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Ep 65: Authentic Sales – Focus on Serving to Win More Business

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Hello ladies, welcome back. Welcome back to day four. Welcome back to day four of the thrive method workshop.
Awesome. Awesome. I always like to make sure that all is good with the tech. Make sure you can hear me, please let me know. When you jump on. Listen, welcome back.

This is day four of the thrive method workshop. And today, we are here to talk about authentic sales. Thank you so much for the love already. Roseanne is here. Please sign in. I know there’s others of you here, though. So I know I’m not alone. We’re going to be talking about authentic sales. And my goal inside this hour or so today’s a lucky one. Right. But I’m always up for a good challenge. I bet you got a good challenge today.

Here’s my goal for us today. That you would shift your mindset Around sales, just as you shifted your mindset about business, and about the real possibilities that are right there in front of you inside your business. I want to get you to have that mindset shift around sales, and maybe even maybe even see that you can actually love sales. Okay? Yes, even as a Christian, even with a serving and giving mindset, you do not have to intimidate you do not have to be pushy, to be really, really great at sales. So are you ready? Well, listen, I always like to introduce myself in case there’s some new people watching. Hey, Julie. Hey, Margie, and Doreen so glad that you’re all are here.

My name is Judy Weber and I’m a thriving CEO just like you and I am the founder of this beautiful community of go getters, and I help high achieving women of faith just like you from all over the world. Build an impactful and profitable business always with grace and simplicity and joy and always putting Christ first, I’m the founder of the she is extraordinary movement, which consists of the she is extraordinary podcast, which I’m the founder and host. And also, I’m the author of a book by that name that’s going to be released. I think in early 2021. I am all about lifting up women, helping you step into your purpose, as you go all in as to who God made you to be. I’m a very passionate advocate for women.

I think you can tell that right? And I want you to know, I’m a dedicated mom to six boys, three are my step boys, the youngest of all is 19 that goes up to like 32. So they my kids aren’t diapers, right? My three boys love the Lord. So so much. And my oldest two have made, you know, ministry, their vocation. But listen, I’m a lot like you. I’ve had lots of ups and downs and all around, but thank God, he reached down and he saved me and he blessed me so incredibly, absolutely undeserved forever. Forever. grateful. He’s called me to serve his daughters, like you. And it’s a joy to do that very thing every single day, I get to help beautiful ladies like you gain the confidence and gain the skills and learn all these tools to make a significant impact in the world and thrive in business. And so can you tell I am super, super excited to be here with you today. So thank you for joining me. And I love seeing all these comments coming in. Thank you for signing in. Okay, before we want to, before we jump in, I want to make sure that you’re not gonna miss anything. Okay? So I really want you to grab your calendar, whether it’s on paper or your phone.

And besides coming back tomorrow at 12, and four, there’s going to be good stuff good trainings going on throughout the weekend, even on Labor Day. For those here in the states and even Tuesday, it goes through Tuesday. So Saturday, I’m going to be here at 12 noon. And for Eastern like always right at noon. I’m going to be talking about social selling do’s and don’ts. Do you know what social selling is? You need to come there on Saturday at noon, okay. And four o’clock Saturday, I’m going to be bringing a bonus training on positioning yourself to top tier status. Okay? So you’re going to love that one. Sunday, I’m coming at 212 and four at 12 noon. I mentioned this yesterday, I’m going to be talking about discerning God’s will for your business. And then at four o’clock, I’m going to be interviewing one of my amazing clients who went from corporate to brand builder. Her name’s Jackie, you’re gonna love her. She jumped in actually she dove in took massive action and she is getting amazing results. And then Monday, Labor Day, I’m gonna be here at six o’clock eastern to talk with another one of my clients, Karolina who’s positioned herself as a community connector, and it’s made her somewhat of a local celebrity. She hit her goal on August 1 for the year.

So with four months left to go, she’s gonna have her best year yet, and then Tuesday, as I mentioned, I’m going to be coming back at four o’clock with to wrap everything up with a live q&a, answering all of your questions. So be sure to put all that in your calendar, I do not want you to miss a single training, because they’ve been helpful, right? If these trainings have been helpful, let me know. And in a moment, I’m gonna be talking about the videos that so many of you ladies did. I mean, crazy what God is doing inside this group this week, right? But I want you to come back for all these trainings because I’m going deep into substance, real tactics, real strategies, not just superficial fluff. These are things you can really implement because look, I want to emphasize that learning is great. But you’re not going to see results unless and until you implement. And that’s what I want for you. That’s my prayer for you and your business that you’ll see big leaps and movements forward in your business as a result of attending this week’s workshop and implementing. Okay, thank you. super helpful, super helpful. Thank you ladies. Thank you Monday. Gonna be six o’clock eastern and if you have any doubts, check your handy dandy workbook.

Okie dokie. So let’s pray and then we’ll dive into our discussion today on authentic sales. Heavenly Father, thank You, Lord for teaching us and for drawing us closer to you every day. You know me, Lord, I’m a Go go go, go go. I’m not one to sit still. But I love how you are teaching me Lord to be quiet more to do a little bit less talking and a little bit more listening
to others and especially to you Lord. And so I just come before you milling before you Lord, just so thankful. I praise you Lord,
and asking for your presence for your blessing on this time. Together with these beautiful ladies, your your daughters love you so much. Seek to do your will. Lord, help us to know what that is. May you please interrupt my thoughts as you wish, Lord, I am your vessel. God, we love you and we trust you. We can’t wait to see all that you have for our future Lord. Please let us know how best to walk in that future.
We love you and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord we pray.
Amen. Amen.

So sales. I posed this question earlier. Where’s my phone? What does sales mean to you? And here’s what some of you said. It was quite an eye opener, right? Let’s see. Um, sales trigger something negative for me.
Ah shamar. That was shamika. chimay says, sales means selling myself my expertise and I dread it. Kim says
excite me good. And Myra says I when I think sales I think, how can I help you achieve your dream? Tell me Tell me, okay, she’s an agent, a realtor. She’s really, really awesome. Margie says, ugh, my husband says, I’m a talker. I get white noise in my head when I think about sales and then afterwards Think of all the fabulous things I could have said. Jesus was world’s best salesmen. always thought that would be a good business Bible study. Hmm. Okay. Interesting. Interesting. Pamela says pushy salespeople trying to rope me into buying something I don’t want. That’s funny. Heather says what value can I get with my money? Georgia says, you know, it’s kind of like that car salesman. And then, you know, it just goes on from there. So, but, so it’s really kind of negative.

Let’s face it, the topic of sales has gotten a bad rap. Such a negative connotation attached to it from the greasy, smarmy car salesman who tries to trick you and bully And intimidate you into a sale to more recent days. I mentioned it earlier when you accept the connection request from someone on LinkedIn, and they literally attack you with a sales pitch before you even know who they are right? Ladies, that is not sales that is garbage. Hey, can you put garbage into the comments there? That’s not sales. So today I want to introduce you to authentic sales, sales that feel good sales that allow you to be who you are a loving heart lead giver, a servant leader who wants to change people’s lives with the blessings that God gave you, right? I want you to be reassured You do not have to be pushy or salesy. You do not have to do anything that feels gross in order to generate revenue. And isn’t that awesome news? Isn’t that awesome news. Okay, so what is the goal? We’re going to go to our sheet for the day helping with your note taking.

Okay, we’re at session for the question is what is your goal during set conversations. And that is,
look, you’re talking with someone who fits the characteristics you’ve established as your ideal client, they’ve got a problem. You can fix it. They’re ready to get help. They value what you do they really need this. And they have the financial resources to invest in getting the help from you. And by the way, that’s what you call a qualified prospect. Okay, so you’re talking with this potential client, and depending on your sales process, this could be over the phone. You could be sitting in front of them, or it could be over DMZ. That’s right. That’s going to vary, but you’re involved in a sales conversation. So what is your goal? Tell me please, what is your goal in a sales conversation?

And here and I see Jeannette saying I hate making cold calls. So what I’m talking about now, isn’t it isn’t a cold call. This is a sales conversation where this person as I said, is your ideal client. They need what you have, they kind of sort of raised their hand and expressed interest. So what is the goal when you’re involved in that kind of sales conversation? Any guesses? Any guesses? Oh, thanks Karolina for my hair looks good. Thank you. All right. Do you think that? Do you think that a goal is getting a sale?

Like you think getting a sale? Is the end goal in the conversation? I want to flip your mind and say No, it isn’t. Okay. That’s not the goal. I mean, that would be a beautiful result of that interaction, right? And ultimately how you’d love to end each and every sales conversation right? I got another sale. But really, that’s not the goal. And I want to explain, think about it. If that were the goal of each and every conversation you had with a prospect who expressed interest, you would feel pressure to make it happen. And that’s where the being pushy and salesy and smarmy So often comes in when you’ve got to get the sale.

You see, it’s a subtle shift, but it’s an important one. You see where I say your goal, when you’re talking to somebody like that is not necessarily to get a yes. But it’s to get the person you’re talking to, to make a decision. And the goal is to get the other person to make a decision. And
you see, you want to help them move forward. And if they’re undecided, that means they’re stuck. They’re not moving anywhere. They’re just kind of staying where they’re at, right? Because think about it, even if they say no, that could mean No, not now. And not necessarily Yes, later, right. But even if they say, No, that’s a decision.

So that’s a choice that that other person is making to maintain the status quo. They decided to keep things as they are, right? Because if they keep doing the same things they’ve been doing, they’re going to get the same results, right? But at least they’ve made a decision. Okay. So if they say thank you for the love, and so if they say yes to your offer to you helping them get to a better place, that’s a great decision to, that’s the best decision they could have made, right. So help them make a decision, when they fail to decide, when the other person won’t come in one way or another. They’re stuck. You got to get them to that place of decision so they could move forward one way or another. Now, I don’t have time to go deep into this, but during all of your sales conversations, you need to your emphasis needs to be on the other person. Right? Finding out as much as you can about them.

And you should be doing much less of the talking guys, and I wish I could dive into that. Can’t right now, but you can only best serve them. When you find out of 10 about them. Okay? And that’s the goal. You want to serve them. I don’t want you to feel pressure When you’re on sales conversations, I want you to have fun with it. Because at the very least, even if they say no, and even if that no is a forever, no, if they are your ideal client, then you’ve just gained information through the way of market research. Okay.

All right. Um, so you’re asking them questions to learn about them, their pain points, their motivation, their goals, their timeline, right? Whatever issues are important to you, given your industry and what you do, okay? So when you extend the offer, when you extend the offer, your product or your service, it’s not at all uncommon to hear objections. So now we’re at the next point, objection. Okay. Now, you know what I’m talking about, in the way of objections, right. And I want to list just a couple of the top objections so that you know what they are. Okay. Oh, that’s that cost too much. I don’t have the money for it. That’s one right. hate that one. Another one is, I wish I could but you know what? I just don’t have the time. I don’t have the time.

How about this? Well, I have to ask my spouse. And I get that, but it’s like, Yeah. Did you talk to him beforehand? Or how about this one? Can you give me a discount? Right? This kind of goes back to the first one, but those are the top ones that my clients are seeing. So I often find that ladies hate objections. And you even say, I hate when I say that. And I just said, I hate that objection. Right. But listen, we really need to change our thinking on that. Because an objection really is an opportunity. Okay, really is so objections, equal opportunities, it is a good thing. It is a good thing that they’re continuing that conversation, because actually, an objection is a buying signal. Did you know that an objection is about Buying signal and I want to prove to you that I’m right about this.

Think about this. If you’re talking to somebody, whether they’re sitting in front of you, or you’re on the phone, and you don’t want what they’re selling, and you can’t wait to get away from them, if they say, do you have any questions? What’s going to be your response? No, I’m good. Thanks. Bye, bye. They’re not gonna say anything. Well, they’re gonna say to noodles, right? But if somebody cares enough to answer when you say he got any questions, and even if they respond with a so called objection, that shows interest, at least some level of interest, and so your job then is to respond and explore that interest.

Does that make sense? Okay. Yeah, it really is a buying signal. So now that we know that objections are not scary, they’re almost always going to be there. We just have to learn to embrace them and see them for what they are opportunities. Let’s talk now about some key to overcoming objections. That’s the last part on your sheet. And I have three of these that I want to share with you. So first, you know, how do you overcome objections? First, you bring up the objection, during your presentation, or in that conversation, you address it before they do. And it’s funny, as a trial lawyer, I do this all the time. As a trial lawyer, I had good facts and bad facts, but it’s a fact. And I can’t, you know, put the facts under carpet. That wouldn’t be ethical. That wouldn’t be right. So instead, sometimes I bring it out, and then I’ve minimized it. Yes, yes, there is a blah, blah, blah, however, it doesn’t really matter. Because whatever, right?

So I nip that objection in the bud. And that’s what I want you to do. So I have an example for you the money, okay. So you know, that money is pretty much always going to be an issue whether you’re charging $5 or $5 billion, okay? Money is always going to be an issue. So talk about value. Make sure You are getting to know the other person very well. Right? what really motivates them and what’s important to them. So you hit, you hit a pair, right? Talk up the value, the interest, the value, the things that are important to them, make sure you emphasize that and how your whatever it is that you’re selling hits that right, right where it needs to write and gives them what they need. So, share stories of client successes, talk about the transformations you’ve been able to achieve with your clients and the value, not just the transformation itself, but the value of that transformation. Okay, if you can put $1 amount on the ROI, the return on investment, give those examples. And if it’s not dollars, maybe it’s other value. And for an example if you are a health coach, you know when you say my client Jane not only lost 40 pounds in three months, but she kept it off. After a year, and in that year, she was able to run a marathon, get a new job and find the man of her dreams. I mean, hello.

Those are priceless intangibles, but the value is huge. You see what I’m saying? So you know it’s coming. So talk it up. Read it in truthful examples of what it’s really worth. You know, you might be charging $5,000, but oh my goodness, you’re giving them the keys to the kingdom to make
millions. Right? Okay, so bring up the objection during your sales conversation. That was key number one, key number two, and this is oh my goodness, you can’t be afraid of this release. I’m getting excited now. Ask clarifying questions. If someone has an objection,
don’t assume that you know what those words mean. Okay, that may sound weird, but ask them to explain it further. Okay, you said Blah, blah, blah. Would you mind telling me a little more about that? What do you mean when you say that? Right? And then listen, the goal to winning a sale during a sales conversation is listening.

It’s not just even asking the right questions, you can ask all the questions that are right. But if you’re not hearing, if you’re not listening to the answer, you’re going to miss it. Okay? So even when you say explain that would, would you please, and then when they explain it, I always like to say, interesting. Now, tell me more or you know, if you really aren’t sure, if you aren’t sure, great, move on. But if you’re really not sure that you fully understand, don’t be afraid to ask another question. Right? Why do you say that? What do you really mean by that? I want to make sure I understand, right? You want to get inside their head and understand where they’re coming from. Okay. Last thing you want to do is assume that you know what their concern is when in reality what you thought Was there concern really even wasn’t on the radar. But now, you went down a certain road, that now they didn’t even think about it. But now, it’s become an issue.

Right? Or you’ve assumed something, and you didn’t really address their pain point in any event. Okay. So that was key to ask clarifying questions. Don’t be afraid to go deep. And if they say, Gosh, why the thousand questions? Well, it’s funny that you say that. But this is what makes me a professional, because I really want to make sure I can help you in any way I can do that is when I fully understand where you’re coming from. It makes sense, right? There’s always a way to respond. Okay. The third key to overcoming objections is, look, at the end of the day, if somebody trusts you, and they need what you’re offering, they’re going to buy from you.

And that’s a fact. So, if from a conversation, you’ve confirmed that they want what you have, they need Need what you have? They can afford it or can be resourceful to get the money, right? They see the value in it. They want to jump and say yes, they’re holding back. Then, you know, ask them, What is the issue? Say, what is holding you back from pushing the Go button? And here’s the key. Be quiet. Wait for the answer.

Don’t get them off the hook by responding. Let that silence fall heavy. And let that other person feel the weight of that silence. Now, listen, that is not being mean. That is being a sales professional. That’s actually helping the other person you’re talking to, to find the space they need
to get the answer. Like, why aren’t they moving forward? What is holding them back because maybe they never even thought about it before. They’re just afraid. Maybe they’ve never spent that kind of money before on what it is that you offer. So they really have to think about that. Wow, I really do want this. I think she’s great. What would I say? Yes, right. So often, I found that only what asked that simple question, what is holding you back from moving forward, when you really want to go? And that reason is going to be an emotional one, a lot of times fear.

Or maybe they struggled so long that, that they want to believe that you can help them. But they’ve got that doubt. Right. A lot of people really don’t know why they are holding back. But for their own good, I want you to give them that space. I want you to serve them in that way.
Okay. Does that make sense?

Please let me know the comments if that makes sense. All right. So I have given you so much in these last couple of days. And as you can see from the schedule, we have so much more to give you. But I want to pause now. And I want to extend a really important invitation because I know many of you Ladies, some of you, many of you have actually reached out and said, I am ready. I’m ready for what’s next. And, and you’ve said, I want to be a part of your family. I want to know how I can work with Judy, thank you so much for all the yeses. Ladies. You know, I want to know how I can work with her team of thriver experts at t drive I want to be a part of everything you’re doing. And so I want to pause right now. And I’m going to invite you ladies to close your eyes. And I truly unless you’re driving, I want you to close your eyes. And I want you to imagine life and your business. Three months from now, what that could look like six months from now, or even a year from now.

You see, when you have your mindset on Christ, and on truth and what’s really possible with him, giving you his wisdom and his plan for your business. When you have your branding dialed in all these things. We’ve talked about right. And the people you really want to work with. They’re finding you, they’re falling in love with you, they’re coming to you to ask to work together. And when you’re consistently generating revenue month after month, and what you think’s a big number now is exactly the number you’re hitting month after month. And as you’re working your business, and you’re surrounded by other like minded women who’ve got your back, and you know, you’re never alone, and you’re a part of this really great community, a real sisterhood, to come to for inspiration, for support and for encouragement. And when you’re doing all of this with grace, simplicity and joy in the Lord, you’re accomplishing so much while enjoying time with your family, and time with the Lord doing things that really matter.

And all the years of struggle, have come full circle. As you thrive. Ladies, that moment has arrived. Right? It’s time for you to make one empowered decision. There’s going to begin a chain of events that will make all those things a reality. And this is it. The blessed to thrive Academy is now open for registration. And if you’re ready to land on your final, amazing business building destination, if you want to become a part of my entrepreneurial family of committed women of the Lord, and impactful women of purpose and service, do you want to join my family of powerhouse ladies doing life and business together for an entire year to help you step into that CEO role of a thriving business that you’re capable of becoming? To build that confidence to build your brand to get you positioned right to claim that one and only position in your market. You get the accountability, the coaching a direction, the support, the training, and everything you need to take all that hard work that you have done, up to now and give it that right frame. Work the structure, right? the right support system, the right team surrounding you, so that we can bring your dreams, your goals to fruition.

Your opportunity is here, my beautiful sister and I want to welcome you with loving arms into my family and into the blessed to thrive Academy. It’s really is an extension of my family. My team and I, we love you, lady so much. We have a passion and a commitment and such diehard no fail rule inside the Academy. We work harder than any other program on the planet. And it’s why I become you know, the first and only leader in the accountability driven coaching space for Christian women. There was a gaping hole. When you agree with me, there was a gaping hole within the coaching industry. I know last year you may know my story of what I pivoted from working with my twin sister exclusively serving real estate agents. And that didn’t work out so I had to pivot So it was a lot last summer was totally juggling and praying and thinking and looking around, right checking things out, or what do you have for me. And as I looked around, I saw ladies floundering. They needed support real support, that was Christ centered, that really didn’t exist.

Looking for a coach that follows up and is there for their ladies, because she really cares about her clients. That’s me. I didn’t see anybody else doing that to that level. Right? Where for the coach, the success of the client is as important to her as her own success. I didn’t see it.
Doing Business God’s way not worldly with the secret and crystals and talk of the universe and nonsense. Right? There was a gaping hole for Christian women who needed support direction, a loving coach who kick them in the butt to help them reach their dreams to live their God given purpose. Just Those that were meant to serve, and to live that extraordinary life that Christ has for these ladies doing the work that God called you to, let’s face it, that CEO role is hard.

And as you think about it, it’s the only role on the planet without accountability, right? So many things that a CEO has to do. And so I created the blessed a thrive Academy to fill that gap, to give you Christian women who are on fire for the Lord and you know, on fire and passionate about serving to give you exactly what you need, not only in the way of training, to learn the mindset, skill set the strategy and the systems but that all important ongoing support, accountability and direction so that you’ll finally achieve your goals and thrive in business and in life. And that’s why I drew a line in the sand and I said no more.

There will no longer be this gap inside business coaching for Christian women. And so the best of private coaching is where I threw my heart. And I threw my soul where I downloaded my experience my education and insights that I gained from my background, right. All of the experience that I gained from being a retail manager. I don’t know if I ever said that fresh out of college, I was a music Ed major could not find a job. So I ended up working at Macy’s, which is a really awesome management program. I managed a team of 12 right out of college, responsible for like $30 million in annual sales. I interacted with middle and senior level managers, including buyers in Manhattan.

What an amazing opportunity that God allowed for me. I’m gonna get weepy probably about the experience that I gained as a trial lawyer working in a male dominated industry, dealing with a bunch of poses a lot of times really tough getting beat around. I could tell you horror stories that would wrinkle your toes. It was a tough job in a tough venue city of Philadelphia and I won more cases than I lost by God’s grace. about the experience that I gained by being an entrepreneur for more than 15 years, consistently succeeding, consistently growing and building, earning a stellar reputation of excellence, unparalleled customer service winning awards, invited to speak on stages and growing a following, which began way before the internet became a thing. Yep. Free Facebook seems hard to imagine now right? About the experience I gained while sitting in the C suite. In my role as in house general counsel and director of HR from multimillion dollar international company, earning the respect of senior executives and staff alike, known for my my smarts, my fairness, my no nonsense and my ability to bring people together, put teams together, put systems in place to get things done, combined all of that with my heart for the Lord Jesus Christ.

And a love for him to gain from 15 years of Bible study plus service and leadership in the church loving on my sisters. Blessed to teach and be taught by God’s Holy Word. So with all of that, last summer, I decided to rewrite the story in the coaching space and I designed the first ever accountability driven coaching program specifically for Christian women, high achievers. When you have me as your strategist, as your guide, looking at your business, giving you custom direction, on a weekly basis, on a weekly coaching and mastermind session to help you grow, to flourish and to thrive, as a proverbs 31 entrepreneur, right, whose heart and hard work is blessed, and whose business is profitable.

And importantly, in addition to all my personal involvement in direction, combine that with powerful tools and trainings, and a whole bunch of other assets. Inside the Academy. I’ve simplified the noise. I’ve eliminated the confusion, the madness of entrepreneurship, and I created an all encompassing experience to allow you to get wherever it is you want to go. in a way that is absolutely doable, in a way that feels good, putting God in the right first place. So those that are truly committed to their calling, those of you who are committed to your business and committed to living your God given purpose and serve others inside your business, you can achieve your goals. And you can surprise even yourself with what you could accomplish with a sisterhood behind you. And yes, accomplishing even what you had previously thought was impossible. Because you’re doing things God’s way.

And you’re giving him glory. And God is Oh, so gracious and good, isn’t he? Oh, Lord, you’re so good. I see the love. Thank you, ladies, thank you. Listen, my mission, my vision, and my purpose is to lift you up, to lift up my fellow sisters in Christ to trust more and to lean more on him to go all in on who he made you to be. So that you can live that extraordinary life that God has for you. It’s that john 1010 life, right life of abundance in all ways. And it’s that life that God planned for you since before the world was formed. And that’s just incredible thought and that is exactly why everything I do is focused on him. Okay, so to find out even more of the specifics, you can go ahead and head over to Judy hyphen Weber comm slash Academy again, it’s my website, Judy dash or hyphen weber.com slash Academy. And you can go ahead and register right now if you are ready. If someone wouldn’t mind popping that in gt hyphen, weber.com slash Academy. I will tell you this is the one and only time that I’m going to be offering this at this price point after Tuesday at midnight, the price is going to jump and it’s going to jump pretty substantially.

And I’m going to go over some of the details with you now but I really want to tell you about that. Something amazing that I’m making available only for the next 36 hours. And it’s this bonus thing isn’t even on the website, you’ll see on the website there, that there are several bonuses and some are limited to the first 15 of you who register. And so I don’t want you to miss out on any of those incredible bonuses, there are things that are really going to amplify your experience inside the Academy. And in some cases, give you significant one on one time with me as we strategize together. So I want you to check that out. But I’m so excited to share an additional bonus, it’s not even there. Okay, as my business has grown, I do less than less private coaching. And you’re going to see that as we move forward into 2020 and into 2021. So I decided to do something really, really special with fitness group, because you ladies are really special to me. So I want to gift you with time. And I’ll tell you of all the things in the world. The thing I value most is time.

Okay, time is our most precious resource because once it’s gone, it’s gone. And with that high value that I placed on time, it’s time though, that I’m happy to give to you. So that doesn’t tell you how much I have invested in helping you succeed. I don’t know what else I could possibly do.
So the first 10 ladies who pay in full and jump in to the blessed to thrive Academy over the next 36 hours, that is until tomorrow midnight, you’re going to get an unbelievable bonus package. Okay and in that package, you’re going to get a private session with me, just you and me strategizing on your business setting priorities mapping out what you need to what you need to hit your goals and get you to that next level that is private session is in addition to the half day VIP day that the first five ladies who pay in full will get with me so you seriously you got to check that out right the value of this bonus package to the first five ladies. Easily is like Nearly $10,000 I kid you not. And the first 10 is well over 7500 and that’s just the bonus package above and beyond all the goodies inside the Academy, talk about value, talk about an investment, my investment in you.

Okay, so, um, again, you can head on over to Judy Weber comm slash Academy and there, find out more about it, you can watch members, Academy members share their experience inside the Academy, their breakthroughs and their impressions and results as a result of being in the academy. So the clock starts now. Right? As I said, I’m opening up 10 spots for those who pay in full in the next 36 hours to get this incredible package including a special one on one time with me. And I will tell you this package value is like three times more than the cost than your investment in the entire program. So clearly the opportunity to jump is now to go all in take that leap of faith and be One of those first five for sure to get the VIP, but even the first 10 will get that bonus one on one with me, in addition to what you see on the page,

I wanted to give you that something extra. That’s why I really jam packed the bonuses. I see how hard you’re working. I see how committed You are the Lord, to your family to your business. And I saw how invested you are. And so I want to give you that investment in you in the way of this bonus package. So if you’re ready, I’m ready. We’re ready. Let’s build something truly extraordinary. Okay. And again, if you’re one of the first 10 to say yes, I’m excited to give you this bonus package. And if you’re one of the first five, you’ll also get a half day VIP gate with me personalized, customized private attention with me. Okay, guidance from my team on an ongoing basis through weekly coaching and mastermind sessions and so much more. So excited to partner with you and witnessed firsthand how God is going to move to take your business to new heights as he grows you and matures you in your faith, right? and expand your network, locking arms with other high achieving women of faith, spurring each other on to success. So again, I don’t ever at hyphen weber.com slash Academy and jump in.

Now I realize that you may have questions, right? Some of you may be on the fence and you’re like, Well, no, look, I want to make sure I get those questions answered. And I’m happy to get on the phone with you. So I want to make this clear. I want to connect with you. Like if you have any doubt as to whether you should do this. Let’s chat. And as I just explained, my sales calls are not you better do this or else? No, it’s a conversation. So if you have questions, will you please message me, and please use my personal messenger because for whatever reason, I’m not getting my business messages on my phone and I’m having a hard time finding them on the computer since I’m here. moved to this new Facebook thing. But, you know, if you have questions private message me in my personal page and I will, let’s hop on the phone, right? So if you’re serious about your business and you’re committed and you’re ready to go all in and take that leap, and, you know, be somewhere very different by the end of the year, head on over duty hyphen web comm slash Academy and register now.

All right, so I want to go just just another spend another moment to talk very briefly about the three main pillars inside the Academy. Because I know sometimes it can be overwhelming looking at that long sheet. Okay, the page. So, I want you to know, the Academy is a 12 month business building business growth experience. We’re on the strategist and the lead coach in the program, right? I lead a weekly group coaching and mastermind session where all Academy members can come together to get their questions answered. Nothing held back to ask anything. I’m there for you. One thing about me and I think you’ve seen it all this week, I show up For you, I show up big time. And that’s exactly what you can expect and more. When you jump inside the Academy.

The weekly coaching session is on fire. We talk business, we talk life from a gobby perspective and a focus on serving Him, first and foremost. And as an example, if you’re trying to implement something, let’s say you’re going through the branding module, and you’re like stuck someplace, we’ll talk that through on that call and get you moving again. So it’s kind of like a mini laser session, giving you exactly what you need to move forward. Because like I said, taking action is what’s going to get you different results. And it’s that level of support that will allow you to do more, get more done in your business in less time and get you to your goal. Now I’m blessed with a great memory. It’s a skill I honed as a lawyer having to keep all those facts in my head and I’m very detailed. So Believe me, I will know you and I will know and I do know each and every one of the members inside my group.

I know their business, and I know them and I’m tracking what they’re doing. So trust me when I say as a member of the Academy, you will not be lost. You are valued, you are known and you are served. Because from the get go, I want to help map out for you your track to get you moving the biggest way possible in the quickest way possible. All of that the strategy and the coaching piece is part one of the program. Okay, part two of the program is you get access to an online library of 12 modules on every subject necessary to build and grow a profitable, sustainable and scalable business. Now, if you pay in full, you will have access to all the modules. If you take the payment plan, which is no big deal, then you’ll get the first four modules and then every 30 days after that the next module drips Okay, this library consists of training videos by me and my cyber experts, which I’ll tell you about in a moment, taking you through step by step, the strategies, the steps, the insights, the skills and tools you need inside your thriving business. And besides the videos the modules also contain worksheets successfully.

A lot of success work, it’s implementation, right? templates, checklists, everything like that. But you need to learn what you need to learn and accomplish what you need to accomplish to move forward. All right, so the thriver experts when I was putting this academy together, okay, and I was curating it, I felt like it was very important to bring in with me, the very best of the best to serve my Academy members, right subject matter experts in key areas of business, like social media, and in particular, monetizing your social media, copywriting sales, publicity, Facebook ads, okay. Now, obviously, I know quite a bit about each of these areas except Facebook ads. But I wanted to give, again, that little something extra because that’s how I roll okay. So these cyber experts will come to you and they make themselves available inside the private Facebook group, as well as inside monthly office hours. Okay. When you come together for the They’re, you know, each of these cyber experts, office hours, you can put on the hot seat and talk you through a particular issue, right? The office hours are dedicated. They’re not trainings per se, okay, because you have all those in the modules. But this is where you come with questions.

You know, help me with my sales conversation helped me monetize my social media, let’s share a screen. Let me show you what I’m doing and how could I be better? It’s that kind of thing. Okay. And let me say this, those that jump in and take full advantage of everything the academy offers, they do the work, they’re going to be the ones to see the crazy results and we’re going to talk to a few of them in the coming days, okay, because as in anything, what you put into something is absolutely what you’re going to get out. So the library of modules is on demand. And as I mentioned, if you pay in full, it’s going to be all there for you. And if you go month to month, no worries, you’ll get access to the first four which will keep you more than busy for the next 30 days. Okay, so far.

Two was the trainings and the resources on demand. All right, and Part Three is super powerful. And in my opinion, this is what makes the academy the absolute best experience available anywhere. And that is a private Facebook group. It’s a community of sisters who are in this entrepreneurial thing together, doing life together, growing, watching each other, rooting each other on as thriving CEOs and growing as a faith filled, Joy filled community of women of the Lord. Questions between weekly coaching sessions are posted there. I’m in there all the time. I want you to post your successes, your questions, your challenges, your wins everything. Look, we’re doing life in business together. And I do bonus monthly trainings and other surprises. It’s a beautiful additional resource having that private Facebook group.

So there you have it. So if you’re ready to join the family, and keep this beautiful momentum that has been established in just the past couple of days. Oh my goodness. Look, what have you done in the last Three and a half days since you came to me, you imagine where you and your business would be after 12 months together. So junie Tyson Weber, I always mess that up, Judy hyphen weber.com slash Academy. Go there, watch and read the testimonials. See everything in further detail about everything you get inside. I cannot wait to have you join us as a member of the academy family. As I said, if you’re on the fence, you have questions, I want to jump on the phone with you.

So private message me my personal account, please and let’s chat. All right, one other piece that I just want to touch on then we’re gonna we’re gonna get to the good stuff here. Okay, is the intangible but highly valuable networking among the members and the friendships and the business besties that are born there. Right, and I also spearhead an accountability partner within the membership. So once you jump in, I’m going to Make sure that you don’t only have me and my team to hold you accountable, but I’m going to hook you up with someone else to hold you accountable either one or two other ladies. So that that is another beautiful aspect of the experience. Okay. All right. So one last thing that I want to share, it’s kind of a personal thing.

So if you’ll indulge me, um, I think I mentioned in the last several years, I personally invested north of $100,000, in coaching, and in programs and in courses. And while there was a lot of good, um, there was a lot of disappointment. And so you may be thinking about these things, or you may have experienced these things. So I just wanted to address this right. One example. I joined a couple things where it was my understanding that I would have access to the lead coach, like the person that grew me in right. But in fact, I didn’t. It’s not good. I felt unappreciated and I felt frankly misled.

I will never do that. Another example being told that I would get review of my copy and my Facebook ads or whatever, whatever else they said. All I needed to do was ask feedback and I get it. But on something that I paid $9,000 for I kid you not all I got was a Kurt at a girl. Keep it up. No edits, no suggested changes and

I was told Well, looks good. Try it doesn’t work tweak it. Women. Whoa. Um, I paid $9,000 for an ad a girl and a keep going. What? Look, I get it as an entrepreneur. There is a lot of testing, a lot of testing and monitoring and tweaking that has to happen. But when when I paid 5000 10,000 $18,000 to be a part of a program with a nationally known influencer, I would expect that I got something to learn right from them. Not a passion on the head with an added girl, that doesn’t cut it for me. So I want you to know that inside the Academy, you will get detailed feedback from me, you will get a timely response. Right? You will feel loved and cared for by me personally and by my team. That’s my promise. And that’s my commitment to you for each and every one of my Academy members. So again, I hope you’re one of the five that get everything that paid full plus the VIP day or if not the next five that still get that extra bonus of the one on one with me, Judy heiping member comm slash Academy All right, there is a before I get to the winners. And I’ll get to the comments in one moment, but I want to get to a question that was asked by one of you nostre I gotta find it. Oh my goodness. Where’s the question? Are you okay, here we go. Got it. nostra asked me, I’m so sweet. She said, Look, you know, I come from corporate and I’m not used to having, like, myself, so out there on social media.

And you know, I like to keep things kind of private. And it just feels funny. And she said, I wonder kind of how that how you dealt with that since you kind of came from that corporate and corporate issue in the legal world, right. And before I jump into the question, she was a beautiful, she said something beautiful that it just made me cry. She said, Judy, in the past two days, I’ve done more in my business that I’ve done in the last month. Thank you. She said, so that was like, This blew me away. like crazy Jesus. Thank you, God. So um, you know, so I wanted to address this question because I don’t think that she’s alone in that. And so I just wanted to say a couple things on this and I can go deeper on the Tuesday q&a on this, but I, I’m kind of a private person, I mean, I tend to be more of a wear my heart on my sleeve with my friends, but I don’t necessarily need the whole world to, you know, to, to know my business. And so there are definitely parameters and you have to establish those parameters about what you will share and what you won’t share. Okay?

My issue coming from the legal world in the corporate world was I was very buttoned up. There was only certain words I could use. I didn’t use like, you know how, if I say I want to do something, I will still say wanna but if I were writing it, I would say I want to do something right. And it just doesn’t work in today’s you know, marketplace and so, that was hard for me. I’m very scholarly in my thinking. I’m used to writing briefs that are like this thick, what y’all might think is boring. I get excited about right. Um, so that was very hard for me, changing my mindset from You know, corporate buttoned up, I graduated college in the 80s. So, you know, I’m very, you know, the puffy sleeves, we call this the shoulder pads and, and everything just being very professional. And I see that, especially in this in this age that we’re in now, in business. It’s almost like conversational is the new professional. So I found that to be very hard, and to just not worry about everything being perfect, as I mentioned, and just taking action that’s ginormous. Now, specifically on the social media aspect, let me just say, your buyers, in virtually every industry, they want to know you. And so as I said, you have to, I believe, put an element of yourself out there now it could be a persona, right?

Like Remember how I said your brand personality may or may not be yours. So you don’t necessarily have to show your innards, right, your innermost thoughts, feelings, all that. You don’t have to dredge up everything that happened in your past and make that part of your brand story. You can be very selective and always strategic and intentional about what you choose to share. And you should give thought to setting the parameters around what I will or will not share. Some of my clients include their children, in their marketing and in their social media, other say No way, and neither one is wrong. So I hope that helps to begin, you know, kind of a thought process for you nostre and I will be happy to address this further on Tuesday, at four o’clock eastern. We’ll be wrapped this up with our live q&a. Okay, so let me just pause and come into the comments because this thing’s blown up. I don’t know if I can read it off.

Oh, yeah. Lou says I love the quote of Albert Einstein. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And Doreen says something that’s so true sometimes it takes seven times of hearing something before they move forward with a yes or before they even reach out to you or like a comment or share. Right? And Julie says what an objection is a buying signal. Wow. Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. Um, let’s see. Keep going.
A lot of yeses.

Oh, LaShawn. Kita says it’s a wonderful family. Thank you lush akitas, a member of the academy as is Bonnie. And yeah, I love Bonnie and Alright, so am I had to drop off no fluff. That’s right, Angel. Absolutely not. See, I want to see if there’s any question. Margie says I spent $5,000 with a horrible coach who was mean, and didn’t listen to me half the time How I wish I had that money back. Yeah. It’s a tough choice. Right? You got to be discerning? Absolutely. Julie says you really do care for your clients. I can’t believe how communicate Have you are you’ve been and I’m not even a client yet. Yeah, so imagine right. Thank you for the love Ladies and latia kita says yes, I really do care for my clients. You guys are really amazing. You’re gonna make me cry if I keep reading these things. Okay, I want to see Do you ladies have questions? If there are questions, I want to address it. And if not, then I want to jump to the prizes. So sweet. I had the most productive day ever yesterday because of advice from Judy, and her time blocking. Wow. And to all to all the praise and glory goes to the Lord. Thank you, God. Thank you that. Okay, this is tricky for me. As a teacher, we were encouraged to not be on Facebook, and to be extremely careful of every word. So I’m having a hard time moving away from that image.

Yeah, let me let me just talk about that. Last point that will get surprises, I promise. All right. Um, I have the utmost respect for teachers.
There have been some very pivotal people in my life that were my teachers, whether it’s at the college level, or the elementary school level, my third grade teacher I love dearly. The support is amazing, right?
What I do not appreciate is the administration of so many school districts where they, you know, where they put that fear in you, right? It’s like, you don’t know me. You know, like, like, I get it. I think we should all be careful and discerning and what we put on social media. But I just want to say this fear. I don’t want you to ever be fearful. I don’t want you to take action or not take action out of fear. I want you to take action because you’ve been intentional about deciding what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. So I appreciate that Miss. See that, you know, it’s going to be a bit of a mind shift for you.

But and I don’t know, I’m sorry, I don’t recall if you’re staying teaching or if now you pivoted out or you’re furloughed, or whatever the case may be. But social media can absolutely be used for personal and for business in a way that is not offensive. Even as a teacher, we have to, you know, Watch your words. But I would hate to think that you would not have that opportunity to reach a whole new world through social media by having that that mindset and that fear. So if, if I’m blessed to work with you, at some point when you and I would work on that because I don’t want you to miss out. Okay. All right. Um, okay, so the winners, you know, yesterday, the prize for today, the daily prize is a one on one strategy session with me, which I’m doing less and less of, except for opportunities like this when I’m opening the doors to my Academy.

So I decided to not give one, but two. Um, and so let me just announce them because oh no, your realtor Okay, good, good, good. Okay, so now you know totally open. Alright. So the winners of the one on one strategy session with me are the londa McCullum and Georgia. O’Connor somebody wouldn’t mind writing their names in the londa McCullum and Georgia O’Connor. Congratulations, ladies. You have each one, a one on one strategy session with me. I will be in touch that will happen in late September and I cannot wait. Okay. All right. So now we’re getting to now we’re getting to the to the real thing, right.
Let me turn my page here.

13 of you submitted videos, and I want to name each of you because you’re amazing. Okay. sherlyn rich, though. Wanda McCullum, Mary scaly Davison Margie young Jackie Stratton baby Orsini should make a Dukes salby Alvarado, Pamela Bryant, Julie Tessie, Julie contrariness, Roseanne Imperial, and Georgia O’Connor and Janette, you had said that you submitted a video, I don’t know what happened to it, but I’m sorry, I didn’t see it. And when I got your comment I looked at I’m sorry, I didn’t see it. But in any event, I want to congratulate each and every one of you that submitted the video.

Because you did that. You took that step. And for some, it may be scary. But you did it. And so I really want to congratulate you for that. I cried at several of them. And I saw that some of you were emotional. And again, that’s a really good sign. It’s a really good sign. So I want to be very translate And tell you that the way that I picked this winner was I put you in a hat I put all the names in a hat because I couldn’t decide because I could think of a reason why I should choose this one and a reason of why I should choose this one and a reason of why I should choose each of you.

I couldn’t decide. So from the selection of picking a name from a hat, because you are all worthy. I’d like to announce that the winner of the scholarship with the 12 months seat inside of Leicester private Academy is to me make a Davis so make a Davis congratulations. I cannot wait to work with you inside the Academy. My team members will be sending you some emails later today in order to get you going already. And so I just want to say a big congratulations to shamika Davis and to the other ladies. I look forward to the hour opportunity to perhaps welcome you into the family as well. Because it’s just going to be an incredible 12 months together. Okay, and so should make it to me. Did I write that down? Oh my god, I wrote it wrong here. I’m so sorry. Now I have it right here, but I didn’t have it right there. Oh my goodness. Cute. Yes. I can’t read my own handwriting. Goodness. Thank you for that correction.

My goodness. Should Mika. Please accept my apologies. You know, it’s funny, as I was reading that, I’m like, that doesn’t sound right. But it should make a dude’s gosh, thank you for that. Thank you for that. Alright, so listen, ladies. Do the success work please. Do the success worksheet. I want to find the sheet here we go. Here we go. During a sales conversation, what is the goal? That’s easy, right? And I want you to review proverbs 31 and why Oh, should make a thank you for your grace.

Oh, okay. So the reason I want you to read proverbs 31 tonight is because I really want you to go to God and have that awesome conversation with him about what entrepreneurship is in the way of, you know, doing it God’s way. And so I think that would be a really awesome, awesome exercise. And the winner tomorrow, my daily prize tomorrow is not going to be a one on one. And it’s not going to be a necklace. It is I’m going to give away my favorite business book. And so you can feel free here to guess what do you think my favorite business book is that I’m going to send your way you can guess but one of you are going to get it. Okay?

If you do that success work and post it and I really want you to post it not just in this Facebook group, but I want you to do it on on Instagram with tagging me at Judy Weber live and hashtag thrive method. Um, the other thing that I just want to reiterate is yes, congratulate Mika. So the other thing that I want to make sure you know about is, if you want a bonus to win this book, then it’s not too late to check out my she’s extraordinary podcast to listen to an episode or two, and to leave a rating and review, and to subscribe and then snap a picture of that review. And you’re going to be having a bonus point win that bonus.

I don’t know if I call points or what it is to win the book. So listen, ladies, thank you so much for joining me today and every day here inside the workshop and just know we’re not near done. We’re going till Tuesday.

So I hope to see you back here today at four Eastern so that we can talk about growing that email list. And until then, wow. Love you ladies. Take good care. God bless.

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