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Ep 60: 5 Things You Need to Make Money in Your Business ASAP Transcript

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Welcome to this episode of The she is extraordinary Podcast. I am Judy Weber, your Christian business coach and business strategist. And I help high achieving women like you build thriving businesses while living an extraordinary life that Christ has for you. And today ladies, it’s a special kind of solo episode because I, I see you out there working hard. And you may not be making the money that you want to make. And a bunch of you in the past month, like I know well over 300 ladies came into my blessed to thrive community Facebook group and if you’re not there, I highly encourage that you join that 3200 ladies that are already there, they’re like minded they they love the Lord. They want to build a feel called to grow and create this faith based business to serve the Lord and serve others. And so I would love you to join the blessed deprived community Facebook group, lots of sisterhood and learning and growing there.

But what I see in the ladies that are joining, a lot of them are just getting started. And when I reach out to them, what I’m hearing is how do I get this thing going? Like how how do I get it up and running? How do I make money so that I can leave my nine to five or so that I can really have an impact on my family’s finances. So this episode is really all about getting going and how to make money now, because there’s a lot of myths out there. And I know that when I started my first business back in oh three and and even since then, as I as I grew different businesses, sometimes we get it wrong and we listen to the wrong people. And so early on, we have spent so much money that didn’t need to be spent. So I felt compelled to bring you this episode because we’re going to talk about what you really need to make money ASAP in your business. Okay? So the first thing that I really want to dive into is I want to kind of give a disclaimer and that is, I am not talking about the legality, okay, like like choosing a business name and getting that registered and maybe trademark and getting your Ei n, your employer identification number, your federal number, if you if you need that, getting your business license, setting up your bank account. I’m not talking about all of that, that is for a different time. What I am talking about is the nuts and bolts of business to get money in that bank account in that business bank account.

So let’s start with a couple of things that you may think you need, but you really don’t. Okay, because as always ladies, I want to be real
With you, I want to I’m a very no nonsense, let’s get to it kind of person. So I want to make sure you know that you do not need. When you first start out these things you do not need a fancy website.
You don’t need a website.

You should have a web presence. Right? That could be a one pager, you can go to LeadPages. net and create it use their templates. I think it’s like less than 30 bucks a month. Maybe it’s $20 a month. I don’t I don’t remember. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a website. Not Not right now. You also don’t need business cards, especially in COVID days. We’re going to hand it to nobody wants it right now. Okay.
Um, and also, here’s a huge thing, right? You do not need to have it all figured out. Before you actually open up.
As I talk to you ladies, what I hear is many of you have been getting ready now for weeks and months and some even years.
I say, okay, you’re getting ready. That’s good. It’s a good thing to kind of, you know, go to God make sure that this is what he has called you to. That’s a beautiful thing. Never a waste of time to go to the Lord. But what do you mean by getting ready? What are you getting ready for? Oh, well, I’m studying my craft. Okay, well, that’s good. Okay, well, we’ll be doing that on an ongoing basis, right? Because we always want to stay state of the art we always want to stay, you know, top of everything that’s going on in our industry and in our space and in our world, right. But what I find is that too often we’re getting ready to get ready to get ready and that level of perfection is going to is going to wipe you out as an entrepreneur. You’ve got to be okay. With moving forward, not knowing everything. And I want to let you in on a little secret. Nobody knows everything. Nobody. Not Marie Forleo right.

Not Rachel Hollis. Not Jenna Kutcher, but any of these amazing ladies that, you know are influencers and that you may admire, they take as you need to take one step at a time, one task at a time to move forward, because if you are still getting ready to get ready, oh my goodness, think of the people that you could have helped, but you didn’t because you were afraid we don’t. We don’t move in fear ladies. We move forward in faith. Please write that down. Faith. If the Lord God called you to it, he promises to equip us to fulfill that calling. Hallelujah. Thank you, God. So we need to go all in. I’ll be talking about that in a moment on what we’re called to do. So you do not have to have it all figured out. And that’s why I really love Marie Forleo his book, everything is figured out because it is right. Okay, so that’s what you don’t need. So let me talk about the five things you do need in order to kind of jumpstart your business and make money.

Okay, so the first thing, write it down. Please don’t call this fluff. This is critical stuff. Okay? The first thing you need is you need to believe in yourself. You need to believe in yourself. I can’t overstate that. That’s pivotal. Because if you think you can’t really do it, and that’s your mindset, you’re going to have a big mountain to climb. And you’ve got to believe that you’re an expert in whatever it is that you’re doing. That you are an expert, life coach that you are the expert with respect to copywriting, that you are the expert, realtor, whatever it is, that that you, you know are doing that you feel called to do in your business. If you make jewelry if you sell, you know our bond or whatever it is, or you’re thinking about that kind of thing. You need to know that you’re an expert, even if you don’t know everything, even if you’re brand new, because guess what, you wouldn’t have wanted to do that, unless you had a passion for it, a really deep interest in it.

And so just have to be a lifelong learner. lifelong learners are what thriving CEOs are anyway. All right. And let me let you in on a letter little secret. I don’t know if if you follow me, you’ll know that I’m a lawyer. I’ve been a lawyer since 1995, Trial Lawyer here in Philadelphia. I no longer practice in that way. I am counsel for myself and my business. But
you know, lawyers don’t know everything. There are things that come up, I was a medical malpractice, defense attorney representing doctors and hospitals. And so, you know, invariably, in any case, there would always be a twist something I would have to learn something that I would have to read up on.

Doctors, you know, I represented tons of er doctors and, you know, in cases that they would, what do they do when they go
Come on, you know a case and they can’t figure out what’s going on with the person they know the resource to go to, to find the answer.
And that’s, that’s you, right? So I think as women, we we always want to I don’t know why that is, it’s kind of admirable, right? That we want to be the very, very best and we have these high expectations and aspirations. But we need to give ourselves grace and we need to be realistic and understand Only Christ is perfect. Hallelujah. We need to be okay with our imperfection.

As long as again we feel called to this business, and we are passionate about helping others in whatever way it is with a product service or whatever. Okay? So what you need to make money in your business and jumpstarted is a belief in yourself and in your calling.
Hurry this also is you have to believe that you’re really great at what you do. Right? You have to have an understanding this is part of believing in
yourself. Why are you? Why are you better?

You know, I, earlier on years ago, I worked only with real estate agents and brokers and I would ask them why, you know, you’re in a you’re in a sea of realtors. Why you? And so many would say, Well, I don’t know. Wait, whoa, what do you mean you don’t know you’re better because of X, Y, or Z. And I could easily come up with them once I got to know them. So if you don’t know what makes you special, reach out to me. DM me over on Instagram at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live, you get me and say Hey, dude, I don’t know what’s so special about me. I would love to tell you, sister. So please take me up on that. Okay. You need to know that you’re better that you will serve your clients better than anybody else. Even if you don’t have it all figured out. And even if you’re still learning, okay, because you’re passionate about the service and your passion for what you do and how you do it and who you do it for that passion is contagious. And it’s powerful. And that’s what’s going to equip you by the Holy Spirit by the grace of the Lord to serve in a very, very high level way.

All right, so that was what you need number one belief in yourself. Number two piggybacks on that. The second thing you need to make sure that you jumpstart your business and make money is commitment, commitment, commitment to your purpose and commitment to your business. Let me explain. Business, entrepreneurship. You know, I know there are some gurus out there that make it look like you know, open for business, pop open your laptop and work from the beach three hours a day. I mean, I don’t know what world they’re living in, or what hill of beans they’re trying to sell. But I can tell you from growing many businesses to the multi six figure level, a, it’s not a walk on the beach. It can
Be overtime as you grow the business as you scale the business when you get to that point, but there is a process to get there.

And so the level of commitment that I’m talking about ladies is
no plan B. Like if you are starting a business and you say, well, I’ll try it out and see what happens. Or, well, if it doesn’t work out, I can always go back to my corporate job or something like that. It’s not gonna work. It really isn’t. Or it may work once you get over that hurdle and stop thinking that way. Because as long as there’s that plan, be out there. As long as you’re merely trying, instead of committed to making it work. You’re always going to be fighting yourself.

And that’s the truth. Right? And you know, there are days when you wake up and you may not feel like working, you may feel like taking a day off and of course we need to do that. I don’t want you to work. 24 seven, I want you to work 10 hour days. Okay, but at the same time, I don’t want you to kind of take it in a lackadaisical kind of way, and make excuses, oh, I don’t feel good today, I’m not going to do that video, or I don’t, you know, feel like making phone calls today. Those are excuses, and they’re gonna just gonna trip you up. Right? So in a way of commitment, you also need to be willing to make sacrifices. And you have to be intentional and strategic on and set boundaries for yourself around the sacrifices you’re willing to make.

You know, there will be a time in your business when perhaps you need to sacrifice time with your family and loved ones. Because you need to get this business going. And you’re, again, you’re going to work smart strategic, so that that’s not a big chunk of your time. But those sacrifices will have to be made to some extent, maybe it’s family time. Maybe it’s friends, friends who are negative and who are bringing you down and they’re constantly giving you negative in your mind, you can’t have that, especially when you’re starting.
You’ve got to make the sacrifices.

Also, you’ve got to be going willing to go all in. And I mentioned that earlier, my premise, the primary fabric premise to my coaching, and my teaching and everything that I do and everything that I’m about is when you go all in, on who Christ made you to be all in on who you are in him.
Moving in faith, moving with courage, taking scary action, and doing it afraid. And even when you don’t have everything figured out and you take strategic action, not just willy nilly, you know, throw spaghetti at the wall type action, but when you go all in on who you are in Christ and speak your voice boldly, and you’re not afraid to stand for something.

Ideally, of course, we’re gonna talk about in a moment how what you stand for your core values and your beliefs should really
resonate with your ideal client, you need to have an ideal client. But this idea of going all in on who Christ made you to be being okay with the fact that you are perfectly imperfect, you are perfectly imperfect. So be good with that. Because you know that Christ again, promises going to equip you. And so where you are lacking, he is more than able to fill the void. Hallelujah, and I get an amen on that. All right. So, the first two things you need to make money and jumpstart your business is the belief in yourself and commitment. And those two pieces are all wrapped up with mindset. And so you might say, okay, dude, get me to the strategy. Get me to the strategy. That is exactly what I said. 30 years ago, when I first got out of college was in sales, and I’m like, get me to the strategy. Yeah, yeah. mindset fluff. I thought.

Let me make sure you know this. If you haven’t heard me say this already or if you’ve never heard this before, mindset, my dear sister is the differentiator between barely surviving and prosperously thriving. I got to say that again, mindset is the, the number one differentiator between barely surviving and prosperously thriving. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. Please don’t underestimate the power of this mindset. If you believe you can do it, you will do it. I approach my business now as as I’m already where I want to be. I am already that seven figure CEO. And that’s the action that I take. I’m recording this on a Saturday morning, when it’s beautiful and sunny. And ideally, I would love to be taking a walk outside. Right? You sacrifice you do what needs to be done. I wanted to serve you with this because I feel compelled to I don’t want you to struggle.

And so, hear me when I say the mindset is huge. I need you to think like the thriving CEO you want to become. And it starts with believing in yourself, and commitment to the business understanding that this entrepreneurial journey is not a quick hit.
It is not an overnight sensation. The lady said I mentioned earlier, they have all been years in the making. Rachel Hollis started with an event planning business 10 plus years ago.

And it took that long for her to get to this place that we see her now which looks like an overnight sensation. Oh, she wrote a book or two and now all of a sudden, she’s millions of followers. Oh, no. Let me reassure you. She started exactly where you are. Right. So you’re in great company.
Alright, so the third thing you need to jumpstart your business and make money is you need to have your ideal client figured out. You need to know. She or he is specifically, you need to name that person. This is a fictitious person, right? And I’m just going to say for me, right, so I have, obviously a woman you as my ideal client.

And so I have her name. I picture her eye. Her name is Amanda. And I know you know, what her marital status is, and I know what car she drives. And I know what purses she likes, and I know where she shops and what magazine she reads. And, and then I know the basics that we all know Oh, I know her demographic and where she lives kind of okay, but hear me when I say when you know that ideal client. So well.
That is when you’re messaging the words that you say whether it’s in a social post, whether it’s in a podcast interview, whether it is in a, you know, article, blog, post, whatever it is.

When you know who you’re talking to, and you speak their language, and you speak to their pain points, and you know what keeps them up at night, you know what their challenges are, you know what their dreams and hopes and aspirations are to that level of intimacy, like like it’s your best friend. And that is when your messaging is going to hit them. That ideal client in two places. One smack dab between the eyes, right? She’s gonna say, Oh my gosh, how does she know me so well. It’s like, she’s talking right to me. Okay. So right between the eyes and the other place you want to hit your ideal client with your words is in the heart,
in the heart, because the emotion is the the emotional element that you bring in your words and then everywhere you show up wherever that is online, offline, that is what builds relationship that is what builds connection. And that is the beginning of

Okay, that’s the last one we’ll get to but so this ideal client need to know her or him whoever it is very, very well, if you don’t know, and if you don’t have an ideal client, and you are fighting me on this one, as I did earlier to ladies where you’re like, you know what, I want to serve everybody, I’m not going to turn anybody away. Great. That may be well and fine. But your messaging needs to speak to a particular group of people subset of people. Because if your message is generic in general, nobody’s going to be listening. Nobody’s going to be impressed. Nobody’s going to be drawn to you. It’s when you make that polarizing statement.
That is a bit controversial.

Right? When you tell the world what you stand for, that you’re going to turn on some people, your ideal client, you’re going to turn off others those that you don’t want to work with. It’s a perfect thing that happens. Trust me on that, right. Okay, so believe in yourself commitment, ideal client, what else do you need? Let’s get to number four. We now that we know who you’re serving, right, and what they need, because if I didn’t reiterate this earlier, you need to know not only who this ideal client is, but you really need to understand very, very well, where they’re struggling and what their challenges what their pain point is. So when you know who your ideal client is, right, what they need, then you need to know how you’re going to solve the problem. How will you solve that problem? And you put that together in number four, your offer your offer? What? What are you selling? Right? So if you’re a life coach, what are you selling? Are you selling a group coaching opportunity? Are you selling a one on one type package? And it’s not an hourly rate, and that’s going to be another podcast episode, but you know, or is it? Or is it a course or program or what? Right? You need a offer a clearly defined specifically spelled out clear clarity, clarity, clarity and simplicity. You need an offer, you need to have something to sell.

So many of you are like, I don’t nobody’s buying but then when I say Okay, great, well, what are your offerings? And you’re like, Well, I haven’t really figured out the specifics of that. And I’m like, well, maybe that’s why I think that’s why nobody’s buying because you don’t really have anything for sale. Or at least not anything that you know, your ideal client can understand. So, you know, you don’t need to have it all figured out. But the offer you do, right, because clarity sells and confusion is a disaster right? Nobody’s gonna buy confusion. They want to buy clarity. People want to people will invest all day long on a transformation. They will invest all day long for accessibility to you. And accountability and hand holding and service. Trust me on that. So knowing your ideal client, and what the problems are
and what you are great at. Right?

Then you think about Okay, my ideal clients were point A, and they would love to get over here to point B. So, how do I get them there? What’s the vehicle that I would use to get them from where they are right now to where they want to go? That’s the offer.
And how can I name it very clearly not cutely. Not cleverly not with not with like, industry jargon. Okay, we want to speak
with words that are, you know, easily understood by a third grader.
This is the offer. This is the offer a title that clearly states what the transformation is.
And setting out it specifically you’re going to be getting six coaching sessions, you’re going to be getting this that in the other, right? That’s the offer. Okay. So again, believe in yourself commitment, I do a client offer the last thing you need number five ladies, what you need to jumpstart that business and start making money and this is really the lifeblood of business. And that is connection. You need to get out there and connect.
You need to start building and nurturing relationships. It’s the foundation of business.

And so this is where I forget what number the podcast is. I want to say 32. But I don’t think that’s right. But I
did a podcast episode about social media and how everybody’s getting wrapped up about posting and the power is not in the post ladies. The power is in the DMS the power is in the connection in a relationship. And social media is merely a tool to use to get yourself out there and meet others that you otherwise might not have met. So if you want to get money in your pocket today, or in the next week,
when you believe in yourself, and you know that what you offer is valuable, you know your worth, when you are committed to this calling that God put on your heart, right and you’re willing to make the sacrifices and you’re going all in and you’re doing it afraid.

When you have identified specifically that ideal client, your ideal client, the one you can’t wait to work with the one that if you had 50 of them, life would be amazing because you would be getting them what they need, they be getting results. Beautiful, right? When you know that ideal client and and you have this offer that speaks directly to them that actually does get them the results when they do the work kind of thing. Right? Or if you sell a product that this product, you know does what what it’s supposed to do and jewelry isn’t isn’t beautiful offer. Okay? So think about this when someone buys a necklace, for example. Sorry, I’m digressing. But this is important. But those of you that are selling a product, whether it’s a nutrition product, whether it’s you know, a beauty item, whether it is jewelry, whatever it is, you think about it’s not just, oh wow, she wanted a pretty necklace. So here’s a necklace, think about again, we’re going to go deep, deep with our ideal client, what are they looking for? They they need that necklace so that they can feel put together when they go into that corporate job because they’re really looking to you know, move up to upper level management.

And so that necklace is not just the necklace, that necklace is a business tool for your ideal client perhaps. Or maybe your ideal client with the necklace is someone, you know, faith faith based and who loves the Lord and who wants to who feels more connected to the Lord, when they wear jewelry that speaks to him and about him.
This is what I’m saying, ladies, do you know who you’re selling to? And now, let me just make sure I make this clear, you may have more than one ideal client. But that ideal client can’t be the world. Okay.
And so lastly, when you connect, when you have all these pieces that I’ve been talking about together, and you start connecting with people and you talk to people, you talk to people who you think are your ideal clients and you, you know, have consultations with them and you write things down, write their words. And you will start to see as you talk to more and more people more and more of your ideal client, you’re going to start to see patterns, you’re going to start to see those same phrases coming up and the same issues and problems and challenges come up. And that’s going to help inform you.

It’s going to help inform you, as you’re putting together this offer that that ideal client is going to find here resistible.
And that’s what we do. Now there’s one piece with respect to the author that I didn’t touch on because that could absolutely be an entire note, different episode is on pricing. And I will just end this episode saying this. Know your worth, know your worth you. And by the way, your worth isn’t your hourly rate. Okay. When you say, Well, if I could make you know, $100 an hour or $200 an hour, so I’ll just price it out like that. No, no, no, no, no, no. You’re not selling your time.

What you’re selling what you’re offering to your ideal client is a result is a transformation.
Let me ask you as an example, what what would it be worth? If you were a health coach? What would it be worth to your ideal client to lose that 50 pounds and feel, you know, more confident in her feel more like herself, right? She’s let herself go now she needs to exercise and get healthy, to feel better, better self to feel more confident at home and at work to you know, rekindle some some romance where their husband and because she’s been feeling kind of less than right. What is that worth?

The getting healthy is worth a heck of a lot more than the cost of the product if there was some sort of product that got her there helped get her there or even you know the cost of the video or have the exercises or have that, you know menu list that you put together, or the coaching that you did for her hourly rate really doesn’t speak to the value. That value for her is priceless. It
is priceless. So what I find is that most of us, we very much underprice our offerings, because you know what, when renovated by more than our value, we’re motivated by fear and scarcity. And that brings us back to points one and two. And that’s why I started with them. Ladies, you need to believe in yourself, you need to know you’re the expert, you need to know that you are offering an amazing service or product, whatever it may be, that gets results that helps your ideal client. And that’s why you do what you do. And you know what, that’s exactly why God called you to this business that he put on your heart. So let’s end in a prayer.

I want you to go out there ladies, and I want you to act on these five things that you need. And I want to hear back from you. I want you to, again, DM me on Instagram at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live. If you’re not following me, please follow me. And I will follow you back. I want to connect with you. And I want to hear how this podcast has impacted you, and what action you’re going to take as a result of listening because listening is great. And you may be multitasking as we ladies always do. God bless us, right? He allowed us to and equipped us to be able to do that whether you’re taking a walk or you doing the dishes or cleaning or whatever it is.

But I need you to not just listen but to take action because that my dear sister is what it’s going to move your business forward. And the more we take action, the more confident we become. And the more we go all in on who Christ made us to be and we lean on him. That is when this huge straightforward is going to take place in business.

And in your life. All right, let’s go to him. Heavenly Father, we thank You, God. Thank you, Lord for putting this, this topic on my heart. Lord, I just pray that my words are God breathed. I pray that the words were hitting each and every one of these beautiful ladies listening in a very unique and special way, a word directly from you through me, your vessel Lord, is for abundant blessings for each of these ladies and their businesses and their families. Or maybe they all thrive in your name and by your hand, Lord, we love you.

We trust you. In the mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray, Amen. Amen. All right, ladies, God bless. And if you have a moment, if you haven’t subscribed, please do so we dropped new episodes every Tuesday and some bonus episodes on Fridays. I don’t want you to miss any. And also if you have another moment, if you could leave a rating and a review, I would so appreciate that.

Let me know other guests that you would like to have on and other topics you’d like us to cover?
God bless and have a beautiful day in him.

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