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Ep 72: Thrive as a Community Connector: Becoming a Local Celebrity Transcript

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Hello, everyone. Oh, are we here? Yes, now we are on a right Welcome Welcome ladies to this very special bonus session inside the thrive method workshop on this lovely Labor Day. 2020 awesome that you are here with us on this holiday. We love seeing you. As you hop on. Please say hey so that we know you are here.

I am so blessed and excited to introduce you to a beautiful sister in Christ that I have been blessed to know for nearly three years now she is the epitome of an action taker with a smile that you see that lights up the room and a heart that is so warm and welcoming. You feel like she’s your best friend from the very first meeting.

Please meet Karolina Jordan Hey Carlina, Hello ladies. I’m so glad that I’m here with you. I’m so blessed that this workout and hopefully the technology is gonna work out the whole goal that apparently anna and i and Julie’s hair and Pamela Hello ladies, let us know who else is with us. It’s funny right before Karolina and I went on we both were commenting on you know, the enemy loves to throw his little darts. And right at the last minute, Carolina’s earphones weren’t working. But praise God, we’re good without them. But listen, ladies, this is our final case study interview, where as you know, I chat with my clients who are members inside the Buster pride Academy. And they’re gracious enough to come live with me, especially on this weekend, and share their experience inside the academy and explain to you how working with me has impacted their business.

By now I’m sure you know about the Academy, it’s where high achieving Christian women go to build thriving, impactful businesses God’s way. In fact, the Academy is the first and only comprehensive business building experience. That’s right, it’s more than a program more than a course. It’s an experience with concierge level support, ongoing accountability and continuous access to me. So the doors to the academy are open, but only through midnight tomorrow night on Tuesday. At that time, the amazing bonuses will disappear, and the price is going up as well. So if you’re interested in that, please check it out. The link is right there. And listen, I have so enjoy jumping on the phone with several of you who are considering joining the academy and I understand it can be scary to jump into something new. But as I’ve said before, if you are as excited as you are scared, that is exactly what you’re supposed to be feeling that’s normal. And that’s a very, very good sign. And I know that’s what I felt like when I invested in my first coaching program.

Like I said, this is way more than that. But I can assure you, after spending north of 100 grand on coaches and programs and courses, the Academy is like nothing else, I created it to fill that huge gap serving exclusively you ladies, women of faith with everything you need to build a profitable business that matters. And so I want to help you take your business to that new level of amazingness that you’ve heard about for the past several days. And I want you to be my next success story. So if you’re committed, if you’re ready to follow my step by step and do the work and make things happen. Visit the link there. Watch even more video testimonials. Read about all that you get inside. And then join us. All right. So who else has hopped on we have Missy, and Luiz and sherlyn. And I’m sure others please ladies sign in. So that I know to say hey, one more thing. Carolyn, and I want this to be interactive. So if you have a question, pop it in the comments and we will be sure to get to Hey shamika All right, let’s pray and then we’ll dive in to the interview.

Oh, Lord God, heavenly Father, you are so good. Thank you, Lord, for helping us work out this technology and for coming together at this time. Whether the ladies are here with us live or on the replay. We know that this is a divine appointment. Nothing happens by happenstance. Lord, You are sovereign hallelujah. Lord, we thank you. And so we ask for your presence here. We thank you in advance for moving mightily in these ladies lives and in their businesses. And of course, I always ask you to bless them and their families and their businesses, Lord, let them hear what it is they need to hear to move their lives forward closer to you and move their businesses forward to impact those people that you have hand selected just for them. Thank you, Lord, we love you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. Amen.

All right, so Maryland’s here also and Diane so good to see you. Well, listen, here’s the formal introduction of this beautiful lady you’re looking at here. Para Lena is a very active member, not only at the Academy, but also here inside the blesser thrive community Facebook group. She is one of the most supportive members anywhere She is always comment I always cheering you on. She’s a wife and a mom to a sweet little boy named Juan Esteban. And somehow somehow, she also finds time to be an active member of her church. And as you will hear, also her community where she works. She’s an award winning real estate agent with Remax inspire in Charleston, South Carolina area. She’s the owner of low country home sales. And if you don’t yet know her, I know you’re gonna fall in love with her today. So welcome, Carolyn. I’m so glad you’re here.
Thank you so much, Jaime, I’m so blessed to be able to be here before of the academy and talk to you all the ladies that might have questions and tell you a little bit about my story with Judy wish. I love Judy.

Sweet. All right, well, how about we do that then start from the beginning? Can you tell them how we met in that other Facebook group and kind of what happened when I came into your life. So it was back in 2017. I had been in real estate since 2016, like half that year. And towards the end of 2017. I really don’t remember how I got either invited or I find you guys but you and Jen were together working together on the girls guide to real real estate success. And I was like, Okay, I like this girls, I like what they’re saying they’re like, because like I was tired of hearing all like the male input on our area and our businesses. And I’m like, I kind of need and one that support from another women in our industry. And so we just started following you guys.

And I love every time, Jen and you had any challenges like oh, like, Okay, this is gonna come on. Yeah. By the end of 2018, double or triple my units of sales. My mindset had changed. I was still afraid and No. And I’m sure I have more potential. But like I was saying, like really using everything that God has given me as a talent to serve others. You again, kind of like pork weighs a little bit there. And I see love, Jen, by all means, but that focusing on God, I’m putting him front and center of your business. That really is what got me to continue with Judy. My face is a big, big part of my life. But I I was too shy to bring that into my business. And as soon as I will say to be more open about it. I’m like my business card. We’ll
talk about that, because you adopted your sweet son in January of 2019. Right? Yes. Okay. And so 2017 and of that you came in, you came to know, me and Jan, the next year, your business tripled.

But then in 2019, it slowed down with the adoption and some other things. Right. So talk about that. Like, when you came back from adopting one. You started something else like a side business, right? Yeah, I was trying to figure out what my new role was, um, you know, I went from like, just my husband and I and we do whatever we want it and we use our money, whatever, however we want it to and we went everywhere and nowhere if we didn’t want to go to war. Now you’re a mom off a five year old that doesn’t speak any English that we have taken from what he knows which is Columbia where I’m from. He is everything is new.

The home is new, like we had to go through like trying to figure out what he wants to like the first three months of that after I came back from Colombia, okay, there is no way I can do real estate and be a mom. And I was getting necessarily frustrated. But I was getting stuck. And then I was like, Okay, I need to like, come back to duty, I need to come back to you. And she’s gonna get me out of this. And I remember one of the classes or one of the modules was about since I can generate more immediate revenue, or profit or income for you, and are like, Okay, well, since I have all this background real estate and there was a another agent in the office, she was about to go a maternity leave. I had worked with her before.
Oh, you’re Oh, carlina.

Your volume has gone like to almost nothing all of a sudden. I know, demo get behind us. Okay, just keep your voice up. And I think we’re okay. I don’t know what happened there. So now you’re back again. Can you hear me now? Yeah. Okay. But we had kind of like the same philosophies and the way that we heal people. And we, we weren’t very good together. So I started doing her transaction coordination. One, so I could learn more, because she’s a big time cup producer in our office. And so what I was really learning from her, too, I was making some income. So that helped me a lot last year, because I didn’t do as many clothes because I was more involved.

My mom situation. helped me with that. Yeah. And so I just want to want to want to make clear, so you join the Academy, you were in my beta group. Last I think October, November is when you started, right? Oh, now baby, saying I can’t hear you. I can hear you. But if you could just speak up. I’m sorry. I mean, you know, I don’t know what else to say. But all right, so you were adjusting as a mom. So instead of having to go out with real estate, you got this idea for the Academy, hey, I can also generate this revenue from the home a little bit easier. So you jumped in last fall? Tell me about what being in the Academy has done even since then, like through 2020. There’s been COVID, there’s been closures and and you’re having your best year. So how is that happening?

Well, just the companies that you’re able to bring to us duty. That it doesn’t matter what the situation is, you always have to see the positive in thrive and be constant and show up. Even if you cannot do it in person. Like you just have to figure it out. And one way that I did that this year was I was tired of seeing all the posts on Facebook saying well you have a business or a pre sale something just butchered your like link here. And but don’t talk about if anybody if anybody of my friends meet need you then they will know like Nananana No, like the whole point is connecting like this COVID is shutting us down and we cannot let that happen. So I started reaching out to businesses, business owners locally, I partnered up with some of the wonderful ladies in the tribe. not currently but the other, the free group.

Even some of them from the ones on the Academy in we started doing videos I started because I like people by people. And sometimes it’s not necessarily about what you’re selling. It’s about the story that got you there. So I wanted to show people like what’s happening with the business around us. And so I started doing so for small business Fridays, I started doing fashion Mondays with Christina. I started doing like family counseling kind of like tips for people. prayer time. I mean like I started like pulling from here and there and is all in his like, we Academy have like one day every week. Were we oh my god like they just get together and is the mind of a million people right there. The mixture ideas Go like book
oil subscriber, like I’d be like, so I was thinking about just like doing these videos and then like Jackie will Luffy or Amy or puppy or any of the other ladies.

No, you have to do did like how about you do that. And it’s not even people that are on the same industry as I am like, in does the great thing about the academy that we have so many different type of businesses and visions that what works for Jackie might actually work for me too. I just need to like flip it around and like make it for my industry and like, oh, like this is what I need it like that is the one thing that I absolutely love about the academy that Tuesdays are like amazing.

Yes. So you’re talking about the group coaching mastermind and it is cool where it’s like, where if you have an issue, then I put you on the hot seat. Let’s talk it through. Right, let’s talk it through. And so one thing that you know the ladies you can see here, they’re giving you tons of love. Thank you for that. Ladies. I know. Carolyn is amazing. I told you lumber, right. It’s an amazing. That’s right. And Julie says a multi brainstorm group sounds amazing. It is amazing. You’ve got to experience it to really get what we’re talking about. But I see right there on your zoom Carolyn, it says your Christian family realtor. So I want you to tell the ladies about how you got the clarity around your brand. And around your niche.

You came to that Judy, actually, um, right before I started the Academy, I was doing their branding incentive with Judy, which was amazing, because it gives you the clarity of what you need to be doing with your business. And then when I got to the Academy, like a like, it was even better, because I was able to a really pinpoint who I wanted to serve. Judy is very, very set sensitive and very, like you cannot be everything to everybody people. You have to have your ideal client. And like, she gives you tough love, and she makes you for any of you need a little kick on your bot every soft, then she will give it to you.

Oh, but I concentrate on like, okay, she keeps saying like, all right, so figure out from all those clothes. Instead you had like which ones were like the ones that you really love and like this, which ones are like the most awful ones. So we’re gonna say those people, we don’t want to work with those people. And what I found out was a lot of the ones that I love working with, and I actually have a relationship with them, I have inviting them to my home or going to their house or being part of their children, baptisms, like his Christian families. And there are people that I’m able to pray for pray with, if they need any type of prayer, that would be like, hey, Karina, we need to pray for this. And I’m like, you get it. Every time I touch any of their files, I pray for them for everybody that is part of the whole transaction. Whatever I’m going to be doing a join I pray for whatever it is that we need to be seen.

So that that can guide me on helping them as well. So Judy, helped me like really super focus on that. So instead of just like throwing spaghetti everywhere, like she says and see what sticks. I focus more on that and most of the businesses that I actually interview, they they are Christian base. And so would you say that your work now is more enjoyable because now you’re working with your ideal clients? Oh, awesome. Okay, okay, I want to before we get into the amazing number of views that you’re getting on, you know, a bunch of your videos, I do want to go back to the Academy. So besides the networking, like you’ve developed business besties from your accountability partners and some others, so talk about that connection and the networking inside the area. Me.

So Judy gave us a challenge of half accountability people, because she’s also a busy lady. And even though she is open, and if you text her too, will, like, reply right back or say I’m busy, but I’m gonna give you like right here, or call you back. Like, it’s always good to have the accountability partners. So we try to do it once a month. And we go over, like everything that we need to be doing for. And I’m sorry, so this is an accountability partner, another member of the academy that you that you got together with, right?

Okay. And when do I don’t soon, so we like see each other. And if there’s things that we need to talk about as far as like technology, because three of three of us, actually miss companies was added the other last month, and his body and then and we and his companies, and we just talk about, like what’s going on and what we are getting to do for that next month. Sometimes we need it before the month. So we’re like, hey, jump over this really quick. And so I got picked to race.

Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, yeah. And so and so you guys, like rely on each other, right? You guys like have someone you know, you can reach out to whenever you need it, right? though we’re not even in the same time. So we like encourage each other. And we support each other. And if any of us have a question about you know, different situations they own, they will know that we can like get the answer when my knee either from from the four of us, or we sometimes like get you to it.

And that’s great, because then you can bring it to that weekly group coaching. So that’s totally awesome. Okay, so am I right, that you hit your revenue goal for 2020? Back in early August, right? Yes. Okay, super. So tell the ladies what’s in your pipeline, what is yet to come in the way of real estate closings for you.

So I wanted this year, my goal was to do at least 12 closings, because that will be one family a month that I was able to heal. And right now, I already have 13 persons and I still have four on the pipeline and some that will be closing next year. And I know God is going to provide more throughout this year in his I mean he has been amazing. And another goal that I had because adoption is so much more of our life items my husband, his sister adopted her two children and without that one is there and we wanted to be able to give back and I my goal was to be able to give $500 on a scholarship or whatever you want to call it to a family that was ready to adopt then so far this year I was actually able to donate $750 to phone to two families to adopt so that that was when you put definitely when you put God in there and you have that grace and that willing to help others and not concentrate just sing mee mee mee mee mee like since the start opening up and Judy has helped me to just see that in me and the way that I do business because I tried to you know, like this is not for me like okay, well yes, I did they close in and I got my check, but what’s going to happen to death family in that house?

How are they going to be able to live the life that they need to live, to be able to praise God in that home? So God has helped me so much to like change my mindset on that aspect. I just want to read these comments we have Missy saying collaboration is so awesome. Baby says she loves how you brand yourself, your Christian family real Her. And Lou said yes specific clients, Missy said that’s what I’d love to do here in Massachusetts. Diane loves it. Marilyn says she really appreciated the steps that you took to determine your brand. That was helpful. I’m Felicia I was adopted, and I couldn’t have picked a more loving family bless you for giving your love to that little one. And this he is impressed with your giving back as well. I mean, this is this is the power of focusing not on the dollars, but focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ and saying, Lord, what do you want for me?

And then you’re going all in? You’re going all in? I mean, it was amazing. When I checked out your Facebook business page, you collaborated with Christina Langridge summer, Christina, and you guys did a five day challenge about, you know, snapping a picture of working from home and I saw you had 1900 views on that, you know, hey, come join my challenge thing. So congrats on that, first of all, but second of all, like, how did you get those views? And also, how did you and Christina come up with this awesome idea.

So one of the things that I learned from the Academy is that you have to be able to relate to people. And not everybody wants to hear about, oh, well, yeah, the market is hot, and like the houses are selling for this and that. But because I focus on families, I decided that I needed to talk about everything. As far as family is concerned in one of the things was fashion, even for women and men, like, we sometimes need to heal with that. And that is their real part of everybody’s life. Like, why not have somebody that can help you. You don’t have to think too much. And so we call it CMC fashion Mondays. And we started back, oh, I think in May of this year, and I put my videos on all my social media, my YouTube channel, and she does the same thing.

We have clicks so well for Christina. The challenge was so much fun. I was seeing the middle in between Hong Kong because I was buying my new house and I was homeless for a week. And I was like, Oh my god, how are you gonna do this? pair, like, the week before we recorded the videos so that every day you guys had the videos to like, know what we need to do. But it was also fun and let other people see what I was going through. Because a lot of people think that, you know, in my line of business, oh, yeah. You just like selling by house. I’m like, Nah, I sold and I bought a house, and I know what you’re going through.

That’s right. So you lived in a hotel for a couple of days? Yes, it was, I feel like a lot of abuse was a lot of people just wait to see if they’re healthy overall. That is so good. Well, I can’t believe how quickly time is I do want to talk I want to go back. Because this is all about connecting, you are the community connector. So I just want you to share with the ladies again, kind of what you’re doing in the way of interviewing local business owners, and the impact of the connections you’re making and how that’s impacting your business.

So the business is peaking our people either from my church or that I know they’re like crap, Christian base, um, some of them like people that I know are like, Listen, you show interview so and so like they won’t be perfect for this. And I’ve been able to connect with so many business owners like the one that I just did last Friday. He’s a veteran, he just started his business. My husband is a veteran, also from the army. So we have a lot of things in common. A lot of the other business owners like sometimes when I got to their jobs or their restaurants like they’re the
people assigned to interview you or like I go to church and like even my friends like, Oh, this is the celebrity just like interviewing everybody. I’m like, Oh, your eyes. That’s right.

Also, at the end of every month, I’ve been doing like a wrap Party in upbringing, all the business owners that I have interviewed that month, some that came months before that they want to be part of it and just really introduced their story or introduced their business to all the people that are like actually now watching this and some of them have already got new business from the interviews. Some of them have sent me some referrals as well. Whenever somebody like needs something, they text me like,
do you have like blah, blah, blah? Well, by the way, Yes, I do. Here is a interview I did with so and so.
Here, you can actually meet them this way.

And oh, love to connect you with them to whatever is a Shabak or. Yeah, yeah. I mean, so So the bottom line is, you are developing a following, right? People are looking forward to these weekly videos, and you’re actually getting business from it.
Yes, right. Yes. Okay, awesome. Awesome. There was something I was just gonna ask that it popped out of my head. But let me ask you this. Okay. While I’m thinking about what I was gonna say, um, what, what is it like working with me, we’ve known each other so much, and you are my realtor, I am looking to move either to Florida or to Carolina’s neck of the woods. And if I go there, Carolina’s my obviously my realtor twice. But what is it like working with me, like, we’re not only client and coach, we’re like, friends.

So it’s just like having that one person that you know, you can go to, even if it has nothing to do with your business, but you’re like, God, I just need to talk. Or we need to pray or inches, always willing, and open ears and open arms. I’m pretty sure like, sometimes I call her and like I’m like in tears and like, but she is just absolutely awesome. The way that she approaches everything is so God guided that is very hard to not let the Holy Spirit overcome you. Um, it just opens your mind and your spirit to new things that, like, for me has been amazing. Judy, is, is there for us. Every time that she challenges us is awesome, because we know that the Holy Spirit is guiding her to like, make us better to not be afraid of the wonderful talents that God has for us that has given us and to share them with everybody.

Because there’s no point to got to give us all these wonderful talents. And we’re not using them in ci has made that bloom on all of us at Academy. I mean, it’s just amazing. You know, I love you. I love you. I love you, sister. And so, um, what would you say to someone who’s like, golly, I’d love to jump in on this. This is great. I’m gonna have a community of sisters. You know, Judy’s got all these training videos a whole step by step but Yikes. I don’t have the money. And then I remember like be do have so like, you know what, we talked about that a little bit even here inside the workshop. So what would be your heart to heart word for that sister?

You need to call Judy. Because he will make it work for you. She is a giving person she’s a giving card. I had the same fear. Like oh my god, god, do you want that much. But it is the best money I have ever spent when it comes to my business. Even my husband and like oh my god, I grew up with Joe these like bunch of Christian ladies and men her businesses Whoa. Like, yeah, like to close and it was paid for like, I didn’t have to think about it anymore. And I know that I have the support and the challenging and me getting better because of the Academy. So I tell you ladies, if any of you have any questions, you’re welcome to dm me. I’ll be delighted to like tell you more. But you have to jump in like it’s just it’s just amazing how much better your business will be. By having gotten your injured side, and by having God in your corner.

Wow, thank you Carolina, apparently in a year said to DOM, you’re such a doll. Thank you for that. And ladies, I know Carolina means it. And talk about always being available, apparently. And we’ll get back to you. I guarantee you. Oh, my goodness, so many great comments. This, he says, I find it so inspiring. It makes me hopeful that you’re so successful as a Christian, family, realtor, and shamika finds your story inspiring. And Maryland says Carolina the way you package your interviews at the end of the month is very clever. Absolutely. All right. Well, carlina Thank you, as always, for showing up and for you know, sharing and giving so much of yourself I so appreciate it.

Absolutely. Time ladies, again, you are still nothing to kind of me, you guys. Gonna Change your business.
Thank you. Thank you, Carolina. All right, ladies, if you have other questions, pop them in. But let me just say a few words. And we’ll take some questions if they’re there. And then we’ll let you get on to the rest of your night. So listen, ladies, this has been a phenomenal week inside the thrive method workshop. But we’re not done yet. Tomorrow at four o’clock eastern, I’m going to be coming back here live to wrap things up with a live q&a answering all of your questions. But I decided that wasn’t enough. Okay, it’s not just going to be a q&a tomorrow, I decided that I’m going to give you a little bit more training. And that is, I’m going to map out for you the keys to success. The keys to really thriving in your business, like what does it really take to hit your goal? and Carolyn is already there and four months ago, right?

What how do you how do you map that out to live on purpose, and have a business that you love and serving the people that you want to serve and making that big impact while generating by the way some great money, right? So how to make it in business. And I mean, you right? Not the woman next to you ladies, I’m talking to each of you. I remember looking at those way back when and I was looking at others who had this momentum. And they always had a smile on their face like Karolina and like myself, and they’re enjoying success in their business. And I was thinking, Well, good for them.

But is it really possible for me? And so I’m here to tell you ladies It absolutely is possible. Remember with Christ, nothing is impossible and it’s so true. I need you to embrace who you are in Christ and embrace that powerful truth and all of God’s precious promises that He has for us. So tomorrow I’m going to be sharing with you exactly what you need to make it in business. That’s an extra business trading that you can’t afford to miss. So four o’clock eastern tomorrow. Let me see any questions lots of thank yous Julie. Thank you. And Missy I can’t wait to check out your site congrats on all your hard work. Yes. And by the way, I keep forgetting to ask you ladies Carolina Where can the ladies hook up with you?

You’ve got to check out Carolina’s website which by the way she did by yourself but we’re looking at an amazing lady What is your What is your URL Carolyn is Lowcountry home sale that calm but you can find it here on Facebook as Lowcountry home sales and Instagram I think is low country that underscore home underscore sales and then my youtube channel is also a low country home sales. Wow. Very very prolific. That’s Karolina. So ladies, thank you for watching. I’m not saying anything, but thanks. No question. So listen, enjoy the rest of your labor day. Carolina. Thank you once again, sister.

My pleasure. And one more thing. The experts that Judy has on the academy are amazing. That’s how I got my website to look more presentable.
Yeah, that’s right. We did a hot seat with our copy expert with Caitlin and she’s like, tweak this tweak that and just beautiful.
Yeah, yeah. All right.

Thank you so much, Judy. You sister.

Thank you, lovely lady. See you tomorrow. Enjoy your night. God bless.

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