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Ep 53: 6 Daily ‘Must Dos’ to Grow Your Business! Transcript

Welcome to Episode 53 of the she is extraordinary podcast. And as you may know, I’m recording this in July of 2020. And in my facebook group, which I hope you’re part of the blessed to thrive community Facebook group of nearly 3000 amazing women of the Lord. I’m focusing on commitment, because you see, so many women so many people say I want I want to lose weight. I want to, you know, do X, Y or Z. I want to jump out of a plane I want to be adventurous, right? I want to you know, buy a second home or, or in our case, I want to have a thriving business. A lot of people say they want things, but it takes commitment, commitment, in order to get what we say we want and that is where the rubber really meets the road. And so in today’s This episode, I am giving you, my driver Thursday from last week when I’m sharing six things you got to do every single day when you’re committed, truly committed to building a thriving business. And I also referenced some other episodes here of the she has extraordinary podcasts that relate to this. So dive in your will want to grab your paper and pen as always to take some notes. And I would love your feedback. And if you haven’t yet taken a moment to leave a rating and a review, would you please consider doing that today? Because we are expanding for those of you that have it really does make a difference. It makes me feel so good that I’m giving you content that you find valuable. And I and so your feedback is very important. So I so appreciate you doing that. So let’s dive in. Welcome Welcome. Enjoy this episode, either beautiful. Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women ever We were to dream again, to boldly in faith, pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host, Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian, business coach, lawyer, speaker, and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness in both life and business. It’s time to make a big impact on the world. Because whether you know it or not, sister, you are extraordinary. All right, hello. Hello, ladies. How are you? How are you? I am so excited to be here with you today. Welcome to thriver Thursday, the place to be to learn powerful business strategy and grow in your walk with Christ. Welcome, welcome. How are you? We are almost at the end of July nearly August. Can you believe it? I mean, does anybody else feel like that can’t happen? Be with COVID and everything else. I just feel like this year is flying. So as you’re hopping on, please tell me in the chat who you are and where you’re watching from. And I’d love to know what summer vacation plans do you have? What summer vacation plans do you have? Mine has kind of gotten crazy. But in September, I hope to get to Florida. So I’d love to know what you are planning. Okay. For those of you who may not know me, I want to make sure you do. My name is Judy Weber, and I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist. I work exclusively with ambitious women of faith like you who are committed to building a thriving business while living the extraordinary life that Christ has for you. And I’m so glad you’re here. Now we are continuing with our month long focus on commitment. And today is all about giving you some daily to do’s in your business so your business grows, so that you can serve more of those items. Do your clients make more of an impact and of course, make more money. So let’s start here. I see there’s a bunch of you already here. This is great. There are so many of you that are working so incredibly hard. You’re putting in countless hours in your business, you’re very, very busy, you’re busy. You’re doing a lot of things. And the Guru’s out there are telling you to post on social media, that that’s really important. And you’re posting several times a day, and not just on one platform, but on many. And I’m curious, does that describe you?
And I know it can be really exhausting and frustrating as you work so hard. And you may not be seeing the fruits of that hard work result in new business and that can get you down. Right? Does that sound like you? I mean, you may be scratching your head because you feel like you’re doing the due, right? You’re doing what they’re telling you to do. And you’re not afraid of the hard work. You’re doing everything you don’t have too, but it’s not working. Is that you? And I want to see that in the comments Is that you? Let me just there we go. Okay, so who is here? Let me see. Virginia is here and Angie and Vanessa and Lynn. Angie watching from Texas to go to the beach in October. That’s awesome. Vanessa is watching. They want to go to Maine in August and Lake Tansy, Tennessee in September. That’s great. Perry is here and routine, Ana, I hope I’m saying your name right is here. Okay. So is what I just described is that you are you busy, but not as profitable as you want. And if that’s you, you’re in the right place, because today, I’m going to be sharing with you six things that I believe you need to do daily in your business to build that thriving business and still have a life right because the money means nothing. If we can’t live a good life and hang out with the people that we want to write. We want to hang out with our family and friends and we don’t want to work 10 to 12 hour days. I also, you know, these things I’m going to tell you are what I’m doing and what my clients are doing to make consistent revenue month after month. And I’m talking about good revenue. And depending on the business that you’re in and where you are, whether you’re just starting out or whether you’ve been in business for a time, I’m talking about $5,000 a month consistently $20,000 month and more. And it’s not draining or frustrating. It’s energizing and fun when you do it the right way. So are you ready? Are you ready to learn how? Alright, so let’s go to God first and then we’re going to dive in. Okay.
Excuse me.
Oh, Lord, you’re so good. God, you are so good. Thank you God for bringing these beautiful ladies here with me today. Live and also in the replay because we know everyone’s busy Lord, so that if you would bring a woman here watching, we know it’s a divine appointment. It is not a coincidence. It is for a purpose. And so I pray, Lord, that You would be all over this time together. And that you would speak through me, I am your vessel. Lord, I have prepared remarks. I am prepared, you know, kind of a lesson plan. But you are the master strategist, Lord. So please quick in my heart and mind if there’s something that you want me to say, I know that you speak to each woman individually. And I praise you for that. And again, I just pray that as we’re going through this time together, that it is pleasing to you, and to you be all glory God, and I pray these things in the name of your son Jesus. Amen. Amen. Okay, all right. So what are these right things that you need to do every day to build your business in a way that won’t burn you out? And in a way to generate revenue? Okay, I want to start here, and you’ve heard this before. If you’re if you’re not new here, you’ve heard this before. This, this is not rocket science. It’s actually quite simple. Okay? It’s not necessarily be easy, but it’s not hard. Like it’s stuff you can do. Some of it’s scary, right to go and video to go live, but you can do it. So we need to stop overthinking. And for many of you, you need to stop over preparing, like readying to ready to ready. And we need to stop worrying about perfection. Okay? So also, if you follow me, you know that business begins and ends with relationships, right? So in everything that we’re doing all these six things that I’m going to be sharing with you, it’s about making relationships, building relationships, nurturing relationships, that has to be the priority, and that is revenue generating work. It is not busy work, right? It’s revenue generating, and it’s all about relationships, and the C word. Who knows what the C word is? Who knows what the C word is? connecting. Okay. The important thing to keep in mind is we have to be strategic about connecting, because we need to connect with the right people. Right? Not just anybody, we could maybe depending on what you do, you could serve many different types of people. But I want you to be strategic and identify the right people. And for purposes of lead generation and revenue generation, those right people are your ideal clients. So, first question, and you might be tired of me asking this question, but because I keep asking it, I hope you get that it’s very, very important. Who is your ideal client? I mean, tell me about her or him. From the age the job, the marital status. That’s the basics, right? But tell me the intimate details of their life. Okay. Like their interests. If they if they didn’t have to work, what would they be doing? What do they do in their free time? What podcast to listen to what stores Do they like? What kind of car do they drive right?
All of that, you need to know because that’s going to inform your marketing. And to many skip this step, they think it’s not important. But that’s why if you don’t have your ideal client figured out specifically, maybe that’s why you’re struggling. Maybe that’s why you feel like you’re busy but you’re not making money. Okay? You might be thinking, well, I just need to be visible. I just need to post on social. That’s what all the gurus are saying. I just need to send out emails, I just need to go live. I just need to send hand written letters. But wait a minute. All of that is potentially really great if you’re connecting with the right people, your ideal client. Now, just as a side note, there are other right people, including potential potential collaborative partners, brand ambassadors and others, but for now, for today, I’m focusing on the right person being your ideal client because they’re the ones who directly you know, bring money into the business right? Because look, if you’re spending all your time and effort reaching out to just anybody, a couple of things are happening. Number one, you’re reaching out to people who probably don’t need your services or your products, maybe those that can’t even afford you if they didn’t need it, right? People that may not value you, you’re just tire kickers. And you’re spending all this time and all these resources, reaching out to people who don’t want or need you, or what you offer, and those who do want and need you, and would value you and be able to pay you, maybe what you’re doing now, they’re not seeing you because you’re not strategic about where you’re showing up. Right. So that’s missed opportunities, and I don’t want that for you. So it’s time to stop wasting valuable time and energy, and in many cases, dollars that are being lost, and identify your ideal client that is huge. Okay. And so to learn more about how to identify your ideal client, check out my YouTube channel. It’s called blessed to thrive TV, that should be easy to remember right? Less than thrive TV, check that out and just search ideal client and you’ll find Couple teachings there. Okay. All right. So assuming going forward now with our six things, assuming you know your ideal client very, very well, what would be those daily activities you should be doing to find leads, great leads, right? And new clients and generate money. Okay, everything I’m talking about is again going back to connecting, creating relationship, nurturing relationships, and I’m talking about engaged, authentic relationships, not pushy, spammy salesy relationships, I’m talking about solid, okay. So my first thing that I would encourage you to do every day is show up, show up where they are on social, right. And so there’s many ways you could show up. I personally think you should friend your clients. And you should, you know, create separate, kind of segregate your friends list so that you can easily find your clients and you can easily Find your people from church. And you can easily find all these different types of people. But with respect to your ideal client, your past clients, and prospective clients, and who are now your friends, I want you to comment on their personal page. And in groups if you’re in groups with your ideal client, right?
If you’re a b2b business to business, visit their business page and comment be seen, be visible, consistently being seen in various ways, right? Whatever social platform that is, okay, comment, a like, but especially comment, right? Because then they see you and they go, Wow, she took the time to do that. Right. And again, I’m talking about sincerely caring, being authentic and giving. If you’re in a Facebook group, it’s not about spamming and being promotional. It’s about giving valuable information. Okay? And a critically important thing to remember when we think about social utilizing it best is relationships, progress. Think about relationships offline. Just like when you date, you date someone, and you meet them. And then you go on dates, you go steady for a while. And then if all goes well, you walk down the aisle. But all that takes time. And so I think many of us are thinking that social media is kind of like a way to find leads and convert them like that. But why would it work on social in a way that doesn’t work offline? Right. So the goal of using social is to get the relationship from online to offline. We take them from friends and commenting to over on PMS and DMS, and ultimately to a phone call, or if your local meeting for coffee or at a networking event when we can get out on COVID. Okay, so that’s how we do that. We now I want you to consider if you want more specifically on how to optimize your efforts on Social, you want to check out? I think it’s Episode 38. On my sheet is extraordinary podcast if somebody wouldn’t mind popping that in. To learn more about optimizing your efforts on social media check out Episode 38 of my sheet is extraordinary podcast. Okay, so that’s one great thing you should do every day, you should show up on social where your ideal client is if your ideal client is on social. That’s way number one, that’s a necessary thing every day. All right, necessary. activity. Number two is to build your email list. build your email list, do you have an opt in a freebie? something of value that your ideal client would love information they would love. Right? Something that is a value, something that’s titled in a sexy kind of appealing way that they would be more than happy to give you their name and their email address and maybe even their phone number to get And so the freebie could be a PDF. It could be a one pager, it could be a checklist for teaching. Or you could make it a multi page ebook. Or it could be a video series or maybe even a webinar. But again, don’t overthink it. Okay, but getting people on that email list, think about it. Do you know how many are on your list right now? And if it’s zero, there is no shame, no guilt. But that’s a problem.
That’s a problem. Because if social is the only way that you’re connecting with potential clients, what if it would go away one day? And it’s so easy to say, oh, Judy, it’s never gonna go away. But hang on a second. When I jumped on Facebook in 2008 business pages were all over. Right. And the reach of business pages was pretty much like your personal page. My my my how back has changed. Right. So those people People that like our business page, if they’re not also our friends, they may not be seeing much of what you’re doing. So social has gone away in that regard. Okay? So that’s why you need to get a freebie that your ideal client loves, and get it out there so that you can grow this email list so that you are in control of reaching out to people who could use your products or services. Okay, so you might say, okay, dude, great. I’ll create this freebie. How are people going to find it? Great question. This freebie obviously should be front and center on your website. You can periodically post about it on social media on your personal page, and if permitted in groups where you are also with your ideal client, and if you have a Facebook group, make sure they know about it. Okay. You could also talk about your freebie in your emails and invite them to share and forward the emails and even Facebook ads. And here in my notes, I have Facebook ads as a star, and that is because I may I do have Facebook ads, but I’m not one to quickly jump on the bandwagon for my clients who don’t have a whole lot of money. I like to give you ways of growing your business organically without spending money on ads, because there’s a lot of tweaking that goes on there to make it, you know, really effective sometimes. So, okay, so we’re getting on social every day. We’re intentionally and very strategically growing our email list. The third thing that I want you to be doing is I want you to just think outside the box. Think outside the box. How else can I connect with my ideal client? So in a lot of cases, you can do that via snail mail. So what could you send? You could send a card, you could send a postcard you could send a small gift. There’s All kinds of different things like send out cards, and what was the one that just banner i think is one that just recently came out, which looks really great. And yes, that cost some money. But let me let me ask you this. When you get something personally in the mail, you’re sure to see it. Right. And you’re thinking, wow, this is really thoughtful of this person who spent the time and the money and the thought to get this to me, very different than a Facebook ad. Okay. Now, I don’t know as far as the differential, you know what that cost is, but something to think about. So maybe those people who are hot on your prospective client list, maybe that’s a great thing to do. Think about sending them a letter. Think about sending them a card or a gift. Okay, that’s something I believe you should be thinking about every single day. handwritten notes, they’re not done that much. They mean something. All right way. Number four Thing number four to do every day. Again, thinking outside the box is sending video via text message, or dm or pm. Okay, so before I was talking about social just commenting, and providing value that way now I’m specifically bringing in a powerful and it’s only getting more powerful tool and that is video. And I know you hate how you look so do I. So we just have to get over that. But you know, think about creating a birthday video and sending that out for someone’s birthday via text, regular text message on the phone, or via DMS or pm right now that’s hot. And I know I love that. If you don’t if you don’t know somebody’s phone number thanks to Instagram and Facebook. You know you’re able to reach out and even on LinkedIn as well if that’s your if that’s your thing, but videos. Why Why is that important, Judy? Why don’t I just Do that, because you’re watching me now. If you were listening to this as a podcast, this would be effective, right? But isn’t it cool that you see me right now? You see how I move my hands when I talk. You really get to this is the next best thing to be in their videos powerful. You need to be incorporating that in your business in your marketing every single day. All right, number five. The fifth thing you should be doing every day is showing your expertise, giving value, positioning yourself as the expert the authority. That means you’re going to be doing posts that show your expertise, whether it is a picture of you please no stock photos, please no stock photos or limit those. Because as we’re seeing how social media is evolving, there is no doubt about it. People want to see you even with your hair must up. Even without makeup. Sometimes that’s better. Right? Here’s one thing Facebook ads were You’re not dressed up and you’re kind of in a T shirt and you don’t have that is doing better than video. That type video is doing better than the perfectly quaffed hair and the perfect surroundings. Okay. So, on this fifth point, how are you going to show up every day in front of your ideal client? If you have a Facebook group, you’re going to do posts and occasionally do videos or lives like this. If you don’t, you could go live on your Facebook personal page or live on Instagram, right? As well as posts and stories and igtv but I need you to be strategic about showing up. And that’s where you need to know that ideal client, where are they? That’s where I need to be. Okay, way number six the final way to you know, generate more money is you need to think sales every day. You need to think sales And sales is not an ugly word or a dirty word. Now, importantly, when I say the word sales, I know some of you kind of you have this negative connotation with that and you’re thinking sales equals pushy. Sales equals salesy and yucky that that’s not what I’m talking about. Okay? Again, sales is about connecting, and serving, primarily serving. It’s establishing yourself as the authority where they trust you and they say, yes. So making sure that your ideal clients that target audience knows what you do, how you do it, why you’re better, so that when they’re ready, they’re excited to work with you or to buy your products, right. So, again, I want you to be intentional about your social media posts. For example, if you have a launch coming up, or if you have a product line that you are launching or a special promotion or something You need to think ahead and create anticipation posts. And I would love for someone to put that in the chat anticipation posts. What does that mean? Well, you’re getting the audience ready, and excited about what’s coming. So you’re kind of teasing and announcement, I have a great announcement coming up in seven days, right? And it’s about how to blah, blah, blah, whatever as an example, whatever your ideal client has a problem with and the problem that you’re solving, okay, then maybe the next day, you want to give a little bit more of a teaser, a little bit more information, right, maybe with a video. And then maybe the next day, you want to have a really pretty series of graphics or whatever, like on Instagram, a number of different graphics, and then maybe you want to do something else in your story that’s along the way. But it’s being strategic ladies and understanding that there’s no guilt around selling. The proverbs 31 woman, the wife of noble character was a serial entrepreneur who’s businesses were the one we’re profitable. It says that in Scripture, there’s no guilt around this. God blessed you with a talent, a gift and ability, ambition. And you’re simply, you know, giving this gift that God gave you to those who need it. And they’re getting value. So you there’s no guilt around you getting value because look, ladies sales is the lifeblood of your business without sales. You don’t have a business. You have a hobby and a probably an expensive one. Okay. So are you strategic? Are you intentional? When it comes to clearly communicating what you do, how you do it, and the services and products you offer? You know, this is for your you coaches out there and other service providers for you brick and mortars, network marketing, etc. Do you have a promotional calendar? Do you know kind of the promotions or the events or these special things you’re going to have throughout the month than the quarter in the year? Right? And as again, as you approach that, launch those two your social media and your other marketing efforts, your emails, your other reach outs via private message and dn. Do they speak to the problem that your service or product that you’re about to launch is going to solve? Okay, I want to come to you with comments in just a moment. But I want to wrap up with this. You really need to focus to thrive in business, you need to focus on the right things. Now, of course, there’s always going to be trial and error. But starting with your ideal client is huge. You cannot skip that step. Okay, so focus, communication, clarity, you know, and, and not being afraid to repeat that very clear message on what you do and how you do it. Right, because people miss things easily. They need to hear it again and again. You may be tired of it, but somebody else is like, Oh, I never heard that before. And you’re like, Wow, I’ve only said it 50 times. That’s okay. you’re communicating. It’s part of your brand, right? So focus, communication. Connection. Connection is the heart of what we do. Authentic connection sincerely caring about people with heart consistency showing up on a regular basis. That’s why I’m saying you should be doing these six things every single day, intentionally. And finally courage, doing scary things like video like live, like asking for the business. Asking for the business. It always surprises me how many don’t ask for the business. They just kind of are like, well, if you have any questions, let me know. No, you’ve just gone through a presentation tell him how excited you are to have them work with your with with you or to use your product, right? Ask for the business. And so I’m all about I have an episode of my shoes extraordinary podcast episode. 27 is all about making everything you do in your marketing more effective so I would highly encourage that you look at Episode 27 as well. So let me come to you here.
Okay, let me go to the very, very beginning. Thank you so much for being here. Darla from Tucson. Awesome. Amanda’s here Angie. Christine. is here great Darla, overthinking over preparing is so me You’re not alone. You’re not alone. We women are perfectionist, right we want to get everything just right but we’ve got to get it done and then tweak. Hope is here. Awesome. from Bristol, UK. That is so incredible. Thank you for watching. Jenny is here. Dawn is here Marie, good to see you. Stacey is here. Colleen I did a virtual pop by and I send e cards to my clients wish them a happy summer. Wow, that’s really good. Halloween and your your business is moving in the right direction. So congrats on that beautiful Kathleen is here Kelly is here. Okay, and Darla said that’s it. It’s fun to Kelly. All right. Any questions? Ladies, I have about three minutes. And I know there’s a delay. But I would so love to get your reaction to this. Are you committed to your business? Are you committed to your business?
Enough to show up
enough to do everything that I’ve mentioned here to get intentional and to incorporate these six things into your calendar, right into your time blocking. Okay, who is committed to that if you are committed to your business, and are going to implement what we’ve talked about today? I’d love to see it in the comments, right? Because that’s where it’s really important. It’s great to learn things. But if we learn things and don’t apply them, then it’s not going to impact our wallets. And that is, you know why we’re in business, right? That’s what makes it a business instead of a hobby. So Any comments on that a bunch of you are still here so it makes me think that you are getting value from this. And so I’d love to help you. Helene says I love the videos to individuals and showing up where they are even virtually those are definitely being implemented. Way to go Colleen Love it. Love it. And Colleen is in my local neck of the woods and I always love that because I’ve met Colleen and I look so forward to the opportunity when COVID you know is gone and we can actually meet at a live event. I can’t wait for that. Would you love a live event? I am dying for a hug for you ladies that I’ve met and come to know so much here on this on this group. Marie says I am committed Angie I will be implementing Thank you That’s great. That’s laces to both of you. Darla says I’m committed even with my current health issues are right well darling, I’m gonna pray. I don’t know what those health issues are. I’m gonna pray for for God’s healing hand on you whole healing complete healing comfort in the meantime and Major kudos for you in overcoming, fighting through that. And through God’s strength, trying new things. Excellent. And coming says I definitely want to meet. Yes, I want to meet again. All right, ladies, it’s 1230 I have got to go. Thank you for your grace in bumping this back an hour. As you know, I usually go Thursdays at 11am. Eastern, but I was speaking at Risa con. Who here are stagers? I know there’s a bunch of stagers here. That was a really neat, neat opportunity. So good to see you here. I look so forward to interacting with you further here in the group. And listen if you have not yet done an intro video I encourage you to do so. an intro post is great. Oh thank you for the love. But I really want to see a video I will let you know a little secret. I think I have pinkeye so if you’re wondering why does Judy look extra baggy, saggy, and you know I don’t have my makeup on because I think I may have pinkeye but it’s more important for me to show appear for you, then to look like a beauty queen, because let’s be honest, those days are gone. But I want to encourage you, I tell you that to encourage you that you don’t have to look perfect. And you don’t have to look even a certain way. But showing up giving value for your ideal client, wherever that is, whether it’s live when we can get there or here on social is so important to show up and do it consistently. So Jodi just caught the ending. Hey, Jodi, yes, please watch the replay. And I would love to hear your feedback after you watch Darla says, Thank you. You’re so welcome. Thank you, Loris. you’re catching me at the end here. All right, ladies, love you so much. Have a beautiful beautiful rest of your day. blacked out. Bless you. Thank you for listening beautiful. If you like this podcast, I would so appreciate it if you would subscribe and leave a review. In fact, snap a picture of your review before you hit submit. Post it inside my facebook group the plus to thrive community and I will gift you with a one week trial absolutely free. Inside my best to thrive Academy where ambitious women of faith like you learn how to become thriving femme forerunners. Find out more about the academy by visiting my website at Judy hyphen Weber comm slash blessed hyphen, hyphen thrive. While you’re there, be sure to grab some truly extraordinary biz building resources and take my popular entrepreneurial spa quiz and find out whether you’re a passionate visionary, a bold boss or a legacy leader. And while you’re there, you can find out other ways we might be able to work together. Remember new episodes of the she is extraordinary podcast drop every Tuesday with occasional bonus episodes on Friday. Thanks again for listening and taking just a moment to leave a review. I love to hear from you. So let me know how I can support you and your business.

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