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Ep 62: Why Most Programs & Courses Don’t Work- Learn What’s Missing Transcript

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All right, I think I’m live. I never know when I’m live and I hate to say that in the beginning, but ladies, I don’t want to. Here we go. All right,
ladies. Welcome back. Welcome. Welcome back. Oh, my goodness. What a morning. What a morning. What a day one. Hey, Virginia. Welcome to today’s implement an accelerate bonus session inside the thrive method workshop. And wowzers what a response I’ve gotten from this morning’s training on mindset. Absolutely amazing. And so ladies, as you hop on, please let me know you’re here.

I see Virginia. I see Doreen and I see Pamela and I believe there are many others who haven’t yet signed in. Please do say hello Cheryl. Lynn is watching Hello. So I’d love you know, feel free here in the comments to put like your feedback. Your biggest takeaway? Tell me right here in the comments as we’re all jumping on because there have been a lot of breakthroughs. I’ve gotten so many private messages, both down here on Facebook and DMS and Instagram. Really amazing. Margie says it was awesome and very thought provoking. superduper Yay. Joey says hey Maggie is here. Marilyn is here Missy and Anna. Sorry I missed it.

Well, it is the pinned post right now. So you can easily find it on and I’ll be reminding you ladies at seven o’clock eastern tonight. I will be personally hosting a live watch party so we can watch it together. So bring your popcorn, bring your notebook, you know bring the workbook and paper and a pen and we can watch it together. That was dry. How are you honey? Great to see you here Colleen and should make up Alright, so
I can’t wait to go back. later tonight. probably close to midnight or so. To read each and every one of your comments from this morning’s training and also for this one, because that is the level of care and attention that I give to everything I do. I don’t do anything half baked, I go all in. If I do something, I do it all in. And so as I said this morning, each of you is important to me, each of you.

So remember, you are extraordinary. And that is why that’s the name of my podcast. She is extraordinary. She’s not you, me that she is you, each of you, because God made you. Extraordinary, unique, perfectly imperfect and extraordinary. All right, so keep the comments going. Keep the love my team is watching, okay, and I can’t wait to give away a prize or two tomorrow based upon the engagement today. So this right here is a first it’s a first for me, personally here on Facebook and it’s a first here in the group. This is the first time These type of bonus sessions that I’ve ever done inside a workshop. So I want to take just a moment to explain what to expect, okay? During these sessions, I’m definitely getting some bonus content, about 15 minutes worth of additional business training.

You know, stuff gets you on as you were working on building your business. And then after that bonus content, I’m happy to answer your questions. It’s like a QA for another 15 minutes or so. All right, Sound good? All right. Well, in case this is the first time we’re meeting, I want to introduce myself. My name is Judy Weber, and I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist. And I work exclusively with ladies just like you high achieving women of faith, and I help you build an impactful and profitable business. And we do that with simplicity with grace and with joy, and always putting the Lord Jesus first. So this afternoon, I’m answering your question, why do so many programs and courses maybe One of yours. Maybe some of those that you’ve tried.

Why do so many network? What’s missing? Well, I can tell you that I have personal experience with this because I, like maybe many of you have taken more than my share of courses and programs. And I will tell you, I have spent north of $100,000 in the past several years, I kid you not. Right. And yeah, my husband and I how he feels about that. But I’ve learned a lot along the way. Okay, so believe me when I say that by this point. I had pretty much seen it all some good, a lot. Not so good. And very, very few that were worth what I call that were like very excellent.

And maybe even above my expectation that’s very rare, because I’m hard to please I have very high expectations, but you know, some of them hit right. My current coach right now is amazing, and I’m going to have her on the podcast and I’m going to I share that with you when that happens. But, um, so Believe me, I use all of that firsthand experience from myself when I put a program together, and I want everyone who works with me to feel like they have gotten at least five times the value five x the value of what they invested. So for example, if somebody were to invest $1,000, with me, my goal would be that they walk away, feeling that they’ve gotten at least $5,000 worth of value.

Okay, so later this week, now, later this week, I’m going to be sharing more about my signature program which happens to be you know, a prize I’m going to be giving away for one lucky lady later this month, rather later this week. And it is my signature blessed to thrive Academy and inside, I especially and lovingly curated the entire experience to blow you away. But as I said, more on that later. So thank you for the love Today I want to tell you what I believe is missing. In so many programs and courses to answer the question, why do they not work? But before we jump in, Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, thank You, God, thank you, Lord, that the tech is working. Some of those emails aren’t getting where they need to go. But this tech here seems to be working in that and we’re so grateful, Lord, what a beautiful time to come together as sisters in Christ as co bribing CEOs right in the making, if not there yet we’re all works in progress. So Lord, again, I thank you for the good stuff that’s going on inside this group and inside this workshop, Lord, You are moving mightily. And so all praise and glory and honor are yours, Lord. And so I just want to thank you for these collaborative opportunities. You know, these ladies inside have the opportunity to collaborate and network with each other and learn from each other and, and support each other, Thank You, Lord for those opportunities. We see your hand here. And again, we give you all the glory. Please bless this time together and use me again. Lord, you can definitely interrupt my script, Lord, as you see fit. Thank you God in advance for all you’re doing that we cannot say. We trust you that and it’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

Okay, so let me jump in and say, why is it that most programs and courses don’t work? I have three ideas. Okay. The first one first reason first missing link in these programs and courses that you may have had before. It’s something you need to keep in mind as you’re putting your programs together if that’s something you’re doing, and that is, they ignore the mindset piece. Right? They ignore the mindset piece as you gathered from today’s day one training mindset is critical, it is critical to success. In fact, in my opinion, your mindset either sets you up for failure or for success. So yeah, it’s that important. Many programs are, are held by and offered by specialists in one particular aspect of business, you know, for example, they’re a branding specialist, or they’re a copywriting specialist or a sales expert or a systems expert.

And so their program or their course, focuses on that specific expertise, which I guess makes sense, right? I mean, that’s their genius zone. So they can’t teach on something they don’t know. But here’s what I found. If you’re struggling, if you’ve been in business for a time and you’re working really hard, and yet you’re not getting traction. In my experience, it’s doubtful That focusing on any one particular tactic alone, without working on your mindset at the same time, I in my experience has not going to get you very much further, right? Because here’s what I’ve seen in myself and in my students and my clients. Without the right mindset, even the perfect strategy isn’t going to work.

And you might say, Well, why is that? It doesn’t make sense, right? If it is a perfect strategy, then it should work. But it doesn’t work like that. Because typically that perfect strategy, or that perfect tactic, not only needs to be done, but it needs to be done in the right way. Right. And so for an example, like a particular marketing strategy that would require you to show up consistently for your audience via video, right? That works great these days. Ladies, I can tell you that but if your mindset isn’t right, and you’re feeling down one day, then you might not show up. So you’re showing up on video would be sporadic. So it’s not gonna work. Or when you’re feeling down if you do kind of, you know, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, but you don’t have the right mindset, your negative mindset won’t allow you to show up big time, right and actually show up with confidence and, you know, showing who you’re talking to your expertise.

Does that make sense? And so that will do very little in the way of moving the needle in your business. Okay, so one thing that’s missing a lot of these programs is mindset. Got to work on the inside out. Okay. And that’s why again, it makes sense that you as a Christ follower, you know, bring Jesus into your business and look To him for advice. And because you know, that’s totally inside work, right, totally inside work. Alright. So the second thought I had about why these, you know, programs and courses typically don’t work is that they lack real support. And support ladies is huge. It is huge. The support piece is why I decided, for the first time after running, I don’t know probably a dozen challenges or workshops, I decided I wanted to bring these bonus implementation sessions so that we can have an opportunity for live real time q&a as you’re working on the homework. Support is big time when you learn a new skill.

When you learn anything new practice makes perfect, right? But not just practice, but right practice. And the best example I could think of on this is playing the piano. Did you know that I was a piano major in college? Yes, it’s true. And I used to love playing the piano. But these days, I’m lucky if I hit the keys a couple times a year. But in that example, I want to show you that just practicing ain’t enough. You got to practice using the right. methodology or the right, what’s the word I’m looking for? You have to practice, right? So the example I had is if you practice with the wrong finger positions, like with flat fingers instead of rounded fingers, when you play the piano, it’s so different from the guitar, the guitar, you can have flat fingers, the piano, they have to be curved. And so if nobody’s there to tell you that you need to curl your fingers when you play the piano, you might be able to get by, you know, to a certain level, but you’re going to struggle as you progress.

So it’s not just figured out on your own. You might, but it’s a heck of a lot easier and faster when you have support. And what I found is that most programs and courses don’t have That support element, someone who’s been there, done that. And is there for you guiding you giving you real time feedback, answering your questions as you have them. Now I call that concierge level service. And it’s what I built into each and every one of my programs, including the best of right Academy. Why?

Because it’s important. It’s to me, it’s needed to get you the result. You are looking for. Lots of programs and courses out there kind of DIY. There are some modules, you can watch. Here’s some templates, you could use plug and play. Have at it. So it seems helpful, right? And it is to a certain extent, but there’s more. There’s more to it than just a DIY here you go kind of thing, right? Because invariably, as you review those materials, as you tweak those templates and implement the strategies, you learn questions are going to come up. I mean, of course they will. You’re doing something new, right? So without support and the opportunity to get your questions answered by someone in the know And in real time, you’ll likely become frustrated. And either just try it on your own doing what you think is best and see what happens, which may or may not work, or even giving up altogether.

So make no mistake, in my opinion support is another absolutely vital piece of the puzzle when building or scaling a business. All right, now the third thought that I had as to why so many courses and programs just don’t work. Um, before I tell you what it is, I need to kind of set this up. This one may sound a bit harsh, but if there’s one thing you can count on with me, it’s candor. I tell it like it is no holds barred. I do it with grace and kindness. But I’m going to tell you what you need to hear, which may or may not be what you’d like to hear. Okay. So the third missing piece it explains why so many programs and courses don’t work is that those who sign up for them, though Do the work? Right? Let me say this. Maybe they don’t do the work out of frustration, because they’re not getting the support they need, right?

Because they’ve got questions, and they really don’t have anywhere to go for them. Or maybe they don’t even understand why things aren’t that they’re learning aren’t working, right. They haven’t done the mindset work yet, right. So they don’t know what they don’t know. And that’s why those perfect strategies aren’t working for them. But as I said, I need to be real with you. And I need to tell you, sometimes, maybe not with you, personally, but sometimes it really is the person. They either aren’t committed to the business, right? They say they’re committed, but they really aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifice of time to seriously work on the business and build the business in that way. There may be other reasons similar to that. Now, here’s another strange phenomenon that I want to tell you about. Because I’ve seen this happen time and time again. And more often than not, this ends up True.

And it may surprise you, it surprised me at first, but it really does bear out, okay? When you get something at a low investment, and especially free, right, like this workshop is free, so many people won’t value it with their actions, they won’t put their money where their mouth is right? Meaning that even if they say that this free course or cheaper program has value, they won’t really spend time on it. They figure out no big deal. So what if I don’t really dig in? didn’t cost me much.

Oh, but it has, you see, but but it has cost you so much. If you invest in something, even a small amount, or even a free opportunity like this, and you don’t take advantage of it. It’s costing you, right? Because maybe, maybe the business could be so much further long. If you were they whoever we’re talking about here, actually did invest their time. Right. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Putting the time in saying, I’m going to do this with God’s help, I am going to, you know, dig in, and and get out of it all that I can. And I hope that is what each of you are doing. And there’s so many of you here watching live, and I’m sure many, many more on the replay. And so I don’t think that you, but a lot of times, that’s why programs and courses don’t work. And so it’s funny.

What, what I find is that when someone invest thousands of dollars into a program, or course, oh, they show up, they show up, right? Because they say, Oh my gosh, I’m investing all this money. I’ve got to throw my time into it. And that’s smart and it makes sense. Okay, so, thoughts on that. I would love to see comments pop up because we’re nearing the end of this segment and Then it’s time for the q&a. So even now, think about the questions that you had, as you begin to look at the homework what I call the success work for day one. But I want to wrap this up now. So three reasons why so many programs and courses, some of which you may have tried didn’t work are number one, they lacked the mindset element, the mindset piece, number two, they didn’t give you the support you needed.

Or number three, for whatever reason, the person isn’t taking the time to invest to actually dig into the program. Okay, so those are my thoughts. Now, reminder, if you missed today’s training, join me live tonight. It’s just under three hours away seven Eastern tonight for a watch party right here inside the group. And we together are going to watch the day one training live. And so that’s really fun and interactive as we come in and talk and enjoy that together. Let me go in the comments and see if anything is coming up.

Yes, Virginia says I agree with the value aspect. And Pamela says, me too. All right, let’s see any questions, ladies, or, you know, I’m the type of. I’m a type of person. I’m a type of coach, where if you take issue with anything I’ve said, If you disagree, let’s talk about it. This is the perfect opportunity to lay it all out there because again, this time, between four and 430 or so every day this week is for you. It is for you in the way of bonus trainings, it is huge for you in the way of getting your questions answered, so that you can absolutely get the most value that is possible out of this workshop this week.

Okay, can you explain the impact to me? Sure. Maybe that is a great, great question. I would say okay, I said earlier today that I need you to focus on impact. service. And so what I mean by that is rather than chasing dollars and I know you, Phoebe and you’re doing this already, this may not have thought about it in this way. When you’re more concerned about the client, and serving them and making an impact for them, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. So it’s kind of an element of service. Because I want you to think about how does what I do to impact my client in a great way that will, you know, in your case, you’re a realtor. So how can I impact them in a way that I help them sell their current home to get the most out of it to be able to get into their next home, their perfect Next, you know, step? So how can my impact impact them? Like how can my work, impact them in a way that really matters?

So what I say you have to think about the top notch service and the significant impact that’s what you’re chasing. You want someone to not only think You know, Phoebe’s a great realtor, but you’re having an impact in their life, not only by finding them a great home, but by serving them in a way that makes them feel special. And I know you’re doing that already. So that’s exactly what I meant by impact. I hope that helps. All right, great question. I’m Tom time is the most precious thing we have because we don’t get it back. And that’s so true. Because here’s the thing. A lot of people think money is their most valuable resource and it is precious, right? I mean, if you don’t have money, you only Where are you gonna live and all that right. But if you invest your money wisely, you can get it back on a good return on investment, good ROI, for example, in a program or course, right, or even, you know, money invested in a book, a $20 book, you might get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of return based upon what you learn from it. Find the book and what you’ve implemented from inside the book. So you’re right. We think money is so valuable, but it’s our time time is our most precious commodity.

And you know what? While I’m thinking of it, that was a great question. I have a time blocking training that I would love to share with you, if you would like to see my time blocking training. It was a workshop I did in January, and at least one of my clients specifically told me today this is a game changer like this is a life changer. And I know for me, time blocking is often something that we hear right and, and I’ve tried so many different variations on that theme, and only when God gave me this particular way to approach time blocking has it made that significant difference in my life. So if you would like to have a link to my time blocking training, please You know, tag me here below and say time blocking training, please. And I will make sure to get that to you. All right.

All right. So Julie says I’m having a hard time with the vision part of the homework, I could sacrifice myself and my stuff, but I’m sacrificing for my husband and my kids. I’m a homeschooling mom of five. Oh, my goodness, yeah, your plate is full. Julie, how do I shift that mindset? I feel like I would have clearer vision if I wasn’t concerned about what I might be taking from my kids. That’s a really great question. And wow, I could go on on that for about an hour. But the thing that I want to say to you is you definitely need my time blocking workshop. Because for someone like yourself, who was so pooled in those many different directions that are so important, you have no time to waste. So getting control of your calendar is huge. And so when I first started my business back in oh three, my first business my kiddos were two four and almost seven. And so for me, you know There was definitely some guilt as I was building the business, but how I help that and help myself and my clients was that I blocked time where it was dedicated time to work.

And there was dedicated time to, you know, hang out with the kids and have that quality time that was so important to me to raise them. Right, right. Oh, you know, raise a kid in the way should go and he will not depart from it. And I really lived that. And Hallelujah, I’m so thankful to God that he woke up woke me up in that to prioritize that. So when I’m talking about your vision for your business, your vision may be shorter term. I don’t know how young your kids are. But you might say, what’s my vision for the next five years? What do I want my business to look like feel like to be? Or that’s one way to go. Or you could project out in 10 years, maybe in 10 years when the kids are much bigger. What do I see for my business?

Again, a big part of that is I believe, sitting with the Lord, with Bible open, studying as a part of that and saying, Lord, please give me your vision for my business. And that vision may definitely change depending on where you are in your life. You know, like your situation, there were five little ones is very, very different than mine right now where my baby just went off to college. So I realized that and so your question is,
how do I feel like I would if I wasn’t concerned?

Um, yeah, you can’t. I would encourage you as my sister who I love very much that you recognize that the desire to have this business is there from God Himself. And if you doubt that, go to him and ask him, ask him for confirmation. Okay?
But if in fact, you believe with all of your heart, that this ambition and these talents and abilities that you’re using inside your business is from God, then then Please don’t beat yourself up when you want to pursue that. Because obviously, you know, your time and availability to work on that business now may look very, very different than it will in five years or even 10 years.

So, again, if all goes back to, for me going to God and saying, Lord, I really want to work this business, I need you to tell me how to do that. And if you’ve never had that discussion with him, that will be an eye opener, and you may not hear from him right away because I think if you’re like me, sometimes we ask the question, but we don’t sit long enough to hear from him. So I hope that helps. Hope that helps Julie. mindset reset, it made sense. I worked out my circumstance but how do I make it stick? I’m back to questioning if I can do it plus wondering if what I want to do is God driven okay. So what I just said part of that one Marty, you know, go into God and asking him directly
Lord, is this is this something from you? Is this something you want me to do? And do something you want me to do right now? Okay?
But again, when you say how do I make it stick?

The enemy is going to constantly throw darts at you, because he wants to steal, kill and destroy you and everything of God. Right? So we need to be willing and able to fight off those enemies darts. With scripture, what do we know to be true? Right, go back to Philippians four, eight.
We know what is true. We know what God wants us to think about. Okay, so that’s one thing. Another thing, um, you know, it’s human to have doubts. But at the end of the day, it’s the best way to make this positive mindset. refrain stick is by practicing it. And as very foundation, you have to ask yourself the question that I posed this morning is a thriving business, something you’re committed to, is this something you really, really want? And so maybe part of that is to conversation with the Lord, is this something you want for me? But here’s what I know. And see if any of you are like me.

When I was 30, and a lawyer and a young mom, I thought, wow, I wonder, you know, I like the practice of law. It was good. You know, I have to say, I didn’t feel that it was my purpose. I went to law school because I come from very poor and humble stock. I was very proud of my mom and dad didn’t have much but they made sure that I got to where I wanted to go college and ultimately law school. I paid for, you know, law school, but they supported me in that You know, but um, what what do you really want? And what do you really want? And so for me for years, I kept saying, well, maybe I’ll know what I want to be when I grow up when I’m 40. And then I hit 40.

And then I said, Okay, maybe I’ll know what I want to be when I grow up when I’m 50. And really this revelation of doing exactly what I do now, specifically, Christian business coaching. I’ve been a coach for years before but not with respect to Christian business. It was something related but different. Now, there’s no doubt in my mind, Margie, that this is why God took me through all the prior jobs I had the education and the experiences that I had, both professionally and personally. And so I know that I know that I know
that this is his plan for me, I have no doubt.

And that only came from lots of tears and prayers and deep searching. Spending time with the Lord. So nothing beats that. And again, it’s only after I, you know, went through all these different things, and ultimately coming to this place where I know that I know that I know that this is my life’s work. And it’s one of those things where it really lights me up. Like this week in the workshop, all that I’m doing here. It’s a hard work.
It’s hard work putting it together. It’s hard work delivering it, but I love it. You know? So if what you’re doing lights you up and energizes you, even though you’re working hard, right? That’s a good hint. That is a good indicator that it is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

So, now stress says if you are learning to embrace who, who you are getting out of your, your comfort zone, your box learning to speak up and promote your business. How do you do that? Well, again, you’ve already I think alluded to it. It is a work in progress is definitely a work in progress. And so, um, you know, that’s another conversation with the Lord board. Let me see me, as you see me. You know, you might look at yourself and you say, I doubt whether I have enough experience or education or, you know, am I an expert enough? Like, you know, those kinds of things and, you know, or I don’t, I’m too young, I’m too old. I’m too whatever, right? It’s normal to have those doubts. But you go to God and say, how do you see me? And if you would do that, and over time, really, really listen, you know, he would reveal to you you know, cuz he’s so merciful and beautiful. He tells you what you ask for, but you have to be listening. You have to be open to it.

And so again, so many of us say we lacked confidence. I lacked self confidence. Great. I don’t have any confidence in myself, myself without who I am in Christ can do nothing. It is, you know, worth not much. Okay. In my former days, I was raised in the church, but I really came to Christ in my late 30s and early 40s. And I really feel like in my 20s I was really arrogant. I was smart, and I thought I was smarter than most people. I really was nice. I mean, I’m more than that I really was not nice. And so as I went through trials and different things, and you know, parenting is certainly sanctifying work. And I came to know the Lord, my heart softened. I became just a different person. And it’s when I went through Bible study and personal study with the Lord that I realized, you know, in him, you know, I am very loving and giving and and I love to serve and, and you know, in him, I can do anything I can speak to a group of 10,000 Right, I can jump here on a live with confidence, even though I don’t have all the answers, right?

I mean, going live with a QA, you know, that’s not exactly a walk in the park. But, you know, God promises, you know, he has exceedingly great and precious promises for everyone, every one of his believers. And so for us, his daughters, you know, we’re a part of that. And so he has exceedingly great and precious promises, one of which is that where he calls us, and He promises to equip us. And you know, he’s often said, Don’t worry about the words. I’ll give you the words. And so I lean on that. And I say, Lord God, please give me the words. Lord God, I’m tired to lift me up, for example, on days when I’m feeling you know, a little bit less energetic. Okay, so I hope that helps. It is a work in progress. But here’s the deal two last thing I’ll say on that point, nostril nostra.

I will One each of you, even if you’re just starting out, I always tell my clients, I want you to believe with all of your heart, that you are a great expert and that in fact, even if you’re new, you are the best person that does what you do for this client for this prospect, and I want you to believe that if they go a different way, they’re going to lose, they’re going to miss out. And that is not coming from a place of arrogance that Oh, I’m the best and everybody else’s, you know, stinky. No, it is instead saying, God gifted me uniquely, with certain gifts and talents and abilities, and passion. And so I’m going to believe that what he’s given me is enough, and that if I don’t have an answer, I know where to look to get it, but that I am going to serve my clients to the uttermost. And so for that reason, I’m going to speak boldly for that reason. I’m going to show up even if I’m shaking in my boots. Okay, so I hope that helps. I’ve got time got about five more minutes.

Okay services key. All right. Yes, please. Okay, so I guess Yes, please is are the time blocking? So that is excellent. Um, yes, you are also to do time blocking training. Okay, Kimberly joined. Hey, Kim, really? So glad you’re here. All right, let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. I know a lot of you are saying you’ve tried time blocking but it hasn’t worked. So I hope I hope and, and, and excited, excitedly expectant to get your feedback on my time blocking workshop. Okay. Um, our right self sabotage in mindset is such a struggle for me, how does one overcome it? I think that kind of piggybacks on what I just said as well. And I hope Am I saying your name right EULA EULA self sabotage is something that we all deal with to one degree or another. And a lot of that comes from a place of doubt, or even fear. And a lot of times we have fear of success as well as fear of failure. And again, it goes back to that foundational question. How bad do I want this? Is this something I’m committed to? And if it is, then I’m going to be okay with imperfection as long as I’m trying my very best.

And I don’t have to be perfect. Thank God, only Jesus is perfect. And so I’m going to be okay with being perfectly imperfect, as I’m made by the Creator of the Universe, and he will equip me. So I hope that that helps. All right, get control of my calendar. I think guys are blowing up. All right. I’m seeing if there’s any other questions. Julie says I love your story and your transparency. You’re so Welcome. And yes, Clark says always pray and ask for not only God’s direction but his permission. Hmm. Okay. Interesting. Interesting. Yeah. I mean, we want to follow Him and be in his will. And I think so often we kind of overthink that we women, we know. Are you an over thinker? I tend to be an over thinker, and I’m going over prepare as a prior trial lawyer. Yeah. Being prepared is superduper important. You know, but we need to listen to God’s still and quiet

And trust, that when we think we hear him, that we don’t overthink what we thought we heard, I mean, I see that happen a lot and because our relationship with the Lord is so powerful Personal, you know, it’s so individualized. I can’t best guide you. Other than that, you do have to get that confirmation from the Lord. All right. So any other questions? You’re so welcome.

Do you find it hard with pricing, not because of your belief about the value you bring, but just wanting to help those who literally don’t have the money to invest yet? wowzers. Angel that is a great, great question. And I’ll address a part of that tomorrow in the branding. So be sure to come back for that. And we have Missy and NAS Dre saying that. Yeah, they tend to be Oprah thinkers. All right.

Well, ladies, listen, I have so enjoyed our time together. And I hope you have to so I look forward to seeing your homework, your success work in the thread. And just know that I’m here for you and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow at noon, Eastern for day two, and if you miss day one, I will see you tonight at 7pm.
Eastern for the watch party, the live watch party so until then, God bless and Love you ladies too.

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