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Ep 71: From Corporate to Powerhouse Brand & Legacy Builder Transcript

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Yes, we are live. We are live. ladies. Welcome to this very special bonus session inside the thrive method workshop on this beautiful sunny day inside Labor Day weekend. 2020. so wonderful to see all of you here. And have you live with myself and Jackie Johnson. Oh my gosh, I am so excited to introduce you to my beautiful friend who has the neatest soul. She is a true powerhouse. She is an entrepreneur. She’s laughing. She knows me taking the holistic industry by storm, my amazing client, Jackie Johnson. Jackie, how are you?

I’m great.

All right. Well, Louise is here already, Pamela, and I’m sure others, please do sign in. And I want this to be engaging. So as we’re chatting, I want you to ask questions, because you’re going to be blown away by Jackie cuz she’s just incredible, right. As you know, as a part of this week’s thrive method workshop, I’m bringing to you case studies, which are stories of my clients who are also members inside the less deprived Academy, because I wanted to give you the opportunity to see and hear them as they share their experiences inside the academy and how working with me has impacted them and their business.

So just really quickly. As you know, the Academy is where high achieving Christian women go to build thriving, impact focused businesses God’s way. In fact, the Academy is the first and only comprehensive business building experience with concierge level support, ongoing accountability and continuous access to me giving you everything you need to build that profitable, sustainable, scalable business that matters. So doors are open, but only for a limited time. So if you’re ready, keep that momentum and all those aha and breakthroughs that you’ve experienced this week, keep on going, then you owe it to yourself to check out the webpage, the link is there for you. So again, as you’re listening, please come in. Hey, Sisa Hey, sherlyn How are you? We want this to be interactive.

So pop in your question. So first, let’s pray that we’re going to dive into the interview. Okay. Lovely, Father, thank You, God that the technology is working. But Jackie and I had some issues not 10 minutes ago. But we know Lord that you know the enemy may throw those darts. But stronger is he that is in me that is in the world. So thank you, God for showing up and helping bring all these ladies together, Lord, because we have our eyes on you. Our hearts and minds are focused on you and why we do what we do is because of you, Lord, so thank you for your presence here. I ask you to bless everyone watching whether it’s live or on the replay certainly blessed Jackie, as she’s pausing through this holiday weekend, to give in that heart that she has. She’s such a giver, Lord, so God bless her and her beautiful family and her business Lord, we thank you, we give you praise. And it’s in the name of Jesus your son, our Lord we pray. Amen. Amen.

Well, now I’m gonna get the formal introduction, Jackie. Okay.
My guess is ladies, hey, Marilyn, my guess is ladies that you probably already know Jackie, because this girl shows up inside this group, right and on video. And as I always say, video is the best medium to gain visibility. And to be know, number one, because video allows you to really get a sense of someone as she not only listen to their words, but watch their personalities shine and Jackie has got personality. She is a mom of two beautiful children.

She’s a thriving CEO, a serial entrepreneur, having founded not one, not two, but three powerful brands just this year. And they’re already getting major traction. I just want to quickly go through and choose a holistic brand strategist and the founder of wildling dreams consulting. She’s the founder of a line of self care beauty products called wildling botanicals, and she is the founder of a family brand focused on living a healthy lifestyle called wildling herbs. Jackie, welcome. Hey, y’all. Alright, so listen, let’s get started. Can you start with telling the ladies how you and I met? When was that? And what happened?

Oh my gosh, it’s just like it was it February and I honestly I’m still trying to figure out how I saw you. And it wasn’t a sponsored ad somehow. I got in your group. I don’t know who invited me because I have no Mutual’s in there. I’m still looking, trying to figure it out. Um, and you were doing a challenge, just like, hey, do you guys know what branding is? How does that look? How are you guys going to be able to do that? And I was like, oh, I’ll take it. I took some other courses, you know. And day one. You started diving into mindset and you just built over that time. That was like, Oh, I’m in it.

Oh my gosh, I need to work with her like I am so well, thank you. And I do remember that. And then you and I hopped on the phone call. When I was down in Florida, facilitating a retreat, the retreat that Sarah talked about just yesterday, and we chatted on the phone. And something that you told me about other conversations you had with another coach, you were thinking about going with really struck me You remember that story?

Yeah, oh, my gosh. I talked to this other coach, I’m putting air quotes out, because I don’t think that’s what that was. But I told her my whole vision for my life and what God had for my life and my business. And she just was like, that’s nice. And I was like, I just told you a five minute like revelation. And she did not care. Like, when I say don’t care, I mean, I felt it in the phone and my silence, I think she knew that she had messed up. Um, and when I talked to you, Judy, you were excited. And you’re like, why haven’t really worked with someone like you before. But this sounds like I know business. And you were just excited. You’re excited from the gate to the end. And I’m like, I need to do this branding and marketing intensive, this, whatever she’s talking about, I know that it’s going to help me.

Okay, so let’s talk about that. So you jumped in. And now just everybody knows that branding and marketing intensive material is now inside the Academy in the branding module. So what was that like going through that intensive with me, and that small group of ladies?
Oh, my gosh, I love the break. I have like lifelong friends. I feel like I met him there. Like Amy is still my accountability partner. I got her as accountability partner, way back in March, we still talk like every Thursday, you missed a few. But it’s all right. We tax
Academy too.

So Academy and I think she’s in your awesome accelerator as well. Um, and it’s just like, I was in there. And I came in saying I’m gonna do wildly herbs, my family brand. And then I got three weeks into the six week branding intensive. And I’m like, No, I need two brands. So I had to split wildly herbs and wine botanicals, I have to. But it was so funny. I was like, I can do the branding, I’m confident. And I ended up doing like in one day, I did all of the assignments again for another brand. And it came out great.

It’s nice. But see, this is the amazing thing. Jackie, you are my ideal client. Right? I mean, you, you you’re like Megan and Sarah. And so many of my other clients inside the Academy where I give you a strategy, I give you a step by step and you say thank you very much, and you run with it. So I mean, what what is it about you that motivates you? I mean, there you there are some who say they want the business, but they don’t run with it. They don’t take the action. What What is it?

Well, it’s like, I know it can be it depends on who you’re talking to, like my people that know me over the years, like I just reached out to some people that got when I got into management, they gave me my first like, go at it. And they’re just like, you just have it. They’re like, like when you say it, you believe it and you do it. And I always said I had some type of fear with it. And they’re like, No, you you believe it, and you just do it. Because it’s really what you said that God told you to do.

So you don’t have that fear factor. And I really do believe that the fear is the number one thing that will stop your business because the fear is, and you will stop you from doing anything. Sorry, I don’t even do things afraid anymore. even say fear. I’m like, No, I’m going to do it because God put it on my heart. And he wouldn’t set me up to fail. Like Why would my Heavenly Father set me up to fail?

Man Say that again. God does not set you up to fail. Ladies, right? That is so good. Jackie, that is so good. And so like, tell the ladies about your experience with me. Let me just limit before you answer that I have to say there are ladies inside my Academy that raise their hand, um, more frequently than others. And Jackie is one of those ladies. And Jackie when you raise your hand and you say, Hey, dude, we got to jump on a call or whatever what happens?

You’re always there, I can message you on messenger. I get text message you I can get on your page and the group or I could get in the wrong group and you’d like Jackie, come over here. Let me answer you were very responsive. And that’s like for me, and sometimes I have a strategy. I just want to talk to someone about it. And I don’t feel comfortable talking just to everybody about it. I want someone that believes in my brand and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. And if they don’t believe in both, I’m probably not going to be sharing anything that’s gonna feel so when I’m Like, Judy, you know, I had this idea. This is what I was thinking, what do you think? It’s because I value your opinion and you’re like, boom, right back.

Thank you. Yes. And I am so excited about especially, you know, all of my clients, and those like yourself who are doing so much. I mean, you’re on this trajectory, where it’s like, big things are happening, right. So, before we move on to those big things that are happening, what is your vision for yourself? And these three brands? I mean, at the tender age of what 32?

Like, 33, don’t take my year. Okay. 33.
Right. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Oh, my gosh, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, God, there’s, there’s so many things. Like, I know that the wildling brand, I’m gonna have landscape, I know, I’m gonna have real estate, I know that I’m have commercial properties. I know, I’m going to have massive greenhouses, over 100 square feet, and making sustainable products. I know, I’m going to have my own gardening systems, I might have my own planter systems, I’m going to be doing classes, teaching people how to do it. I’m going to be consulting people in business. And I’m going to be doing all of those things. And God’s already grooming my son to help.

Wow, wow, that is just That’s incredible. Seven and her kids. I mean, if you don’t know Jackie lady, she’s got a friend or, and she does so many lives on her personal page, not just what we see here in the bus deprived community. And often she brings her kids in it, and they are just like her. They’re like bubbly. And you know, by herbaceous, and you could just see that your big things are coming your way because the Lord God has anointed you no doubt about it. So let’s go back. I mean, you’re 33, you before you embark on this entrepreneurial journey earlier, just earlier this year, right? I mean, you’ve done all this, we’re going to talk about all that you’ve done. But you’ve had an impressive corporate background, you were given significant responsibility at a young age. And I’d love you to brag on yourself a little bit here. And can you tell the ladies about that impressive experience that you have?

One it’s funny, because God was grooming me from then. And I didn’t even know it. Um, so I went into a cashiers interview at CVS pharmacy, I was 19. I’m Melissa, I still remember she’s like, No, I’m not gonna hire you. And I’m like, whatever. And she’s like, No, I want to give you to another manager because I think you should be a manager.

And I’m like, why? Like, I’m in college, like, I can’t be a manager. But I’m like, I need a job. So whatever. So I ended up going to another interview. That guy didn’t want to work with me. And then I get in front of Derek Hartsfield. He’s a just just an awesome man, Father, three kids. And he was like, what’s your go getter, and I’m going to teach you everything I know. And I’ve been in corporate for over 30 years, and I’m going to pour into you. And then he moves stores.

And then he put me into a lady that has over 40 years of experience. So they just pour it into me. And from then it’s like at Walgreens being like a training manager and being training facilities. And I moved from Oklahoma to California. And then when I got to California, the district manager was like, I need you to go fix these stores. So I’m like, Okay, a couple stores. I went to 17 stores in three months, going and analyzing the business, how is it going? How are their employees doing? fixing problems, finding loss prevention issues, getting it to the loss prevention manager, covering vacations, and God was just rooming me, you know, by the time I’m like, 24, I’m like, this is not working because I have my health drama going on. Like, I need to get out of this.

Now. I started working for ibjjf. It’s called the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation. I know. I’m out and I work. The first American employee. I’m working with all Brazilians that speak Portuguese, Portuguese. I mean, they didn’t even call me Jackie. They called me jack. They’re like, yeah, go ask jack. Yeah. So I think I’m sorry, I missed the Gary. Oh, you’re good. So by the age of 24, at this point, you’re heading up a global team in a startup? Yes, you’re doing things like client retention, customer relations, employee training, standard operating procedures. I mean, that’s crazy at 24.

And then it just God did it again. It’s like, I went and worked grocery for a while and I don’t want to do this, I must have been, and then for 10 months, and then right after another startup, and CEO was like, I need you to help me do this. And that builds to operation manager that I’m basically governing three different areas Washington, DC, Austin, and Denver, all from my house and having teams and doing all the new client onboarding. So God was grooming me from corporations all day. All the way down to entrepreneurs all that time, and I still didn’t realize
you were laughing. Yeah.

Until really last month, I prayed him like God, my business is going well binding botanicals and herbs, but I want more. And I prayed. And then the next day I’m walking by a restaurant and a business owner is saying, hey, Jackie, do you know how to do this? And I just bust out laughing when James was born from a sidewalk, and I know Springs, Colorado, yeah, I mean, we’re gonna talk about about that in just a minute when I talk about all that you’ve done. But I want to go back to the Academy, first of all, I mean, I can’t even tell you how amazing your story is, with the level of responsibility. And as you say, how God was taking you through step by step to set you up and position you.

And you know, you are a type of person where you’ve got it inside you, obviously. But God was like even grooming you even more to give you that confidence that you have right now. And it is not arrogance, right, ladies, this is bold, because of who she is in Christ, which is exactly what I’m saying. You go all in on who you are in Christ, you’re okay to be perfectly imperfect. And go for it. And that is you, Jackie. So I mean, I just am continually blown away. You know, I’m old enough to be your mom. So it’s just like, I’m just like, my mom
is a new girl, would you stop by like 15 years.

All right, so I want to talk about the intangibles that you got from the Academy. And one thing that I really want to hit on is the network. The network that you were introduced to that has now you have maximized that and and just grown with it. So talk to the ladies about the power of networking and connecting.

Yes, you have to ask if you need some help, and you have to use a network. And it’s not always some far out person. It’s like, hey, Judy, I need trademarking. No, the best lawyer, Oh, God, I need this. She’s like, oh, Karen, like, Oh, I need this the driver Esper. You know, MC Makita. I mean, on social media, getting those weekly, you’re not we, you know, I can message her if I wanted to. But it was like getting that monthly incentive. And I was like, look at my Instagram, look at my Facebook, what do you see? I’m running a Facebook ad. Lisa, she’s a thriver. Expert. And then she would say, Jackie, get in your ads manager, let me show you screen share with you. And these are people that probably would be your ideal client use these tags. And all of that is just huge.

I mean, my copyright, I had my copy of my ideal client, it was it was good. I thought at the time, it’s evolved over that, you know, over time, but Caitlin was like, oh, wow, look what you improved on.
Every time, we would go to a, you know, thriver expert talk. It’s like, I always took it. But one thing I would say, ladies is, if you’re in there, that there’s the network is so huge. So if they tell you something, apply it, don’t just take the information, take it, apply it, put it on your paper, and like I’m going to do that this week. And that is totally changed my, my business. Yeah, I mean, I know business, but the branding part, I did not know. And I feel so secure in it now. And thank you, Judy, for that. Oh, wow, you’re so welcome. And that’s why I chose those five experts, you know, publicity, which is coming your way, you know, as we go forward, but the copywriting, the social media, monetization, the Facebook ads, all of that is huge.

And when you jump in and take full advantage of this driver, expert office hours, you know, like Jackie said, You’re on the hot seat, ask those specific questions, and then you can run with it. So we have sherlyn, saying, wow. And everybody’s like, Whoa, they’re blowing up. Let’s talk about all the things that you’ve done, Jackie, to gain visibility for your business just in the past couple of months, like starting with the 21 Day Challenge. And we’ll go on from there. So What was that all about?

So the 21 day challenge I just was like, people I don’t think really know what self care is, I think became like a hashtag fad. Like hashtag self care Sunday or self care Saturday. So I just made video clips talking about taking care of yourself how to wash your face, from spiritually knowing where you’re at, and relaxing and praying about it from, hey, go on a walk and go out there and smell the roses. And then I just made little clips and the amount of people that I just put both of my ideal clients, the business and, you know, consumers and the amount of people that private messaged me saying I didn’t think about it that way or I never knew what self care was.

I had and that’s one of my new leads, which is for my business, which is phenomenal because she said I’ve never even heard someone talk about self care. And she’s 38 years old, and she’s never heard that term. And she says she caught me on day 14 and went all the way back and listened. And she says, oh, man, I probably need to apologize for my husband for that. Or I really probably need to cut off this bad connection with this person because they’re toxic. And it just, it really drew me because I did them. I did the videos. But every time I posted it, it was a reminder for me, he’s like, Jackie, make sure you do your self care every single morning. And every morning, I wake up an hour early, just to watch the sunrise and do me.

Yes, I love it. I see the ladies I want you to understand. See, I tell the ladies inside the Academy. Get out there, create a video series create a challenge. That’s why I do challenges inside this group every you know, month or two, because it’s important. And Jackie, give us a feel of you mentioned your DNS and your PMS, people are actually reaching out to you. Talk to us about the power of connection. And you know how your following is growing as a result of getting out there and being visible.

Yeah, and it’s weird the things that I think that wouldn’t really be Legion is Legion telling someone happy birthday on LinkedIn ends up being what do you do? Hey, let’s get on the phone. Or Happy anniversary. You’re working anniversary. And so I made return and say I hate this job and get out of it. And I’m like, oh, okay, I’m sorry. Well, why do you hate your job? And then the power of connection, just but that but people say and then Makita said this and one of our social medias business goes down in the DM. She says, Judy, you’ve said that to me. I was like, this does go down in the DM. Because when people see that you’re getting right back to them and your assessable you can build connections faster. They see they see you. But when you start giving them audio messages, they hear you you’re responding to what they did on their social media pages. I always like and comment as well.

All of those little things, even if it’s hearts are good job. People want encouragement, and people really do want true connection.
Yeah. And you are you are a model of that. Ladies, if you do a post here, I can’t imagine if Jackie’s not jumping on it within minutes. I don’t know how she even does it. Okay. But yeah, I say the power is not in the post the power is in the connection. So I totally agree with Makita on that. So we have sherlyn saying that’s great. I was thinking about doing a 21 day challenge. Now I’m definitely gonna do it. So thank you for that encouragement jack. Yeah, do it because 21 days scientific evidence, it sets it into a habit that is long lasting. So make sure you tell them that too. I chose 21 days because I want it to be a lifestyle change.

That is excellent. That’s gonna go right with Sterling’s brand as well. So you also got a really great guest appearance on an industry podcast. So tell us that opportunity. Like how did you land that opportunity?
I just was on LinkedIn, LinkedIn, I think I have two ideal clients. And LinkedIn is easy to talk to business owners, because they’re used to being pitched. So if you’re trying to talk to a VP or someone higher up, they’re used to it. So you know, yeah. And they usually respond, no, thank you or whatever. So I just went and I saw Claudia Fabian, she had just a beautiful person. And it just resonated with me. I’m like, oh, we’re kind of similar here. So I just messaged her.

And then she came back. And she’s like, well, let’s talk on the phone. We’re like on here too much. Let’s get on the phone. And then she told me, Oh, my gosh, I think I want to put you on my podcast. But at that time in July, I wasn’t really sure. Like, I was like, Okay, well, and we recorded one. And then we kept calling each other on social media. And then she called me again. And she’s like, Oh, my gosh, I got to push you up in the queue. Let’s do another one about your 21 Day Challenge. And so it just really was a DM, just the power of dm. And
Hey, how you doing?

And then that she did a great promotion. I think that’s why Judy’s bringing it up. Because I mean, she didn’t just say let’s be on my podcast, she did a still photo. She did a Hey, you guys, my next episode 14 is coming out amazing Jackie go to dah, dah, dah. Then she just did one exclusively on my brand with music and pictures. Like she built up the intensity and she only has around 650 followers. But I’ve had over what all three posts that she’s in over 400 people have looked at that post.

Yeah. And I can tell you, that’s the thing. Ladies, everybody starts at zero and the numbers don’t even meet so much. It’s the engagement. And Jackie is stellar at that because she takes the opportunity to really plug in and get to know somebody like she really cares. And so it’s reciprocated, which is just a beautiful thing. And you see what’s happening. Let’s talk about the importance of investing in your business. You brought on team members, very early on. Now, some For that, I just don’t but your mindset was very different. So help us understand what you were thinking.

Well, like you said in the beginning, what is my goal for wildling LLC group, because it’s going to be a group of brands a family brand. And I can do it, I can do a lot of my first images, people are like that, so professional, but it was taking me an hour and a half to do that one image, or it was taking me two hours to do some video clip. And then I found Patricia and she, she’s probably in this group, hey, Patricia, girl. She is amazing, because all she did was like, okay, and I mean, 10 images later, and a video later in like 45 minutes. And I’m like, What in the world, this girl is on fire. And what also bringing a team member on that understands your industry or able to be coached on your industry is huge. You say you don’t have the money, but you can’t afford not to spend the money. Because if you’re trying to scale, you’re stressed out and you get other opportunities, you have to keep the you know, the boat sailing, you got to keep the engine running. And you need an assistant or some type of team to do that. I also have Christina, she helps me with like my copyright.

She’s one of my old employees from my corporate days. And she knows how I talk. She knows I talk like this. She knows I say, Hey, y’all. So I mean, I have to Tim team members now and I wouldn’t be able to do wildling botanicals, wildling herbs, both of those have actual products and services, and then have a service based consulting industry about that. So ladies, pray about it. But if you’re trying to scale into your business, you have to spend some money. And if God put it on your heart, it’s gonna work out.
That’s right. That’s right, we just keep our eyes focused on him. So I want to address the pink elephant in the room, which is maybe they’re like, well, Jackie, I’m sorry, but maybe I’m not sitting on a pile of money and your responses? Well, I wasn’t either.

But God made it happen anyway. I mean, if I wouldn’t have did what I did, I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to launch wildling dreams, get a website up, get all that stuff up, still, and I homeschool, I’m a homeschool Mom, you know, I actually have to farm a lot of my materials. I sit on city council where I live. And if I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have been able to double my income last month. Last month was my biggest month, I launched all of my brands, technically, you know, different capacities, may 11. And I was able to double my income last month. And I know it’s because I prayed about it. And I invested in it. And then God rewarded me for doing what he told me to do.

That’s right. And I love that story that we talked about, just before we came on that you prayed about it. And all of a sudden this opportunity fell in your lap. And so it’s like, you know, you get luckier, quote, unquote, the more action you take. So tell us quickly about that.
Um, it was in the beginning of August, I was kind of doing a mindset check for myself, I don’t have confidence issues, as you know, but God was dealing with me, it’s like, you didn’t feel worthy, you always felt that you needed to run other people’s businesses. That’s why every time I put you kept running away from it, and I just surrendered. And I’m like, No, I’m worthy. And I can do this. And I’m not building people, six figures and seven figures anymore. I’m building it for me, and the legacy for my family. And I just threw my hands up and was like, God, send me people. And next day I’m walking down the street, a business owner comes out of her business and asked me if I could do something.
I mean, come on, ladies. That’s the power of the Lord Jesus

Christ. And I just laughed at her. She’s like, Why are you laughing at me? And I’m like, Girl, if you own I prayed yesterday. She says, Well, your answer to prayer, can we meet as soon as possible? Then that’s my residual client that I’m always going to have. Then the next day I get one of my old clients from another business. She saw me on Instagram, she was struggling with her Instagram. She’s like, Can you do a coaching call with me, I’ll pay you and she paid me what my pricing would be and I didn’t even tell her my pricing. So just got done makes those things happen when you really just surrender really and be like, God, lead me, guide me, tell me where to go. Tell me what to say. And I will do what you’re telling me to do. And when you do those five things, it’s just like, the floodgates open. Amen. blessings on your life.

Amen. And and they’re going crazy with the hearts and I just want to read this loss on Qaeda who’s also in the academy who we adore. Right. She says as soon as it says I am worthy. And LaShawn kita says continue to build that legacy, Jackie. And Marilyn says, Hey, Jackie, I love what you’re sharing and your enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing your faith in the Lord. And it is inspirational. Ladies, I mean, Jackie, never hear that expression. If you want something done right. Give it to a busy lady. mean, you’re kidding me that?

That’s crazy. Why do myself care in the morning? Did you even everybody asked me, How did you do at all. And I really don’t feel I’m doing that much. Which means this global brand I’m trying to build is as achievable. Because I really don’t feel like I’m doing too much.
And that’s beautiful. And it’s because you’re resting in the Lord, you’re surrendering in him, which is huge. So, thank you so much for this, we’re getting near the end. But for those that are watching, and they’re sitting on the fence, and they really want to jump in and join the Academy, but they feel like they don’t have the money or, you know, they’ve been burned before. I would love you to just speak from the heart and tell them whatever you want to tell them.

Just do it. I mean, I’m not trying to be a Nike commercial, but I mean, it’s if God has you on here, and you’ve been blessed by what she’s saying, then God’s telling you to do it. I mean, I guess might drop I don’t know what else to say. I mean, there’s because I mean, God’s not gonna send you someone to waste your time. He’s not gonna send you information and be like, well, you just like she can help build your stuff. I like I said, I know business. But I did not know how to build my own brand. I built other people’s. That was my biggest hiccup and my business as soon as I did that branding and marketing intensive. I really was running towards my dreams. And Judy did that for me. She really did. I I don’t know how I came across there. But I knew it has to be God.

Hmm, that is so awesome. Jackie, thank you for taking time out of your holiday weekend to be here with me with these extraordinary ladies. And Lou says thank you, Jackie. And LaShawn Keita says the Academy is awesome. Well, thank you for that. So, ladies, this has been a phenomenal week inside the thrive method workshop, the AHA and the breakthroughs have been even more than I could have imagined. But that’s God. Right and Ephesians 320 is my life first.

But to him who was able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or even imagine, according to His power at work were in us. Oh, Lord, You are so good. All right. So before we go, I want to make sure you know about two more live events inside the workshop. Tomorrow, Labor Day 6pm. Eastern, I’m going to be interviewing yet another lovely Academy member, Carolina Jordan, who has become a local celebrity in her market. She has a real estate business that is thriving. In fact, she hit her 2020 revenue goal in early August.

So everything gets in the pipeline is gravy now. And carlina has also like Jackie embraced video. She’s a master connector, and she has become the community connector. So you don’t want to miss that interview. And then on Tuesday, four o’clock eastern. I’ll be coming back here live to wrap things up with a live q&a. I have my team scouring the page to find all of your questions.

And I’m going to be coming back here Tuesday at four o’clock eastern to answer all of those. So everyone’s just saying Jackie or Jackie, thank you. Thank you, Jackie.

Thank you. Jesus says the seiza All right, ladies, thank you so much for being here. Jackie once again. Love you, sister. Bye, y’all. Like good care. Enjoy the rest of the day. Bye.

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