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Ep 67: Profitable Systems – Automate to Take Your Time Back Transcript

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Here we are on day five. Yes, we are here. Awesome. Listen, you are here with me on day five of the thrive method workshop inside the blessed to thrive community Facebook group. And I’m so, so happy that you are here. Welcome, as you’re hopping on, let me know kind of how’s the week been? For me?

Hey, Missy, I feel like this week has gone like this. Like, there was a lot of good work, leaving, there’s a lot of work from our end. But I know you ladies were working hard. And so I want to extend to each of you a big congratulations, you made it to day five. And that’s a big darn deal. Right? So many of you. So many ladies generally, right? And people out there, they say they’re committed, right? They say they don’t just want to grow their business that they’re committed to it. But so many others that aren’t here,they let things
get in the way, right?

Things that stop them from taking consistent action on that commitment. In other words, their actions don’t evidence, their commitment that they say they have, it doesn’t prove it, it doesn’t doesn’t line up. And you know, it could be various things like like stuff, house is dirty, can’t work
today got to clean it up, gotta go out and do the gardening got to weed those gardens need to get my hair done. I just don’t feel like it today. Right? That stuff happens.

And believe me, hear me hear me you need self care. So I’m not saying you don’t take a day off now and then. But what I find is that so many others say they’re committed but they don’t show it by their actions. Right. And and one thing that I see happen inside the groups that I’m a part of, and also even inside some of the programs that I offer. And that’s why the Academy is at this higher level. I have seen people instead of working and participating in a program that they paid big money for, they find something else to do with their time because they’re not showing
up, right.

And I couldn’t even begin to tell you what they’re doing. But after a couple of weeks or a couple of months, what I find, you know, I participate in these types of things. I look around my reel and I see that these people that have been gone for weeks, maybe months, and then they come back in. And meanwhile then they type in a Facebook group or something, hey, I’m not moving anywhere, my business isn’t moving forward, this doesn’t work. And I’m like, Where you been, you haven’t been doing anything, right? If you don’t take action, you’re going to stay where you are. So it’s so easy to blame somebody else. But ladies, as I said yesterday, that is all up to you. Nobody’s going to save you, nobody’s going to do the work for you. No one can motivate anybody to do work that they don’t want to do. Right?

The motivation has to come from inside us. And so with all that to compare and contrast with you, you’re here, it’s a five and I know that you are truly committed to your business, you’re showing up you’re doing the work. And it’s no coincidence. Because from that work, that’s where you get your breakthroughs, breakthroughs, in your mindset, breakthroughs in those patterns of thinking, breakthroughs in your approach to business, right? And so what do you also get when you diligently pursue your calling? Well, you also get confirmation confirmation that this is your God given passion, confirmation that this is your life’s purpose, by God’s hand and wow, let me just say that is really, really exciting. Okay, so I just want to recognize everybody that’s here that’s signed in Missy is here. It should be good. Julie is here. Margie says hello. Such a great week and more to come.

Yes. That’s right, Marty, because I’ll be here till Tuesday. So I’ll be here. We’ll be enjoying the Labor Day holiday, but there’s some work to still be done at least right here with me. Um, let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. day five. Whoops. sisterly Phoebe is here. shamika says Glad to be here. It has been a shifting this week in my life. Thank you Jesus. Yes. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you board. Pamela is here Charlene is here. Julie says no excuses to make us set boundaries and discern what must be done versus being available to everyone and everything. Yes, getting control of your calendar. That is beautiful and so important. loses here in Maryland. Pamela says this has been such an awesome five days. And more and more Jackie’s here.

The end and Angel so happy to have you all here. So listen later today. During our bonus session at four o’clock. I’m going to be interviewing one of my clients. Her name is Megan and she has done so In her business, she gained visibility, among other things, right to become known as an authority in her space. She’s landed spots on podcast, she’s been featured in publications. She even started her own Facebook group, which is an engaged group with nearly 300 members. And most recently, she launched the podcast, and she’s been in business for less than a year.

So you want to hear all about it, how she has become this, you know, pr foenum. Within a year, come back and four o’clock eastern for her amazing story. Remember, success starts with a decision, I am a success. I am a success. And then commitment to that decision, I’m going to do the work. I’m gonna show up consistently, even when I don’t feel like it.

I’m gonna do it afraid. I’m going to do that video, the video challenge and we’ll talk about in a second, I will pick up that phone, and I will reach out to a BNC. Right. So Sister, I applaud your commitment. Keep going. All right, I want to remind you that the doors are open for my blessed to thrive Academy, which is the first and only comprehensive business building experience. And it was curated by me, specifically and exclusively for high achieving women of faith, committed to making a significant impact, and building a profitable, sustainable and scalable business.

God’s way. Right, you can learn more about it at Judy hyphen, weber.com slash Academy. And I have the link there, I think you guys can see it. And congrats to those who’ve already jumped in, you are in great hands, you’re in a great place. Now if the if the academy sounded great when you listened about it yesterday, and you might have checked out the website, and you are equal parts excited to jump in. And equal parts like scared in your boots, right? I would suggest I mean, go for it. Right? You got to do your due diligence, but go for it right? If you’re ready to stop dabbling, and you’re committed and ready to go all in on your business and who God made you to be to make that big difference and impact in the world Academy is for you.

But I understand. You might be skeptical. You may have been burned before, maybe more than once who’s been burned. been there done that. Okay, I get it. So that’s why I decided to bring some of my Academy members live with you to share their story. And the first one happens today at four. I mean, look, that web page that you see at the top there, you can read member’s testimonials, you can even watch their videos, and you can hear how they’re speaking straight from the heart. But I want you to be sure this is for you. Right, because as I said the Academy is not for looky loos, and it’s not for those that aren’t really sure that this is for them.

Academy is not for those who aren’t committed and it’s not for the hobbyist, or the dabbler Academy is reserved only for high achieving women ready to go. Ready to go all in, do the work, follow the step by step laid out throughout the program inside the modules and to show up each and every day. And how you going to show up as that thriving

So, as I said, starting today, through next Tuesday, I’m going to be chatting live with some of the members inside the Academy, they’re going to be sharing about their experience inside things they’ve learned, and more importantly, things they’ve implemented. And that’s the difference, right? It’s not just what you’ve learned, it’s what you implement. So you do not want to miss any of these powerful case studies happening every afternoon, starting today at four o’clock eastern.

Finally, if you’re thinking about joining, but you’re kind of on the fence, I want to connect with you, me personally, not a team member.
Let’s you and me jump on the phone. And let’s get your questions answered. Let’s chat about whether the academy really is for you. No pressure, no pushing. Remember, we talked about that this is an exploratory call, you’re exploring the opportunity, you’re going to be evaluated to see if it really is for you. Right. And I’ll tell you, if I don’t think it’s for you. I’ll be very honest, because like I said, I don’t want people in there that really aren’t ready. Okay. So if you’d like to chat with me by phone, send me a message please to my personal account, and we will make that happen. A reminder, all of these trainings, were this week, you might have just happened on this live and it’s like, Whoa, what is this? Well, you’re not too late. Okay, each of these trainings all week long inside this workshop are organized very neatly inside our unit section. So if you just joined No worries, you can catch up on the weekend.

But as I mentioned before, everything’s coming down Tuesday at midnight eastern so don’t delay in watching. Okay. All right. So today we’re covering an aspect of business that is not really talked about as much It’s kind of overlooked at times. And that’s because it’s not sexy. And I don’t mean, sexy, sexy. I mean, it’s not like who’s not something people like to talk about, because kind of in the back end, right? Like branding is like, everybody wants to talk about branding and marketing. Yes, you know, how am I going to lead gen, right, generate leads, it’s the back end, the support end of things. And while these are the things that you see, putting systems in place behind the scenes are vital to building that sustainable, and even more profitable business, right?

You cannot scale your business without systems. That’s like, impossible, that is absolutely impossible. And without systems, let me tell you, you’re working too hard. And you’re working too many hours, who wants to work a little bit easier, and a little bit less? Okay, I want to work more efficiently. I want to work less hours, you can raise your hand and put that in the comments, right? I’m sure I’m gonna get lots of love on that. Right. So systems are your friend. And they’re important. So before we dive in, let’s go to God in prayer, and that systems.

Heavenly Father, thank You, God. Thank you, Lord, for all that you’re doing. I had a beautiful time with you this morning. You know me, Lord, I was crying and crying for joy. Lord, You are so good. And you are moving in just amazing ways. Inside my life inside the lives of my kids. Inside my business, Lord, this business is yours. And I’m sure the ladies that are listening, whether they’re live with me now or on the replay, they agree. The business is yours, Lord, this is this is a business. But it’s it’s also a mission. It is a ministry. Whether your name is out front or not, you know, wherever we show up, Lord, we are showing the world you Jesus Christ. So Lord, help us to do that in a way that’s pleasing to you. And today, as we’re going through this training, Lord, I pray that you would, you know, again, make it stick in a way that each of these beautiful ladies needs it to stick so that it isn’t just something they hear. But it’s something that they take action on to move your business forward. Lord, we love you, and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty strong name of Jesus, our Lord, your son we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right. Now listen, if you want to chat with me, I need you to please Like I said, do it and messenger. So I don’t miss it. Because sometimes I miss these comments. And there’s so much going on that y’all don’t know about, like here on the back end. So if you could do that, for me, I really, really appreciate it. And I’m excited to chat with you. And I will make the time, okay, don’t say
Oh, she’s too busy to talk to me. I want to talk to you.

Right? I mean, you prioritize what is important, and you are important to me. Okay. So systems, automation, things to make you more efficient, more productive to save you time, and allow you to make more money. So I’m going to talk about a couple of systems that you need to put in place in your business, or at least think about, and if not now, sometime soon. Okay. So are you ready? Are you excited to put these systems to learn about these systems that will allow you to take back your time and make more money? Let me know if that’s something you are excited about. Yay. Yeah, I want to save time, I want to make more money. All right. So this first system, thank you for the love. This first system isn’t really like a techie system. But this is a system that I live by, and my clients, and my students could attest to just how much I push this, this system, okay. And it’s called the brain dump, the brain dump.

Now, that may not sound like a system. But I can tell you, in my experience, getting all your thoughts out of your head, and on paper, or in a document that’s beyond helpful and useful. Right? You ever in the shower, you have this great idea. But you’re all wet, and you don’t want to get out of the shower to grab the pen in the paper, right? You think you’re going to remember it and then you don’t. Or you have this great idea and it wakes you up in the middle of the night and you’re too tired to write it down. But in the morning, it’s gone. Okay, we all have great ideas. I’m sure each of you have these great ideas, whether it’s a better program, or it’s about a marketing thing, or whatever it may be right there’s no lack of ideas. So brain dumping, or lost on keto, I love her.

She says let me see if I remember. It’s not a brain dump. It’s a Brain Boost or something. I forget her word, but it was more in the positive In the negative because it sounds kinda not too good, but you get my point, right? This brain dump, or Brain Boost gives you that time, and the space, and the opportunity to think, and capture all those great ideas you’re having. Because once these great ideas are on paper, or in a document, that they’re there, and available for you to refer to later.

So you can implement, because let’s face it, a great idea doesn’t mean much, unless and until you take action on it, right? Got to implement. So brain dumping is system number one. So you might ask, Well, what am I brain dumping about? My answer is pretty much everything, right?
For example, as you’re putting together this ideal client avatar that we talked about earlier this week, about who do you really want to work with? And, um, you know, I don’t know how you do that, without just thinking, and writing, and capturing all these characteristics and these thoughts about this perfect person, or the couple of these perfect people that you want to work with? And how about when you’re thinking about putting a new program together? Or a course or some other offering, right?

Where do you start? To me it’s thinking, capturing those thoughts. How about lead gen marketing, promotions, special events? Listen, I know you have great ideas, you got to make sure you capture them in one place, not in a sticky note here, and a slip of paper there that you can’t find. And that is totally unorganized. Finally, how about podcasts you’d like to be on or influencers that you’d like to connect with? Right? Write this stuff down, and keep it centrally located. So you can get to it in a moment, right? organization of thought, is so important. Because guess what?
You’re a leader.

And I’d love you to be a thought leader in your industry. And think in a way that is not like all the rest. I know you’re capable of it. I know you’re an expert. And so you’ve got to find a way to capture these thoughts, these wonderful thoughts that you’re having. Okay. All right. That leads me to a side note. But it’s related to this idea of systems. And that is, how organized, are you? Right? How do you organize your thoughts? Are they in notebooks, great? Where are they kept? You know, where your notebook is for programs, versus your notebook for marketing, etc? Do yourself a favor and get the system in place for notetaking. Right?

And then for all of your filing and your billing and your client work and marketing. organization is so important. Okay, so system number one was the brain dump. I think we like that. I think we like that. Alright, system number two is something that I think I might get resistance on. But please hear me out. And that is outsourcing. outsourcing. Now, listen, I hear you. I hear your thoughts. You’re saying what, Judy, this isn’t a system number one. And by the way, I can’t afford to pay someone to do anything in my business right now.

Listen, I hear you. I used to be you. Not too long ago. Now I’m not. Now I’m in a whole different place. So I really want you to hear me out on this. I’d say it’s highly likely that you’re spending oodles of time doing things that you really don’t like to do. And probably things you’re not even good at. Because you feel like you can’t afford to have somebody else do it. And that may be the case. But, you know, I want you to think about this time is our most precious resource. We have so many hours in a day, right? And when they’re gone, they’re gone. Investing dollars into something perhaps like outsourcing. If you invest, right, they ROI will allow you to have time to do other higher level CEO visionary revenue generating stuff, right? Because by the way, the stuff you don’t like to do the stuff you’re really not good at.

No doubt takes you longer because you don’t like it, because you’re not great at it. And again, it keeps you away from the CEO level activity, getting visible, going live, connecting with people establishing and nurturing relationships and of course, generating revenue.
Okay, so think about what only you can do because we need to discern what I can outsource versus what I can’t. So let’s start with what you cannot outsource. Like what Do you, as this thriving CEO need to do? All right? Well, you need to be visible, you need to be the face You are the face of your brand of your business. So you have to do the Facebook Lives.

You have to be the one who’s doing the podcast or guesting on the podcast, you are the one writing articles and submitting them, you are the one doing that kind of thing. Right getting visible. Can’t outsource that. Also, you are the one that is the visionary for the business. So all of that think work. Like we just talked about the strategizing, the marketing, the planning, all of that the goal setting, don’t leave that to anybody else. That’s you, right? How about this one? Social media content. Now listen, somebody else could do the graphic, and somebody else could actually do the posting, but you need to set the plan and take control of the strategy and the content. Okay? Don’t delegate that. You also are you can’t, you know, outsource? What do I have here, I can’t even read my writing, okay. Um, you can’t outsource decision making, when it comes to the continuation of the content. You can’t outsource how to kind of repurpose, and what to repurpose in your lives and in your other videos and things that you’re doing. Okay, somebody else can cut it up, like the video, for example, right of your lives, they can actually do the cutting. But I think unless they’re really good, unless they really know your brand and can read your mind, you need to be the one to say, Okay, I need you to cut it from minute, one point 52 to three point 59. You’re what I’m saying.

You’ve got to make sure that everything gets out there, whether it’s, you know, your whole life or a portion of it, that it is what you want.
Don’t leave that chance. Okay. By the way, you are the only one that can curate programs, bundles and other offers, it’s got to come from you, right. And finally, the obvious one, oh, you can work with your clients, whatever that looks like for you. Okay, so think about what you might be able to outsource other than those things, right. And fiber. And if somebody wouldn’t mind popping this in, I would imagine most of you, if not all of you have heard about fiber. But that’s fiber with an extra r on the end comm tons of freelancers there that can do things for you, you could find them for less than 10 bucks an hour, depending on what the project is right? slicing and dicing videos, for example, you don’t just as one example, getting your podcasts ready, that kind of thing.

So I want you to think about let’s assume you can find somebody to do this for $10 an hour. And that could save you 10 hours a week.
Think about what you could do with an extra two hours every work day for 100 bucks.
Think about that. Okay, so now we have one and two. Here we come for our systems, strategy number three, and that is automation, in your email, automation in your email system. Okay, yesterday, I spoke about the importance of growing your email list, having a system that allows you to automatically tag people when they sign up for your freebie from your website, or your landing page, wherever it is to automatically deliver that freebie, to automatically have a welcome and welcome email sequence done and automatically delivered hands off for you. Right? That machine is working behind the scenes hard and efficiently for you and the growth of your business.

That’s a no brainer. There are so many different ones out there. One I’m really in love with right now is flow desk, flow desk. I think it’s FL oDesk and i i only recently started with them and they’re amazing. Really, I mean, the emails are gorgeous. They have amazing templates that are you know, beyond beautiful. And so I’m in love with that. But there are tons others. I mean, MailChimp I know is many people have I don’t have direct experience with it. I was with Infusionsoft and keep. I mean, there’s so many just put in contact relationship manager or CRM in Google and you will find tons but you need an email automation
system. Right?

All right. We’re on four already. And this is an accounting system like QuickBooks to keep your bookkeeping and accounting in order, and they make it so easy and I resisted this for a long time. And then my poor niece who does my taxes, you know, is ready to pull her hair out. Don’t do that to your account, and also help yourself, right. And I think QuickBooks has, and I just heard about this, I’m looking into it, I think there’s an app where you can like snap a picture of every business receipt, and save it, instead of dealing with a pile of receipts at the end of the year. Okay, so an accounting system is very important. And then finally, system strategy number five, gotta have your operations in order all this planning, staying organized with respect to tasks. And then once you have team members, the assignment of those tasks. So I just wanted to throw that out there an operations, organizational type, app, and there are many of those like Trello. Like Asana, Trello, is tr E, LL O. Asana is as a as a as a na, and then monday.com. They’re, they’re very popular there.

So what else? Well, I have a list of 50 plus resources and apps to help get your business working as efficiently as possible. So to request it, that I meant to put this in the in the thing and I forgot it’s Bitly dot I’m sorry, yeah, bit.li slash capital B, capital T, capital T for blesta, thrive, and then the number 50, and then lowercase tools, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s B, bi, t.li, slash capital B, capital T, capital T, a number 50. And then lowercase tools, but I will pop that in for you later. Okay, we’re gonna get to today’s prize,
and the winner in just a moment.

But I want to make sure you know about today’s Friday video challenge. You’re inside the group. And I’m going to be coming at you with comments in just a moment. But you’re inside this group, you may be new, and I want to make sure you know, I love doing challenges, daily challenges every once in a while, right? And I do this as a way to incentivize you to do what I know you should do to grow and scale your business. And today’s incentive is an Amazon gift card. who couldn’t use an Amazon gift card? Okay, so if you missed it, I believe I made it the pin post. But when I get off of here, this is going to be the pink post. So you need to seek it out.

Are you up to the challenge to win this amazon gift card? Okay, video is so important to gain visibility, and to grow that business of yours. And so I have this challenge. And yes, it is a win win. Because when you do this, you’re helping me out. But I can tell you, when you’re participating in this video challenge you were also helping yourself out. Because you’re giving yourself yet another way to practice yet another practice session, if you will, to get comfortable on video.

Okay, so this all goes back to the sheet is extraordinary podcast, I want you to listen to an episode of my she is extraordinary podcast on iTunes, if you haven’t, if you don’t, then I’m on Stitcher, I’m on I Heart Radio, I’m all over the place. Just search. She’s extraordinary. I want you to post a video here in this group page, telling everybody what you think of the podcast. I ask that you please be kind, but I hope I don’t have to worry about anybody. You know, blasting it. I mean, I hope you’re going to love it right? I’ve never heard anything other than positives. But I want you to post a video and tell us what do you think of the podcast, including any takeaway, or Aha, or strategy that you learned from whatever episode you listen to. Right? And I want you to keep the video short.

So you don’t have to worry about going on for a long time. No longer than 60 seconds. 20 seconds is great. Okay, it’s that easy. Go to the she is extraordinary podcast, listen to it. And then do a video about what you think. Okay, by the way, again, just as a reminder, every day’s trainings are being uploaded to the podcast. Currently, there’s 65 episodes. So if you you know, have a hard time getting back here during the day to listen, you know to watch you can always go and check out each day’s training on the podcast and they will always live there.

Just you can’t see, you know, so think of the she is extraordinary podcast as Netflix for your ears. Okay, it’s binge worthy. All right, so then you get bonus points. Okay, if you do the video, great, you get an entry
for that Amazon gift card. But you can get up to three different bonus points for that. How to post it on your personal page, post it on your Instagram, and post it on your LinkedIn. Okay, when you do please find me and tag me on an activity wherever live, I think pretty much everywhere, so I can’t wait to see your video.

Okay, before I get to today’s winner I want to check out the comments. Because I so value you ladies love me so much. Oh my goodness. Um, Julie says she set up and ran a charity yard sale this morning starting at 5am. Oh my goodness. And I just took a break to show up at this training dedicated to do the work. Wow. Julie, that’s absolutely amazing. Congratulations.

Okay. Oh, Jeanette, love your podcast. Thank you. And Clark is committed. shamika says she’s looking forward to hearing the episodes to come. Margie says I’ve already seen that this coaching is way better than other things out there. I spent hours on coaching. That sounded great, but it was just some was because it didn’t match my personality. This is Bible based already. When thank you for that. Thank you so much March. I can’t wait. Why don’t you jump in. I can’t wait to work with you inside the Academy.

Kate is here and Phoebe would love to talk more awesome. Heather is here. Those grandbabies are so sweet. Heather nostre is here, Maryland. delanda loses here I learned a time it’s not a person. Therefore I must have to change the thinking that I do not have time and change it for my setup. I have time and I’m investing my time. Wow. That’s a mouthful. That is a mouthful lose. You are investing your time with every minute that you spend eautiful. The end is here. Let’s do this. Okay, some of you get the journal. Some of you use binders to stay organized. Whatever works for you is excellent. Right. That’s all that matters.

So Julie says, Well, I don’t have any money coming in just yet
to pay for outsourcing. I could include my oldest daughter in the business, it would help me and teach her so much love this. Yes, she Beloved, great experience. And by the way, by the way, in case you decide, you can talk to your accountant, but in case you decide to pay her something, she can make up to a certain dollar amount and there’s no taxation
for that. And it’s a benefit for your business. So think about that.

Let’s see. Thank you for putting the links in here. I look right. Um, yay, my daughter helped me find a podcast. That’s great missy. And Heather says thank you, okay, ladies, I can’t even tell you what an incredible week this has been. And as I said, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here almost every day until Tuesday. So if you want to take a break from your Labor Day Fund, those of you in the States, I hope you’ll join me again, check out the bonus schedule here inside your workbook, I’m going to be going pretty much every day at four
o’clock. And there’s one other thing before I get to the to the winner today. And that is I hope you saw this page in my

And it says thrive. rags, my word. It’s one of my business mantras, right? And the definition is to prosper and to flourish. And I know I cry these three guys, these are my guys. And I just couldn’t be more proud here my why I want them to say Mom, you’re
amazing. I want I only care if God picked some amazing. And those three. So as we’re wrapping up the formal portion of our workshop,
I just wanted to make you kind of think about that and say what is your Why? Because Libby, ladies, I’m just like you sometimes that alarm goes to five o’clock. And I’m like, I don’t want to get up at five o’clock. But I do thank you for the love. And sometimes I’m just like, I don’t feel like putting my makeup on. I don’t want to go live or whatever it is. But I do it. Because I want my guys to be proud of me. And God has gifted me with this voice.

I don’t want to waste it. I want to steward it well for him. And so just wanted to throw that out there. So before I announce the winner of the book Yes, one proud mama here. Thank you Marilyn for sure. Um, any guesses for the book? Nobody got it yet. So I’m just going to wait for a moment or two and invite you to guess. And maybe if you guess I will give you a copy. Maybe Maybe because I don’t think anybody got it Not that I’ve seen Okay, so shall I wait a moment or two to ah see okay, so Missy goes I do that with my daughter employ her to help with design work and flyer she’s a senior in high school and a graphic design program. love our children and all they are Yes. How about it? It’s amazing the way God gifts everyone with something right? looses the weeks been so amazing.

Thank you, Judy, for everything. May God continue to bless you. Thank you, sister. May God bless you and everything that you’re doing. Absolutely. Well the Bible. That’s a great guest And the branch story book that I talked about. That’s a great guess. And actually, I forgot to bring it up here, so I can’t show you but okay, drumroll before when I did the drum roll, you didn’t hear it in a recording when I listen back last night at my Oh, by the way, you know, if you ever want to watch this again, repetition is a good thing. You could join me for my watch party tonight. Seven right here.

All right, so the book is Rene Browns dare to lead. Rene Browns dare to lead and the subtitle is brave work. tough conversations. Whole hearts. So that’s the book, right? I love Rene Brown. I don’t know that she’s a believer. I kinda would think not, but I don’t know. But she’s real. And I love her writing style. And I believe that leadership is something that we women are great at. But we often don’t even know it. servant leadership, right. It takes courage to put yourself out there. To be a leader. It takes courage to open a business. But you’ve taken that step.
It absolutely takes courage to lead to excel at leadership requires that element of vulnerability. And if you don’t know, Bernie browns, TED talk on the power of vulnerability has had nearly 50 million views.

So if you are not familiar with this woman named Renee b, r n e. Brown, I would highly recommend that you seek her out this book’s amazing. It’s called dare to lead. And I’m happy to Oh, thank you, Julie. Thank you. And so I’m happy to announce that the winner of this book is scherlag Rich sherlyn. Congratulations. I’m going to be sending it straight from Amazon to you. And read it well and make it bless you as you grow your business. And as you grow as a strong strong woman, a billboard so congratulations, sherlyn rich.

Alright ladies, I have to head out now. Once again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me here inside every day’s training. Please do the success work. I’m going to post the thread in just a moment. I’m going to have my team member do that. I’m not sure that happened yet. I will make sure it is but I I have been so impressed with you. And I really look forward to the opportunity to you and I chatting maybe even over the weekend, about the academy and about, you know whether we might be able to work together.

So love you ladies so much. You are so welcome. You’re so welcome and have a beautiful and blessed Friday. And I sure hope I get to see you back here at four o’clock for my interview with my client, Megan black. God bless you ladies. Take good care.

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