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Ep 61: Thriver Mindset – The Foundation for Christ Centered Impact & Success in Business Transcript

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Hello ladies, welcome. Want to make sure we are live right now? Yes. Welcome, ladies. I’m so excited to have you here. I cannot even tell you how excited I am so welcome, welcome. And as you’re hopping on, please tell me, tell me what you do. Tell me what your business is. Tell me where you’re watching from Welcome to day one of the thrive method workshop. Are you a coach, a consultant, a brick and mortar? Are you an accountant, lawyer chiropractor? Do you have direct sales? Is that your business? Or are you a creative or an agency owner, a speaker or an author? Let me know I am so blessed to have you here. I’m so so blessed to have you here.

Well, I’m blown away at the sheer number of you who stepped up, take an action to move your business forward. by registering for this workshop nearly 450 of you with many, many more than Morning, we may have surpassed that 450 number. But I want you to know that each of you is valuable and important to me. In fact, in my eyes, you are extraordinary. That’s right. You. Right? if nobody’s told you that today, please hear this beautiful friend. You are extraordinary. And I’m so excited to see so many of you here. Rebecca’s here. Roseanne is here. Kim is here, and many others who haven’t signed in, please do sign in. I just love that.

Hi, Kim. Hi, Angel. My goal this week, inside the workshop is that every one of you who participates and does the work will experience many aha moments and a breakthrough in your business and your life. And as we jump in, I need you to answer two questions for me, okay. And this is going to give each of us a point of reference as to where you are, where your mindset is today.

Right and I want you to answer this so that I You can see how far your mindset has gone. How much it has changed by the end of our week together. Okay, so thank you, ladies for signing in Cheryl’s here strollin is here Pamela delanda. It’s great to see all of you. So listen, here are my two questions that I need you to answer whether you’re here with me live or on the replay. All right, question number one, on a scale of one to 10. How would you rate your mindset? Please don’t overthink it.

Ask the question. How do you rate your mindset right now? On a scale of one to 10 with 10 being Whoo, my mindsets awesome. And one being Yikes, I need some help. Okay, that’s question number one. How do you rate your mindset? Okay. Question number two that I need you to answer on a scale of one to 10 How would you rate your money mindset? How would you rate your money mindset? Now your money mindset may be very different than your overall mindset. And that’s why I want you to answer both Questions and as you do, I want to make sure I’ve said hello to everybody who signed in. Muriel is here. Julie is here from Texas. Great to have you. Marilyn is here. Missy from Massachusetts. Great to see you. And Roseanne is a social media manager from Dubai. Oh my goodness. I don’t have no idea how late it is there. Thank you so much for joining. And Pamela is a home based travel business and MLM from Western PA. She’s in my neck of the woods. And Luiz is here from Winter Park, Florida. Is that right outside of Orlando. I’m jealous. Barb Finley is here from Denver, Colorado. Welcome Barb. Yolanda is from Michigan.

Becky is here from Mississippi. And Virginia writes herself at 10 I know you are on grown Virginia is one of my clients and she is phenomenal. She’s got her mind on right she thinks right we’re going to talk about that. Linda is here from Texas. Truly gives her an eight herself an eight for mindset Roseanne gives yourself a seven Have a five a seven, eight on money mindset. Linda says I need a way to earn money. My husband left Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry you’re in the right place to get this business going for sure. Darla says hello from Tucson. Virginia gives herself a five on money mindset. Thank you so much for your vulnerability ladies.

This is a safe safe place. So Kim gives herself a seven on mindset but a five on money mindset. And I see a four and a seven. Margie is here. Great to see you. Margie. She gives yourself an eight on both. Julie is here from reading Braden in Florida. I love Florida. Clark is here from Michigan. I see fives I see Derby from California. Spelling gives us a real mindset and a mindset. I find it very interesting. I find that most ladies that I talk with their money mindset a little bit less than their overall mindset. So that’s very interesting. Dawn is here from Virginia. Becky gives us a five on both mindset and money mindset. Uriel is here from Calif. Canada. Heather from Indiana. Maggie’s here she’s a health and lifestyle coach from Illinois.

Oh my goodness, I’m so excited. 40 of you are here now it’s blowing up, I won’t be able to go through the law. So listen, one and all. Truly, truly welcome. And if you didn’t get to answer my questions, thank you for the love. Ladies. I need you to answer those questions because I need you to remember that this week. Engagement is super important. super important. Prices begin tomorrow. How do you get a prize? Well, it’s based on your participation and your engagement today. The more you comment here, as well as on other ladies posts, as you engage and comment and the more of my team and I see you, the more opportunities you’re going to have to be a winner of some really fantastic prizes. In fact, one of them later This week, one of you are going to win the grand prize, which is a full scholarship inside my signature program, which is my blessed to thrive Academy which is a 12 month experience where women learn to generate a five figure and even six figure months I kid you not.

Okay, so the blesser private Academy is a beautiful prize that you could win if you engage. Okay, so I need to see the engagement. I need to see the love. I need to see the comments. Okay. So for those of you that don’t know me, I want to take just a moment to introduce myself. Hello there extraordinary ladies. My name is Judy Weber and I’m your Christian business coach and growth strategist and I work exclusively with high achieving go getter women of faith like you, and I help you build an impactful and profitable business, with grace, with simplicity, and with joy. always putting Christ first. So it is very, very good. Good to meet you. And I want you to participate fully because that is how you get the most out of this workshop.

So if you haven’t yet done an intro video, there’s a way to engage. Okay, my team and I are watching. So today, we’re going to be talking about driver mindset. What is mindset? All right, let’s start there. It’s defined as an established set of attitudes that you hold, right? It’s your beliefs. mindset is your perspective. And so I’m sure you’ve heard this life isn’t about what happens to you. It’s how you respond to those things that happen to you, right? And how you respond is a result of your perspective. how you think. So did you know that the Bible gives us guidance on this issue of attitudes and perspective, right? I’m sure you do. Right. But specifically on the point of how to think God has given us an exclusive list of things we are to think about. its founding Philippians four ten whatever is true Whatever is right, whatever is noble, if anything is pure, whatever is admirable, whatever is lovely. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy think on these things so true right noble, pure, admirable, lovely, excellent praiseworthy.

That’s it. If a thought comes up in your mind that is not on that list, we’re not to think about it. And that’s not from me. That’s from God. Right? thoughts, like, Now, tell me if you’ve had any of these thoughts that I’m going to go through right now. Okay, because God doesn’t want you thinking these thoughts, right? thoughts, like, I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy. Well, my Look at her. I’d love to be successful like that. But is it really possible? None of those thoughts are on the list, right? So if you’ve thought those, you can feel free to tell me in the comments, and now today, we’re gonna erase them. And we’re going to be intentional about what we think about how about this thought? got to do it all by myself. I can’t ask others for help. And everything’s got to be perfect. Everything’s got to be just right. Do you ever have those thoughts? How about thoughts like these? I can’t do that. What would they think of me?

Do you ever have that one, that’s popping up? Right? About thoughts like, hmm, sounds good, but not today, maybe tomorrow? Or how about thoughts of doubt, or fear, or even shame, or guilt from the past? You’ve all got it. Right. We all could go there. But ladies, none of these thoughts I just mentioned are on that exclusive Philippians four, eight list. So God does not want you to think on these things. And I get it, these thoughts. They just come up. We’ve been thinking about them for too long. You know, we may have tried hard in our own mind to push them down. But they just keep coming. I understand. So today later at the end, I’m going to give you An exercise that if practiced, is going to help you in eradicating them or at least significantly minimizing those negative thoughts. And with practice, you’re going to get better and better at minimizing or even eliminating those thoughts, but not by your power alone, but by the power of the Holy Spirit living in you. You see, for me, maybe for you. For me, in business as in life, Christ is at the center, no ifs, ands or buts or maybes.

Jesus is who I am. He’s my everything. Because you’re here I thinking that you feel the same, right? Well, a couple years ago, when I was working as an in house general counsel and the director of HR, my boss, who was a Jewish man who didn’t practice and really was not a nice guy. He said to me one day Hey, Judy, how would you answer this question? That he just asked me I forget exactly what the question was pretty sad. Okay. Yeah, yeah. But take Jesus out of your answer.

I was like, Gary, I can’t I can’t take Jesus out of the answer. He’s a part of everything I am. He’s part of everything I do. I love him, I’d be good, but for him, and he guides me in a way I do things and how I think, and my boss was just baffled, right? And I share that story because I think for some of you, having a faith based business may be kind of a new concept for you. There aren’t too many Christian business coaches out there, right. And so I’m thinking you’re here because you love Jesus, but you didn’t know how he really fit into your business. Or maybe in this whole PC culture that we’re living in. You didn’t want to offend anyone. So you thought it best to kind of keep your faith out of your business. Well, I’m here ladies to give you permission to invite the Lord Jesus Christ in it to get him in to every aspect of your life every moment of your life, including your business. Remember, he went relationship with you.

He cares about the details of your life. He loves you so much he sings over you, you know, business is not outside of God’s care. He longs the business, as in all aspects of our life will be done ethically. And with a servant’s heart, heart centered in love, right. So here’s another thing, you know, God gave you certain talents and abilities, and he gave you this passion to serve and help others, right? And he’s allowed your education and your background and all of those life experiences that have happened to you at this point. He used those, I think, so that you can help others and to bring him glory. Now, I want to drop a little disclaimer in here because I want to be clear on your faith does not have to be in neon lights within your business. Jesus does not have to be a part of your personal brand. And we’re going to get into branding tomorrow. You’ll love that. Okay. But how you run your business can absolutely be faith based, Jesus focused and I firmly believe that when you no longer exclude your faith from your business, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to feel more like your business is aligned with your values.

And when you invite Jesus in to your strategy sessions, and you’re planning sessions, he’s going to be there with bells on right. He’s going to be supporting you advocating for you and pouring into you. And not only will you be blessed, but ultimately so will your clients and your clients, families. Trust me, trust me, ladies, you need to lean on Christ to build your business. I can imagine no other way. Now, we know the naysayers are going to come. But if God put this passion, this drive inside of your heart, you’ve got to press on and walk in your purpose. Can I get an amen on that? I want to see that blow up, right? You see, the devil is the enemy. He’s gonna bring people in your life and he’s gonna bring things into your life to distract you, to stop you from living out that purpose that God has for you and that he designed before he designed the world. Isn’t it amazing? It’s like how hallelujah Lords are so good. Right? And you know, the closer you are with the Lord, the more you’re going to be under attack. Right? And these these these attacks, they’re not really fleshly it is otherworldly, right?

And we’re really becomes hard, right is when the others who are telling you to quit your business to stop messing around, you know, to be reasonable, right? When the people saying that are close loved ones, when they tell you to get back to your job. And when they may even tell you that you know, this business thing you’re doing isn’t even godly. That is when you need to go directly to God and ask him yourself and seek His wisdom, his guidance and go boldly to the rone as we’re told we can in Hebrews, and then listen to what God Himself tells you. And you need only be obedient to Him and have a really quick story before we pause to invite God into our presence for the rest of this time together. quick story about my oldest son, Michael. Michael graduated from Liberty University, not this past May, but last May.

And he got a music ministry degree he went to be a worship pastor, right. And there are all kinds of opportunities opening up close to home, and not much elsewhere. Now he graduated the top of the class. So you know, it’s not like his grades were bad, and he wasn’t a good kid and a good candidate. But jobs were kind of few and far between. And so he had all these opportunities, one, even at our home church, and he prayed about and he goes, Mom, I’m sorry, but it’s just I know you want me to go there, but I just feel like it’s not right. And so what did he do? He got a job. At Levi’s, at Levi’s, and there’s nothing wrong with that work. But I thought, Wait a minute, you could have gotten your foot in the door in the ministry already. But instead you like I was thinking yet this pie in the sky ideas and optimism about what he was looking for the perfect job. But he was confirmed by the Lord that those weren’t for him. And you know what happened ladies? That was in May.

So later last year, he got this offer for the perfect job for him. It’s out in Chicago. I drove him out there in January, and he is loving his life. And I tell you this story because he had his mama, who if you know me, I’m pretty darn persuasive. He had his mama saying Baby, you’re making a wrong move. You really should have jumped at this. And guess what? Mama has pie on our face. Because Michael went to the
Lord God Almighty and He got a good word and confirmation from him. So Who in the world was I to say, from you know, outside, that was a wrong choice. So I want to encourage you ladies, if it’s your husband, if it’s your mom, if it’s your best friend, if it’s your sister, if it’s whoever saying, why don’t you do it, but you really feel called by God to run this business. And let’s go for it. Okay, now let’s pose to invite God into our presence inside this workshop and in our businesses. Heavenly Father, oh, Lord, please, please take overlord I am your vessel. I just thank you God for bringing this opportunity so that I could be here live with 50 Plus, ladies, Lord, and countless others coming on the replay. Where God we know that you move in wonderful ways. And we also know there are no coincidences you brought the ladies here who are watching this, whether they have already registered for the workshop, or if they’re tuning in, and like what is this?

Lord I just asked you to use me mightily to use this workshop mightily to Build up these ladies so that they can fulfill the purpose and the mission that you have for them. Help them Lord, guide them and give them the wisdom they need. So that they can move their business forward in a powerful way so that they can serve their clients and ultimately bring glory to you, or God, we love you and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. Okay, who is excited to be here? I want you to show me some love and some like and some hearts in the comments. Tell me I’m ready, Judy. I’m ready, or type Praise Jesus in the comments, whichever your choice. I want to see that you are committed to our time together here. So in some way, Melissa just threw me some hearts. All right. I want you to dedicate this special time to the board. And I want you to put that down. And as a commitment here in the comments. Awesome. I’m seeing lots of love Phoebe and Kimberly joined Julie says so ready? All right. So first some administrative things, the workbook, didn’t my team do an amazingly beautiful job on the workbook. It is so pretty. And I don’t want you to miss the last page. The last page, I didn’t print this out in color. But the last page of the workshop work workbook has several Bible verses that are perfect for you, to encourage you as you build your business. Okay, so don’t miss that review the whole workbook. It’s like 20 plus pages.

Secondly, a reminder, I go live with these main trainings every day this week at 12 noon, Eastern. But did you see in the workbook, I’m also bringing bonus sessions, and I call them implement and accelerate sessions. Every day at four o’clock I’m coming to you live. These are meant to be additional trainings, and also allow for some q&a to help you as you implement each day’s homework. So be sure to come back not only noon for these trainings, but also at four o’clock eastern when I give you some additional business training, and it’s an opportunity for QA for us to get together. And actually, I could give you some coaching, right? That’s what that is intended for. Now, today at four o’clock on that bonus session, I’m going to be talking about why most programs and courses simply don’t work. Thank you for the love ladies. I’m going to be identifying what’s missing in those courses and programs, why they didn’t work for you. Because our question How many of you bought a course or joined a program and you didn’t get the results that you wanted? Or the results that were promised? And that’s you, you can tell me in the comments. And if that’s you, I need you to come back because at four o’clock, I’m going to tell you why. Okay. Also, one last thing, be sure to check the workbook for all the events happening this week. The schedule is inside. All right, so let’s start here. This is the worksheet you’re going to need to fill out for our time together today. Okay, it is for session number one. So let’s start your mindset establishes How you show up daily.

So if you’re following along on that sheet in your workbook, that’s your first blank, your mindset. So listen, your mindset is going to determine whether you wake up at 5:30am or die. your mindset is going to determine whether you do that scary thing that go live, right? Or if you put it off for another day, your mindset is going to determine if you invest in yourself, right? If you invest in yourself in your business, or if you just figure wing it and try to figure it out on your own in your mindset is going to determine if you actually open for business or not. Or if instead you just keep working on that website to get it perfect or preparing, you know, getting ready to get ready to get ready, right? your mindset is going to determine if you’re gonna do what you don’t feel like doing because you know you need to in order to build your business or if instead You’re gonna wait till you feel like it until you’re motivated, right? But I love you enough to tell you ladies, I’m gonna tell you the truth. You can’t trust your feelings. You’re never really going to feel like it who would not rather be on the beach and work it? I’d rather be on the beach. Okay? So proverbs 2826 says if we trust our hearts, we’re fools. We can’t trust our feelings to thrive in business.

Yeah, gotta do what you don’t want to do sometimes. Right? Nothing ungodly, nothing unethical. But things you don’t want to do things that scare you things that stretch you beyond your comfort zone, like video. That’s a hard one for us ladies, right? Because I don’t know about you, but I’m going on my own worst critic. But it all comes down to this question. Do you really want to thrive in business? Tell me in the comments. Do you do you really want to thrive in business, or is it kind of like, we’ll see what happens. Right? I want to see, you know, and Christine, you can’t trust your feelings. Amen, sister, right? Do you really want to thrive in business? Right? You can’t trust your feelings.

You got to be intentional with your thoughts. That is your mindset, how you think your perspective. It establishes how you show up each and every day. So I want to show you what a thriver mindset looks like. All right, delana we can’t trust our feelings. Phoebe says yes. Karolina just joined. Awesome. All right. So this driver mindset, what does it look like? First? It’s premised on commitment and driver mindset premised on commitment, commitment to the business that God put on your heart, which means this is not a hobby. This is not a Oh yeah, I’ll give it a try. Your business is a commitment and so you You must be 100% committed to it. no plan B. Okay, that’s number one for thriver mindset. Second, your mindset, a thriver mindset needs to be grounded in who God made you to be a belief in what you can accomplish in Christ, fully embracing who he made you to be. You see, we stumble ladies, when we look to ourselves in our flesh, by our own power.

And so I really want to be clear on this. Yes, we need to believe in ourselves. We need to be confident, we need to show up right? And we need to know that we can succeed. Right? But this belief in ourselves is actually a belief in who we are in Christ. That’s huge. Okay, it’s not self belief. It’s belief in who we are in Christ. Because you see When we put too much emphasis on self, we’re going to go astray. Self is the root of all sin. So be careful. Self is the root of all sin. Somebody could type that in, think about any sin goes back to self. Okay? And not to mention that we ourselves are only human. So we have limits absolutely right, and what we can do, in what we alone can accomplish, but God, oh, hallelujah, but God, he can do anything right, Mark 1027 Jesus Himself said, with man, this is impossible but with God, all things are possible. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Ephesians 320 is my life first and I have to go on about this one. There. We’re told that Christ is able to do immeasurably more. That’s like, we can’t even measure how much more that all that we ask or imagine all that we ask.

Or we could even imagine Christ is able to do anything measurably more sisters, can you hear me? Nothing is hard for him. And the neatest part about all of this is the rest of the verse, because God allows us to be a part of what he does. As it goes on to say that you know how Jesus does all this is according to His power at work were in us. Yes. Isn’t that amazing? and wonderful? And what a blessing, oh, how great is our God. And so the idea of a belief in what we can do, it’s belief in what we can do in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. Right. And as you can well see from these first, you know, 20, some minutes together, everything I do in my business, everything I do with my clients is grounded on this fundamental concept that I firmly believe was given to me from the Lord and that is, here we are, this is what it is, when we go all in on who we are in Christ. When we fully embrace Who He made us to be and stop being critical of ourselves hyper critical of ourselves, and instead accept and embrace the truth that we are wonderfully made by our Heavenly Father, that we are perfectly imperfect.

That is when we’re able to finally tap in to that full potential and walk in our God given purpose and live the extraordinary life that Christ intends for us. Are you thinking differently? Have you had an aha or two? From what I’ve just gone through? Do you have a different perspective? Do you have a different perspective? Yes, God shows us lovingness through Christ. Awesome. And I got a couple of Amen. All right, excellent. All right. So let’s go back to our worksheet we have these three circles. Okay. I want you to put these words in these circles. The first circle I want you to put B, the next circle I want you to put do and then Final circle I want you to put have, be do have, what I’m about to share is going to turn things for you on their head. This is a revolutionary way to think, as an entrepreneur. And in my opinion, it is absolutely vital if you want to thrive or let me rephrase that, if you are committed to be a thriving CEO, okay, here is this revolutionary way of thinking. So many believe that once we have X, Y or Z, right, only then once we get that, once we have, then we’ll be able to do ABC and only a once we have the XYZ and we do the ABC, only then will we have what we want, which is the success. But that’s not true. It’s actually backwards.

Okay. Let me explain. Because if you wait until you have that X, Y or Z, whether that is more money, I’m gonna wait till I have more money. I’m gonna wait until I have more followers. I’m gonna wait till I have more clients, right? Or maybe you say I have to wait until I’ve lost the weight until I look better. I’m gonna wait till I have more time in my schedule, whatever that have is. If you wait until you have before you take action on then you’re not going to take action because you keep waiting for the halving and so absolutely nothing. Nothing is going to happen in your business. Okay, so like I said, that may sound crazy, it may sound wrong, but trust me, it’s true.

Instead, you got to flip it. It’s the bead you have, right? You need to think like that thriving CEO that you envision yourself to be. Have you envision yourself as that thriving CEO I need you to think like her right now. today. I need you to be that woman. You are her. Consider your success a done deal, because in Christ it is. Okay. Can I get an amen on that? I’m gonna say it again. I need you to be that woman, that thriving CEO that you envision. I need you to be here today. Okay? It’s already done. You are a success. You just need to decide to be. You see, it’s up to you. It’s all in how you think. And it’s going all in on your faith, trusting the Lord God Almighty with your future trusting him with your business that he put on your heart. It is actually your choice. So think about it. If you’re doubting what I’m saying, I want you to think about this.

The decisions that you’ve made thus far in your life, have determined where you are today. right?
If you decided to marry somebody, that’s where you are. You decided to take this job. That’s where you are you decided to have kids and so now you’re a mom, right? Another example to really bring this point home, you decided if you decided to go to college to get your degree, you decided to be a college graduate. So what did you do? You made that decision. I will be a college graduate. So you took action as someone who graduated, what action, you attended school, you took classes you studied and ultimately you decided who you want it to be. You took action in that direction. And then you had what you wanted. You got your degree.

Okay, because it makes sense. So today is the day the time is right now ladies for you to decide. Who are you? Who are you? Are you a success? Are you that thriving CEO that you dreamed of? You decide. Maybe you’re going to decide you’re not and you want to merely be a want to be a hobbyist sitting on the fence. It’s one of those, I’ll try it, see what happens kind of people. But I can tell you, I don’t want one of these status for you. I want you to decide that you are a success that you are a thriving CEO. I want that decision to be made today, right now.

Now, understandably, you’re working progress. So my, but that’s where you’re headed, to see, and to have that to get to your goals between where you are right now. And having decided that you’re a success, to actually where you will be how you’ll become, you know, actually having that success. You’ve got to take action. And that action is the action of a thriving CEO. Right. So let me tell you how a thriving CEO thinks and the action that they take, okay? a thriving CEO takes scary action every single day. What scares you do it every day, because the more you do it, the less scary it becomes. a thriving CEO shows up persistently for her target audience every single day.

Whether she feels like it or not. Okay, well, I hate putting my makeup on. Me too. But I know it’s important for my business to show up. So some days I put my makeup on other days I don’t, but I’m always here for you. Right? What if it’s the action of a thriving CEO, a thriving CEO fully embraces who she is in Christ, and she takes imperfect action, striving for excellence. Don’t doubt me on that one. We strive for excellence, but we realize I’m only human. So I want you to give yourself grace. I want you to know, perfection, thankfully is not required. Right? What else what else? a thriving CEO is a lifelong learner, a lifelong learner, she invests in herself and in her business. So she reads business books all the time to learn to grow. She’s smart, and she knows that she doesn’t have time to waste chasing all those shiny objects. or downloading all those freebies, or watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos to learn how to run a business. So a thriving CEO hires a business coach to shortcut the learning curve. What she does a thriving CEO, this is the last one. And I think the most important, a thriving CEO goes to God, seeking His wisdom, praying specifically for her business. And she makes sure to take time to listen.

And all of that thriving CEO action that is what is going to get you to your goals, the goals you’ve set for yourself in conversation with God so that you with him by his power will make a significant impact in the world and generate consistent revenue, getting those financial goals that God gave you. Right? And that my sister is an asset Absolute win win win all around you when your clients win.
And the Lord God is exalted. Okay.

So I just want to check in how are you doing? If you’ve had an aha, I want you to pop in Aha, or a breakthrough. If you’ve had that. I want to see it in the comments. Have you heard something you didn’t hear before? Have you thought of something in a new way? And it’s already shifted your perspective. I really want to see that. Okay. All right. Now as the comments, I’m going to come back to check on them because I want to be, I want to respect your time. And so I’m going to keep moving forward. Agnetha says win win win shamika this is awesome, Heather. This is so good. Haha. And Angel has had a breakthrough. All right. So remember earlier I promised you an exercise that would help you eliminate or significantly reduce that negative self talk and so on. I want to talk about that now and it is called, Where is it? Where is it? It is called the mindset. reframe the mindset reframe. Here it is. Okay.

So let’s say you have a circumstance, never circumstance. And that circumstance is you’re not making money. Okay? I’m gonna teach you how to reframe it from the negative to the positive. All right? So the circumstances I’m not making money right now. So maybe the negative is you have a thought you have this thought business is hard. I’m just not good enough. Now, if you have that thought, based upon the circumstance of not making money right now, what I’m feeling will come up from that thought of business is hard. How are you gonna feel?
I can’t do this. I’ll never make money.

I should go get a job. Right, where you’ll be confused, you’ll be confused. So with feeling confused and doubting that you can do it, what kind of action Are you going to take? To make excuses? not to do anything, right? Um, you know, why why would you take action? If you’ve already convinced yourself, you’re not gonna make money. Right? And so when that thought results in a certain feeling and that feeling results in certain action here, in this case in action, right? It’s going to lead to results that you’re not going to like, right? You’re going to be stuck. You’re gonna feel like you’re not moving forward. You’re not getting the clients that you think you deserve. You’re not getting the clients that you want. Okay.

So that’s not good. That is the negative self talk that I want. To eliminate, I’m going to show you how right now, okay, we’re gonna take that same circumstance. And we’re going to go through the thought, the feeling the action, and the result stemming from the circumstance, we’re going to turn the negative into a positive.

Okay? Let’s reframe that. It’s the same circumstance. And that is you’re not making money right now. So instead of thinking this is hard, I want your thought to be you’re going to reframe it, and your thought is going to be you know what, I could figure this out. I may not be making money right now, but I can figure this out. And I will figure this out, right? Because I can figure anything out. Okay. So when you have that thought that you can figure everything out. What kind of feeling Are you going to have from that? You’re going to feel inspired, you’re going to feel like ready to try, right? You’re going to feel maybe it is possible, right? And you’re going to get these different feelings just from taking a different thought.

A thought from business is hard. I can’t do this to a thought of, I got this. I can figure this out. I may not have it figured out yet, but I can. Okay. And so that thought is going to lead to much better feelings. And that great can do feeling. And the optimism is going to lead to action. You’re going to go to Google, right? You’re going to call your friend and you’re going to invest in you, whatever that action looks like, you’re going to take action, because you’ve just had that thought that you can figure it out. And so what’s the result going to be? You’re going to move your business forward. And so that is the mindset reframe that I need you to do. Okay, so you have a circumstance, I want you to think a positive thought. And that’s going to lead to a positive feeling about that circumstance.

That’s going to inspire you to take good action on that circumstance to get much better results. Okay? So thank you for the love. This is so important. This can truly be transformational, in your business and in your life. And it all starts with your thoughts. You’re in control of what you think about. And if you doubt that leave me I used to, to, and it takes practice because we have for many of us become, like entrenched and a habitual way of thinking, which doesn’t serve us. It’s negative. I can’t do this. I doubt if I can do this. Who am I? I’m not worthy. I’m too old, too young, too fat to whatever, right? No more sister. No more. When you have a thought I want you to think this week about your thoughts. And if it’s a negative thought, I want you to take it through this mindset reframe exercise that we just went through. Okay?

You don’t have to have everything figured out. But you do have To have a right mindset, okay, hey, onward and upward. We’re at the last part of this sheet and it says to thrive as an entrepreneur, you must, and there are three spots. I want to tell you what those three things are. Number one, you must be committed to your business. commitment. no plan B, no excuses. Yeah, gotta go all in. Right? Okay. Number two. Speaking of going all in, you need to go all in on who you are in Christ. Remember, you are perfectly imperfect. And in Christ, you can do all things. And remember, he can do immeasurably more than all we can ask or even imagine.

So a thriving entrepreneur must remember that, right? You must know that when you go all in on who Christ made you to be and you’re going to thrive. Okay, the thing that you must do is going to be that thriving CEO that you desire to be today, you’ve got to be that thriving CEO that you desire to be today. Okay, we’re almost done, I have one more thing that I really need to talk about. Because for many, this is the big pink elephant in the room. Okay? I am blessed to speak to ladies every day like you in business. And somehow some of you have this notion about making money. And specifically, many of you have this sense or this belief that if you want to make money, that it’s a sin. And I want to dispel that right away because it ain’t true. I’m telling you, it is not true. And we need look no further than proverbs 31. And looking at the Proverbs 31 woman first on the issue of how much God loves you and how valuable You are in Proverbs 3110 it says you are worth far more than rubies.

And I want you to let that sink in my sister, you know you are the crown jewel of God’s creation we women are and you specifically individually are worth far more than rubies. So so your value far surpasses that of even the most precious stones be a diamond, Ruby or something else, right? You are valuable you are worthy. Second, there’s a Bible verse about money that is all too often misquoted. And that is First Timothy 610. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. You see, it’s not money, in and of itself is evil. And I know me I grew up in the church too. And I kind of thought that money is the root of all evil and I was taught to kind of not trust rich people or whatever, right? But that is an accurate Scripture says it’s the love of money. That’s the The root of all evil, putting money above God, above others, right? Making money, your idol. It’s the love of money that is the root of all evil and the Bible verse there. In First Timothy goes on to tell us what happens when people put money above God. Right? It goes on to say some people eager for money have wandered from the faith, and they pierced themselves with many griefs. Okay, that ain’t you if you are pursuing God, that ain’t you, my dear sister.

We’re not doing anything wrong to run a profitable business when you have the Lord God Almighty seated on your throne, that he is your one and only God. Okay, so please hear me on that. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Okay. Third, the Bible tells us that the Proverbs 31 woman was not only that incredible life in mom, but she’s an entrepreneur. And even more than that she is a serial entre. nor anything more than that. She is a profitable serial entrepreneur and I’m gonna show you, okay, it is not a sin to make money. So here’s a thought on that before I dive into specific verses there, like her, you, my sister are trading something valuable. Your service, your product, your talents, right? In exchange for value, money. And that is a fair exchange and there’s nothing sinful about that. Nothing wrong about that. And the fact is, if your business doesn’t turn a profit, it’s not really a business. It’s a hobby. Okay. So let me show you what I’m talking about in the way of this proverbs 31 woman being a serial entrepreneur in verse 13. It tells us that she selects wool and flax and works with Eagle eager hands. She works with eager hands. Can you work eagerly, right?

Verse 15, I love this person. I can so relate. Okay. She gets Except while it’s still night,
she gets up early. She provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. Oh my goodness. She has employees who she serves. Did you hear me on that? This proverbs 31 woman has employees who she serves. She gives them portions right? servant leadership. I love it. Verse 16. She considers the field and buys it out of her earnings. She plants a vineyard. She is smart. She is savvy. Right? Verse 18. She sees that her trading is profitable. Oh my goodness, right there in the words. Her trading is profitable. Now what does that mean? It means she keeps her eyes on the dollars.

She’s intentional about what she does and how she does it. Why? Or how to ensure that her work will produce a profit. Do you see this sister? That’s verse 18. I want you to go back and read proverbs 31 today, okay?
If this is an issue for you, I definitely need you to do it. Okay. Verse 20, she opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. You see, when you make a profit, you’re able to give and donate to those in need more profits, more you have to give, again, heart LED. So my prayer is that if you came into today’s training, doubting whether God wants you to make a profit, if making money was something that felt sinful, if that’s you, My prayer is that you would know that according to Holy Scripture, it is not sinful, to make a profit.

And in fact, when God gifts you with a special something that can help others as a good steward of all that he’s giving you, you should use those gifts to help others and to advance his kingdom. Now lastly on this point of money, um, as you think about your mindset, and your purpose, I want your focus to be on two things, okay? impact and service and I did a post on Instagram and Facebook here inside the group on this. I want your focus to be on impact and service. Because when you have a significant positive impact, and you provide top notch concierge level service to your clients, that’s called servant leadership. And of course, you’re serving Almighty God in all of that.

When you focus on impact and service, believe me, the money will come and more than you could imagine. I’m speaking from my experience. Okay. Now, I hear some faith based coaches out there. Talk about a million dollar mindset. I sniff that’s the ultimate summit goal of entrepreneurship to make a million bucks. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with having big goals. I have a big goal. I have a seven figure year in my future, right. But I want to emphasize today that success, this idea of thriving comes in, in different sizes. And so I specialize in helping my clients get to six figures and multi six figures. But I want you to hear me on this. success comes for you.

When you make that significant impact, and you serve with excellence. The dollar goal is personal to you at whatever current stage of life and business you’re at. I mean, that dollar goal could be a million dollars, but it doesn’t make you any less successful. If your dollar goal is less. And here’s what I know as you strategize. And as you implement and as you grow your visibility and your reach and you you gain that reputation as the very best in your industry. You become the go to expert With a unique set of background and experience, and you offer this unique standout product or service, over time, that money goal is going to increase. And so ultimately, it may be a seven figure. But I want to congratulate you for having a profitable business, the business that gives you freedom, the freedom you wanted to spend time as you want to with your loved ones, whether that profit is six figures, seven figures or more. Whoo, this is a powerful session. praise you, Lord. I hope ladies that this has been a blessing to you, right.

All right, I want to go back to the workbook for your homework, what I like to call success work. All right. And I want you to take the back
of session one, okay. And your homework is to complete this. What was your key takeaway? What are you committed to? And I want you to think about what is the vision for your business Some of you have already done that. You got to jump on things and you did commenting in the day one thread and congratulations If that’s you, but I want you to you know, take a picture of this right your homework, and I want you to put it inside the thread inside this Facebook group.

And and and and on this page, you know that you get bonus points. Bonus points for putting that same picture
of your success where your homework on Instagram, I need you to tag me at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live and I need you to put the hashtag thrive method, thrive method. Okay. All right. So any questions let me know I do have to run now. I will be back to check all of your beautiful comments and you know my team and I are watching everything that’s going on because someone is going to win and beautiful something tomorrow You’ve got to be here live. Okay?

So don’t forget, I’d love to see you back here at four o’clock today for today’s implement and accelerate bonus session. And then tomorrow, you’re gonna love tomorrow, tomorrow 12 noon, Eastern, you’re gonna learn how to leverage your expertise to curate your own irresistible personal brand. So thank you all for showing up today. It’s a beautiful day one. Keep the momentum.

Don’t stop. And I will see you back here tomorrow. All right. God bless you have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day and I’ll see
you later.

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