without confidence, you will struggle and you’re not going to convert a prospect to a client. And so I can hear some of you say, okay, Judy, great. I’m not confident. So
Now what? Right? You’re either just starting out, or you may have been in business for a period of time. But lately you haven’t been successful in getting sales and COVID certainly doesn’t help. And so your competence may be low. But I want to tell you something, no worries, I want you to hear me on this. You don’t need to be confident in you.

You only need to be confident in God and who he made you to be. I’m going to say that again. I don’t like self confidence. If I put all my confidence in me, I’m going to lose, because I’m flawed. So for me, I put my confidence and I am confident because of who God made me. I know he is amazing. I know he is extraordinary. I know he is in control. He is sovereign. He is Lord. And I know that he doesn’t make mistakes. So if he’s called me to this, he’s going to equip me to this and that’s where I get my confidence from

Right. So, again, absent from God, I’m nothing. And Jesus himself told us this in john 15, five, apart from me, you can do nothing. But Jesus tells us in Matthew 1926 that although with man, this is impossible with God, all things are possible. So yes, with God with Christ, even the impossible can be accomplished. Thank you for the love ladies. With God, anything’s possible. And so I’m certain you’ve heard these verses before. But I’m asking the hard questions here, because that’s the way I roll.

These verses you’ve heard before, do you believe them? Please be honest, let’s be real today. Again, no judgment. It’s about fully embracing who you are in Christ, leaning in trusting him going all in, in faith. Are you living out these verses?
Right. Are you actually acting as if God is wholly trustworthy. Are you acting as if with him? All things truly are possible? Are you acting boldly courageously? Are you assuming a positive income or better outcome? Are you assuming a positive outcome? Are you trusting God?
And so, when you meditate on these truths, and on God’s exceedingly great and precious promises, which are all Yes, in our Lord Jesus, right. When you live these out, life changes, your business changes.

You see success in life and business begins and ends with your mindset. You’ve got to embrace confidence in Christ
and confident that who you are is exactly who you need to be. To do everything that God wants you to do,
and show up confidently with a smile, ready to help? That’s negotiation. That is persuasion.

You know, it’s funny as I was preparing for this in the last week, and I read a lot of articles and you know, I always want to be up to the minute and see if anything new is out there. I mean, what I’m seeing is nonsense. You know, talking about just, you know, it’s the usual the standard stuff about negotiation, and it’s just so smarmy, and slimy and trickery and you don’t need that. Let’s do it God’s way. Right.

Okay, awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Let me see some of these comments, Jordan, be confident in God and who he made you to be with Christ. Even the impossible can be accomplished. It says with Christ, all things are possible. Yes. And Jordan says I do believe and I’m learning to live out my faith more every day. Excellent.

Excellent. Okay. So that was the first thing, the first persuasion concept that I need you to get a handle on. And this is different than what other people are teaching you. Am I right? All right. The second thing that I want you to be aware of and to fully embrace is this concept of positioning, positioning, establishing who you are, knowing your value, and all that you bring to the table with clarity, poise and confidence. Okay? Say what you mean and mean what you say. So, before you meet or talk to anyone, you’re in business for yourself, right?

I need you to establish boundaries, boundaries about who you will work with. And only those that value you and your expertise and value your time, boundaries around pricing. I need you to state your pricing. When you’re talking with someone very matter of factly. Don’t hesitate. Don’t apply.

Say it with confidence and with an expectation that when you tell people your price, the investment, whatever it’s going to be that it’s going to be well received by them. Now, tomorrow night at eight o’clock eastern, you’ll remember I’m going to go live right here for a q&a, I’m going to be answering your questions about pricing, and discounting and all that. So make sure you’re here with me tomorrow at eight o’clock eastern.
You see, on this point of positioning and setting boundaries, too often when we’re talking with prospects, we’re coming from a mindset of fear and doubt and lack. We say we want to win this client. And yet, what do we do? Too often, we’re talking smack in our own minds. Why am I here? not really an expert. Why would she want to work with me? Right? This is the conversation going on inside our minds. Does this ever happened to you? It did with me.

And so we’re having this negative conference.
with ourselves, while at the same time, we’re trying to find the words to speak out loud to this prospective client as to why we’re the best choice. And so do you see how we’re defeating ourselves when this happens? In a lot of cases, although we say we want the business, we’re expecting a no. And that vibe that doubt that we have is absolutely felt by the prospect. I assure you that whether it’s over the phone, or whether you’re sitting there live, it’s one of those intangible things that is borne out in our body language and in our intonation. So instead, I need you to approach every sales call every appointment with genuine excitement at the opportunity, and with hopeful expectation of a sale, confident again about who you are in Christ, and that in him, you can serve this person in amazing ways. Even if you’re brand new, that you can make that person’s life better by your product or your service.

Don’t be nervous, you’re the best person to work with that person. Now that mindset, that positioning of yourself as the expert, not just an expert, but the expert for the prospect, that’s going to get you a heck of a lot more yeses than knows. Right? And that approach, I need to say this, so stay tuned. What I’m about to say is very important,
that approach a positioning that you are the expert for the prospect does not require that you fake it till you make it.

No, we’re not fake. We’re not fake. You’re simply relying on Christ, being your authentic self listening and caring, like we talked about yesterday. And trusting that God is going to give you the words to say he’s going to equip you for the work that he’s called you to. See. It’s not about that perfect script. It’s about knowing who you are and what you do and how you do it and why it’s better.

And then being familiar with the different packages or your products. That’s it. There is no magic script. There are no perfect words.
Before you go into an appointment, pray that God would would fill any gap in your mind and in your voice. Okay, that’s powerful stuff, letting him take over. That’s always best, isn’t it? All right, so we had confidence, positioning. And now I’m talking about silence.
The power of silence? Are you loving this? Are you loving this?

I’m feeling I’m feeling movement of the Spirit. Ladies, this is this is him speaking to you. This is you fully embracing who you are in him fully embracing your femininity. Okay. I mentioned yesterday that the person asking the questions has control of the meeting, and that’s 1,000% true. But there’s one important thing to keep in mind and that is this power in silence. And the best way to explain this is
through an example. Alright, so as you may know, I’ve been a licensed Realtor since 2008. And when I was in production, this was a story I used to tell prospective homeowners seller clients, right?

I would tell them and I’ll pretend I’m talking. I’m gonna pretend you’re the seller and I’m talking to you. Okay.
Listen, I had, I want to tell you a story. I had this buyer couple that came in from out of town that came into town on a Friday, and they wanted to look at a couple of houses over the weekend. And we looked at a couple that night, Friday night.

Excuse me, and we plan to see several more throughout that weekend. They really were hoping to find their dream home that weekend. on that Friday night, the wife fell in love with this one house, and she wanted to put an offer in on it. But her husband said no, it just went on the market. Why rush? It’s nice, but I want to see some other houses before deciding. And the wife was super, super excited. And frankly, this home hit almost all of not only their needs, but they’re one

And so I said, this is a stunning home, no doubt about it. And it’s fairly priced for the market. And I would expect that it’s not going to be available for long. So let me reach out to the listing agent and find out if there are other offers and let you know, blah, blah, blah. So I did that. And he said, No, no other offers. And I asked, Well, listen, if you get one, will you please let me know, because I have very well qualified buyers, and they will probably want to write an offer. That was Friday night. So Sunday church, I got a text and it says, Judy, the house is sold.

So after church, I call him back and I say, wait a minute, what? I thought we had an agreement here. And he said, Well, they got an offer and the homeowners just said they wanted it to be over. So done deal. That’s it didn’t make sense. You realtors would know that doesn’t make sense. My clients were really disappointed I was done. It’s a great house. Why not call me back and get some multiple offer opportunities for the seller client right?
Well, weeks later, I discovered exactly why this went down the way it did. And this is how I explained it to my homeowner, ladies, I’m still role playing right?

This listing agent I discovered was also representing not only the homeowner but the buyer. So he was on both sides of the transaction, more money in his pocket. And so he advised his client to just take the offer and be done with it. Here’s the thing. That sales price was $5,000 under list. And the reality is my clients loved the house so much they were already told me they were willing to go 5000 over list. So that’s $10,000 less that that homeowner got all their agent walked away with more money because he was on both sides of the deal. Now I asked you Mr. Mrs. seller, whose interest Do you think that listing agent was looking out for?

Silence, let that storyland plant seeds of doubt if they work with someone else.
That’s the power of silence. Does that make sense? The power of silence? All right, one more example. When they ask you for your fees, if you’re a coach, life coach, business coach, relationship, coach, whatever it may be, I need you to state your fees, in a matter of fact, fashion with a smile, and then ask this or that question, and then be quiet. Here’s the example. My investment for my six month one on one coaching program is $5,000. When paid in full upfront, or if you prefer, we can spread those payments out and do a couple of monthly payments, which will work best for you.

Silence you’re not saying How does that sound? You’re not saying what questions do you have? Make them decide between those two alternatives, believe me if they’re not ready, or if they have questions, they will bring them but I’m assuming the sale
I’m not hesitant with the price. I, you know, I’ve gotten a couple of yeses along the way. And so I just laid out there, and then I’m quiet. I don’t talk myself out of there. Yes, I don’t talk. I don’t talk them. That’ll be yes. I talk them, you know, I present the opportunity. And I say, which is it?
Just makes sense.

Okay. The fourth and I think final concept that I wanted to bring you today, ladies is you need to be willing to walk away.
To be really effective in negotiation. You need to be willing to walk away. And this really goes to knowing your value. Do you understand your worth? Do you understand the value that you bring how powerful your work is? Do you do you yourself fully comprehend the results? The transformation, the life change that your clients enjoy after working with you or after using your products?
This understanding of your value ladies is pivotal for your business. And it absolutely stems from
your mindset.

There’s a lot of repetition and what I’m saying isn’t there. And more often than not, it goes back to mindset. So those of you that are thinking, you know, oh, I found a freebie, they’re gonna give me my, you know, the Facebook ad script that never loses, you know, the perfect script that never fails. You know, the marketing strategy, nobody’s telling you about this. And if you get if you get handed to you, a strategy that works for somebody else, but you don’t understand your own value.
It’s not gonna work for you. It’s just not.
If you’re not committed,
it’s not gonna work.

Right. So what do you think about you? What do you think about what you do?
But on this point of being able to walk away, you need to again parameters established in your business. Thank you for the love ladies. Among those parameters is are you going to offer discounts? Or will you not offer discounts? And if you do, then when, under what circumstances?
And I want to give you another example to make it really makes sense for you. Okay? It’s important that you understand what I’m saying. So, real estate agents, there are people out there who want your services, but they want them for free.

I hope your stance on that is ain’t happening, right?
I know for me, some women sign up for multiple free consults. When I offer my free consultants I have to politely say, No, you get one.
You know, I actually have people who come into this group and they say I don’t have any money. Would you be willing to coach me for free?
Can you believe that? And at the same time, these ladies are saying Judy, you’re awesome.

I love your lives. I love your podcast. I’ve learned so much from you. You’re so good. I see the value, I think. But yeah.
Okay, so real life application here, ladies, I could feel like, they don’t see the value. They don’t see the value of working with me. They say I’m good, and I’ve helped them. But if that’s true, they sign up to work with me. But I want you to know that’s not necessarily true.
Because sometimes, sometimes it’s not about you or your value.
Sometimes, it’s about them, and their lack of commitment. Like, do they really want change?

We know that change takes sacrifice. So are they really willing to make those sacrifices and I’m just not even talking about investing dollars. I’m talking about the sacrifice of hard work. of actually doing the work. Instead of being handed a magic pill and wanting dollars to fall from the heavens.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that this entrepreneurial thing is not for the faint of heart. It takes time and consistent effort. And yes, it takes commitment to make things happen. And that makes sense, right? I mean, nothing of value happens like that. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business. So if you’re a coach, okay, and a fan of yours, a follower of yours isn’t converting. It could be you, and any number of reasons. But the problem may be them and their fear and their lack of commitment.
And all of that fear and that lack of commitment manifests itself in excuses. They say excuses, I don’t have money. I don’t have any
Time. I’m not ready yet.

So, sometimes we can’t take that personally. And sometimes we can’t beat ourselves up for saying, What did I do wrong?
At the end of the day, it’s up to them. Remember, I’ve been saying all along your job is not to convince, it’s up to them, do they really want life or business change,
or, instead of really, really, really wanting it and committing it, committing to it, they just want it without the work without the commitment. Lots of people want to be fit, but to be fit, you’ve got to change the way you do things. Lots of ladies want a thriving business. But to get there, you’ve got to change the way you’re doing things.

Back to the real estate example, lots of people want to sell their house with an agent. But to do that, it’s going to cost them 6% of the sales price. And some just aren’t committed to doing it. They want to do it on their own. So
Working with you requires commitment, of course on your part, but commitment on their part
to say I’m really ready for what I say I’m ready for, without commitment, they’re not going to see the value in anything that could get them there. If they’re not committed to that, right, they’ll just have excuses. Does that make sense?

And so they’ll just make excuses, even in the face of stories about how you help someone just like them, who was scared to jump just like they are, who didn’t have the money either.
But this person who you helped was committed enough and resourceful enough to find the money and to do the work. And as a result of that true desire and commitment and resourcefulness. they’ve experienced significant life and business change. Thank you for the love. Okay.
Okay. No. All right. Yeah. So for those who truly are committed, those stories are not going to move them off the fence. And neither will your irritation of their pain points which we talked about yesterday.

Okay, I want you to always remember, the brain doesn’t like change. It prefers the status quo, and it’s going to take action to keep you save an end the status quo, the brain, the brain is going to tell you to do what it requires to stay safe. And so the only thing that’s going to break that is commitment. And so when you feel stonewalled,
and that person you are sitting across from or are on the phone with, they just keep saying excuses. You’ve got to know when you walk away, and stop wasting your time.

All right, I want to tell you the success word and then I want to come to your comments. All right. So you’ll see in the workbook, I need you to begin to write your life’s mission. Make it emotive something you’re really, really passionate.
about, okay, something you’re passionate about. Secondly, out of these things that we’ve talked about the confidence the positioning the being able to walk away and the one that I can’t remember right now, which of those concepts resonated with you the most? Okay, I need you to tell me and you may have to watch this again. That’s why I have these here in the group for you to watch on the replay.

And finally, if you have not if you have not yet given a rating and a review on iTunes for my she is extraordinary podcast, please would you do so? My team is watching bonus points. Party next Tuesday. Okay. And of course keep inviting your friends here it is not too late. And finally, oh, there’s my phone. watching myself as I’m doing this. Finally. If you have not yet done so, snap a quick picture. You know, posted on Instagram. Hashtag I love sales. tag me at two

Ripper live. Okay, so let me see what’s going on here. Kim’s Becky says I hate saying that. Fake it till you make it. Yeah, me too. It’s just doesn’t feel good. I don’t want to fake anything. Kim says relying on Christ not myself. confidence in him. Jordan, pray before going in an appointment for God to fill any gaps. Yes. Thank you for writing it down. It’s good stuff. Food says Very good. Thank you, hon. Jordan, I love that this or that question scenario. Hara. Lina says yes, I need to learn to have more silence. Yeah. Be comfortable in sales. One of the first sales things that I learned was that if he asked a question, the next person who talks loses, and I really don’t like that, but I get what they what they meant.

Which is if I ask a question, are you ready to go?
And I say anything. I’m going to give them a reason to not say yes.
I want that silence to feel happy.
To them, not to punish them not to be me. But because I want them to feel the weight of it. I’m presenting opportunities to better you in big, big ways that you’re gonna love.
Are you ready?
Yeah, silence is good.

All right, lashon kita understand my value. Wendy says definitely I did that with my job and doubled my pay. Thank God. I’m not quite sure what that is. But you know, these concepts of knowing your value and not backing down, and when you’re getting met with excuses and Bs and you know, when you see it, then you just walk away. Megan says, Yes, this is golden boots, no discount unless they’re selling multiple properties. superduper Kayla was watching Welcome. Megan says this is so good finding this one finding those who want real change. Kim says but entrepreneurship is so easy. Just go out to the beach or pool with my laptop. Guess what, some tell you
You know, you don’t make me sick. You don’t make me sick.

Coaches like myself who actually have Facebook ads that say that very thing.
And then they get people who so desperately want that to be true. They get them to pay thousands of dollars, because they just promised that hey, sign up with me and you’ll be by the pool. And within a short period of time, they realized, oh, my goodness, I dumped $10,000 for this. This is as hard as what this other person who said only now I’m now $10,000 and I can’t trust this person because they lie to me. Right? Felicia is watching, Devaney’s watching, knowing when to walk away and Donna is here. Alright ladies, I’m sorry. I went a little bit long again today. I am so passionate. Can you hear this?

I am so passionate about what I do, about encouraging you and more than just giving you fluff. I give you substance, these concepts that we’re talking about. This is the foundation of your mindset. When your mindset is right then these strategies can really just Whoa, just to help your business take off. Now as you thank you for the love so as you’re thinking of any questions, and please do continue to post those in there and show up tomorrow at eight o’clock eastern right here. I’m
also gonna say, Oh gosh, I forgot what I was gonna say. They hate when that happens.

Gosh, I just went out of my brain. But ladies, I love you so much. I hope to change the way you think about sales and selling in your business. It is not slimy. It is not yucky. It is not pushy. It is knowing who you are standing firm in that smiling being confident in who you are in Christ. Right.
Alright ladies Oh, I know what I was gonna say.

I have to apologize. Yesterday when zoom actually worked as it is today again crazy God, I forgot to hit record. So I’ve been desperately trying to find a way to download yesterday’s live from Facebook and there is a go to, but as of April they don’t do it anymore I think it was called Safe something that I forget but it was a way that you could do that where you could download somebody else’s live somebody else’s post and download it. But that isn’t there so if any of you know of a safe software, a safe website resource that I can download my live from yesterday, please let me know.

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