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Ep 59: A Powerful Morning Routine & CEO Mindset Transcript

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Hello, ladies, how are you today? Let me just get myself set up so that I can watch all of your comments as they come in. Yes, there I am. Alright ladies, welcome. Welcome to thriver Thursday live place to be to learn powerful business strategy and to grow in your walk with the Lord. So welcome. As you’re coming on, I’d love for you to take a moment and say hi in the chat. I want to know who’s watching and I I always love to see who’s here, some familiar faces and some brand new ones. Let me know where you’re watching from. And that’s true whether you’re here live with me right now on Thursday, August 27. Or if you’re going to be watching on the replay. By the way, I really would love to know if my sound is good because I’ve been having some issues with my computer. As you may know, I actually broke down and got an iPad Computer. I don’t even know what else it’s called, but it’s an apple computer.

Hi. Can you hear me? Okay, hon. Thank you for joining. And I actually broke down last weekend and got a computer but I didn’t get it set up yet. So I’m really excited to get rid of computers that have weird audio. So if you can hear me on, please let me know. All right. So I’m so glad that you’re here. And we have had Hey, Shimei we have over 300 of you join this community in the past month. That’s more than any other month and many of you came for signing up to join me during next week’s thrive method workshop. And oh, my gosh, I’m so so excited about that. Ladies. We’re working so hard over here, me and my team to bring you the very, very best virtual event inside a Facebook group ever, like ever. Okay. She says great. And Margie is sitting in her office and I sound good, great. And am I am I saying that right? Is it Shimei or semi? So now I’m wondering, all right, so listen, as always, and everything I teach and everything we’ll be doing next week inside the thrive method workshop, we’re going to keep our eyes focused on Christ, because he is the reason why we do what we do, right. So just want to give you a sneak peek into what you’re going to get next week. I hope you’re registered. If not, the link is there in a caption, not only am I going to be going live every day, Monday through Friday at 12, noon, Eastern with an in depth training.

This is not you know, skim the surface kind of stuff. This is getting into some serious meat so that you can dig into it so you can get some work done, you’re gonna love it, but that the live trainings at noon is only the beginning. Because I’ve also decided this time I’ve never done this before. I’m also going to be bringing you implementation and accelerate sessions in addition to the trainings right. And these are going to be bonus training so I can tie everything together for you and put it in a pretty little bow because I want to give you everything you need to take your business to The next level. Okay, so I want to give you an idea of these bonus trainings, what are they going to be on? Right?

One is going to be on why most programs and courses don’t work. Like what’s missing? I want to tell you that about this one, identifying your ideal client, some key strategies to make sure you do that. You’re going to love this one social media content and repurposing. Yes, that will be a bonus training for you inside the workshop. About this one growing your email list organically. Yes, yes, yes. And social selling social selling do’s and don’ts. There’s a lot of time we’re spending on social are we doing what we need to be doing? Where are we focusing? I want to tell you about that. And then the final bonus training inside the thrive method workshop is discerning God’s will for your business and discerning God’s will for your business. These are topics that I hear about you ladies are questioning and so I wanted to address something Inside the workshop, and it is Shimei. All right today awesome. And Rebecca is here. Thank you so much for joining ladies. Okay, besides the 12 noon trainings besides these bonus trainings, I’ve also decided I want to host a watch party, a formal watch party every night at 7pm. Eastern for those of you that work or won’t be able to attend live, because that’ll make it more fun if we watch it together, right. Plus, I’m going to be bringing you a couple of case studies showing you the successes at some of our blessed to thrive Academy members have achieved.

So to say, thank you for the love to say next week is going to be impactful. And an absolute game changer for you and your business would be an understatement. So if you are not yet registered for this thrive method workshop happening next week, please do so link is in the caption. And you need to register in order to get my 20 plus 20 plus page workbook which is fabulous. It’s not only Like, it’s not only useful, but it’s beautiful.

So really proud about that. But you need to be registered to be eligible for some amazing amazing prizes including jewelry, including, you know, business books, including Starbucks gift cards, including a seat in a blessed to thrive Academy, you’ve got to get registered. And finally, in order to get access to even more resources that I’ve mentioned, and other fun stuff, you’ve got to register. Alright, so, enough of that hope to see you all next week. This is the biggest workshop challenge online, anything that I’ve ever done, there’s 375 of you’ve already registered. And, you know, I want to get that closer to 500. So if you’re registered, and if some of your girlfriends that have a business, or maybe they’re incorporated or maybe they’re stay at homes and they they have little ones but they want to start a side business, please share that link with them and invite them in. Okay. Thank you, Kim for joining Good to see you. And Margie says, Wow, that’s what I’ve been praying for Awesome. Well seek and you shall find and ask and you shall receive. Right. All right. Well, if you’re new, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Judy Weber, and I’m the founder of this amazing, less deprived community.

I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist. And I work exclusively with high achieving women of faith like you, and I help you build an impactful and profitable six figure plus business, always putting Christ first. If you haven’t yet done an intro post to tell the other ladies about you. And I’d love you to do a video. I invite you to do that now. It’s really great when we get to know each other, right? I see the love there. Awesome. Awesome. And by the way, connecting and networking is not only good for business, it’s good for you. Right? Because you are not alone, sister. We’re in this thing together. And we’ve got your back. I got your back ladies here. Got Your Back and so it’s just so great to be back. Part of this group with so many of you, just amazing. Thank you so much for that. All right. So as you know, all month, we only have a few days left in August, but we’ve been focusing on Action. Action is so important. We could have all these great ideas floating in the air. But if we don’t take action on them, nothing will be done. Right.

And today, I want to focus on time. Because how we spend our time is going to impact what we’re what we’re going to be able to do, right. Specifically, we’re going to talk about your morning routine at a CEO schedule. So first, we’re talking about time. You see in the caption, if you haven’t yet watched or listen to my time blocking workshop, I have a video on that workshop that I did in January and I made it into a podcast episode. So those links are here. You really need to watch that because more than a bunch of women to to took the time to watch that or hear it said to me. Oh my gosh, Judy. I finally get it. I finally understand what the heck this time blocking thing is. And one of my clients actually said, you just changed my world. So, take a watch or listen to that. Alright, let’s go to God. And then we’ll dive into our morning routine and CEO schedule.
Lord, thank you.

I just praise your name, Lord, for the fact that I woke up, Lord, for the fact that I’m here with these beautiful ladies, and that you brought us together, Lord, praise you, Lord. Thank you. We love you, Lord, we want to do your work. And we we just so appreciate your promises that are all Yes, in Christ, where you call us, you promise to equip us Lord. So I pray that you will use me as your vessel today and speak the words and, and and just touch the hearts and minds of the ladies listening, whether it’s here with me live or on the replay, that you touch them in a unique way that they need. To grow in you, and to grow their business so that they could make the impact on the people that you would have them serve. Lord, we love you. We trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen.

All right, so Leanne has joined and Amanda, and Dory, and am I going to cover how to do Facebook Live? I don’t know that
I will do that in the context of the workshop. But it will be not in detail, but it will be touched on on the whole idea of social selling. So that’s great. 30 Thank you for that. And ladies, by the way, when you have a topic, or a question like that, that Dory just posted, I’d love you to post a question here in the group, or here in the comments. Hey, Judy, I would love you to address blah, blah, blah, because when I bring you these lives every Thursday, there really is for you. So that is super, I need to know what you need. So please don’t hesitate to let me know. All right, she bases, amen. Okay, so I have a question for you. Let’s open up this comment and let’s have some interaction. Hear? Are you a CEO? Are you a chief executive officer? Are you the visionary of your business? The one leading the show? Is that you?

That you type CEO, CEO, I’m the CEO. Okay. So are you the CEO? Or are you an employee? The one running around, doing everything, all the things on the hamster wheel, never feeling like you’re caught up. Right? Feeling like there’s just not enough time in a day thinking there’s no money to hire a VA or other help, then your control freak, believing when nobody can do what I do, as good as I can. Right? And you may say that even on the stuff you really don’t like to do, and honestly, stuff you’re really not even that
good at, right. So I want you to sit on that for a moment.

Are you a CEO? Or are you whatever employee, okay, and I’m seeing all these CEOs coming in. I know there’s a delay. So you know, when I post it like that it might make you rethink, right? I hope not. But Michelle says yes, I am a CEO. Doreen is the CEO Amanda Leanne a Sisa, Margie, Kim and Doreen well, Teresa, CEO and employee I appreciate that honesty. Because Yeah, Margie you also the hamster. Yeah. And she my employee wanting to be a CEO. Excellent. Okay. Excuse me. So I love the vulnerability. I love it. Ladies. I was right where you are. If that’s what you feel like, on that hamster wheel, doing too much on your own feeling like, I can’t afford to hire somebody even five hours a week, right? But that mindset is very, very important. And we’re going to be addressing that very issue. You know, further inside the workshop, actually, because we don’t have time to do that today. But it’s definitely something to think about. Right? Because while we, we always want God to be our CEO, right? I mean, there’s no one better. There’s no one better suited no one smarter, no one more strategic, no one that knows more, and God, right. But we, as thriving entrepreneurial women need to have a CEO mindset. Because here’s a fact, if you want to elevate your brand, and scale your business, or get it off the ground, as the case may be a lot of you that joined from the workshop are newer, and that’s great. So if you want to elevate your brand, and really have that jumpstart or scale your business, you can’t leave your schedule to chance. You need to think like a CEO, a thriving CEO. So you take the actions of a thriving CEO, and so then you’ll get the results of a thriving CEO, right. So when we ask ourselves, what is a thriving CEO, think about I went to the source.

I researched The morning routines of some of the most successful CEOs, including CEOs of large international companies, as well as thriving seven and eight figure, female entrepreneurs. Of course, their morning routines vary. So please know this is not a one size fits all. But there are similarities among them as to how to best get that day started. And so I think I have like eight, eight things that both successful and thriving CEOs do in the morning. So I want you to think about which of these you may already be doing and which you want to start implementing. Okay. All right. So the first thing most, if not all, of the thriving CEOs that I studied, they all start with quiet time.
prayer time, Bible reading, precious time with the Lord, journaling, gratitude time, meditation. I personally, I personally don’t like that word meditation. No, it’s a biblical word. But I feel like the secular world kind of took it over hostage. So I don’t use that word but but there are obviously some of those thriving seven and eight figure entrepreneurs are, you know, they’re not believers yet. We hope one day, so they speak in terms of meditation, but this idea of quiet time, across the board pretty much, right?

We need that quiet time to be still. Right. And I love the verse I think it’s Psalm 4610 Be still and know that I am God. He still and know that I am God. So we go to him and we spend time with him and we we journal, it’s really, really great, great thing to do. First thing. Next thing they do, and this isn’t necessarily any particular order, actually. But another thing that thriving CEOs do is they exercise,
they exercise. Now some do it later in the day but a lot do it in the morning because movement energy As you
get those endorphins going, it helps bring focus and clarity. So your brain functions better. Now I can tell you on this issue of focus, I, there has not been one woman that I’ve spoken to in the last many months that hasn’t said, I think I might have ADHD. Because I’m distracted, I lose focus, you know.

So, if that’s you, and it probably is myself too, right? I mean, we really have to be intentional in staying focused and being clear on the mission, right? But exercise is something that is very good to help with the concentration and the focus and the clarity of what you’re doing. So maybe that’s one thing you want to implement. Another thing that may sound kind of simple and foundational and
like this is a CEO thing but hydrate hydration. so important. Are you like me where you know, you get this, this water here and it just sits there and you’re like an hour goes by the pool. I guess I’d better drink it. I guess I better drink it right. Hydration is really important, again to make sure that our brains are operating at their best. So that may seem like a small thing, but it is so important. Okay. All right, we’re on number four already. And this is identifying priorities. Okay.

So it could be the one priority for the day, or it could be up to as many as three. But on this point, when you identify the big things that have to get done that day, you see CEOs Think big picture. We’re leaders, right? And we don’t necessarily have to get involved in the minutiae of everything. We lead, we delegate, we oversee or depending how big the organization is, we have people to own receive different things and all of those details. So on this point number four CEOs in the morning, identify the 123 big things that they need to focus on for the day their priorities. Okay? So first thing quiet time. Second thing, exercise. Third thing hydrate. Fourth is identify priorities. Fifth is this. I love this one. brainstorm. brainstorm time. Okay. See now that they have their day’s priorities in order.

Now we as the CEO can focus on some of those specifics and how we’re going to accomplish them. So we think and we strategize. Now, funny thing is, I know this is true for me, the location of this brainstorm session isn’t necessarily at your desk. And apparently I’m not alone, that some of the very best ideas that I’ve ever had in the way of Marketing my business or you know, something else related to my business happened in the shower. Have any of you ever had these flu outside the box amazing ideas while you are kind of not even thinking about work right in the shower. But this idea of brainstorm time, you know, it could just be, you know, 10 minutes, where you’re saying, you know, I’m going to really focus on this one issue and I want to see what ideas come to me and of course, we would pray, Lord God, please open up, you know, my mind and my heart to to know what next step to take. But it’s this idea of brainstorming.

Okay, and I know I’m just gonna pause to go back to the comments here. I love how vulnerable some of you are, right? LEAH says CEO employee and everything in between. Thank you for the love ladies. Kim says Well, yeah, I know I get what you’re saying sister. And Aaron says control is my problem for sure you’re not alone. Bonnie is joining us from California. Good morning, sitting at my desk, putting together My daily calendar. Awesome. Last night Keita just joined a Jackie’s here. Awesome. All right, so we had the five, the first five things that CEOs do in the morning to get it going.

Number six, they keep their vision and their mission and the core values and the company culture
along with the big goals right in front. So you’re the CEO, right? Or if you’re working on it, that’s the goal. So I want you to have your vision for your business, your long term vision, clearly focused, and right in front of you. Your mission should be printed out and right in front of you where you are at your desk, right? Your core values and company culture. That’s important, even if it’s just you right now. Okay, because one day soon, it’s not going to be just you, right? And again, your big goals, your revenue goals. Other goals, whatever they may be, depending on what type of business you have, keep your vision, your mission, your goals in front of you. Okay? And again, this helps with focus and prioritizing, and it makes you say, Okay, I’m going to look at my core values, this opportunity presented itself. But is it really important and isn’t really urgent for me to handle today? Right? So keeping all of this in front of you, is really, really helpful.

Okay, seventh, seventh thing that CEOs do in the morning is a read, whether it’s the Wall Street Journal, whether it’s a business book, whether it’s me book, the Holy Bible, thriving CEOs tend to be voracious readers. Were absolute lifetime learners, who is a lifetime learner pop it in the chat. I am a lifetime learner. I love to learn. If somebody would pay my way I probably would go to med school just for the fun of it. I want to learn I want to grow right So, we read, always looking to improve, to rise to get better, to serve better. Okay? Now the last thing the last thing is that CEOs in the morning, but it definitely before lunch, right? they swallow their frog and swallow the frog. I first learned this in my 20s when my sales manager said that and I’ll be honest, I thought he was saying something perverted so anywho thank god that’s not what it was. You know, frog could me fully rely on God, which I love, fully rely on God. But on this swallow the frog idea, I’m saying do what you dread

If there’s something that the thought of it stresses you out something you’ve been procrastinating day after day, please don’t put it off. Jump on it. CEOs handle it and get it done. Get it off your plate, then you can move on right Cuz otherwise it’s gonna be that stressor and it’s just gonna be like hanging there on your back and you take it with you everywhere, and it’s just kind
of not good. So some example of these frog items would be your taxes, doing a phone call with a client that you know is not happy about doing video, do first, okay, whenever that dreaded thing is accomplish it, you’re going to be more relaxed, better able to focus. There’s that word again. Okay, so let’s review. Maybe you guys can type this in the chat. That’ll help the next person when they come for the notetaking. Okay, so these eight things CEOs do every morning, quiet time. Exercise, hydrate, identify priorities, brainstorm. Keep the vision in front of you. Read and swallow your frog. Okay, now, just one more thing I want to mention is What do the CEOs do the rest of the day?
Right? Because again, when you’re the CEO, you’re not the one doing everything. Right.

So if that’s not you now, that’s fine. But let’s, let’s talk a little bit about what CEOs do the rest of the day. That’s important. Okay, so they have team meetings, right? Because, again, we’re the CEO. We’re the leader. We’re the leader of the team. So we’re gonna have team meetings, maybe not every day, maybe once a week, maybe twice a week, whatever, right. But we have team meetings. We also do tracking we monitor, we monitor the finances. We monitor where we are, on our goals. We monitor if it’s our job, or maybe it’s a social media person, but we monitor what’s going on in social write everything that is important to the business. We monitor, we monitor Google Analytics unless you have somebody else to do that, right. So we’re tracking we’re monitoring Okay, what else? We’re preparing social media content, we are the face of the business. So we are the ones that have to do the videos. We’re the ones that have to come up with the topics for the content. And by the way that’s going to be handled next week. You’re gonna love it. Okay. Thank you for that love. Thank you. So, we’re preparing the social content. We’re strategizing, we’re coming up with maybe our monthly themes. You’ll notice that I started a couple of months ago with a monthly theme,

We set the pace there for the social content. Next and this is ginormous for CEOs, we network, we connect and we collab. Relationship relationships is everything ladies in business and in life. We know this right? First relationship with the Lord, then relationship with our loved ones and others, right. So you should be spending a significant portion of every day reaching out to people, ideal clients, former clients, this is other than existing Clients write, you know prospects, other business owners who share your same ideal client if you’re a local business owner, other local business owners just so you can be known as that connector and, and help people out. Okay, networking,
connecting, collaborating, it’s huge.

And it’s a big big thing that the CEO handles two more things that she handles that is number one, you write articles, or maybe a book because again, you’re the face of the brand you are the brand. And so you need to elevate the brand by you know, gaining exposure and visibility for yourself and your company. So you should once a month be writing an article and submitting it thrive global is one medium is another those are two, you know, well known online magazines for lack of a better word resources that as soon as you submit there is no approval. Your your An author, okay, so that’s what a CEO does, they write articles, or they write books. Okay. And then finally, what you do as the CEO is you handle client work, you handle client work, working with clients, whether it be a one on one, whether it’s being consultation, whether it is, you know, showing your client houses, or you know, working with them and their finances whenever you’re, you know, whatever your thing is working in that way. Okay. So the rest of the day team meetings, monitoring things like financials and other strategic initiatives, preparing social content, networking, connecting, collaborating, writing articles, and books, and client work. So I want to I want to know, what do you think about all this stuff?

When when I first started, that’s the CEO. And then when I mentioned the employee, a lot of you said, who have a little bit, a little bit of an employee here and that’s fine because we are working progress. We’ve talked about a lot. So I’d love to know what is your biggest takeaway from today’s training? How are you going to approach your morning routine differently? Do you have a morning routine? Let’s start there. I’d love to spend a few moments just watching the chat and communicating with you. Do you have a morning routine now? Please say yes or no. Say yes, I have a morning routine. No, not yet. Okay. And then please let me know. What was your biggest takeaway? How will your morning your power morning change as a result of watching today’s training? Let me know. And as you’re doing that, as you’re doing that, I want to remind you that I want you to come back here if you can, today at 2pm Eastern. So just about two and a half hours from now. I’m going to be going live with a Facebook ads expert, my good friend Lisa stoops and we’re going to be answering your questions and she’s going to be bringing along her best tips and strategies. for winning on Facebook and Instagram ads, so again, that’s gonna happen live today, right here at 2pm. Eastern. She’s one of the thriver experts inside my blesta private Academy.

And so she’s the last one, I wanted you to see all of them, you know, doing their thing. So that happens today at two o’clock, so Daphne is joined. That’s so great LaShawn kita says, Yes, we are the face of the business. The answer is yes, I have a morning routine, but I’m not consistent with it. Aaron says sorta I need a better routine. Your mean says better defined her takeaway was to better define and prioritize my routine. That is excellent. Cesar says I have a morning routine. Just need to organize it more strictly. That’s awesome. So ladies, you know, I love that you show up with me here live on Thursday. I come every Thursday at 11am. Eastern with this thriver Thursday, live trading because I want to be there to support you to help move your business forward to help get you to that next level in your business, whatever that might be. And so I so appreciate you showing up. Please be sure to put this on your calendar every Thursday. let other friends of yours if they don’t know about this group, please invite them. And of course also to next week’s workshop today says I need to establish my morning routine. I need to spend my quiet time with the Lord reward. Definitely need to exercise. Oh, me too. Me too. So let’s encourage each other loss or ketosis? Yes, she’s got the morning routine. largey morning routine. Yes. now ready to get my hamster butt off the wheel back to business.

I love it. I love it. I love when we get real with each other. We’re all in the same boat. We’re just a different levels in along the journey, right? So we can so relate to that. And you’re going to get better every day. If we improve by even 1%. Every day, in 100 days, we’ve improved by 100%. We’ve doubled our improvement if that makes sense. So that’s pretty neat. It’s incremental. It’s incremental baby steps that get us to where where we need to go. And then these, this movement is going to compound over time. And that’s what’s going to get you to six figures and more. Okay. So Kim says, my morning routine is currently focused on getting things ready to take my son to school. I need to get up maybe 30 minutes earlier to establish a routine to have a more successful day.

And Kim, I know what you’re doing, and you are super successful, but I see what you’re what you’re saying. And I guess yeah, you could definitely optimize your day with those extra 30 minutes. That’s the amazing thing. those extra 30 minutes Can, can do so much to get you even in a better, more positive and God focused frame of mind for sure. Bonnie says I get up early, but I do not pull myself together. I need me to get dressed and put my appearance together. All right. That’s right. I mean, I feel so much better. When I have makeup on that what I do, I feel more professional, more polished. So I totally get that. All right, ladies, I have to get going. It’s after 1130.

Thank you again for joining me And I can’t wait to see you next week inside the thrive method workshop and hopefully later this afternoon for the Facebook ads live Until then, bye. God bless you sisters Take good care. Bye.

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