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Ep 48: Optimizing Your Database to Win New Business Transcript

Welcome, ladies, welcome. Can you believe it? We’re on day four, day four of the I love sales workshop. Sister. Welcome. I sir hopping on, please make sure that you kind of hop in to the comments and let me know that you’re here. Megan and Maggie and Christina, can you hear me? Okay? Is everything good on the audio?

Please let me know. I know you’re a bit delayed. Hey, Stacey, good to see you. So everybody can hear me. Thank you, Megan. All right. So, you know, it’s funny how things come to you. Today as I was preparing to bring this training, and get it all kind of fine tuned, I realized, I don’t know that I ever introduced myself really this whole week.

And so something so simple and so basic, and I think I missed it. So as I always say, I’m 100% real with you ladies. And so listen, you’re gonna make mistakes on this entrepreneurial journey and you may even miss the obvious like I did. So give yourself grace, smile and move on right? So here goes and again as you’re jumping on please let me know you’re here. This is so good. Hey Jordan and Leslie and Kelly and Charlene and stormy. I love you ladies so much.

Listen, many of you know me but some of you watching live on the replay may not so please, I want to introduce myself. I am so honored that you’re here with me inside this week’s I love sales workshop. My name is Judy Weber, and I’m a Christian business growth strategist and coach. And I work with ambitious women of faith like you and I help my clients and students build a thriving business that honors God by living that extraordinary life that Christ has for you. I’m a former trial lawyer. I’ve represented doctors and hospitals and
Medical Malpractice actions.

I’m a former in house general counsel and director of HR for multibillion dollar international company. I’ve been a licensed real estate agent since 2008. And I started my first business as an interior decorator. I had a PhD in HGTV right? I love HGTV. I did that starting back in oh three. And within the first couple of months, I had more business than I could handle. You see, I had three little boys back then ages two, four, and almost seven. And so for me finding clients wasn’t the hard part. It was finding time to service them. And since then, I’ve had a number of successful businesses both online and offline.

But I know that what I’m doing right now, right, working with extraordinary women of faith, like you is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. All of those life experiences came so I could do this my life’s work, empowering women encouraging you to do scary things to surprise
Even yourself with what you can accomplish by God’s grace and with his wisdom and guidance. And I firmly, firmly believe that when you fully embrace who you are in Christ, realizing that you’re perfectly imperfect as he made you, when you stop comparing yourself to anybody else when you stop tearing yourself down with the lies from the enemy, and acknowledge that where God calls you, he’s got a quick you. He promised it and all of God’s promises are Yes, in Christ, hallelujah.

When you do that, when you trust Him, when you go all in, that is when your business takes off, and when running your business becomes joy filled, and fun. All right. Now one more thing that I think is important for you to know about me is my background like I came from nothing. Like if I as a younger person would hear this person who was a lawyer and had all these things you might think that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Well, I wasn’t. I came from very humble beginnings dad was a factory worker.

Growing up, you worked at least two and sometimes three jobs to support. Everybody in the house. I was one of six. My mom stay at home. But I’m super, super proud of where I came from. And my family because my parents introduced me to Jesus, which is the most important thing a parent can do. Right? They always taught me to do the right thing and to trust God. I was the first one in the family to go to college. And when I got accepted into law school, let me tell you something that was like an unbelievable dream come true. On a very personal note, I want to share with you that I am a survivor of domestic violence at the hand of my first husband. I’ve overcome many, many challenges including
panic, anxiety, eating disorders, agoraphobia, and I’m an overcomer only through Jesus Christ. So thank you for listening. And I think having that perspective about who you’re listening to, can really help you get more out of the teaching like nobody where I’ve been, and what’s important in my life and my experiences and the fact of pretty much wherever you are in life’s journey and in your business journey.

I’ve been there. And I understand, and I want to help you get to that next step in your life and your business. You are precious to me. Absolutely. Each and every one of you. So thank you for listening. All right, so before we dive in, I want to remind you of some important dates. Okay, first of all tonight, who is coming tonight, live at 8pm. For my bonus, live q&a. I hope it’s you. Okay. And so you may have seen in your email, or did I do it in a post, I think I did it in a post here in the group. I’m offering two ways for you to participate tonight in the q&a. One is just coming up on the page like you are right now. Another one is to join via zoom. And I’m going to be pinning that post to the top about an hour before I go live because I’m just nicer to be on zoom with me direct right because then we can communicates each other a little bit better.

Okay, so tonight 8pm Eastern, I’m going to be giving away prizes. So you’re definitely want to come for that. Okay? Also if I still have another hot seat availability, so if you want to jump on the hot seat and do the scary and go through one of those tough challenges you have in the world of sales, no matter what it is, I encourage you to do that courageous thing and raise your hand and let me know. All right, so that’s tonight. And then next Tuesday, the 23rd at 12 noon, Eastern. We’re going to have our I love sales celebration, where I’m going to be awarding tons of prizes, including our grand prize, which I know I haven’t revealed yet, but stay tuned. Okay, keep doing the success work. keep showing up live. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Felicia says she’s coming. Bonnie’s going to be coming a little bit late. Megan is coming. Melissa and Joanie Yay. Okay. Please do. And by the way, if, for those of you that didn’t invite a friend yet, a woman in Christ who’s thinking about starting a business or who has won, no matter what

The industry, please invite her to come. That would be a great time even tonight for her to experience what it’s like to be inside the breast of pride community. Okay, and finally, you will want to be sure to watch until the end today right now, because not only will prizes be awarded, but also an opportunity that if you’re truly serious about building your business, and your goal is despite COVID and everything else that to make 2020 your best year yet, you won’t want to miss out on what’s going to happen later at the end. Okay, so also grab your phones. I want you I want to award another one on one session. I’m going to do that at the end today. But would you like a one on one strategy session with me ask anybody who’s had one and ladies, whoever’s here, pop it in the comments. I have had a one on one with Judy and it is what amazing, powerful, strategic, whatever it is. Let these ladies know. So if you want a one on one with me, just grab your phone. Take a screenshot of the training posted on a
Instagram with the hashtag I love sales and tag me at Judy Weber live. And someone’s gonna win another one on one tomorrow.

So let’s pray for now. Heavenly Father, we love you We trust you. Oh God, you are so good. Thank you, Lord for all these women that are coming here live and also on the replay more and more views now than I think in any other challenge I’ve ever had literally hundreds and hundreds of women. And I pray that what I’m saying is pleasing to you, Lord, and that it is edification and food, nutrition to these ladies, both spiritually and in their business. Or God, please speak through me use me Lord, I am yours. We trust you and we love you. It’s the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. All right.

So, who’s ready to learn how to optimize your relationships, your contacts to generate referrals and new business? Tell me in the comments,
Are you ready? And I know you’re delayed? I’m not going to necessarily wait. But tell me in the comments because I want to come back and see, are you ready to learn? Okay? Let me first ask you this. When I talk about your relationships, and your contacts and your database, I want to know, what are you doing right now in that regard. So just pop it in the comments, I have a CRM and I’m not doing anything with it, or I have a CRM, or I have a spreadsheet and here’s what I’m doing on a regular basis. I would love to know, okay, here’s what I found after working with hundreds of ladies and coaching them with the buisiness of life. Plus running a business. It’s easy to let days and even weeks and maybe months and, dare I say years, let them go by without reaching out to past clients, or some prospects who have previously raised their hand about one of your freebies or requested information.

Right, or maybe other business owners that you met through networking events and we just kind of let them go. Right. Thank you ladies good so many of you saying I’m ready Jordan Leslie, Bonnie Kayla lash lash Akita Melissa. Awesome. Okay, so, ladies, all of these relationships are so important, not only to build your business, but to build your life. I know that you love connecting with other people, right? other business owners that sense of community that we have right here in the group, like minded ladies, you know, it’s a beautiful thing. And you’ll see in the workbook, one page, I focus on hashtag connections, right? Hashtag relationships. And if you’ve been here with me for any length of time, you undoubtedly heard me talk about the importance of connections in your business. Business is all about relationships. That’s where they begin. That’s where it ends, right? Without relationships. You have no business.

A few weeks ago during a thriver Thursday live where I usually go I didn’t do that today because of this workshop, but every Thursday 11am Eastern, I go live with my thriver, Thursday live. And a couple of weeks ago, I spoke about how relationships need to be prioritized. It’s not social media, it’s relationships. And so in the workbook, I reiterate this, your business is gonna grow, when you stop chasing, follows and likes, and instead be intentional about authentically nurturing your relationships. Right? And that is exactly what we’re going to be focusing on today. So first, I hope that all of your connections are together somewhere, whether in a software database, right, or CRM, the client relationship manager, or maybe as I said, on a spreadsheet, hopefully not on a bunch of sticky notes. strewed here and there, right, and if that’s, you know, judgment, but please do yourself a favor and commit to getting them in one place. Just trust me.

You are missing opportunity’s thousands and thousands of dollars are literally slipping through your fingers. So when you have all these details, not just name and number, and how about birthdays, how about spousal names, kids names, dogs names, special things about them, right? And when you have them all together with all these details, it’s easily accessible and up to date. I need you to do that. It’s time to make sure you’re optimizing what you’re doing with all that information. So you can generate more referrals and get new business. So let’s talk about some ways to do just that. Let’s start with a startling statistic that I found that it really shocked me.

It was this increasing customer retention, like keeping the clients that you have and keeping Top of Mind with them can literally boost your profits up to 90%. Did you hear what I said? Like 100% is that doubling your profits. So if all you do is maintain those past happy clients, revenue goes up significantly. And I really found that statistic of boosting profits up to 90%. absolutely shocking. But then you think about it, it only makes sense, right? Because if you have a client or a customer, and you gave them Wow, experience, wow level of customer service, which is always the goal, and they saw that you cared about them, and you delivered it getting them the results they wanted, why wouldn’t that client want to work with you again? Why wouldn’t they drag you up with other people? Right? They would, because you’ve proven your value. And in that case, what are you doing on an ongoing basis to stay in front of them to maintain that relationship and build it to show those past clients how you can help them with something else? Right, or in some additional way?

Here’s a side note, if you only right now offer one product or one service, I want you to think about expanding your offerings. What’s something else that you can create? Or what bundle Can you put together? Perhaps even with what you already have just kind of repackage to focus on a slightly different problem that your target audience has that you can help them with. Think about that. All right, so let’s agree, you can’t afford to forget about your past clients, it’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars, maybe 10s of thousands of dollars. So you need to nurture and build those relationships. So how do we do that? First, first, first, first, we’re talking about past clients. So the first thing you do is follow up with them after the sale. Ask them how’s it working? What questions do you have? You should always be asking for their feedback, and encourage them to be honest, I always say give me the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your candor is appreciated, because that’s the only I know how I can be better. Right? Okay, so follow up after the sale. Second, you want to stay top of mind? And how do you do that by regular touches, via email via social, lots of different ways we’ll talk about but there is no magic formula. There’s no one magic formula, just have to map out your plan of how you want to stay in touch. For example, you could do weekly emails, you could send personal messages through Facebook or dm through Instagram, once a month, you could text them once a quarter. That means, again, no magic. Just figure it out for yourself, what makes sense for you.

That’s going to be like your roadmap that you’ll follow in following up and staying in touch. So once you have that roadmap of when you’re going to reach out and how like what vehicle through social or through email or what have you, then you decide on the what. So it’s the when the how it
Then what? What am I going to say? What will I deliver? For example, initially, maybe I’ll do a private message just to reconnect, if it’s been a while, how are you, and then maybe I’ll send an article of interest based on your interests or hobbies. definitely send a birthday card, maybe an anniversary card, when we started working together. If you’re local, maybe you want to stop by with a fun, something, once a quarter, whatever it is, okay? Growing up these ideas, because I want to kind of awaken the creativity. And this is what makes business fun.

So don’t overthink it doesn’t have to be perfect, right? And as far as what I say, Stop by with a gift or something. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s the thought that counts in all of these touches that you’re going to be doing. It’s always the thought that counts the fact that you remembered and more than that, you did something about the fact that you remembered them. Okay. Now, let’s ask the obvious question. Why do we want to be intentional about staying in touch

What are the benefits? Well, for me, it’s threefold, right? First, it is a beautiful thing to touch somebody’s life. That’s one reason why I want to stay in touch. And this is something that almost no other business coach is talking about. Right? As Christians, God commands that we go out and spread the gospel throughout the world, to show his love to everybody. So when we show our heart show that we truly care, we’re really showing Jesus to the world to everyone, whether they’re fellow believers or not. And so I’m not necessarily right here talking about being out there with your faith in Christ, okay. Jesus Christ may or may not be a part of your brand, and there’s no right or wrong there. That’s up to you. But by showing a god a love, unconditional love, you’re going to bless others and you’re also going to be blessed and that is a beautiful thing and a reason why should stay in touch

I have three Bible verses to bring this point home. x 2035 says it is better to give than to receive, right you give, don’t worry about the receiving that’s going to come back to you. God promises that Second Chronicles 15 seven, God will bless your hard work, it will be rewarded.
You’re not working in vain, my sister, it may feel like that at times, keep going. And finally, Matthew 633, Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you. Okay, so why do I want to stay in touch? Because it feels good, and it’s the right thing to do before God, right?
Why else do I’m gonna stay in touch? Well, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a way to get repeat business, as your past clients, you know, see you and hear from you. They’re thinking, oh my goodness, she stays in touch. You remember my birthday? she asked about my surgery. She commented on my Facebook post, she sent me that article that she knew I would love right.

So when you put another opportunity to work with you in front of them, and when you saw another one of their problems, why wouldn’t they say? Yes, you see? Okay, that was Reason number two to stay in touch, get repeat business. And finally, reason number three, why you want to stay in touch with your past clients is because you want those past clients to become your raving fans and tell others about you. You want them to become your brand ambassadors and tell the world about how amazing you are so that you get those referrals.

Now let’s pause and talk about referrals for a moment. Is there anything? Is there anything more powerful than a ringing endorsement from a friend? Think about it for you. Let’s say you’re thinking about moving. And when you tell a friend that that friend says oh my goodness, you have to work with my realtor. She is the best. Let me tell you why she’s so amazing. And if that were the case, right, and you were to see your friends so excited about this realtor doesn’t that also get you excited to talk to this realtor, right? And why? Because you trust your friend, you value her opinion, and she’s raving about this person. And in doing so, all the other realtors bait in the background, there are unknowns. But this realtor that your friend just talked about, is tried and true. No brainer.

And, and and and when you take this one step further, and you actually take the time to teach your clients how to handle that opportunity. Right? Wow, the referrals will be coming in. Right? So when if you tell them what a friend or family member or a colleague of yours mentions that they’re moving, or they’re thinking about moving, would you please make an introduction? maybe send us both a message through Facebook? Or if you prefer, would you mind sending a group email Would you agree to that? And if you’ve wowed your client, that is not a tough situation, and they’re not going to feel put upon when you go that extra step.

I want to know when to pause just for a second. What do you think of that? Does that make sense? Does it feel doable? I mean, I guess some could say that’s a little pushy. But it’s a reframe. That’s what this whole week’s about. It’s a reframe. It’s a new and fresh perspective on how you do what you do, and how you think about it.

I’m telling my client, if you know somebody who could benefit, would you please tell them about me? If they love you? Why wouldn’t they? Right?
Okay, so, how many of you are intentionally pursuing a referral business? Or instead Are you taking a passive approach kind of waiting for your clients to do the right thing? Ladies, this is your business and you need to take charge of it. Ask for what you want. Make it simple, make it plain.
Okay. All right. So depending upon your industry, and the applicable roles, I do have this caveat. You know,

You may have incentives like referral programs, but some industries May, in part, kind of make that a little bit more difficult. But there’s always a way to build a referral program for yourself even within the confines of, you know, whatever regulations are applicable to your business. Right. And so again, if you can’t think of how to make that work in light of your industry restrictions, come to the q&a tonight. Ask me and let’s figure it out. Right. Okay. All right. And again, this kind of stuff, I’m telling you, it may feel pushy or scary. That’s only because you’re approaching it with that negative stuff. That that that negative mindset baggage that you really need to kick to the curb. And everything you do for the first time is scary. The first time you ride a bike is scary. The first time you tried to swim was scary. And maybe the first time you had this conversation with a client it will feel kind of, “I don’t know”

But the more you do it, the easier it’ll get. And believe me, it is going to be as easy as you think it’s going to be very Matter of fact. Okay. All right. So that was about referrals. Let’s talk about repeat business. As I mentioned earlier, think about how you can serve and help your past clients and customers in new ways. And again, if you can’t think of anything, come to the q&a tonight. Okay.

You’re gonna see on your success work, that besides brainstorming ideas, of how to nurture your relationships with past clients and prospects that are already in your database, I also want you to think about what you’re going to do to grow your database. It always astounds me
that there are some of those so called gurus out there that are saying email is dead. And let me tell you something, please don’t believe them. Don’t believe the hype. It’s a sequel who remembers that song? Don’t believe them. They’re wrong. If you’re relying only on
Social to reach your target audience. You’re taking quite a gamble. And why is that? Because you don’t know. You don’t have the platform. You’re borrowing the platform, right? And if it went away today, would you still be able to reach those people that are currently following you write those people currently in your Facebook groups, right? Can you? No, not if they went away, not unless you have them on your email list. So on an ongoing basis, you need to be doing things to proactively grow your email list, even if it is zero right now. I don’t want you to be you know, discouraged or say why bother, you need to bother.

So how can you grow your email list? Here are seven ways okay? So grab your paper and pen, get ready to write. Okay, number one, I want you to offer a freebie on your website. If you don’t have a website, lead pages dotnet is amazing and not very expensive.
You know, it has a freebie work. You say I will give you this free thing that you really, really want in exchange for your email address. So that freebie could be a checklist, a video series, an ebook, a guide, almost anything. Okay? So way number one offer a freebie way. Number two, ask for contact information when you meet with someone face to face. Hey, you know, what’s the best email so I can stay in touch or take their business card. It’s always more important to take their business card than to give yours because then that gives you control over over how to reach out right. Also, part number two is to ask for contact information when appropriate on social through messenger and dn.

Look, again, we’re building relationships. We’re building relationships. So you know it goes from following somebody on Instagram for example, and commenting to taking it to dm and then when you had that relationship, going to taking it off of Instagram
Did the email or you know, over the phone? I mean, this is you shouldn’t stay only on social. Okay? All right. So that was way number two way number three, I want you to add calls to action on your social posts, not on everyone, okay? Don’t go crazy that will not be well received. But sending people on a social post once in a while to your website, or to your freebie or to your blog, or to your YouTube. Okay?
tell them where else they can find you and point them to a way that then they will be triggered to give you their email address. Not me.

Okay, how else can you get that email list growing? Okay, have contests or giveaways on social. Now there are some rules and things like that. But you know, it’s funny, I’m a lawyer, I should. I honor roles, but I also think sometimes it can be kind of crazy. So anyway, give contest and giveaway opportunities on your personal page or on your business page or in your groups. And in return for the opportunity to win these amazing things are gonna offer, have them give you their email address. Okay, that was waiting before way number five is to do video, do video do videos, and I’m talking about on YouTube. If you don’t yet have a YouTube channel, that may not be a priority for you, but down the line because I By the way, I’m going to pause and say, I want you to focus on one thing. So if you’re already active on one or two social platforms, don’t worry about YouTube, but just put this down for later. When you do YouTube videos, make sure there is a call to action on the end of the actual video and also then make sure that that link of where you want them to go is in the description in your YouTube video as well. Okay, so that was way number five. All right.

So number six, the way number six to grow. Your email list is in blogs, the blog, and if you don’t yet have a blog, and you’re busy with other things, again, put this to the side for later. But blogs can be amazing because then you can put them on Pinterest and, and get eyeballs back to your blog through that free Pinterest, you know Avenue. And again, the key to all this is a call to action. Right? And you’re offering them something, you know, hey, do you want to go deeper? I have this for you and make them give me the email before they get access. Okay, that was way number six blogs and the call to action there.

And finally, way number seven to grow your email list is to host a webinar or other event. And again, I am going to teach you X, Y and Z or I’m going to show you how to blah blah, blah, right? How to use my product, how to whatever it is that you do amazingly well. And it’s free, but I need your email address. Right now, one of you said Consuela, and I want to pause right here. I get so nervous asking for the business. Crazy. I know. Consuelo, could you please tell me what you do? I forget right now as I’m, as I’m thinking about this, but I will definitely be answering this question in detail tonight. You do not want to miss tonight’s bonus live q&a. Okay. So thank you for that. I’m a mom, a mom. All right. So, in this part of the success, we’re, I went through seven ways to grow your email list. I want you to pick one, your favorite.

And tell me what that is. And then I want you to grab your calendar and I want you to time block when you’re going to make this happen. When you’re going to work on your freebie, or when you’re going to strategize on you know what webinar you’re going to do that kind of thing. And Jordan says, I am being stretched way beyond my comfort zone hallelujah. When you stretch yourself, then you know, the only way you’re doing it well is when you’re relying on Christ and the whole Spirit is moving. And when he moves, we know that amazing things happen truly awesome and extraordinary things happen. Right?

So we have those two aspects of homework right? final one again if you haven’t already given a review for the she has extraordinary podcast if you have, you don’t have to do another one. I didn’t even know you could do more than one. But if you have not yet reviewed the she is extraordinary podcast, please, please leave a rating and review on iTunes, iTunes, snap a picture and post it here in the homework thread for day four. Okay. And again, don’t forget, enter to win a one on one session with me by taking a screenshot of this training posted on Instagram with the hashtag I love sales and tag me at Judy Weber live. I’m going to be awarding today’s winner in just a moment but first, I want to check in with you. Okay. And then I’m going to come to the comments after this.

To check in with you, because we’ve been together now for four days, and hopeful that during that time, you have enjoyed these strategies, this insight and this information that I’ve shared with you. And don’t forget, there’s still one more day tomorrow when we’re gonna be talking about objections and getting more yeses, okay. But my goal for this workshop, you’ll remember is that by the end of tomorrow, your mindset when it comes to sales is going to be changed, so that you could truthfully say, I love sales. And so my question to you right now is, are you there yet? Are you there yet? And if you’re not, Judy, I don’t know that I could say I love sales. Are you closer today than you were when you came into this workshop on Monday morning? I mean, just think about all that you’ve learned this week.

Day one, I want to briefly review and summarize for you so that you pat yourself on the back for this when I am all about congratulating yourself
And kind of enjoying and kind of wobbling. I think that’s a negative word about the house to say you enjoy the wind of saying, I signed up. I showed up. And I did. That’s huge. So on day one, we talked about what sales really is. And when the sales process begins, and it’s not just at the presentation, it’s the first time someone needs you. Right? That was day one.

Day two, we talked about the key parts of any sales presentation, what has to be there to get you a yes at the end of it. Then yesterday, we talked about the importance of confidence in the context of negotiation and persuasion techniques, which I just love. And now today, we’ve been talking about nurturing your current database and those past clients generate more business and referrals. Listen, I showed up big time for you. And I didn’t hold back. And if you just met me inside the workshop, I trust you learned this about me. I’m a newbie

Yes, let’s go deep don’t just give the surface kind of business coach. You know, it’s really neat. I’m really proud of the fact that ladies who go through my workshops and my challenges, like what we what we’re going through right now, they, I was gonna say, you know, often but pretty regularly Yes, they tell me that they get more out of my free workshops and challenges than they’ve gotten out of some paid programs and courses that they’ve done. I think that’s very sad for that for those other coaches and those other things. But I’m very proud of that I’m doing God’s work. And so I make sure that I deliver quality content and I don’t just skim the surface, I get quality. And why? Because I want you to implement what I teach you so you get results. And so you say, Oh my goodness, if this is what she gives for free, can I just imagine what I would get inside a paid program right?

So if you are ready to take what you’ve learned, and put the pieces together for yourself, and achieve all what it is that you want out of your business, let me be the first to say, congratulations. Congratulations. That is just awesome. And I wish you the very best, please keep me posted on all of your success. But if you’ve been here all four days, and you’re super fired up about how you’ve changed and grown as a CEO already, just after four days, and you’ve experienced those wins and breakthroughs, and you’re excited about all that you’ve done so far, but when you think about the future, you feel like in order to really make things happen, I’m gonna need additional support, accountability partnership and someone to answer my questions as I implement and put these strategies into practice. And as you work on your business, and as you gain exposure when you’re thinking about Okay, how am I going to do that? How am I going to reach more qualified leads? How am I going to convert those leads?

How am I going to generate more revenue? How am I going to make more of an impact by serving those that I was meant to serve before God. If you want a step by step roadmap to follow, if you want to skip the trial and error if you want to follow a blueprint that is tested and proven to work, you don’t have to go it alone. And so I’m excited to invite you to work with me inside a blessed to thrive Academy. Now inside, you’re going to keep making progress. You’re going to continue the momentum that you started this week, you’re going to keep going with me and my team, including a team of experts like no other that I call thriver experts, you are in the very best hands. I can help you get what you want in the way of your business and your life. better, faster, easier.

And the best news is jumping into the academy working with me personally, and joining a beautiful Community of Christ centered like minded ladies that are already inside the Academy is going to cost you less than the travele error, less in the way of wasted time, and lots of dollars. And you’re going to be doing it side by side, as I said, with sisters in Christ and have joy and fun along the way. So just for a moment, very, very briefly, I want to tell you about what the heck the Academy is. Put very simply, the Academy is everything you need, and nothing that you don’t, it is not your typical program. And it’s so much more than a course it is a unique, like nothing else experience. Right? There’s three pillars inside. And I don’t know that it came through, but I will give you the link if it didn’t.

The three pillars inside the academy first is the platform itself. It’s on Thinkific. And there you’re going to find 12 modules from A to Z starting with you know, goal setting and mindset which is huge, right? And then branding and only after branding, can you really effectively do your marketing strategy and so on and so on and so on and social media and how to put your packages together in pricing and sales and and what’s next, all of these on demand video trainings that you do at your own pace. And they have resources, checklists, PDFs, whatever makes sense in the downloadable. So that platform is pillar number one. pillar number two is in a very engaged private Facebook group where there’s tons of engagement among myself in the members. My daily interaction is there, as well as my thriver experts who have monthly office hours for q&a. That is subject areas that I know about, but I’m not the subject matter experts.

So I brought them in on my dime. And these thriver experts are experts in social media, copywriting sales, Facebook, ads, and publicity. And when I say Facebook ads, please No, I am not one of those coaches that says you have to do a webinar and then Facebook ads, and then No, you can do a very good business without paid advertising, okay, and I introduced lots of ways to do that, alright, so the private Facebook group, this pillar to pillar number three is I think everybody’s favorite. And that is our weekly group coaching mastermind sessions which are q&a with me for two hours every week we come together.

It’s just a powerful time it happens on Fridays so that if you jump in today, you will be able to take advantage of that tomorrow. Truly, the best of Thrive Academy is like nothing else. And they’re probably a couple of members here. And if that’s you, if you could just briefly say, Hey, I love the academy or let’s give the ladies an idea of what that is. But it truly is like nothing else. It’s a community. It’s a sisterhood, sisters in Christ dedicated to serving the clients the very best way they can. All industries. No matter what type of business you will learn and grow. And you’ll be very, very glad to know it does not cost thousands of dollars, at least not yet. You see the Academy is relatively new and there are still a handful of charter memberships available either annual memberships or even monthly memberships, right? with not a big commitment. But once these charter memberships are gone, they’re gone. And the price is going to go up.

So I don’t want that let that happen for you. So head on over to the website it is bi t.ly Bitly bi t.ly slash capital B, capital T, capital T, capital A and then Academy right? So anyway, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll pop it in. I want you to go to the website. And I want you to get all the details. I want you to watch the members share their experience of what it’s like working with me inside the Academy. And what it’s like working inside this community. lifelong friendships are being made accountability partners and and it’s just a beautiful networking collaboration experience. God is moving mightily in the lives of those inside. But I do want to very, very briefly say this academy is not for everybody. It really isn’t. This is not a $30 a month membership and why? Because what do you get for 30 bucks?

The Academy is reserved for women who love the Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost, who are action takers, and not excuse makers, right? women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get things done, women who are committed to their business, women who are coachable, and ready to try new things, even scary things, and as I said, committed to get results and make it happen. If that’s you, I would love to work with you and help you bring everything that we’ve been doing together to build your business on a solid foundation. two foundations number one, the most solid foundation of all the Lord Jesus Christ and number two proven business strategy. I want to help you generate consistent revenue and impact those lives you’re meant to serve. So if you’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s get to work. Now I want to talk about some bonuses. I always love to reward fast action takers okay.

So, If you join today, even if I officially run out of those charter memberships, I’m going to honor the charter membership price for everybody who jumps into the academy today. And you will be grandfathered with that special lowest price available ever. For as long as you remain a member. Plus, you will get not one, but two, one on ones with me like one on one coaching sessions with me two of those, right? You’re also going to receive an online presence assessment, which is a detailed assessment where I give you tips and advice on how to optimize your social profiles and improve your overall online presence because that is huge ladies to gain exposure. So you will get that if you register today before midnight. Finally, you’re also going to get 25% off your ticket to my upcoming social media and marketing virtual retreat, which is coming in the fall. So stay tuned for that but benefits all over the place.

That is for anybody jumps in today. Last thing I want to say is, if you join today by midnight as an annual member, you’re also going to get all that plus, plus, you’re going to get a half day VIP session with me, which is a block of three hours, where we are super focused. It’s like a super strategy session where you and I are going to meet on zoom, we’re going to share screens, we’re going to figure it out. We’re going to, we’re going to get work done. That’s a get work done, not talk about it, get work done inside your business session. Okay, and there’s a 20 $500 value. And you’ll see when you go look inside the membership, the annual membership doesn’t even cost that much. So that’s truly an extraordinary bonus, again, reserved only today for annual members who jump in before midnight.

Now I just want to say this working with me one on one these days, is about $1,000 a month, and the academy makes it possible to get direct access to me fraction of that. Okay, and you’ll see that inside. All right, I just want to briefly go to the comments and then I want to announce today’s winner, and then I will let you go to the rest of your beautiful Thursday. Oh wow, thank you ladies for putting in those seven ways of growing your email list. I love it. Thank you Kayla and Melissa Consuela. I guess sooner succesful, better ready?

Let’s see Meghan. I’m doing all these things. I added in the email as a question when registering for the zoom workshop and I added a ton of people to my email list that way. Congratulations, Megan. That is excellent. Oh, Consuelo is in real estate. Okay, great. I love asking for the business at the end of a sales call. Oh my gosh. You’ve got to come tonight. Consuelo eight o’clock. All right, Jordan, I’m so much closer today than I was on Monday. I’ve grown each day in the way of loving sales. Leslie says I really love so Wow, that’s great. I’m an extrovert and I love what I do. I just need less exuberant. No, I don’t know about that. Leslie. If that’s you

Then it still be you. I would never say to change, right? Megan says, Yes, I’m feeling way more confident. Thank you for the encouragement and suggestions and wisdom. And Sarah, I can’t say I love sales. I love your honesty, but I don’t mind them so much anymore. It’s really fun when I see the results of my efforts, yes. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? When you have the guts for example. Consuelo when you ask for the business and they say yes, and we’re gonna, you’re gonna love tonight. I can’t wait. Okay. Consuelo says my comfort zone is videos. I will try growing that excellent. Yes. YouTube, here I come. I’m not sure what I’ll talk about. I’m just going to start there you go.

Messy action. Consuelo, I am proud of you. And when you think about, you know sometimes we’re so in the weeds that it’s like, oh, what am I going to talk about? Tonight, Consuelo. Show up if you would and say Hey, dude, give me some ideas on content cuz I got tons. Okay. All right. Melissa says so many nuggets. Deborah is he Good to see you. And Consuela says I enjoy you. You rocked my world and she’s unstoppable. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. Jordan says I’m an introvert. And I feel myself learning to love sales. And it’s so comforting having a clear goal towards selling my work. Yes, Jordan has beautiful, beautiful paintings. Oh my goodness. Your work needs to be shared, you know with the world.

Megan she is inside the Academy. She says the Academy is seriously the best investment ever way more than any other program out there. And when you go to the website that I’m going to pop in later you will see an interview I did with Meghan and you can see that more detail. Sarah’s also in the academy and she says the academy can change your business and your life you will have so much support that you won’t be afraid to do anything. Thank you, Sarah. Christine is also in the academy and I did not tell these ladies to like show up and be here. So thank you ladies. Christine says one of the main pillars inside the Academy is believing women encouraging one another to grow in their business. There is transformation now.

It just happens. It is definitely Godfrey thank you for that. Bonnie’s also in the academy I have become friends with so many other ladies who are action takers talking about inside the Academy. It’s great to see each of us boost each other up. And I think that Judy has my go to when I’m thinking about growing my business. Love you Bonnie, thank you so much for that. And Megan says, Wow, you’re so giving anyone who joins today is going to be very, very blessed. Yeah, especially with that annual membership. It’s insane. Liz and Patricia and Jackie’s watching Melissa says amazing. And Jackie there is an interview with Jackie that I did that I’m going to post today inside the group Jackie is also inside the Academy. So ladies, look, I hope that in even if you just found me this week, that you see my heart that I deliver my goodness, it’s I’ve been here with you over 45 minutes and I love it. And this is great stuff. But if you think this is great way to see the Academy, and if you’re afraid like oh I don’t know. Join us a member on a monthly basis.

If you want to just try it out, you know, and then if you don’t like it, you can leave no commitment on the monthly. But if you want to take advantage of that awesome VIP opportunity, you definitely want to check out the annual membership because the price it’s at now is really a no brainer for those that again, that are committed to their business, and they’re more committed to their goals than their excuses. So yeah, if someone could type that in the chat, I really want to say something to you. I jumped in with a new coach earlier this year. And what I’m paying a month is insane.

You really is. But I decided to do it because I want to take my business to that next level. I want to hit the seven figure mark.
Because that will give me that much more experience to help you to get where you need to go and then scale it quicker.
So if I were to be honest, and I am, I’m going to tell you that was a scary thing to jump into.

But at the end of the day the decision was Number one, do I trust this person? Do I trust this coach that I’ve been following? And if I do, and if I see that her clients are getting results, and so that’s not an issue, I see the value, right? But I look at this monthly number and I go Yikes. Which by the way, you’re not going to say that with this program. But I just want to share with you the thought process, when you look at that number, and it scares you. And you’re like, I want to do it, but I’m scared. I want to do it, but I’m scared. That’s a very good place. And when you’re there if you’re committed more to your goals and your dreams and but like you really want and the business you really want more than you’re committed to your excuses, right, then you’re gonna jump. You’re gonna say, I’m not gonna miss this opportunity, especially with these bonuses because I’m telling you, what always happens is someone will text me or private message me I’d like to in the morning and say, Oh my gosh, Judy, I just discovered this.

Like now, would you please honor the bonuses? And I have to say I’m sorry. The bonus ends at midnight tonight. You’re two hours late. I’m really, really sorry. So trust me when I say these amazing bonuses, they’re not, they’re not going to be here after midnight. So, again, it’s a question. Are you more committed to your business? And the dreams and goals you have for that? Or are you more committed to your excuses? Because I had to be resourceful to come up with the money, right? Sometimes the money is not sitting in your bank account. And you have to say, okay, maybe I’ll go to PayPal, they have a six month pay at zero percent. Maybe I’ll go there. I love zero percent. I don’t want to pay interest. That’s what I did.
So just encourage you, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, and get more done in like three months that you’ve gotten done in business in the past year. I’d love to see inside the Leicester thrive Academy

Okay. All right. So let me announce today’s winner. There were several of you who took advantage of the opportunity to snap a picture and post it on Instagram and tag me. And so I want to say that the winner today have a one on one strategy session with me is Debra Lee Moreau at Color Me, Deborah Lee on Instagram. So follow at Color Me Deborah Lee. She’s awesome. love her so much, Deborah, congratulations. I will be in touch with you to schedule your one on one with me. And don’t forget I’m going to be on for another minute. So if you haven’t yet snapped a picture. Go ahead and do that right now. You’re going to want to post it on Instagram with hashtag I love sales and tag me at Judy Weber live. So I have just another minute if you have questions, I’m happy to stay on. And, you know, also one thing if you’re watching live here right now we’re on the replay.

Peter tough questions. I’d love to know what’s the biggest takeaway you’ve had so far? and tomorrow’s gonna you’re gonna love tomorrow. Handling objections, what has been your biggest takeaway so far? Or your biggest aha moment? Or maybe something that really really surprised you? that really stands out for you and your brain. When you think about our time together in this I love sales workshop.
I’m not seeing anything show up. I know there’s a delay. Listen, I love you, sister. And I hope that you’ve gotten great value. I would love to see you inside the less deprived Academy. I guarantee you we’re going to love it. Oh, by the way, talking about guarantees.

Wow. Let me say this. While you’re there, checking out the website about the best of Thrive Academy. Please read my make it happen guarantee, which is better than a money back guarantee. I offer a make it happen guarantee. And so check that out. Once you reach a certain threshold in your business. You will if you’re an annual member, if you’re with me in that year, once you get to, you know, 30% increase in your revenue, you will unlock some amazing extras for yourself. That’s my make it happen guarantee. Me and my team are committed to you. We’re committed to making your business thrive God’s way. So make sure you check out all the details. It might be overwhelming and a lot, but that’s because it’s so good and jam packed with good stuff. But the thing is, the thing is, even though there’s a lot of information, it’s not about the information, it’s about the transformation.

And that happens with the accountability that you get, and with the, you know, accountability partners that you have inside and the accountability I offer, and those weekly sessions with me on the group coaching, I mean, where else can you get weekly group coaching for less than 200 bucks a month? Answer nowhere.

Especially you know, it’s even less when you go with the monthly it’s like getting too much for free. So let’s see says I get great value every time I log on. Awesome, awesome. Lovely Leslie, thank you so much. So it is almost one o’clock and I’ve got to get ready for my next thing, my next coaching call.

So listen, thank you so much for joining me. I hope to see you tonight at eight. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow at noon. And for those of you that are going to jump into the Academy, I really can’t wait to work with you and you’re going to be blown away. Trust me inside the Academy. I love you so much. Take care.

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