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Ep 63: Irresistible Branding – Leverage Your Expertise & Go ‘All In’ on Who God Made You to Be Transcript

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Hello, ladies. Hello, happy September 1, you believe we’re in September. Oh my goodness, we are here on day two of the thrive method workshop. And I want to thank you, I want to thank you all for being here. This has been a phenomenal 24 hours, hasn’t it? I mean, I can tell you that I am thrilled, honored and humbled to have you here with me and my team this week. Hey, Kim. And as you jump on, please let me know Today’s question is, tell me some of your favorite brands.

Thank you for the love already. Hey, Amanda, who are some of your favorite brands, type them in the comments. Listen, I am just blown away by you. Right. The number of participants, the high level of professionalism and engagement is beyond commendable. Right and so I want to applaud each and every one Have you for rising to this occasion for taking advantage of this opportunity to learn to grow to network to find business, besties, and even some lifelong friends? So yes, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for your engagement and your activity on the page. And this type of activity and sisterhood is exactly what I want to see, every day. Whether we’re inside a workshop or not inside the workshop, this is the kind of thing I want you to share your challenges. I want you to share your wins and your successes, no matter how great or small, and of course, share your questions. So listen, everything counts, right?

I mean, I want you to not be afraid to share who you really are, because I think you can see everybody this is a safe place. And everybody is very, very supportive. So as you’re hopping on, and I see so many of you’re here, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Great to see all of you. So listen, as you’re hopping on. I want you to First tell me brands that you love. You know, maybe it’s Disney. Maybe it is a Louis Vuitton, whatever it is. Okay. Then the next question that I have for you ladies is, has your mindset changed? I mean, I’ve gotten PMS, and I’ve gotten emails and the comments even inside the live were literally blowing up so much. Um, I couldn’t even read them. All right, I mean, thanking me for the impact from day one. And, you know, it’s such a blessing for me to see that I bless you.

Right. Um, and of course, it’s a blessing to the Lord, as his daughters come together in unity in love and to grow not only professionally, professionally, but also in our walk with Him. So all praise and glory to the Lord hallelujah to the Lord Jesus. So again, Toby has your mind set, change Are you more motivated? Are you more inspired? Are you feeling better equipped to show up for your audience? I want to know. So tell me. So I’m going to pause for a moment to see how we’re doing. This is really great. Julie is here Roseanne is here. Charlotte is here. Angel is here at the end and Kate and Myra violet. Pamela shamika did I get everybody Diane Julie, lose her Selby?

Oh my goodness. It’s just insane. My mindset is shifting says Julie. That’s awesome. Roseanne says my mindset changed big time. angel says new mindset. And my wrist has already started the process during my prayer time. Awesome. Awesome. Congratulations. And again, I say Whoo, what a day yesterday. So many Aha, tons of breakthroughs, lightbulb moments, great momentum. And so I want to encourage you, sister to keep it up. Right, stay encouraged, stay inspired, keep Christ as the focus of not only your life, but your business as well. And you know, yesterday, I mentioned that you should be focusing on two things in your business to really create this thriving business. One is making significant impact. And two is delivering exceptional concierge level service. And I told you that when you do that, that is how you build a thriving business. And Phoebe yesterday asked, What about, you know, what is significant impact? What does that really look like? And so ladies, I was thinking about that. And I want to let you know, you’ve just witnessed it. You’ve just witnessed significant impact delivered at a high level right here. Inside this Facebook group lives changed, businesses changed to the benefit of those whose lives and businesses changed, right and to your families, and then ultimately to the benefit of your clients and their families. So again, Lord God, thank you for moving the way you’re moving Lord. It is All for you. All right, well, today promises to be another very exciting day.

One of you is going to be announced as the winner of the one on one strategy session with me. And I love those marketing’s my thing and I love to strategize with you and make things happen for you inside your business. The winner will be announced at the end. So you’ve got to stay for that because I want her to be here live and I hope she is okay. Um, because I actually only have one name. So I hope she’s here. Okay, I want to give you a bonus opportunity to buy for tomorrow’s prize, which is about the right one, which is this beautiful necklace, which I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it or not. I’m going to post a picture. It is my signature thrive necklace and it’s gorgeous. Okay, and one of you is going to win that tomorrow based upon your participation, your engagement and everything that you’re doing right now in the next 24 hours. So if you want a bonus entry to win this Gorgeous necklace. All I need you to do is head over to iTunes. All right, I’m sorry if you don’t have an eye something.

But this is for iTunes, I want you to go to iTunes and I want you to listen to my podcast. It’s called the she is extraordinary podcast and if anybody watching now has already listened, would you please pop in the comments, your feedback on it, you know, what do you think about the podcast? Do you listen to it regularly. So if you want this extra chance to win this necklace, I want you to head over to the sheet is extraordinary podcast on iTunes. I want you to do three things. I want you to subscribe. I want you to leave a rating. And I want you to leave a review. I want your feedback. I have I think 89 rate ratings right now. I want to get that to 150. Okay, so there’s like, I don’t know 450 that’s signed up. Obviously, not everyone is coming here, because everybody’s committed. So again, I want to commend you for actually being here, right? But the thing is before you hit the submit button, On your podcast review, I need you to snap a picture of it. And I want you to put it on Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram, tag it here and your personal page, I want this on your personal page here on Facebook and or on your Instagram, whatever that is. And I want you to use tag me, Judy Weber Live, whether you’re on Instagram or Facebook, Judy Weber live, and then the hashtag thrive method. Okay. All right. I also want to remind you to come back here today and every day this week at four o’clock eastern for our bonus implement and accelerate session there like many bonus trainings, plus a live q&a.

So you can implement what you’re learning as you’re doing your homework, that today at four o’clock, I’m gonna be going deeper on something we’ll touch on today, which is identifying your ideal client. key things to remember. Plus One of you I think it was Angel. Bao su I don’t know if I’m saying her name right asked a great question. yesterday about about servicing clients and pricing, but it was really more about a mindset of Who do you serve? And I want to address that question. Pricing really isn’t an issue, but I really want to help those who can’t afford me is what angel said, like her mindset. She wants to help those who can’t afford her. So I’m gonna be addressing that question how you should handle that as it relates to branding. So definitely come back for that. All right, so today, we’re talking about creating your irresistible brand, leveraging your expertise to make you stand out. Even if right now you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of competition. Right? Who feels like you’ve got tons of competition? Let me know right? Let me see some love. Let me see some I’m gonna drowning in a sea.

Okay, today we’re going to help you get out of that. A big part of branding is something that I touched on yesterday, which is going all in on who God made you to be, like being authentically 100% perfectly imperfect you. So if I had to summarize what we’re gonna be talking about today it is that, but we’re gonna be going and doing much more than that. Okay, so thank you for the love. All right, let me tell you something from working with hundreds of ladies just in the past 12 months. I know that being vulnerable can feel really scary. And I agree. I mean, there’s a part of you that thinks, will they like me? Will my audience accept me? And what will so and so say? Whether that’s your husband, you know, a friend, a family member, whatever, right? But as we’re gonna talk about today, what makes a great brand is absolutely hands down. Authenticity. Fake is yesterday. It is so over.

Okay, people today they’re savvy buyers. You’re a savvy buyer, no doubt. Right. And in particular, you’re Clients are savvy and they want authenticity, they can see through fake right away, they want to know the real you. And that helps with the know, like trust factor this and you can’t trust somebody who’s fake, right? I can’t. So I want you to believe me here. Branding is not a step that you can skip. And if you don’t have a brand now and you’re struggling, I’m going to guess that’s a big reason why, okay? Because you’re probably trying to talk to everybody. And you’re not going all in on your ideal client.

So get ready. This is going to be another power punch in your day, and I’m going to ask you to take action in building your brand is going to feel scary, but trust me, you know, I got your back. All right, and God made you uniquely. And I’d like to think that he’s excited to see you shine in your uniqueness and how he made you to the world. All right, before we dive into the real meat, that was all intro, um, let’s go to prayer and then I want to check out some comments. dive in. All right.

Oh, Heavenly Father, you are so good God, thank you. Thank you, Lord for bringing these ladies here. It is just an honor Lord, to be sitting here. And kind of in the same room virtually, with so many highly committed, high achieving women of the Lord, who, you know are doing the scary thing. They want to create something from nothing, you know, they want to create a thriving business that serves like crazy, that has a massive impact. And that ultimately gives you glory, and a business that is profitable because that’s the definition of business. So Lord again, please, Lord take over. If there’s something I prepared that you want me to go in a different direction. I am willing to defer to you, Lord, I ask for your blessing on each and every one of these beautiful ladies, whether they’re here with me live, whether they’re watching on the replay, bless them and their families and their businesses. Lord, speak to each of them uniquely as they need. We love you and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord we pray. Amen. Amen.

Okay, let’s see on the line says you do have our back and God made us unique. Absolutely. Kim is here, Mindy. She says so refreshing. Thank you for that. Thank you for that authenticity, authenticity. I want to see and Rick is here. That’s awesome. Um, but you had some showings, hopefully, hopefully they went well. barsa she’s definitely drowning in a sea. And Diane says there’s tons of competition. So let’s see about that. And of course, Kim says jewelry is a very saturated market. Um, all right. Tons of competition. I want to see Did any of you put down Oh, Maggie says I’m hooked on Judy’s podcast. They’re all amazing. Thank you for that. Maggie, thank you for your review. I really, really appreciate that. Enjoy. Julie says I really can’t believe how many excellent resources you provide for us here. The thing totally and thank you, thank you for that. Here’s the thing, if this is what you get for free, can you just imagine the type of access and the type of high touch the type of you know, great stuff for lack of a better word that you would get when you decide to work with me?

If, if that is something that you’re interested in? I mean, this is what I do I have high achieving high level clients, because that’s what I’ve chosen for myself. That’s my brand and we’re gonna talk about that in a little bit. All right, sisters, let’s jump in. Let’s jump in who I should have turned the fan. I’m getting hot now. All right. So think about that favorite brand that you have. Okay, and you can have the name of the podcast. It’s called she is extraordinary. Mayra she is extraordinary. And please on iTunes. All right. So think about that brand. Maybe it is Apple and its target. Maybe it’s TJ Maxx and I would love you in the comments to put the name of that brand and then tell me why you love it.
Why do you love that brand? Think about it.

What is that brand that you love? For me? I don’t say I love it but I relate to Louis Vuitton. Because it is quality. It is high end. It is exclusive. And it is reserved for you know the best of the best. So to me, that is a brand that I relate to I do not relate to a Disney and I’ll tell you why. This is a stupid side thing, but you’ll get to know me okay. I the first time I went to Disney, I was in my mid 40s and I was so super excited to go my kids were a little bit older. So it wasn’t they weren’t like oh about it, but I was super excited because I heard Disney was amazing and the experience would be like nothing else. So I expected to see tons of the Disney characters all around.

I’m searching right love the characters waiting for her super customer service. I didn’t get it. So for me, I don’t understand how people have annual tracks down there. I would much rather go to Rosemary Beach, Florida, which is my favorite place on Earth. Anyway, I digress. Okay, so when you think about those brands, and I see Nike and I see Apple, Nike because it is comfortable to wear and Kim says idax and Alright, so Lexus Yeah, that’s a good one Samsung, okay. So when you think about these brands, and they immediately evoke a feeling for you,

So, talking about branding today. Do you have a brand? Do you have a brand? Now, I want to be clear, I am not talking about a brand that you may be associated with. For example, if you’re a realtor, with Berkshire Hathaway or whatever, right or if you’re Direct Sales and you sell jewelry or makeup or a health product. That is not your brand. It’s not your brand. It’s theirs. I’m talking about your personal brand. You have one, because I got newsflash for you, you are your brand.

Did you know that? And so, either you are in control of your brand, and how its presented, and how you position yourself in the market, what you stand for what you’re all about, right? Who you work with who you don’t work with. Either you control that messaging, or your audience will do it for you. See, when you don’t have a personal brand, that irresistible brand that I’m going to be talking about today. One that you’ve carefully and intentionally curated and developed with love and strategy right? With your ideal client in mind. Mark my words. Others are putting your brand together in their mind based upon what they’re seeing and what they’re calling together about you may or may not be true. It may or may not accurately reflect you, and whatever they’re doing definitely is not as powerful or compelling, as if you control the narrative and the story yourself.

All right, so, let’s dive in here. Um, remember we have our worksheet, we have our handy dandy worksheet. So grab your workbook and pull this out to help with your note taking. Okay. So what is branding? What’s it all about? Well, branding is about creating an experience with your target audience and branding, all about creating this experience with your target audience that is your ideal client, which are those you would Love, love, love to work with. Right? It’s been said that a brand is what people say about you and you’re not in the room. So I’m looking at all these different things. Reika sandals I don’t know if I’m doing that right? saying that right? Home Goods. You think about it and you get a feeling Mercedes love it Clark. That is a beautiful brand. What a burger, right foods great. Your Christian chick fil a Apple, Nike, crunchy all these things right? Think about these brands that you love.

They evoke emotion. Right they are memorable. Listen, your brand is not your logo, your website, your business card or your CV or resume. Those are elements of your brand, but it’s not your brand. Okay, just elements of it. Because you see an irresistible brand starts with you. And it includes all that you bring to your target audience in the world and it’s what makes you stand out. Ideally, stand alone uniquely positioned as one in your market. Now, who wants no competition? Who wants to stand out and stand out as be expert be go to in your marketplace. Okay? If that’s you say that is me, please eliminate my competition so that I have none. You have the power to do that, my sister, you do. And it’s called build an irresistible brand. Okay. All right. So if that’s what you want, today’s training is for you.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does she mean that branding is like creating an experience? What experience? Okay, great question. So, whether you sell a product or a service, your clients go through an experience with you. So Let me give you an example. If you’re product based, okay, let’s say your audience finds you on social, and they watch some of your videos, and they really like what they see. So they go to your website and check out what you’re selling. And while they’re there kind of interacting with the website, they’re navigating it, and then they make a purchase. And then a couple of days later, they get the product and they use the product. All of that is an experience. And that experience can either be easy, fun and positive, or that experience could be confusing, stressful, and not so positive. Okay. And from that experience, your buyer has an impression about you, having experienced you, they have a feeling about you. They’re thinking, currently, I love her. She’s great. She knows her stuff. She’s easy to work with. It’s an amazing product.

Or, alternatively, the experience was not a good one. It could be Wow, I really like your videos, but what a rigmarole to actually buy something You know, either way, that’s an experience. And that experience happens from the first time your ideal client sees you. So, you know, through your funnel through your OPT in through emails, however that client find you, and whatever path they take next, some call this the customer journey. I prefer to think of it all as an experience that you create intentionally for your prospects and your clients. So if there’s one thing I’ve learned, after 15 plus years as an entrepreneur, it’s this. Everything counts. Everything counts, even the little things matter. So leave nothing to chance. If you deliver a product through the mail, think about it.

How can I? How can I add something with a little pizzazz or something with a little just something special, so that when they open it, it’s really like just that little extra Aha, right? Does that cost that much It takes thinking take strategy. And that’s all part of your brand. new branding has never been more important, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. The marketplace is saturated. We just talked about that, right? So your target audience has lots and lots of choices. So why would they choose you? Well, because you stand out in the crowd, because you’re great to deal with. You’re responsive, you’re knowledgeable, you’re helpful, because you do what you say. When you say you’re going to do it, right. And you do it on time. And because you’re excellent at what you do, you’re the very best, that is you what I just described is you, right? I hope so.

So one thing you may be thinking is, well, how do I know I’m the best like, am I? Especially if you just started you may be saying, Well, I don’t know if I can really say that. I need you to hear me on this sister. Okay? To be effective. Thank you so much for the love ladies. Listen, to be effective in your marketing, to really thrive in business. You’ve got to work at your craft whatever it is, whether it’s a lawyer, whether it’s a jewelry maker, whether it is you know, real estate, whether it is a business coach, whatever it is. Remember yesterday I said, to be a lifelong learner.

That’s what thriving CEOs do. And you’ve got to master your particular area of expertise. But even along the way to master as you’re working with clients and learning and growing, I assume you’re serving to the highest level like that is your goal, right? And I also assume, as a Christian sister, that your heart is to give the very best service, right that concierge level service we’ve talked about in order to help your clients Am I right about that? I think so. Right? And I’ve seen these comments pop and I love it, love it, love it. So that my dear sister is what makes you the best even if you’re brand new. That is you are a valuable expert. Even if you don’t know everything you do if you don’t have all the answers, because I have no doubt that if your client asks you something that you don’t know the answer to that you’re not going to make it up, you’re not going to like make up some answer, you’re going to go find the answer. Am I right?

So just like a doctor with a case, she’s never worked on before, or a lawyer with a twist in a case that I was working on, and I’m like, ooh, what am I gonna do with this? Experts don’t have to have all the answers. They just have to know where to go to get the answer. And always be willing to take that step for their client. Okay. So, if you had any doubts coming in, I need you to know that you are an expert. And people looking for someone like you should choose, you should choose you because you’re going to go that extra mile for them. Okay. So are you convinced that you are an expert that you are the best at what you do? And as I mentioned yesterday, that if someone does A different way they’re going to lose, because they’re not going to get the high level of service that you would provide. Okay? I hope so. Okay, so now, I want to create this personal brand around you around your experience, your background, your education, you’re everything, okay? beautifully and strategically packaged, to be irresistible to your prospects to your target audience. And if you aren’t yet convinced that a brand is necessary, I just want to give you three ways that a brand is super powerful, okay, and what it can do for you a brand when it’s done right, helps build loyalty.

Right? And remember, trust is the number one reason people buy a brand is also powerful because it allows you to position yourself uniquely. Remember, no competition and finally, A brand is powerful because it allows you you’re gonna love this dialing in your branding allows you to charge premium prices. Did you hear me? A brand can do that for you. All right. So are you convinced you need a brand? I need to see some yeses and maybe some nose but I hope there’s blown up on the yeses. Do you know now if you didn’t know before that you need a brand? Please tell me I could spend the next hour giving you stat after stat study after study. But before I move on, I need to know that you understand how important branding really is. I don’t want to to skip this vital step in establishing a strong foundation for your thriving business. So I’m going to take a quick drink while I watch. Oh good, good. Good. Lots of yeses coming in. Excellent Julie the Wanda shamika Luce Phoebe Angel.

Excuse me, Jeanette. me all of you saying Yes. All right, lots of yeses. All right. So to reiterate, the experience that you create for your audience tells them who you are. Tell them what you’re all about. So the details matter. Okay, let’s get back to our worksheet. And so the key to curating we’re on number two, question number two, the key to curating that irresistible brand that I’m talking about is what it is evoking emotion. People buy on emotion, people connect on an emotional level. And so that is the key to creating this irresistible brand. It’s got to have an emotional element to this, right. And I’ve alluded to this before you want your target audience to feel something whenever you show up, whether it’s live or online, somewhere, right? So what do you want them to feel?
That’s up to you.

So Here we are. Finally we’re going to dive in to these four steps to creating that irresistible brand of yours and I want to lay them out first so that you can know each of the four steps and then we’re going to talk about each in some detail. Okay? So step one, identify your core values and beliefs. Step one, identify your core values and beliefs. Step two, identify your ideal client and your niche. Step two, identify your ideal client and your niche. Step three, develop your brand story. Stories are compelling. People love stories, and they’re easy to remember. So step three, develop your brand story and step four, develop your brand imaging and develop your brand imaging.

So Step one, you’re gonna love this. I’m gonna land here for a little bit because it’s important. I need you to identify your core values and beliefs. What do you stand for? What are your core values and your core beliefs, I need you to be authentic and really be honest, what matters to you. And I don’t want you to be afraid to speak your truth, even if that truth is polarizing. That is, you know, you turn some people on and you turn other people off, because I want you to know, effective marketing does exactly that. Right. You want your marketing to cut through and weed out those who are not your ideal client. It’s not about offending someone. It’s about strategically being attractive and compelling to those that you really want to work with. So I’m going to use me as an example because it makes this point, Billy brings it home.

I am a Christian business coach, and I just Now realized I didn’t like tell you who I am. If this is the first time we’ve met Hello, my name is Judy Weber and I’m your Christian business coach and growth strategist. And I work with amazing, extraordinary women of faith like you high achievers, who are committed to building a thriving business, and living an extraordinary life that Christ has for them. So me as a Christian business coach, I have chosen I have decided, there again, is that power of you making a decision, I decided to go all in on my faith as a pillar of my business. And so I claim the name of Christ regularly in my business, on my social on my website, Everywhere I go, when I speak in person, etc.

Now, I know that and I’m sure you know that that turns a group of people off out there. And I say great, because I don’t need to speak to those who don’t want what I’m offering. I mean, I don’t want to be rude. Um, you know, they’re welcome to listen But I don’t want to waste my time I don’t want to waste their time. So I don’t want to offend. But what I want to do is appeal to my target audience those who love the Lord, those who aren’t business high achieving women, and they want to run their business in a heart led Christ centered God’s way kind of methodology right. So I need you tonight to identify your core values and your core beliefs. Okay. And then there’s kind of a subset to step one and that is define your brand personality, your brand personality which may or may not be exactly like your personality, okay, which I understand you are your brand. However your brand personality may not be exactly you.

Okay? So do you want to be known as an example? Do you want to be known as fun, approachable and smart? Or maybe you want to be known as savvy, sophisticated and locks You get to decide. And that is so great for control freaks like me. Okay, so any control freaks out there? What do you think of this so far of identifying, you know, your core values, your core beliefs and putting it out there in the world. Okay. All right, love this you’re speaking to my heart says be and that is so good. Okay, awesome. Now we’re on step two. Step two, you’ll remember is identifying your ideal client and your niche. Lots of confusion around those two.

They are similar, the ideal client and the niche, and they’re tied together in some way, but they are distinct and not exactly the same. Okay? And ideal client is a person. It’s a fictitious person. That is exactly the kind of person that you want to work with. Okay, so an ideal client is a person niche is not a person, it is a specific segment of the market. Okay, so they’re related, but they’re different. Okay? So let’s start here when we talk about identifying your ideal client, and I think I post this already today, who do you want to work with? Who do you want to work with? You get to decide. And I don’t want you to feel selfish in that, oh, I don’t want to lose anybody. Wait a minute. We’re talking about fitness here, right? We don’t need to exclude anybody in real life, right? We learn to love everyone and I do love everyone. But I’ve decided who I want to work with in my business because I get to decide. So I hear some of you thinking, Well, I’m fine working with anybody that has a wallet, who will open it for me. And in love, much love and respect. I say to you, no, no, no, no, no.

Because if you are focusing on or trying to speak to everybody, nobody’s listening. I can tell you that Okay, people love to work with people like them. People love to buy from somebody they trust. Okay? And so if you are acting just like a generic everybody, anybody, nobody’s really going to be drawn to that. So if you’re struggling, maybe that’s why. So, again, who do you want to work with? If you could be picky? Because you can, you can write? Who do you want to work with what she likes? What does she think of you? What is her personality? She easy to get along with? Or is she a pain in the butt? Does she value your time? Or does she wasted? Now some of these may be obvious questions, right? Like, Like who? Like who would want to work with a client who doesn’t respect you? Or doesn’t value your time is a nuisance texting you and expecting you to answer at all hours of the night right?

And yet, and yet, I have worked with clients who have clients just like that, and why? Because I want to be real, real with you. Because they come from a place of fear. They made their decisions prior to coming to me, they made their decisions from a place of fear, scarcity and desperation. Okay? Is that you? You may or may not want to post that here. You know in the comments, you are in a safe place, but you don’t have to share that. But you know, let me be clear here. You never, ever, nobody makes sound strategic good decisions from that mindset of beer, scarcity, desperation.

Okay, so if this is an issue for you at all, I need you to review yesterday’s training over and over and practice that mindset. Refrain again and again. Okay, time spent getting control of your thoughts, and looking at life and your business with the right perspective. Remember, Philippians four, eight. This is the most important thing you can do to improve the quality of your life. Not to mention the profitability and impact of your business mindset. Huge. All right. So this concept of developing an ideal client avatar is a real stuck point for many, and I don’t want it to be for you. So the idea is this when you speak to one person, and exactly one person at a time, and it’s this one person that has all the characteristics of your perfect client, you know her so well, you know her name, you know, where she lives, what kind of car she drives, how much money she makes, what podcasts you listen to, what goals she has, what challenges she’s experiencing, what keeps her up at night, what makes her laugh, and you know how she speaks, you know, her language, when you know, this one person, this ideal client so well, that gives you the ability to target your messaging, you’re going to use her words, you’re going to be right up her alley, exactly what she’s looking for. Right. Now, where this gets kind of strange is as I mentioned before, This ideal client is a fiction meeting, she doesn’t really exist, it’s made up by you.

But don’t let that trip you up, look at it this way. I want you to just pause for a moment and picture the best client you ever had. And this might help you to do it better. your ideal client the best client ever had write about her? What was she like? Just brain dump it? Did she have no kids? Or a bunch of kids? Or she married or no? What did she talk about what was important to her all these things just right? Don’t overthink it, you can always tweak it later, and begin to get some of the detail down about this beautiful client that you work with before and that you wished you had like 1000 more, okay? And you’re going to put together your ideal client avatar, you’re going to name her, you’re going to think of her every time you write a blog post. Every time you write a social post, every time you go live. Every time you write an email, copy whatever it is, you’re going to think about her when you put your offer together.

You’re packages together? What is she looking for? You know her problems, right? And why does she need this now? And why you? What problems does she need to solve urgently? And what transformation will she get from working with you? And this is all wrapped up in knowing your ideal clients. So so well. And you see again, because you know, are so well you can tweak your words and your images and your offers, and you could speak directly to her, not the masses, but to her. And your goal is when she hears you, or sees you, wherever you are, wherever you show up, right? She’s going to say, Oh, my gosh, she’s in my head.

How does she know me? So good. And so to help you out, I’m going to post a sample client avatar or two, and I’m going to put it in the file section right here in the group. I’ll also try to include it in today’s unit. Just don’t know if it’s going to be there. I think so. But anyway, look for that. I’m going to push that later this afternoon. All right. So how are we doing? Oh, Good. Clark says my avatars name is Layla. My avatars name is Amanda. That is so good. Okay, good. Looks like you’re getting it. I love it. All right, a lot more I could say on that. But hopefully that gives you an idea of things to think about here in step two.

Oh, one more thing about the niche. All right. The niche, as I mentioned, is a segment of the market that you want to focus on. That’s not a person, that’s a segment of the market. So just as a quick example, if you’re in real estate, you may decide that your niche is luxury homes, or maybe your niche is condos, right. or young families are newlyweds or whatever it is, you get to pick it. Here’s a great question. Barb. I’m so glad you asked this question. I’m so glad I saw it. Barb says can you have more than one ideal client? Yes. And I’ll put a caveat on that though. I used to think there was one years ago yeah, that 111 One one ideal client. But that’s not true. You just have to be really careful with not getting too many, like I would say three at the most otherwise, you’re confusing yourself, right? But for each one of you, you know each one very, very well. And each of those, you’re going to use particular messaging or particular language, particular, everything specific to that ideal client.

And a quick example of that is, is, again, I’m gonna keep because you’re in real estate on is, let’s say that you love working with first time homebuyers. And so you know, this couple that you’ve created this ideal client avatar for this couple that you’re working with, you know, where they work, you know, what kind of car they drive, you know, their aspirations for wanting to start a family, all of that, okay. So you’re going to show up where they are, and where that ideal client is you very different than let’s say your other ideal client, which is those empty nesters. I think when I’m working with real estate clients that gets a beautiful combination because you get it at both ends, right? I mean, someone like me that’s an empty nester has kids that are on that age that are getting married, or buying a home for the first time. So again, the ideal client of who this young couple is that ideal client is very, very different from the empty nester ideal client. So you just have to be very careful to know each very, very well to be intentional in your messaging, and showing up where those respective ideal clients are. So great, great question. All right. We are already on step three.

And we’re developing your brand story and that is the story of you how you came to do what you do. Right. Now there’s a book I highly recommend on this subject. It’s by an icon on this subject. His name is Donald Miller. And his landmark book is called Building a story brand. And if somebody wouldn’t mind popping that into the comments, building a story brand by Donald Miller. And inside the book, he gives an eight part framework for develop developing a brand story, a story that tells, you know, the story that is memorable and establishes you in your industry. So there’s so much I could say about this. This is like an hour long training inside one of my programs. But as I mentioned earlier, you know, I want you to give thought, tonight, as you’re thinking about your brand story. Oh, Heather says aha moment right there about the idea of client Cool, cool, cool. All right. I want you to give thought as a part of your brand story as to what makes you different.

What makes you different
and I know from speaking with so many of you You know, I’m consults and all my client calls. When I say what makes you different, what makes you better a lot of times we being modest, and being humble and doing the right thing by God with that humility. A lot of times we say, oh, there’s nothing special about me. I’m nobody special. Look, on the one hand, I get that before Almighty God, there is nothing special about us. We are dirt. And anything that is valuable in us is only by His grace and by his hand and how he made us right. But in business, humility ain’t going to sell. All right. I mean, nobody wants arrogance. But at the same time, if you want to build this thriving brand that we’ve been talking about and that we will be talking about all week, right? I need you to give thought to what makes you different. You are unique, that made you unique, uniquely your experiences, your background, it is always unique to you. So when you’re thinking about what makes me different, I want you to recall your past, both professionally and personally.

Think about your education, your background, your interests even. And all that’s important to you. And as you craft this brand story, I want you to put aside that there’s nothing special about me thought. And instead, I need you to strategize about what does make these special, what does make me different, even better. I want you to leverage all that prior experience and expertise to show through story. Why your target audience needs not just anybody, not everybody else in the sea of saturated market, but why they need you. Right, and why nobody else can do what you do in the way that you do it. Okay. I know that’s not an easy task, but you’re up for it, I’m sure. Right. So as you think about this, and as you put your story together I need to think relatability I need to relate to my ideal client that I just discovered, right that I just identified, and I want to be memorable. So let me give you an example. Okay, just very briefly, I’m gonna use myself and I’m not looking to put myself on a pedestal, but I think it makes the point. All right, so I’m a Christian business coach, and there are tons of them out there.

I mean, not really tons. But there there are a bunch, right? There’s one or two watching here right now, right? But what makes me different? What makes me different from any other Christian business coach who works with high achieving ladies out there? Right, what makes me different? Well, let’s look at my background. I’m a small town girl, who came from humble beginnings with tons of ambition and smarts that ended up going to law school, landing a job as a trial attorney, fresh out of Villanova law school. And I got the job at one of the best law firms in the city of Philadelphia. I went on to represent doctors in medical malpractice, defense actions and With those years of experience comes a very distinct and special background in the legal world.

And in business stands alone. I’ve dealt with things that very few other business coaches have. That experience allows me to be Uber focused, able to juggle a lot very well and teach you to do the same. It gives me unique insight into negotiation and persuasion and experience with handling professionals and senior level executives in hospitals and the like, right now, in more recent years, I myself was in the C suite when I was blessed to serve as general counsel and the director of HR of an international company, multimillion dollar company. And that corporate experience was absolutely invaluable to my growth. invaluable as you can well imagine.

Unique what other Christian business coach has those specific credit So then go back to personal before law school, I married my high school sweetheart of seven years. I ultimately became a victim of domestic violence by his hand, and I was struggling. I wanted out, but I didn’t know how to get out of that horrible first marriage. But God, I love that. I love that expression, but God, all kinds of crap. We see it in the Bible, countless stories, crap crap going on. I’m going in a bad way but God, right, God showed up big time, and not in a way you might expect. He grabbed my attention. I really wasn’t listening. I look back now. I think he was trying to grab my attention over a time. But I wasn’t listening. And so he had to really shake me up. So he grabbed my attention by getting me in the middle of a fatal head on crash. I beat the odds the drunk died. I survived even though I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt I’m telling you that that woke me up, and it gave me the strength. And it gave me the permission to leave that horrible situation. That’s a relatable life issue.

Now, there are tons of other details that I could share with you, but you get the idea. And all of that is not my brand story per se. You know, I craft it in a much more succinct manner on my website, which is Judy Weber calm, and I go into much more detail on my personal I guess journey in my testimonial video, which is found on YouTube on my YouTube channel called blessed to thrive TV, but again, you get the idea. It takes vulnerability, but it is so worth it. Why? It’s worth it because it’s a connection point. And ladies connection is what business is all about. connection with your ideal client and to be memorable and hopefully to impress them. So that you stand out as the go to expert. And believe me when you do branding, right? You do not have to chase clients, they come looking for you.

Okay. Now years ago when I first heard that what I just said that you don’t have to chase clients that they will seek you out. I remember thinking yeah, right. Sounds good. That doesn’t happen. That’s just malarkey. I’m here to tell you sister, believe me, that is true. Okay, when you get that branding dialed in, so isn’t that exciting. You have the power you have the ability to get strategic with your branding, to leverage all of your unique experiences and education and expertise in such a way that those who really want to work with you those who need what you have your ideal clients seek you out and they ask you, hey, I’d love to work with you. You availability, how much is the investment comes to me all the time, and it is a huge blessing. And that is a thriving business ladies and that is what I want for you regardless subindustry, regardless of you know what you’re doing right now it is possible. Right? Remember yesterday, with man, it is impossible but with God, there is nothing that is impossible. Hallelujah. Oh my goodness.

And one thing I wanted to mention is I was thinking about the power of story. And and, you know, the important thing when you put your brand story together is that you have to keep it simple, right? writing things plainly. And I, as I was thinking about that, I was reminded of Habakkuk Two, two, where Scripture tells us write down the revelation and make it plain. As I said, yesterday, we’re going to go to God with everything inside our business, right? And this is no exception. So I want you to spend time with the Lord and say, Who should I work with God? And what do you want me to share with others about me my life, my experiences, right? Ask and He will reveal it. And then as Scripture tells us, you need only right That revelation and make it plain. No overthinking. Okay, so that was steps one, two, and three. Here we are in our last step, and this is we’re gonna be quick on this one, developing brand imagery. And this is what it says it is what it says pictures, images of you are related to you showing that personality, that brand personality that we described earlier, and showing your target audience, the real you. And it’s true if they say a picture speaks 1000 words, right? So imagery is really important. And so you don’t want to leave the images that show you and that represent you to be without thought. Um, you know, share who you are, what you do, and when you’re working and when you’re not working and show some behind the scenes. I want you to give your target audience a slice of what it would be like to work with you.

Okay, that was a lot and I know that was a lot and thank you for bearing with me. Um, are you excited? To put your thinking cap on, I am the thinker’s coach, okay, I, I’m all about implementing and taking action, but as a lawyer especially I am all about the preparation, the strategy, the think work, which allows you to take off in business in a much more effective streamlined way. Okay, so are you excited to get strategic and curate your personal brand? Tell me, give me the love. I sure hope so. Okay, so let’s talk really briefly about your success work.
Your homework for tonight, okay.

There’s a lot that you could do from what I’ve just given you in the past 15 minutes. But the three things that I want you to answer for your success we’re in order to be eligible for thank you so much for the love ladies, in order to be eligible for this beautiful necklace. Tomorrow, is I want you to first always tell me your key. Take What is your takeaway from today? What was the big aha, if there was more than one, feel free to tell me more than one? Okay, this is really good feedback.

This is the first time I’ve ever done this workshop. So your feedback is really important to me, I really appreciate it. Next up, I want you to answer the question, how does your ideal client described your brand? So, first of all, identify who that ideal client is begin to, you know, flush her out with that ideal client avatar, and I’ll post that in the sample for you inside the group. And then I want you to kind of put yourself in her shoes, or his shoes or their shoes, whoever they are, um, and tell us how would that ideal client of yours describe you and your brand? That’s pretty neat, right? And again, when you’re like, what does this mean?

Think about how you describe your favorite brand. That’s what that’s what we’re doing. That’s what we’re going for, to evoke the emotion. Okay. And then finally, I want you to tell me what your brand personality is what is your brand personality. Diana says she’s excited. Lou says awesome session. Thank you, Judy. You’re so welcome. Julie says I’m excited for what the Lord is going to reveal. Oh, amen. Amen. Griselda is excited motivated. And, and Eva I’m glad you told me how to pronounce your name. Thank you for that your brand is what sells you first. Heather says she’s learning so much.

And Missy says the thinker’s coach love that it speaks to my teacher heart. Oh, wow, that is really cool. That’s really awesome. So before I announce the winner, again, I just want to say please post this page on Instagram, or here in the group. And this is the homework, the success work in your workbook. And I want you to always use the tag, thrive method. I’m sorry, that’s a hashtag. I’m old. I don’t really know the lingo much but alright, it’s the hashtag thrive method. And you tag me at Judy Weber live and if you Want a bonus point, kick it over to Instagram as well. And if you want extra extra, then hop on over to iTunes to the sheet is extraordinary podcasts.

Listen to you know an episode or two, subscribe, leave a rating, leave a review, snap a picture and post it either on your personal Facebook with those same tags and hashtags at Judy Weber Live, hashtag thrive method and also over into Instagram. We’re tallying it up. We’re doing our best you ladies are really showing up and I want to congratulate you I really want you to pat yourself on the back because you’re doing big things. You’re working hard this week and it’s gonna pay off and remember Thursday, I’m going to announce the grand prize winner this scholarship winner for receipt inside my blessed to thrive Academy and I’m going to tell you more about that on Thursday. But listen, here we are
ready to announce the winner.

There are so many amazing, truly extraordinary Ladies stepping up there doing videos the scary thing. And I may not have captured all of them. But I saw Griselda and Pamela and kin, and Ruthie and sherlyn and Bonnie and Myra and Megan, and countless other ladies who completed the success. And the success story can say that from day one, and a bunch, posting it not only here in the group, but also on Instagram. It’s so much engagement here during the lives. Ladies, this is just wonderful, and the support among each other and commenting on each other’s posts. It’s a beautiful thing to see the unity, the sisterhood, the community, women, empowering women, and I think that’s what we’re called to do, especially as sisters in Christ. And so if I could try this was a difficult choice. It actually was and that is not an understatement. Okay. Or
that is an understatement. Yeah, that is an understatement.

All right, but the winner of the one on one strategy session with me is Pamela Bryant? Pamela Bryant? I assume you’re here because you were showing up big time. So Pamela, congratulations. You have won the one on one strategy session with me. It’s going to be happening later in September because I got to finish up this week. Next week that I’m on vacation. My first vacation got ruined from COVID in March. So I will be scheduling that in late September. Congratulations, Pamela.

All right, ladies. My recessus workshop is awesome. Thank you, Roseanne. Thank you, Judy. So much love here. Yes, yes. And Roseanne it’s gonna all be worth it. And Julie, we’re showing up because you’re providing excellent content. Oh, thank you so much for that. Thank you so much for that, Julie. I really appreciate it. So listen, I want to see you. I would have seen you on the page.

I want to see you on Instagram. I want to I can’t wait to read your feedback on you know, on the on the podcasts because, listen, besides telling me you know your feedback about what you listen to always feel free to private message me and say, hey Judy, there’s an awesome guest that I want you to interview on the show because some of them are just me. And some of them a lot of them are interviews. So I want to know what topics you would love me to cover because the she is extraordinary podcast is for you.
So thank you once again, ladies.

God bless you enjoy the rest of your day and I hope to see you back here at four o’clock eastern for our bonus implement and accelerate session.
Take good care.

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