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Ep 58: Trusting God to Fulfill His Great & Precious Promises Transcript

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Ladies Welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast and I’m sitting here with a woman that I know is going to bless you. It is my good friend and client Christine Norris. Christine, how are you today?

I hey, like you, I’m blessed and highly favored. We speaking of affirmations we talked about earlier are blessed and highly favored because the Lord tells us we are and His Word says we are. We’re just blessed to be blessed to be who he created us to be. There you go.
Oh, wow. Ladies, really I get started. I’m already pumped. Okay, so he is involved with Jesus loves you ministries, she leads that she is also an Avon Rep. I just learned that today. I think I kind of knew that but I forgot. But her passion, her life’s work as anointed by the Lord, his kingdom living with Christine. She is a speaker. She is an author. She As a spiritual clarity coach, and this is going to be a power 30 minutes because Christine is is I’m telling you she is anointed by the Lord every time she speaks, whether it’s in a group coaching situation or whatever it is, it’s we always hear a good word from the Lord. So Christie, why don’t we start with? Can you give the ladies and this is a very broad question, but can you give us kind of an idea of your background and how you came to start, you know, Kingdom living with Christine?

Well, my background is I was raised in a church. My mom is a pastor, and from a young age as a child, she would always say, Christine, your Prophet, she just raised me in the word and she would always affirm that and she would tell me, you’re not like everybody else. You can’t do what everyone else is doing. like God has made you peculiar. He sets you apart. And so you can’t go to that party. You know, you can’t just go do anything. She said you want you need to be in God’s will for you. So I’m like, Well, how am I going to know what God’s will is like, you know, it takes time. I would say, Mom, how am I going to know what God’s voice sounds like? And she said, Well, you just keep praying, and he’s going to make it clear to you, you say, in the name of Jesus, or Thank you doubt, hear your voice clearly in a stranger’s voice, I will not follow. And so as a child, she would always tell me these things. And people would think, you know, you’re like, putting a lot on your daughter at such a young age. But the thing is, she was preparing me for such a time as this, and I needed to start that journey as a kid. So I would be ready to help the people I’m helping now. And if I hadn’t started that journey at 567 years old, and then a teenager and a young adult. Now in my 30s, I’m able to help people, regardless of their background, regardless of their life situation. I’m able to help them have clarity about where they are and how to get where they need to be.
Yes. Oh my goodness you you Just always astounded me and all the other ladies in our group, but you know that. So I really appreciate that because I know that when I came to Christ, I was also raised in the church, when I came to Christ, the kids were in existence, you know, it was like late 30s, early 40s, when I really understood that life with Christ meant begins now, not Heaven, like, the Bible matters today. And so, but I remember telling my boys, God has created you for a specific purpose, you’re going to do big things. So I really appreciate the fact that your mom like just spoke that and spoke that over your life. And that’s you’re ready, as she said, that’s just so awesome. So, so tell us how did he come from an Avon Rep. And tell us a little bit about your work experience and life experiences to bring you to Kingdom living?

Well, it’s funny because all my life I’ve been in ministry, I was raised a menace. I was raised to witness to people be a speaker. And that’s pretty much my life’s work has been attacked mentor. Yes, I’ve been an administrator. And I still do that. Yes, I do consulting yes, I do counseling but everything I’ve done has been connected to ministry. I’ve done multi level marketing, you know, sold insurance, legal insurance and now with Avon. Avon is just not about beauty, which I just started selling Avon in May of this year. It’s not just about beauty products is really about empowering women. So then, you know, look, you can work for yourself, you can tailor it according to your schedule. You can do a few posts on Facebook, you can send some text messages to people, and you can earn an extra income on the side. Or you can make it bigger if you want to but you’re in control of what you do with your business with Avon and I just love how the company empowers women. They do help with breast cancer. Now, they do so much and I was like wow. I’ve always loved Avon, but to look at not just the beauty aspect Look at the empowerment. I found that in the UK that Avon has exploded there and so many women are able to work from home and they’ve had to work from home anyway. But Avon is bigger now than it’s ever been even if you look at the UK study and it just showed up on my feed one day on back in June, it’s like Avon is exploded and UK and everyone was shocked about it. You know, so at this thing is this is a season for women to kind of take back their time. And we choose what we do with our time and I choose to empower other people and as I empower others and empowers me, so everything I’ve done related to work experience from the multi level marketing marketing to I work for a nonprofit organization briefly. Everything has always come back around to me working for God and it’s like you know, everyone I tried to find another kind of job but a regular job. It never we’re workout. I may I would get the job in the lower

Tell me Christine that’s going to take you out of that. Well. That’s enough. That’s not part of your purpose you know what God I need this money you know I need that he’s like trust me that’s that’s not for you. You just need to wait on me this to load longer is coming. And so when you get that function from the Spirit is saying that’s not for you no matter even though you need the money even though you’ve got some bills in the Lord is saying you need to weigh I’ve been encouraging people because I know other people have heard the same thing and like, I need this money but God is telling me don’t take that job is not for me. And I will empower them and encourage them. Look, you know, God is telling you the way and may not make sense at this time. But if you take something he’s telling you not to take, you can totally alter your purpose, and you may not ever be back in God’s will again. So just wait and be of good courage just you’re gonna get what you’re supposed to have. And so then God gave me Kingdom live with Christine years later. It’s been a whole lot of it’s been a journey and I’m still on this journey because it We know life is about traveling there. Sometimes we think we’re doing the right thing, but it may not be the right thing for us. Sometimes we try to emulate what somebody else is doing because it’s working for them. I tried all that. And the Lord told me like, but that’s not for you.

I’m sorry to interrupt. So so so so I have I do hear from the Lord. I would say daily, and I came to kind of I came to recognize him, his prompting, so for any listeners out there, Christine, who have never really experienced that, how, how would you help them to kind of listen and try to hear his voice?

that encouragement and advice is this because I’ve talked to unbelievers who’ve heard the voice at a lower and that’s scriptural, but well, somebody may not even know God yet, but they can hear like something told me I needed to do that. And it worked out when they did it or when they didn’t do it. Something bad happened because something told him that too. And I tell people sometimes and I even learned this lesson on Sunday when my uncle who was a minister was minister, a minister and a great sermon. And he said, sometimes the voice you think isn’t God is the one. That is because it could be telling you something unusual. Like it may be uncomfortable, but I my advice to people is to be steel. You can’t be so busy that god you’re not available to God. So if you are a new believer, and you’re not used to listening to God’s voice, you have to the first thing you need to do is open your Bible, because God’s voice is speaking from Genesis to Revelation, amen. And that specifically tell people go to the Gospels, the Gospel of St. JOHN, because Jesus said, My sheep hear My voice. So you say, Lord, I want to hear your voice. Make it clear that issue many tasks gotta send confirmation, when we’re not sure.

God has a way of Using somebody to say something and it’s like, oh my god, I was thinking about that. I didn’t realize it was God speaking to me, it was just a thought that came in that night. It’s not always an audible voice. Sometimes it’s a thought that comes in our mind. It is something that came out of nowhere. God speaks to us in different ways. But in order to understand what he’s speaking, we’re going to have to open up that Bible. And that’s the biggest challenge for many believers is taking time to read the word and letting the word penetrate, not just reading it, like, like a textbook, you know? No, you remember you opening the book of life. I don’t even call the Bible a book, I say, you know what this is, this is life here and on these pages. So that would be my advice. Reading the Bible is specifically the Gospel of St. JOHN, and asking God, Lord, help me hear your voice and let me know when issue and I can guarantee you because it’s the will of God for him for you to hear his course. You’re going to hear his voice. Yeah. It’s going to happen it’s going to it becomes effortless, where it’s like wow, You’d be driving your car. You know, you can be working out at the gym. You can be anywhere in here is for one with him. Your one was beautiful.

Yes. Hallelujah. Oh my gosh, that’s so so good. All right. So one thing that we talked about right before we came on, was your kingdom affirmations. And, you know, many, many women out there do affirmations, and a lot of times, they are just words that don’t, in my opinion, don’t have a foundation. They’re just like, I am enough. I am worthy. And I just this never felt good for me. But I love your affirmations because they’re grounded in Scripture. So can you just speak to where you get your inspiration for those affirmations and ladies, you need to you need to find Christine’s page because you will be blessed each and every day.

Well, the affirmations are something God told me to do when I was growing up and then later on even in it adulthood I would hear, you’re going to have what you say. So if you’re constantly speaking how fearful you are, and you’re constantly saying, I don’t have this, and I don’t have that, and that’s your reality, your words literally become your reality. And so the Lord told me this year and actually has started the first time ever wrote, affirmations was about three years ago, but I hadn’t published him anything. I just wrote him down. He wrote down prayers. The Lord showed me said, I want you to start sending people the word that they can speak over themselves to change their thinking. And he would tell me, like, the word like I am healed. That’s not something that’s a untruth because by Jesus stripes we are healed. As if 53 and five, you know, he was say, speak, I am not fearful because I had the mind of Christ. And then Okay, that’s First Corinthians 216 we had the man of Christ and that’s gonna give us a spirit of fear but power Loving the sound nine, as you know, Second Timothy one, seven. So he began to give me the words and every single affirmation was tagged to Scripture. And I said, Wow, this is going to help people read their Bibles. So I started out just sending the affirmation and I would say, Okay, well read these scriptures to go along with it.

Then, about a week ago, assistant Christ contact me to say, Christine, so many people like myself, we don’t have our Bibles with us during the day. Can you please type out the scriptures? So like, right with me, she said, I read the affirmation, but I don’t have time to just like open my Bible. Can you type them out for me? And I said, Well, I want people to open the Bible for themselves. I don’t want to always type them out. But then the Lord told me just try it. Because I type them out. That word is becoming alive to people because many times they don’t quote it by so when they when they see that scripture typed out on their phones, oh my god, I don’t even know that was there. People told me that I didn’t even know that scripture said that. I didn’t Even though that was there, but because I typed it out, it added to the affirmation. They know that that affirmation is based on the word that some of the affirmations are word for word scripture. Know the word the Lord showed me that he wants me to help make the word alive to people, not just words on the page.

The words have to bring life and so when you are speaking those words of life, they become your life. It changes your mind, so you can think better. So, one of the affirmations is, I am not confused. God has given me clarity. That’s another one that’s coming up, you know, I’m going to be added, because I haven’t published everything yet. You know, but I write them down. Then God gives me the scriptures, then I published them. But that’s basically that’s what he told me to do. People have to change their words. And when you change your word, when you keep saying, I’m in it, I just called myself notice kind of so stupid. God, I’m so stupid. That’s a terrible thing. But we all done it. We’ve all done it. And up, because we make a mistake, but you’re not an idiot, you just made a mistake. Say that word, I’m an idiot, you’re putting that in the air and then you’re hearing yourself say that and you say that enough, you’re going to believe you’re an idiot. If you’re a loser enough, you’re going to believe that. And it’s not true. That’s the enemy wants you to believe a lie.

I see. That’s why I love your affirmations that they are grounded and rooted in truth capital T. And, um, you know, in Scripture, and scripture is the most powerful thing because Jesus Christ is the most powerful thing and so that is so that is something to hold on to, as opposed to just rote Lee saying, I am worthy. I am amazing. I am whatever right? I am a million dollar entrepreneur. Well, I don’t I personally don’t believe that you saying that will get you there. However, again, when you ground it to Scripture to capital T truth, then that is when the word Ted power, and that is when especially as a believer that could literally change your life. And so you are doing such amazing work, Christine, I mean, totally God’s work. So, thank you for that. So, um, I want to talk about what it means to rest. And I think in for women This is particularly hard and you know me well enough, Christine, hello, that is totally me. Resting and and realizing No, I don’t have to pound quote unquote, I don’t have to, you know, just keep with the word hustle. I never like that. Right? We want to have joy and simplicity and grace in our business. So would you please speak to that? What does it mean to truly rest in in the Lord.

I want to tell you God gave me such an epiphany today because as has been my biggest struggle, he’s been telling me for three years, you need to rent three years like people miss understand what it means to rest the automatic It may sleep, but it does. And you just go to Scripture because Scripture tells us what it is. The Bible says Matthew 1128 Jesus said, Come All Ye who labor he didn’t say just Christians, not just believers don’t say Come All Ye who labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest. Rest is a gift from Christ Himself.

Oh, wow. So when you understand what rest really is, is not about sleeping. Because first of all, we can’t sleep all day. I know people who sleep but don’t have rest. I know people will take medication because they can’t sleep at night, but they still wake up. They’ve been wrestling and asleep this deal where when they wake up, they’re not refreshed. So rest is a gift from Christ Himself. So this is what Jesus said, Come All Ye who labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you for I’m gentle and lowly of heart and you will find rest In a sense, you will fall asleep then no you find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy my burden is light

So the Lord told me today he said rest is releasing was not for you to receive was from me
that is too good. I’m sorry, you guys yes is releasing was not for you to receive was from me. So what’s next for you worry, anxiety, overwhelmed fear even worrying about your family and things God doesn’t you can love your family but when does love suppose be associated with word? I worried about my mom I worried about my family. Lord will tell me. Don’t worry about anyone he said don’t worry about your mother I have because I’m a caregiver. That’s one of the things that I am a caregiver and I have carry with you are a caregiver you literally carry that burden of care for another person or other people. And the Lord was telling me he said, Don’t worry about your mother and he’s kind of like Western like telling me like, like you’re not trusting me with her.

And so I had to release the worry associated with her. It received the peace that God is saying I gather so you worry about your son’s on our way to college. Oh my god Coronavirus Oh my God. What about the worldly influence? What about this Daniella God to say, No, you release the worry. And you receive the love you receive the peace knowing that I had them in Apollo Bay. Same thing with anything as weird as it can be your business, maybe some of us in the wrong business. And that’s why it’s not prospering. Some of us are so concerned about money that we missed a true riches on the inside because the Bible says you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers. So what’s going Not on the inside of you reflects on the outside. And that’s why a lot of business, a lot of people, they have great ideas they have. They even have support from other people, but it’s hard for them that it’s hard for them to really flourish. And most of the time, it’s hard for them to flourish because of what they carry. On the inside, you got to release all this. So the Lord gave me very, very clear insight. I have never had this insight before in my life. As many times as God has told me, the rest people told me, you know, God told me to tell you to rest people’s like, Oh, you need to get some rest.

And I was like, well, I can’t sleep. You know, I got too much to do. You know what I mean? I can’t get but a lot of times what sometimes in the middle of the day, the Lord had me just go take a walk. And that was a form of me resting like he told me about a couple of weeks ago and I posted the video and the group guy said just go walk and I was really tired. I was lying down in bed. And he started talking to me as soon as I realized that it wasn’t For me to sleep, it was for me to get in a state of rest. So he could speak to me because I wasn’t here and like I should, because I was too busy. And God doesn’t want us busy. He wants us active. He wants us productive. But in the Bible, when it’s talked about being busy, it was a sin. It said, Don’t be a busy God in other people’s matters. No, you got to take care of your own stuff. It’s not God Remember that? Remember that in the Bible business was actually a said, you know, is being productive. He said, I called you to produce good fruit. I called you to bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain. But that being so busy, you don’t have time to take care of yourself. You don’t have time to eat. What about the temple I gave you? You’re not taking care of that. And so the Lord reminded me of what he’s given me what he’s given us. And we haven’t received it though. But the Jesus said I’ll give it to you but it’s up to us to receive it.

That’s right. If I can find it’s like a five give you like a wrapped gift. I could hand it out. But if you don’t take it, you don’t get it. So that’s really, really good. Now, I wonder, I have no doubt that the ladies listening now have already have already been blessed by what you’ve said, and they’re gonna want to listen to this over and over again. So we can elaborate on that. But I do want to move on to something related, but a little bit different. And we talked about we touched on it briefly earlier, and that is women, we have so much guilt and shame. And we feel we condemn ourselves, you know, when we hear a compliment, we tend to poopoo it and say, Oh, well, you know, that was no big deal or, you know, they’re complimented they, we always downplay it self deprecating remarks, and I see that that is, that can be very harmful for us inside and outside and it’s this feeling of, I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy. So I would love you to speak to me That, in the context of who you are in Christ who made you to be and and, and embracing that and being great with that place where where God has you and who we made to be.

I am someone who would always struggle with that as well when somebody will compliment me because I want God getting all the glory. That’s like, you know, I make myself no reputation. But by the same token, I am allowing myself to do this as still God still needs my agreement. And so when someone says, You’re great, you’re amazing. Yes, I say no To God be the glory, but thank you for recognizing that.
It’s okay. I can actually say it’s kind of like a sin not to embrace who God created you to be.
I agree. It is.

Why not? You know what? I am amazing because God made me amazing. I’m fearfully and wonderfully paid. I’m a hard worker. It took me a long time to get where I am and I’m not even haven’t even written Yet, it’s okay to embrace what God is saying about you. And I think the number one reason why people don’t even if they don’t even accept what God is saying, God is the one that’s telling them they’re great. God is the one that said, What? I haven’t done this right. I haven’t done that. Like, it’s not about what you haven’t done. It’s about who I created you to be. And that’s been that has been messed up boy time I got I’m thinking that my Christianity, my purpose has to be performance based. And even my uncle was ministering on this he said, you know, Christianity, your relationship with God is not Performance Base. Lay the more you do when you know you’re so driven, you got to do doo doo he No, he said, No, it’s about being and now I can honestly say it’s about accepting a precious gift.

Salvation itself is a gift, the Bible says is not of works, lest anyone should boast and Ephesians two and eight. It’s a gift from God. And so God has given us gifts and if people recognize the gifts we have, and so you know, You are such a great speaker, you’ve changed my life with what you said, I only heard 15 minutes of your speech and you put only spoke, you could have spoken for an hour, but that 15 minutes change their life, I’ll say to their personnel, thank you for telling me that. I just want to let you know you’re amazing to pick up a book, you know, and kind of like turn it back on that person. Like you recognize that a because you had where you go.
Yes, yes. And you know, this is so good, because that’s why I named this podcast. She is extraordinary.
I love the name.

Yeah, you know about me, right? I mean, I, in my testimony that I have up on my YouTube channel. I even said I look at every woman, every shape, every size, every age, whatever it be, and I can see the beauty in them. But somehow I look in the mirror All I see are my flaws. And but I firmly believe that when only when you embrace fully who God made you to be you As I say, you go all in. And this is the context of my upcoming book on the sea is extraordinary that that, only then will you even begin to tap in to the full potential and the purpose that God has on your life. So just briefly, I just want to say I think of my mother on that. She had a really rough life. My dad and you know, mom did not get along. The dad was not a believer. The mom just sat around, she was a glutton. Um, my mom was sexually molested at the age of 10. And my grandmother knew about it, but didn’t say anything, because I guess it wasn’t appropriate way back then in the early 40s. So suffice it to say my mother was so smart and she was. So she had so much to offer and she, she, she saved how many people she believed Jesus said to me, and now I read that down to the generation so she did that. But I just think when I talk about embracing who you are in Christ, she always said that she was enough. And you know, so it’s just I never want to have another woman, struggle with that and miss out, and we get to heaven. And then Jesus says, Oh, look at this beautiful life I had for you. If only right if only and I know we’re all we are all on that journey. But ladies listening I really want you to hear this and I want Christina to speak to it further. embrace who you are in Christ. warts and all. Because of that you are exactly as he as he created as he designed.

Absolutely, I just what happens with so many people they’ve been, it’s so much easier to believe the negativity. Why is it easier for us to believe the lie? When I stand him is done one. God has changed. One thing over here God is saying, You are great, you’re extraordinary. You’re going to do great things and you look at the Bible, look at examples, and the Word of God like Jeremiah. He’s like, Well, God, I’m just a kid. And the God told him, he said, Look, if you, you have to basically have confidence, I want to read it real quick. It’s very short. It’s like two verses, because I’m learning to read is this. This is somebody who doubted the ability God gave him. This isn’t him but it goes for both of us. This is the prophet Jeremiah. Because I don’t want anyone else down and the Lord told me that’s another thing he told me yesterday and I posted in the group Don’t doubt the gifts God gave you embrace them. We always doubt it. Am I good enough? You know, I can’t I can’t I don’t have that as educated as this person. You know, it comes back comparison.

And that’s what makes so many people miss out on the promise comparison will make you miss out on the promise of God says you cannot compare your walk your gifts yourself to anybody else. We’re the same age as she’s gotten. warning me in this friggin all that focus on you, and what God putting you to do. If you need help God, I can guarantee you guys gonna seek some help. And the help starts with him and you receive in that rest they help start with you receiving his rescue coming to him, because the doors always open. And you have to receive that gift and the Lord told me nothing. A lot of people have unwrapped gifts. Many they took the gift, but it’s nothing unless you open it. And I have packages right now that I haven’t opened I order stuff from Amazon, I get books and stuff and open and stuff that get so busy that I haven’t even opened a package. And so it’s not enough to even get into your possession. You got to open it and you got to use it. Some things have an instruction manual to go with it. That’s like the Bible is an instruction manual. And so this, Jeremiah, if you go to the first chapter, I’m just going to read a couple of verses. Jesus, God told him in verse Five before I formed you, it says in verse four dental word of the Lord came to me. See God sends us the word. And it comes in different forms.

Maybe God uses someone to speak to you could be the Bible itself. But the word of the Lord came to me saying, before I formed you in the womb, I knew you before you were born as Saint of that you have Dane, you a prophet to the nations. Then I said, Ah, Lord God, behold, I cannot speak for I am a youth. I’m just a kid. Well, I’m just a woman. I don’t have I’m not educated enough to begin you can put any other example there. And but the Lord said to me, do not say I am you for you should go to all to whom I send you. And whatever act of man you You shall speak. Do not be afraid of their faces, but I am with you to deliver you says the Lord. And then he said, Then the Lord put forth his head and touch my mouth. The Lord said to me, Behold, I put my words in your mouth. See, I’ve said this day before you have said this day. I have this day rather set you over the nations and over the kingdoms to root out and pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build up and to plant. And that’s, you know, that’s verses four through 10. Jeremiah, chapter one, the Lord reminded me of that passage, because every time God speaks to us to do something, we make an excuse. We had that but he said, but I’m a youth, but I’m a woman, but I’m a woman of color. But I’m not advocate it can be any excuse we make because it Don’t say that. I have anointed you have appointed you or giving you gifts before you even in your mother’s womb. I ordained you to do something great. So this word keeps coming back to me to remind me when I don’t feel good enough, you know, when I feel like oh, or you know, that’s a lot right there. And he’s like, But it’s not too much for you because you hit me.

No, I don’t speak. Yes. Well like you better to somebody else, Lord, because I think you’ve made a boo boo. And he’s like, shaking his head saying, Oh my sweet Moses. Well, my sweet Christine. Oh my sweet Judy, come on now. I gave you everything you need and where you’re weak, then I am strong. So let’s go. Let’s be bold. Let’s be courageous. Let’s speak what I tell you to speak with courage. That’s where I feel like you and I talked about this, Christine, where in the past year, there have been so many Christian women entrepreneurs stepping up, stepping out feeling called in this time. He is absolutely on a mission. Ladies. He is rising us up. For as Christine said such a time as this. We’re like the ester of our day. So if we don’t step in to all that we are, not only do we miss out, but the people that we were meant to impact will miss out on Or, you know, let’s be real God will choose somebody else and you will miss out. And you know, it’ll just alter things. So we really have to be bold. And people can look at you, Christine. They can look at me and say, Well, I can’t do that. I can’t do that. Why not? Well, because I’ve never done it before. I don’t know how to do video. I don’t know how to speak well, well, neither did Moses. So welcome to it. But God has a plan for you, sister and you’ve got to step into it. No excuses. Thank you.

I get chills as she was speaking because another sister in Christ said the same thing. I was telling her this is this is the women’s time not ended lower told me that is your time to shine and speak that over? It’s my time to shine. I’ve been in dark too long. You know. It’s tough for me to step out in faith because we want that faith in that best side. It’s not see what happens is people want to take calculated risks. They want to know what the end is going to be before they even step into purpose. Wait a minute, I need to know if it’s gonna work out first. And that’s why I didn’t try it, you know, but you’re not going to know if it works out unless you try it. And then you’re gonna have to stay with it because sometimes it look like it ain’t working, but you’re still on the right path. But But Jesus said, narrow and difficult is the way that leads to life. If you will find it. It’s difficult sometimes. But it doesn’t mean you’re not in purpose because you’re having a hard time. I want to speak to that for a minute. There’s some women out here who are having a super hard time they know they heard the voice of the Lord. They know that they’re doing what God wants them to do, but it doesn’t look like it’s working. And man courage meant to those women who feel like it’s not working, maybe finances not working, that marriage can be in shambles. It’s like wait a minute, God, you can be doing everything right and things can still go wrong. But the Word of God says don’t grow weary in well doing in Galatians 694. in due season, you shall reap if you think that issue is due season is coming. Stay in the word. Don’t blame God keep getting that rest. Let God give you Because if you’re working, but you’re not resting, if you’re not receiving that rest, you will continue to struggle, but God has come to bring the struggle out of your walk. It’s not his will for you to struggle the rest of your life. This is your due season is coming. Don’t give up on the purpose and plan of God for good life because I’m telling you, it looks like it’s not working. But sometimes the very thing you need to do is the hardest thing to do.

Yes, perseverance, perseverance, and, and impatience. You know, we need to be patient that is, you know, one of the fruit of the Spirit. And as you were saying, you know, if it feels like it’s not working, let’s face it, ladies, Jesus told us we would be, you know, we’d have troubles here. And so I always look at it when I’m attacked, and I’ve been under a major attack in the last 48 hours, I will say this, it’s because the enemy knows somehow what’s coming and he sees that we are on a mission for the Lord. Of course, he’s gonna want to throw monkey wrenches. Of course. He’s got Don’t want to speak lies unto you. Of course, he’s gonna want you to stop and give up and say up too hard. No, do not do not. And another thing to the same point, Christine, this is such a great conversation and I pray that the Lord God is speaking to everybody individually as they need. Because women also often say, well, Judy, is this really reasonable? When I say what are your goals? Well, is this reasonable? Or is it possible? Okay, Sister, come on. Let’s go back to the basics. Nothing is impossible with the Lord God. And so we’ve got to stop putting boxes around ourselves and around what we can do, because we can’t do nothing without him. But with him, there’s nothing that could stop us. Amen. Hallelujah. So this is what a man now we’re getting routed up here, Christian. No, stop with the reasonable stop with the Is it possible Anything is possible with Jesus Christ and as he made you to do this work, and you step into it fully and with confidence and boldness and courage, you’re going to be afraid but you do it. Anyway, that is when your business will flourish, that is when your life will flourish. That is when the Lord God is doing work through you. And there’s just nothing better than that. Absolutely. I wholeheartedly agree. Because see, what happens is so many people that they get good advice. They get wrapped up. They’re like, okay, I can do this. And then they don’t stay in that place of staying fathom. How do you feed your flame?

Well, God gives you all he said, your cup runneth over. You got to keep you got to stay old up. You got to keep your tank full. You got to stay connected to the source of your strength. And you also have to, you can’t get to a place where you become complacent. And I think what happens is people have they look at what they can do instead of what God can do through them. Oh, and I had to get to that place where I realized you know what, this is not unbalanced for the amount of strength that I will strengthen didn’t get me up this morning, because I wanted to stay in bed if I could, I would, you know, but it’s like The Spirit of God is like, Look, I’m not going to have you in the same place for the rest of your life. The only place I want you to be is in me. You’re not to be complacent is all in I got a little son coming in. It’s not even about money at that point. It’s, we have to get to a point that we not just know we deserve more, but we have to want to do more. And when I have been, you say 100? Yes for him. That’s right. And not only that, many times I see women who want to speak this because so many women do know what to do, and they get stuck. The only reason why you’re stuck is because you’re not moving forward. When you are stuck.

The only way to move is forward is as simple as that. And many are stuck because they have not implemented the advice that was given them. So they keep going back as they ask the same questions about the same things and it’s like what about You get a You have to do it whatever your hesitation is the stopping you from implementing that action. That’s your breakthrough. A lot of it is the enemy a lot of is not even the enemy. It’s just our own thoughts our own imagination. We got to cast all that down and we have to have a just do it mentality. Well you know what, I’m just gonna do this thing I’m tired of trying to plan around doing it I got like my post was not good enough. This picture doesn’t look good enough and I’m not gonna put it you know, all the stuff that we think about is not good enough. If we just do it consistently we will walk in our breakthrough consistently and we stay in a place of breakthrough. Hmm Amen. And there is no breakthrough. without Christ. I forget I think it’s a I think it’s a for King and Country song and I won’t remember it because I don’t know Lear. I don’t know titles, but at the end of it, it says something to the effect of God knows where you’re at, and he knows only he knows how to break through.

Yes, and notice Song and not only Yes, yes, yes. So it’s so true only in him. Well, we have perfect peace only in him. Well, you know perfect love Will we cast out all fear and only in him will we have that breakthrough. So ladies go all in on who Christ may be because then you will we will soar. And and so Christine, I just love everything you’ve said and I’m Can’t believe our time is way past where we’re just thank you but I have one last question for you. You’re absolutely. All right. Well, this is called the she is extraordinary podcast. And I always like to finish our interviews, asking my guests to tell us about an extraordinary woman in your life and what makes her or what made her extraordinary.
Well, that is super easy because I live with her. I see her every day and that would have to be my mom because she went all in She didn’t listen to people’s criticism, when she knew it was what God wanted her to do. You get to the point where you can’t hear what people think. You have to do what God is telling you to do. And she would always tell me, she said, Christine, what is God telling you?

Like if I could even go against what she says sometimes because it was what God told me to do, and she said, You know what, Christina? At first I wasn’t feeling what you were doing. But then I see now it was God telling you because he got it. I got he always tell the people close to you when he’s telling you, you know, and so I was saying my mother, because she she stood firm on the foundation, God put her on. And she built on that foundation and she raised my siblings and our net foundation and now today people tell me all the time, oh my god, you are so much like your mom as every time I hear you. I’m thinking about what your mom did for me you like living in that legacy. So I’m, I am blessed and highly favored and privilege to walk in that mantle and that legacy that she said that she pioneered. Because she paved the way for so many people. So many people even made it into the kingdom that would not have if she had ministers and and people who like you crazy to talk to that person smoking a cigarette, or That girl is a prostitute, look at how she’s dressed, she would go over and talk to him. She would talk to who whoever got sent her to didn’t matter what their color, the sexual orientation, she just went what God sent her. And that’s what she always told me. So I would say her, you know, it would have to be my mom. And I thank God that I’m able to give back to her and to seize never had a life when she needs me the most. Because what better person to, you know, care for her than the person she poured into for so many years? And I found myself I was telling my mom, I said Mom, I’m just assisting you. You know, I even know I’m a caregiver. You know, I’m just your assistant, you know, you still the boss. She’s still there. She won’t be pulling me back on my Come on Christina, I still let her know she’s the boss.

How old is your mother? She just turned 72 or 70. And it was such an extraordinary birthday. I was like, oh my god 70 she turned 72. And it’s, it was it’s been some some close calls, you know, and oh my god, you know, going through grief and my sister passed away. And it was so heartbreaking and all these different things. But because we can identify what all of that and know how to comfort others when they lose a love when they lose a child, you know, because we have the personal experience of going through it. But we also know that she’s with the Lord. So it’s kind of like I tell people if bill grief is not something, you don’t get over it. What you do is you overcome and God replaces that grief with joy. he conquers all will mourn according to the Word of God. So when you’re born, you have to understand God is going to send you some comfort. And yes, you’re going to cry. Yes, you’re going to have sorrow sometimes you got to go through the grieving process. I’ve been through it. And sometimes I still probably now Don’t cry out of grieving.

I just cry because you know, I miss her. But I just encourage people let them know he doesn’t want you to stay in a state of grief. You do need to go through that process. But God wants to give you joy. He gives you all of joy for more than a coordinate Isaiah 61. So that’s where I come in to let them know get with Scripture. Look, don’t stay in a place of greed because you got work to do for the Lord. We got people to reach, but no, this is okay to grieve, but I’m here to help you come up at their place agreement. I know what it’s like. My mother knows what it’s like many people I know know what it’s like. So that, you know, as I look back at this journey, that’s one of the things I want to say that my last point I want to talk about overwhelm very quickly, because many women and meet are overwhelmed and when we get stuck We overwhelm normally is because of we didn’t prioritize right? Like for me I use myself as an example, if I minor and major things and put in major and minor things, you know, I don’t prioritize properly. The very thing I should have been paying attention to comes back and it kind of like bites you in the butt.
It’s like oh my god, I got all this work to do.

And the Lord told me yesterday because I was feeling overwhelm yesterday, and I want to take a walk. And I say, God, I’m feeling overwhelmed. Oh my god, some people and I feel like you get a suffocating feeling like oh, my God is just so much one make you feel that on your chest, you feel it get a headache sometimes. The Lord said, Pray yourself through. And that’s all he told me. And then I said, Oh, it was so simple. It’s so subtle. But it was the easiest advice to take. And so I said, Okay, God, and then the Lord said, Christine, just take a break. You pace yourself. And then of course, you know, you beat yourself up because I should have done this sooner than this day. That’s not that’s going to help you. And that’s why you stay in overwhelm because you start beating yourself up, God is not going to beat up on you what he’s going to do is give you a plan. So you can get done every task in the proper order. And so normally we are overwhelmed because A, we didn’t put our task correctly. Be we put let other things get in the way of what we should have been doing, we get distracted. And so you know, then when we really need to take care of something we you know, it’s too much at one time. So my advice is pray yourself through when you start to feel overwhelmed. immediately go to God said, Lord, release this were released this Friday, I will not be afraid because overwhelm also comes from the root of fear. And what happens is when people are overwhelmed, they end up not doing anything sometimes.

So many things are coming to them at one time and so when women normally come to you and I, and we give them advice. And we end up telling them the same thing, because they have so much going on at one time that is choking them. And so it’s up to us through wisdom from the Holy Spirit to discern, okay. Okay, let me sort through the seven, maybe a bagel pal sometimes, but I can guarantee you the Holy Spirit is going to help you sort through the path, that whatever it is you need to sort through, he’s going to help you put it in his proper place. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. What happens is, you’re not productive when you’re overwhelmed. And then you find yourself not implemented the very things that can help you get stuck, because you get drowned in on all that stuff. So when God told me that in my notebook, I wrote down one last point about overwhelm because I know you and I, we go through it, but then we also talk to people, we encourage people who are go through it. He said, also He said, freedom comes when you recognize what’s truly important and walk in. So you ask God to help you recognize what’s really important, or what do I need to be doing right now, sometimes the things we’re doing, we shouldn’t be doing at that time. It could. That doesn’t mean it’s not important, but it’s not the time for.

And so the Lord will give you when you say, Lord, I need a liberal dose of your wisdom right now help me prioritize my life. And I can guarantee you, he’s the he’s going to show you how to time block because we can get on time block schedule, sometimes. It doesn’t line up with the purpose God gave us, we end up wasting time. Because we don’t we’re not using it wisely. That doesn’t mean we’re doing anything bad. It means that it’s not an order. And so lack of order, least lack of divine order, leads to overwhelm. That’s what he gave me today. Wow, thank you. God. I wonder why I feel that way sometimes. Because, you know, I get found the gossip perspective. You know, it’s like God In this podcast, how did I know that I needed to prepare for this podcast? And he told me the three things we’re going to be talking about? inside? Wow, you know, I’m the first partaker of it. I got a breakthrough, just preparing for this podcast.

We learn as we go day by day, and you and I, nobody does it perfectly Only Christ Jesus, you know, but when you’re overwhelmed, we need to pray. God’s promises back to him. And every one of his promises is yes, in our Lord Jesus Christ. And so when we say, Lord, You promised that if we come to you both, we can come boldly to the throne, and we can seek your wisdom. And so I’m going to trust you, Lord, that You are going to tell me what to do. And you know, it’s almost like right before I go to sleep at night, Christine, I say, Lord, I need you to tell me what I need to do tomorrow. Or what I created a new course called the accelerator lab that came straight from the Lord. I went to sleep and I said, Lord, Here’s what I’m thinking about my Bob, but I need you to tell me and I had it. I woke up mill the night I’m like, that’s perfect. I hope I remember it and I should know, but I didn’t and I couldn’t remember it. So, for those listening, I mean, I know I’m convicted even more by what good word Christine had for us, which is really the Lord speaking to us. So don’t beat yourself up. But stay convicted to go to God about your business. He wants to be in the details. He wants to help you better have a strategist someone like me or the Lord God Almighty. I mean, come on, ladies. We need to go to him and trust Him because He alone is trustworthy. Right So one last word, Christine, Where can the ladies find you online?

You can find me online so for I’m building that kingdom living with Christine site, but you can find me on JLY m dot n for the stands for Jesus loves you ministries, j l y m dot info you can look me up on Facebook Kingdom Kingdom living with Christine LLC traditional spell Christ i na wonder if you’re wondering how my name is spelled Christ i na so if you look up Kingdom living with Christine LLC, you will see my kingdom living with Christine page you will be able to connect with my personal faith Facebook page. I sometimes I call Facebook facebook.com because I’ve used it to promote my face, you know? I had to we had to work on that dude, we had to build a total totally different social media platform. You know, I say a Facebook. I’ve been saying that on and off for like a week, two weeks now.

I think there’s something that’s telling me something to do, but it is timing. So yes. So that’s how you can find me and Jesus loves you ministries, Inc. You can see that on Facebook. And so I’m just I’m all about promoting the Word of God every time when you go on a regular Facebook page, my personal page with you going to Kingdom Living with Christine LLC or Jesus love you ministries, you’re gonna find the word and I pray that every person who visits will get a heavenly deposit. There’s something that they’re able to release something that was Henry never released their guilt released that shame release, you were release, you’re overwhelmed, and we see that faith receive grace, receive peace receive the wisdom of God. And one thing I know about worry and overwhelm. As soon as I start to worship as soon as I’m getting a state where I’m like, just thank you guys to say thank you God over and over again I say Jesus, and all of a sudden hit me earlier that was worshiping and Allah has given me clarity about what it means to rest. I just kept saying Jesus Jesus over and over again. And then the Lord showed me like every time you say the name of Jesus, you should be stronger than the time before because that name you call on the name above all names and name that under heaven under no other great no other name can a man be saved but by the name of Jesus.

So you say that now you call it on salvation like Lord saved me from this. You say, Jesus, you’re calling on strength, you call your speaking life over yourself just saying his name. And I just said, like 20 times in a row. And I didn’t realize what I was saying, but it was coming out of my spirit. I was feeding my spirit with my words. And so that’s why I encourage people, change your words, don’t say all that negative stuff over yourself. Even if you make a mistake. None of us are perfect. We are perfect in Christ, but in our own human sales, we have a finite mind. We get frustrated, we may say a curse word, whatever. They say, you know what, Lord, forgive me. Thank you for giving me the right words. It’s out of my mouth. I encourage everyone here to say, Lord, thank you for a new man that is renewed by the Holy Spirit. And thank you that my mouth will only speak your words. And when you say that, I’m telling when you say that prayer, you’re making a deposit into your soul. So you got to think twice before you call yourself a name or even say something about someone as you may not mean at the time but you know, may say something about a family and all of that key is a screw up or some, you know, some people don’t get it is human nature is human nature, but God is saying head to Christ nature. And the more you spend time with me, you develop my nature.

And that’s why God said to spend time with me is never always you may think you need to be doing something else at the time, like me, when God would tell me your Bible, he would be like, stop and read your Bible. I gotta, I gotta work. And I remember saying this to God, back in February, I said, God, I gotta work. He said, No, you need to be in the word. And he downloaded into me and he made me just like a resume. He convicted me. It’s just like, like, what’s more important is spending time with me. And because I spent that time with him, it changed the course of my day. It changed my life because he made a deposit. And so I just want to encourage everyone who say they’re too busy to read their Bible. I’m telling you, you’re going to get your ideas for your business. When you get in the word. You’re not you can’t go wrong spending, I don’t care this 15 minutes that may be all God wants from you is that 15 minutes is going to change your life focused on him.

Well, Christine, thank you, sister. This was an amazingly powerful episode. I knew it would be. Thank you so much. Thank you ladies for listening. And if you enjoyed this episode, would you please take a moment and subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already leave a review and a rating. It means so much to us. We are climbing the ranks with this podcast. And when that happens, that allows me to bring on other extraordinary guests that will empower you and lift you up to do God’s work for you. So once again, thank you, Christine. Ladies.

God bless you and Judy, I just want to say this real quick, because we still got met Can I say a short prayer? really soon. Okay. Father in the name of Jesus at his thank you for your servant, Judy Weber. And she’s extraordinary podcast and all the listeners for that is thank you for the heavily deposits that were made today. Thank you for using myself using Judy. Oh god. And thank you, Lord, that every person who hears this will receive a breakthrough from yoga and that they will walk in their breakthrough they will implement the knowledge they could they’ve gotten something today oh god they may not have heard before or maybe you even use this podcast to confirm something for them. That is thank you for breakthrough for every listener, including me and Judy. Oh, God, and I thank you, Lord, a special blessing for Judy for making herself available to so many people got mostly to you.

Thank you for special blessing for her Oh God, because she took the time and put so much love so much care so much attention into the lives of others to help better their lives. Oh god. I think you said in your word, you would give it back to a good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over shall it be returned to hurt even greater than what she’s given harvest for Judy Weber and the name of Jesus. So add is Thank you. This is a do season for us. And that we shall walk in that breakthrough and we’re going to help other people get their breakthroughs, every listener here. Every person who hears it, they’re going to help someone else get a breakthrough as well. We just thank you. In Jesus name, amen.

All right. way to end it, why Love you. Love you too. Appreciate you

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