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Ep 57: How to Get More & Better Leads Transcript

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Beautiful Judy Weber, your Christian business coach here on a beautiful Wednesday. So it’s kind of dreary. But hey, it’s a beautiful day the Lord has made right 3pm Eastern. How are you? This is my leads. Bonus workshop, just for you ladies in my favorite group driven and equipped women of faith really working hard to build your business. But today, we’re talking about not just working hard. I want you to work smart. So hello, Arianna, Arianna, Amy, Lynn and Adriana. And I’d love you to say hey, in the comments, and let me know what questions you have.
Okay, I’m thinking this will be about 30 minutes.
I want to be quick in quick out, because here’s the thing about me.

I need to be more succinct because there’s no time to waste not for you, not for me, right? And I’m the kind of coach and a couple of you here are my clients so you know, that I am not about fluff and I’m not about Like, you know, theory, I’m about what do you have to do to get results? Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re doing this for, right? We’re not doing this to say, Hey, I spent, you know, 15 hours a day on my business. Aren’t I wonderful? No, I love you to spend six hours a day and have time to relax and spend time to family go to one. So today, we’re following up on the leads workshop that I did about two weeks ago. In the post here is a link. If you did not watch my full blown leads masterclass, you need to do that. So there’s a link for the replay.

Secondly, I’m going to be talking a little bit today about the fact that if you’re doing marketing, and you don’t have your branding dialed in, that’s kind of like trying to drive before you can see over the dashboard. I read that Instagram post just about an hour ago, but the point is this marketing becomes powerfully effective. Only when you have brand, a personal brand that is memorable. You know, relatable and irresistible. So do you have that? Tell me in the comments, do you have a brand and if you have no idea what a brand is or what it would look like for you, because you’re thinking a brand is only for like Starbucks and target. Tell me that too. But I need you to be with me next week for my branding, you know, build a brand challenge. It’s happening all next week, February 10, to the 14th build a brand challenge.

I’m breaking it down so that you know how to build a brand. And, you know, I’m gonna be going live here in this group every day at two o’clock next week. But here’s the deal. If you don’t register at the link in the caption, you won’t have the benefit of this amazing workbook that my team is putting together that’s going to help keep you organized with your note taking and have everything in one place. And you know, it’s funny as I was preparing for this quick workshop or remember years ago when I used to say, Well, if I was organized, I’d be dangerous. Did anybody ever say that if I were organized, I would be dangerous? Well, this is the year 2020 when you’re going to get organized and become that powerhouse that I know you are. Okay, so this leads workshop is a follow up, as I said to the master class, and that was premised on the idea that 2020 is going to be your best year. It’s going to be your absolute best year in business. Okay, it’s your year. So what does that mean? You’re going to trust God, you’re going to trust him when he tells you to do something, even if it’s scary, right? You’re going to trust him. You’re gonna go all in, you’re going to do the scary thing. And you’re going to be bold, please somebody type bold in the comments of all of you every single one. I will be bold in 2020. Right. I will do the hard thing in 2020 Okay, because why we know that as Christians, you know, we have Christ’s power in us right.

And with Christ, all things are possible. With man nothing is possible without Christ, nothing is impossible got me. Okay, we rely on God and His precious promises. Okay? So as we go through this workshop, and as you get more organized right in 2020 and go all in, you’re going to find that when you get strategic, there’s less overwhelmed. There’s less stress, you don’t feel lost. And, you know, it’s really awesome because you’re not disjointed, you know where you’re going. And so as soon as this person gets done trying to calm me so that I can use my phone, I wanted to read to you a Instagram post that I just did today, and it’s about simplicity. And that’s what we’re talking about ladies, simplicity, we all want more simplicity, right? Often, simplicity comes with order a step by step. Many entrepreneurs get out of step when they market their businesses before they have a brand. Okay? That’s why they’re feeling like they’re spinning their wheels working too hard, seemingly trying everything, but nothing works. Does that sound familiar? The best gift you can give yourself is taking the time to develop your personal brand. There are several steps but no worries. That’s what next week’s challenge is all about.

So before I dive in, I want to say this to success is not about the grind and hustle. I don’t want to grind and hustle. I don’t want to work, you know, 12 1416 hour days, do you? And I don’t want to get that stress and overwhelm of trying to do 10,000 different things. I want to be kick pointed and focused. Do you want to be focused? Okay. So success is all about strategy. It’s about the planning. And it’s about the consistency and the consistent taking of imperfect action. Okay. One last thing before I happen. I’ve been talking about branding, and you might be confused and you’re like, wait a minute, Ron, I was talking about leads. I really care about branding. I don’t need to do branding. Let’s get back to basic Six ladies
marketing is lead gen.

And that is all about relationships. Okay, so you’re with me so far? But think about this branding
is all about how do I get seen in front of the people that I want to be seen by in front of my target audience? How do I show up both online and offline? And you can’t possibly be strategic and make the best choices and optimize what you’re doing. If you don’t know who you’re going after, if you don’t know what your brand stands for, if you’re kind of leaving to chance, what people are thinking of when they see you in the marketplace, among your competitors. Okay, so it’s that important. Branding is truly step one to powerfully effective marketing and a full pipeline. All right, let’s go to God in prayer and then we’ll jump in. Okay. Heavenly Father, thank You, Lord. For these beautiful ladies who are here with me live and also on the replay, Lord help to, you know, be a part of what I’m saying, because this is all for you, Lord, this is all for Your glory.

Please click in my mind and my heart with your wisdom as I impart these best practices these steps to these ladies who want to serve others, using the gifts and talents that you gave them. Lord, thank you, we love you, and we trust you and it’s in the mighty name of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ that we pray. Amen. Amen. Okay, so basically I talked about this on the masterclass, but I want to go a little bit more detail here. Let’s see who’s here. Okay, so Sharon is here Shannon is here. circuit is here, Maggie. Hey, Sangeeta, Alexey Nicole, Lydia, Mary and Karen. All right Sherry and Mary so they’re going to be bold in 2020 great. Patricia Marjorie Pat. Mary and Yolanda awesome consistency and imperfect steps. I like it. Yes, ma’am. Okay, so when you’re thinking about leads, and remember, you got to come with me next week for the branding to really make this pop. But the first step in getting a strategy for lead generation that’s gonna work is the who, right? I want to generate leads, and what are leads, their contacts their people.

So I need to know where are these people that I that I want to see, but first, I have to know who the heck they are.
Because depending on whether they are, you know, 60 years old and about ready to retire, and living in a,
you know, living in a big mansion that they have to get rid of, that’s going to be a far different demographic than if I’m working with millennials, who are just getting out of college. And so those two audiences are obviously very different. They have different needs different things. CERN’s different joys, different phases of life. And so if you are, you know, if you’re listening to the Guru’s out there, and you’re doing 10,000 different things. I’m on this social media platform and that social media platform and now I’m getting a YouTube channel ready, and I’m going to start to do a blog and then I’ve got to do Pinterest. Um, yeah. And then I’m thinking about doing a podcast, and then I’m doing weekly videos, and then I’m going live to, and then I’m writing a book, and then I’m doing this and then I’m doing that I mean, I’m exhausted just even thinking about it. Now, there are innumerable ways of getting in front of people, and that was only a couple.

Let’s think of some others seminars, whether they’re live or online, or whether it’s a video series, it’s delivered through email, whether it’s a text that’s in writing a text that is text or a text that is said, that is a video, right? If you want to reach out through messenger or dm if you want to reach out by snail mail, I mean The ways of getting in front of people these days is like, almost limitless. But the first step in knowing what the heck to do, where to show up is identifying the who. Who do I want to serve? And I can hear some of you already saying, Oh my gosh, this is such a pain because I hate when they tell me that I need to identify an ideal client, because I want to work with anybody. If anybody needs me, whether I’m a realtor, or a chiropractor, or whatever, you know, I help people lose weight. I’m a business coach, whatever it is, as long as they have a pulse and a wallet, I will work with them. No wonder you’re struggling. Okay, because these days, trust me when I tell you that you need to niche down. I don’t care what industry you’re in, and I don’t care what you’re doing. Whether it’s a product or service, whether you’re brick and mortar, whether you’re a creative, whether you are light as I mentioned earlier, you’re a service provider. Do whatever it is you need to niche down. So it’s not that I’m into health and fitness, but I help new moms find their body find their pre baby body. You know, if I’m a realtor, I’m not just a realtor. I am a realtor who works with young professional families looking for their forever home. Okay, you need to know exactly who you’re talking to. Why? Because then that leads you to step to the where, where do they hang out, both online and offline, right. So as you’re taking your notes, I want you to say who who do I want to serve. And I want you to be selective.
And I don’t want you to feel guilty about it. I don’t want you to feel selfish about it. And I don’t want you to feel that you are being too picky. Because it’s your business. You get to be as picky as you like. You get to set the parameters of your business without apology. This is your business.

You’re the one that That’s taking the risk of, you know, getting your business up and running and doing all the work that you’re doing. So who else would decide, you know, who you’re going to be working with in you? Okay, I work only with Christian women. And I have been approached by other women and I will, you know, welcome them into this group, but I will not take clients that are outside of that. Why? Because it’s just, I feel called by God to work with my sisters. That’s it. And I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’m also being true to myself.

So that’s part of it to being authentically you without apology. Okay, so the who you need to take time time block, who, who do you want to work with? Who do you want to work with and get as specific as you can? Not just man or woman single or married kids or no kids? But again, what keeps them up at night? What do they look forward to? Are they Disney people? You know, do they work their favorite restaurant? What do they like to do when they’re not working? What would they be doing if they didn’t have to work and you’d like to Judy, okay, now you’re going crazy. Why do I need this? Oh my gosh, you need this, because good marketing is going to hit your ideal client in two places. It’s going to hit him, between the eyes and in the heart, right.

So we need your messaging, and your whole brand, the way it looks and feels and is perceived by your ideal client to be something that they can logically, you know, rally around, right with your mission with your core values with what you’re all about, but also with the heart. So it’s logical and emotional as well. And when you have that relatability with your ideal client, and they’re like, wow, Oh, wow.
She likes pearls. I like pearls.

She likes big hair. I like big hair. She likes mac and cheese. Wow. And every time I look at mac and cheese, I think of her Every time I think I see pearls, I think of her. Okay, these are all relatability memorable, we want to stay top of mind. That’s why it’s so important. You need to speak to a specific person and understand their characteristics. And of course, you know, there can be 10 different people that like pearls, and don’t like mac and cheese, and that’s fine. Of course, you’re not going to find, you know, little robots of your ideal client, but I want you to think about what would be the personality traits? What are they about? Alright, enough said about that. Because then you need to see the where, okay, and this is where everybody gets a little bit crazy. When again, they’re thinking they need to be everywhere. There’s a book by Gary Keller, it’s called the one thing I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t read it, because the message there is really quite simple when it could have done it in like two pages. Um, we are human beings. We are not robots.

We are easily overwhelmed. No matter how smart you are and how much you can juggle a couple different things, right? So what you need to do is focus on one thing, focus on one thing. And when you do that, amazing things happen, because then you’re focused, you you’re not getting distracted and you’re staying on task. Okay. All right, next is the how, and I mentioned earlier in in this half an hour, um, you know, all the different ways that you can reach out to people as well as live in person, door to door. You can visit them at their office,
the met their home, right?

You can call them text letter, all that good stuff, okay. So only when you know who you’re talking to, and where they hang out, and how they consume content, what their preference is for communication, whether it’s a phone call, email, text, something different, you know, what types of things would they be interested in? Would they be interested in a newsletter? Probably not. These days, we talked about that newsletter, I’m going to change that on my thing. Who wants another newsletter? Not me. My inbox is full enough. Thank you. But maybe you can come up with something different, like they do want, like a three part series on something a how to that you’re an expert at. Okay. Now, I’ve given you this framework, the who, the where the how. And then the last piece is the what? And that’s what I was just alluding to here, the what would be in what way? Am I going to put this together? Am I going to create some sort of ebook or workbook? Am I going to create an email course a mini email course? Am I going to put together a video series? Am I going to you know, invite them to a live event.

Am I going to have a virtual summit. It’s you know, the possibilities are literally endless. And I’m looking around because I don’t know where this one thing is where this is silly, isn’t it? This is this is imperfect action. And this is what we do as entrepreneurs imperfect action. Okay. Where
the heck is that? Ah, darn it. I don’t know where it is. All right. So what I wanted to do is I wanted to talk briefly, we’ll see how much of this like, remember, I want to talk briefly about if you have any questions, let me know. I wanted to talk briefly about some mistakes, the biggest mistakes I see in the way of lead gen. Okay. Mistake number one is that you’re doing too many things.
You’re doing too many things. And so you’re lacking focus.

Right? Like, like I mentioned earlier, you you think you need to post 10 times a day, you think you need to do you know,
post a blog post several times a week. And so what happens is you’re tired You’re running ragged. So again, the one thing, okay. Another mistake I see is that you give up too easily. You try this for maybe two weeks, and nothing happens. And you’re thinking, hmm, that doesn’t work. You know whether it’s going live every week on your Facebook business page, whether it is sending emails out and getting crickets when you ask for them to respond, whatever it may be. I’m telling you what, two weeks isn’t long enough. Two months isn’t long enough.

Maybe a year is long enough for you to determine whether or not you really should continue to do it.
There was this movie that I saw as a little girl I’ll never forget it. There it was. It was like this guy who was lost in the the tundra or something. It was really cold. And I don’t know how was that he got lost. But this guy was walking around in this frigid, frigid temperature out in the middle of a cold somewhere I was Alaska to where the heck it was. But we see him over time develop a like snow on his beard. And on his boots he was covered and it was it was it was cold and it was snowing and he was becoming almost like a walking snowman. I mean, it was really scary. And he was, you know, he was just getting more and more tired. He kept going, he kept going. And at one point, he just couldn’t get going anymore and he fell down and he died. But then the cameras spun around. And literally, the next five steps he would have seen a house. He would have you know if you would have just made it five more steps kept going. He would have seen his salvation, he would have seen safety. So I bring that story to say to you beautiful woman.

Um, stop giving So soon,
you in business are not going to see, you know, 15,000 likes, in the first six months, you are not going to get super engagement on every single post. You know if you’ve been going at it for four months, where if you are you’ve got, you’ve got amazing branding if that’s the case, okay, which could happen, but it’s not the rule. That’s the exception. So there has to be this never give up ness combined with the other mistake, which is consistency. We get all excited about maybe trying something new like, Oh, I just discovered Instagram. It’s fun, fun, fun. I’m gonna post five things today and then I don’t post anything until next week. Now, it’s not gonna happen because your audience needs to see that you’re the real deal. When they find you whether it’s lived on the street or Whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook or in their Indian, they need to know that you’re going to show up when you say you’re going to show up.

They need to ideally get a feel for what you’re all about. And that that’s consistently seen across all these different platforms where you are. Okay? Does that make sense? So the consistency the stay with fitness, you know, the do one thing at a time and master that. And most importantly, when we really want you I mentioned earlier, I’m, I pride myself on being practical. I’m about results. So I’m putting together a list of 12 things you could do in the next 30 days to make 1000 bucks. And now if you’re a real estate, you might be able to make, you know, five times that or more, but I’m putting this together but I’m, I’m telling you this to let you know that I really need you to Stop overwhelming yourself with so much, you’re going to be better.

You’re going to have a fuller pipeline, when you concern yourself not with quantity of what you’re doing, but with quality. And more than anything else when we’re talking about lead generation, okay? Remember what it’s all about? It’s not about vanity numbers. It’s about relationships. Can I get an amen on that one and some love? It’s about relationships. So if you have 200 people on your Facebook business page, how often are you showing up for them? And what are you doing for them? If you have a Facebook group, even if 50 people, that’s an opportunity because you can reach out to those members in many ways, right? Not the least of which is through messenger. How often do you do that? I don’t do it enough. I’m calling myself out on that one. But it’s letting people know. Thank you for that. It’s a letting people know that you care
and serving and establishing yourself as the go to expert that they can count on. And that they know knows their stuff.

So, that is in a nutshell what I wanted to bring today. Let me see if there are questions. Shove always here. a lady’s here. Amber. Joan, how are you baby? Oh, since I’ve seen you. And gretta Tina, April, should should he do I’m sorry if I’m killing your name’s liberis Norma, Jodi, and she need you says Amen. All right. So listen, I want to stay on for another 10 minutes. There are four of you here at this moment. I want to know what your biggest lead gen struggle. And you could talk about what I’ve talked about. You can say, Judy, you don’t know what you’re talking about and explain why. Okay, I’m always welcoming an alternative viewpoint. I know that I’m right. But I’m happy to share it with you. you kind of know the back and forth dialogue because you know what, I won’t be able to get through to you.

If you don’t think I understand you. So, I’m telling you, I want to understand where you’re at. But I’ve helped so many women do so many great things in their business across different industries, that I know that from experience, what I’m telling you is right, that if you stop worrying about your vanity metrics, if you stop trying to be everything to everybody, and you niche down and you identify who you really want to work with, and you develop this irresistible brand, specifically for and tailored to that ideal client, you’re going to well in your business, you’re going to thrive. So I really hope that you watch the replay on the Leeds masterclass, the link is there. I really hope that you’re going to join me next week so we can you know, roll up our sleeves and get that brand put together. So the 20 20 really can be your year where you’re bold and all in and trusting God, I really want that for you. Because let’s face it, what happens when what happens when the goals that you’ve set for yourself come true? What happens in six months? When you look back at February of 2020, you say, that’s the month when I finally got it. That’s the month when the light bulb went off, and I finally did something that actually felt easier. You know, that is not doing 10,000 things I’m simplifying, but wow, how powerfully effective it was to stop and be strategic. And then implement the plan. That is success. Ladies, that is success, without the grind without the hustle.

Right? And Pamela just joined. Alright, if there are no questions, I’m going to head out. I hope this was helpful. Feel free always to private message me and even better I would love to see some videos of you. That’s how I really get to know you better. When you go on video. Just a quick introduction, Hey, my name is Judy Weber, and I’m from Philadelphia, and I’m a Christian business coach, and I help ambitious women of faith, build their dream business while living an extraordinary life. That’s it.

Oh, and then you could say something like, I have six kids, and they range in age from blah, blah, blah, my biggest business struggle is, whatever it is, right? I’d love to see everybody in here, do a video like that. And here’s what would happen if we do that. There would be collaborations across industries, that would be amazing. Some of the best, most exciting things that I’ve done in my business in the past year or two is collaborate, collaborate with amazing ladies who are experts in their field, and they give me exposure to their tribe and I give them exposure to mine. And it is just a beautiful thing, especially for me when I’m working with other Christian women.

Then, wow, I know that God is all in it. And I see what the result is. And it’s powerful. And I want this for you everybody in this group. This is why I created it. So will you do that we do that scary thing and do a video and intro video, Hey, my name is blah blah, blah. Here’s what I do. Here’s how I can help you. You know, let me know how I can support you and tell a little bit about your family and also of course your business issues. Okay. All right. Love you ladies so much love. I will see you next time. Bye.

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