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Ep 52: Your Guide to SEO (Tips, Strategies & Advice to Get More Traffic) Transcript

Hey, they’re beautiful. Welcome to Episode 52 of the she is extraordinary podcast. And today is going to be one you definitely want to grab that notebook and that pen. Because we’re talking about a subject you need to understand. All right, it’s SEO, Search Engine Optimization. And I will be the first to say, I’m not doing half of what I should. Right and, and I also want to say there’s no way that I want to learn so I need to find an amazing person to do it. Maybe the beautiful lady that I’m interviewing today Her name is Audrey a stoic and she can be found at SEO with Audrey calm in this episode ladies, which is also going to be on my blessed to thrive YouTube channel. So you’re going to want to check that out because she actually here on the video takes us to Google to show us how to create content how
To know what to write on with our blogs, and our other web content, she really goes deep on this one. So be sure to check out less to thrive YouTube channel. But as you listen to this, you’re going to hear ways to know what to write about, like, how do you even know of all the world, what to write about, like what your ideal client is looking for. Audrey reveals that today, we’re going to talk about things you need to do. things you need to know to make sure that your pages your webpages are ranking high in the Google rankings. And she gives specific examples in that regard, which is a beautiful thing, right? Because it’s great when we’re talking about these lofty ideas. But let’s get down to brass tacks so that we can really understand what we need to do and how we do it in order to be found on the internet, right? I mean, especially
Those of us brick and mortar Of course, that’s important, but especially for those of us in the online space, if someone is searching, for example, business coach and I’m nowhere to be found, that’s a problem, right? So ladies, you’re going to so enjoy this. And there is also you’ll learn on the podcast about a free Facebook group where Audrey goes deeper, even more. Okay, and then finally, we’re going to be having Audrey come on and do a special teaching just for those inside my facebook group the blessed to thrive community free Facebook group. So I’m going to leave all those links here in the show notes, make sure you check them out. And as always, please subscribe and leave a rating and a review. I want to hear your feedback it means the world to me. So thank you so much for listening. Enjoy, either beautiful Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women ever
Were to dream again. to boldly in faith, pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host, Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker, and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness in both life and business. It’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary. Okay, ladies, welcome to this episode number. She is extraordinary podcast. I’m here with Audrey aspic. And she is the founder of living like marketing. She’s going to talk to us today about a topic that I know I’m guilty of not paying enough attention to and that is SEO search engine optimization. So let’s say hey to Audrey. Hey, everyone. Thank you, Judy.
So much for having me on here. You are so welcome. So before we went live, you were sharing with me that this is kind of your coming out.
Yes, um, I have been doing SEO in all forms of SEO. And what I mean by that is I’ve been doing it for clients. I’ve been doing it for my husband’s website, local business, a home inspection business plus affiliate marketing. And so I’ve been doing all forms of SEO kind of since 1999 is when I stepped into it, you know, back when the light goes, so look smart. We’re around.
And so I’ve been doing it since then, but I’ve been behind the scenes doing it. I don’t really like I’m not sharing it with others. It’s like I get clients just from word of mouth. I haven’t really had to advertise or market or anything and so there was a time that
I took time off from SEO, and went to college and got my Bachelor of Science degree in internet marketing. And so when I came back, I just I started doing more SEO for local businesses more so also kind of formed my affiliate websites. And so it’s been like in the last two years, I’ve joined a couple of group coaching, you know, business coaching and everything. And within those groups when they found out, you know, SEO, you do SEO and I’m like, yeah, so I started teaching them how to do it. And I got more and more people asking me, do you have a course Will you teach me You know, one on one and
it’s something that I’ve kind of shied away from because SEO is ever changing. It’s, there’s not like you. There is stuff that you put the basics of SEO, but
Then, of course, Google wants to come in and change their algorithm, you know, every so many feel like days that you got to go back in there. And, and so it was just kind of scary for me. It was really scary. saying, Okay, I’ll teach it. But that’s what happens if something changes and they’re in the rankings tank. And now we have to figure out what was it that tanked the rankings. And so, I just stood on the sidelines and kept doing it for myself for my clients. And it’s been in the last two, three months that God is saying no more. I need you out in front. And I need you to teach these other Christian entrepreneurs, small business owners how to rank their websites. And so this is
that you coming and asking Hey, anybody know you know, SEO it’s all morning long. I have been nervous. So
I know that there are people on the other end that are going to just be blessed by this and prayerfully be able to walk away with some some good stuff. That’s just so amazing. Yes, I think I think now that refresh my memory, I think I found you because in one of those other Christian Facebook groups, I said, Hey, is any of you like an SEO person? And you and I chatted, and there was a connection right away. So I know that the ladies are going to be blessed because search engine optimization is huge. I mean, you know, you say in your business that you help owners, business owners explode their traffic, you know, through SEO. So where shall we start here? How about we start with some interesting stats. Yeah, yes. When it um, you know, it’s funny because in my stat class, oh, gosh, I’m not math but I’m like that math side. No, I’m right brain so I don’t even know how in the run like how am I even in search engine optimization, but
The thing that is a crazy is that you know, 93% of all experience online starts with a search engine. And if you think about it, even on our phones, if you’re out in public, what’s the best restaurant? Where’s, you know, AC unit? Who do I need to? You know, we have an AC guy come out today, what’s the best one, you know? And then you’re doing research, it has to do with your health. It has to do with relationships, anything you’re researching, you’re searching it. And so 93% of all online experience starts with a search engine with a search, whether it’s on Pinterest or YouTube or Google or Bing or or wherever you’re searching for something. And then the next thing is, this is where SEO comes into play is that 75% of those people never even go past the second the first page of Google, they usually find what they need.
Somewhere on that first page, and that’s where SEO comes into play. That’s where doing what Google wants you to do. But also satisfying the searchers intent will help you get that traffic. That’s that explosion of traffic coming to your website when you can get on that first page. And of course me I’m an overachiever, I want the first position. I’m going after first position. course and you told me before that you you had gotten in the first position.
Well, that brand name better. Yes. So well, the well known brand it was resort question or national. That was the very first they are no like they’ve been bought out like two other times. But what’s crazy is when I go back and I look at their listings for like beach vacation rentals, they are still ranking on the first page. I think it was like position three or five
With a title and like the setup that we had done back in, like 99 and 2000. And so I’m sure that they’ve changed up, you know, some things along with the algorithm. But when I do SEO, my biggest thing and that I tell all my clients is the fact that that searcher at 3am in the morning, is typing in a search term, a keyword or keyword phrase. And when they land on your site, or on that blog post, you want to be able to answer as many questions as you can for them, or to help them. So put yourself in that searchers position and answer the questions that you think they’re already going to be answering. And, and they remember that they will be able to do that. So I’ve always written content, I’ve never written content just to rank
I just want to get up there, it’s always content that they’re going to take an action on that page. And if I go out, I think I think sometimes we overthink that, because one of the things that my clients often say is, okay, what should I write about my blog post and oriented social media content? And I’m like, I think you sometimes just have to come down, like dumb it down almost and say, What are your clients always asking about whether it’s a product or service? What are their issues? What are their problems, and really focus on that, and to your point, then you will be you’ll be hitting on their very questions, and kind of framing your blog post or whatever the copy is exactly to that to answer that question. Yes, absolutely. And if you think about it, Google is in the business to make money, right. So their whole thing is they are looking for blog posts that is answering the question that is helping that searcher because Lord knows
If you go in and you’re looking, if I’m looking for an air conditioning repair guy, and on their first page, and I’m getting pest control people, that’s not going to work. So Google’s job is to bring that searcher the best page on Google that it kept. And the other thing the other statistic is, and this was crazy, because I was looking it up, just out of curiosity. 4 million blog posts are come out every single day. Every day a blog post comes out on on Google, we’re million, that’s 4 million a day. So it’s it and I love what you said about you find their pain point. What is it that they’re asking? And you can find that just within in your clients, you know what they what they’re always asking, you know, like, I tell my husband, I’m like in his home inspection business, honey, is there something that you
You’re always getting asked over and over and over again. I take those I make those in a blog post, but I do keyword research. And the keyword research though, is key. Because you couldn’t be targeting a keyword phrase that nobody’s actually typing in, they’re typing it in a different way.
And that that can mean the difference between you getting a ton of traffic and no traffic. I think that’s where we kind of anticipate that issue before it even arises. But, um, all right, real quick. Before we get into your example. I love your example. Yes, the journey of the search or searching for something, but we’ll get to that in just a moment. So what do you mean by internet or rather intent based marketing versus interruption based marketing? What is that? Okay? So it’s just what it what it says intent. Marketing is when you when you go on line and you type in something you have an intention
What is that intent? Are you researching? Are you? Well, we’re all really, really researching, right? But what stage of the kind of research Are you are you in, you know, and so doing the SEO that I’ve done over the years and with affiliate marketing, it’s been like this intent if somebody actually typed in, what it is that they’re looking for, and when your page comes up, you are giving them what they’re looking for. As opposed to when you’re on Facebook and an ad comes up. A lot of people are not on there to get advertised to, even though it works. And I gotta say, all forms of marketing work, okay. It’s just SEO is that’s what I love to do. Right? So but when you’re on Facebook, that’s almost an interruption. People are not on there to get sold to. They’re not purposely on Facebook to have an ad pop up. They’re not on there, purposely looking at you know, with the
intention to buy something they’re on there to, you know, talk to their friends and family and everything. And so that’s basically what it is when you’ve got somebody searching for what it is that you have. That’s an intention. They’re doing it intentionally and they’re looking and seeking for you. Whereas that interruption marketing is you’re interrupting their regular scheduled news feed to come to them, which are salsa, but yeah, yeah, I gotcha. Okay, so so I love the way you’ve prepared this. So we’re pretending that we are searching for a pressure cooker.
And this will walk us through the whole concept of SEO. Right? So
take it away.
So and I just use this because this is this is what I did when I was looking so it was a couple years ago and I’ve got I have that I have the questions.
You’re also so what I did was when my sister had bought my niece a pressure cooker and I’m like okay first of all a pressure cooker to me was a was something that my mom and my grandmother used to can. I had no idea that you could do anything other in this pressure cooker. So first thing that I did was I searched up pressure cooker, well in the realm of SEO, when you type in that you know, keyword phrase, you will also see Google is wonderful and gives you the intention. The intent of what that searcher is looking for and will give you examples of more questions that are asked around that topic. Okay, so when I did that I okay pressure cooker, you’ve got some which brand of a pressure cooker is best. Are pressure cookers any good. You know what is the best pressure slow cooker? So after looking at those questions, Google is telling you right there this is also what people are looking for and searching for. You can also be writing
content around each one of these questions. Okay, so what then at that point I realized, okay, well, there’s an instant pot. This Instant Pot kind of keeps coming up in this, you know, search. So me as a searcher I’m like, what’s this instant pot? So I’m going to click on I’m going to go then go in and just type in instant pot. What is this? So when I did that, then it comes back. What does an instant pot do? What are the best things to cook?
So it’s one
10th of what that searcher is looking for. This is what they want to know. So if you write a blog post about Instant Pot, you would make sure that you would answer these questions. Okay, so what isn’t? Or isn’t Instant Pot worth it? What’s the difference between a pressure cooker and an instant pot? So there’s somebody that was like me, that is like, what’s the difference between it? There’s no difference. I wrote this a
Okay, so, um, do you want me to go on? Yeah. Well, we can either go on or we can go back a second. So can we do one more example? Yes. Can we do an example of I have a bunch of life coaches?
So their life coaches, so maybe they’re answering the question, what is my, what is my life’s purpose? Maybe, maybe that’s what they do. So, for them to maybe get ideas on what to write about on blogs, they might type in? How do I discover my life’s purpose? Right, right. Would that make sense? Or they would type in input? Yeah, just how do I how do I know what my life purpose is? And and here’s what Google is going to do is it’s going to give you that in that search bar and that cert that I’m not instant search, but it comes back with other ideas, right. You look at
Those other ideas in Google is telling you, oh, okay, well, these are other key phrases that people have typed in also. And so now you’re digging inside of the mind of the searcher. And I think that’s what I love most. I can get stuck on research for days if I if I could. And so could anybody, everybody else, but you couldn’t see what other questions are asking. But then when you hit that cert that enter, and then you start looking at the questions that are other questions that are in line with, you know, how can I tell or how can I get out of depression?
You know, I feel like I’m not worth anything. How do I, you know, get my life back? How do I be happy again? So all of those questions would probably would go in line with how do I find my life’s purpose, but then you can also scroll down to the very bottom of Google
And it says people also searched on this and then it also gives you a little I rabbit hole that you could go down and get so many wonderful ideas of what people are struggling with and you can write about that. Okay, that sounds really easy like I can do that. And I ladies listening that’s easy, right? So we’re easy so far. Okay, so so now we have we’ve done some research, we first know what our client’s problems are or what solution you know our product provides. And now we have some ideas on topics to write blog posts on or something else with web content. Alright, so now what Okay, well let’s just continue with the life coach though because that I think that will be you know, better than we could go back to the to the Instant Pot app but as a life coach, okay. You’ve just ranked your rancor
page and you’ve talked about purpose, you’ve maybe, you know, shared your story. And then you talk about life coach, okay, well, up three years ago, I didn’t know what it was, I had no idea what it was. So in your content, you can say, as a life coach, I have helped women, you know, go from not knowing their name basically. And, and and not just, you know, whatever you have done, and that triggers, okay, what’s a life coach? I don’t know what a life coaches and so what you would do is you would have a link from as a life coach, and you would have another page that would kind of be that landing page that what we call in the SEO world is money page, that page that you want them to take an action on whether that is to purchase something, whether that is to schedule a call with you, whether that is to get a free, you know, build up your email list or whatever. And so when they go to that, that
Life Coach page talks about what a life coach is and what it isn’t. Because then you would also then go and say, What is a life coach in Google? And then you would find all those wonderful questions that everybody’s asking. And then in that blog post, you would type out all that you would answer all those questions that Google already told you. They’re asking. And then when they came, and you rank that page about how to find my purpose in life, and they click, and they follow through to your what is life coach, and you explain it, and then they’re able to take that that call to action right there.
Okay. Okay. Really good. That’s really good. And again, that seems really easy to me. I mean, I’m very simple minded. So but then, isn’t there something on the back end of our sites that we have to do to really be found by Google? Yes, that’s the optimization.
So, I will tell you some of the things that I see almost every single time that I take on a client is one there, there’s over 200 ranking factors that Google has. Okay, so but on page is a huge one and on page just means what you can what you can take care of on page. And so what Google is looking for is headings. And I don’t know how much you want me to get into this. But
it would be good to understand if there’s a preferred structure and then I know it only words can be dangerous, like a long term keyword, I don’t know what it really is.
And some and slugs and all this other stuff. So you can like give this a broad overview. So at least have familiarity with kind of what what the what the words are the terminology. Okay, well, that’s good. Let’s start with the longtail keyword phrase. Whenever you hear that
That is like laser focus. So here’s shoes, you search on shoes. Okay, now you search on
size five shoe. Now you search on size five, blue shoes, size five blue Nike shoes. That’s a longtail keyword phrase. Those are those longtail keyword phrase that are specific and they know exactly like what they want when you get those longtail keyword phrases, whoo, they might not be searched on very often. Okay, but when they are searched on, these people are looking for exactly that a size five.
You know, women, they might even put in women’s blue Nike shoe, because they know exactly what they want. If you have that, then there you go. That’s your longtail keyword phrase. And that’s really a lot of people want
To know I want to rank for the 50,000 everybody’s doing 50,000 I want to come up number one, not realizing that when you target those longtail keyword phrases and I am so sorry about that I have put everything on Do Not Disturb except my Mac
and I I’ll be honest, I don’t even know how to put my iMac on dude, just
roll with it.
Okay, sorry about that. But for but those longtail keyword phrases, it’s not just ranking on that like specific keyword phrase you could actually rank on, you know, size five blue shoes, because it’s in there so you can rank for so many different variations of that longtail keyword phrase that could bring you in just as much traffic, if not more than if you had ranked for 50,000 you
You know, or somebody, you know, 50,000 people looking on the on shoes a month, you know. So that’s longtail keyword phrase. And your slug is just your page name, it’s the name of your page that you that you’re going to name. So you would name you know, size five dash, you know, whatever that long keyword phrase would be, you would name it that slug. And that is part of the ranking factor. on your page is your page name, the the slug your headings. I will say, ladies, if you know or take it back to your web designer and let them know only have one heading one on your page. And that Heading One is the big you know, big text that’s basically the title. If you don’t know what that is, like I said, Take it back to your web designer and say just make sure I only have one h1
there. And then of course, you, you know, want to write for your audience, you do want to add an image in there.
You want to, you know, name, name, your image or keyword phrase that you’re trying to rank that page for.
And so an alt tag, so there’s just so much of it. And that’s what I put together. That course it’s an SEO foundational course. So I put that together to kind of walk everybody through on how to rank a blog post. And so I don’t know, you know, we can definitely put that in the show notes because that would be really, really good. Um, I want to go back for just a moment. So it’s very important right to get the keywords. Okay, so let me understand in one blog post, am I right, agreed that you’re going to have a couple of keywords, but one main long term keyword or
Is that not true? Right? So you would want like a topic. So that whole life purpose, let’s go back to the life coach, so that you know, page that you’re writing about life’s purpose. You would also if you’re writing naturally, you’re already naturally going to put in other keyword phrases that are in line with what it is that you’re trying to rank for. So anything you know, if if somebody came back and was just you know, my life is a mess. It’s it’s disorganized. I can’t think straight. I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know where I’m heading to i, i don’t know you would write to that person you would write and say you know is your life do you feel like your life is out of control, there’s no organization, you know, and everything that will those pages sometimes will rank for different keyword phrases, but it’s the topic of your purpose. Your
finding your purpose, we’re gonna I’m going to help you, you know, maybe five steps to finding your purpose or inner he whatever the case may be what you’re going to be writing on. But when you write for the person on the other end, you’re naturally already inserting keyword phrases that Google will know is related to the topic that you’re writing about. Okay, and so that’s really good. And so I’m just trying to wrap my head around this because I don’t know this feels sciency to me, and I’m not like a science person, and I’m a word person, but this is kind of overwhelming a little bit. So, um, okay, so.
So you have to, again, always be thinking, What is your client putting in the search bar? So does that mean that I could go to Google and search
to get alternative ideas, and we kind of talked about that, but I mean, I mean, Google, we talked about putting in life purpose, and we’ll see all these other things.
Should we go to other search engines like Pinterest, or YouTube to see also kind of what’s ranking? There may be different. Is that true? Yeah, yeah, no, you can do that. And that that will be you know, that’s another, you know, forum that you can go in. It’s a rabbit hole, and you can find it. But yes, that will give you definitely and especially for the life coaching, because depending on your clientele, life coaching, you’re going to find a lot of your clients on Pinterest. So to fight, you can go in there and do that. But there there is a tool that I use, that will tell you how many people a month are searching or it’s not exact. Okay, there’s no simpler tool out there. But I’m gonna let you in on this keyword tool that I swear by. I love it. And it’s a Google extension. It is called keywords everywhere. And you can put, like I said his extension on Google
And it used to be free. But now it’s $10 for 100,000 keywords and I still haven’t gone through my hundred thousand keywords. So what will happen is when you put it up on your on your Google on the Google Chrome, any keyword that you write in right below the search bar, it’ll tell you how many people a month are searching or on average are searching on that keyword phrase. Okay, now, I know this is a podcast, and I may ultimately edit this out, but we’re also recording this video I just gave you permission to share. Can you take us through that example? That would be so good? Yeah. putting this on my YouTube channel as well. Okay, so let me let me Okay, you gave me permission to share so why don’t you share your time because this is good. I’m a visual learner. So, ladies on the podcast, you’ll have to watch this on YouTube.
Can you see now
Gotcha. Yeah. Okay, so, uh, let’s say the what what was it? What is my life purpose?
Okay, so this is gonna be this right here, okay is keywords everywhere. So I have it on it allows you to import keywords, my own keywords you can analyze a page, there’s a lot of stuff that that it does, but if you notice right here, see what is my life purpose it tells you that around 2400 people a month are searching on that. And this CPC This is that cost per click, the higher that this number is, the more you know that this is one of those money keyword phrases people know it’s bringing in, it’s bringing them in money so they’re willing to pay a lot more for it. Okay, so, but that that right there, and we’re on this right hand side where it
says related keywords. So this also has the related keywords where what is your purpose in life? Answer What is your purpose in life quiz. So if you had a quiz that you wanted them to take, that might be a very good blog post for you. And then here’s those people also asked how do you find your purpose in life? What is your purpose in life answer? And also when you when you click on this, if you notice it gave you some more questions. So it’ll give you more related to that to that question. And let’s say that you found one of these over here and you want it to see how many people were searching on what is my purpose in life quiz. Notice 480 people a month will actually type that what is my purpose in life quits?
What’s their competition number? What does that mean?
The competition number is one of those just kind of letting you know how many other web pages not just websites but the pages on Google have this exact match like this exact What is my purpose in life quiz so it’s kind of like it just let you know what that competition is. This is where I go and do I use my tools that I have to go really dive into it go Okay, is this is this really what I you know, want to do I do I want to go further in this. This looks like it’s good. It’s got some good CPC. I want to see what’s my competition in this how many other people in my up against on this? Okay, so so for us newbies that I know we can’t go into everything here, but I’m curious. So. So when you see the volume, there are 480 a month and the other one was 2400 a month, but they were both in about 450 to five bucks cost per click? Right. What does that tell me? Are they
Both good, you know, once 400 a month ones 2400 a month so
well, here, here’s the thing. So this one, this one is my life purpose. I can already tell you looking I look at who’s already ranking. So who who is there are these some pretty good ranking websites that probably have some, you know, good backlinks too. So I kind of can see and spot and go, Okay, this this is I’m going to be in some major competition. However, however, what if this still, what is my life purpose is that
if you it’s still answering the question for your viewer, and it’s still a page that you can link to and to say, you know, how to find your life purpose, or are you questioning what is your life purpose, so it’s kind of an
This goes I guess this is where it goes. you dive deep into the SEO and understanding supporting pages and that goes off into a whole nother thing. But just for simplicity is looking at who would you be kind of incompetent your you’d be in competition with jack Canfield. these are these are pretty, pretty big people up here and they probably have a lot of backlinks. So me I would look for that longtail keyword phrase, I would keep digging and do like what you said, Go to Pinterest and look up Pinterest and see what people are typing in there. And the other place you can do is Reddit. And quiero qui I don’t know how to say I’ve never even had to say it out loud.
But you can go over there and type this in what is my life purpose? And then kind of get an idea of what other questions people are asking and rank for those questions. Okay, that’s really good now, everything we’ve been
I’m talking about here has been organic, right? We’re not even getting into the whole painting. No. Okay. And so
one thing you were just talking about when we were looking at these competitors, sites, and I thought you mentioned something about back pages or something. And that made me think Are you talking about if I have a blog post, and just at the end, I want to say if you’re struggling with your life purpose, you may want to refer to these resources. Is that right? Yes, that would be a backlink. And that means that Google comes in and it’ll spider your page, it gets down to that link, and it’ll say, Oh, wow. Okay, so she wants us to go and follow this link over to this page. And so in SEO, we call it juice. It’s like giving link juice to this website or this page. And so yes, that’s a big rate. That’s a ranking factor in SEO is how many other web pages or websites linked to your blog posts.
So that plays a part in ranking as well. Okay. wouldn’t help me to talk about jack Canfield. It would help me a lot though if jack Canfield put me. Yes, gosh, okay. Hmm, okay. Okay, that’s good. screenshare we don’t have to do that anymore. That’s interesting. Okay. Yeah. Wow, that’s a lot a lot of good stuff to think about. What about one thing also I’ve learned Audrey is
the not being clever like, like it’s it’s better to speak simply, instead of trying to be clever and cutesy because then we’re going to miss the miss the target. Does that through? Absolutely. Absolutely. Because Google is looking for Can I stop sharing for it? Yeah, we’re good. Okay.
Yeah, Google is looking for that, that terminology and everything. And if you’re using terminology
They don’t that okay. I’ve never heard this terminology before, you know, so that that cutesy and everything. Do you have an example of that? Do you? Wow. It’s funny. I was talking to a woman yesterday, she’s not a client, but she brought a breakthrough call. And she was telling me about the name of a product. And what she’s doing talk about niching down, she is working with parents about giving their kids the sex talk, which is awesome, and how she starts it much earlier than 13. But as she was describing it, I had a very hard time understanding from the title, what in the world her course was, but when she told me what it was, and she didn’t even use the to word sex talk, but I’m like, I think you’re talking about the sex talk, right? Because Yeah, but I came up with this great game. And it was cool if I understood the reference, but I said, I’m sorry, but that is very clever, but it’s almost too clever. And so if you would, like in her example, if she was going to do a bunch of blog posts about
How to have the sex talk with your five year old or you know how to prepare them for the sex talk. You know, I said growing up, I just can’t imagine that you said this other cute word that that was neat and clever. But it wouldn’t have done well, I don’t think on on Google. Well, on Google, she would definitely have to all of her blog posts that she would do, would she would have to research and find out. How are parents even asking that because me I would be a you know, what’s a good age to have this sex talk? What should it be included? Like? How far Should I go in my sex talk with my eight year old because I used to, I used to also teach and go into schools and speak on abstinence to like over 16,000 youth and so it’s I mean, I know that subject very well and I will talk to my eight year old about it. Yes, you know, I will let them know but especially in today’s you know, age and everything and then talking about the future.
pornography and doing blog post about how, you know what, what are the, you know, this phone here? What are some of the, you know, apps and everything that you need to be looking for and things like that. So it’s really education that she’ll be doing. And on each one of those blog posts, now we could go back to her cutesy name or whatever. And maybe that’s not what she’s ranking. But what she’s doing is she’s bringing in that traffic that’s asking, and then she’s sending them off to her her name, the program name that she’s doing. So she’s not really ranking. And that’s where I think with the branding and stuff, you know that when the more people that know about it and talk about that program and everything, but her whole thing is ranking those blog posts, and then sending them to her her program. And she’s got a ton of content out there that she can write about.
No, I thought it was amazing. Yes, there’s parenting coaches. But then this is very, very niche II, which I think is so needed. All right, now we’ll get down to the nitty gritty. Okay. And this is a little bit off of SEO, but it’s certainly related. So how frequently? Do we need to be updating our website or our blog to optimize what we’re doing with Google search?
Um, that is a hard question. I always tell everybody that at least do if you can, four to five blog posts a month. Like I, that’s kind of when I start out with a client. We’re doing like 15 to 20 blog posts just to kind of get you know, some blog posts and get content, depending where they’re at. A lot of times, they already have blogs. And I go back in and I’ll optimize it, and I’ll massage it and then send it back to Google. So I would say if you can, at least four blog posts a month.
Because it’s content, it’s it really it’s and that’s the thing is you don’t have to write content either you can hire content writers out that you that will speak your voice you can find those content writers and and, you know, help them know your voice. And I do that I do hire out content writers for a lot of my clients. Okay, so um
so I don’t want anybody anybody out for blog posts. I can barely get one out of a year.
It’s only once a week so it’s like okay, if you break it down and it doesn’t have to be super long. No,
no, it does not have to be super long. However, there are keyword phrases if you are trying to rank for if you notice that the top if you want to know if you got to write a lot is type in that keyword phrase. Look at the top five
pages that come up. And if there’s a ton of content, you’re gonna have to write a ton more. If there’s a little bit of content, each one of those, just write a little bit more than them.
Okay, okay. I’m what we’re winding down, because our time it is all right. A couple of things. So am I right? That if i doing this SEO thing myself, as long as I’ve researched my keywords, and I have a good long term keyword, that throughout the blog post post, I should try to use that keyword just a couple of the main keywords a couple of times. Yes. Yes. And you don’t want to over optimize, you don’t want to be okay. Saying that keyword What is my purpose in life? Are you asking what your purpose in life is? What is my purpose in life? Have you asked what is my purpose in life, don’t do that. That’s if you write naturally those things.
keywords and those other keyword phrases are going to come out naturally I will tell you that keyword phrase you are trying to rank put it as your title that heading one that Heading One should have that in there and then all your other headings on the page should have like other you know it was what is my life purpose maybe you can say how do you well not how do you know but questions to find fulfillment that was one of them. questions you may be asking to find fulfillment and that could be like a heading three or two. And then you talk on that and then you’ll find you know something else that kind of correlates and and everything and then you write from that. If you write naturally to that person on the other end, it will rank as long as you don’t have a whole bunch of other competition. They have all but other way
but for the most part, those longtail keyword phrases are you
You’ve got a good chance at ranking those. Okay. All right, one more question. And this is a personal question, but it’ll be helpful for the listeners. Okay. So if I want to rank on the phrase Christian business coach for women,
how do I do that other than do blog posts that may use that keyword? Then I would do it for your homepage, I would optimize your home page for that business, Christian, light Christian business coach, Christian business coach for for women. So then I would put that in your title. I would make sure that that is a heading on your homepage. And I would link some blog post to your homepage for that. Some of my blog posts to that to that, okay. interlinking it. Okay. And let me just tell the listeners, I have no idea what Audrey’s talking about. This would be what I would tell my website
To do, and I, you know, and this is where I think that we really do, ladies, even if we like me, even if you like me, don’t have a clue and don’t want to learn, you have to learn enough to know whether the person that you’ve hired it through Fiverr or Upwork, or wherever someone like Audrey, that you need to know enough to be able to know that what they’re telling you that they’re that they’re doing their job. Right. I mean, it’s it’s important. And anything to add to that, Andre, is that what are your thoughts? that resonates with me so much? Because if you have looked into SEO, you know that there is white hat SEO, grey hat SEO, and black hat SEO, black hat SEO, they will rank you and they will rank you quick. And the next time Google comes around and does a algorithm update. Your website will not be found. You could be penalized by Google. And then you have gray hat. It doesn’t follow that
kind of step outside of the box and, and we’ll get your site ranking, but then you’re still couldn’t be in jeopardy of losing your position. white hat is following the rules.
And it is, okay Google, what do you want from me, okay, you need this, this and this, but you want me to put the searcher number one, because you want to make money, and you need the best meal pages on your first page. So I’m going to give you I’m going to give my search or my user what they need, because that’s my heart’s desire. And then Google, I’m gonna do what you tell me to do. And a lot of people, you know, I don’t know, I am white hat, I follow the rules. And I think that’s one of the reasons why a couple of my clients are still on the first page of Google after all these years, so Okay, this is gonna be a silly question, and then we’ll wrap up. So how do Where do I find the rules?
Like Where did where does the lay person, find out
rules on what exactly Google is looking for in that regard? Oh, you can go to Google and just say, you know what, there’s I haven’t been there in forever, but just go to Google do a search and just say, How do I, you know, Google’s ranking tool or Google’s ranking? How do I rank in Google? There are many people out there that that you can find all sorts of content that’s out there. There is, um, because I’m just starting out, I don’t have a lot of content
on the back end, doing the work. So um, but I will tell you there there is a lot of like, I followed Neil Patel.
It since he was a teenager, he was in it when I was in it. I it’s crazy. Like, I’ve watched him, you know, grow up and everything. That’s like surfacey. That’s like the real basic stuff. You’ve got him and
Matt, I think it’s diggity. He’s a really good one. There’s just a lot of them. Most of them that that do come up on this on there
are pretty good. But it’s really, that was a hard question, dude. Because if you’re not in it, and you don’t
get gray hat and you haven’t been, can I can I find out for you? Yeah. For me, it’s like, I already know, look, there are certain things that I know I can dip my toe in and try to figure out, this ain’t one of them. So you know, when you tell me the gray, the black and the white, all of a sudden, I’m like, Okay, I know, I wouldn’t even go near it. I would go to somebody like you who I trust, who knows what they’re doing. And that way I have to wonder as opposed to finding somebody whose price is amazing on fiber, and data. I mean, long story short, the other I don’t know six plus.
ago I thought I’m gonna find a Pinterest manager, oh my gosh talk about eyes glazing over because they have these different packages. And when you dig down deep you realize that some of these people what they’re doing a much a much more than you could do. So for me, it’s a matter of time and money. They’re both precious, but my time is way more valuable than my money because if I save my time, then I’ll make more money and so then I can delegate more. So I just want to throw that out there to the ladies that you know, if you are interested in SEO, and I know you have many balls in the air, but if you’re just an SEO, then Audrey, how can we find out more about your course and how we can hook up with you online? Okay, I actually did start a free SEO course or a free SEO group to where I have some women that are starting to ask me a lot of questions. So if you come across somebody or something and you’re like Audrey, has his black hat gray hat What do I do? This is a find me at St
E o with Audrey. So it would be facebook.com forward slash, I guess it would group or whatever, or just in the search bar, S e o with Audrey and that is also where I am going to be having my courses. That’s where I’m going to be doing a huge like, I want to do a group coaching. I’m stepping out in faith and I’m just like, Okay, I’m going to teach and I wanted a small group that’s going to go through August, September, October and we’re just taking your website and it’s going to be we’re going to help one another and so it’s gonna be hot seat and all of that but that’s SEO with Audrey calm. And then on Facebook. I’ve got that free. That that free group that I’m not I get the messages but you guys, this is one thing I am behind the scenes. I’m working on client sites. I’m working on mine, so it’s like I might not get to
for a couple of hours, but I will answer your question just no one behind the scenes working, working working.
Well, you know, I’ve got a two o’clock so I’m going to jump out but I have a question for you.
Depending on the feedback that I get from this episode, and I have a feeling I’m going to get some lots more questions.
Willing to maybe come live with me inside my blessed to thrive community Facebook group. Yes, that’s something that you might be willing to do at some point. Yes, absolutely. Because I think you are gonna have
so much to it. I thank you so much for your time. This has been great. Any last thoughts before we before we jump off? I’m just thank you. Thank you for letting me come out, you know, and just share my love for SEO. And I just thank God that he said now’s the time and just you know, the connection and everything. So just thank you from the bottom of my heart. And that’s it.
All right, Audrey. Thank you. Ladies. Let us know your feedback. Give us a rating and review on this episode because the more ratings and reviews, the more this this podcast gets found, and let me know what content you would like we are here to serve you. Alright ladies, see you next time. Take good care. Thank you for listening beautiful. If you like this podcast, I would so appreciate it if you would subscribe and leave a review. In fact, snap a picture of your review before you hit submit. Post it inside my facebook group the place to thrive community and I will gift you with a one week trial absolutely free inside my breast to thrive Academy where ambitious women of faith like you learn how to become thriving FEM printers. Find out more about the academy by visiting my website at Judy hyphen Weber comm slash blessed hyphen to hyphen thrive. While you’re there, be sure to grab some truly extraordinary biz building resources and take my time
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