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Ep 51: LinkedIn Phenoms: Connection. Authenticity. Urgency. (Gettin’ Business Done!) Transcript

Welcome to Episode 51 of the she is extraordinary podcast. Today’s a special one ladies, my guests generate 15 million organic views of their content on LinkedIn every single month. Inside I said 10 million but I was wrong by about 5 billion views is a crazy or what I want you to meet to name array and Courtney herring, two women taking LinkedIn by storm, captivating their connections and their followers.

These ladies are business partners. They are the co founders of bed snake media catering to the healthcare sector. And they’re doing big things they can huge impact inside that healthcare industry. And what I love about this interview is ladies I I was trying to pin down Shinae and Courtney for this interview for probably six months. And finally when they said yes and we got it on the books. I was so excited.

You’re going to love this because they both are just so real and so vulnerable and authentic. And they’re going to tell you, you know how they did what they did, which is in a very, very short period of time. They’re absolute disruptors in their space marketing in the healthcare sector, and more. So they’re going to tell you about how they’re going all in on who they are, without apology with boldness, with courage. So grab that paper and pen ladies enjoy this episode, either beautiful.

Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to dream again, to boldly in faith pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host, Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker and beach loving mom of six boys, and on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness
to spur you on to greatness in both life and business, it’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary.

Alright ladies, welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast, I am here with two powerhouses to LinkedIn, Vietnam’s and their company. Between the two of them, they generate over 10 million views every month on LinkedIn. All right. And they did this in a relatively short period of time, organically, authentically showing up real with connections. And you know, ladies, if you’ve been following me for any period of time, business is all about relationships, really caring about people and connection. So I want to introduce you to today marae and Courtney herring. How you doing, ladies? We’re doing great. Thanks for having us. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. So you ladies are the co founders of med snake media. And so now let’s start with you. Where do you share with the ladies, kind of how you and Courtney came to be. And I know it’s kind of a long story, but

It’s not that long, but Yeah, I will. Um, so July 2018, I left my employer, corporate employer and then you know, I saw how some people had taken LinkedIn just to find like freelance copywriting clients. So I started doing that. And I started landing some clients on my own, but I wasn’t really posting any content yet or anything. And then at that time, I guess, just coincidentally, I think video around that time was released on LinkedIn, and some people were like, getting into it.

Um, by November, I post late November, I posted my first video, and it got a great response, but I kind of you know, LinkedIn is really supportive. So I thought it was kind of just coincidence or whatever. But after like my third, fourth fifth
videos I post them once a day, I noticed that it wasn’t a coincidence because the engagement kept going, like higher. So I started getting feedback. People were liking the messaging even though the quality of video was terrible. Anyways, through one of those videos in late no one late November through one of my first videos, Courtney saw it and reached out and messaged me, we started talking and then what we started to realize was a lot of her billing clients, they would ask her thing, she knew anybody in marketing because they needed patience to start to build for once they had the health insurance or residence if it’s like a nursing home assisted living facility, so we saw that trend probably in the first month of our friendship. And then I was like, I’m somebody that like notices patterns.

So I was like, Okay, this isn’t a coincidence. Why don’t we like join forces because healthcare decision makers, they don’t
have time so instead of managing, you know, a person, company for insurance credentialing, billing, all aspects of their marketing, why don’t we just become a one stop shop for them instead of having to manage five different companies. And by January, February, by January, we incorporated the business or late December. Well, what day was it for me? On December 18, December 18. January, we had we had secured one of our first you know, we thought that was a big client.

Yeah, we secured retainer, unimpressive retainer for us to like,
made that type of money. We got the money. I like, I couldn’t believe it. I was like, oh my god. It was like within an hour of speaking to this person. He was like, Okay, my system is gonna make the payment. And I was like, Okay, this is weird. I did and I was like, Oh my gosh, it really happened.
That’s awesome.

Courtney so at that time, um, what was it about today’s video that makes you reach out like what stood out for you? Um, just being inviting.
I think you know, people that are really good at video, right? You have to be able to come across I guess inviting visually, and Sinead doesn’t have to try to do that my videos are always awkward. Okay.

Wedding somebody came in today is always blowing and it’s like, oh my gosh, and
I really one of the main things, I think, you know, corny trying to say is like a lot of women on the platform at the time, they’re just kind of finding a space like in their office and yeah, they were like all makeup up. And like, I was just like, if I was at the gym, I’ll do videos. I was in my parking lot. I wasn’t

I’m in professional attire like I was doing videos.
And that’s what stands out for me. I only found you. I only found both of you, I think the end of last year.
And what I loved about it was like, wow, I hate doing my makeup. I’m sorry.
I was just like, okay, so I don’t have to do that, although it’s kind of my brand. But anyway, I just love the, you know, I always tell my ladies, you don’t have to ask for permission.

You’re doing life and you’re taking us along with you. So at that time when you both met, how many followers did you have? How many how many connections did you have? I don’t maybe I had 20,000 followers or 15,000? Yeah, I think I don’t even think I had that many I think you did tonight, I think maybe in February you know?
Cuz I had started

Yeah, so I had maybe like 5000 followers, maybe I want 2000, something like that.
Okay, cuz I really want this to be alright, for my listeners. I have like just over 17,000. But I’ll be the first to say, I know I ain’t optimizing it. I know I’m not doing what I need to do you know what I mean? Facebook, I’ll be honest with you is my platform of choice, because that’s where a lot of my clients are. But I see where you ladies are, you know, they make media. I mean, you’re going after, you know, larger companies. And so that’s where they are. But what’s the secret sauce? I mean, it’s got to be more than just going. I mean, today, you in particular, you both are very prolific. But these days today, how many times do you post a day? for like five or six times?

Yeah. So
in the beginning, can we just go back because like, you were probably like, oh, my goodness, I’m getting good traction here. Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s a great question. That’s, I mean, you’re good.
Interviewer because that’s where you are. I wouldn’t have continued video how had I not realized early on that it was bringing me business because I’m the type of person that I like track results right and then if something’s giving me results, like I’ll just keep adding gasoline to that fire. So I realized like maybe after two weeks of posting the video, we got a lot of like in you know two weeks of like doing video every single day I was getting the freelance copywriting more people interested but then once we launched mid snake, in late December, I was getting like hire decision makers.

Like I said, we secured our first big retainer client in January, so I realized like, okay, I don’t have to talk about what I do my videos, I just have to relate to people because these decision makers were relating to me on like different aspects. So some of them would relate to me on one point I made in this video. Some would relate to me that their wife is also a cancer survivor. So that’s why they reached out, you know, just different personal things that would lead to Oh, what type of healthcare, marketing and credentialing and billing do you guys do? And I’m the type of person like when somebody asked me that, I don’t say, Okay, let’s schedule a call next week, Friday at 3pm. I’m like, Can you do a call now? Can we do a call tomorrow at 10? So I would immediately and that’s kind of where the secret sauces if you act fast, they’re gonna be more urgent in their decision making. So I would get on the call with them. And obviously, you get better at presenting your value and listening to what they need, and filling that gap in identifying whether it’s even somebody you want to work with or not. You’re nervous in the beginning, right? But the more you do it, the easier it gets. But so I’ll get them on a call as immediately as possible. And then I’m, I’m close and they kind of burn only they cry.
Only the closer

I get only 1000 questions have popped up.
Over here write notes because I don’t want to miss anything. I want to hold on that for just a moment. I want to ask Courtney. I can tell there is like a love and a sisterhood. Like, oh, like aren’t just business partners. You love each other I could see palpable when I watch you live and I see it now. So what is it that makes this relationship work? I mean, you know, like, what’s your strength versus what’s today’s like, Courtney? Is it?

Oh Shinae is the best with consistency and like he’s saying with patterns Janae knows Oh, wait, that video did well or you know when you say this, it gets more you know, views or engagement. So she is more of the person that is able to dissect kind of what business I guess. Relationships we need to be able to capture
And show on LinkedIn if that makes sense. Then for me I’m the one that’s like always you know able to gain you know different information you know from people so listen so Shinae is the introvert yeah that’s a huge thing people miss
the extrovert so in person it would be different

Yeah, that makes sense but on camera you know Shinae is just kills it every time
so we’re opposite but the same
media some person they they’ll ask Courtney like Hey, is she okay? Or like cuz I’m just like quiet. She’s like, Really?
It’s a huge misconception they think Grammy recording is like the most extroverted

I feel like the detail in your own unique way. Absolutely. Okay, so I feel like today we’re talking about how I’m tracking results. I’m doing what I know is going to work and I’m like, double down on what I see working. Courtney, tell me about your detail like like, what what is your I can just tell you a detail person. You knew the date that the company began. Yeah. I don’t know that. Yeah.

I don’t remember that. Like, it was it? Yeah. So I mean, that’s the thing. Like for me, I guess detailed. That doesn’t mean I’m a mathematician, but detailed with like numbers, dates, things like that. Just trying to make sure that we are organized and travel as we had a travel full pop up. You got it. Yeah. First Book, the hotel. I booked the flight and then I won’t even think about Oh, chickens at four but I’m arriving at
like five
Don’t I mean that’s not me support me handles all that like every aspect like even though relate like business relationships. I can go in and close.

Yeah, sure. No one handling Okay, this is the legal stuff we need in the contract. You know this is a like the details are neat.
Yeah, right like the process the whole like.
So you said you’re closer and they say I am Yes, she is the closer, okay.
They are signing
that I know my listeners are like at the edge of their seat, because it’s no secret that women tend to be timid to ask for the business. I mean, when I first started working as a coach, and I would ask them well tell me what you do at the end of the presentation. Do you know what most of them say? Or what many of them say?
They say they say Do you have any questions?

Okay, I’m talking about real estate agents in particular, because I saw them initially, they’re like, do you have any questions? And if the homeowner says, No, they go, Okay, well, I’ll leave this packet here with you and then you’re ready to go give me a call. And I’m like, Are you freaking kidding me? You got to say, great. I can’t wait to work with you. Let’s get the paperwork done. But so what what advice would you give to the lady today? What is your you know, method to the madness when it comes to closing? Um, well, the first thing I do is like when I see them in person, or like in a video, let’s let’s just say you can meet in person I prefer video over phone, you know, a lot of people do they want to, people have to realize that closing is all about trust. So a reason that somebody is not going to give you their money or decide to work with you is because ultimately, there’s something that they don’t, they don’t trust the situation enough. They don’t trust that you have experience. They don’t trust this. They don’t trust that so you have to kind of identify if they have that.

Those things like why they have it number one, for me, sometimes it’s my age, you know, it’s, um, especially in healthcare and walking into a room with 67 year olds. They’re like, what is this little girl want? Like, you know what I mean? And in the beginning, I had to like cut, I realized that you know what I mean? Because we met with some people that were hospital owners, and then but we got feedback. So sometimes that means me dressing you know, in a suit, you know what I mean to just, and obviously now, in the beginning, it was harder, because now we have the data stuff, and we have the social proof online, but in the beginning, when you don’t really have data from previous clients, and it’s just all about confidence, and somebody’s willing to take a chance on you, like, literally, that’s all it is. So, um,
you have to kind of identify what’s driving somebody. So some people are just driven by, they want more revenue to come from whatever they’re doing.

You, somebody driven by a power notoriety, whatever it is, you have to find out what it is. Because if I’m doing a presentation to somebody who wants more notoriety and influence, my presentation is going to focus around giving them that through my service. If I am doing a presentation with somebody that’s just all about money, then I’m going to focus about their return on in my presentation like I have, you kind of just have to listen to them on a phone conversation or whatever to find out what drives them. And once you know what drives them, you could tell your presentation, and then it’s all about urgency.

So if somebody else is there shopping, you have to realize that you may not be we’re never The only marketing company that they’re contacting. But if the other marketing company schedules them up for a week just to get on the phone, and I’m like, hey, and are you available right now as you messaging me, are you available early tomorrow morning, we contact them faster. We get them the proposal, the way we do our proposal.
is very customer as well. Just a tip for all the ladies out there. If you’re doing a proposal, do it in the branding and colors of your potential client. So they feel like you’re already working with them.

That’s a great tip. Customize the proposals for them and they just love it. So once you do that, you just you fall out what questions do they have that you know, after reviewing the proposal or whatever, and then be honest, so a lot of clients are strategic, especially we’re dealing with people with a lot of experience that are older than us. They will purposefully ask for me Don’t purposefully ask us questions that we know they know that we don’t know, just to see well live, right. And I’m the type of person that I’ll be like I have no idea why. But I’ll do the research. When they see that you’re a person that does well under pressure is honest about what you don’t know which is a huge thing when it comes to success and they know it You know it, it’s just, it’s going to increase the odds of closing.

Another thing is kind of pre in copywriting and stuff and marketing they do kind of create like a they call it an avatar for like your ideal client. Right? So what are they doing on a Friday night? What are they eating? What are they drinking so our clients and correct me if I’m wrong corny, but a lot of them are between 55 and 65 they’re usually have had a successful venture prior but they don’t feel like they’re done yet. So they’re launching new ventures they’re investing in new companies because they want to leave a bigger legacy behind a lot of them are workaholics no matter their age. And they’ve sacrificed you know marriages and sometimes relationships with children due to being a workaholic.

They they like control so they’re, they’re not really into like substance abuse and all of that
The end of the day, they are willing, a lot of them are willing to give us a chance because they were at one point or another given a chance by somebody that was older than them. So but you have to understand they’ve been burned by a lot of marketers that they’ve given 10s of thousands of dollars to that have not delivered. So they think marketers, and billers too, that have not done their billing correctly, are bullshit artists and, you know, but our social proof and our our consistency online really helps them to get to know us before we even get on the phone. So that’s why your social presence is important too, because they’re watching all of our clients. 99% of them come through LinkedIn, they watch our content, at least like a month to three months before they ask about our service. That’s right, I bet and they have plenty of content to look at. I mean, consistent so we’re not just gonna disappear with their money. They see that, you know, we had one gentleman

Who He knew that 5050 was not going to work out because his partner had done something with the venture. I won’t get into the details. But he said, what I see more than anything about you guys is that you’re hungry and that when you do make a mistake, you’ll do anything to fix it, you’ll be accountable. It’s not like you’re gonna brush it under the rug. And they notice all of that he was honest, he stopped our content for like three months before working with us. And he’s ecstatic, right? Yeah.

You know, a be urging about it. So if they’re coming to you, just be a friend just be like, when are you looking to start? And if they’re like, Oh, we cuz you know, healthcare moves slow. So, um, you know, we’re launching in September. Keep up that relationship with them until that point, you know what I mean?

If they’re like we’re ready to start immediately, as long as we have all the information, make sure you get them all the information as fast as
as possible, because then you’re the one slowing down the process. Right? So urgency, follow up.

A lot of times we get a lot of our clients just because we answered the phone very simple. When
we spoke to them quickly, it is that simple. Literally, ladies, don’t overthink it. And also don’t overthink saying, Oh, well, I seem like I’m desperate if I call them my back, or will they think that I’m not busy? No, I need maybe 1% but they will appreciate the fact that you have urgency. So
um, let me let me ask you a couple things. First of all, I saw a post a while ago when you hired your first teammate. And today’s post went viral and I’m not sure Courtney if he did as well and I’m sorry I just happened to see there was some article
about that.

Um, but it was interesting. For you ladies listening the the post that she did on that was just like
hired our first manager, yes, higher offer somewhere else, but she chose us because ABC and D basically because we’re women and we care and we listen and you know, so I love that.

Right? I mean, that’s why you’re a copywriter marketing genius, right. But Courtney, so are you an all woman team like are all of your people? Women?

No. Well, we have all who Well, I don’t want to say their names and my finger. But we have our graphic designers and they’re, obviously they’re men. And then who else? We have to add filters. We have Andrea, she’s an operations manager. She’s a woman. I’m feeling some mixed billers and coders but no it’s not. It’s not an all women’s team thought that way that she was okay. I was like, wait a minute. No, he did. I was gonna say yes, but no.

I just love that. But anyway,
Look, you’re the co founder. So the owners are women. So I’m curious, because I’m a former lawyer, and I experienced sexism. So I’m just curious because you’re dealing with these people that, like you said, have had, you know, successful ventures before their doctors, high level executives. Have you experienced any discrimination? Or do you or have you experienced the opposite, where they’re like, Oh, I love working with women. They’re great. They’re young, they’re hungry. As you mentioned, we’ve experienced the latter.

Yeah. Okay, good. Yeah, a lot of times say, um,
and it’s, it’s all I can’t just say, just because all we’re women, it’s also because what we bring to the table, and a lot of times on our prep our pricing structure, people want a lot of money up front, we rather get less but on a monthly on a monthly drip. So that also it’s like it minimizes the risk increases the chances of them saying yes, because instead of, you know, giving somebody 30,000
dollars a friend, we just have to give them three.

But it’s more like we’re on the long term relationship side of things. So, um, and it’s been both, you know, we’ve had people, I want women to be aware of this too, that sometimes they’ll just reach out to you because they think you’re gonna be the most inexpensive option. And you have to let them know that that’s not the case. And I’ve let doctors know, like, we’re not the team. If you’re coming to us to try to get like crazy pricing like we are not to just because we’re winning, you know, so, um, but nine out of 10 times, we’ve experienced 1,000% respect, and we’re grateful for all the opportunities that we’ve been given by both men and women. But it just so happens that a lot of our clients I think are like 85% male, I would say, right. And the thing about that, I will say is, you know, one thing that Shinae has taught me almost like a coach is
To be a lot more, oh my god, I don’t want to say aggressive

Oh my god, passive but like, you know, forthcoming and forceful and making sure that you are heard in the meeting. It’s not like Oh yeah.
Like, you know, no, I built with confidence. This is what I do. This is how I do it, and this is why you’re gonna like it. Right? Like that’s kind of how we go into things. And if you don’t like it like, okay, we’re very boundary wise. I’m just like, talking about with the money thing. Some people will come to us and say, Oh, we want to partner and you’re like, they want free services for time for commission.

Okay, right now with that, like that makes absolutely no sense. I’m not going to put in my billers and coders bill for commission that we mean you know this, this isn’t, you know, another entity district we can’t do that. So what we do we cut them off, like immediately. So that might also be reason why. And that’s my experience with men. I was a Philly trial lawyer. So you know, that was not a war story.
So, but you know, this idea of setting boundaries and being willing to walk away with a handshake saying thanks, but I guess we’re not a good fit. And so that’s really knowing your value. Hmm.

There’s so many ladies that even when they’re experienced, right with me in the corporate world, and they’re afraid they have this place of fear, so we all deal with that to one extent or another. But how do you ladies handle that feeling of fear? Do you have the fear? Yeah, I mean, sometimes I’ll tell corny like them. I’m nervous for like a closing call or like, you know, before leveling up dealing with an even bigger company and then, you know we’ve we’ve ever dealt with. So what I will say is that they don’t know what you don’t know.

Like, they don’t know that you’ve never worked with the size of the company before. You don’t have to put the highlight on that. Just put a highlight on what you can do. Don’t be afraid to level up like we’ve gone through so many I would say like waves core me of like growth. Yeah, we were super nervous in you know, we were there. We had no idea what the hell we were doing. We had no business plan, Courtney staff is like, do you guys have a business plan? We’re like a word, focusing on our next move like day by day.

I love it because some people get so wrapped up in the business plan. like okay, we want to strategize like word choice, work
or whatever and move forward. Not that you don’t need a plan. Like I just want to make sure that you
Like being close and where we wanted to go, you know, so we weren’t completely like overselling brownies today, you know, but it’s like, people get hung up on the business plan, but then I think that you’re also not ready then. Right? You’re just again, it’s another excuse of not doing what you need to do. And first day and I we had to do what we are.

Yeah. Yeah. Like I think people need to understand that we had to do it.
We had I love I love the idea of jumping before you’re ready. Oh, yeah, I definitely. One.
So I just want to talk about that for a second. We’re all moms. And it’s not like, I don’t know about y’all. But when I got pregnant, I was scared. I was excited. But I was scared. Like, who’s ready for that? So I like the same thing when babies are like, I don’t know if I’m ready to launch. I said, sweetheart, you have been ready, ready to ready for like a year. It’s time to chill. Right?

So um, I would I’d love to hear how you ladies juggle being such business powerhouses thought leaders influencers and you post a lot daily. I don’t know if those are pre posted or what pre scheduled, but no oh my goodness. Okay, so I’m using social media people.

Yeah. Okay. I mean, you know, she gets a lot more traction. I mean, it’s her.
It’s just me. Okay, that’s really cool. How do you handle the day with work versus family versus fun? Like, how do you how do you do that?

So it’s just about – I mean, for me, it’s just about and I know Courtney will say the same thing. I have to pick and choose like, who I give my attention to. So if we’re going through another wave of growth and like I really need to be present.
You know, I’ll tell my fiance, like, this is what it is like, this is the time that you’re going to be able to have with me and he, I include him in the vision and he’s supportive and stuff. Um, and my daughter too, I’ll carve out time for her. I’m there, you know, I’m not really like that socialite ish, you know, take care of myself, I believe in health. Because if you don’t have the energy you can perform but it’s really about for us like the long term vision and we know the sacrifice like that we’re gonna have to make I mean, in our men know the sacrifice as well.

I love that and it is it does take sacrifice this month. I’m focusing.
I’m going live in my my Facebook groups and whatever. But you’re right. I mean, commitment requires sacrifice. And if you do that, then you’re never going to make Oh, and like, I mean, Courtney knows, I mean, it’s never gotten to this point, but like, I see so many women and I don’t want to say that like

Okay, like, this is just what it is. So many women devote themselves to men their entire life. You know, when they get to 4045 50, the guy just decides that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. She has no skills, she has nothing that she’s built on her own. So like having a man that’s supportive of your vision is so important. Okay, they did have to learn how to share their time, not only with our children, what you don’t do that, yeah, okay. They’re just beings of another time.

Um, you know, then we have a business. So we have two kids in a way or three with the men our goals are really, really high.
They’re not, you know, I just want to make $5,000 this month, right? And I could see that they had to learn and also they had to learn you know, because most of our we’re traveling to different states, most of our clients are men. So you know, the jealousy portion how to get under control to like, what

You’re gonna go for days to Arizona with guys like it’s like
business. Trust me, this is all I’m saying, God, I just want to say there is no work life balance, okay? It’s what are you going to give your time to and making sure that you are fulfilled, right? So that’s all you can do. You know, he might not be the best parents every day, meaning I might not cook dinner every day, all over the place, but at least I can cuddle with my son at night. You know, you have to pick and choose there is no balance. Nobody’s cooking, cleaning and doing that’s not real. That’s completely unrealistic. And I’m not doing it.

I appreciate that. Because, no, because some people could look at you on LinkedIn and say Billy
look like they’re super successful. They probably have au pairs, they probably have both. Well,
you’re getting to that point, right? Where it’s like you don’t make sense. But you’re right. I don’t think there was balance. I think there is I’m doing the best that I can. I’m having to be very decisive strategic, my time management to fulfill my vision, my purpose on this earth and to still take care of my family, especially my children.

Absolutely. And in the beginning, um, you know, even prior to meeting my fiance, when live my daughter would be sleeping late. Let’s say she would sleep till 830 um, you know, she was very young, so she wasn’t even in any type of daycare now with the Coronavirus. I closed on her Florida but, um, I would use that two and a half hours of like, just quiet time, and then I would learn how to entertain her. While I had very important meetings, the closing call or whatever, and I’m
Learn how to use the mute button very effectively.

Okay, man, same thing I made, I’ll make sure that she was on the schedule. Um, you know, she would sleep by nine at the time now it’s like a battle, but she was asleep by nine. And then I would work to one two in the morning. Um, catch up on whatever I didn’t do. So, it did take a tremendous amount of hard work. I didn’t just, you know, according nose I mean, and that’s why we really resonated with each other from the beginning because we booked our kids only three months apart. Um, I wasn’t with anybody at the time, but you know, her fiance works a lot. So he’s not necessarily there all the time. So we’re kind of doing it on our own and we were able to relate on a lot.

And it’s just our time is winding down. I have two best questions. I want to ask you, okay. Okay. First, I’ll start with Courtney on this one, Courtney. What is your best advice to a woman who either wanting to start a business or is in the early parts of business and really wanting to know how best to kind of get on the right foot.

Well, the only way for I would say to get on the right foot is number one, you know, surround yourself with people that either has the same goals or people that will not criticize your dream. Or also just go like, there is no stop button, right? Just Just go your what is going to happen. Okay, so you’re going to create your LLC. If you don’t like the name, do a DBA like all of that, like nothing’s gonna happen to you to create a business, there’s nothing’s gonna happen, you know, you’re just gonna create it, and then you’re gonna do what you can to build it. And you know, Shinae and I, before this, we had failures. So I think people also need to understand that and we had to learn from them.
So again, just keep going, just nothing needs to stop you. Like just cut it out.

Love it. When you make those failures, quote unquote, it’s just a learning. You’ve learned what not to do. Right? So thank you for that. Courtney, how about you today?

Um, I would say that it’s really about people. So the more people you meet, the more people you get on the phone with the more chances of you being able to recognize an opportunity and, and be able to build from there. So you have to kind of know the skill set that you want to leverage to monetize. And then I would say get on a professional platform like LinkedIn and start growing your network and nurturing the network because through people is where everything that we desire lives, you know, every opportunity to level up to make more income to, to connect with another person that we’re trying to connect to. So
I always say like, Networking is a verb. It’s not just going to an event getting on your card and leaving. It’s really just always about bridging people and trying to be there for them.

All right, so here’s my last question. Tell us about an extraordinary woman in your life. And what makes her extraordinary.
wants to go first. Like not including each other. Right, right, right. That’s obvious, right?
So, um, that’s a great question. Oh, hey, for me, it was actually I know, this is cliche, but it would be my mom. And the reason is because, you know, there’s all this stuff that’s going on, you know, born in segregation. came on, born in Alabama,
you know, overcame so many different obstacles and got a master’s degree at Syracuse University. And, you know, just did did a phenomenal job.

And, you know, that’s all that especially as an adopted child, which I am, that’s just so important. So again, just I always look at the strength of people of what you have been through. And she’s my first person that shows me kind of what she’s been through, but you can still be happy and you can still do what you have to do.

So, yeah, I’d say the same, like my mom is really the only person I could think of, but especially like, she was really the force that um, helped me survive cancer, right. going in and out of hospitals is one of the main things that the doctors on my case, the main doctor told her, he’s not alive anymore. I was like, don’t treat her like she’s sick because he thought that a lot of the children especially with cancer, they they acted differently if they were treated different from like their healthy siblings, they, you know, they would hit their parents and just like, you know, stuff like that. So she never did. She was actually very hard on me. and was like, you know, you’re going to get better than this. So she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

That is so good. I mean, I could have you on again, just to hear your stories, because I know that each of you have incredible stories. And so I may have you back at some point if I’m fortunate. Yeah, definitely.

Thank you for
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