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Ep 68: Positioning Yourself to Top Tier Status Transcript

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Ladies, are we live? Are we live? I think so. All right. I always like to double check to make sure that we’re here. Okay, we’re live. Yay. We’re here. Excellent. All right, ladies. Welcome. Welcome to this very special bonus session inside the thrive method workshop. We’re inside our bonus weekend session and we are blessed to have you here. I’m so excited to be joined by my beautiful friend and client Sarah hurl.

Hey, Sarah, how are ya? Good. How are you, Judy? Really, really good, really good. I’m going to introduce Sarah to you in just a moment. And I want to share with you ladies watching just how extraordinary Sarah is. But first, I would be remiss if I didn’t pause to say a special thank you for joining us on this Saturday afternoon inside Labor Day weekend. Thank you. I’m truly honored and humbled that you paused from your holiday weekend to spend with me and Sarah.

This is the second of several interviews, case studies. I’m calling them with my clients who are members inside blessed to thrive Academy, which is my signature program. Hey, shamika. And some others make sure you sign in. So we know who’s here. Thank you so much for watching. And listen, if you haven’t been participating in the workshop this week, you may be asking what’s the academy? Great question. So let me just quickly mention that the academy simply put is where high achieving Christian women go to build profitable, sustainable and scalable businesses that make a big impact. And they do so God’s way.

So doors to the academy are now open for a limited time. And you’ll see on the page and I encourage you to do your due diligence, check out the page, the link is there. And there are some really amazing bonuses for those that pay in full for your 12 months with me inside the program. It’s valued at over $5,000, which that is not the cost of the program. So it’s amazing. So you can find out all about what’s inside the academy by clicking the link above. Now before we go to prayer, and then begin our interview with Sarah, I want to address a question that I got on a call earlier today. One of you beautiful lady said on this call. Hey, Judy, I want you and I understand I get a one on one call. But it seems like after that I won’t really have access to you, specifically you after that.

I want to make sure you knew that is not the case at all. So you will have inside the Academy, you will have direct access to me for personal and customized feedback on an on going basis in a couple of ways. First, inside the private Facebook group. I’m inside that group every single day, Sarah can attest to that. Me personally, not someone on my team, it’s me. And members are encouraged to post as often as they like with questions and struggles and challenges and wins all of it. And it’s absolutely me myself and I that answers on my behalf, right not somebody else. So I didn’t want you to think that I’m like passing the buck to others because it’s me to personally respond right. In addition, you have direct access to me through our weekly group coaching and mastermind sessions every week, Academy members come together on zoom like this. And that’s where you have the opportunity to ask any and every question, whether it’s about a training video inside the modules, or an issue coming up in your business day to day, whatever it is ask away.

And those weekly sessions are for you. And I personally lead them. So that’s your direct access to me on a weekly basis. And that’s the perfect opportunity to bring up anything and everything. So as you can see, members inside the academy get direct access to me with my personal feedback throughout our 12 months together. So if you have other questions like that, you’re thinking about it, but you’re not sure. Again, private message me and let’s get on the phone. Okay, let’s pray. And then we’re gonna dive in to chat with Sarah.

Oh, Lord, you’re so good. You are so good. God, thank you for allowing this technology to work for bringing all these beautiful ladies together, whether it’s live here with us now or on the replay. Lord, I know you’re moving mightily. I feel it, I see it. Thank you God for that. Thank you, Lord. Because these times when we take action and we see you moving, it only strengthens and furthers our faith and we get more mature in you which is always our goal above anything else. Or God we love you and we trust you. We thank you for being here with us. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right, well I’m excited to introduce you ladies to Sarah hurl. And as I said Sarah is a friend and a client. She’s the CEO of Yarra street staging. She’s a marketing strategist for Top Producing real estate agents. And I wanted to bring her on this bonus training to talk about positioning yourself to top tier status. So hey, Sarah, thanks so much for being here.

Of course, yeah. Thanks for having me, Judy.
Sure. Thank you for bearing with me on that introduction. So let’s start with you sharing with the ladies how we met, and how shortly thereafter, we began working together.

We met at in Kissimmee, Florida at a mastermind retreat, last February, just before COVID hit and spent a week together, or five days together in a beautiful house, and really took a deep dive into how to get my business up and running. And there were some other gals there and it was just a it was a game changer for me, huh?

Yeah, so, so let’s chat about that. There were about six or seven ladies there, and several facilitators, including myself, so just tell them briefly about, um, kind of where your business was, at that point. My business at that point, um, Euro street staging, I had just just launched it, um, in late October, early November of 2019. And I had just sold a full service staging company that I had in October of 2019. So I was in a position where I had to strike while the while the iron was hot, I knew I had to reposition myself very, very quickly from the old business into this new business, because I was moving from a full service staging company, and then moving to focus on just occupied staging consultation. So I want to take as many of those realtors that I had, from the old business forward with me, I was pretty exhausted, I was pretty beat down and lacking confidence that I could really make this transition and be able to do it quickly enough to be able to start a new business, and kind of rebrand myself in a very quick way. So I was pretty, pretty exhausted. Really.

I remember when we met, that you you did lack some confidence. And one of the things that you mentioned during that retreat was that there was you and a partner. And if I remember correctly, she kind of led and you were good with that, because you work the business. And she kind of led things. Am I right about that?

Yeah, she did. Um, she was, well, she’s 10 years younger than me. So she was that much more technologically savvy than me. And her husband was really awesome at Tech. So she and he, she said, Oh, I’ll do the Facebook, I’ll do all the tech, we’ll set up the website, you don’t need to worry about that. And I was good with it. I was like, okay, that’s great. If you want to do that I was more of the people person. I liked connecting with people. And I always wanted to do the marketing. But our business grew so fast. We never had time for that piece of it. And so yeah, she was kind
of a lovely, lovely lady. Still good friends with her today. But she was more the leader, I kind of felt a lot like I was working for her.
Not with gotcha, gotcha, your time. And that was for about five and a half years. And after a while that that kind of starts to just take a hold of you, you know?

So. So I was excited about that, that you said, You know what, that’s great. And I know God, I’m sorry.
Oh, I was just gonna say, so when I met you. And in February, I was really just trying to
come out of that attitude. And luckily, lucky for me, I met you and you helped me change my whole mindset.
So awesome. Okay, so after that, you and I work together inside one of my programs, right? The branding and marketing intensive. So can you tell the ladies what that was all about what that was like? Well, I’ll tell you meeting Judy, in February in Kissimmee, Florida was Game Changer number one. And then in March, I took the branding and marketing intensive class, and that was a game changer. Number two.

Um, that was an amazing class, it was much more intense than I thought. I mean, when when you labeled it correctly, when you say branding and marketing intensive, it’s a very intense class. And it the biggest thing that it teaches you is how to find out who your ideal client is. And I remember when we first started, I don’t know if you remember this comment that you made, but, um, I was like, What do you mean, ideal client? Like, I’ll work for anybody who wants. I don’t need an ideal client. You don’t you don’t have to work for anybody you get to choose. Cool. Cool. Do you want to work for us? Like what do you mean? Who do I want to run? Like, what do you mean I get to choose, but it’s really true. And that’s what that class taught me is I I get to choose who I want to work with. This is my business. I get to run it my my own way. And I get to call the shots but zero learning how to zero in on who my ideal client was, was huge, huge, saving time and huge and how to get focused.

That’s right. And so so building this brand and when you and I spoke First of all your presence and ladies, I’m seeing a lot of love here. Ladies, you can look at Sarah and she is you can see she’s professional. She’s high end, right? So, so we were very intentional about establishing you as that top tier resource for top real estate agents. But when when I broach that subject to you about Who do you want to go after? Do you want to go homeowner Do you want to go after the realtors? How did you feel about that with you know, going after the top tier when you’re relatively new on your own.

Um, for me, I it felt like a good match for me. I had worked in enough luxury homes and love, love working with people and understand where realtors are coming was coming from and what their needs are and how I can really help them. So for me, it felt like a perfect match. I had just never really thought about matching myself up with a client. That would be a good match for me.
And I remember as we were talking, you were like, well, what are the real estate agents that I talked to? He’s like, heck, yeah, Sarah, you’re not a Hyundai. You’re the Ferrari of stager. I feel like a light bulb went off on that.

I was I was kind of like, What do you mean? He said you are a Ferrari of stagers in half the time you’re acting like a Prius knock it off. Press three a Cecil Stop acting like a Prius. You’re a Ferrari. And it did it kind of for him to know that that’s and he’s a pretty big deal realtor to know that that’s how he was thinking of me. It did it was an eye opener. Uh huh.

That’s awesome. And so we stret we strategically came together you and I, during that talk, you know, that program and our one on ones. And we said, Look, I want you to be the mark. I said to you, I want to be the you know, media marketing strategist, but top performing realtors. And Had you ever heard of like a stager? like calling themselves that with their tagline?

No, I have not. I have not and but it’s so succinctly. States really what I do is because that realtor who told me I was a Ferrari, he said, you’re much more than a stager Sara. He said, You know, you come in, you can help me pick lights, you can help the client with color. He said, You’re like a one stop shop. And he said that has so much tremendous value. He said that you really helped me figure out what to do with them. I’m not just rearranging furniture and moving art, we’re we’re looking at the house as a whole to strategize what exactly needs to be done to sell it quickly.
Exactly. And it’s like, you know, I said to you, and this is what I do with each of my clients even inside No, we were talking about the branding and marketing intensive.

But ladies watching everything inside that branding and marketing intensive is inside the modules, the branding modules of the Academy, so you get exactly that same material. So inside the Academy, you know, as well, as you did inside the branding and marketing intensive, we strategized about that. And I said, Okay, I want you to change your mindset, Sara, you are not a stager. That’s kind of what you do in the day to day, but in the eyes of what you’re doing in your marketing and what you’re doing on social media and what you’re doing on your website, you’ve got to speak to that top real estate agent that just wants to get more and more listings and move the listings.

And so that was like a complete mind shift for you. So talk to the ladies just briefly about that. Like how long did that take till it finally like sunk in? Okay, this is my identity, like, this is my, this is my ideal client and my brand.

It took a while. It’s not something that just snaps I mean, my desire to work with Top Producing agents was an easy decision for me, but to really let that sink. So how does that really work? Now you take it to the next level, like Okay, that sounds good. And now you’re okay, how does that really work? How am I going to connect with these Top Producing agents? And how am I going to market myself now to these Top Producing agents? And how do I present my brand to these Top Producing agents? How do I make myself stand out? There’s other other stagers? Well, I’m a strategist. So it takes a while and it took a lot of one on ones with you, Judy.

And we did it. We did it though. Yeah, we did. We did it. So I want to share with the ladies, one of your biggest successes came when you were talking with a top agent, that I think you met in a Facebook group. And then that agent, that top broker introduced you to a new Facebook group full of top producer. So tell the ladies about that.

Yes. So this was an agent that so Judy had been working with me on how to how to correctly use Facebook to build your business. And it’s, it’s about connecting. And so she was working with me on how to how to connect with people and not just anyone but to connect with Top Producing agents. So I started you know, well, what you had to do is you had to teach me how to research Top Producing agents online first, then I’d find them, then I put in a friend request, then we’d become friends, then we’d start messaging each other back and forth, back and forth. And this one producing agent and I kind of became friends. And then she referred me to a Top Producing agent group. And it’s exclusively for Top Producing agents who are on track to make $8 million a year. And so I got to become a part of that group. That was huge. So now I have like this huge resource of agents that are all Top Producing agents that are in this group. And I’ve been able to connect with several of them.

But it’s fine. I’m still in the process of a couple of them. I’ve had some zoom calls with. For all I have email addresses for all of them. They’re all in my CRM now. And I just have a list of them that I can now go down every week, in a great talking point is, you know, hey, I’m a member of the Top Producing group. So right, and you can name drop some of those Top Producing agents that you now work with, that you partner with, which is really, really awesome. And and I just, I’m really proud of how with my real estate background, because I have a lot of real estate agents here in the group and quite a few stagers is that I was able to give you some secret sauce on finding how to research with the top agents before you reach out, which you said saved you like 20 minutes, each one.

I was spending so much time trying to find out who you know, just randomly finding a name somewhere now I can zoom right in on these Top Producing agents. I can go right over to Zillow, I can look at what their listings are, how many listings they’ve had, how many are coming up, bla bla bla. And it’s, it’s a huge time saver. So I’m, and it allowed me to, which I think is really important to tell me move my business forward is allowed me to create a system. So what I do is like on Friday, all I’ll do the research of eight to 10 realtors, and then I’ll divvy them up over the week, and I’ll start contacting them. So I have always a week ahead of who I’m going to contact and who I’m adding to my list. And some of them I never, you know, it takes a couple times to circle back and keep so that list can last me a lifetime. I mean, really are in that group is a lifetime of resource for me. Huge, huge step in moving me forward.

And I’m so excited about that, because it’s those little secrets. It’s those little tweaks that can make such a big difference, right. Yeah. I mean, and it’s like systems and follow up. That’s what that’s what business is all about ladies, which is and you’re getting so much love on that. So ladies, if you have questions for Sara, please feel free to pop them in below. We’re gonna keep going. So when you came to me, you were making almost like $1,000 a month, right? Yeah. And so now you’re like three x fat?

Yes. Yeah. I’m right, about 3000 a month. Yep. Okay, and so tell the ladies kind of what you’re doing to ensure that you’re generating that consistent revenue month after month and increasing that as you go? Well, the biggest thing that I’m doing his things that you have just drilled into my head. Yes, after just a few months, but I’m showing up consistently every day, even when I really don’t feel like it, you’ve got to do something. And if you’re going to do anything that day, you’ve got to connect. Connect, connect is important. Always keep the positive mindset to keep things moving forward. Um, but the question was, um, where’s like, what you’re doing as far as work in the business to make sure like keeping your eye on the prize on that monthly revenue goal.

My biggest thing is, um, I have developed a sense of urgency. So because I have this monthly revenue goal, I used to kind of have the attitude of Oh, yeah, it’ll come together when it comes together. And okay, realtor, whenever you want to call me is fine. You know, whenever your your client is ready, and now I’m like, I want to meet this revenue goal this month. So now I say to the agent, okay, well, let’s go ahead and get that on my books because I’m filling up fast. And I want to get this scheduled on my book. So I’m sure they don’t, they don’t walk or miss out. And, and it’s really helped. I’m not afraid to ask for the business. That’s the other thing that I learned from you. Be afraid to ask for the business. I mean, this is what this is what this is all about. Like, I’m not playing tiddlywinks. I’m but I’m running a business. And there’s nothing wrong with me asking for the business and trying to get something scheduled and on my book.

Oh, I now have the attitude of I will do what it takes to get the job and to get the job now. Not next month, not six weeks from now, but let’s get moving forward now. So I love that movie. That is so good. And that is so good. And right before we went live, you know, that is that revenue we’re talking about there is based on consoles, which are how much per roughly $300 a console. Okay, so $300 I guess so that’s 1010 a month. Okay. But that’s not good enough, right? Because you and I are going to chat about other kind of programs or other offerings you can make, right?
Yes, yes. And I offer another service called the photo prep, which is after you do the consultation, the homeowner kind of gets everything, all their homework done, everything I’ve told them to do to get the house ready.

And then I can come back just before the photos are taken, and help them get everything exactly placed where it needs to be, which is really hard for a lot of sellers to do. Like, instead of having the centerpiece in the middle of the table, I see the photo, the professional photo, and it’s like off the left, gosh, so I make sure every third, they never got that piece of art hung up over the bed, like I told them to, you know, so I have learned, and I’m not afraid anymore to really sell that. And to offer it and offer it every single time. And so those are starting to happen more and more. Now, those aren’t as much as the consultation, but we’re talking little numbers.

So I got to sell a lot of product in order to meet my numbers and to keep it keep it growing. And honestly, I thought 1010 consultations a month would be easy, but it just doesn’t come that easy. If you really have.
Right, you have to be for it. Right? You, you know, right? We do have to work for it. And one of the other things that you’re that you have come to think about differently is when someone moves, then you’re introducing them to Hey, I can redesign at your new place. And we’re introducing that so right. It’s exciting because you’re making other offerings, and you’re more bold and presenting them which I’m excited about.
Yes, me too.

Yes. And it feels it doesn’t feel like I’m, I used to kind of feel like I feel kinda, but I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel like it’s just, it’s coming natural for me to offer additional services and, and the realtors are picking up on it and and liking it because I’m presenting it with so much confidence and it’s only going to help them further. So that just makes me want to scream and and cry. And just, it’s just so good. I mean, the confidence and the boldness. I mean, if we can sell ourselves, who’s going to buy right? So that is so good. All right. So let’s talk specifically about the Leicester thrive Academy. So can you tell the ladies about what to expect on a weekly basis? Like what is really inside?

Well, I would say the best thing that you can always expect on a weekly basis is exactly what you said earlier is continual access to duty, every day, all day. I mean, she is you are just available all the time that anytime there’s a problem or an issue, good, bad or indifferent, you’re there and you have a place to go. So being a solopreneur can be lonely, and it can be scary, and it can be overwhelming. And you know, it’s just your brain thinking and sometimes you need to like get it out and get other opinions and other ideas of like minded women. And that’s what the academy bring. It will bring you a place where you can go, you don’t feel judged, you feel safe, and you’re with other Christian women who have the same goal that you do. And you can just lay it out there. And you it’s support.

It’s the most support I’ve ever experienced in my life. Really. Wow. Wonderful. Yeah. Wow, that is just so neat. Thank you hard how he downloaded this thing. I mean, this isn’t my thing. I’m just I feel like, I feel like I’m truly a vessel. When I say Lord, what can I do for these ladies? How can I best serve them? And so that’s how I came up with the Academy. So it’s really, really amazing. So what is your favorite part is your favorite part? the Facebook group? Is your favorite part the modules? Or maybe Is it the weekly get togethers, the group coaching and mastermind What’s your favorite part?

Um, I like the I kind of like I kind of like it all. Um, let me just break it apart. I like the modules because they’re self paced. And you You are always saying you know, no judgment, no, no shame if you don’t get it done. So that always make I because I’m kind of just like, I gotta get it done. I gotta get it done. But there are weeks where you’re tending to your business and your your, you know, life has happened and you didn’t get it done. So I like that it’s self paced, and you can do it when you have time. I never wanted to rush through those modules. You want to do it as you have time so you can really take time and get everything you need out of it. Um, I love the the weekly groups group chat group coaching. That was always fun because the same people kind of show up and you really start to feel like you’re friends and then somebody doesn’t show up and you kind of miss me like, Oh, I wonder I hope she’s okay. I wonder what? Yeah.

And it’s just a great way to hear what other people are doing. I mean, um, I guess the other thing I really like about being in the academy is it’s, it’s a diverse group of women and businesses. So you can hear about, it doesn’t have to just be stagers and real estate agents, you I can talk here about health and wellness coaches are and what they’re doing and be like, Oh, that’s, it’s just interesting. Even if it doesn’t apply to me, it’s interesting, and fun to know what other ladies are doing. But the I’ll go back to the best thing about the Academy is just having access to you continually having access to you, and knowing that you’re going to be there for me to pick me up if I fall and to move me forward. As I’m moving along.

Yeah, that loving nudge, I always like to say, I’m a loving kick in the butter, because you’re there, because you want to build your business. And so believe me, you know, like I say, I got up at like, I don’t know, five or 530. This morning, I didn’t want to, but I did it. And so I know that there are days when you can sleep in and days when you can’t. So I definitely that’s my role that I take on that I’ve got to be that loving nudge to get you forward. So what can you tell the ladies about you’ve coached with other other coaches before? So what? what is what is it about me that is different than you’ve experienced with others?

I think that I’m a, you’re always happy, and you always have a smile on your face. So I always know that that’s what I’m going to get. You know what I and that’s, that’s important to me, like, I don’t like this up and down, you never really know they’re having an off day or whatever, you are always consistent. Um, I like that you are. I never feel like you’re going to judge me or get like, mad at me. If I didn’t get the work done. You’re gonna you’re going to push me you’re going to push me lovingly. And what else do it what else do I find that’s different about oh, I noticed this like, is your so um, you’re super, super organized every single time. So there’s none of this words, just kind of 15, you know, oh, half hour went by, we really didn’t get anything done.

Because we wound up just chatting, we actually you actually have an agenda and you get to it, and you get it done. And you make sure that value is delivered every single meeting that we have. And I think that is what really sets you apart. And I know you know this, but you’re so smart. And your background is so diverse that you catch on to things so quick. Like I remember one time, we were talking about my redesign package and how I could offer different things. And I was telling you about my redesign place that will tell me more about that. tell you about my redesign, please. Then you said Oh, so you of course have all that information ready, right. So when you’re at the end of your consultation, someone’s interested, you could just hit and I was like, I thought of that. And you just came up with it like that. And you just totally blew me away. I was like, of course I should have that all ready to go. Like I had never had never occurred to me.

But you’re so quick pitch on what I need and what I need to be billing before I’ve ever even thought of it. Okay, yeah, thank you. And that’s another god thing. Thank you. All right. So before I go to the questions, Diane says the academy sounds amazing. Yes, it is Diane. So check out the website and find out more. Um, I guess there are ladies and I spoken to a couple of them in the last couple of days. And there’s some investment involved, obviously, for the Academy, and it can be a scary thing. So for those that are wondering, gosh, is this investment whether it’s paid all up front or on a monthly basis? Or thinking, is it really worth it? Like, am I gonna get the return on investment?

What would be your, I guess, experience and advice for them given your you know, membership inside the Academy, I would say, um, you can’t put $1 amount on your mindset and your confidence like you. And if if you the academy and Judy will take you to a place where you never thought you could go. And you can’t you can’t put a price tag on that. Even if you even if you’re dragging your feet through the modules and you’re really you are going to just by participating and being exposed to Judy on a day to day basis, and other women and meeting other women and like minded women and if you just participate in the group coach calls and on the Facebook page, I guarantee you that your mindset and your confidence is just going to be lifted. And once you have that There’s there’s nothing stopping you.

So you can’t put a price tag on that. And that’s why why I joined is because I just didn’t want to miss out on that.
I don’t I don’t want to not have that anymore. It’s like, you know, you keep you keep feeding me all the time to just keep me going when you feel a little down, you can count, you know, you’ve got this group of women, hey, you don’t want to disappoint. I don’t want to disappoint Judy, like I want to, you know, I want great things you’re telling me to do? I guess sometimes I think about I listen to you, like I wish all of my clients would listen to me. Like I’m telling them what they need to do in their house, because I know it comes from experience if they would listen to me their houses. And that’s what I have that much confidence in you. If I keep doing what you’re telling me. I keep listening to what you’re what you’re telling me to do. And I actually apply it and do it.

I can’t lose. Huh, Wow, that is so awesome. Okay, last question. Obviously, everything I do is Christ focused. So I want you to tell the ladies, what impact Jesus has inside the academy generally like being a member, and also what personally that has done for you.
Well, I think, um, Jesus being in the academy, obviously, he’s brought us all together for a reason, like it’s all part of his plan. Like, I don’t think it’s an accident that you wind up in the academy. I think he’s he’s funneling us all there for some reason. And that just gives you great comfort right to know that you, you were you didn’t just happen into this, you’re put there for a reason. For me personally, my relationship with God has always been more private, more quiet, more down toned, and I never, ever thought about bringing him into my business. Like it just, I just didn’t think that way, you know. And one of the things that we worked on is, you know, take time, every day, you should be taking time every day to just be quiet, and connect with God and see if you are on the right path.

And you’re where he wants you to be and show me who you want me to be and give me the strength to be who I need to be in who I’m supposed to be. And I have learned to do that every morning is the first thing I do when I wake up. And I love it. And it’s made a huge, huge difference. I swear I’m sleeping better. I wake up in the morning like oh, okay, good to have a little quiet for now. It’s It’s awesome. I’m not journaling. It’s all just fear in my head. But I’m my next step will probably be to start journaling about all that. But if I tell you god, it’s made a huge, huge difference. You’re reconnecting me. Not that I’ve ever been disconnected from Jesus, but you’re reconnecting me to him in a stronger way that I I never thought of.

Wow. And to God be all glory. Wow, Sarah, thank you so much. I want to see, I want to see if we have specific questions are right, and shamika is here and Luiz is here. And Pamela, a seiza. is here, Jackie, last time kita. There’s a two ladies inside the Academy. And Laurie, and Diane and Michelle. Michelle says great advice. So ladies, any questions or any insights or any anything before we end for the day? And as I’m waiting for the questions to come through, because there’s a bit of a delay.

I just want to say thank you again, Sarah, for pausing from your labor day weekend. And maybe from your family and your little grandbaby. I so appreciate you being here. And ladies, I’m sure that Sara wouldn’t mind. You know, if you have questions, and you’re watching on the replay this tag her? Because, yeah, thank you for that, Sarah, because we’re all about transparency and authenticity. And the reason that I wanted to bring actual Academy members before you so that you could see not just take it from me take it from those that have experienced it for a couple of months. So Lou says excellent advice. Take time every day to be with the Lord. Absolutely. All right. Well, ladies, thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your weekend here, Sarah. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Now, love you ladies. I’ll see you tomorrow at 12 o’clock, where I’m going to be sharing Oh, yeah. discerning God’s will for your business. That’s going to be a great one. We’ll see you then. Take good care of me. Bye bye. Thank you, Sarah. Bye, hon.

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