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Ep 70: Social Selling DOs & DON’Ts – How to Monetize Transcripts

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Welcome, ladies. Goodness gracious. I am so excited. We are welcoming Saturday into our thrive method workshop. All right, I am blind. You are here. Awesome. Ladies, welcome welcome to bonus Saturday inside the thrive method workshop. My name is Judy Weber and I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist and I help a high achieving women of faith like you build thriving businesses while living an extraordinary life. So welcome, welcome.

If you are here today, Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I know you’re all in. You’re all in on your business. You’re all in on growing on learning, and thriving. So for you I say Way to go, sister. What a joy having you here with me on this beautiful Saturday. I’m here in Philadelphia. It’s gorgeous and sunny inside Labor Day weekend. So like I said, you ladies are showing commitment. And thank you so much for hopping on. Marty just said hey, I know there’s a bunch more, please sign in, so that I can say hello to you personally. Hey, shamika. How are you? Well, listen, ladies, did you catch my interview yesterday with my client? Megan Jackson, she’s my client inside the blessed to thrive Academy.

If not, you definitely want to check that out. Head over to the unit section. Look for the case studies tab. And you can easily find the interview there. Megan, you’re gonna want to watch this if you missed it, because Megan landed guest spots on podcasts. She was featured in newspapers and magazines. She even garnered a couple of TV spots. And she started her own Facebook group, nearly 300 very engaged and her own podcast and the kicker just been in business for less than six months. Okay, a truly extraordinary story and a lesson on how to win PR even as a newbie, and trust me, I know Megan’s amazing, but so are you.

And so you could do all of that. It happens when you jump in. And you implement the strategies and the step by step that you learn inside the blessed to thrive Academy, you can do it. And I want to invite you back here at four o’clock eastern today to hear another amazing story. This one about positioning yourself as a top tier status. All right. It’s all about positioning, right? What are you putting out there in the marketplace? What do you want them to think about you and to know about you? Right? So they’re a meeting with my client, Sarah hurl. She’s a beautiful friend as well. We’re gonna be live. Ready for your question.

So I look forward to seeing you then. Finally, before I head to the comments and say hello, I want to remind you that the doors to the academy are open only through Tuesday at midnight. And listen, the Academy, it feels a gap. Right? It was a huge void in the marketplace. I don’t know if you’ve seen this ladies. As I mentioned before, I think in this week, as I looked around at the coaching marketplace for women, I discovered nobody was serving high achieving Christian women specifically, don’t get me wrong, there are coaches out there. But from what I’m looking at, they seem to cater to the dabbler, the hobbyist side hustler, which is all well and fine.

I wanted to create something for the high achieving, committed go getter. The one with the impressive background, with big ambition and big dreams have significant impact on serving others through a Christ centered business. There was nothing out there didn’t exist until now. Smart savvy Christian women like you, from all stages of growth are joining the Academy. And they’re on their way to scaling their business with grace with simplicity, enjoy doing business God’s way and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And all the while they’re becoming a standout brand. Marketing like a pro consistently getting quality leads learning how to close sales that feels good. They’re generating consistent revenue month after month and building a thriving business while growing closer in their walk with Christ.

So yes, ladies, you can see that I’m passionate about what I do. And I’m excited about my clients. So if you are committed to your business, and you’re ready to go all in on who Christ made you to be, you need to do your due diligence and check out what’s inside blesta thrive Academy The link is there for you. The time is now Who knows, but that you were born for such a time as this, check it out. And if you’re ready to take that leap of faith and jump in, you’re going to be greeted with a great big hug. And welcome by an amazing group of like minded ladies ready to cheer you on and support you on your entrepreneurial journey to extraordinary and thriving success. And if you look it over and you’re like ah so I have a couple of questions.

I’m happy to jump on a call Just private message me through my personal not my business through my personal messenger here on Facebook. All right, let me just make sure I say hello to everybody that’s here. Margie as I said and Tamika nice dress here. Happy Saturday. Luiz is here, watching from sunny Florida. I’m going to be in Florida next week God willing. surlyn is here. Marilyn is here Suzy is here. Megan is here. Jackie Pamela arrived. And shamika are our new scholarship winner. She says the Academy is so unique, valuable. Thank you for that sister. And one last reminder before we jump in all of these days trainings this whole week, plus the bonus weekend trainings we’re doing starting today, all the homework threads. And the other resources like the sample ideal client avatar. Did you see that? They’re organized neatly inside the unit section of this tab? So if you just joined, no worries, no worries, you can catch up this weekend. But as I mentioned before, everything comes down on Tuesday at midnight. So if you want to watch the videos, you need to get it done by Tuesday at midnight.

I’m uploading all of these trainings into my sheet is extraordinary podcast. She is extraordinary podcast. Now. I think I’m almost up to 70 episodes. So if you haven’t yet check that out on iTunes on Stitcher on I Heart Radio. She is extraordinary podcast. Check it out. All right, and Kim says my Internet’s finally cooperating. Oh my goodness, I was wondering where you were sisters. So good to see you. Diane just joined excellent. Listen, today, ladies, we’re talking about a super important subject, social selling, which is basically monetizing your social media. Oh, and I’m also going to announce the winner of the Amazon gift card for those of you that took me up on my Friday video challenge. If you did it, the winner could be used. So stay tuned. Okay, before we dive in, let’s go to God and ask for his anointing on our time together.

Heavenly Father, we come before you just so thankful. I’m thankful for. for all that you’ve done. I mean, you know, I was crying the other day about how just good you are to me, Lord so undeserved. And the way I know these ladies, they probably feel the same Lord, you gifted us with so much. This wonderful things are our families. And obviously, number one, the gift of knowing you, Lord, thank you, thank you, God.
Help us, Lord, to make the best use of our time to steward our gifts, and talents and abilities that you so graciously gave us, Lord, so that we can show the world who you are, through what we do. Where we give our businesses to you. And that’s why we’re here. We’re here to learn
your way of doing business. So speak to us, Lord, speak to our hearts speak to our minds. We’re listening. Thank you, God for all that you’re doing in the background that we have no idea. That’s what faith is all about Lord, stepping and taking that next step when you really don’t know where you’re going. But you know that God has got you. So there’s no worries. Thank you, God, for your promises that are always Yes, in your son Jesus. We love you and we trust you. It’s in the mighty strong Name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right. Today, I’m really excited to talk to you about social selling do’s and don’ts. And again, it’s all about social monetizing your social media. Listen, here’s the deal. I see you working hard. And I see you posting some really, really great content. And, you know, I see in these groups that I’m in that you’re asking for advice a lot, should I be doing this? Or should I not be doing that and you know, so, but I want to reiterate a point that I’ve made before both on my podcast, and on my thriver Thursday lives that I do here inside the blessed to thrive community Facebook group every Thursday at 11am. Eastern and that is, ladies, please hear me the power of social is not in the post. The power of social is in a connection, specifically the one on one connection, and that happens mostly behind the scenes, what we don’t see on the platform. Alright, so first, we’re going to be talking about the do’s and the don’ts. And I wanted to start first with four social selling don’ts. Okay. social selling don’t number one is don’t engage with spammers, haters, or trolls.

Okay, don’t engage. Battling them is and always will be a lost cause you’re never gonna win. Because they’re either crazy. Or they’re, you know, they’re not good, right? We’re not spammers. We’re not haters were not trawler. So those that are there and I can breed to themselves, and we really don’t need to engage with them because that only further fuels, they’re crazy, you know what I mean? So if you do, you’ll waste your time, your energy and your creativity that you could be using to build your brand. and serve your clients. Thank you for the love. Okay, so don’t worry about them. Just move on, and have a quick story. You may know that I had worked with my twin sister, we started our business, I think it was 2017. And I started a Facebook group that now has nearly 30,000 women from across the world inside. These are women in real estate, and it’s called the girls guide to outrageous real estate success. Now I started that, I remember it well. And I remember being so excited for my first 100 members, and it is exciting, right?

But in the first 10 that joined or that were invited, I got a very, very horrible response from a woman. And she just blasted me.
And she goes, why in the world? Would I even think about joining a girls only group? First of all, why are you saying girls? I’m not a girl. I’m a lady.
I’m a grown woman. You know, the guys don’t have a guys only group. This is stupid. Don’t do this. I tell you, I call my twin sister. I go Jan, look at this message. I just got to shootie It’s okay. Ignore her was the best advice she could have given me. Because you know what happens? Let me tell you something. God is at work. And when God is at work, the enemy wants to afford it. So if you’re on a mission is to do God’s work through your business. Let me make let me let me tell you this, I can promise you, the enemy’s gonna throw darts at you. I can promise you, he is going to try to put people in your way to keep you down. I can promise you he is going to whisper stuff in your head. That ain’t right.

It ain’t true. You know why? Because john 1010. He wants to steal, kill and destroy everything that is good. You your business, your mission for the Lord. So yeah, I’m high. And I feel like the spirit talking to me, do not engage. Do not worry. That the spammers and the haters and the trolls mission sister, stay focused blinders on. Hey, love the love. Thank you. Thank you for this PSA. shamika says thank you, sister, okay. Another don’t is don’t like try to be everywhere all at once. Okay, don’t try to kind of juggle five platforms at once. Can’t do it.

You’ve got to master one platform, before you really move on to another. Now I know a lot of us are on Facebook and Instagram. Okay. And I get that. Because, again, how do we know what platform to be on? Look to your ideal client? Where are they? Where do they like to hang out? Where do they like to find people like you, right? But here’s the thing, you need to choose one, you need to choose one platform. Okay? Because if you try to be everywhere all at once, you’re likely going to be overwhelmed. And that’s going to result in you being inconsistent, or stop you from taking action at all. So a basic social media tenet, choose one Do not try to be everywhere, especially when you’re first kind of getting started in the social world and trying to build that following, okay.

All right, social media, selling. Don’t number three is kind of similar to number one, don’t worry about what other people are going to say. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think about you. Because you can’t hold back. You don’t matters what God says about you. So you don’t worry about what your husband’s gonna say what your best friend’s gonna say, what your sister’s gonna say, or your mom or your daughter, okay? You need to go all in on who Christ made you to be. You got to speak your voice. You got to speak the truth about your business about your industry. what needs to change, right? What is your approach? You got to listen to God and obey him. He’s got your back and you have no better advocate. At guaranteed, right? So again, go all in, go all in. Don’t worry what other say you’re on mission
focused. Okay.

The last don’t is this is big. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Right? These days. Vulnerability posts are the most engaging people want to see the real you so be real About struggles, especially as they relate to your business. And if you’re a business coach like me, you know, be real about the fact that I didn’t wake up and all of a sudden make multi six figures, there was a journey. Right? There was a path. Along the way, there was all this stuff I did before entrepreneurship, all this education and experience, both lifetime experience and career experience that, you know, helps me to do what I do today. So, and even, you know, back in 2003, when I started my first business, Oh, my gosh, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. So be real about your struggles. And when you do that, sisters, when you’re vulnerable, it makes you relatable. And it creates this connection point, it’s powerful, and it’s going to make you memorable, and definitely stand out. You see, because I don’t know about you. I didn’t plan on saying this, but it popped into my brain. So I’m going to, I don’t know about you, but when I see people in like crazy situations in front of Rolls Royces
in private jet planes.

I laugh. Now, maybe Jenna Kutcher could afford that. Maybe Rachel Hollis can afford that? Maybe, um, you know, a couple of other people that now I know that names are escaping me, baby, they have that. But there are some that I I really don’t think they have that. So again, we’re talking about authenticity. And vulnerability. No, that’s fake, ain’t playing. I mean, I’m not buying it. So don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and let people know where you are in your journey, both in life and in business. Now, of course, you’ve got to have boundaries around that. But vulnerability is a very, very good thing. Okay. All right. So these are the don’ts. So let me just pause for a second and see kind of what your reaction is to what I’ve been saying. Okay, um, as soon as he said, it’s the first time live you’re still working a full time job. Awesome. Well, Susie, you’re in the right place, sister. And I hope that you take the time this weekend to watch all these trainings because I’ve gotten nothing but like, crazy good feedback, and so many aha and breakthroughs.

Oh, you didn’t catch all the replays good. And she said, Wow, amazing content. Excellent. Excellent. All right. Louise says let me know when we can meet. If that’s what you want to do. Talk please. Please hit me on messenger. Okay, hon. All right, Phoebe joined. And Suzy says, I’ve checked out the she is extraordinary podcast on my iPad. I’m looking forward to listening to them all. That’s awesome. Mariela says the podcast is exceptional. Thank you so much, sisters. Thank you. Jackie is here. Yay. Done. If I said that. Okay, edit, edit, edit. Let the Holy Spirit huge. Thank you. And then awesome. points. Judy. Love your spirit. Thank you, Marilyn. Thank you, Marilyn. Alright, ladies, are you ready for the four must do when it comes to social selling? Okay. And if you’re not doing each and every one of these, you are likely not growing your following. And you’re not getting qualified leads. And you’re not getting sales from social.

Okay. So some of these may seem basic, but I, I hope you’ve seen in our week together, right? That I’m all about simplicity. I told you. I like to do business with grace, simplicity and joy. And I keep those three words in the forefront. As I come to you live, as I get up at, you know, 530 on a Saturday morning to make sure I’m ready for you here at noon and at four o’clock, okay. So the little things matter. And sometimes when you get all confused, some of the best things you can do is go back to the basics, right? I tell that to my boys when they get all crazy. You know, they’re they’re wanting to be ministers. And so they have some doubts. And I said, baby, baby, baby, you’re getting in the muck in the mire, go back to the basics of the faith. You got it. Don’t freak yourself out. All right. So what is the first must do in the way of social selling number one, let your personality shine. You’ve got to be real, you’ve got to be authentic. You got to be bold and speak your voice. Can’t be afraid to show you
because people are going to buy you before they buy anything else that you have. Whether that’s a product or a service, whether you sell real estate or you sell legal services, you gotta buy you first they got to trust you. And there is no way think about this ladies, there is no way you can trust someone until you feel like you know them. And so if you hold back and you’re not showing the real you How can they trust you?

right thank you for the love ladies. That’s a really, it seems simple and basic, but it is so important. It is at the very foundation of business. Okay, all right, Here comes one got a right got a right This down, okay, another must do in the way of social selling is you’ve got to engage, you have got to engage with others. And that engagement has to be real, it has to be proactive. And it has to be intentional. Right? You have got to make time to comment on other people’s posts, for example. And not just a short, great. Love it or a couple of hearts. That’s, that’s cute. That’s nice, right? But ideally, engagement is more than that. Engagement is something more substantive. It’s something that tells the poster that you actually read the post. Okay, so for this, I love to mention something about what I, when I comment, I love to mention something about the post, specifically, like pull something out of it, and then ask an open ended question. So as an example, if the post shares a life story with a picture of their kids, I’m going to pull a fact, I’m going to pull something out of that story, and then I’m going to follow up on it.

Okay. Like if she talks about, I don’t know, some life moment about being a mom, or having an impact on the kids. I will say, wow, that must have taken guts to do X, Y, or Z. What motivated you to do it? Right, then? You see what I’m saying? So I’m getting really specific. So why do I do this? Why would I? Why would I ask an open ended question? Right? Why would I say what motivated you to do it then? Well, because I want to keep the conversation going. I want to keep the conversation going. Right.

And then as there is some of that back and forth going on, at some point, it’s going to feel good and natural to take that conversation over to the DMS and the PMS, to nurture, and further and build that relationship. Okay. And then at some point, maybe that day, maybe in the days or even weeks to come, we’re going to ultimately take that online connection that online when the relationship is offline, to a phone call. Or if I’m a local business, maybe we’ll meet for lunch or coffee or something. Okay. Does that make sense? Listen, business is built on relationships, and relationships. That’s right to get a dialogue. Pamela, that’s exactly right. This this is built on relationships, and a relationship is always a one on one. I mean, that’s why you don’t date in groups. Right? I mean, occasionally, you might have a group date, but ultimately, you’ve got to go out one on one, because you got to get to know the person.

And again, people buy from people they trust, there’s no better way to instill trust than through personal interaction over time. Remember, business and social media, as a tool to build your business is a long term investment. It is not a quick hit. Okay. So engagement, purposeful, intentional, genuine interaction, or dialogue. Okay. All right. We’re getting there. We’re getting there. Now we’re on social selling, do number three. And that is, make it easy for your followers to know what you do. Make it easy. For those, you know, one of the reasons we’re on social, no doubt is to sell the right. Part. Did you know Did you know? That the selling process begins when you say hello. I mean, let’s face it, because if you never have a Hello, you can’t have a sale. So when I say you’re on social to sell, I don’t want you to say Nope, Judy, not me, wait a minute. Unless you’re on exclusively to have some fun and unrelated to business, then that is a goal.

That is something like that’s why it’s called social selling. So I don’t want you to hide what you do. And when I look at so many of your personal profiles here on Facebook, I sometimes I have to search far and wide to see what the heck you do. Now, if you have a full time job, and you don’t feel comfortable, kind of putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur, I get that. I get that. So for you, it might be a little bit different. But for those of you who don’t aren’t in that situation, why are you hiding it?

So in your bio and your profile, I want you to look at it today with fresh eyes.
And I want you to be real with yourself. If someone didn’t know you at all, and they happen to fall upon your bio, or your profile. Would they know what you do? Right? Excuse me and there are so many opportunities in your profile, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, wherever it is, there’s so many great opportunities for you to make it easy for them to link to your website. To find you on these other social channels, and so on. Alright, so again, getting back to this bio, I want you to look at it, I want you to look at
the words you use. And number one,
does it even say what you do? Or, you know, are you trying to be that secret? best kept secret in your industry? I hope not. But I want you to think about it this way. If a third grader looked at your bio or profile, would they be able to explain to somebody else what you do? That’s a great test. simplicity, clarity is so important in business. It is not about trust me, ladies, it is not about being cutesy or clever. Clarity wins over cutesy and clever all day long, all day long.

So Phoebe asks, Is that true, even if you have a Facebook business page absitively absitively? And let me just briefly say why that was a great question Phoebe and I and I see, ladies ask it quite a bit.
But here’s the thing, there was a time back in I want to say 2010, even as recently as 2010, which was 10 years ago, we used to get great coverage for our Facebook business page, right? If we had 100 followers, we thought at least that 100, we’re getting notified from it. But these days, when less than 5%, maybe even less than 3% of those that actually like our business page, ever, we’ll see it in their feed, it kind of doesn’t really matter so much. So I’m telling my clients don’t focus so much on the business page. Okay, focus on some other things that we talk about inside the academy and elsewhere.

But yes, all of the people on your personal, you know, a greater percentage of those are going to see what you’re posting. That’s why you should share occasionally and regularly what you’re doing on your business page, for example, that’s why you should be putting some of your business stuff on your personal page, not overkill, not crazy. And that is actually also why you need to put in your bio links to your website, and make it clear what you do and who you serve.

Okay, hope that helps. All right, we’re on our final do for social selling. And that is this ladies, while you want to give value with relevant, helpful content, make sure in the content itself, that you weave in what you do, how you do it, and why you are the best. Okay? This is really about keeping your brand in front of your audience. Right? Not just consistent colors and fonts. But that’s important too. But even more than that, you need to post quotes of what you say, you know, it’s cool to quote Thomas Jefferson, or, you know, Rachel Hollis or whatever. But what are your brand? mantras? Right? So mine are do it afraid, perfectly imperfect, go all in for Christ. Bless to thrive. She is extraordinary. And there are some more, I’m sure. So what are your brand mantras. So as an example, if you’re a life coach, make sure you show in your posts, how you’re different. You’re tons of life coaches, right. So what’s your specific approach? What are your keys to success with your clients? What is your perspective? Okay? Remember, ladies, you are an influencer, you are a thought leader. You don’t do things like everybody else. Right? One more example, I know I have a bunch of real estate ladies is that was kind of my start in coaching. Listen, I need you to do real estate different than everybody else. And you may ask how real estate real estate?

Well, I don’t know. Right? You need to put your thinking cap on. And think about that. Like, what don’t you like about the real estate industry? How many? How do other agents treat their clients that you don’t like? What do you stand for? How do you do business? And how do you make your clients feel like show them what it’s like to work with you. Maybe even give them that facade behind the scenes post? Or better yet, and behind the scenes video, let them see you in action in an interesting way. That gets you noticed, that gets you remembered. And so there you have it, ladies, social selling do’s and don’ts. So I’m curious, what are your big takeaways from today? I’d love you to throw them in the comments, because I always love to come back and see that. All right, well, I want to announce the winner of the Amazon gift card for taking me up on yesterday’s video challenge, so look, if you’re like, What are you talking about? I missed it. I’m sorry that you missed it. But listen, I encourage every one of you members to use this platform to use this Facebook group to the outermost to post as long as it’s not outwardly like blatantly promotional. To share a video, we want to get to know you, there have already been so many beautiful network opportunities that have gone to fruition here. For example, Janet Beaver, she and I met inside this group, and she put on this beautiful entrepreneurial women’s summit, which by the way, if you go to my personal page, you’ll see there’s a link, you can get access to so many amazing women of God, you know, interviews, and I was blessed to be one of them. So I would not have had that opportunity to be a part of that summit. But for me, opening this Facebook group and connecting with the ladies inside it.

So I want you to do video, right? Whether it’s part of like a video challenge, or if it’s part of this workshop, use the platform. Meet ladies, there are ladies here, not only from all across the US and Canada, but literally all around the world, in pretty much every country. Okay, so I just want to give you that little advertisement, this is for you. Ladies, tell me what you want. I built this group to serve you. And I’m committed to that. All right, so congrats to the four ladies who stepped up and took action. And they are Jackie Stratton. Pamela Bryant, Joey Contreras and sherlyn. Rich. And I’m just so proud of each of you. But before I announce the winner, I do have a favor to ask. And I really, I hate to be a nudge. Okay. But my coach was on me again, yesterday, Judy, you got to get over 100 reviews on your podcast. And I’m so close. I think I’m at 91 right now. So would you please pause at some point this weekend? Would you please, as a thank you to me for nothing else than putting on this workshop for you and showing up for you every day? Would you please head over to iTunes search for the she is extraordinary podcasts, listen to an episode or so. And then leave a rating and a review.

And and if you would snap a picture of that review, and posted here and tagged me in it or posted somewhere Instagram or whatever and tagged me in it, you’ll be entered to win an Amazon gift card. Would you do that for me, please? I would so appreciate it. I would still appreciate it. All right. Oh, and by the way, I always want to know, is there a guest you’d like to see on the show? Is there a particular topic I haven’t covered yet? Let me know. All right. Thank you for that. Let me come to the comments that I’m gonna win on so let’s see. Marilyn says Judy, I love the way that you share the how to do thank you so much.

Oh, you’re so welcome. Very and says simplify it for sure. Marian, I am so glad to see you. I’m so good to see you. Pamela says I’m talking to her. And Wendy says definitely looking at my bio after this. totally missed it. Good luck, everyone. All right, well, never too late. Never too late. Thank you for breaking it down and simplify. Jackie says Pamela says taking a look at my profile and updating it when he says I will. I love your podcast. Thank you. Thank you so much. All right. I want to give the all drumroll. And the winner of the video challenge today is Julie Faris. Julie, thank you. Thank you, I am moved by. You know the things you’ve said about the podcast, and you’re so detailed in explaining what you got out of that episode. And so I thank all of you, Julie, you won the amazon giftcard and congrats to sherlyn, Julie, Pamela and Jackie for stepping up and doing it and again, Hey, you know what, when I look in the pending posts, and I see video, I literally get a huge smile on my face and I can’t wait to listen. And if that’s how I feel I have no doubt

I have no doubt that others feel the same way because a post is great. But when you actually see someone and and hear them in real time, and just get a real look into their personality that is powerful connection ladies and that is exactly why I push video for my clients and students and I push it for you because I want what’s best for you in moving your business forward. Alright, so just a brief before we go I want to remind you that at four o’clock today as I said, I’m interviewing Sarah hurl, and we’re gonna be talking about positioning yourself that top tier status even early on in your business. Then tomorrow at 12 noon.

Oh my goodness. Right after church. I’m going to be coming to talk about discerning God’s will for your business discerning God’s will for your business. And then tomorrow at four o’clock, I’m blessed to be talking with another one of my clients, Jackie Jones, Jackie Johnson, who is going to be talking about going from corporate to brand builder. She’s amazing. You’re going to love her too. So thank you all late. See how supportive you are.

You’re congratulating Julie, ladies congratulate all of you, because you are extraordinary. You’re here. And I hope and pray that each of you has a beautiful rest of your day. And I hope to see you back and forth. Well, God bless you. Take care

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