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Ep 64: Powerful Marketing – Utilize Inc 500 Strategies to Gain More Visibility & Authority

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Oh, I’m so excited. It is day three. Ladies, it is day three of the thrive method workshop. And once again, I need to make sure that I am live. I want to make sure that I’m live. I’m on the wrong page here on the wrong page here. Okay, am I yes, I am Awesome. Awesome. All right. Well, how are you today, ladies?

We got to turn that down. Okay. All right. I’m with ya. I’m with you. Who is with me? All right. We have done so much work together so much good. Good work together, haven’t we ladies? And as you’re popping on, please let me know. Say Hey, in the comments. Hey, Joyce. I’m sure there are others here. Hey, Margie. She says Yeah, yes. All right.

We are gonna get things in order. We’re ready to get back to work. So as you’re probably On, please tell me something that you’ve learned this week. And while you’re doing that, and as the ladies are popping on, let me recap for you just a little bit of what we’ve done together what you’ve learned all this week. All right, a quick recap. So in day one, it was all about thriver. mindset, the foundation for significant impact. I’m talking about impact that makes a difference in people’s lives, along with excellent high level customer service that’s going to give you that profitable, thriving business that you longed for. Right?

So driver mindset, we’re going all in, all in for what, we’re committed to the business, and we’re going all in on who we are in Christ, who he made us to be, right, that means we’re going to be bolder, means we’re going to be braver, right. We’re going to be stronger. We’re going to be that leader, that servant leader that is decisive. Right. We’re going to be courageous. We’re going to do it afraid. And we’re going to think right, remember, we’re going to keep Philippians four, eight, Top of Mind, that’s God’s exclusive list on what we’re supposed to think about. So when the enemy rears his ugly head, through that negative self talk that’s running, running, running, running, right in that audio clip inside our mind, we are not going to allow that to be we’re going to take control, we’re going to affirmatively and proactively take charge of our thoughts, and we’re going to be intentional about what we choose to think about.

Because we can by God’s grace, right, we’re going to take that negative, and we’re gonna flip it on its head with the mindset reframe exercise that we spoke about that on day one, and then we tell you, the more you practice that mindset, reframe, and believe it could take many, many, many times a day in the beginning, right, because that negative self talk is I said, that audio tape that keeps playing in our minds and it’s become a habit. So we need to give ourselves grace as we establish a new habit. A new habit of positivity, grounded in truth. round it in the Lord Jesus Christ who is true. Amen. So the more we practice that mindset reframe, then we’re going to take control of our thoughts. And the less and less that negative self talk is going to stop us, right? Let’s say no to that.

And that’s remember Second Timothy one seven, God gave us a spirit of power, and love and a sound mind. We are in control lady. So in him in Christ, we can kick that negative self talk to the curb where it belongs, let’s say good, big hallelujah. I want to see lots of love on that one.
Okay. So what is this tribe or mindset? What else is it about? Well, we’re going to speak our truth. Again, we’re going all in on who God made us to be. We are perfectly imperfect, just as he designed. Hallelujah. Right? We also studied proverbs 31. The proverbs 31 woman was a serial entrepreneur whose businesses were told in Scripture, were profitable. It is not a sin to make money does not ascend to one to make money. Business, by definition is revenue generation. So, thank you. I see the love there were delayed a little bit, as always, right? So business, by definition is about the money. So if you’re not generating revenue, you don’t have a business. Maybe you have a nonprofit, maybe you have a hobby, okay, but we’re here to build a thriving business. Am I right? I want a thriving business. type that in the comments, so I see it. Okay.

So what else? That wasn’t all we learned in day one, because in our bonus session later that afternoon, I told you why most programs and courses just don’t work. And I told you What’s missing? notably, they typically ignore the mindset piece, which is the number one differentiator between those that thrive and those that barely survive or end up quitting, right. So those typical programs and courses they don’t have the mindset piece and they lack real support, support you Need as you implement what you’re learning. So all of that awesomeness was in day one. So, day two, day two, we focused on branding, talked about how important branding was right? That was just yesterday, why we need to have a personal brand, what a brand is and what it’s not. And the too often overlooked fact that when your branding styled in your marketing is going to be so much more effective, you’re not going to feel like you’re spinning your wheels when you know who you’re talking to.

Right. So that’s what it’s all about. Why? Why is your marketing easier when your branding is doubted? Well, because you know who you’re talking to remember, you can’t talk to everybody. That’s not your job as a thriving CEO. Okay? So your branding informs who you’re talking to, where you’re showing up, how you’re showing up when you’re showing up, what you’re saying how you’re saying it and what not to say and so much more. Right and that ladies is the best Power of identifying your ideal client. So if you don’t have your ideal client figured out, I urge you to go back and watch yesterday’s trainings, both of them, because let me let me say this and I this is this could be the biggest takeaway of the day and perhaps of the week, okay?

Getting clarity around your ideal client, like knowing him or her so well, that you know everything about them. Okay, getting clarity about your ideal client is second only to mindset in order to reach the level of success that you want. So the mindset piece, that’s why I made it number one for day one. Branding is next. And a big part of that is your ideal client. If you don’t have those two pieces in place and you’re struggling, that I urge you sisters to go back and rewatch those videos, those trainings before they come down.

They come down next Tuesday at midnight. So again, loading that ideal client is way more than your basic demographics. You need to go deep into the psycho graphics and really get to know them. So well. What car does she drive? What podcast? Does she listen to? What keeps you up at night? What are her aspirations? Right? Okay, so besides the ideal client, I took you through the four steps to develop your irresistible brand, a brand that is so compelling, in fact, that your ideal clients, the very people you longed to work with, chase you down, not the other way around. That’s beautiful. Beautiful, right? And that’s not all. I shared with you the number one secret to getting branding, right. And who knows what that is a pretty great to see you and Marian, Missy and Mindy. I’ll come back to the comments shortly. But what is that number one secret to getting your brand, right? It’s emotion. evoking emotion. We want our ideal client to feel something and that is something that we can control. Right.

You should identify it. What that is, we talked about that yesterday for success work, what is it that we want our ideal client to feel when they see us when they interact with us? Right? And we get to control that, by the way of how we’re showing up by the words, we use the messaging, the images, all of that. So, overall, in the past two days, we learned that we need to invite God into our businesses, we need to spend time with him daily seeking His guidance and his wisdom. Right. Thank you for the love. And we need to decide, we need to decide that we are a success. And once we made that decision, then we take action and even scary action, even when we don’t have everything figured out. Because that’s what all thriving CEOs do.

They do it afraid. And finally, we make decisions not from a place of fear or scarcity or desperation. Because when you make a decision, they’re my friend. That’s going to be a bad decision. Right. And finally, in our budget, Bonus session yesterday afternoon, I went deeper on identifying that ideal client with some key things to keep in mind when you do that all important. Think work. Okay? Feels good, doesn’t it to be a thriving CEO, showing up learning growing not only in your business, but also in your network. Think of all the friends that you’ve met this week, getting to know them more through video and through right here what we’re doing right now and looking at each other’s comments, right? coming together as a true community, a sisterhood. And all the while growing in our personal walk with the Lord, that is a win, win, win, win win, times 10. And praise the Lord. Sure. All right, some very good work indeed. And this is only the beginning.

Because I want to remind you that in your workbook, not only do I have you know, the main sessions here on this page, but flip it over, and you see the bonus sessions and they Go all the way through Tuesday. So I know Labor Day is coming up here in the States. And I know that you may have plans, and you may not be able to join every single thing that I have planned for you. I will be updating the cover photo after Friday or on Friday. But listen, I put this together because I wanted this to be an intensive time period, where you not only learn and then go away, but I want you to learn and implement.

And that is the reason for the success work. And that is the reason why I’m giving you all these bonus sessions. And every day at four o’clock eastern, you’re able to come for a live q&a because if you’re doing the success work and you’re not understanding something, or you didn’t quite understand something that I’m talking about here in my new training, that’s your opportunity sister, I’m here for you. And I hope you’ve seen how much I show up. That is not someone on my team answering that is me directly. Why? Because I think it’s that important. Now I will I’m gonna apologize for you. If I didn’t Get to your post. If I didn’t get to your comment, I am seriously doing the best that I can. But as I said in the beginning, each of you is so important. And so I really want you to know that.

All right, and thank you for the love. All right, before we jump in, I want to share with you just a couple of private messages that I got that I am sure will touch your heart as they have mine. And these are evidence and that’s why I felt compelled to share a few with you. These are evidence that as I said many times before, the Lord God Almighty is here, and he is moving mightily. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. All right. So Roseanne said praise God for what you’re doing to advance his kingdom today straight. I’m crying, because everything you say on these days wanted to really touched my heart. I mean, I cried when I got that one. Phoebe says I just want to let you know what a true blessing you’ve been for me. You have gotten me back into the groove of things and out of my box. I mean, come on, Jesus. Thank you. And Julie says thank you for this this workshop this week is a literal godsend.

He knew I needed this, he is speaking through you. And again, Jesus, it’s all to your glory and praise. And right before I came on rose, I put through a couple of her posts, and she said something similar. So listen. I think God for all that he’s doing in the background, making all things work for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose, as he said in Romans 828. So let’s go to him right now and in prayer and praise and thanksgiving, and then we’ll dive into today’s training.

Lord, You are good.
You are just a good, good God. And I could just pull my eyes out when I think about all that he brought me through. And you were there even before I knew you, you were there. And you were guiding me and I know that you’re in the lives of each of these ladies here and I just pray that you will show up for them big time, the way they’re showing up for you. You this week and going forward made a good work and the momentum Lord, that we’ve started here never cease. May they and I, Lord, may we really lean in to all that you have for us and then we trust you more Lord, may we really live out the belief that we say we have Lord, and we make it real. Help us God to do that it’s still the Holy Spirit afresh enough so that we know what to do speak to us, Lord, so that we know because we know when you tell us to do something, we’re going to obey, and we know it’s going to be good. It’s going to be for our good and for Your glory. So all praise glory and honor are yours, Lord, thank you. Thank you, God, we love you, and we trust you in the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord, we pray, Amen. Amen.

All right, I just want to pause and acknowledge everybody that’s here. Okay. And I want to call you out by name because it matters like I said, You matter. Joyce and Margie Kimberly Pamela, violet Angel, Colleen Doreen. Lydia Leann Kim, Maggie, Julie, Diane, Mary Lou’s Julie rose that I might have repeats here sherlyn Missy Marilyn trying to find some new names here. This is so so good ladies I owe in pretty. Gosh it’s just so great to see you should Mika Jan. Thanks hon. Heather Shayla. So good to see you ladies. Kim is here. Wow. I’m just blown away. I’m just blown away by you. This has nothing to do with me.

So by the way, if this is your first time with me, let me introduce myself. My name is Judy Weber and I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist and I work exclusively with go getter, high achieving women of faith like you and I help you build impactful and profitable businesses. And how do we do that? Always with Greg with simplicity, and always always joy, always putting Christ first. So welcome sister, a couple of quick admin things. If you’re just joining me today, this is your first time you happen to fall upon this live in order to fully participate and receive that 20 Plus page workbook that I referenced and that we’re going to be using today for note taking, you’ve got to register, it’s easy, it’s Bitly, bi t.ly. slash the thrive method. If someone wouldn’t mind popping that in bi t.ly slash the thrive method, and no worry, it is not too late.

All these video trainings, they are organized neatly in the unit section of this page, you can catch up and this is really good quality substantive stuff ladies that have been here where you testified that this is worth the time to watch. All right, well, today’s gonna be another exciting day and one of you is going to win this necklace. Let’s see if I can do Right. Okay, there we go Beth arrived my signature necklace that winter is going to be announced at the end. I want to give you a bonus opportunity to buy for tomorrow’s price which is another one on one strategy session with me. And again, we’re going to do the iTunes thing.

Okay, I just dropped another two episodes in the last 24 hours. So I want you to go to iTunes and search. She is extraordinary. She is extraordinary podcasts and we listen to an episode or two subscribe leave a rating leave a review before hitting that Submit button, snap a picture, post it here in the group, post it on your personal page, post it on Instagram. tag me please at Judy Weber live and hashtag thrive method. And finally before we dive in, tomorrow’s the big day.

Tomorrow is the big day when I announced the scholarship winner, a seat, a free seat inside my signature program the blessed to thrive Academy which is a 12 month growth experience like No other weekly group coaching, ongoing access to me personally, plus, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five thriver experts which are subject matter experts that are not employed by me. They’re out in the world doing their thing. They are super successful. That’s why I got the best. Right. So these are thriver experts that have office hours inside the private Facebook community for Academy members. And they are subject matter experts in important business stuff like social media, monetization, copywriting, sales, publicity, and Facebook ads.

You also get on demand modules with video trainings, by me for the most part, as well as my beautiful, amazing extraordinary thriver experts and other resources that go along with those trainings like PDFs and checklists and all the rest right. And, and throughout through all that it’s really great, right? But I think what the most powerful Powerful element of the blessed to thrive Academy is what you’ve experienced here. But it’s to the nth degree there. And that is the community, a community of like minded women of faith go getters, like you who are committed to building and scaling their business God’s way. That is an absolutely incredible prize. And the winner is going to be announced tomorrow 12 noon Eastern, and you’ve got to be present to win.

And you must have completed days One, two and three success work and posted it as required. And one more thing, one more thing that I’m adding in order to be eligible to win that scholarship, which is worth thousands of dollars, okay. In order to be eligible to win a scholarship, you have to do a video and posted here inside this Facebook group. So that’s not scary, right? I mean, this is a safe place we all love and support each other. But I want you to keep it short. It must be under two minutes. If it’s beyond two minutes. I’m not even going to listen to it. Okay, I want it to be short and succinct. So it’s a quick video two minutes or less, where you tell me why you should be the winner of the scholarship inside the best to thrive Academy. Okay. All right, so it’s gonna be fun. And that experience is going to help you with your video because we’re gonna be talking about the importance of video even today.

And that video must be uploaded no late uploaded no later than tonight at midnight. So as soon as we’re done here, go do a video. Don’t delay, you know how easy it is to forget. All right, so with all that by way of background, let’s dive in to some powerful marketing. We’re going to talk a bit about the strategies that some Inc 500 companies use and take a peek and see if we might be able to use those same strategies and them to be able to grow our businesses, but first some key marketing principles that I want to address. Okay.

This is a standard pillar for an entrepreneur. Everything you do, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s branding, whether it’s reading, reading, whether it’s talking to people, whether it’s planning, anything you do inside your business, I need you to always identify the goal. Identify the goal, like, why am I about to do what I’m about to do? Right? And a big example that instantly comes to mind for me is social media. Don’t just post for the sake of posting, right? Or don’t just post because some guru or influencer said you should. This is your business. You get to decide. You have control. You see a theme here, right? You’re a leader. You’re a thriving CEO. And as an entrepreneur with so much to do and very little time. You need to be discerning, you can’t just take someone’s advice as the Holy Grail. Okay, I want you to hear me on this. Okay.

You need to trust in yourself and not because you’re amazing, but because of the God who made you. Okay? So, So hear me on this, just as we hold off things that we hear even from the pulpit we, if you’re like me, right, we are told to kind of bump it, bump up those words that the man in the pulpit is saying, we’re gonna bump it up against the Bible, I’m not just going to take it as face value as truth, I need to make sure that it is an alignment with the Bible. So what does the Bible say about that? Those words coming out of that preachers mouth, does it you know, is it does it make sense right in light of what God’s word says we need to discern for ourselves whether a pastor’s words are in line with the truth. And similarly, as savvy, thriving CEOs. We need to be discerning and not just jump because somebody says to jump, you hear what I’m saying? And I get an amen on that. I need you to think for yourself. You are thriving CEO.

You are the leader. You are the expert, you are the authority, you are an influencer. So as I mentioned, you need to trust yourself. You need to trust the decisions you’re making, in and through Christ, our sound. So you decide and you move forward. Okay? And one more point that is kind of like a like a, like a concept that I need you to get in order to get to that thriving CEO mindset and thank you for all the amen sleeves. Entrepreneurship is about the doing the monitoring, and the tweaking, okay. Nothing is ever really done. Like in entrepreneurship, you never really arrive. Okay? And if you stay stagnant like that, then you’re going down, okay, because everything changes, you know, marketing, things change and industries change and the market changes. So, just because you get to the next level, guess what? You get to rinse and repeat again. That’s still when you get to that same level requires that you do work, right. You take action, you monitor and you tweak. And so that’s just what entrepreneurship is all about. So get used to it be okay with that, right?

Failure will come and you tweak it and you try again. Right? You take action, again, decided strategic, intentional action. Okay. All right, then next thing I need you to know is that good effective marketing requires consistency. Okay? It requires consistency you got to show up, always got to be committed no matter what. Including, no matter how you feel. I get it. You might be saying I’m tired. It’s been a long week. I don’t really feel like doing a video. Well, then I’m sorry. In order to buy for the scholarship, you got to do a video. Hey, you have to learn to follow rules. You have to learn to follow instructions, right just like you want your team members to follow your instructions. Okay. So So thriving CEOs do what they don’t want to do when they don’t want to do it. Why?

Because they know that that’s what they have to do, to reach their goals, to serve those that were meant to serve, and to have impact on the lives that God ordained us to impact right since before the earth existed. And if you would just sit and think about the power of that statement. I mean, it’s mind blowing into mind blowing how the Lord is so gracious to allow us to participate in the beautiful that he is doing, right and the impact that he is making. So you see, sister, you showing up is very important you showing up here right now today and every day that I’m here with this thrive method workshop. That’s important, right? You showing up consistently on your social media, or in your emails, or live
when we can get there, right. It’s all very important, because I want to tell you something right now.

Now, this very moment 1225 Eastern, right now somewhere someone is looking for you. Someone is looking specifically for you. Now, they may not know you exist yet, but what they need you got, right, you can help fix their problem. And by God’s hand you are meant to be a part of that transformation. So would it be selfish actually, for you not to show up, just because you don’t feel like it? Okay. So as Christians, we go where we’re called, knowing that God has promised to equip us, right? Amen. And hallelujah for that. Okay. those are those are really golden nuggets of belief and understanding that a thriving CEO must have. Okay, and I told you, this week is all about breakthroughs and aha moments and, and learning new things that take you to that new place. Here’s where you are, but there’s where you want to go and I want to get you there.

Okay. And this is The beginning.
So I want you to go to our worksheet. Looks like this says session three powerful marketing, we’re going to start at the bottom. Okay? How can you position yourself as the authority in your space? The goto? Right? Well, first I want to start with a definition of positioning. Because I mentioned positioning, how to position yourself as the authority. What does that mean? positioning is the place that a brand occupies in the mind of its customers. And its how that brand is distinguished from its competitor. So I want to say that definition again because I want you to totally get it okay. positioning is the place that a brand that is you occupies in the minds of your ideal client. What do they think of you that position you hold in the market and positioning is how Your brand is distinguished from everybody else. Right? So again, positioning goes back to that. What are the two words I keep saying and emphasizing ideal client? Okay, it goes back to your ideal client, what’s important to them? Were they looking for? What would impress them? What would they relate to? or connect with?

Well, positioning also goes back to something else we talked about yesterday and branding. Who the heck are you? What are you about? What’s your background? What’s your experience? What’s your education, what makes you unique? What makes you better? And this is what you’re going to put out there for your target audience.
So I’m gonna give you a couple of examples to really drive home this point of positioning and how important it is to think about how you are perceived by your ideal client. And there is in large extent, you have control over that. All right. So let’s say you’re a business coach. Now, do You want to work with new entrepreneurs? Or do you want to work with seasoned entrepreneurs?

Because depending on who your ideal client is, your language will be very different. And the issues that you talk about in your lives and in your, you know, posts on social media, they’re going to look very different. Okay? Do you want to work with entrepreneurs who work from home? Or do you want to work with corporate business owners who work in corporate offices, again, language you use in those cases are going to differ based upon who you’re talking to? And that is who you’re trying to appeal to? Who do you want to stand out to? Those you want to hear you and say, Wow, she gets me. Okay. Here’s another example. Let’s say that you are a marketing funnel specialist. Let’s say you have an agency, and you and your team have come up with this amazing strategy to get money in the door for your clients quickly. And so are you going to position This amazing new strategy that you’ve come up with, are you going to position it as a cash infusion strategy, which is, hey, if you need money, now, this is going to work, which could be interpreted as for those who don’t really have a lot of money right now those who really are kind of in desperate spot, right? So are you going to couch this strategy as a cash infusion strategy?

Or what do you think if we if we couch it as this new innovative strategy to scale your profits and cash infusion scarcity
strategy to scale your profits, that speaks to a thriving business that’s ready to take it to the next level, but it’s the same strategy. You just positioned it different. Now that to me, is a mic drop moment. And you can feel free to drop some likes in the comments on that one. Okay. Do you understand what I’m saying? Again, in branding and positioning your marketing message, the words you You say that that’s all based on your branding, which again goes back to your ideal client. And that is absolutely the messaging how your brand, you know, appears to people. You have control over that.

Okay. That was a good one. Okay. Are we feeling good? are we feeling like wow, yeah. Margie says Mic drop. All right. We’re gonna talk about visibility. Now, that’s really important. What is visibility? visibility is being seen, right? So the three things that visibility is all about is showing up and doing it consistently. And having great content that is relevant That is wanted. That is helpful. That is valuable. Right. Oh, I’m sorry, Kim, that you’re having networking difficulties. I’m so sorry. Thankfully, it’s not my end. So Praise Jesus on that.

Oh, my goodness. Yes. So catch the replay. That’s great. Okay, so those three things visibility is about showing up. Doing it consistently and having great content and all of that is required to be visible, and to effectively position you as not just an authority, but the authority member, you have no competition. Okay? So let’s talk about a couple of strategies for you to gain visibility. And you know, really want to focus on video, video, video, video. Success work today is all about video. Because these days video is that important and it needs to be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Think about how else could I be delivering this workshop, but for video, I mean, I guess maybe audio, but then I don’t know I just don’t have that same connection. Right. And the beautiful thing is in social these days, whatever platform you’re on, there was a video element to it that you can tap into for free. Okay, of course, there’s the paid aspect.

We’re talking about free and organic, where you pay with your time and Your efforts, not your dollars. Okay? I need to pause to say this when it comes to which platforms to be on, I always tell my clients pick one is the power of one, to be 1,000% committed to that one platform to work it to master it. And only after you master it, then move on. Why? Okay? Because in my experience working with hundreds of ladies, amazing ladies, smart ladies, what I found is, at times you can get overwhelmed, right? I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. I want I don’t want you to be confused or juggling so many things that you’re like, ready to pull your hair out, or overthinking what to post and where to post right. All of that confusion can paralyze you so you end up not taking action and I definitely do not want that for you.

So you’re going to see on today’s success work, I asked you to identify that number one choice of social platform and I want you to stick to it sister will you stick To that, will you take my advice and master one before moving on to another? Thank you for the love. All right. Now I just mentioned that video is, in my opinion, the number one way to gain visibility and positioning yourself as the go to authority and expert. So I want to chat about how you can incorporate video in your marketing. Okay, I have a couple of ideas here. Number one, I want you to regularly go live on that chosen platform. Whether it’s every Tuesday at six, or monday and friday at three, I don’t really care the schedule, whether it’s once a week, whether it’s every weekday, but I want you to keep this in mind. You need to be consistent. You need to show up when you say you’re going to show up, because otherwise your audience tends to be fickle. Right? Would you agree with me? Your audience isn’t going to trust you? That ain’t good. And then they won’t show up for you. So I need you to be consistent. Then you may be asking, oh golly Judy, video video video. Okay. What about content? Well, unfortunately, I don’t have time to get into the content piece that is covered at length inside the Academy.

But for now, I want you to think about what is your ideal client want to hear? Don’t you know we’re going back to that ideal client? Again? ideal client. Right? What is important to her? And listen, whenever you have a question in your business, one of the best questions you can ask yourself is, what is my ideal client? Think about this? What would she say? What does she want? Right? Okay, ideal client. Okay, how else can you incorporate video other than going live, which might scare the bejesus out of you, but what are we going to do ladies? We’re going to do it afraid. Okay. Another way to incorporate video, you could offer a video series as a freebie or an opt in to your target audience that gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge, share your expertise, and again, position you uniquely as the only choice And it gives those others the viewers the opportunity to get to know you in a really neat way. There is no other medium that allows for a better connection, or more relatability than video and as you heard yesterday, that’s important stuff. Okay?

So besides the live, or the video series, what else can you do? You can do pre recorded videos, right? pre recorded, if you’re free to go live that works. It doesn’t do as well on the algorithms. But hey, that’s better than nothing. Okay? So pre recorded videos, post on social, you can do behind the scenes you can do how tos or demonstrations before and afters client testimonials, case studies. There’s to name a few. Okay. And finally, a way for you to use video in your business is to send video via PM, DMS and text. So for your homework, how are you? How are you going to incorporate video into your marketing. All right, we’re going to wrap up and then I’m going to come to Comment, we’re going to look at what the big boys are doing. Okay, what are the big companies doing? And is it anything that we might be able to do as well? All right, so I’m gonna quickly go through these first Coca Cola. Coca Cola has been around for more than 130 years. And it is one of the most well known brands in the world. And as I say, Coca Cola, I think we can all close our eyes and picture, the logo, that brand, the logo, pretty much has all stayed consistent over those hundred and 30 years. And what so many companies do is they’re constantly pivoting, and they’re rebranding, and they’re changing slogans and they’re changing taglines. And all of that can sometimes cause confusion and clarity sells, confusion, well, confuses and a confused mind never buys.

So brand consistency is one strategy that some of the Inc 500 use so you Maybe you can take that to heart and listen to what God’s telling you with respect to your brand and not move from it not be so quick to jump off of it. Okay? Oh Joey says out My hand hurts from trying to scribble all the notes. Well, that’s why these videos will stay up. Okay. And that let you know a little secret. I’m turning these trainings into podcasts. So when you head on over to iTunes, and you look for she is extraordinary podcast, you’re gonna hear all these. Okay? And you’re welcome. Right? Because I know it’s a lot. I know. It’s a lot. I’ve been doing this since 2003. But you know if you are earlier in that in that business growing phase, yeah, this is a lot. It’s like getting water from a hose. But it is good because you can go back you can listen, all that. Okay. All right. That was Coca Cola.

How about Apple? What does Apple do? That is something that we may be able to do as entrepreneurs. That is they created a movement. They created a movement. Now we may look at them and say oh Apple that that was like an overnight success. No, if you read their backstory there were a lot of roadblocks on their way to success and look at viscose with Amazon It started in a garage wherever you are right now. I you need to have faith and commitment. The only reason that Apple is today what it is is because they didn’t give up when it was hard. The only reason that Amazon is this mammoth company than it is now it’s because that be so sky didn’t stop when he was wondering if it was going to take off alone in that dark garage. Okay, I’m talking to somebody or God, thank you for that. I’m moving I moved emotionally somebody needed to hear that. Do not quit. Do not give in. If you are committed if you know that God gave you this. You’ve given up on God. Please don’t. Please don’t you So Apple created a movement. It’s really kind of a cult like following.

I don’t like that word, but it’s people like are kind of crazy, right? And so how did Apple do that? They created the image, the brand, that their products are visionary and life changing, like you need them. Right? And so as a result, they have this loyal tribe who are willing to sleep overnight to you know, get in line for this new something. Right. And so it is advanced tech, right? innovative stuff. But the marketing wasn’t intentional to appeal to the average person, not just the techies. And how did they do that? Well, many ways, but one of it is they create the packaging that is just so aesthetically pleasing, right. So with all of this, they created a movement where they get their people excited about the release of a new product and it all has Through their positioning through choice words, through choice images, right? So how could we do this? Well, first, your brand has to be innovative and pretty awesome. Right? And your peeps, your tribe, your followers, your clients need to feel that what you’ve got something they can’t live without. Okay? Gotta be innovative.

You got to be awesome. God made you extraordinary. Are you living into that sister? Okay, gosh, I’m on fire. I just feel the spirit. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. So, secondly, you have to have simple, clear marketing. There is nothing fancy about Apple’s ads. But those ads are powerful because they create a feeling of being a part of something. Something ultra modern, and ultra innovate. Right. So simple, clear marketing. And he got into deliver exceptional customer experiences. Are you doing that? Are you doing that? So, how do you get a loyal tribe following? How do you get your ideal clients to fall in love with you a couple of ideas real quick. give them what they want. give them what they want, know your ideal client. Okay? Listen to your client, ask them. How did I do? How can I make this experience better? What could I do differently? Okay. Another huge thing when you’re doing a movement is stand for something and stand for something that your ideal clients can easily agree to and stand behind. And I’ll be very transparent.

She is extraordinary podcast is the beginning of a movement that you’re going to see more of as we get to the end of 2020. She is extraordinary is all about you and how God made you extraordinary. Okay, so I’ve got the podcast. I’m writing a book right now. And it’s the movement of Hey, ladies, it’s time to rise up and to and to Finally, tap in to our God given potential and to do the work that he called you to do to do it boldly, courageously. Right, all of that. I think that’s something we can stand behind. She is extraordinary. And she is you. Okay? All right, be original, be consistent, and again, create unparalleled customer service experiences. Okay. All right. So, those are two brands, how about Colgate? Like, think much about Colgate, but this is true. Colgate creates trust, that’s a brand of trust, and how do they do it? they educate their consumers, right? And as a result of their education, right, they talk about the ingredients or whatever it is, and I kind of sort of remember these things and the seal of approval by blah, blah, blah, right. They educate consumers, and they instill trust.

So in marketing, there are various A few ways to actually promote trust, right? I mean, it’s kind of a nebulous thing but nothing is more effective, according to the Guru’s then educating, providing value, right? proving that you know, what you say, you know, and that this is a benefit to whatever it is you offer is a benefit to your clients. So give valuable free content, go where they are, give them what they want, again, and how can you educate oh my goodness, through your social posts, through emails, through videos, through ebooks, and blogs, and all the rest, okay. Next brand is Starbucks, Starbucks, they are masters at social strategy. They have a very, very strong social media presence. And that is so important to take your business to the next level, right? Social media is important because it establishes brand identity and helps to establish your authority and again that trust factor. And you know, social as we know, it allows us to interact on a more intimate level. Especially when we, you know, not just post because the power is not in the post the power is in connection.

So when we engage, we can engage with our, with our tribe with our followers in a very intimate way, which again helps to develop strong relationships over time. Okay. So how does Starbucks optimize its social and what can we learn from that? Well, they have a clever use of videos, gifs and images on their feed. So remember to check out their feed and see if that’s something you might be able to do. They respond back to their followers, and I hope to God that you do too, right? They use current events to their marketing advantage, and we’ve seen that in earlier this year, right? They have created more than one hashtag that’s going viral, and one that we may remember his red cup contest, okay. And finally, they run promotions and competitions. Through their social media and one other thing that they do, which is really great is that they use user generated content. You know, if somebody how many how many people on social posts their picture of them with their Starbucks cup, and if they tag Starbucks Starbucks is, is using these images, they don’t have to hire somebody to take images, their clients do it for them.

Okay. And the last thing I want to talk about is Whole Foods. And they have really won at this game of positioning by standing for something when Whole Foods first came into the market there was really nothing like it their strategy was one thing all in and that’s been the hallmark of their success. And we’ve heard a lot of that about that this week, right? We don’t all in we go all in and go all in with the commitment to the business we go all in on who we are in Christ. And look wholefoods went all in on what they were going to stand for. be known for. So Whole Foods came on the scene with one goal in mind, we want to offer consumers access to clean,
you know, responsibly sourced organic foods. And they never want it to waver from that promise. And their philosophy is deep rooted, and they have really a loyal following, right? They’ve made certain promises to their consumers that competitors just can’t stand to stand up to. Right. So no matter what you buy, from Whole Foods, people feel like they’re making a healthier choice simply because of the brand that whole foods has created.

So what can you use from these major brands in your business? Okay, so I just want to scroll up a little bit here. I can’t believe the time do I talk too much. Okay. Um, yes, pick one platform and master one. to two, what is that ideal client want to hear? How can she increase her income and have started this session? That’s right. That’s right. Your client wants to hear do it afraid do it anyway. Coca Cola makes great ads. Right. And they’re memorable, right? Shayla says OMG. God, this is amazing. Thank you. Thank you. I’m serving. I’m here for you. And she says my podcasts are super helpful. Thank you, Shayla. All right, and Jeanette needed to hear what I was saying. And I’m speaking right to the londa
as well.

All right, so because of the time if you have questions, I’m looking to see if there are questions that aren’t we see questions, per se.
And Julie says, Now you don’t talk too much keep going on. All right. So um, so many of you have worked so hard. I mean, everybody that’s here showing up. I just know that God is here. And that’s why it’s so so exciting to see you ladies step up. And to see all these aha moments. I knew. I knew that the God prepared me for this that you were going to have an aha moment. But I did not. I did not know that I’m getting weepy. I did not I would not know that that you would be getting so many aha moments. And so, I just know God is moving, I want to encourage you to keep going to go all in to trust him.

And there is no failure, okay? Because failure is what you need to go through all the way to success. Okay. So I want to congratulate each and every one of you who have been here every day, who continue to show up who will be here when you can, you know, tonight for or you know, if this is a replay, you know, you’re going to come tonight maybe or you know, one of these other times, one of these other times, I’m going to be even coming on Labor Day, okay, and I’m going to be talking more about some of those special things that are going to be coming up but they’re all valuable. focused, none of it is fluff. None of it is fluff. Okay? So I want to again congratulate all of you for stepping up for showing up for doing the work and for selling those all important seeds in to your business, which will one day reap a harvest. May it be Lord, Amen. Hallelujah. Thank you God. But now last thing I need to do is to announce a winner of whoops, that’s my cross. You’re not get my cross. I’m sorry. Oh, my thrive. Here it is. The thrive necklace,

which is really, really beautiful.
And I will be offering these for sale come around Christmas time, but the winner is, drumroll please. Julie Contreras. Julie, you had been a standout since day one. And I just want to congratulate you for for all that you’re doing. And so please private message me your home address and I will make sure I send a One of these Not this one, a fresh one out to you this week.

So congratulations to Julie. And again ladies if you want to have that opportunity for the scholarship tomorrow, by midnight tonight, do success work for days. One, two and three. Do that two minute or less video explaining why should you win? Okay, I can’t wait to see your videos. God bless you. Wow, have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day. Take good care.

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