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Ep 49: Get More (Ideal) Clients & Run Your Business God’s Way! Transcript

Hey ladies, welcome to Episode 49 of the sheet is extraordinary podcast. Today I’m excited to introduce you to a very, very good friend of mine. She comes all the way from the UK. So no, we haven’t met but I feel like we’ve been sisters and friends forever. And I think she would say the same. I want to introduce you to buki acoa. She is an extraordinary woman truly, not only in her business sense, she’s a Christian business mentor, but also in her absolute. Gosh, how do I say this? She is absolutely walking with the Lord. And she is just a joy. And while I’ve never been in a room with her, when I’m in a Zoom Room with her, she just likes it up. So the chemistry between us is real. I mean, we’re both kind of giggly and fans of each other. You know, I think you’re gonna hear that. So basically, you’re in on a conversation.
that I had with goopy my friend. And we’re kind of competitors in a way, I suppose technically, but we don’t see ourselves as that. And so again, ladies out there, if you are concerned about your competitors, and you are coming from this fear mindset, or this lack mindset, I want to encourage you through this episode, and also an episode a few weeks ago with Yolanda king who was also in this space, I want you to see how when you are confident in what makes you special, by God’s hand, right? And when you are confident that what you do, you do very, very well. And you firmly believe that you’re serving your clients in the very best way possible. And competition, like there is none. It’s eliminated. You’re not concerned about that. You don’t come from this fear mindset. So I encourage you to listen and joy, learn you’re going to be a
I’m tearing a beautiful conversation and you want to check out the show notes because buki is gracious enough to offer her get clients now. Okay, absolutely for free. So ladies, enjoy this episode, and let me know your feedback. Please do pause for just a moment after listening and leave a rating and review. I would so appreciate it and subscribe so you don’t miss another episode. All right, enjoy this one, either beautiful. Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to dream again, to boldly in faith pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness. You
Both life and business. It’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary. Alright ladies, welcome to this very special episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m sitting here laughing with my good friend buki akoa and say, Hey, fuki you know, I don’t know where I met buki I know it’s online. I just don’t know where I’m thinking Instagram, but it could have been Facebook. Yeah, sure. Probably both. I’m not sure exactly how our paths cross. I think we’ve been kind of like, with each other somehow. But yeah, I don’t know. And we both love each other so much
to each other. So
Christian growth, and social media strategist. Yeah. Oh, you know, you might recall that on a podcast a couple of weeks ago, I had Yolanda King who’s also quote unquote, a competitor of mine, and your quote unquote, a competitor of mine. See, that’s the beauty. Like there’s no competition. Yes. Because I love abundance. Yeah, abundance. God has called everybody that abundance for us to just do what God called us to do. And he knows who he is called us to. Yes, that’s the beauty. That’s exactly right. Because you know, it’s really cool ladies here is buki sitting in the United Kingdom. And here I am sitting in Philadelphia. And it’s just so awesome that we’re able to be with each other like in this virtual way. That’s like Thank You, Jesus, You’re so awesome. But okay, for those that do not know you, why don’t you give us kind of a summary of your background and really more specifically what you do. Okay, cool. So this what what do I do now? I help women online to get clients. That’s a simply simple form. My background Well, I can to phase background should I say
Background initial background is in real estate. So I’ve been in business for eight years, I started in property, and God called me from my nine to five. And he called me out of the nine to five. I started this journey of entrepreneurship. I’ve always had this spirit of entrepreneurship anyway, started a gentle intrapreneurship in real estate, my husband, it wasn’t online, it was offline, to do a lot of kind of property management lettings and you know, God did some amazing things in that time. But then say like, four or five years in roughly, I decided, Well, I have a three year old son, and beef. I was already thinking about obviously when I start having children, I want to start being online. I don’t want to be running around a lot of things happen. Anyway, I decided that actually let me let me try this property thing online. And so I transition to was learning how to how to find investment properties from my laptop and selling them without
Seeing them so I started yet by so basically selling them by images online negotiating them selling them from my laptop here in the UK. And I was doing that and I that’s where I started learning marketing as I say learning Facebook ads and learning all this stuff around things that I do today. But then I transitioned into kind of like from there to kind of a Facebook ad agency where I was doing local business advertising for local business owners in the area. Just just yeah quite enjoyed the whole I enjoyed helping business owners I think maybe because I’ve got neighbor gonna help me I just love that more specifically and for whatever reason I was led that way. And long story short, that’s gonna fast forward the journey to today.
Late last year, I just felt God really cool me to take all that skill, all that knowledge and bring it online and in the way that I show up today. So the way I show up today, I’m very overtly Christian, obviously
I, you know, and and I feel like God has given me this, this route to this. She said no help share your knowledge with my people. That’s what I have on the show, share what you have online. And so I, obviously that was like late last year. And then hey, this year COVID-19 like, oh my god like, wow, God knows best, right? So I was well positioned to find myself where I am today and just loving it enjoying the journey. Amazing, basically, in this short form summary. And you know, we were talking about this earlier last time we connected a couple weeks ago, where, you know, I felt called to do the Christian business coaching like late last summer and launched in September, and you said you launched it late last year, and there’s two or three others that have done it jumped into the Christian business coaching in some form for women in that same timeframe. And then I joined this other group
Gosh, what is it called your faith journey? org If you’re not familiar with it, you should check it out. Yeah. A friend of mine run at home stuff. She she leaves this nonprofit, which is a resource for Christian women leaders like us anyway, and I was involved in in a zoom call. And I’m telling you, Jesus, his presence was so palpable in in women just so on fire for the Lord. And, and we all said, my goodness, you know, he’s rising. He’s raising up his daughters. That’s what I feel. Big Banks. Yeah.
Tell me about that. You see it? Yeah, I definitely see that. It’s like, there’s this because similar to you, I’ve spoken to I’ve obviously had many conversations with lots of different women, Christian women and business leaders, as well and similar conversations, like you know, God led them. This is around the same time, and I’m just like, wow, God, you’re so amazing, because I know because I’ve had for example, I had some
Kind of rewind a bit.
While I was pregnant with my son, this was about three years ago, or just about four years ago, I felt a calling to start a Women’s Network in London, and I and I said, this is not me. Number one, I’m pregnant, how on earth I’m going to start any kind of network, going to Central landing every once a month. And I just for you know, for me, I have this thing of live as lead my Mater. And as God calls me, I believe in the abundant life. God has called us 10 times live a life of abundance, and the only way we can live that is if we live in obedience. And listen to what he’s taking us. I’m very big on that. So if I hear God I know is God I move. Okay, everything’s happening. So, here I am getting pregnant again. God has called me to start this network here in London. And it’s called Kingdom wealth, Women’s Network. I’ll give you the cliff clear as day Kingdom wealth woman. And so this is about three three years ago now I called a couple of my friends. And this is what I’m hearing God say to you, and they’re gonna help me support this this
mission and we started it. So lo and behold, here I am for about six months, three months, three, four months pregnant, and launching out in this networking event. And, and just seeing people blessed by it and just, you know, I could ask my child was born, I couldn’t stand it, but I really felt that now he’s done. He’s reigniting all of that again, and it’s now online cuz he’s repurposed it, he knew what he was doing. And and I just feel like there is a there is a move of God that he really wants to lift up. His daughters, he wants to lift up women of God. He wants to showcase you wants to show them off, he will show us off. Honestly, I believe that too. Just to just I just believe that so deep in my spirit, but he just wants to showcase his glory through
our uniform and I really feel it and I get chills talking about it. Yeah. All within weeks or months for sure of each other said, we’re doing this
I don’t know that there were that many in the market before we all jumped in. Yeah, yeah, I in my Instagram I, I speak to people a lot on direct messaging, and I get a lot of people of Christian women. So I love what you’re doing that you’re mixing faith in this. And I’m like, okay, I thought this was pretty normal. I saw easy I jumped on maybe like in December, December like relay, right? So I’m Senior group, I’ve come across the above Oh, this knows of women in business doing this, you know, this is great. Like, you know, but people still feel like it’s a new thing. People still messaged me today. And you’re doing I love that you’re able to showcase faith in your business. How do you do that? Um, like, just be you know, just, like, just, hey, right. Yeah. So, you know, I think that yes, there’s definitely more people doing it. But there’s still a lot more that are not
why there’s no worry about competition because God gave us our backgrounds and our experience they could add or otherwise
We bring different things to the table and we appeal to different people. But let’s pause when you talk about Kingdom wealth women.
Tell them tell the ladies what your what your first name is and what it means. Ah, yes, my full name is Aloo Buccola. Okay, that’s how you say it. And it means God has added more to wealth. And I got revelation of that, like,
about four years ago, I really I was I remember being in church, you know, and it’s like, that’s your name. That’s what it’s like, that’s your name like, God has added multiple he wants to lift you up in wealth, but he wants to add the kingdom on it. He wants to add his his breath on it. It’s not just about wealth or money in that respect only but yes, it includes it but he wants to. He’s giving you a message beyond that. He’s giving you something to showcase beyond just monetary wealth, which is inclusive of I must continue to add
But yeah, on this issue of money let’s let’s pause here for a second. Yeah, you probably come up with this with your clients as I do. Many have been raised in the church to almost think that the right thing to do is to be poor. And it’s almost a sin to want to make five figures or more every month you’re gonna come across Yeah, and it breaks my heart to be honest with you and I feel like I’m more than anything is it’s funny because the more and more I feel very convicted about the message of wealth in the kingdom. Let’s touch on like all my my doing it too much of my speaking about it too much. I kind of I kind of I can hear that voice. Boys trying to kind of second guess me. But no, this is God’s message. And he wants it to be set free to the point where I add that in my program, to really kind of really work on the mindset biblical foundations of wealth like this is God. This is not there is a way he wants us to be wealthy. He wants us to get in his way, but we must not you know feel that way.
employ is assumed that’s just so anti God, that’s not God’s will. And I just like, where they get that from.
because like you said, john 1010, he has a life. That doesn’t necessarily mean money. There’s abundance in relationship, and peace and joy. But I think that many women that I speak with on a daily basis, they misinterpret that Bible verse that says money is the root of all evil, but it doesn’t say that it says the love of money is the root of all evil. Exactly. And you know, I also I also come to the conclusion as well, but not all a call to this. So that’s why sometimes there’ll be a class this I believe that there there are people that actually called God has called and handpick people to manage his wife to steward his wealth, for impact for transformation for change. I believe that so I when I come across people that maybe when you when you explain the message, they don’t get it. I just leave them for God to just say, Okay, well, you know, you need to work out for you. But I there are people that in this spirit, they really
really feel called for much more financially they feel that it’s not just a it’s not a Sir, I don’t want to be rich and have all this things. It’s it’s a deeper, it’s a deeper knowing inside that I really feel God wants me to do this and wants me to be wealthy for a reason. And that’s where I feel like God wants us to be impactful. We need money to make impact in in a lot of cases.
I just feel that that that people are comfortable a call to this, there’s a calling, those are a call to it, they will recognize that and they would, they would relate to what we’re saying and resonate with the message and I and some will, some will be will, will be released into understanding it more, but some won’t. And those that won’t. Hey,
each one to their own.
Just like
heart so you can only do so much. You know, but I really love the idea that when you accumulate this wealth, it allows you to do great things. You know if I had all the money in the world
would be a woman’s advocate for those that are abused. And you know, for abused moms and kids to get them out of a situation to start a new life. I mean, I was, I’m a survivor of an abusive relationship. My first husband beat me up. And I know but knowing me now everybody’s like, how did you let that happen? You’re pretty tough now, like, I don’t know, I guess it made me this way.
Yes, straight. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And to stop this, um, you know, human trafficking. I mean, that takes money it takes. So that’s the kind of amazing things when you make money. All right. I want to pause for just a moment. And one of the things that you do so well, and I want to learn, and I want my listeners to learn, okay, so when did you jump on Instagram? And how in the heck did you get over 4000 followers, not just followers, they are engaged and active hours. How did you do that in like six months time. Oh, so
Everything is so my journey of learning I, you know, I feel that for you to be the best at something, you have to master something. So I decided to master something I decided I’m going to commit to mastery. And the way God called me He called me actually onto youtube funny enough when I got the call, go to YouTube, right? And I’m like, No, I’m not going to like, ah, anyway, long story short.
I hold up the voice and I obey the law. And actually just to kind of quick side note before I go into that, because I was thinking about the journey as I was talking to you about the journey and so I had God say I want to start a YouTube channel. I had no clue how to do it Not a clue i’m not i would have been online in that way before. What happens within that same week as this lady that pops up in my Facebook feed five day YouTube challenge on how a five day challenge start how to start a YouTube channel from scratch without no and I’m just like, okay, God, you are definitely speaking. Okay, that side note for those that those that go follow in the Lord’s voice and seeing these things, right. So anyway, started the channel.
started doing some videos. Okay, how do I, how do I get traffic here? Okay? Okay, probably you got Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. And so then I started to remaster it and learn it. And so I took the time out to really just go dig deep and just find out Okay, one of the things, learn the algorithm and learn how the algorithm works. And so a lot of the algorithm is about engaging about real relationships connecting with people and using the right hashtag but the two main things in broadly speaking that make your though it makes your your your your your page grow, okay, so it’s the right hashtags, spending time to do the research. Because when you do what it will take time, it’s not just kind of choosing a hash tag here and there, take the time to do the research based on the research, then it starts to work for you because then you can then you can put them into boxes, you find the right hashtags for your post, decide how you going to post a what kind of post I do love inspirational posts, as well as teaching posts, and so on.
Who’s gonna like who is the audience that’s going to like, my inspirational posts, for example, my quotes, you know, that uplift and inspire, you know, Kingdom women, women of faith, you know, pray, all that kind of stuff. So you reset the hashtags in different kind of sizes. And then, you know, you just kind of use them spread out, spread it out. So I did so it’s actually a nice sight to see results. This kind of tested it out and seeing was lovely, but it’s working. And then also I do co was really focused on Instagram in the beginning, I use dm a lot I was dm machines to say hi to people really kind of like when it came to the people. And I got all my first bunch of clients online from Instagram, because I was just like really talking to people and sharing my knowledge and sharing what I could do sharing value. And from now I was like, Okay, yeah, cool. This is this is, you know, meeting wonderful people across the world in the States.
Like I was enjoying it, so it was like, it really became a learning curve, but it was such an enjoyable experience and meeting a lot of people I call friends now and that
I was able to help an impact and do the same for them as they would move their business forward. So that’s I guess broadly speaking, hashtags and and and really making connections you have to kind of put the time in and I was I was intentional about having the putting the time in. Okay, yeah, okay, this is good. I’m gonna go along just a little bit deeper. I know you don’t want to give away all your secrets. Okay, that’s okay, go for it. So So is this self taught or did you have a team member like number one is it self taught and number two with this you or you and a team member or or two in the beginning it was me it was self taught I just I just literally looking on YouTube doing Google finding stuff living living it just just fine just testing things out seeing what works isn’t some so many different different things online putting it together? Making no one the strategy for me Okay, this is this just kind of like putting everything together. So So now I outsource it. So now I’m not because I I was all in for goods. Yeah. I was like my
My husband was like, really like you’re on your own Instagram again, like people I was just messing around, I’m building a business.
So now when I when I,
when I teach, I teach people about Instagram, I say, look, tell your families and friends what you are doing, they’re going to figure you out crazy for the first month or two because you can always be on Instagram, but let them know that you have to do this in the beginning so that you build momentum. And so now I’ve done that and I’ve seen the traction I’m seeing the consistent growth I found someone and now I outsource that and I take my exact strategies I make sure that he does it the way that I do it so that now it’s like okay, cool.
Hence why I could go to Facebook now
or you’re focusing on your on your ads and I still growing I’m still on Instagram, but not in the same capacity that I was before. It’s kind of just building it building blocks, right? Monster one nowhere and then go to the next one. Okay, let me pause back. I’m looking at your feedback. Now I trunking you so that I can
could look at your FA and and bouquets Instagram handle is buki that kingdom printer, you’ve got to check it out ladies. So it is so pretty. And it is so diverse with, with what you have and the graphics and videos and all that. So is there a method to the madness?
Um, so, so.
Right. I’m so happy you said it was pretty, because
I have so he helped me on that too now.
When I started, it was all me but obviously as you grow your business, right you can’t do everything yourself. So you have to outsource and I’m very big on teaching look, you got it. We’re not trying to be self employed again, we want to build a business and so I’m all about building a team. But when I first started, literally I was telling my lady that’s my graphics today I was we were like what I love so much. We just have so much fun and banter. I was saying to her when I first started.
I was putting this stuff together from Canva and doing all manner of madness, but people
wants to engage with the content. And so my message even is that even if you don’t have what you, you can’t outsource it, you’re not good at graphics, just start do it because as long as you’ve got good value good message content, people will still connect with you, even if it doesn’t look so beautiful. So now over the last two months, I’d say I’ve had help with that. And now it looks much like nice and glorious than it did before. But there’s, yeah, so now I’ve outsourced it. So it’s like I just kind of, it’s not the same as I was before I started for Canva and Canva, which is just throwing pieces of things together. That was it.
Great. I love my Canva
but the thing is, I knew I knew that this was not like, you know, top
output when I was doing it like you could listen guys, you can scroll down on my feed I actually have when I first started my Instagram, I think it was in about three or 400. I’d never really used it just barely
Whatever friends I actually had a post saying I’m back. So that was my beginning post when I like slows up the business I have not I’m back post and like now from that point on when I say take it serious and then if anyone wants to have a look and scroll, you will see the development and see you like how I was posting and then how it changed. And now you know, and yeah, just six months time, right?
Literally Exactly. Exactly. Yeah six months because yeah, I was I was monitoring it really week on week before I was doing and just seeing the growth over
time would you spend when you were doing this all by yourself, you know, put aside the time you spent on the graphic side of it, but just creating the content and engaging with people how many hours spent, I would say on the content so with the content, I I did go a bit deeper. I went deep I like to kind of connect the one one good tip guys is obviously long.
Long. Captions are good because those that want to read it. You know, it kind of be
helps with engagement right? So I would put time and effort in there sometimes Oh my god, sometimes and right and post like just say writing the post.
It could take me like two hours or so to just write one pose. And because I’m, I’m thinking about the message I think I want to say I want to put it on make sure they grab all that kind of stuff. It takes me It can take some time, and then to now the engagement. I would Elise spend realistically,
it was over an hour a day, I’d say I would say probably maybe two hours a day. So maybe I’ve used some in the morning, maybe half an hour, 45 minutes in the morning, in the evening, no doubt, I’ll be at least an hour in the evening. So half an hour in the evening. I’m going through messaging, talking some conversations there and then with lead for like a like a like a chat via ID and it’s much longer than I expected. But you know, it was all part of the learning and just meeting people. It’s very exciting for me because I like meeting up I love me I love people. I’m like meeting new people and just saying hi, and just been able to impact people just from from my home.
It’s lovely. Yeah, that is so awesome. And it makes me feel good because I know sometimes I’m getting you know, the more you do it ladies, the easier it becomes. Yeah. Remember, it took me like 45 minutes plus and I’m like, Oh my god, this is the kind of cool post but is it worth
it? Okay, so there you go. You’ve heard it from two people now. This is where it begins. Right? You have to invest in it. Yeah. So, um, can I go just a little bit deeper about hashtags to make sure.
Okay, so, obviously, your avatar is a Christian woman, you either has a business or maybe has a full time job and is always wanting to start a business. So how do you begin to find hashtags that makes sense. For example. Proverbs 31 ministries, for example, might be your woman, but she may or may not be really interested in entrepreneurship.
So, how do we find the right hashtags? Yes. So again, back to that breaking it down into kind of groups. So in my avatar with my real ideal avatar, someone who’s already got a business, so it wouldn’t be like a kind of just a Christian one. So Christian women would, I would still use that hashtag for like inspirational posts just to kind of, you know, you never know, you know, they may blossom into entrepreneurship or what have you, but I would break it down. So I’d have like, for example, let’s just say two brackets make it simple. The kind of inspirational pose you got, like, you know, women of faith, that’s the kind of different hashtags for that quite not a specific very general very broad. But for the for the for the actual
audience, entrepreneur, I would look for coaches, for example, consultants.
And so hashtags like God, printer, kingdom, printer kingdom, crystal and the Christian woman, business, Christian women in business, all those who had an impromptu speaking they’re not that big. So I had to, and the reality is the reason why I had to have to merge it in the army is because
In the grand scheme of things, they’re not massive posts with our hashtags, like, compared to like, 500, you know, 500,000, all that kind of stuff we’re in like 50,000 100,000 if that they’re bigger ones for like faith base and prayer, all that kind of stuff. But when it comes to entrepreneurs, Christian entrepreneurship, it’s not that they’re not that many. And so you do have to, that’s a quick note for us, I and I realized that when I was doing lots of research into it, so I’ll definitely do that there. Lots of Christian coaches and different types of Christian coaches. And it’s different, like Christian woman in business and that kind of thing. Kingdom printer, Kingdom entrepreneur, give them a they’re very small. So that’s where I kind of, I would concentrate my efforts on those, especially for posts that had to do with business posts that I’m talking about, you know, actual value based content, I would use those kind of hashtags.
But I would still mix it at times with the bigger ones. How about this one? How about this one?
hashtags of influencers that may be Christian, for example.
Rachel Hollis. Even though I find that some of her, some of her stuff is more new agey, not strictly Christian, I know sometimes I look at her followers for example. Exactly that’s a good way to do it so well I would definitely like it as well. So basically, I will look at more so probably fine who are kind of really staunch Christian Dana Chanel, Chanel and her husband. They’re quite that way.
No, oh, gosh, she’s, uh oh. Glory to God for that woman. She’s just you know, a really really wonderful Yeah, entrepreneur doing really great things online. And and so I’ve came across her that she’s wow doing it for God. And, and really overtly Christian as well. So again, on her feet, just kind of engaging with people on her feet and getting her post that kind of thing. So just kind of and from there. Another thing is, I’m looking Kingdom printer. When I met my comment, whoever understands the kingdom, oh, who’s this? What’s that? And obviously that attracts them. So obviously, we do
With your with your handle don’t just have your name has something that people that you want people to know you as they can fight they would be interested to know more about you so you have SEO is Seo
optimized so you do have to kind of put your put something that you want people to know you for. So that’s why I keep it a kingdom printer because who’s come to me because he’s in curiosity right? curiosity, right? So that’s what I come up with. And then they see me so it’s all intentional stuff to get like more eyes on my feed. Right? That’s awesome. Um, all right. So looking at my notes here, what do we not touch on what’s on your heart, that you would love to tell these ladies who
you know, as you know, you’re looking for clients, ladies who were in business for a number of years. It is not a cakewalk to succeed as an entrepreneur and while we all you and I, you know, we’re building our teams, we want to work smarter, not harder, because the goal was to have the business sustainable without us so we can
Go away and you know that so what would you tell that woman who’s been in business a couple of years and she’s really especially with COVID maybe feeling really disappointed disappointed and wondering, Is this something that I should really continue? Yeah, my my encouragement would be don’t give up number one and especially as I was talking to earlier about, you know, when you know that you’re caught to something, sometimes the road is not gonna be easy and in fact, in fact, scratch that they’ll be all the time there’s gonna be somewhat difficult roads okay, right. difficult road in that journey. Even though God has called you it’s not always going to be smooth sailing but he is going to give you the right people to connect with to get that help and support Don’t be an island don’t do it on your own. I even though I learned a lot by myself in the beginning, as soon as I was able to I did get you know, I have a coach now. So I I do feel that we all should get we should all be
Did a good job I always learn I’m a lifelong learner. And I believe that when I, if I finish with somebody else’s, I might go, Okay, I’m gonna look at something else now because I always want to be adding value when I transitioned from when I was in real estate to what I’m doing. Now, one big thing, when I look back I, when I meditate, I was like, you know, I wasn’t given enough value, what I was doing, then I was just kind of doing sales kind of just sales for the sake of doing sales to make money, which is fine. Obviously, I’m just saying that for me, it wasn’t enough. So my biggest thing is that the more you learn and become an expert at something,
learn to put yourself into that place of expertise. You have to do the graft, do the grind, learn the field, get training, if you get training by forcing us to buy a course where we need to do to do it. If you know you’re someone that’s not going to follow that course, then get a coach if you can’t do it on your own, like do something right. Don’t go and feel that you know, because we’d like to know I’m going to pray and see what God does. Yes, principle does, but you have to be practical.
God that He gives you wisdom, he gives you counsel, you have to be practical. Because when you take the step he will meet you at that step. So I would just say to that woman, like, take this, take necessary steps, God will meet you where you’re at. But don’t get discouraged, find support, let’s connect, you know, that’s why we’re here. Right? One thing I love is been able to pray with people, you know, I honestly, it’s been a privilege, honestly, to be able to, from people in the states from wherever they are in the world, we can just get on the phone, I can just pray we can pray together and this and be a support for one another. Because, you know, that’s the beauty of being in the kingdom, you know, we can, like Julian is like, I feel like there’s just so much love between us and like from different parts of the world. And it’s like, the Spirit of God has connected us.
Because, you know, he knows we all need support, but you know, we’re not going to do it on our own. So, you know, don’t give up, get support, keep going. And God will see you through. I love it and I want to highlight
like six nuggets.
And I’m going to highlight them, okay. Besides them, okay. This issue of connection first lady said follow me no connection is what it’s all about relationships. Your business is built on relationships. If you are not reaching out to new people through DMS and PMS and whatever, it’s not about friending people. That’s great. That’s step one. But now you have to get to know them. And it is so much fun. Oh my gosh, my days are so jam packed. I hardly have time to do my work because I’m connecting.
That’s part of it. That’s a huge part of me. Connect ladies do not do this alone. That is what makes it fun. All right. The next thing is you will suffer persecution, as buki said, Are you going to hit some you know, monkey wrenches in your life and your business? Heck yeah. But we are overcomers more than conquerors through Christ. So this is why, you know, I was asked today.
I had a connection call with a woman, very sweet woman and she said to me, how is that
If you connect your Christian faith to your business, like I don’t see how that works, she said I was raised in the church, but I really don’t see how it is. And I said, Oh my goodness. Well, Jesus is the Lord of my life. And I can’t just keep him on the shelf on Sunday and pull him out. I mean, he is what gets me through the muck in the mire. So lady, you know, as Christians, I always say this, we should be the strongest, the the best leader, servant leaders, the most optimistic, you know, and really the most profitable because we’re having this big impact. Pardon hell, and God led right. All right, you got to think about the coach. I have a couple of coaches. I mean, the money that I spend on coaches, and this is higher level, you know, yeah, like $10,000 almost a month it’s insane. But you do this lady, did you then you become you become more sought after, but you’ve got the value the expertise, why because you went to go and learn you have to look at sowing and reaping guys if you sow, you will reap if you don’t go
No, you’re not gonna repeat
to you. Yes. And when you have this bill that is coming every month, some might say, Oh, that’s scary. That’s gonna be motivate me, then I know I am being poured into so that I could pour into and so they’re getting like a piece of my investment working with me and let’s face it, how dare I say you should have a coach if I don’t have one. Thank you. Thank you. Amen. Hallelujah to that.
Very thing, find the right fit.
the right fit. Maybe I’m the right. King is the right thing. Yeah. Right. I mean, we’re all we all are doing similar things obviously a little bit differently. But you know, you’ve got to invest in yourself and in your business, to more things, an expert you will become an expert at anything when you spend 10,000 hours at it. Now you might say oh my goodness. 10,000 hours. Wow. Little
Steps little baby steps will get you there so don’t quit. And finally um what is most chicken scratch say here?
Oh my Oh, God does his part but we have to do ours yes, I do that yeah go you go I know that I’m gonna pray on it I’m gonna pray away sometimes we’re waiting for God but God is waiting for us sometimes waiting for us to take a step take a step it’s gonna happen and so we have to partner with him prayer is good it’s great i but you have to move don’t move nothing’s gonna happen
Ray and I heard this I’m
waiting is not passive you are not just anticipating something but then you take action the action that you can exactly right so I
would leave my steps Don’t let me make if I’m if I’m not going in the right way let me know and my thing is four years ago, I would go up and down about how’d it go speak to me is that good one
You know what, I don’t know. It’s not even a big thing. I just, I pray, I trust, I believe if I don’t get a piece I stopped. Simple as that. Just don’t make it. We can make it complicated about the voice of God and just
overthink it. Just be in the word, pray and trust the Father loves you enough to direct you in the right way. And it makes it easy and simple and just go do something. I love that. All right, totally. First of all, anything else on your heart that you wanted to tell our listeners?
Um, my main thing is we that’s what encouraged I want to encourage women to step out my thing to step out so to lean on God, even more than before, in this season that we’re in, especially with what’s happening with COVID what’s happening, you know, even like all the missions we’ve had even in the States, right, I think this is the time that we need to lean on God like never before. Let’s not be passive Christian. Let’s not be kind of
Church going Christians and just kind of have like, you know,
touch base with God when we have problem but let’s really use this time for intimacy for close relationship with him to hear his words because he has such great things for us. We’re not going to experience it if we don’t, if we’re not in fellowship with Him we’re talking about you know, I was talking to the lady. I think it’s, I think the parable of the talents power the times when I paddle tennis with somebody. And you know, God said to the one that didn’t invest his talent, he didn’t just say, oh, naughty, naughty you depart from me, you work of iniquity. He says so if you as harsh right and so don’t be picked on as this, you know, let all go go is gonna be okay. No, no, he wants you to step out. He wants you to invest in yourself to be fruitful and multiply. And the only way he can be fruitful and multiply is if you you are with the Father to hear him for your life, because he would have to be in Divine john 15 months. He said, you know being being divine
No, I am the money, the branches if you can’t do anything without me, so for us to bear for as much fruit, we have to lean on the vine and have to get all our hc get our direction from the vine so that we can be fruitful. So I would just encourage us, you know, really just to kind of use this time to be intimate with the Lord, and just know him deeper than ever before, get into the word. And, and and be bold. I was telling someone the other day that I’m not naturally a person that speaks in the front, you wouldn’t think that if you saw my videos, no, I’m not at all like, I’m generally the person from my friends from school knowing that I’m like, I would like to kind of be at the back and make changes. And pat on the back. I’m an organizer. I’m a strategist. I’m like, that’s my kind of natural go to not like a speaker in the front. But, you know, having said that, when God wants to move you forward, he’s going to shake them up a little bit, but then just just trust him. He knows what’s good for us. And so now that I’m doing this is because obedience to Him is because he’s got a bigger plan. So let’s just be bold.
And just let God just be in our lives, shine our light, let people be drawn to God in us through our efforts. That’s my
telling you, I have never won all in, in myself in my business. I have these last six or seven months. And it feels so good because you just know you’re doing the right thing. You see the impact? Yes. You’re like, wait a minute, am I making this impact? It’s kind of like, like, wow,
it’s God. It’s God, but he’s using you using you. He’s using you. And it’s like, and this is the thing when we step out, like I say, someone is now saying, like, you know, I am living out my calling, I am in the place that God wants me to be and it feels amazing. It feels like you know, as you said, making an impact. But you know, you’re in goodwill. You know, your help, you’re helping people. And it’s like, you’re gonna pay for it. Hey
you know, it’s just
If you did, if you did jump in and do the scary and learn the YouTube and learn the Instagram and invest in the time and keep on going when it felt like nobody was really listening or whatever, just like me, then think of the people that we wouldn’t have been impacted. Yeah, exactly. Oh, ladies listening. Take it from us. Wookiee and I are no, we’re I love buki. But we’re not special. We’re only special because we are fully embracing who we are in Christ. And we’re stepping out in faith and we’re just being that bold, courageous woman that he is calling us to be right. All right. Okay. But Wow, time goes quickly. I have one last question for you. Yeah. And you know, this is the she is extraordinary podcast. So I would love you to share an extraordinary woman in your life and what made her extraordinary.
Oh, wow.
And it showed me women in my life, what makes them
not famous? Anyone, right? Anybody else?
I typically am someone that you know, personally, right? Right. Okay. Yeah, I’ve definitely say my mom. I said my mom, because she’s a fighter. She’s a fighter and I get a lot of my resilience from her. She, um, she when I was 21 I’m gonna give my my age now when I was 21. She had a fatal accident, right. And it left her in crutches. Since, you know from Benson’s now and am I sure that helped me build my 25th birthday this big bash, and long story short, right? So she’s just, she’s just a woman, that’s a go getter. She just doesn’t let anything happen. Lots of issues and problems, but she’s so strong and she keeps going. And it just been my role model to be like, you know, what things are going to come that’s going to be hard, but just keep going no matter what kind of situations might throw at you, you know, and she’s a massive inspiration in that way, because she’s just, she showed me how to be resilient and how to kind of like just just keep going no matter what
comes your way you know and I’m seeing the fruit of doing that I’ve never I’ve had lots of challenges oh my god so many your personal challenges like enemy fingers, guys and I wanted to say this like, you know, when you are
going higher God is lifting you up. Let us not be ignorant the enemy’s advices I’m saying this because it’s rare for all of us and personal in our personal lives whatever happens I’ve so many challenges have come my way but you know, when you just let you know what, you know, he has called me He’s faithful and so he just be aware that those things will come but push through his presence. And you know, it’s just gonna melt away and just keep going. So I just feel like you know, if you’re listening and you are someone that may have that issue, just keep going and keep going. And his presence is where we find the comfort and everything that we need to, to succeed and to be bold, and to push through. And to make it you know, I feel like we need to be the light of the world. Bob says we’re sitting on a hill that cannot be hidden. And you know when it’s depressing
In your head, that was ringing in my head prior to starting like us, late last year, every single moment, you’re a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. We are all women of God, extraordinary cities on hills, that he wants to lift up, that we will not be hidden because the world needs to see the light of Christ in us. And so, you know, I live
in Italy individually, we are called collectively, amen. And I say this, my middle son is is going to be a senior in college. He wants to be a pastor, my oldest son is a music pastor. And when the enemy is whispered in their ear, I encourage them by saying and I want to encourage ladies listening, when the enemy is attacking you, that’s a very good thing only to the extent that he sees you’re about to do something big for the kingdom. Like if you’re not if you’re not getting thrown knees, you know? x Yes. Then maybe it’s because you’re not really going all in on your faith. And you’re really not living out that faith. You know, it’s an act of faith.
So be encouraged. I personally right now I’m going through something and buki knows about that. And she’s such a beautiful sister in the Lord so supportive and so many others of you that listen regularly I thank you for that. And I press on because I know that in Christ, I am more than a conqueror. So
thank you so much. I could talk with you another three hours.
It’s been awesome. I love data. And yeah, it’s been amazing. We could talk forever, but you know, it’s not we don’t listen to it could be too long.
So, one more time, tell the ladies where they should go to find you, including your Facebook group. I don’t think we’ve mentioned that yet. And if there’s any sort of something special you want to make available to them, or we can talk about it offline. Yeah, yeah, most definitely. I mean, so obviously my Instagram you heard it is Bucky Kingdom printer, come and find me and my facebook group is the ambitious, faith filled enterpreneurs network. Come and join us in there. And I have a little free tool kit.
as well for people to get clients now if you’re in business, we can post it somewhere that you can be available and have a little freebie and learn more. Thank you. I love you, sister. Thank you so much. Thank you, Donna. Pleasure. All right. Wow, see you next time. Ladies, take care.
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