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Ep 54: Courageous Wealth Creation & Bold Faith Transcript

Welcome to Episode 54 of the sheet is extraordinary podcast. You’re in for a treat today ladies, I’m interviewing my good friend, an amazing woman of the Lord Janet Beaver. And Janet had this vision for a virtual summit for women for us to learn how to integrate faith, family and business to create financial freedom to live purposefully and to leave a legacy. This summit, the faith driven mom, entrepreneur summit starts August 3, like Monday, can you believe we’re almost in August of 2020. And so ladies, if you haven’t yet grabbed a ticket, it’s free. But it is value and jam packed with amazing speakers, 22 speakers, I’m blessed to be one of them. And we’re really each sharing our story, sharing our heart and really, you know, again, giving our perspective of that What it’s like to serve the Lord in our businesses and still honor, honor the Lord with respect to serving our families, right? And always putting God first.

Janet has a Facebook group that I highly encourage you check out it’s called courageous wealth builders. And that Facebook group is again, all about women, right? It’s about bold faith, purpose driven, and wealth creation. So you are about to be introduced if you don’t know her already. She just did a beautiful and amazing woman of the Lord. She is all about serving him to the utmost. And she has this really neat perspective on wealth. And inside you’re going to see how wealth was defined hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago, it is far different than what it is defined in now. So enjoy this Episode and be sure to check out the link so that you can grab your free ticket to next week’s summit. Enjoy.

Hey there beautiful. Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to dream again to boldly in faith pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness in both life and business. It’s time to make a big impact on the world because whether you know it or not sister, you are extraordinary.
Alright ladies, welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast and I am so excited to be sharing with you my Friend Janet beaver Janet say, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, how are you? JANET has pulled together a mammoth kind of event that’s gonna be hitting next week. I mean, I can’t believe a third yes on Monday, August 3, and it is called the faith driven mom entrepreneurs summit. So I want to talk about that because it is such a wonderful opportunity and it’s free which is crazy. But before we get into that, Janet, why don’t you if you would tell the ladies a little bit about yourself your background and how it is you came to do what you do.

Okay, so who was just that? I came over here how just give you like a short version of my I moved here from Zimbabwe Africa 20 years ago to come to school. I went to school for construction management. I met my husband there, we got married. We have three kids. And in the process a, you know, after college a senator working for in corporate American construction company. And after about six, seven years, when I was having my second child, my name was my fifth son. So I’ve been daughter and the Son and the Son, and my middle child. I just couldn’t take working in corporate America. So I was like, No, I, you know, I’ve always I always wanted to have my own business anyway. And I love real estate, I love construction. So I kind of convince my husband that we should start our own company. So we started a consult a construction company back then, about 10 years now.

And, you know, he was, you know, it was it was nice working in corporate America, but like I said, I always knew I wanted to set my own thing. So Having my second child and you know, the community, the commutes that I had going to work it just everything. I was just like, No, I have to set it down to set it up. So I did that set at a company and then I went back and I did my MBA in finance, because I forget if I’m gonna really run this company, I need to know what I’m doing. So yeah, so I so I did that. So now, a few years, about three years ago, you know, I have been a Bible. I’ve been a Christian for as long as I actually since I was young, but I really give my life to Jesus. In my like, early 20s I just want to study in college.

I’ve always been a Christian for for a very long time. And when I when I started my business, I also just hope God was calling me to to, to lead Bible study for for working women in our church. So I started that. And, you know, two years ago, I just felt like God was calling me to something else. And I was I was kinda like, I don’t know if I really want to do this, I don’t know what it’s gonna look like. But it was really about helping Christian women in tackling your business women who smile like myself, you know, that I felt like I needed a mentor was a Christian. And it was kind of hard finding that in the business world. So I felt like that was God was calling me like, you know, we should put together a group or something where women who are interpreting or were driven, who are ambitious, could get together and and, you know, share the journey of just being entrepreneur.

And I think for a long time I’ve struggled with this thing of having drive and being a Christian and and feeling bad that I you know, I we have a very beautiful, comfortable life we’re blessed but fully There’s something more to my life than just the comfortable that might be in life that are leaving yeah yeah that is anything wrong with it is just that a I’ve always known to that there’s a quote on my life that’s greater than than where I am where I was at that time and I guess that was the whole push record is just saying you know you you need to skip out of just not being that Bible study teacher by to really go out there and teach other women interpret my word and how to do business and even the dreams that I have from for for I really forgot is called me to do with outside just my own family my own needs and once is a bigger dream and I’ve always thought they are the women who have those kind of dreams.

Yeah, moms and dads their wives and you know, and they’re working and and do you have that guilt like should I even wants to try for that should I even go after that big dream because You, you feel like then you’re not content, then people are gonna judge you and say you’re not content you’re not happy with what you have. We are blessed. You have a beautiful life in a beautiful home. What else do you want? So why would you want to make more money? You know, so, so yeah, so I had that struggle and in that struggle, you know, it was almost like God was saying what they are women who are going through this same struggle to where they feel like they’re called to make more money to create more wealth. And they’re, they’re afraid they don’t feel like this.

They feel isolated because they don’t feel like this. Other people out there who understand them. So industry as I was just debating with God, like I really don’t want to do coaching I really I really don’t really know much about this online thing you know, I’m very comfortable with with construction with real estate deals and negotiating and you I mean, spreadsheets and by just a numbers. I am that is my story. Yeah. And and you doing this was like, Oh my gosh, God is calling me for something bigger. And I was I was resisting. I mean, I
literally was debating with him for a long time that I was new.

Exactly. So I had to, you know, I’ve been in coaching programs and learning the whole online marketing stuff. And yeah, it was a stretch it was really, you know, getting yourself out of that comfort zone. And I’m not one to want to be in comfort for too long. Because I just feel like you don’t grow. You know, like I’m always even in terms of, you know, business and construction. I always want to go after the big that’s that is a stretch. That is you know, my husband is always trying to just be okay with this.

No, honey, actually, no, no, you know, so I’m always like going up to that next thing that mixing and and that’s the end This was meant to For me it was it was a stretch, it was really, you know, getting me out of my comfort zone and saying, you know, you need to do this and you might fail. But you know, you never know. But, but I just said, okay, God, I’m gonna want to do it. And because I was doing it anyway, I was really, you know, that’s what I you know, in our church and with my friends and stuff that are doing is you know, I’m all about talking about money about how to create wealth, how do we create passive income? How do we make our lives better how you know, so I’m very passionate about that. That’s just I just feel like women need to be empowered women need to, to live out their lives. You know, in also really knowing your season where you are and what God is calling you to do. But then we all have something bigger what is put in our lives, and that is meant to impact the world.

I love that if I can interrupt this remember so many nuggets of good stuff that you said like My paper here is overloaded with notes. Okay, so one thing I want to say right out front is what you mentioned about the guilt. You know, we do good Christian moms and wives, you know, do this. Do they work outside the home? Do they have this ambition? I grappled with that. And so to our listeners out there, I so appreciate you sharing that Janet because I think there are more of us than we realize. And any listener out there feeling that my sense is that that very well may be God nudging you to say, hey, sister, hey, daughter, I have this thing for you. I’m preparing you for this. That’s why you feel that kind of discontent or that, you know, pulling. What do you think?

Yeah, well, I definitely agree and there’s nothing you can be very happy and content with your life in full Bless, and still have a certain level of discontent. And I don’t think there’s a, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, because that is why it actually pushes you to do more. Because if you don’t have that you’re sitting in your comforts, and you don’t grow. There’s no growth in conference, the truth, you don’t stretch yourself, you don’t stretch him and your faith doesn’t grow in comfort, and that’s why I feel like God sometimes even bring, you know, tribulation or trials or something allows that to happen, not that it brings but he allows it to be happen.

So then we’re out of that, you know, like, I’m just in my cushion, and I’m so comfortable. You know, sometimes we need to, to have that discontent so that you can go after bigger things. And so that you yourself can grow. You know, inside you have to grow as a person you for for you to thrive and go after those big dreams. You have to make different kinds of person, the person you are now is not the same person who’s going to be doing What if I did that good once you did in the future? These that growth?

I love it. Oh my goodness, I just have to pause and say this, um, yesterday I had some powerful time with the Lord. And my favorite verse my life first is Ephesians 320 that talks about God can do more than anything, anything we’re even imagine. And here’s the neatest thing through his power in us. So, so it’s like, I firmly believe this is like my this is like my soapbox, that until we fully embrace who we are in Christ and seek out and ask him, Who am I Lord? Who do you see me as and what is your dream for me? You talked earlier about your dreams. And you know, I think sometimes we as Christians can feel guilty about the dreams because we’re like, is that my selfish like? ambition? Or is it is it download from the Lord Almighty.

Candice. Judy, is that the thing that I, I have you know, I, for years, I’ve written all these dreams, the stuff that I forgot is called me to do. And then guilds you know, feeling like this is bigger than me and I know that things there’s no way I can do them by myself. It’s gonna require God to step in, it’s gonna require other people to be part of this. And I literally like it my vision board and I put it to, you know, for four weeks on my prayer thing and just say, God, you have to take this desires, not from you. All right. This is why I feel like you’re calling me to this is what I desire. And I, I want to say, Oh, I should end this. These are not my desires, then please just take this desire from me because I know I rambled today, you know, grappled with it for a long time. And I’m still I’m like, just take it, you know, just take it if it’s not you, because I I don’t know why I feel this way. I don’t know why I have these desires and their good desires and there’s not even selfish stuff for myself. I’m like, but if they’re not yours, then take them. You know, because you have that guilt. Like, you know, this is so big.

It’s not It’s not the vision for the summit that starts next week. Is that was that one of these big things when you’re looking up saying like Moses, Lord, you pick the wrong person, like, how am I going to do this? Was it one of those things? was not that Yeah, suddenly it was not I mean, it was challenging in in the sense that I you know, I had to be on video, which was nice to somebody who likes to go on video I’m setting to be more comfortable now. But yeah, so that stretch was doing those interviews, being on video and thinking, what are people gonna think of me? Why don’t you know, and and so and I think that’s something God has to work out for you to, you know, he has to work out of that. But you I mean, compared to the others that I want to do, this is just part of it. It is and I realize it’s part of the growth, you know that I’m taking the steps and taking all the steps towards what God is doing in my life. You know, I’m growing because I am finding stuff about myself. You know, even the fact that I didn’t like to be on camera, I really didn’t know that until I started doing interviews, that I was not very, you know, comfortable on camera. I didn’t feel comfortable in doing all the 20 you know, all of you guys that I did that I interviewed. By the time I was done, I was very comfortable.
Very comfortable, right? Yeah.

It’s like in our Christian faith, we need to stretch ourselves and step out in faith. And then when we do that, the more we do that just like you with the video, then Okay, what we thought was hard all of a sudden doesn’t become hard and then we trust him more and then Another step in faith So I love that that is such a great one. And the summit really came out of the fact that it’s something that I had struggled when we talk about integration of life, integration of your faith, your business, your family, it is a personal thing to me because it’s something that I struggled with you know, trying to figure out how do I integrate because I can’t I couldn’t balance the staff I couldn’t balance all the things you know, like that that being ambitious so I’m going after all these projects I’m going after the coaching and I’m going after all of this and I still want to have time with my husband that’s doing my time with my kids. I still want to make denies to when I came to house you can even have anyone come clean your house
to clean the house you lost me on that one.

Yeah, so it’s how do you then do it all in I still want to have my time with God and So that really came out of that. Like, I think all of us as Christian women we we struggle with, with with trying to balance and then you hate you, you kind of feel bad and guilty because you can balance it now to kind of integrate our lives and how do we give ourselves Grace? And how do you integrate and to create the financial freedom you’re seeking and pursue their ambitions and pursue their dreams. So that’s where they’re really like an assignment came from is something from my own personal experience and just wanting to, to hear what other women were or what you thought or how you what you went through, especially women who are older than me like, well, how did they do it? How do you have it and you look so together?

Oh, um, tell us how many is it? 20 speakers that you have for me is 2222. Okay. And so how can you drop some, like teasers, some nuggets? Some maybe aha moments for you throughout these interviews? Oh, yeah. doing many, there’s so many. But I’ll just tell you maybe a couple here. There’s one of the speakers talked about, I love your talk, start with yours, that I love that knowing who you are in Christ. I think that is so so so key that you really have to know because as we know who we are, and understanding even your personality and stuff like that, the ambition that you have, I think it makes you not feel so guilty, because you know who God made you and get different from that and the person who may not be so driven. So there’s no need to feel guilty. So knowing who you are in Christ, I think that was very powerful or the interview shared with me.

And then I had another speaker talk about legacy that you know, instead of waiting until you’re old, you have to leave your legacy now, in leave your legacy now, do the things that you you want people just talk about doing again, but do them now. Let them talk about it. Now. You know, instead of asking Giving that plays on your grave, whatever, just leave now. And another one talked about how, you know, we really have to harmonize our lives. The power of integration is is is being able to have harmony in every area of your life. No just the finance, but to to have harmony everywhere in your relationship, in your business, in your, in your senior health in your you know ever with your kids, that there has to be harmony and you have to find that harmony you have to really be you know, we have to be in touch with God. We have to be walking with God to find that harmony because you want peace. And she she was she was really strong about you know, you have to find peace there has to be peace. Because the reason we struggle with balancing or integrating is because we have no peace.

We just, yeah, we have no peace. So it’s finding that harmony so that we have peace and peace of mind. Found in price. So the more we are spending time in Christ, the more we have that. And then another lady shared about sushi. She was so funny. She’s like, I want the Bible to be a Google, I want you to go and good. Like, yeah, I mean that she’s like, you know, instead of us googling Why should I do this? Why should I do it that like, make the Bible the first thing you got to let it be your Google can be your search engine, you know, and and she’s on a mission to really make women Christian women use the Bible is their go to, you know, a lot of these women have been through so much.

And you see in the interviews, they’ve been through so many, so many so many traumatic stuff, some of them, and it was, you know, for me, like I just felt like oh my god, it was an honor, getting to know their stories, getting to know where they’re coming from. just realizing that you know, no matter what you’ve gone through, no matter where you’re coming from, God is still good. And God is is is is been part of these women’s lives to be where they are now to achieve the success the financial freedom they have. So yeah, so you know, as you know, I saw so powerful to just listen to the stories and and I just say just you know, my my hope and prayers and as many women who will hear about this and and learn that it doesn’t matter where you are, you know, we start from somewhere it really doesn’t matter where you are, and God can use you, wherever however old you are, God can use that is the most powerful.

I there was so many. I mean it’s 22. So, yeah, one concept that came up and I want to, I think it’s something that we don’t think about enough. That is the difference. Between money like income and wealth, yes. So can you tell us that what is wealth? And you know, what does it look like? How can we how can we try to get well not just dollars?

Okay, so for me and I do have a problem that I teach on wealth, wealth is just not money. You know, wealth is money as part of wealth. But I feel like for me, wealth involves more than money, it involves to health. If you look back, like in the 2012 century time, the way they defined wealth was that is a state of well being. It is not it was not like money, money. It was a state of well being. And when you talk about even in the Bible, that phrase that says, you know, God wants us to prosper in Souls is the process by Paul says, your soul prospers you prosper. So you realize that prosperity or wealth is just not money it is more to do with the state of well being and what is just going to flow being you said and well being includes your relationships. It includes Yes, finances, it includes your health. It includes your spirituality. You know, it includes your lifestyle, how you live your life. It includes how you are growing as a person. So there’s that spiritual growth that’s going on to Yes, it includes your carrier too.

So that’s how I to me that’s how I really think that’s what real warmth is, is that when all those areas in your life that are very important, are all in a state of well being. They’re all growing in a state of well being. This peace, this harmony in in every area, invest very hard, right? But that’s That is well so you can have a lot of money and be unhealthy. How are you going to enjoy it, you’re going to have a lot of money and not have good relationships and a good support system. You see how miserable those people are with with that much money and then people end up you know that committing suicide or stuff like that. Because there’s, you know, because money is just not the wall. I think walls is an all encompassing thing that that involves your whole life, not just money.

So when we talk about that’s how I look at wealth, and that’s how I want to grow my, my blog when I grow my income, is I’m growing all the other areas in my life, not just not just the income because there’s no point in having one go shoot up, and everything is down here because you’re still miserable. Sounds like a great book. Are you are you writing a book on that? I seriously Yeah, it’s gonna come I just love it. I’m not yet not yet, courageous.

But I mean, that’s something I’m very passionate about is you know understanding and and like I know I do a lot of finding tough stuff. So yes, you need your net income your net worth to go up you need to ask us in all these in a in my program I help people with all that. But I have my thing is that how do we have a holistic look to all this so that we’re not just focused on increasing my income and Christmas and Christmas income, you know, you really have to have a holistic point of view to your life. So that you’re because what tends to happen when we chase the income most of the time is that we’re building our life around that. Instead of building your life and having that come supports. Your life is not centered on this chasing of that income. In India, losing was even More important wishes, your life is you know, God has given us life. So all businesses have to be built around our lives not the other way around. I love that.

Wow. Yes, I mean, oh, I’m just gonna let that sink in for a minute that is so good. That is so so good. You know and just like not just life built on the foundation of Jesus Christ but your business on the foundation of Jesus Christ and your health and your everything else. You said the relationships when Jesus is the root then we have that peace and I think of that verse and I never get it right I can’t remember where it is, but it’s he will keep in perfect, perfect peace those who keep their eyes on him. Yeah.

I love to say to myself when I’m when I’m getting frazzled. I must be out of alignment here because I’m not in peace so that means my focus has shifted. Yeah, you know so I have this thing that I I call it the Seven Pillars of real world that I’m really so into. And if you can come back to the things are saying so I have it’s like a tree and I have no the branches so you have at the bottom that you know is the foundation is Christ. In that trunk goes all the way is coming from the roots in it the trunk goes away and it’s the spiritual it’s it’s your it’s your relationship with God. And he said that talk because it has to be at the top of the tree. And then it branches to know health, your your lifestyle, your career, your finances, your relationships, and it kind of branches off by the roots is our root the foundation has to be in Christ.

You know an adult that grows and as we grow spiritually said we’re growing towards Christ going up in our own way in in him in everything else, then branches in Then that tree becomes healthy, because they have the roots that is Christ that is healthy. Because everything else if you know a tree, we all know trees and fruits. If the root is not right, you can tell if something is not right and the ground there, the leaves are not an outright mean that the fruit itself is not right. So it’s getting that foundation and then growing that foundation. And then having that relationship going all the time with Christ. It has to be connected, you just don’t grow isn’t like again done.

I love that it has to be a journey. And that encompasses what we talked about earlier about having to stretch and go beyond the comfort zone so that we can grow and learn and especially grow in our relationship with God so that he reveals to us who we are, who he made us to be in the work that he’s calling us to and I’ll be the first to say that work that I’m the most proud of is my work as a mom. I mean, that was where my priority is. And, and I look at my boys now 1921 and 23. And I am so proud. And then I give God everything. I’m like, that was really neat. anything good I did was because Jesus was talking and acting through me. So yeah, that’s so important.

Wow. All right, um, two things. I want to wrap up with this time, too quickly. I know. This is such good stuff packed in a very small amount of time. But the the summit coming up? Yeah. Again, it’s called the faith driven mom entrepreneur summit. It starts Monday, August 3, can you describe for our listeners who should who needs to attend? like who is this for?

So and I say is mom but it’s really for every woman because I think you can learn Anyone and you know, some of the people that speak as if they actually are not moms, but I it, it is for that woman who is driven by entrepreneur, who is ambitious, and who is struggling with the balance them with their life white balance thing was appealing to, you know, to, to, to to have good relationships and, you know, pursue that business venture, or, you know, time with the Lord and you’re kind of trying to see how do I do all this? Because you do feel like you’re called FOMO. So it’s for that woman, or mom, and the reason I have the moms in there because I think moms have it even worse because you have the ketosis.

Right, right. Okay. also trying to Yeah, that’s how old the kids are. How them underfoot makes what was already hard even harder. So Oh, yeah, Yeah. So yeah, so I it is for, I guess I guess really for every woman and I think every any woman would learn would really benefit a lot from this. Because whether you have kids or not, you still have relationships that you have to kind of manage in your own life.

So, so it’s really for everybody. Awesome. And I will be putting in the show notes. And I’m also going to be sending this video out as well. It’s going to be a podcast and a video released tomorrow, Friday. Wow, July 31. Time is going. So it’ll be both ways and I’ll make sure my link for ladies you can get your ticket before they’re sold out. It’s free, but you gotta grab your ticket, like ASAP. All right, I want to end today with my standard and the podcast question which is This is called the C is extraordinary podcast share with our listeners an extraordinary woman in your life and what makes her so extraordinary.

So, let me think about that. Because that no we meant that I have really looked up to and other women that I have had
What can I say? That I can say way like personal in my life is much. Um, but there are women that I have watched or listen to, you know, which I call them the mentors from far away. Yeah, and, and one of those women that I really relate my is Beth Moore. I just I love my message I love I’ve listened to a lot of his stuff in and I just love the hearts especially towards women.

And how She’s been she’s she’s impacted me a lot. Just having done a Bible studies having listened to a follow her to and line and stuff. So yeah, so she’s one of those I have many that I follow. But I would say she’s one of those that is really impacted me in my own life. And I think she’s an extraordinary woman.

I agree. I love her.
I wouldn’t give her Bible studies. They were always my favorites. She really makes you think I like cerebral kind of bring Christ and really think and she ties things from the old testament to the new and it’s like, wow, I never thought of that. Yeah, is
my favorite. Yeah.

Awesome. Thank you so much for pausing in your busy day to talk with me and I can’t wait to see all of these interviews at the summit. So anything else God has on your heart that you want to make sure to tell us before we end for today?

Ah, he just says you know I know things are hard for everybody right now we know life in our lives have been turned upside down. But to really keep holding on to that belief that God is still gone, because I think sometimes we the circumstances and situations in our lives can really derail us in to the point that we lie we are questioning, you know, with goodness with the when things are going crazy like they are right now. But to just hold on to that and to know that God is still God, good and God is still sitting on his throne. That’s what I keep going back to like, you know, I have nobody has shaken him out of there. He’s still listening on his throne.

Hallelujah. Yes, he is there and in control. So none of that good word. Thank you for your time today. I can’t wait to check out the summit. Yeah,
it’s excited. Thank you. And thank you for allowing me to interview that was so such an honor. Thank you.

You’re so welcome. The pleasure is mine. So, thanks again ladies for listening and we’ll see you next time. Thank you for listening beautiful. If you like this podcast, I would so appreciate it if you would subscribe and leave a review. In fact, snap a picture of your review before you hit submit. Post it inside my facebook group the place to thrive community and I will gift you with a one week trial absolutely free inside my best to thrive Academy where ambitious women of faith like you learn how to become thriving FEM printers. Find out more about the academy by visiting my website at Judy hyphen weber.com. Slash blessed hyphen to hyphen thrive.

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