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Ep 56: How to Sell Like a Girl! & Get MORE Sales Transcript

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Welcome to Episode 56 of the she is extraordinary podcast. I’m so excited to bring you this episode. This was a live we did just today, the middle of August 2020. And this whole week and actually a little bit into next week I am bringing my thriver experts who are subject matter experts that are on my team serving the ladies who are members of my blessed to thrive Academy. So a couple of these podcasts are going to be popping these lives in for you to listen to because oh my goodness, such not nuggets, gold nuggets of powerful. move your business forward type content. So today as I mentioned I’m interviewing Julia Andrews. She is a sales strategist and success coach with 20 plus years experience in the finance antral services industry, which is not easy, ladies, so if you are feeling still kind of that sales is yucky and doesn’t feel good and it feels kind of slimy. I guarantee you this. That mindset is going to shift at least a little bit if not a lot a bit after this episode. So without further ado, let’s jump in. Hey there beautiful.

Welcome to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, a call to women everywhere to dream again, to boldly in faith, pursue your God given passion and live the abundant life you were meant to live. I’m your host Judy Weber. I’m an entrepreneur, Christian business coach, lawyer, speaker and beach loving mom of six boys. I’m on a mission to help women like you realize your awesomeness to spur you on to greatness in both life and business. So To make a big impact on the world, because whether you know it or not sister, you are extraordinary. Right? We are alive. We are alive are I I’m so excited. ladies. Welcome. Welcome to this very special live. My name is Judy Weber and I’m the founder of this amazing blessed to thrive community. And I’m a Christian business coach and I am blessed to help executives, professionals and other high achieving ladies build a thriving business while living the extraordinary life that Christ has for them. My guest today is Julia Andrews. Hey, Julia.
Hello. Thank you for having me today. Oh gosh, it is my pleasure. And ladies, grab your paper and pen This is going to be a really really good one. I want to give a very brief intro for Julia. She’s amazing. She is a sales strategist. She’s a real sales Pro with with a lots of years. Is it 20 years Julia, is that right? It’s 24

Okay, more than 20 20 years experience in the financial services industry, which I know is a very, very tough sell. And clearly She must have started when she was in her teens. But anyway, I know you’re gonna fall in love with her as I have. She’s a beautiful sister in the Lord and her energy is contagious, and her approach to sales. The topic of the day is a breath of fresh air on her website. She says, I speak sales, and I teach it as a second language. And so today, you’re going to begin to learn the language Julia, welcome, welcome.
Yes, thank you for having me. I’m excited to debate and to start, you know, having the dialogue and the conversation and to talk about selling.
Absolutely. And before we do that, just a quick plug, as I mentioned yesterday, during Makita is live on social media and Beth nytex. Live on PR and publicity. Julia is one of my thriver experts inside the blessed to thrive Academy every month. Each of our five driver experts goes live inside the Academy. like this for exclusive office hours, where they answer all member questions inside their specific area of expertise, you get full access to our experts amazing experience, insight and feedback. And as I mentioned yesterday, the Academy is the place where ambitious Christian women go to learn how to build a thriving business while growing in the relationship with the Lord from right mindset, which is key ladies to creating an irresistible personal brand. I’m developing a highly effective marketing plan to as we’re going to talk about today, closing sales, you’ll find all that and more inside the Academy.

After my live, I’m going to pop the link, but for now let’s dive in. I’m Julia, I would love to start here. You use you. I know your whole thing with sales is the art of feminine selling. And it begins with learning the power of connection and in your website. You say, hey, when you learn that you never have to feel awkward selling again. And I think that’s a great place to start today. Yes. So I actually, um, before COVID head, I did a presentation at a at a company with with women in sales. And one of the topics that we talked about was the imposter syndrome and how, you know, sometimes we feel like, you know, it just everything that goes with the imposter syndrome. But the focus was that women are natural connectors. Women don’t have to necessarily like learn how to connect. It’s very innate in us. And if you start, the most powerful thing that you could do for yourself is when you think about selling, if you give me an opportunity to show you how to reframe that, it’s going to it’s going to have the biggest impact for you. Because a reframe is that in the definition of a reframe is to give your your brain a different position about what you actually talking about. What What is it that’s impressive. Have you.

So, for example, selling right now can be intimidating slimy salesy icky, have this negative connotation all together. But if we think about how do we connect with human beings, how do we align products and services that are actually going to benefit them, and also benefit me because I want to do better in the world I want to impact the world with with my gifts with what my services. So starting to think about. The biggest impact that I can make is by me talking about the things that that can help people in connecting on a more human level. And with the connection, there’s an understanding that you’re not for everybody, because not everybody is going to be attracted is going to be it’s going to appeal or it’s going to have your same kind of like points of view around the topic that you talk about are the things that you sell. So having knowing that As women, we have a huge advantage.

I, there was a point where I remember when I worked in a company, somebody said it was a guy actually, that would present first. And then he would bring me in and I would close the sale. And he would say to the, you know, after everything happened and everything when we were in training, he’s like, I always bring my secret weapon. And that’s her. Because Yeah, like because I can come in and he knew his, his strengths in terms of the technical part of the stuff and how to how to, you know, be the experts on the subject matter. But when it comes to when it came to connecting, when it came to humanizing, the reason why we were there, he’s like, I’ve never seen anybody do it as bad as fast as she does. And it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s not a superpower. It’s a power that all of us have, which is relating to people and trying to, instead of instead of talking People, you you’re talking to them and you are understanding that some of them will relate to you and some will not. And being okay with that allows you to just be yourself, wow, wow, allow people to come forward, as as they feel that they want to have a much more deeper exchange with you and learn more about what you’re doing. So your energy stays really high, and your vibes is really high and you stay unattached. And it’s really powerful.

So that’s basically you know, how I would describe connecting in a sales environment or conversation and how to reframe that.
Okay, I love that because it really is all about how we approach it our perspective. Mm hmm. We come to a sales call, like a they dread it, you know, or you say, I’m not gonna make you know, I’m never gonna get the sale. You won’t, because you’re not thinking right. But I want to get specific if we can, Julia. Um, You know, how do you establish that rapport? That connection? Let’s say a lot of the ladies here are coaches. Okay. I know, you know that. I know you have tons of clients that are coaches and that kind of thing. So, so if they’ve connected with somebody on social, we talked about that yesterday, and they’ve gone to the DM and now they they’re on a discovery call. Okay. So when you jump on the call, how do you? How do you initiate that first engagement over the phone?

So a couple of things that come to mind that I think, you know, when you’re when very simply when when you’re not a professional sales person? How would you know? And I think it’s very important before that you before you go into the conversation that you understand that there say, certain steps and process to having a successful conversation and that successful conversation if you don’t have those pieces in plays, it’s going to be a hit or miss. And I hate to say it, and this is not this is not just for coaches, this is for anybody in any industry. And the biggest thing, and I’ll get to that, you know, how do you initiate that conversation? super simple, is you have to make sure that you’re qualifying your clients are the people that are coming to your DNS, if they’re not qualified, and I’ll just what is a qualified lead or what’s a qualified prospect? Well, somebody that’s willing and able to pay you, someone that wants needs, and you know, what you have, and what’s going to happen when that person is predisposed and pre qualified to talk to you is that the energy on that conversation is going to feel even, they want to hear more about what you have to say they want to learn more, they’re not going to be kind of like, you know, surprised about the price or the investment amount.

And now it’s more about can we do we jive together? Do I like this person on a more intimate level can Do I trust this person? So you already come in with rapport, as opposed to not knowing anything about who this person is, and what’s going to happen. And I’ll give you a very specific example. Working with a company, a small company, small coaching company, actually. And when I came in, I won’t give you too many specifics, but when I came in, they were like, Hey, we have a lot of people calling and we have, you know, the funnel and all this kind of stuff. And that was true. But when when I said, I’m going to get on the phone, because I need to understand on a very intimate level who this person is that we’re selling to end How can I craft you know, the conversation so that they actually want to buy right?

And every week we did a summary or a statistic around you know, how many people said yes, how many people said no, how many calls we took in all that information, that data that we need. And I remember it was such a it was a crapshoot because of We’re having a lot of people calling in, they were not qualified. They had no business being on the phone. They were either on on disability, they were there was I was finding I was spending so much time on the phone, figuring out stuff that we should have had taken care of previously so that when they got on the phone with me, it was a very high conversion. It was a very simple yes or no, and not about finances. Okay. So I said you guys are not qualifying This is we’re going to do this you hired me so we’re going to do it. When we implemented that the qualifying we got less people calling which they were so afraid. They’re like, Oh my god, you know, we’re spending so much money and ads and all the Facebook ads and stuff, but the quality of the lead went up. So we did we increased I think our our conversion was between 32 to 38. It closes with higher leads, and those were programs that were 5000 to 10,000 to $18,000. So I cannot over, like express in in the importance of qualifying the majority of clients when I talk to them and they’re like, Oh, you know, I’m talking on the phone a lot, but I’m not converting. My first question is what do you use to qualify? That’s my first question. Because that’s gonna tell me if the lead is qualified to talk to you if it’s a good lead, right? Because all I hear is like, Oh, I have great conversations, but nobody buys Hmm, let me tell you something, that person is not qualified.

I want to get into a little bit of specifics on an example of how to qualify before the call, but I just want to acknowledge those that are here. Violet is watching Kim is here. And Amy and Virginia and Kate and LaShawn Keita and Sarah I just wanted to say thank you ladies for joining us. And pop your questions in we’ve got 30 ladies watching right now, getting on there jumping on and Virginia says awesome information. No, um, how about an example of how we prequalify? I mean, I have an easy one in my head. Okay, so for instance, we can make it as easy and it’s complicated. It’s all determined by what you sell.

Okay, so that’s, that’s my, for instance, my questionnaire is like 18 questions long. And it’s designed for people to say, Oh, forget about this. That’s it’s designed to polarize people. But some people that are super successful have five or six questions, so don’t let that length of it steer you into one way or the other. One thing you want to get out there is obviously the commitment level. So commitment levels are are they willing to invest? Are they willing to change and are they willing to, to move forward on something that you know, can make a difference? Um, some people are like, Oh, I don’t want to put my price points on there, because I What if you know that it’s not going to give you an opportunity to talk to them? And that’s a yes. But that’s also if you do get a chance to talk to them. You’re talking to a person that’s qualified financially. I would rather talk to somebody that’s qualified financially and find out that we’re not a fit. That’s somebody that would love to hire me. And it’s just, it’s comparing to like, should I pay her should I pay my rent, which that happened to me once?

Right? So you kind of want to so I’ll give you a tangible example. I had a client, fantastic girl out of New York City. And she’s a she’s a like, like a fashion stylist design is stylist and she’s huge creds, if anybody knows who soulcycle is. She built their retail business from the ground up. So super credibility in terms of that. She was having a lot of people dm her right and then moving through the conversation. And she would she hired me, she said, Julia, you know, I have all these conversations and people are not converting And I looked at her, you know, her profile, and I’m like, you should not have that problem, because you have a lot of credibility and all this other stuff. And I said, we’re going to tweak your intake questionnaire, and we’re going to put the number of, you know, the investment amount, and she was so reluctant. And I said, Listen, you already know the alternative. So what you know why you just just just humor me and try it. Okay? Oh, my God, within less than a month, she closed close to $37,000. By putting her premium prices on there. What happened is that she stopped talking to people that could not afford her and also increase the people that wanted more exclusivity wanted somebody of her caliber and experience. And she, she’s like, I mean, I even have a testimony about her, she could not believe that that actually happened.

So that’s the power of qualifying and I do it with with a small amounts but I also do it with big numbers. One of my clients, I helped her put together a $75,000 offer. And guess what? It still works. So you you’re avoiding the time to be spending with people that have been our tire kickers. My lady, they’re tired, they’re not they have no interest or serious and buying anything from you. So some of the questions would be, for instance, on duty, you know, are you in a position if you would work at something like this because you want them to select themselves? So you want them to say yes, that’s me. You know, so you would say something like, if a tie if you’re the type of person that wants to specialize in specialized or premium service, and you are willing to spend the investment in the time to receive a result? A minute, are you willing to spend a minimum of $4,997 That’s your entry price, not your top price. So that tells them Oh, yes, if and you can put something if we decided that this is a fit, so you’re not committing them to it, but you’re not letting them know. And I personally appreciate that. I don’t want to go into a situation where I don’t even I’m not a qualified buyer. I want to know if something if I really find out, this is what I want to do, if it’s even in my range, to even be able to purchase it. So I think it comes from my financial background that I’m like, let’s put it all out there. And if and I never had a problem selling $100,000 you know, offers to a qualified market.

You go now, ladies, thank you, Julia. That was so much in about five minutes. And and that is golden. I mean, I think ladies, you should. I’m going to be keeping this on the page. So you should listen again. Because what Julie is talking about is it again, it’s mindset. It’s about operating from a place of fear, or operating from a sense of strength. Right? It’s fear. Oh my gosh, what if I put my my 5000 out there? What are they going to say? No, we don’t operate like that. We’re CEOs, we are thriving CEOs, right? Ladies, if you’re a thriving CEO, put it in the comments right now. Right? That’s what you are. And so you’re not going to operate from that place of fear, you’re going to, you’re going to stay grounded in who Christ made you to be, you know that you are worthy that you have value. And so you’re not going to be afraid to put it out there. So that is golden. That script that Julia just said, is so so good. Violet asked a question, and I’d love to it’s a little bit off off topic, Julia. But I would love to honor her by, you know, with her question by by addressing it now. So she says, what about all the experts who insist potential clients invest big bucks. themselves, and they’ll find the money. That’s a great question.

Yeah. So, so here’s So, violet, I want to I want to acknowledge that there’s a lot of ways of getting to the finish line a lot of ways. And there’s a lot of school of thought around that. So yes, I believe that if somebody is if somebody wants to hire a coach, they’re going to find the money no matter what. But what I love doing is making sure that the individual understands what what they’re getting themselves into financially. Where if they see let’s say that let’s say the 5000 because we threw it out there, the $5,000 price tag and they’re like, you know what, all right, there’s no commitment. I’m not signing any you know, I’m not nobody my bank, my bank account right now. Let’s see what they have to offer. I am not the person that’s going to go into there asking them about money. Can you afford this? Can you do this? Can you do that? I will challenge them in a loving way. Around the conversation when when I asked them you know about their struggles, their pain points their desires, and and what are they willing to do in order to get there and how can we partner together for me to help them get there, but I’m not going to ask them anything around. I mean, it’s already understood that they know what the services are about. I went into a mastermind a couple years ago, and this is a very successful coach. But she was super um, like, if they if they wanted to they better fight you know, get the money somehow that was very masculine. I was just like, you know, what, there’s, there’s so many clients for everybody, and the people that want to do business with me, I this is my style. I’ve never had any problem and I’ve always worked in in premium environments.

So I prefer to let them know. I actually I think I shared with you duty one time Where I did a story about a client of a potential client. I did a presentation for 90 minutes, like a training. And then somebody came up to me after the trainees and I’m like, I really want to buy your course. Well, I want to work with you. Okay, great. And then she’s like, but I don’t have the money. I’m gonna get the money. I’m like, Okay, great. Um, so a couple weeks later, we check you know, I followed up with her. And she said, okay, Julia, I have the money, but I just need you to tell me if I should pay my rent. I should invest the money and I immediately said, Whoa, like, like, I can’t I my conscious, I said, you go and you pay your rent, I said, and figure out other things that you could do. So that you can you can buy this program. I said, this is not going anywhere. And yes, this program is going to help you make money and make and help you how to sell but I cannot be responsible for something like that. A couple. I don’t know if it was either a month later, or a couple of weeks later, she finds out that she’s pregnant. Wow. Like you Imagine how I would just it’s I it’s just not my style. I rather do what’s called on have do more of the legwork up front qualifying messaging polarizing marketing all that and then come come people have people come to me pre qualified, predisposed and ready to buy, then having this push and pull, you need the money. Not interested in that. Well, it’s just it’s a it’s not saying oh my in is better for me it is. But there’s other people that do it differently and they get success just doesn’t go with me.

Later lady, ladies, what Julie is talking about, and I differ a little bit. Um, so this is really, really good. But Julia, I mean, she has sold, she’s just said six figure, you know, premium services. So even at that level, there didn’t have to be this as you say push and pull. You know if there is this level where I I’m not disagreeing but I might push a little bit to see how much they want it because as you know, and we’ve talked about this being resourceful is really important, you know, are you going to be resourceful because a good CEO a thriving CEO has to be resourceful but I would you I would never want someone to necessarily put it on a credit card and get themselves into such debt that they’re like biting their nails because hanging over them. At the same time.

One thing that I often do is I say, well, pay pal may have a six month to pay zero interest opportunity, I invite you to check that out. And if that’s something you want to take advantage of, then let me know and we can come back so so I just take it a little bit further, but it’s basically the same thing where I’m a woman. I’m not going to have a hard clothes, I don’t need to people come to me. And I love the idea. I really want to emphasize for the ladies, the gold of what you’ve said. You summarized it a few minutes ago with I wanted to Do the front work. The prequalify the predisposed that. They trust me No man love me and they want to work with me they come banging at your door. That’s Yeah, that’s really you
know, I want to say a quote that I think it’s super, it just fits so well from D. Jackson, who is an incredible marketer. And I think I hope I don’t butcher it, but he says something like, a compelling offer is more impactful than a convincing argument.

Wow. Yeah. You want to make sure that your offer is so dialed in, and that the person feels compelled to be resourceful if they want to do that, versus, you know, arguing your way in convincing and justifying that’s why. But my going back to my to my client from New York City, and one of the things she used to tell me was Julia, I just feel so anxious when I’m about to share the prices or the investment amount because it’s, you know, she felt this way Like oh my god, and I’m like, if you change this and we do this and you trust me You’re not going to feel that way. I promise you because that person already knows. And if they want to move forward then you you can make them affordable, you can make it a little bit more affordable to them you can offer a payment plan you can start them off with something smaller versus something bigger. I always this is something that I always do and I recommend on your on your either application or questionnaire.

A you collect data and be you’re able to offer or create something based on who you’re attracting. So we did this with with this client is asking Are you would if I had a course a self study or do it yourselfer or something like that, would you be would you like information on that? So if they said they didn’t pick the 5000? Yes, I’m ready for that. If they think that that’s telling you that’s a giving you data? Oh my god, I’m actually my messaging is actually Attracting all these people that want something which is do it yourselfer? And be well, what if you create an offer like that? And you start? What was that? saying? You You indoctrinate them into a smaller package, and then they build the confidence they feel like okay, now I feel I have trust in this person. Now, when it comes, you know, to the higher price point there, there is a level of trust that wasn’t there before. So that’s another way to do it. If you’re if you’re starting out or you want to you kind of like how do I kind of meet them in the middle, if you will. And we had that with the same woman that that I held that we did the $75,000 thing. It was just like, do you want this the whole shebang? Or would you rather you know, have like, obviously it was it was like a $10,000 product, but it was like half an hour of just a strategy session and then you go and you implement on your own. And guess that there are a lot of them that were buying back
10,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Right?

No. So but but compared to the other amount, it’s all in the way that you’re framing it. You know, you’re framing things so that people you know, I talked about ones about the there’s a book by Robert Cialdini about the power of influence. And I took so much out of that book and I read it and I recall I recommended about how you frame things is how it’s a predisposing kind of your predisposing somebody to respond in a certain way. So yeah, so that’s, that’s the importance of that. So you kind of hit him with the hard one, and then it’s like a soft blow. So the 10,000 doesn’t feel so bad, right. So yeah, that sounds good. land a little bit more on what you said about as long as your offer is dialed in, and palling so can you I don’t know if you have an example or can Just wrap that a little bit more for that.

So for instance, a compelling offer, obviously and this is all I teach this in the in the chorus on and Judy’s Atomy Exactly. So like step by step, you know, when you’re learning something completely new I myself, I need like tell me do I put the first foot foot here and there and I need exactly how it’s supposed to be. And a compelling offer is has a structure. You don’t. It looks the people that are so good at this. They’re supposed to look like they’re winging it. But there’s so practice sales is an experiential sport. I was talking to Judy about this. It’s like, you either use it or you lose it. So I’m a practitioner. When I come on here. I’m telling you ladies, I’m having deals done. I’m talking to people. This is not something that I did. I did a couple years back and now you know, I’m teaching and no, I need to stay sharp.

So The framework in a conversation is obviously the greeting, obviously, you know, you let them know you give them a rundown of what is it that you’re going to be sharing or talking with them about writing is very important. So they stay on task. You obviously get many commitments about, you know, the level of the level of desire, they have to move forward, the financial commitment, their commitment to change. Some people think that the biggest obstacle is money. I would argue that the biggest obstacle is change. People are more you know, opposed to changing it to actually opening up their pocketbook.

But another piece of the offer is the, what’s called the Socratic questioning. Socratic questioning is a fancy word for you know, you’re diving deep, you’re getting intimate about their desires, their pain points, you’re spending the majority of your time you’re still qualifying By the way, you’re spending the majority of your time listening you you play the 8020 rule 80% of the time, they talk to percent of the time you talk. So you’re just actively listening. Because you’re formulating the offer. Your your, your offer basically, is you’re going to ask for the business, but you need to have, you need to understand their problem better than them.

Because if you don’t, don’t think for a second that you’re going to be able to articulate why you’re the best option for them, why you’re the best solution for them. So you absolutely need to understand so. So in that conversation, there’s a lot of unraveling happening. And you have to be orchestra you think about yourself as a tour guide. You’re taking them here, they’re it’s it’s a cadence, you know, but you’re asking the powerful questions so that they can answer what’s really getting in the way of them getting what they want. The struggle, the pain point. Um, did I answer your question? I think, yes. No, that was excellent. And so so it’s funny how you how you answered that. tulia was really good because it’s almost like we have the offer of the package or the product or the service. We have that in our minds, the what do you get? What are the benefits kind of thing. But when you’re on the phone, it’s really more about, as you said, active listening, and kind of bringing their desire with what they will get, and the end result with what it is that you’re

Yes. The biggest problem that I see, and this is this is, again, because you’re not a professional salesperson, you’re right, you know, like, How am I supposed to know this? Nobody cares about your features and benefits, okay? what they care about is what you’re the result. You know, Lisa savage used to say, um, people, people care about the destination, not the plane, who the hell cares? What kind of seats are going to be selling, what you’re going to be serving? Nobody cares. What they care about, is that you understand the problem that they’re in, or how you are going to help them. You know, if you’re a realtor, how are you going to get them the house of their dreams, you know, they’re going to build memories there that you understand their vision.

They don’t understand the middle care the other stuff. That’s why I never offer discounts, or I never do things that are that, well, I never I never go in and play the price game. I never do that. Because people that buy from me or they invest in me are investing in my experience and the the, how fast can I get them there? So it’s not a matter of, of, well, I’m going to give you two calls and three calls and we’re gonna be cares about that. I mean, yes, it’s important, right? You have to share that. But what they’re really buying is that they trust you. They believe that you can get them there. And that’s a powerful and compelling offer. And the way that you’re going to put that together is you can be make an offer without first hearing what’s important to them. Because then you’re just, you’re just in it for you, you’re all about you, you’re not really caring about them, you’re selling an all size fits all kind of thing. And that’s not what you want.

And you want it to be, you want to adapt it to how it’s gonna support them. So for instance, if somebody comes to me, and they’re like, Oh my god, I just don’t know how to make the offer. I’m going to spend a lot of time with her, or, you know, talking to her about, you know, how to get really strong, and doing the heavy lifting in the beginning of the conversation, the qualifying, because then when you make an offer, it’s a no brainer. If you want this to go away, or if you want this to be resolved, this is the answer. And you can do it this way, this way. And that way, which one would you like? It’s almost like yes, this is what I want. So it doesn’t feel like a push and pull.

Um, and or if somebody comes to me and they’re like, you know, nobody’s saying yes to me, I already know I’m probably almost sure that they’re not qualifying their audience. And in a lot of times what’s happening is they have everything they need they’re just not arranged properly or they’re not arranged in the order that you want it to. My one of my coaches would say to me, Julia, you know, putting together an offer or doing the up leveling or doing this, you know, kind of doing something better. It’s all it’s like preparing up, it’s like a baking a cake. I mean, you pick the ingredients, there, it’s, it’s a mess in between, and then you bake it, but you have to be precise in the order, or else it comes out differently. And you really have to practice so that when you are talking it feel seamless, and it’s not. There’s a lot of steps that you’re going to be hitting, so that you know where you’re taking them. It’s like the tour guide. The tour guide knows it sounds all very nice. Anything but they have a beginning and an end. And they have a purpose for everything that they’re showing you.

Okay, this is so good. And I Sarah, I am going to get to your question but violet has a follow up to what you just said. And it’s interesting so here’s what she says. Does that mean that you don’t believe in limiters like join the next 15 minutes or I’m closing? Oh, I have so for instance there’s a lot of random friends of mine that use it limiters create create Ashley Lisa Sasa that uses this kind of frame of mind is limiters create scarcity and yes, you can use limiters for instance when i when i right, not right now, right because of COVID. But like when I used to go to do presentations, and I was only going to take us a 10 people because we’re giving them a bonus or have them talk to me as the bonus or whatever. I really only had 10 spots and so I would use a limiter because I know that that’s it. But what leaves up violet a negative taste in people’s mouth. When you say one thing, and then you open it up again the card or you Okay, I’m going to take more, and it was just only to get them to sign, and then they catch you
on it. Mm hmm. Okay. Now that’s that’s a great point because I yeah, I mean, I always want to reward fast action takers.

Yeah. So I do that on a somewhat regular basis. Her follow up is how about saying my offer is regularly you know, 4997 but for those here at this event, or at this webinar, you can join for 3500 bucks in the discount but I mean, that’s totally fair game that I mean, it’s the way in that you structure it. Um, I think that it’s it’s totally cool. I do that also on my webinars you know, if you’re here, if you’re here present, it’s because you’re interested. You This is a pain point for you, you want you know, and I want to reward the people that were here. So you can Absolutely do something like that. I think when it starts getting a little bit like I don’t know, divisive, divisive in the way that you know, a different thought processes is I, for instance, I remember I did the I have I have an evil great. I told you about this duty about the five things ever seen a discovery call. And this is when I first started out kind of interviewing a lot entrepreneurs and I was just like, what is the problem? Like, why can’t they close? Right? I’ve never seen it. So I interviewed about 60 women, and oh, my God, I was like, they were the things that they were using it and they didn’t know any better.

They were just you know, hearing either people online or coaches that were they were trying to adapt something that didn’t feel natural to them. And a lot of them would go into asking about money. Well, what what do you have to sell? Can you sell something? Can you be an Uber driver? I was like, What in the world? No, don’t do that. So I think what What starts happening is when you start going in that path, first of all, they’re not qualified or else why would you be asking those questions? But if you’re if you’re going to be placing limiters, that’s perfectly fine as long as you actually honor them and not kind of here’s a friend of mine actually a coach very successful and she was we were talking about actually limiters or something else that came up and she said to me, she’s like, you know, at the beginning when I first first was starting out, you know, you’re trying everything you don’t know what’s going to be the best thing for you. And she said, I know webinar, but she had only like 18 spots or 20 spots. And then a person that bought the program or something, the thing is a purse Oh, they got like a free call or something like that. And the people on the call were more than 20 or more about the number that supposedly had given the time the limiter to and she got a hold on it. And she’s like, I felt so nasty and so dirty. I never did that again. So it has to be Also the way that you play it the way that you do it. So honoring it. totally fair game.
Love it. Love it. We have one more question. I can’t believe our times gone so fast.

Okay, so Sarah says Do you have any advice about cold calls or researching realtors in advance and she she’s a stager so she helps realtors get home ready for sale. So she says, I’ve been researching realtors in advance and if they appear to be my ideal client, which is top producers, I’m picking up the phone to call them some conversations have gone really well and I’ve converted some into paying clients. However some calls feel very salesy. What are your thoughts? Okay. Right here, this is I’m telling you, I’m a practitioner. So when you’re doing I do cold calls, I do prospecting I, you know, that’s part of what I do. So one of the most important things is write this down. I forget the name of whoever asked that w Rs. So w i s And what’s in it for me? Make it short, make it sweet make it to the point and why should they stay on the line more than 10 seconds? So what are you saying to them that actually is compelling enough for them to say, okay, go on, go on, you know, and it’s a, it’s it’s super important that you are aware that first of all, they don’t know you, you’re in, you’re interrupting their day.

Okay. Why should they listen to you? And what’s in it for them, so that you can continue talking? And so my conversations are, are I get kind of all the message within 45 seconds or 30 seconds, I feel like I and in that moment, the person will say, interesting, tell me more about that. Or they’ll be like, No, I’m not interested in this. Well, who should I talk to do you have a procurement division or officer or something you know, depending on who you’re talking to, but you you have to understand if you are Telling them? Well, I’m doing it because nobody cares about you that all they care about is what what is it in for them? What are you going to do for them? And I know that’s pretty cold and pretty pretty, like, you know, kind of like businessy cold calls.

Okay, so would it be something like, um, you know, I work with Top Producing agents like yourself, and they, you know, my clients sell more houses quicker and they they don’t lose opportunities listing opportunities, would that be kind of like what you’re talking about in the way of?
So I would see something um, I would say I would, I would first so this is Julia and I’m calling with, with, you know, whoever you’re calling with at your company. Um, and what’s the reason you know, so So who? So this is Julia and I’m calling with so and so and I have been having conversations with other let me let me let me make up something in real estate law in my mind. Essentially, this is Julia with Andrews enterprises. And I’ve been calling and talking to a lot of CEOs around the nape around your area. And we’ve been discussing the state of the housing market. And the research that I found has actually been impactful and helpful, has allowed them to decrease their total cost by 54%. And we’ve been discussing, we’ve been talking about certain strategies, would that be something that you would like to know more about?

Wow, okay.
I just made that I just, I don’t know. You know, I was just so stating who you are. what you’ve been doing. What, give me a stat immediately. Is this something you want to talk about?
So good. That formula is missing.

Yeah. So wi f what is in it for me who identify who you are. What do you do? Who do you serve? I’m talking to CEOs. I’m talking to the piece of this. I’m talking to this or loan officer, whoever your target audiences And so now, immediately Oh, this person has, you know, reference that she talks to certain people. I’m that kind of people maybe I should know what who What are they doing? Am I behind like they want to know. So that would be something like that that you could do.

Sarah, you have any other questions? Let us know. We’re going to wrap up in the next few minutes. Sarah, another Sarah asks, Is it better to discount your price which I think we already addressed? Which I feel will devalue your package or add a bonus or premium item to the package
bonus all day all day long.

Yeah, I would, I would not discount it. I would. So the way that you also I’m going to give you a huge nugget here, Sarah. The way that you do a could make a compelling offer is you don’t try to invent or put something together at the end that you think they would want. You take something from the middle of your program or something that’s juicy that they would buy on their own anyway. So if I, for instance, do something where I’m going to do a bootcamp on experiential selling, I put that as a bonus, because there’s people that would buy that only, like independently because they want to have that experience.

The bonuses the way that I’ve been taught, and you know, again, there’s different ways, right? Is that it has to be as juicy as the main piece and if it’s like a, you know, kind of like, I’m just going to give you something like whatever, I’m gonna pick it. But if it’s if it because what you’re doing is I’m your program is valued at x, and your bonuses should be so ridiculous in terms of the value that is just like, again, you’re framing your program, let’s say it’s worth, you know, $500 $1,000 whatever, but then the bonuses are worth altogether five grand on
it. Probably. You’re like, Oh my god, I’m getting all these phones. Let’s do it.

Oh, so good. We have packed a lot in minutes. And Sarah said, Great point. This is awesome. Thank you both Sarah said, awesome. Now I want to wrap up. And I want you to tell the ladies where they can find you. And you did mention that you have that awesome ebook about five things you should never ever say, on a discovery call. So we’re gonna go to a gift from julia.com. And you can download that actual ebook and I you know, it’s like about 10 pages. I put a lot of of work and effort into you know, all the research that I was finding and I tell you what to say instead and how to, you know, make sure that you’re having great what what things to avoid in a conversation so that you are connecting as opposed to talking at people.

And you know, one tidbit that I will say from the book, do not ever tell someone okay? I only have like 20 minutes, right? I only have like, you don’t have anything. They are giving you their time. Let’s just, you know, set that straight. And I think it’s because they’ve been they’ve been instructed to talk that way. And it immediately puts the other person that’s there on a like, Oh, so I’m on your timeline kind of thing. If you lose rapport, you just don’t get it. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s so good. Juliet. That is so good gift gift was a gift
gift from Julie.

Excellent. Okay. Violet just said I was told to offer bonuses that address what their objections might be. And I think that’s, that’s that’s possible. That’s possible. That’s that could be I mean, I the way that I do it, violet is I’m one of the scenes in you know, professional sellers is how do you address objections, you bring them up before they come up. So you address them in your conversation. through stories, and you’re basically you’re meeting them, as you’re talking to them. They’re thinking, oh my
god, how much is this?

Let me tell you about so and so. And this is what they paid. And this is a result they had. So this is before and this is after boom, they’re moving. And if somebody’s thinking about, Oh, my God, how much time is this going to take? How much am I going to invest? And then you talk about, well, you know, things that are worth having, are going to require an investment in our time. And here’s what happened with so and so. And this is what they got, boom, you address the next one. And then fear or trust is typically those three, the three ones are the universal ones. And I’ll address it you talk about how sometimes people are fearful, they’ve been burned before, they’ve wasted money, but this is how the structure of your program will help them you know, the walk them through everything so they don’t fall behind. Boom, you address it. So you’re addressing it and they’re moving along with you versus getting hung up on something. So that’s another way you could do it. I teach that in the course too. with Judy.

Julia thank you and ladies, as you can see, our threads are experts. You’ve seen three of the five. They are a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience and Academy members have access every month to the ladies in a dedicated office hour where you come and you bring your specifics. Next week we’re going to be talking to our Facebook ads expert and our copywriting expert. Bring your copy, bring your Facebook ads. I mean, this is what happens inside the Academy. So I’m so excited to have brought you this little little peek inside. Julia, thank you as always for your time. Amazing. Oh, you’re so welcome. This has been a pleasure.

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