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Ep 66: How to Win PR as a Newbie Transcript

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Beautiful. All right. Welcome, ladies, to this very special bonus session inside the thrive method workshop. I am blessed to be joined by my beautiful sister in Christ and client, Megan Jackson.

Hey, me. Ah, are ya? Great, thank you. Good, good, good.

Well, I want to introduce Megan to you and share with you just how extraordinary she is. But first, I want to say thank you, I want to thank you, each and every one of you for following me on this journey and showing up this week. And being such a wonderful part of this workshop experience. And before I go any further, I want to make sure that if you don’t know who the heck I am, this may be the first time you’re seeing me, you may be new to the page.

My name is Judy Weber and I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist. And I work with high achieving Christian women like you who are committed to their business, and want to have a big impact on the world with that God given purpose and gift, and still live that extraordinary life that Christ has for us. So as I was saying, I want to thank each and every one of you for showing up here inside the Dr. Method workshop. And shamika is here and there’s a couple of others, please do sign in so that I can say hey, personally to you. And as I was saying, each one of you are really important to me, because let’s face it, you are what makes the workshop extraordinary.

Right? I mean, thank you for the love ladies, Missy is here. And Margie is here. Look, if you weren’t here, what would be the point? Right? If no one shows up? if no one’s listening, if new action isn’t being taken, then what was the game? What was the point? But Wow, you ladies did show up big time, over and over each day. And so I want to make sure that you, you know, and I’m talking to all 479 of you, who signed up. Thank you. I’m truly honored and humbled that you paused out of your busy week to join me.

I mean, that’s a big darn deal. And I’m just blown away at the feedback, all the AHA and the breakthroughs, the life and business change that will result from digging in and doing the work this week. And this is exactly why I do what I do, to lift up my sisters, to empower you with the mindset, the tools and the strategy, to live out your God given purpose and to make that significant impact on the world that God planned just for you. So this is the first of several interviews with clients of mine who are members inside my blessed to thrive Academy, my signature program.

And so if you haven’t been participating in the workshop this week, you may be asking, what’s the academy? Question? Academy is the first and only comprehensive business building experience that I curated with love and prayer exclusively for high achieving women of faith, committed to making a significant impact and building a profitable, sustainable and scalable business God’s way. It’s basically where Christian women go build thriving businesses that matter. The doors are open to the academy right now, but only for a limited time. And you can find out all about what’s inside by clicking the link above. Okay, so I want to acknowledge who is here right now. Because you matter, right shamika and Missy and Margie and Pamela, the londa, loose sherlyn and others that haven’t signed in there are a bunch. So please do but right now we’re going to go to God in prayer. And then we’re going to dive into the interview.

Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you, God for all that you are. Thank you, Lord, for all that you’re doing. You are here. And we are so grateful. Thank you God for bringing these ladies bringing us all together because we know that it is by your divine hand. Nothing is by chance. Nothing is just coincidence. So we know that we’re all here together for a purpose, whether it’s live or on the replay. Thank you, Lord that Meghan is here to share, to share her experience to share her heart with the rest of us, Lord. So I just ask for abundant blessings on Megan and on every woman that tear Lord again, whether it’s live or on the replay, bless them, bless their families, bless their businesses, Lord, we’re looking to you we want to do your will. We want to do it your way. So Lord, tell us what that is. We’d love you. And we trust you and it’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right. Well, I’m so excited to more formally introduce beacon Jackson to you. As I said, she is a friend. She’s a client. She’s a wife, and a Mom to three boys. I’m a mom to three boys. So I totally get her on that one. She is a gentle Christian parenting coach. She’s the founder and CEO of joyful mud puddles. And I wanted to bring her on this bonus training to talk about how to win PR as a newbie. So Megan, thank you so much for being here.

It is always a pleasure to chat with you, Judy.

Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you for that, huh? Let’s start right here. Please tell the ladies about your business. Like, when did you launch? And what’s your background?

Um, okay, so I launched my business at the very end of April, right in the middle of COVID. Probably because I was sitting at home too much something God was nudging me to do, I have first launched as a parenting and homeschooling coach, because homeschooling was a big topic. I’ve been a longtime homeschooler with my boys, I have a background in education. And so I thought, well, that’s something I can offer people because they need it right now. But really what’s been on my heart for a couple years. And it was just, you know, you got to be brave and do what God asks was to really be a parenting coach, because of the what happened in my life. And when I needed a coach, and I needed some changes in my life. That’s, you know, when something like life changing happens to you, you want to share it with others. And so I use that time, with less activity to train myself and to launch my business. And so it’s been a whirlwind of adventure. And then God is slowly helping me refine who my ideal client is, and to really push me forward and what I’m doing.

Wow. So it May, June, July, August, like you’re not even five months in? No. Okay, so ladies, just so you have that perspective, less than five months wait to hear all that Megan has done. So I do want to talk a little bit about the niche pivot. Um, you mentioned you were kind of starting into homeschool parenting, but then you felt led to switch your ideal client in your niche? Can you talk about that a little bit? Yes. And I think a lot of it has to do with obedience to God and really following him versus what everyone else is telling you to do.

Because when I first thought of starting a business, I talked to lots of people I didn’t know you duty. And everyone’s like, do what people are asking for. Obviously, it was right at the beginning of COVID. Everyone needed homeschooling help. And they’re like, Okay, well, you know, parenting advice, they all need parenting advice. And anyone I talked to my, um, my sister, she’s does a bit of, she works at a business bank. So she helps people, entrepreneurs, and she helped me you know, sort of start off with, here’s how you do the ideal client thing and pick what your program is going to be. And everyone was telling me to cater to the masses. So I did just that. But it didn’t feel comfortable. It was something was lacking. I knew what was lacking, but I wasn’t feeling brave enough to step forward. And the more I was doing it, the more it was bothering me. And when you pray and ask for direction, don’t pray if you don’t want an answer.

You gotta do it. Because every single devotional, every Bible study, every Facebook post, every person I was talking to, it’s like, he was hitting me in the head with it, which is what I wanted, as my answer, but I still didn’t want to do it. Did and it’s, it’s slowly now I kind of got myself into like, okay, I already was a speaker at a lot of conferences, and my facebook group was full of homeschoolers. And I still it’s a part of me, so it’s a lot of my mindset is wrapping around what’s not like, I have to turn off who I am. I can still offer that to everybody. So well, that is so cool. Margie just said you’re talking to her?

Yeah. So this is so good. Because it is so important, as you now know from working together, right? The ideal client, we can’t talk to the masses, we’ve got to zero in on who we really feel called to serve and explore that. So I am going to be talking on Sunday about you know, discerning God’s will for your business, but I’d love for you to share with the ladies like what what’s your confirmation that it wasn’t really the homeschooling parenting coaching that you were to do that it was instead the gentle parenting coaching, can you give us a little bit more detail on the confirmation when it kind of Whoo, okay, this is what you want. Right.

A lot of it was you know that trusting your gut, it really is the Holy Spirit, making that unrest and the more I was posting, and the more people were telling me to do certain things, the more I didn’t want to do it. And it just wasn’t, I wasn’t feeling like that was clicking with who I was, I was trying to fake it and do things that were authentically me. And it was really bothering me. And so I prayed clearly for direction. And sometimes it was like, in my Bible study, the verse was like, okay, you’re hitting me over the head with it, you know, do what God asks, and, and also, people were reaching out to me, literally saying, Do you have this resource?

I’m a Christian parent, I don’t understand these verses. And I thought, Well, those are the people. God can defend himself. It’s not up to me to cater to everyone or to worry if I’m offending someone, God can win over those on the fence. So those people who don’t love the word Christian, because they’ve had bad experiences, that’s not my job, to feel guilty. Or to worry about everybody else. God’s bigger than that. He can win them over in spite of me. But I have to do what he’s called the people.

Yeah, and if he’s called me to something, that’s where I’m going to focus.
Awesome. Awesome. And so you talked about earlier on, you kind of felt like you were a faker. Now, when you put yourself out there, as this Christian gentle parenting coach, do you feel like you’re walking more authentically like this is, this is like, you know that you know that you know, that this is your calling. Because I can be more myself. Like, when I am parenting, I’m putting God at the center of my family. And I had to take God out, to cater to everybody, and anybody. And it’s like, I had to remove God just to do what I wanted.

And now I’m like, excited because I can share what I’m reading, I can pray for people, I can be more open, and I can be just who I am. And bring those people who actually want to work with the real me. That is beautiful. I love it. So authenticity, ladies, absolutely. Lose says that’s good. don’t pray if you don’t want an answer. That is really good, right? All right. So you’re a newbie, not even six months. And yet you have gotten some amazing opportunities to get you seen and to expand your reach, and to really get in front of your ideal client. So can you tell the ladies, first of all, what were those opportunities? You remember what they are? Because I have a list that you’ve sent me. But you want to share some of those great PR type opportunities, then?

Oh, of course, I’m great to interview. And I’ve been newspaper and magazine, three conferences, I think about five podcasts and three guest blog posts. Right. Okay, so I think you were cutting up a little bit. So I want to start from the top two new segments. Tell us about that. Were you on television? Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. Okay, talk about that, if you would. So I had heard back nidek in your blessed to thrive Academy, and she’s always talking about media. And while she was on the call, I actually looked up newspapers, and typed into my friend who’s got media connections, because I’m just gonna do it right now while you’re talking. Because I’m just gonna put it down and walk away and not do it if I don’t do it right now. So I post it to my friends on my Facebook wall, who has a media connection. And people responded, and I followed up on every single one of those connections, I pitched my story told them who I was and what I was about. And one of them called and she came to do a segment on me on homeschooling, and helping COVID families.

And while we were chatting, she loved so much of what I had to do about parenting and feelings that she actually created a separate segment and split it into two. Wow. So that was during an office hour with Beth one of the thriver experts. So just I want to kind of pause and pivot here for just a moment. Can you share with the ladies what an office hour is what it feels like what happens? Yes, so judy is amazing. And she brings in experts in certain fields because judy is amazing business coach, but she recognizes that to have someone who’s specifically great at PR, or Facebook ads or something else. Bring in other people to share their knowledge, their expertise.

We get to ask all our questions and get like it’s basically like one on one or Whoever is there, like a few people coaching, and there’s live hot seats that you’re like, you’re on direct answers with these people, and they each have I think it’s once a month. It’s a different time slot. But because there’s so many experts, you’re like, every week, there’s something amazing going on. That’s good. Ladies. Did you hear what I said? You know, Megan said, Beth nidek, who is our PR thriver expert. She’s like, okay, here’s how you get started. Do a post say, Hey, who knows a media person. And so Megan didn’t even wait for that session to end before she did it. That’s what I’m talking about ladies in the way of action taking. And, you know, what is it sherlyn is saying, Wow, amazing. Pamela power in following up. Absolutely. shamika says doing Maryland says amazing. Karina is here.

Welcome, hon. Good to see you. So Mika says she’s blown away. And Catarina says hello, amazing, ladies. Okay, so you’re on television, which is amazing. Okay. Now, you talked about being in the newspaper and a magazine. Can you tell us briefly what those were about?

So the newspaper was another one about learning and helping families with learning over the summer, I basically scouted out every single one of my local newspapers. And then I looked up any contact I could to find out and make sure it got to as many emails within that newspaper, and pitched to them, and then followed up with anything. One news reporter recommended me to a different news reporter who felt I would be a better fit. And then I was given an opportunity for the local newspaper.

Wow. And then the magazine, I, you got to keep an eye out on all your local Facebook groups, like get into as many groups as you can, where your ideal client is hiding or where your expertise is. Because opportunities just pop up someone who was writing a magazine for moms and all the contributors are local moms put out a call and I just responded. And that’s how I got the all the homeschool, like all the conference I’ve spoke, done about five or six sessions over the summer because I’m a blogger. And within my blogging group, people said, Hey, I need someone. And so I just said, Okay, so the opportunities aren’t always as hard to find if you’re looking for them. That’s, that’s amazing. And I will say how I found Megan was earlier this year, we were in the same some group.

I don’t even know what probably some sort of Christian business. Yeah. And so I reached out to her because it was timely. And I wanted to interview someone who could help respond to this desperation that I know so many of my friends had, which is okay, it’s COVID. Now, we’re supposed to know how to homeschool. How do we do it? And so I found me in that way. And so what she’s saying is so true, ladies, you know, you never know where your next opportunity is going to come up. So one more thing, um, other podcast episodes that you’ve been on? Um, how did that come about just from Facebook engagement as well, or something different? Um, so there’s two, one idea is to comment on other people’s posts, just comment often because again, within groups, so I’m going to be doing an interview with someone from this group, because they’ve seen my posts, and they’ve seen who I am. And I’m a good fit.

The other one is I was on LinkedIn. And I commented on another person from the blesta thrive Academy, an interview she had done, and then but using some of the tricks that you had mentioned, about your LinkedIn profile, my mic profession, like my title shows up next to my name. So when I commented, it triggered them to say, hey, I want you on my show. Wow. And then the other way to get those is there is actual groups for be a guest find a guest. And that it for podcasts. Like there’s a specific group for that. So you can write about yourself and if someone wants you or you can look for opportunities that way, and I just comment every time I think someone thing looks interesting. I comment there, and I’m going to be on an international parenting summit in October because I responded to a call for that to mazing Megan rally. I mean, when do you sleep, but good stuff. You Have you lost your podcast or you’re about to launch it. I know I’m on episode 14 I think, Oh, I thought you were like doing the interviews but it hadn’t launched yet.

Okay. That’s amazing. So totally famous people for that. Yeah. Talk about that. Yeah, talk about that. How did you how did you make that happen? You just Instagram them? Honestly, it’s not.
You’re always telling us one of the things you said was just go just do it, just do it afraid. Instant, like Instagram has messaging, find someone that you think is amazing. find any person who you want to connect with, send them a message, they’ll respond or they won’t. I mean, who, who cares if they don’t. But so far, everyone has been really, really welcoming and warmly receiving. I’ve had to curriculum creators, and about three authors. And I’ve lined up another, you know, famous in my niche kind of people. Amongst others. I also just use my friends who I know are amazing at what they do. So I’m using my own personal connections, but I’m just you just send someone an email, one of them I didn’t even expect on their website, there was no way of contacting them directly. I filled in that contact form.

That is so standard on every website, you don’t think it even goes anywhere? And I said, Hi, do you want to be on my podcast? And they wrote back and said, Yes. That is so excellent. And shamika says, Yes, she has positioned herself. Yes, Megan has positioned herself. And she’s really grabbing, you’re really grabbing the bull by the horns and saying, I want this one going for it. So I mean, just kudos because I love how you’re very, you know, you’re very sweet to me and saying, Judy, you’re awesome. But you know what, you’re awesome. Because doing the Do you are my ideal client, because you’re putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

And you you know, you just do it. So for example, you have grown your following, and a couple of months. So, you know, nearly 650 on Instagram over 550 on LinkedIn, you have a Facebook group of nearly 300. So what are you doing to grow that social following? Yeah, and most of those I started with 05 months ago. So it is possible. A lot of it is liking commenting on other people’s posts, gets them to reply. And then you make new connections that way, I follow a lot of people, I think people who follow me and then that creates more conversation. Um, I’ve posted a lot of events too. And then boosting your posts. Sometimes. I don’t do it too often. But if I’ve boosted a post or promoted a post that gets way more people noticing and then more likes and more follows that way. Hmm. Interesting. Okay, very, very good. Well, you’ve obviously done a lot the ladies are blown up.

They’re like, Wow, amazing. Congrats. So do you feel like you’re you feel is a weird question. But do you feel like you’re doing like amazing, like outside the box things? Um, no, it just feels normal to me, because I’m just like, Hey, this is what I’m gonna do. Let’s do it. I know, a lot of people don’t. Um, but I don’t see why I should just sit back and let everyone else do it. I might as well jump on board to Love it. Love it. Well, shameka just asked a question. She says do you leave your Facebook posts public? On your personal page? It depends. Um, I’m not posting as much personal stuff about my kids anymore. So when I do I change the settings on specific posts. Um, and then I usually post most stuff to my business page, or my facebook group, if it’s about my business, and then I’ll share one of those to my personal page. Because when people comment, they’re commenting under my business page, and then it asks them to like my business page. And I don’t usually post separately to my own. Okay, all right.

Very, very good. That’s good advice. shamika says her ID is public, but not her Facebook. And, you know, I have a certain I do exactly what Megan says, For the most part, my personal profile is public, by certain posts, I’ll only you know, change the setting on that. Alright, so I want to talk just briefly, thank you so much. I mean, I hope that ladies that you’re watching that you’ve been inspired. I mean, I think Megan is extraordinary. But so are you. Each of you are extraordinary, right. That’s why I named my podcast. She is extraordinary, because each of you are because you are perfectly imperfect, right? So each of you can do this. It’s a matter of sacrifice of time. And it’s a matter of just saying, okay, here goes let’s do it right and following what I’m suggesting. So you’re a member of the Leicester thrive Academy, and I’d love you to talk about your experiences. Inside, can you just generally talk about kind of what that’s been like for you?

I love it. Because you really get us thinking, I mean, you have the modules there that we can work through and refine your business. And really, make sure you’re focusing on that. But then you have so much opportunity to ask questions of each other. And everyone gives great feedback, because they really want to encourage and help each other grow, you’ve got the experts, you’ve got you with your coaching calls. I mean, there’s so much opportunity to not feel alone, you don’t have to wait a long time. It’s just you either post or you hop on a call, and you can get like instant feedback for anything that you’re going through. And one of the most powerful things that I think the Academy is is this network, don’t do it, the network, the sisterhood, the support, and also the collaboration going on, where we’re spurring each other on and you’re having you know each other on each other’s podcasts.

Can you talk about that a little bit like what, in a normal week, what happens inside the Academy. In a normal week, I think a lot of people are working through the modules at their own pace, but they’re posting like they’re intentionally posting their success work there, they’re showing what they’re doing, where they’re at. And that’s what the posts, you’ll see in the newsfeed there for that group. And then each week, there’s the coaching call, where you can come on and meet with each other and check in with each other and ask questions. And then there’s also the experts each week, so that I’m constantly checking to see what Facebook posts are there.

And you’re also really encouraging and offering a lot even through the posts that you put because it’s just a lot of it is mindset. And that community piece because I’ve been in other you know, coaching groups and it’s just the occasional post are here link up and you know, you get a lot of likes that way on Instagram, but they’re not real connections. These I find with the blast to thrive, there’s way more back and forth way more getting to know the other people. It’s like you’re building all these friendships that are gonna last I speaking of that, the accountability partners. Oh, I love her. Yeah, talk about that.

What is it? Oh, the academy ality partner is amazing. And I, I’ve made such a great friend. It’s fabulous. Um, so you post that you’re looking for somebody and somebody else is like, I’ll be your friend. I’ll be your partner. And you check in with each other. If you have a question you ask you give feedback, you encourage each other. And I’ve met, I’m partnered up with someone who’s along the same line of businesses, me. And it’s been great, because we’re actually going, we’ve been using each other as each other’s experts. Because our line of work is slightly different. I’m focusing more on the parenting and she’s on the mom. So it’s fantastic. Yeah. And and I always say, you know, you’re gonna find your business bestie inside the Academy, and you’re going to have lifelong friendship.

Yes, it’s true. We totally have. I’ve written some posts for her. And she’s always giving the best feedback. So I love it. That’s awesome. Everybody’s saying you’re so inspiring. Diane and delanda and lose and Pamela Margie, I’m not sure I understand your question. What do you measure success? What do you measure success? Do you mean? How do you measure success? I’m not sure. So Margie, if you’re still here, if you can give me some clarity on that, I would so appreciate it. Um, so what’s your favorite part of the academy?

Oh, gosh, there’s so much. I really think a lot of it is the connection knowing that I’m not alone that all these women are working their business the same. It’s not a competition, even people who are on the same line of work. It’s like how can I help you? How can I refine that before you? What can we do to grow and build and it’s I really, it’s so inspiring to have people lifting you up and being with you.

Because a lot of business feels like a competition just always after the money always after the clients and falling back on those relationships is huge. Especially when you know you’re having challenges. And you know that they still love you and that you’re still a success because you’re all together. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I love it. Okay, so Margie says meaning how, like, how do you measure success? I don’t know if that’s asking for Mikan specifically or me or, or both. But Megan, how do you measure success?

it’s a multi faceted answer for me right now. Success is doing what God wants me to do. And so I feel like I’m a success because I’m actually following the ideal client that he had for me. And that’s, that’s the ultimate thing for me. Even if I’ve never made a cent. I’m doing what he asked, and I’m where he’s calling me. Um, and then I think it really depends on what your goals are. If my goal was to grow my audience, then I’m a success. If I’m getting bigger, and I’m getting more followers, as far as the money goes, I recognize that I knew I had been making some money, but not nearly as much as I know I will next year.

That’s right. That’s right. You’re setting up the foundation. And it’s making it’s going to make a huge difference come next year in 2021. And even Hey, we got a few more months left in the year. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Especially now that you’ve gotten better clarity. Alright, so let’s see. Let’s see. So how has the academy being a member impacting you and your business? I would not be where I am today? Not at all. The business advice. I mean, you Judy gets down into the nitty gritty, what to add into your bio, she just gave me some suggestions today on my Instagram bio, which I thought was pretty good. And she’s like, here’s some suggestions. You don’t have to do them. But you know, who
goes to that much trouble to actually get into your Facebook group?

She’s in my group, she comments, she gives suggestions. Um, no other coach, like I’ve been in other you know, Facebook groups, and I was working. Generally with somewhere. There’s like workshops and things I’ve never met anyone who goes and answers every single comment. Every single person who’s commented on this video is going to get an answer from Judy, because she does that. And so the nitty gritty details are so helpful. And the mindset, I think I would have given up and gotten so discouraged, because but every time I turn around, there’s like a little you in a video judgment.

Love that. And even, I think I mentioned it to you in an email that, like I’ve seen other business, coaching Facebook groups, but they’re just using the, you know, the bright colored, you can change the background of your Facebook posts, like bright pink
or something. That’s all they’re using.

Now, if I want to grow my business, I’m probably going to copy how my business coach is posting. Who else does like different types of font, really catchy headlines, um, video photos, like that’s, I want to learn from the best and copy and model what they’re doing. So you’re, you’re you’re walking the walk, you’re actually doing it as well as helping us year to year, and to all praise glory and honor goes to Jesus Christ, because he is downloading to me even this morning. And in my, in my private devotional time, I wasn’t intending to have what I was doing, you know, have anything to do with what I’m going to be talking about. But I got a direct download from the Lord on what I’m going to be talking about Sunday on discerning God’s will for your business.

So I really do pour into my ladies, but it’s because God’s downloading it to me, and I feel like I it’s my job to, you know, to get that back out. So something here, how long have you been in the group? Maggie asks, and I think that means how long have you been inside the academy? I won a scholarship from Judy, because I can’t even remember what it may. You did the 31 days of leads. And I jumped in and took action. And so I have been blessed. Being in it since about may, and then now it’s also in your accelerator lab as well. Yeah. Yeah. So the accelerator lab is like the academy on steroids. So we’re in debate. Just very briefly, what’s the accelerator lab experience been now that you paid for? Well, it’s like, it’s like jump in. Let’s condense the whole Academy into a few months.

Really take action. And I love it, how you you describe it as like loving, but kicking butt? It’s, it’s in a way because who would sign up if they didn’t want to take it seriously. So we’re in it because we want to push harder. We want that and that’s it’s amazing too. Definitely worth it. Thank you. Thank you. So I just want to read some of these comments. shamika says, I don’t know how you do it. And Jill says yes. Love the connection. Judy’s intentional about commenting and replying to DMS. You’re about to learn in the academy. Super excited for You don’t know who exactly that was for. Let’s see, Judy is the professional package that God led me to praise says Archie, thank you.

Thank you for that. All right. So, um, let’s see, let’s wrap this up. Ah, anything that’s on your heart to share with the ladies about interactions with me. And what if you have one of those moments like I just remembered, remember, I think it was only a few weeks ago, when you private messaged me, you were having a not good day. And you said something like, hey, Jude. It’s been a rough weekend. I’m thinking maybe this isn’t for me. And did you expect me to respond that day? And what kind of happened after that?

No, I, you know what, you are very personable, and you respond, you’re here for us. And I truly appreciate that. Because you don’t make it scary. Like you’re very approachable. You’re not like this, you know, big business person who shows up just on videos, you’re right there in the action with us and always encouraging and you don’t give advice. I think you should do this, I think you should do that. It’s always go to God, what did God say? How can I pray for you, let’s move forward with whatever decision you’ve decided to make. And so you’re not pushy, but you are encouraging you do if that makes sense.

You know, like, I have to do this, or I have to do that. And I feel like that’s what I was doing at the beginning doing what other people told me to do. And my advice for everyone here is just celebrate the small things that you’re doing. Keep making the imperfect action, anything you do is better than being scared and not doing anything. And just do it afraid, even if you have like just five minutes to comment on something or message someone or just do a little bit every day and do it afraid, because it doesn’t get a scary. I mean, my first duty was my first interview. And I swear I was so nervous.

I don’t even think I had a microphone. I don’t know how you could even hear me on the other end. And now I’m interviewing all the time I’ve started my own like you don’t have to do everything that I’m doing. But it does get easier the more practice you have. Well, again, I’m telling you, you are extraordinary. The ladies see that.

Thank you so much for sharing and coming on and telling the ladies about the academy and you are truly extraordinary. Thank you so much. Thank you. It’s been a pleasure. All right. Ladies, love you so much. I will see you back here at seven tonight for the replay if you happen to miss the 12 o’clock. Otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow at 12 noon. Let’s see what am I gonna do tomorrow at 12 noon. Oh, social selling do’s and don’ts so don’t miss it ladies.

Wow. God bless you. Take care

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