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Ep 55: 5 Actions Top 1% Entrepreneurs Take & 3 They Don’t Transcript

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All right. I think I’m live. I just want to make sure that I am. Okay. All right, ladies, how are you? happy and blessed Thursday. Welcome to thriver Thursday live, a place to be always to learn powerful business strategies and to grow in your walk with Jesus Christ. Welcome, welcome. Are you excited? I’m excited, can you tell them excited? Today I’m going to share with you the action steps that the top 1% of entrepreneurs are taking, and I want you to take them as well. I’m also going to give you three bonus actions that you should not take, right. So grab a pen, grab a pad, I want you to take notes, I want you to take notes because action is the word for August.

It’s the word of the month ladies. And I’m going to be you’re going to be seeing pretty much everything I do in here as the founder of this Les Brown community, I am pushing action. Now you’ll recall last month was all about commitment, right? And if you’re not committed to your business, and I mean really committed, as in, there’s no plan B, we’re going all in, we’re really doing this. If you don’t have that level of commitment, you’re going to struggle. So if you’re struggling, I need to really, really be honest with yourself, Am I committed? Am I willing to do the work when I don’t feel like it? Am I? You know, do I have this kind of thing? Well, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll do something else. You can’t have that. Because it’s holding you back. Right? That’s just a fact.

But once you’re committed, and you’ve decided that you will succeed, it’s a decision that’s powerful. You get to make that decision. And once you make that decision that you will succeed, next has to come action, right. What steps are you going to take day in, day out? Whether you feel like it or not, even if you have doubts or fears and even if it feels like nobody’s really paying attention right? So what are you going to do, we’re going to start with baby steps to get your business moving in the right direction. And that is what we’re going to be chatting about online inside this plus the thrive community and this is also going to be on an upcoming podcast. So if you’re listening to me ladies in the future, and you’re like, what, what is the blessed deprived community? It is a Facebook group with just about 3000 and growing every day amazing beautiful, extraordinary women of faith who are building their business and so if you are not here yet, ladies in the future that are going to be listening I need you to join me just search blessed to thrive community in Facebook and the join tab. Okay, but before we jump in, I need to hear from you right here ladies who’s with me like Tell me in the chat. Right and whether you’re even watching this on the replay, please let me know hashtag replay. We have Janine is here. Awesome. And I think there’s some others that I can’t see.

But Welcome to me. I am so glad you’re Hear. Secondly, I’m going back. I’m refreshing your memory. How is your branding? Remember last week I did a training on creating your irresistible brand and I got so much positive feedback, a bunch of aha and breakthroughs. And I heard from a handful of you who are taking action on that. And for you, I say, bah bah, bah, bah. So if that’s you, please tell me Okay. Um, did you watch this Thursday’s training? I come here live every Thursday at 11am. Eastern. And, you know, I was thinking, I think I’m going to create a unit for my thriver Thursday live so that you can easily find them. So stay tuned for that. But listen, have you begun to put your personal irresistible brand together? Tell me I want to know, right. And if you have any problems, questions, don’t know where to start. Look for that video training and ask questions here on the page. I am here to help.

Right. So we just ended July. Were we focused on commitment? And I also want to know, as we’re kind of jumping on here today, are you personally Are you committed to your business? Because if you are, I’d love you to tell me in the comments on watching on my phone. And I want to celebrate, I want to celebrate your commitment because truly It is something to celebrate. And I’m so glad that you are here, whether live or on the replay. So if this is the first time we’ve met, welcome, we continue to grow in this Facebook group. Thank you for inviting your friends, your sisters who love the Lord and are thinking about or have already started a business. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. And it is exciting that we’re approaching that 3000 member mark, but I want you to know something. For me, it’s about the individual connections. And, you know, between you and me, so if you and I haven’t personally chatted in the DMS or in the comments, just know that it’s coming.

My intention is to reach out to each and every one of you because I care right I mean, I am a business coach. I’m a Christian business coach and a growth strategist and many, many of your clients, and I would love to work with you. But the fact of the matter is, for whatever reason, I’m not a fit for everybody. I’m not a fit for every Christian woman, right? And the timing may or may not be right. But here I want you to know, I’m not only committed to my business, but I’m committed to you. I am committed to you as a member of this Facebook group, that I’m here to serve you that I want to show up every day for you that truly if you’re struggling, I want you to post about it so that I can offer some words of encouragement. Maybe we can hop on the phone. If you have a win and a success and you’re like overjoyed, tell us share it here in the group. It’s the perfect place to do that. Okay. And Michelle has joined How are you? Okay, so, a couple things I want to tell you before we jump in. That is, I am so excited. I need you to mark your calendars because I am curating the very best virtual workshop. I’ve ever offered, right? It happens the week of august 24. So just a few short weeks from now, I’m bringing you what I’m calling the thrive method, the thrive method, which is my, I guess, secret sauce, right? And I’m going to be sharing it with you. It’s five days to your business breakthrough. Look, I know you’re building a business God’s way.

You’re excited about the vision that he gave you, and you’re ready to impact others. And I think that’s awesome. And that’s why I put together the thrive method because inside these five days together, you’re going to learn how to build your brand. So you can captivate that target audience, your ideal clients, you’re going to fill your pipeline with ideal clients that are excited to work with you. And you’re also going to learn how to generate consistent revenue month after month and do it with grace, with simplicity and with joy. Okay, so I want you to join me for this free workshop to accelerate your business It’s absolutely free. It happens here live, my team and I are putting together a workbook, it’s probably going to be close to 20 pages, that’s going to be where you’re going to take notes. So go ahead and register. It costs nothing. But it could really be the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. I’m saying it’s a five day till your Business Breakthrough type event. So the link is there for you. I think you can see it, I have it. I have it in mind. I hope it’s showing up there.

Okay, one more thing before we pray. And here’s another special event that I’m putting together. Okay, next week. I am bringing for you five of my very dear friends who I call my thrive are experts and I’m going to be putting on like a series okay. These are women who join me these thriver experts they join me arm in arm inside my blessed to thrive Academy. I’m going to tell you more about the academy next week. But in brief, that is my membership for ambitious women ready to To take action, to build their business on the firm foundations to have them the firm foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost. And secondly, on firm foundation of sound business strategy that works, right. And it’s the same strategy that allowed me to grow multiple six figure businesses on my way to a seven figure business. And I continue to grow my social following day after day. So just briefly, who are these cyber experts and why should you care? They are thriving CEOs with their own businesses, in expertise in critical areas of business success, like copywriting, social media monetization, not just getting followers but making money on social media, publicity and PR and media sales and Facebook ads, and they’re going to be here live next week to share some of their strategies, their tips and advice and time permitting, answer your questions.

I’m going to be doing a new cover photo for our Facebook group over the weekend showing you exactly when they’re gonna be going Live, who it is all that good stuff. So make sure to check that in a couple of days. And I hope you can join us. All right, let’s go to God and then we’ll dive in. All right, Lord, You are so good god. Thank you, Lord, for all that you’re doing in these lives. I am so blessed to do what I do. Lord, thank you for taking me through the journey that I’ve been on to get me to this place. And Lord, I know that you are taking each of these beautiful ladies on their own special journey. And you’re revealing to them your plan your purpose for them, and I just pray that their hearts and their minds would be open to hear your small still voice Lord so that they can really trust that what they think their passion is what they think they should do in this life is truly they get confirmation from you that yes, you want them to do that. And then that they would open up their hearts and minds to seek your wisdom to hear your voice yet again, so that they can make the impact on the lives of the people that you have for them. So, Lord, again, I’m your vessel use this time for your purposes. Lord, I pray that it’s pleasing. And if you want me to go in a different direction, just let me know. We love you, God, we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

Right to his he here. Janine says, I’m struggling, tooting my own horn. I have two different arms of my business that I struggle to marry an original design jewelry based upon the biblical gemstones and the teaching ministry on spiritual warfare.
Wow. Janine, I want to chat. Can you please private message me, um, because I’m intrigued and I want to help you. Okay, so private message me. I’d love to chat for like 20 minutes free and just kind of share ideas because I can’t really I need to ask you some questions. And I’ve got quite a bit of content for today. So I don’t know that I’ll get to this question now. But thank you for that, and I will do my best. All right, Michelle. is here and Phoebe and Nancy, I’m so glad you’re all here. All right. Today, we’re talking about actions, actions that the top 1% take. And as I go through them, you’re going to see that it’s not rocket science. They’re not like hard to do per se, like he felt like you have to learn to do a back handspring, for example, which I could never do, right? I mean, for some of these things, I’m going to tell you, they may seem scary, but that’s only because you haven’t done them before. But overall, they’re like, doable. They’re simple. You don’t need special skills or abilities, right. But yeah, but yet, why aren’t more of us doing them? Right? Okay, well, I told you, we’re gonna do five things you need to do to be in that top 1% of entrepreneurs. And I thought we’d start with the three things you shouldn’t do. Okay? These are three actions that the top percent would never take. And I don’t want you to take it either. Okay, first one, saying yes to everything, saying yes to everything. How many of us have been guilty of that?

Right? We need to prioritize ladies, we need to protect our time, it is the most precious resource, right? There are only so many hours in a day. And we definitely cannot chase every shiny new thing that happens to pop up on our screen, or in our inbox or in our mail for that matter, right. So before you say yes, I want you to ask yourself some some questions so that you can really determine when an opportunity comes up, should I say yes, and let me just say, I’m going to make make myself clear here. Not every opportunity is for you. And not every opportunity is right for you right now. Okay, again, we need to prioritize and not just knee jerk reaction. Say yes. Okay. Does that make sense? Okay, so here are a couple of questions I want you to ask, Can it wait?

Can it wait?
Um, you know, if a client says I need you now I need you now. Okay. Yes, we want to be there for our clients. Right. But, you know, is it something that you have to wrap yourself in a pretzel to take care of today? Or is it something that can wait until, you know, tomorrow? Or later in the day so that you don’t, you know, throw a monkey wrench into your entire day? Right? Is it really an emergency? Or is it something that can wait? Okay, another question. What am I willing to let go of, in order to say yes to this? Okay, because I really believe and I’ve discussed this with my husband a couple of times and my kids. I think that with every decision we make, we you know, we have the potential to make somebody happy and make somebody else disappointed, including ourselves. So we need to be honest. And you know, if I say yes to this, what does it mean that I’m going to have to say no to? And I think a lot of times we need to say no to more things than we are right now. So think about that. Okay, and the final question, there’s many, many questions you can ask. But another one is, what is it realistically going to take for me to say yes to this in the way of time in the way of resources, whether that’s money or something else, right? And then what I find is multiply that times three, right? If someone says, I need you to do X, Y, or Z, and you say, okay, maybe I can do it, how long is it going to take and they say, 1520 minutes. It’s a safe bet you can double it or triple it, because a lot of times things take longer than anybody anticipates. Okay, so the thing to say, to stop doing is to say yes to everything.

That’s number one. Number two, you’re gonna love this one. burning the candle at both ends. burning the candle at both ends, please don’t do it. That is something that the top 1% entrepreneurs do not do. They are not working 24. Seven, right? And working more hours does not mean more productive necessarily. It just not mean that more is done. Right? Are you taking time for you? As women, I think that we just keep Go, go, go, go, go Go going. And I will admit, in my own mind, sometimes as I’m going through my day, I’ll say keep going to keep going June. Yep. Good. Keep going, keep going. So, it comes to a point where our human body says, Ah, can’t do it no more. Right. And it’s interesting. A recent study by Stanford University reveals that working 50 hours a week is ideal. No more than that. So what you think about that, and I think that’s too much, right? But I know that when you’re starting to build a business or when you You’re starting to take your business to the next level 50 hours, you can do that real quick, right? Please be careful, do not burn the candle at both ends. You are too precious. Okay? That was do not number two. Okay, do not number three. And this is a biggie thinking you can do it all by yourself thinking you can do it all by yourself, the top 1% realize that they cannot do everything inside their business and in their family and relational, you know, opportunities out there with friends and whatnot. You can’t do everything in your business by yourself and still have a life. So that’s kind of related to number two, right? But realize ladies that even in the in the early stages of business, you can’t do it by yourself.

There’s some things you’re just not good at. And the learning curve for you to learn it is just too long, so it doesn’t make sense, right. So I understood Stand money’s tight. I get it. I totally get it. If you don’t know me, I was raised poor. I mean, I was born into a poor family. And so I totally get it. Money is not something that grows on trees. for, you know, for you, when you’re starting your business, you’ve got to be mindful of your budget. But I hear so many of you saying, I’m trying to figure out my website on my own. And for some who like that, that might be great. And there’s things like Wix and other you know, that make it kind of easy, I think to make a website, but I’ll admit, I could never do it. I don’t have desire to do it. Um, so I’d never do it.

So please hear me top 1% entrepreneurs realize they can’t do it all on their own. They need to delegate. They need to delegate to somebody who’s great at it, and things like fiber, local college interns, others other you know, using your network of people have contacts locally, and even virtually To find somebody to do it that in a way that will fit your budget, whether it’s creating a website, helping you get your contacts in one place or whatever it may be. Okay? All right. Are we are we loving this? Let me just pause and see what’s going on here. Janine says great awesome Phoebe on stuffing with new me in business. I know consistency is key sis Michelle Phoebe knew me and Oh, you’re starting with the new you and the new business. Yay. Okay, awesome. I so enjoyed our chat. Yesterday, Phoebe with Rebecca and yourself. That was really great. Okay, ladies, if you have questions as we’re going through, pop it in the comments whether it’s here in the library in the replay, we’re going to jump into the five things that all top 1% entrepreneurs do every day, and I need you to do it too.

Okay. Number one, connect. Connect. That is an action, talked about action. That’s an action that the top 1% of printers take every day. Now, are you tired of hearing me say that word? connection? That’s okay, if you are, but the fact of the matter is, I often start saying, connection is the beginning of your business. Right? It is what you need to grow your business at any level that you’re at, right? You need people, people to buy people to, um, you know, be introduced to you, people who can tell others about you, other business owners who maybe are collaborative partners, your business besties, colleagues, all of that. Do you have a connection plan? And that’s like a fancy word, right. But what is it in the down and dirty a connection plan is a document does not have to be right. It could be in handwriting, right? It is a document that you refer to that tells you who are you going to reach out to? When are you going to reach out to them and how are you going to reach out to them? Right now I say that and I just don’t want Want you to get bogged down with all the details and all the minutiae. So here’s my advice. And here’s an action that the top 1% always take. They do things before they’re ready. They jump before they’re ready. Okay, so yes, take time to think about your connection plan. Who do you want to reach out to? When are you going to do it? How often right? And how are you going to do it? There’s 1000 ways and you can look back and prior Thursday teachings to get more detail on that. But for this purposes of taking action in August, here would be my best advice. Time blocked 15 minutes and 30 if you can spare it, but 15 minutes we’ll get started. Get that plan in place, begin to think about who am I going to reach out to past clients, prospects, other people in my database, okay, get a plan and a strategy together, take 15 minutes to just think it through and then get to it.

Connect, how many people do you want to connect with every day? 510 20 and then implement, take action. Okay, connection is action number one. All right, what else did the top 1% actions of entrepreneurs take? What actions do they take? Number two, they push themselves to do scary things. And these scary things are things that are new, and things that they know they should do because it’s going to grow their business, such as a couple of examples. Reaching out to influencers in your industry, right in your marketplace. Invite them on your podcast, asked to be on theirs. Reach out on DMS especially on instant Did you know that virtually all influencers handle their own Instagram DMS It is like the popular place and they love to be connected themselves. Okay, reach out to those influencers on dm about this, send them flowers to their office, to their home, if it’s available if the address is available, but certainly, you will know where their offices are, deliver the flowers, even if nobody’s there, you hear what I’m saying? They will get it. They will, they will know that you were there. Send them balloons, um, you know, feature them in your social posts, tag them. The whole point here ladies is be seen, grab their attention.
What’s the worst that can happen?

They ignore you. Okay, but you’re taking action. you’re wanting to connect, okay, you’re doing scary things. That’s what we’re talking about doing scary things reaching out to influencers. Another example of reaching out and doing scary things is going live. going live. Look, going live is absolutely scary. It’s sometimes you feel like you’re mumbling bumbling in your words, right? Think about it again. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You pass out? I remember I felt like I was gonna pass out many times when I was live especially early on about you think, Oh, I am going to stumble on my words I won’t know what to say. Join the club. Okay, go live. Go live it is a beautiful point of connection. Video is the next best thing to being there. Right? When you ladies do a live or do a video an intro video or something or you post another video that you’ve done, I love it. I love it. Don’t you love it? And think about why it’s a point of connection. It’s relatability. You see how I move with my hands? You you feel the energy, right? If you were reading this, it wouldn’t be the same. So please do the scary go live. Another example is do a webinar, create an opt in, put a funnel together whatever it is You’ve kind of had in the back of your mind, and you might have seen others do it. And you’re thinking, Hmm, I really should do that. But you haven’t yet. It’s time to make the jump and just do it.
Alright, so by the way, before we move on, did you know that the very definition of the word entrepreneur includes risk taking,

Doing the scary, it’s true entrepreneurs are those that regularly take risks? Okay, they’re calculated risks, strategic risks, and they do it afraid, and so should you. Okay, no fear. We are Christians. How many times did Jesus while he walked this earth say, Do not fear, right? And God commanded Do not fear countless times in the Old Testament as well. So no need to fear he is with us. Hallelujah. Yes, he loves you. Christ. Jesus, our advocate is literally in your corner cheering you on. So right now, ladies I want you to close your eyes and I want you to picture that. Okay, Jesus, right here. And he’s saying, you can do this beautiful. You got this through my spirit, my power that is alive in you. Okay? Now if you just picture Jesus, his beautiful face, and he saying those beautiful words, I love you. I love you. I’m right here. You can do it. You can do it. I mean, the creator of the world doing that and he is he sings over you. He cheers you on. He is your advocate.
That’s that’s a download straight from God Himself. I have no doubt.

I want you to receive that today. Sister as I was putting this message together. That was loud and clear. Jesus says Go for it. You will not fall. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Okay, powerful stuff. All right, we are on action item number three. The top 1% entrepreneurs paid and that you need to two. And this is time lock time luck. Are you doing blocking? I really want to go into the comments in just a moment. I want to see, are you time blocking? There’s a delay, so I’m gonna wait but right now please tell me yes or no are you time blocking? Okay. And if you have no idea what in the world time blocking is it’s basically taking specific tasks and plotting them into your calendar in a specific timeframe. That is a very dumbed down, simplistic version, but I have a training for you. It’s free. You can watch my video training and I posted it a couple of times here. I’ll try to remember to come back in if anybody here has that link. If you could pop it in, that’d be awesome. But it was also on a podcast episode. So go to iTunes and search. She is extraordinary. And look for Episode 47. Episode 47 is my training that you can listen to. There’s also a video version And on the video version, I also have downloads for you. So go to blessed to thrive TV blessed to thrive TV, and you can seek it out you will find it. Alright. So on this point of time blocking time is our most precious resource. It is way more precious than money. Because if you invest your money wisely, with a certain software, with systems with a business coach like me, right, then the ROI that you’re going to get out of that investment of money will allow you to get that money back, and then some, right, so we hoard our money sometimes. But really what we should be holding dear and precious to us is our time, and that’s where time blocking becomes so important. So we can make the best use of our time. We need to schedule everything we’re doing.

Okay, now, action item number four is pretty much you know this a similar continuation of the time blocking and that is Maximize every minute, maximize every minute, top 1% of entrepreneurs do that. For example, when you have an extra five minutes between appointments, what do you do? What do you do? Now? Yes, hear me on this sister, sometimes just taking a breather. I know you know a moment to yourself is the very best thing you can do. But other than those self care moments and you know when you need them, here are some ideas about how you can maximize the next five minutes. Okay, pray, talk to God. Ask his advice. seek His wisdom, right? Nothing, almost nothing better,
I think probably yes. Let me let me let me not qualify that there is nothing better than going to our Creator and seeking relationship with Him and His guidance. So if you have a spare five minutes, thank him for the day and look to hear from him.

All right, what else can we do in five minutes? How about we send a boy Note through messenger here on Facebook to clients or past clients or other people that we want to stay connected to right. I love voice notes. If you don’t know what I’m saying about voice notes, tell me in the chat here in the comments, and I will direct you to like a video I did on that. It’s so good. It’s like, it’s like voicemail delivered through Facebook Messenger. And I love it. I love it. That’s my preferred method of communication even more than text, certainly more than email.
So you could send a voice note or two or three, right? In five minutes. What else can you do in five minutes? You can write a handwritten note to somebody whether it’s past client, prospect, whatever, right? How about this from a Facebook list of friends. And I hope you’ve segregated your Facebook friends together. That’s another topic we can talk about later. I want you to in five minutes. You know, go to that group of segregated friends, maybe their clients, maybe their other business owners, whatever it is. And I want you to check out their personal profile or their business page and comment. Everybody feels great not only for likes, but comments, thoughtful comments. Wow, love, love, you know that that word of advice? What a beautiful quote, I needed that today, that kind of thing. These little connection points

Right? They keep you top of mind. Okay, final thing that you can do when you have an extra five minutes is give somebody a love a hug and a kiss. And I know that may not be COVID friendly or whatever, but I’m a hugger. And so that makes me feel so good to hug and love on, you know, somebody here in the house that that I love so much. So let me see. Um, let me get caught up here. Bonnie says thanks. I never thought to dm through Instagram. My goodness, Bonnie, your whole world is going to open up.
People on Instagram, love DMS. So if you start a conversation, I can almost guarantee they’re going to get back to you whether it’s an influencer, or you know, somebody like me, right. Okay, so Tina is watching all the way from Africa. I love you, sister. Thank you so much for tuning in. It’s so good to see you.

Uh, yes, Janine says yes. On the time blocking. All right, good for you. Catherine says time blocking is essential to success. Yes. And you’re getting so good at it. Right. Phoebe says, What’s a voice note? Um, you know what, maybe I’ll do a special training on that. And I’ll put it here. As a separate post. Remind me Phoebe, if you would. And I’m happy to do that because I want you to know what it is. It is powerful. As a realtor for you, as all of us with businesses, whatever it is. That is a powerful way to just send out a quick voice note. Hey, Tom, it’s been 1000 years since we’ve talked Just had a moment and I wanted to make sure you knew I was thinking about you, and hope you and your family are doing great. That kind of thing. So remind me, Phoebe. Okay. Jackie is watching. All right. Um, Michelle says no, I don’t have that option voice notes is not available to me. Hmm. I don’t know why that would be except maybe if you made yourself private. You’re the first person that I have ever heard about that. So that’s interesting.

All right. So how are we doing so far? are you how are you feeling about these action steps at the top 1% entrepreneurs take? How many of them are you willing to do? Okay, you’re gonna love and I saved the very, very best for last. Okay. action item number five that the top 1% entrepreneurs take is vacations. They take vacations, work hard, play hard. Right? That is that is what I do. That is what I that’s how I was raised work ethic. Nothing is going to be handed to you. You’ve got to save yourself as as Lisa Nichols says, right? We work hard, and then we reward ourselves for that hard work. So look, I’m not afraid of hard work, right work, not busy work, not work that has you on that hamster wheel. Right? But, though, right work, solid work that moves your business forward. And so if you’re like, well, I don’t know if what I’m doing is the right work that you need to register for my thrive method workshop coming up later this month. The link is there. I hope it’s there. I don’t know. I still don’t know exactly how zoom interfaces with Facebook while I’m live, but I will be posting about it, believe me, you will not miss it.

Also, feel free to put your email address in the comments. If you want me to add you to my email list. I’d be happy to do that. So on this point of vacations, I just want to say, look, you work hard. You’re here watching and that tells me something. you’re committed. You’re not just playing around. This is is not a hobby for you. So when you do the work, I also want you to time block and look forward to a much deserved vacation. And I want you to really treat yourself just something you love something that fills you up. Something you really enjoy. Right? And the Bible says there’s a time for everything in due season. There’s a time to work. And there’s a time to play. Right. All right, so now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you right now, before I sign off, right? I want you to tell me, what are the action steps that I’ve just gone through that you
commit to taking? And when are you going to take them?

Right today? Sounds good to start today. But tell me in the comments. Maybe one big aha moment, or one thing you learned, or one big takeaway, I really want to know and if there are questions, tell me that too. But I always want to reiterate this though learning is great. The learning is great. But taking action is what is going to get you to your goals and that’s why action is Is Our word of the month throughout August. All right, so Jackie says I still in law. All right, high five on that sister. Absolutely. And you know, Jackie is one of my clients. She is a phenomenal, truly extraordinary woman who is building two different brands. She has two young kids. And somehow by God’s grace, she is growing her business daily. She is growing her followers daily, she always engages. You’ve seen her on the page. She did a video earlier in the week challenging each of us to go live here, or to do a video upload a video here. And not enough, did it? Right. So thank you for that kick in the pants, Jackie. And I want to reiterate that challenge, ladies. We got to get over ourselves. And I’m telling you this in love. We really have to get over the fact that oh, I don’t think I look good enough today.

You should have seen me about half an hour ago. And and you know it’s not a bad thing. how you look, it’s about showing up. It’s about proving to yourself, I could do this. It’s about taking that scary step and taking action. Okay? So yes, and Nancy says vacations. Yay, let’s Yes, yes. Especially with all that we’ve been going through ladies with this year has been tough. And whether you know it or not, at least subconsciously going through COVID and then the whole George Floyd thing and, and such vision and it’s hard, it’s really hard having extra bodies here in the house and for those with little ones having to homeschool. We have been through it this year. So please, go to God, receive his rest, receive His peace, receive His joy. And, and and treat yourself to and I’m getting teary and emotional because I think God speaking through me, ladies, take a break when you need it. Plan A vacations Look forward, do the hard work, make the plan, take the action and then take the vacation.

Okay, and I’m telling you that in love All right Nancy says do the scary That’s mine. All right baby doing what? I don’t like doing Yes, yes, yes yes doing what I don’t like doing. Yes You know what I like doing confession time and I’ve told you this before. Yesterday I just pounded. I just did my thing head down getting ready for my upcoming workshop that Dr method coming up with all of that the graphics and you know all the promo stuff and talking with my team and all that. It was great. And you know what I look like, not much are going out of bed, change my clothes through my hair back. But I loved it. It was a great thing that is a great day actually had some you know, coaching calls to and consulting calls. And today what I really what I really kind of struggle with, I’ll be honest, is putting makeup on. You know, I think I feel like I gained weight. I don’t really like the way I look. But I do feel better when I put my makeup on, actually comb my hair and come here with you and get dressed. So, you know, I just want to throw that out as an encouragement as far as the do what you don’t want to do.

I’m here. I love serving you don’t misunderstand. I love coming to you and helping, but just do the makeup thing these days.
That’s not high on my favorite list. But as Phoebe just said, we do what we don’t want to do, because we know what’s best. Right? Okay, let’s see if there’s anything else. I’m not seeing anything else. So I’ve got to get ready. I’m interviewing one of you beautiful ladies, Christina and just a bit and I’m meeting with two or three of you. Later in the afternoon and it is my joy. It is my joy. So Janine, I do look forward to getting your private message and connecting with you. Ladies, I am yours. I am yours. Yes, I’m a business coach. Right. And and I have all these different programs and offerings, but I Have a lot of free stuff so that you get an idea of what it would be like to work with me, like, the free 20 minute chat that I’m offering for Janine and any of you who care to take me up on it so that we can strategize about your business. 20 minutes is powerful, a lot can be done in 20 minutes. Like the thrive method workshop coming up, if you want to take your business to the next level, whether it’s just getting it off the ground, whether it’s getting to consistent $5,000 months, or consistent $20,000 months, I can help you. So I want you to join me at the thrive method workshop, you’re going to get something beneficial out of it. So um, all right, Jackie. Yes, just the I guess maybe she’s saying that could be me, but that can be pretty scary. I don’t want my makeup to be charismatic. And Phoebe, thank you for
being here too.

Ladies, all of you. I love you. That comes straight from the heart. And I pray for you. And I’m just so excited to see and hear how God is moving in each of your lives. I look forward to seeing a video from you. If you haven’t posted one here in the group, I’d love to see that happen today or whenever you’re watching, and just know that you’re here in a safe place of sisters in Christ who love you. All right, ladies, love, love you so much. God bless. Have a beautiful, beautiful, blessed rest of your day. Take good care.

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