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Ep 47: Master Timeblocking: Get Control of your Calendar & Stay Focused! Transcript

Welcome to Episode 47 of the sheet is extraordinary podcast. Today I am bringing you a truly life changing episode. Yes, I mean it. Women, many have told me, Judy, your time blocking workshop changed my life.

And so you know, time blocking is a word that you may have heard before you probably did. You may have even tried it before and say gosh, this doesn’t work for me. Well, God gave me this step by step that I’m about to share with you, because nothing else worked for me either. So if you need to get control of your calendar, if you need to be more productive, if you’re tired of being distracted and you know kind of being pulled away all the time and not getting things done that really needs to be done. If you want focus, you’re going to love this episode.

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Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to do
Again, to boldly in faith, pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host, Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness in both life and business. It’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary. Hello, Judy Weber, your Christian business coach.

Love you there on Facebook. Love you here on Instagram. This is my first workshop. So as you can see, I’m not sitting at my desk, I’m standing and I have some you know, pen in hand. And I have some charts and things because look, this is not the day for lectures. This is the day to get things done. As you know
Every Friday in January, I’m going to be coming live to you at 11am. Eastern, as I do every Friday, right? But January is devoted to systems building, and specifically workshops. So grab a paper and pen if you don’t have it already. Instagram, if you are watching and I see a bunch here on Thank you so much, you might have a better view, if you jump over if you’re able to on Facebook, Judy Weber, biz coach, just a thought. But this is being recorded, and it will live on my business page.

So I want to just give you a preview of what we’re going to be doing today. As I said, this is a workshop, not a lecture. However, I’m going to open up this time together with a quick couple of minutes about what time blocking is, what it isn’t and why we’re spending precious time talking about it, why it matters to you and your business, then we’re going to be going to God in prayer. Then I’m going to identify for you the five steps that I’ve used to master time blocking and it’s like nothing else that I’ve seen out there.

So I think you’re going to love this, then together, we’re going to go through these five steps, okay? So that at the end of this, you will have a very, very, very good start on your time blocking, which is a critical system to becoming a thriving entrepreneur, then I’ll give you an opportunity to get these pretty downloadables that I did for you. Whoops, like this. Okay, pretty downloadables.

I’ll talk about how you do that. And finally, I’m going to answer your questions. So I forgot to ask a team member to be here with me. So I’m kind of doing this alone. So I don’t know I want this to be interactive. So keep the comments coming both on Facebook. I see that there and also on Instagram, but I may not be able to get to your questions until the very end, but guaranteed I will

Okay, are you excited? I am so freaking excited. You know, when people meet me, they say gosh, I love your energy. And I kind of took it for granted but I guess I do have a lot of energy and I’m telling you for today. I am showing up big time and I hope you are too Okay, so let’s open up by talking
About time blocking, and what it is because that word gets thrown around a lot. So as entrepreneurs, we know we’re busy people, right? Especially solo entrepreneurs, we’re wearing many hats. We’re the CEO, the CFO, the marketing, the CMO, right? Gosh, the list goes on and on and on social media manager, all of that. So there is a difference. In this business.

There’s a difference between random and chaotic, busy, okay, where you’re constantly like chasing your tail, and you’re constantly running and you feel like you’re doing too much and not getting anywhere that’s like random, chaotic, busy. And that’s very different than what we’re doing here with time blocking, which I call structured, busy. Right? And if you’ve talked to me, if you’ve had the opportunity, if you’re one of my clients, or one of my students, or if we’ve had a breakthrough call together, you know, that, in my estimation, why so many women kind of fall off the entrepreneurial thing.

It’s not because they couldn’t do it, it’s because they don’t have their systems and structure in place. And that’s exactly why I chose January 2020 to focus on that. So, time blocking is all about getting this structured busy. Okay, because we’re going to be busy it unless you’re like a multimillionaire sitting on top of a big corporation, we solopreneurs especially and smaller team leaders, smaller businesses are going to be busy. So let’s make it structured and not chaotic.

Okay? So it’s all about setting priorities, and then sticking to them. It’s like, it’s like when you have a resolution, your New Year’s resolution, and you’re all excited about it in the beginning, and by Valentine’s Day, you’re done. Right? Well, then the time blocking won’t really do anything. So it’s about setting these priorities, doing these five steps and then consistently repeating them. Okay. So what is time blocking? Time blocking is the practice of planning out your time in advance, dedicating specific tasks, very specific and detailed tasks.

Not big lumping of categories of tasks, but each specific task into a certain timeframe. See, that’s the key, right? And we’re going to talk about, about what doesn’t work. And maybe this is some things that you’ve tried. But again, time blocking is the practice of planning out your time in blocks for very specific tasks. Okay, and so that’s very different than sticky notes. I love sticky notes.

Do you love sticky notes? I love sticky notes. Wow, that’s a bad angle on my chin, but oh, well, okay, so it’s very different from sticky notes, or even to do lists. You see, because a to do list or those sticky notes tell you what to do. But, you know, that’s very different from time blocking, where it tells you not only what to do and very specifically, but when to do it. See the difference? Okay, it’s powerful stuff, ladies. So when you feel good
Calendar with specific tasks and assign a specific period of time for that, it’s going to be harder for others to steal you away from that, to steal your time in that regard, or for you to even get distracted and lose focus, okay? Because think about it. If you say I’m going to spend the next 30 minutes writing my blog, you know, going on to Instagram and planning out my week, whatever it may be, when you do that in a time block fashion, it’s going to help you to stay focused.

Why? Because you know, the timeframe, you have to do it, and you know, the specific task you need to do. And so what happens if you don’t time block is what’s called Parkinson’s Law, where your work is going to expand to fill the time. Okay, and I am giving a specific example and I bet you dollars to donuts that many, many of you have experienced this, okay. Here’s an example. You say, you know what, I’m going to work until I get this weekend.

Blog posts done. Okay. And that may sound pretty good, hey, I’m gonna stick to it until it’s done. But it’s not ideal. Okay? And here’s why. Because there are no time limits. And so what happens is, let’s say you say, Okay, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get up today. And I’m going to keep going until I get my blog post done.

You sit at your computer, and you’re like, Huh, we’re going to talk about, huh? So then you start the net for a while to find a topic. Well, that could easily send you down a couple of rabbit holes, then you’re on Facebook and email comes in, you know what I’m saying? So you spend 30 minutes trying to find a topic, okay, then you were 60 minutes or more depending on how many rabbit holes then you’ll spend another hour or more trying to write and no doubt getting distracted along the way. And you see, that’s the problem when you’re not time blocking. Okay. So let’s go to God in prayer. And before we do that, I just want to make a statement that I wonder if you agree with, okay.

I think as Christians, we do things differently. We know that right. But I think even the time blocking, we do a little bit differently. Because with everything we do, we’re supposed to seek God’s will and to seek his direction for our life. Right? We allow him to direct our steps, because in everything we do is for His glory for his honor. Right? And so we need to be good stewards of time, because time is a gift. Right? It’s, to me, time is the most precious gift we have. Because once it’s spent, it’s gone. As opposed to money. Once it’s invested, we could get that back and more. Okay, so we need to do our part for being good stewards of the time that God gives us how do we do that? by planning by being focused by organizing our time, but understand that the ebbs and flows if we feel in our soul, in our spirit in our heart, that God is telling us to do something. Well, of course we’re gonna, you know, give into him and his will.

He’s God, right? He made us. But we should never kind of fly things by the seat of our pants for saying No wonder what God wants me to do today. So we need to do our part on this. Okay, let’s go to God in prayer before we move on.

Alright Heavenly Father. You know, I’m so excited to deliver this message and thank you God for helping me to put it together. Thank you, Lord, for bringing these beautiful ladies here with me whether they are here live right now or virtual. Lord, we’re looking to you to kind of guide my words. I always want to be your vessel Lord, and we’re hoping the technology works that everything I plan will work. This is kind of their my guinea pig audience, Lord, but we know you are here. We thank you in advance for that. We ask for your blessing. I always ask for
Blessing Lord, all these beautiful ladies in their families in their businesses. We’re doing this for Your glory Lord, may be pleasing to you. We pray this in the mighty and Almighty name of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen.

All right, so, I am going to try to move this along here. I want to go through the five steps that I use to master time blocking, okay, let’s see who’s here get 13 commits. 49 people watching, that’s amazing. Okay. So for us as Christians, okay, the first step to time blocking is to go to God.
Now, you might say what, let me tell you something, ladies. Whoops, you’re not even seeing me over there on Instagram.
If you are not praying, if you are not praying for God, to move mightily and use your business as a mission you know, as public

Have you know advancing God’s kingdom? and looking to him for wisdom, you’re missing out? You’re missing out. So the first step in anything and everything we do is go to God. You know, how many Bible stories do we read? Were the heroes of our faith? What do they do when trouble King? What did they do when they needed advice and didn’t know where to go? They always looked up, and they went to God. Right? So we need to start there. That is step one. Number two, step two is we have to identify the tasks in each category. Let me explain. So we have to identify tasks.
And there are a couple of categories that I think are important. And by the way, what we’re doing here is getting the entire framework for starting your time blocking. Once you’re in the rhythm, then it’s just kind of tweaking and going as you you know, as you would once you have already identified what we’re about to do in these five categories. Okay.

So the categories are morning, we’re going to identify our morning tasks every morning, we should have a morning routine, we’re going to identify our evening tasks, right morning and evening. We’re going to identify the daily tasks, then the weekly tasks.
And then finally, we’re going to identify the monthly and we could even go to quarterly.
But what I’m saying here is we need to be strategic and systematic in business in 2020, if we want to become thriving six figure seven figure entrepreneurs, okay, so I’m all about think work. And I think so many business coaches and so many other people out there, they really don’t give you the time to think. And, you know, my background, I’m a lawyer, so all I used to do is think and I think there’s actually
power in thinking these through.

Now, of course, No two days are going to be identical. But I want us as we go through this in a moment to think about, what do you do in the morning, right? Some of us may take a shower in the morning, some of us may take a shower at night. Some of us may do Bible study in the morning, others at night, and so on. So it’s going to be individualized. But I want to take you through an example for each of these five categories. And, you know, depending on whether your business is a service business, or you sell a product, or you’re a creative, or your brick and mortar, certainly your daily, weekly and monthly, you know, tasks are going to vary, but I’m going to be giving you the structure and example so that you’ll be able to do this for yourself. Okay. Alright, so that was step two, step three. Once we’ve identified these tasks, then we need to break them down to detail and I’ll explain in a second so we break down, break down the tasks.

I don’t know if you can read this, but hopefully you can hear me. Okay? So for example,
all right, sorry, I got a phone call. Okay. So for example, instead of having a task in one of these daily tasks, you’ve said, I’m going to do social media. Well, that’s not good enough ladies, we need to be specific. And so instead, I want you to break it down and say, comment on 10 clients posts on Facebook.

Private Message five prospects, you know, prepare to Instagram posts, prepare one Instagram story, post a video on LinkedIn, and so on. So step three is taking these tasks that may or may not be specific enough and making sure that
They are broken down step by step, not just broad categories. Okay? You follow me, if you are, I’d love to see some love. Okay, and I know you’re a little bit delayed. Alright. So once we have these specific tasks, step four is assigning time for each task.

So assign time for the task, or I call that your to do. Okay?
Now I understand that when you’re first doing this, you may not realize how long something takes. And in that case, then you would simply be estimating and the more you do it, the better you’re going to get at it. Okay, so, almost done. So now we have our tasks, we’ve made sure to break them down into the specific Okay, now, I’m going to assign the time you know, when I post on 10 clients
Facebook posts that will take 15 minutes. Great, we have all of that detail. Now all we need to do is grab our calendar. And now actually plot these into our week. So I’ll say put tasks on your calendar, put tasks on calendar.

Now some of you may be saying what’s better? Um, you know, a paper calendar, or
you know, or the virtual? My answer is whichever you will use. And it may take some time for you as you’re doing your time blocking to say, Hmm, I wonder and you may try one it doesn’t work, then you’ll go to the other or I know some women who you know, use both. For the most part, I have learned to love my Google Calendar, which is on my computer, which is on my phone, you know, so so you’ll have to, you know, see what works best for you. So those are the five steps. How are we feeling about that?

It is doable, right? It is doable. It is doable. Okay. So now I want us to get specific and brainstorm a little bit. Okay, I want us to brainstorm on some of these tasks just to get the ball rolling. Okay. So what are some morning tasks free part of your morning routine? Okay, I and I was hoping to interact, but my computer’s not agreeing. So I’m just gonna go with my list. And at the end, that’s chat. Okay, I’m good until noon. Where are we? 1117 great. Okay, so the morning routine, what does that consist of, for some, it could be exercise.
It could be prayer, gratitude, reflection, time. journaling.

That may all be lumped into one or it could be different, right?
Depending on your routine This is individual for you. Um, one of my favorites coffee. I can’t get going without my coffee. Anybody else? Right? love my coffee from LA? I think I should do an advertisement for them. I’m always talking about them. Um, how about shower makeup? Get ready.
And you’re saying some of you may be saying hold on hold on a second.
You want me to time block when I’m taking a shower? Yes.

And, you know, I think it’s very important that your calendar at least for me, I have found that if I don’t gel, my personal and business calendars together, I’m going to miss something. So absolutely everything you do. This is why we’re taking the time to think about our daily, weekly, monthly etc. tasks and we’re breaking it down. You know, into these categories we talked about, because we don’t want to miss anything. And I would encourage you in the next week to make it a point, to pay attention to how you’re spending your time. And maybe even think about it in 15 minutes or 30 minutes, or certainly no more than 60 minute chunks, and kind of keep a journal and that will help you to number one, see where you’re spending your time. And number two, help you to estimate how long things will actually take. Okay, so what else do we do in the morning, we may identify our priorities for the day.

Identify priorities, or maybe we already did that the night before, but now we’re going to review them. So it could be identify or review priorities. Maybe it’s check emails, maybe you do that in the morning before you get things going. Okay, check emails, texts, private messages, dm the whole thing right? Here’s one thing, excuse me that I love. are you like this? Do you have amazing ideas in the shower?

Or when you’re exercising, like, like, when you’re not really thinking, sometimes these great ideas come to you. So, you know, maybe in the morning, we want to make sure that we, you know, if we’re not able to have a paper by the shower, or wherever we are to try to sit down and think about those breakthrough ideas that we had while we were showering. Okay, so, so, breakthrough ideas capture those.
Maybe also a part of this, if we have kids could be waking the kids, getting them off to school, making them breakfast, getting their lunch, etc. Okay, so that’s good, right? So you can add whatever your morning routine is okay? And there’s no right or wrong. All right. Let’s go to the evening routine. Let’s just talk about that.

Some of those tasks may be reviewing your day. I think it’s a good practice to spend at least five minutes sitting alone. Maybe when the kids go to bed. I don’t know, that’s up to you. But to say, you know what, what went great today? What, what, what? Gosh, what was what am I so proud of that I did today? Write it down. That’s why I love that gratitude journal. And maybe what didn’t go so well. So we write those down. Maybe in the evening, you’d like to set the next day’s priorities. Okay, so set up tomorrow’s priorities.
Maybe you do your prayer time in the evening, okay.

Or maybe you do additional prayer time in the evening, maybe this is every evening. So we’ll get into Bible study and some of those other weekly obligations you have. Maybe you shower at night, maybe
You know, helping the kids with their homework. family time, hubby time, make dinner, all that. Okay? You’re with me easy, right? Okay, so it’s just becoming seemed like more doable now. I hope so.

All right, let’s keep going daily tasks, daily tasks. How about this and again, everything work and personal
social media. Many of you focus on that. And what I will tell you is social media is beautiful, but don’t forget that business is relationships. And so it’s about connecting one on one. Social media is great for exposure. But I see many, many ladies spending so much time spinning their wheels, and they’re sitting in front of their computer instead of getting out there and meeting people. So you know, just keep that in mind. Okay, so social media, what are your plans? forms you need to identify your platforms.

A footnote on that, I would highly encourage you to focus on one and master that and not be thin across the board. If you’re finding it hard to keep up, that’s probably why. Okay, so I want you to identify what platforms, how many times a day are you going to post? Um, you know, when are you going to post them? I want you to think about this, maybe not in this task, but I want you to think about this and this idea of time blocking. Um, and and do you have a plan?

So maybe that’s a little bit more than this task of just identifying, you know, everything we do daily. But as we move forward into the other steps, those questions are going to become even more important for you. Because, again, I don’t want you to say do social media for an hour. Oh, no, you’re right. get distracted easiest peasy. Okay. All right. So what else are we doing besides social media? How about lead gen?
Wait a minute, that’s pretty broad. So let’s get a little bit more specific and say live lead gen.

So lead gen is another word for connection. So this could be, I will meet no less than three people every day. Okay, three people. It could be I will make X number of phone calls every day. And depending on what your business is, you know, I don’t know what that is. It could be knocking on doors, right? It could be a number of things. It could be you know, to me, this is live texting, dming private messaging, whatever it is for you in Legion, and then a lead another form of lead gen. And that’s why that’s too broad of a topic was how about Virtually through your email,
reaching out to people by email and also through your website.

Okay, looking to see analytics, you know, if you’re able to get that information for realtors out there, you’re able to perhaps your website is tied into your CRM, and you can see who visited your site. And maybe you want to every day, I don’t know, or maybe every week, I don’t know it’s up to you reach out to them in some way. Okay. All right, what else? Maybe you have prayer time during the day? I don’t know. Maybe you exercise during the day. I don’t know. Maybe during the day, you know, you spend time with those you love. Maybe every day you spend a designated period of time with your husband, a specific period of time with your friends, with your kids, etc. Okay.

Maybe every day you have X number of appointments, so you’re going to figure that out. Right? Just write it down. Whatever comes to mind. Maybe you’ll have certain sales calls. If you are an online coach or something, some other online type business that has you speaking to people with breakthrough calls like I do, then you’re going to put that down. And of course, don’t forget about the things that tend to be forgotten when we’re doing something like this, which includes lunchtime, or some breaks, time block your breaks somebody please put that in Facebook, would you please write time block your breaks time block your lunch? And if you have to go pick up your kids or grandkids time block that as well. Okay, so those are some examples of daily tasks. Are we loving this?

Okay, are we good? All right, let’s talk about weekly tasks. How about following up with clients? Right? We need to do that every week. Maybe you’re doing it every day. It’s your business. And it’s going to vary based upon you your preferences and your business. With respect to following up with clients, you’re going to want to think about how am I going to follow up? What am I going to do to follow up? When am I going to follow up, and it’s going to get specific, that’ll be in the next step. Okay? Maybe instead of just following up with clients, maybe you also want to follow up with prospects.

Okay, and I don’t know how your CRM is categorized or divided. But maybe you want to follow up with each category, hot, warm, cold, however you do it right. Weekly, you’re going to have appointments.
So there will be some overlap between the daily and the weekly. But again, as we think things in these different ways, the goal is that you won’t miss something. Okay? So go through this exercise. I’m not able to spend time to get it all perfect now, but you see what I’m doing. Here’s another great thought.

The power of brain dumping
the power of brain dumping, and not worrying
about getting it perfect. Right? We are just beginning to get our thoughts out there to try to capture everything so we don’t miss it. But you know, this time blocking, it takes time to master any skill. And this is absolutely a skill. And it is so individualized that you know, just give yourself some grace and stay with it. Okay, go through each of these steps. Okay, so you have appointments with clients, you have appointments with prospects.
Right? How about videos every week in 2020?

Every week in 2020, you need to do video. You need to do video, and I’m sorry if you hate when I say that, but I’m telling you that because if you don’t jump on the video bandwagon, you’re gonna miss out and I don’t want you to miss out. Okay, so weekly, you will do videos and they may be longer. All right, I would love you to go live on your Facebook business page every week. And even on your personal page, right? These are the things I’m going to be implementing. Excuse me, maybe weekly, you want to update your contacts.

If you are, when you come home at the end of the day, throwing business cards and sticky notes on your desk, do yourself a favor.
And as much as you can daily, try to update your CRM or at the very least weekly, otherwise notes you’re going to lose valuable information. Okay, maybe weekly, you’re going to be doing a blog post, maybe weekly, you go to Bible study and church so we put that down quickly. You have a date night. That’s great. Maybe weekly, you have a special family time. Right? And by the way, ladies, I’m talking about Saturday and Sunday as well because a lot of us work at least a little bit on the weekends.

And you get to set those boundaries when you work. But again, this is holistic, like the whole comprehensive time thing. So anything you do during the week, Sunday to Saturday, I want to show up here on your list. How about this one role playing? Ladies, we’re entrepreneurs. So sales is something that we need to be confident in. And so if you’re not role playing, let’s put it in our calendar and do that. Now you might say, Well, I don’t have a partner. If you’re in any one of my group’s girls guide to outrageous real estate success, or driven and equipped, just post, hey, I’m in the Eastern Time Zone. I’m in the Pacific Time Zone, whatever it is, I need a roleplay partner, would you be willing, so don’t use that excuse. Okay, so role playing.

Maybe if you have a brick and mortar or maybe if you have a team, you’re going to have a team
needed weekly. Maybe a team training? I don’t know. So you can put that in grocery shopping. Gosh, that’s one of my least favorite domestic things but grocery shopping, cooking dinner while cooking dinner be over here on the daily. Okay, see how that is I remembered it and I got to put it on the list. This is what we do. Okay? Maybe if you’re brick and mortar, you’re going to review inventory.

And you’re going to reach out to your vendors every week. Maybe you’re going to instead of saying on the daily list that I’m going to read right hand written notes to clients and others, maybe you’re going to put that on your weekly. So again, we get the point, right, we get the idea. Okay. So you would go through that for your monthly and if you’d like your quarterly. Okay, then the next part is are we having any questions? How are we doing? This is what I need to get organized his copy. Awesome, awesome. Okay. So, um, we broke them down.

Well, those are the tips, so okay, so that was step two. So we have our lists, right? Then we would have to take these lists, and make sure that each of these tasks that we’ve put down are actually specific enough. So in the example of social media, on Step three, we wouldn’t just say do social media, because that’s not specific enough. So then depending on what you do in social media, you would say kind of what I suggested, and I don’t have paper, I would do that. You know, that you would say, we think about your platforms already down here.

And you can say, oh, my daily, I am going to reach out to 10 clients on Facebook and comment on their posts. That is a specific task. Okay. And again, we’re in Step three, where we’re breaking down these tasks, making sure they’re specific enough. Maybe another one would be post
on LinkedIn.

Okay, I’m going to do that that is a task that I’m going to do every day, and so on. Maybe I’m going to not just put a post on LinkedIn, but I’m also going to try to find additional clients or reach out to new people. So you will do that new people on LinkedIn, you know, at least five. You see what I’m saying. So it has to be really specific. And that is what you do for each of these. morning, evening, daily, weekly, monthly categories that we’ve done, where you make sure that every task is really its own task.

I hope that makes sense. If not post questions, and we’ll get to it at the end. Okay, then step four, is assigning times for each. Okay, so, um, you know, maybe following up with clients, let’s do the daily maybe for the 10th
Client Facebook comments, you can think, hmm, it’ll probably take about two minutes to determine, you know, the clients that I’m going to reach out to, and posts for each one. So that would be about 20 minutes.

So then you put 20 minutes behind there, maybe you’re going to say for me to post on LinkedIn, that should take no more than five minutes. Okay. Then for me to find five new people, maybe that’ll take five minutes each next 25 minutes, I don’t know. But but this is what you would do. Okay. Now, I’m separate and apart from time blocking, you would determine for yourself and that’s for another day, the process for you know exactly what you’re doing in these reach outs. But that’s that’s getting ahead of ourselves and far from time blocking, but I just throw that out there that you ideally need to have a process for the follow up process for reaching out to new people and connecting and making those initial intros so that you have a process so that you do it the same every time so that you don’t miss something. And also, as you bring team members on that it’s in writing and you won’t miss something. And so it’s all standardized.

Okay? All right. So that was step four. And then step five, is you grab your phone, or you grab your planner, and you actually, you know, put the time in. Okay, so I ran out of room here. So but but here’s an example for the morning. Okay, because I want I want you ladies to get this. Here’s an example for a morning routine. Maybe from six to seven is shower and breakfast. Now, you might even be more specific than that. You might say, you know, six to 630 shower 630 to seven breakfast. Okay, then maybe you would say
You know, seven to 715 you know, wake up the kids 715 to 745 make breakfast and lunch, okay, so with every block of time, I need you to, you know, get real specific. And so one of the documents that I created for you is this weekly sheet that has the time here, and then each day of the week.

You can write your tasks along with your time for each day of the week and have notes at the bottom. And I like that this has time that you could put in because you know, sometimes something will take five minutes, sometimes something will take, you know, 20 minutes.
Sometimes an hour if you give yourself you know, time to go out for lunch and meet someone or for coffee or something like that. So if you’d like these downloadables I need you to go to my business page on Facebook.
What is it facebook.com slash Judy Weber, biz coach, and message me with your email address.

Please don’t give it to me any other way, I’m not going to honor it, okay? Because I need you to follow directions because we’re smart. And we can do this. So I need you to please go to my messenger for my business page, Judy Weber, biz coach, and it’d be on Instagram, if you’d like that, and give me your email. And I will be happy to send that out to you later today. Another thing that I have for you is I prepared a onesy that sets out for you in a pretty fashion, the five steps that I use to master time blocking. All right.

Let me give you another example about time blocking for your evening. Okay, let’s say that you, you say to yourself, I’m going to stop working at 530. And by the way, if you get a phone call at 545 and you’re in the middle of making dinner,
you need to determine whether you You should break away from making dinner.

Or, you know, stay true to your time block. Because maybe your time block says, you know, from 530 to seven is family time and dinner, and at seven, I’ll go back. So whatever you’ve determined for yourself, whatever boundaries, you’ve said, Please don’t feel guilty about the boundaries that you’ve set. This is your business, you can do whatever you want, and it’s that’s fine. You know, what doctor or lawyer Do you know or accountant or architect are available? 24 seven? None. Okay, so no guilt there. So, you know, you could even say, you know, I’m going to stop working at 530 and I’m going to give myself Meantime, a half an hour every day 530 to six, get it in your calendar.

That’s super an honor that, okay, and I don’t want you to feel guilty about that. And in a moment, I’ll get to the questions. But I just really want
Want you to get into this idea of accounting for every task that you do. And this isn’t really doing this as an exercise just to do the exercise. But here’s what I know. When you time block, and you honor your time, you will be more focused, you will be less inclined to be distracted, you will have better lifework balance because you’re not going to have that chaotic busy.

You’re going to have structured busy, it’s going to feel so good. So who’s excited? Who is excited? I need to see some love, love, love. Okay. I want to direct you over here. Let’s see if I can move Instagram here.
Ladies, this is a very important thing. And in the square. I forget what the technical word is. And one of you had asked me, you know,
how do I stay on task when I had a client issue? Or when Oh, thank you

For the Love ladies, how do I stay on task when I have a client issue or a family issue, and then my time block and my calendar just goes off fluey because then I feel like I need to get directed. This is one way to help minimize that. Okay. And this is a chart that talks about tasks that are important in order of importance and priority and urgency. Okay. So if it’s high, it’s whoops. If it’s here, it’s highly urgent, if it’s at the top, and if it’s at the bottom, it’s low urgency. And if it’s very important, it’s here on this side. And if it’s low of importance, it’s here on this side. So let me take you through this part in my back. So if something is urgent, it really needs to be done sooner than later. And it’s important, then you know, you do you do it now.

You do it now, right? But if something is important, but it’s not that urgent, it could wait
Like a client that calls and says, I need to talk to you right now, because I’m freaking out. Look, you’re not responsible for other people. And yes, I’m all about customer service and creating wow experiences and, and really being there for your clients. But you do not have to be at your client’s beck and call 24. Seven, I really want you to know that. So you get to determine if something is urgent. And if it’s important, but not urgent time block it, get it in your calendar, and you’ll handle it then. And that could be in a half an hour when you’re done dinner. That could be in 20 minutes when you’re done, you know writing that blog post, okay? So urgent and important, do it now. Important but not so urgent time block it, get it in your calendar. How about if it’s urgent, but it’s not important? It really does have to be done.

Like maybe an update on your website, it’s urgent. Oh, that wouldn’t be important. That’s a bad example. Um,
I don’t even know what that could be. Let me think about this. Okay, well, I can’t think right now, maybe you could come up with something that’s urgent. But it’s not important. Could that be maybe that example of the client who’s calling you and saying something like the earth is gonna fall apart today if I don’t talk to you, but you know, that’s not true. So maybe you can delegate that or put it off, right? And if something’s not urgent, and not important, drop it, drop it, you really need to even concern yourself with that. So when you start to get very crystal clear on what is really urgent and what is really important, and you tie that in interruptions, that is when you are not going to allow yourself to be pulled off task as much.

Now let me let me answer a question that probably you’re asking now on the heels of that one, which is, Judy, if a buyer lead comes in,
and they want me to show them a certain house, right, they want me to show them a house. So I have to jump, don’t I? My answer is not necessarily. Okay. And that is because I hope, I hope, I hope I’m talking to these agents, real estate agents and brokers right now. If, if the lead comes in, of course, you want to make yourself available and wow them with your customer service and your responsiveness.

But there is no way in heck that you should run out and show people houses if you don’t have a pre qualification letter, if you if they refuse to meet you in the office. You know, and again, that’s a discussion really for another time but but the most important thing that I can impress upon you here in the way of time blocking and getting off task is to ask yourself, Is this truly revenue generating
isn’t really revenue generating? Because if it’s not, then what the heck are you doing? Right? How many in the real estate space? Again, since there are many realtors that follow me, how many times? Did you run out and leave your family?

Drop what you were doing to show someone at home? And you may have spent days or weeks following that, and then they fell off the earth.
And think about each of those instances. Did you ever have a pre qualification letter? Or if they said it was all cash? Did you see proof of funds? Right? Did you ever have a sit down and go through your buyer presentation to explain your boundaries and the way you work? Because if you didn’t, shame on you, but let 2020 be a time when that doesn’t happen anymore.

Okay. All right. Let’s see. Connie Lin has joined welcome, hon. All right. So let’s see the other question that I got and then I’m going to open it up and try to start see if I can read what’s here on the, on my computer on Facebook. The other question was, how do I keep track of everything?
And I think I think that question. That was Joanie, and I think she was saying, How do I keep track of things when I have all this stuff over here with the kids and then all this stuff, you know, I’m a caregiver for someone and you know, I have my business stuff, how the heck do I keep it together. And again, I’ll reiterate what I said earlier, which is, to me, if you don’t have everything in one calendar,
that can be difficult, because the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing. And our minds when we’re in that chaotic kind of busy, it’s hard to keep it all together.

So I highly encourage you, Joanie and others to again, keep your personal and business calendars together. It’s one calendar year one person living one life. So I highly encourage you to keep your calendar together. All right, I want to make sure that I’ve covered everything. So give me one moment. All right, I want to hear from you, as I’m looking at my notes. Are you excited? Is this something that you think you can do? Are you committed to trying it?

Because look, you can tweak the these five steps. But here’s what I know. Here’s what I know. I tried everything for time blocking, and nothing worked. And when I finally came up with with my five steps, I’m like, this is so easy. It’s so doable, and it makes so much sense. You know, in preparing for this, I read a bunch of articles. And so many of them. Step one is setting priorities. Well, wait a minute, how can you set priorities when you haven’t thought through everything that you do in a day in a week in a month, right. So that’s where I actually
Just thank God thank you Lord for giving me this revelation. You know? All right, let me see. God is the make goddess the maker of planning says Kim, I love that I don’t know if you ladies can see me or not. Um, great direction says grace. Thank you for that. I think this definite allows you approach your business and personal life with purpose says Rene diamond realty team. Teresa, do you have a recommendation for a great calendar? I’m putting one together now.

But until then, the greatest calendar is something that you will use. Right? And so now that we’re on this issue, Teresa of time blocking, this is a great thing to say, you know, and think about, do you think this could work? You know, I mean, this is an example I know, for me, this isn’t big enough. This takes me through the week, you know, and allows me to set the different time parameters, but I’m creating one and it’s an arduous task, but because I haven’t found one that it really works. I mentioned I keep everything on my phone but I also love paper. And so I absolutely you know, use both, but that’s me. But you know what I look for every day and how I keep myself on track that is on my phone.
So again, I can’t recommend something right now because I have yet to find it.

Let’s see any other questions? Thank you for that Teresa. See if I can scroll up. Oh, it’s not working guys. Darn it. Um, yes, Cheryl says I’m totally committed to time blocking I did it when I worked for someone else but dropped off when stopped working now. I’m so lost and running around like a crazy woman. Yep, that’s that chaotic busy. And I need to get back to the basics. Thank you, Judy. Sandra says thank God for revelation. Yes, God is good. All right, ladies, I have to meet with my group coaching clients my blessed to thrive ladies at noon. So I’ve got to go to get ready for them. Listen, thank you for being here, I love you ladies.

I hope you’re going to be joining me every Friday at 11am for these workshops, and please, Would you do me a favor? Would you mind dropping me a note? And letting me know? Or maybe in the comments, wherever you are, was this valuable? And if you had an aha moment, or a takeaway, that you’re like, Yay, I finally you know, the the light bulb went off, would you please let me know, because that really helps me to know kind of the more content that I that I can bring for you. Okay, because I’m committed to you, I love you. And your success is my success. Because look, I’m all about giving you the tools, and you know, the structure and helping you to build your business.

So there’s only so much that I can do in 45 minutes live, right? But imagine if I’m giving you this free stuff, imagine what’s coming to you when you’re one of my clients. So if you are interested in exploring, working with me, potentially Feel free to go over to my website. That’s Judy hyphen weber.com again, Judy, hyphen, Weber calm. And there’s an opportunity for you to chat you know, or send me a private message here. And I would love to connect with you. I mean, I love connecting and talking with you and working with my clients is the true joy of my life. And finally, again, if you would like to get access to these downloadables, which are pretty and functional all at the same time, I need you to private message me through my Facebook business page at Judy Weber, biz coach, and head over to my inbox there and give me your email address. And I promise promise that before I lay my head down on the pillow tonight, I will send them to you.

For now, I’m going to say thank you, God bless you all have a beautiful Friday and a great weekend. Wow. And I hope to see you next Friday. Take care. Bye bye. Thank you for listening beautiful. If you like this podcast, I would so appreciate it if you would subscribe and leave a review. In fact, snap a picture of your review before you hit Submit post it inside my Facebook group the place to thrive community and I will gift you with a one week trial absolutely free.

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