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Ep 73: 5 Keys to a Thriving Business, God’s Way Transcript

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Ladies, and you believe it. Here we are, at this very special live.
We are here at this very special live when we are going to wrap up our thrive method workshop. Oh, my goodness.
Was that workshop amazing or what I mean, as you’re hopping on, please say, hey, let me know who’s here. This is a really special day. And I am so excited to have gone through the last seven days with you. I have done about a dozen of these workshops or challenges these multi day free events. But this one, the thrive method workshop by far has been the most impactful with more aha hours and breakthroughs. And you know what I mean, God is moving and I’ve said it 1000 times, and I will say it again to his glory and praise. Hallelujah. Right. So Julie’s here, and Liz is here. And I’m sure others are going to be hopping on momentarily.

Here. here’s here’s where the rubber meets the road. And that is, I really want you to pop this into, you know, into the comments here. How are you different today than you were when you came into the workshop on day one last Monday. I know some of you a couple of you just found this today. So you’re like oh, today, but really, if you have even watched one of the trainings, even just the first day one training, I want to know How are you different? How are you thinking differently? What are you doing differently? shamika is here Leanne is here sherlyn is here. Hello, ladies. So let me know ladies, How are you different today than you were eight days ago? Last Monday on day one of the workshop? Oh, awesome. Diane is here as well. I really would love to know. So would you please take a moment right now and tell me in the comments. Or if you want to give it some more thought, feel free to share a post right here inside the free Facebook group, right? And make it a post or even better do a video get your practice.

And I would so appreciate that because I plan on bringing this workshop to you ladies again, before the end of the year for sure. Georgia is here. So good to see. I feel like I know you. I mean, this is the beautiful thing about social media, isn’t it? And Margie, I have been with Margie and shamika. They’re two of the new Academy members. And we just did a marathon from like one until about 330. So it’s great to see you again. Marty says hey again feel like I’m graduating different mindset, energy and enthusiasm. Wow. Love it. Love it. Julie says my mindset has gone from a three to a 10 for so many reasons. Oh my goodness, ladies, I’m saying the momentum. Let us not stop it. Right. So Mika says my mindset has shifted with an exclamation point.

The End mindset is bolder. And shamika says I’m taking action. And I’m doing things boldly with a capital B. And Julie says I have a confidence that the Lord is moving me to do this. I feel confident in the next steps with branding, ideal clients time blocking and so much more. Whoo.
I love it. I love it. And Georgia says I’m seeing how all of this helps me. Excellent. Congratulations, ladies, you did the work. And you’re seeing this change. Once a day. We’re going to close out our time today, later at the end with a q&a. But first, I want to share with you the keys to thriving in business God’s way and I have five of them for you. sherlyn says my mindset has changed and continues to shift every day. So much great information that is giving me great new ideas for my social media page. And to the Lord God be praised. Oh, it’s so good. Okay, as I was saying, I’m going to share with you the five keys to thriving in business God’s way. And these keys, these must haves and they are. They’re centered around chips.

These are changes that years ago, were business changing for me. And my hope, my expectation and my prayer is that if you make the same five shifts, you will have a business changing experience as well. Okay, so are you excited to learn what these five keys are? What these five shifts are? Hey, Tim, that’s my twin sister, and should make a surrounding yourself with like minded women is critical to my life moving forward. Awesome. Awesome. All right, let’s jump in to a word with the Lord. And then we’ll dive into these keys. Heavenly Father, we come before you just so grateful. so grateful that we have this opportunity to come together from all across the US and Canada. And there are many who registered from different parts of the world? Lord, I mean, you are moving there is no bounds, no limits for you, Lord, I pray that you will be with us You are we thank you in advance for that. And that you would bless the words I’m saying, and if you want to take over and say something different, please quick in my spirit so that I know that. Use me, Lord as your vessel.

Thank you, God for this opportunity, this divine appointment to be here today. together. And to those that are going to watch on the replay. We know that is still a divine appointment for them to all hear what is going on and to participate, Lord. So again, we want your hand on this because we know that where you are involved. It’s right. Right. So Lord, just thank you. We love you, and we trust you, God, and it’s in the mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray,

Amen. Amen. Okay, and Maryland’s here and Missy, they’re excited as well. Alright, so some of what I’m about to share may seem a bit harsh, I’m gonna have to say that. But please know that I’m coming to you. Absolutely. from a place of love, I might say tough love. And I’m saying all of this, these five keys, these five shifts to help you to move your business forward. Okay, so the first shift, the first key is this.
You need to stop dabbling.

You need to stop dabbling. And instead, you need to go all in, right. And I’ve said this many times throughout our week together, all in first on who you are in Christ, you are perfectly imperfect. And God has equipped you perfectly for your purpose, the purpose that he has on your life. And he promises to always give you exactly what you need to fulfill his calling on your life. So it is our job. And thank you for the love already. Ladies, this first shift is all about going all in on who you are in Christ and not holding back. Okay. So not only that, although that is the beginning of you know, this shift, but also make sure you’re going all in on your business.

Okay, this is not a hobby. If this is a hobby for you, then I am not your coach. I work with high achievers who have big dreams and visions for their for their business. Okay. So for you, ladies, this is not a hobby, the business is not an on again, off again, thing, this is your business. So you’re going to treat it just as if you were the CEO of an Inc 500 business. No holding back. My coach says something all the time, but I wanted to share with you because it’s really powerful to think about with respect to this shift.

And that is to thrive in business. Ladies, you have got to master certain skills. And I’m not even talking about your craft, right? Like if you’re a life coach, if you’re a realtor, of course, you’re going to be a master at that. But I’m talking about mastering business skills. Okay. Just like as a lawyer, they didn’t teach me how to build my practice. They just taught me the lawyer stuff. So I’m talking about mastering business skills. It’s a certain mindset way of thinking, we’ve talked about that,

And there’s no way my coach always says there is no way that you’re going to master anything, unless you put in the time and the effort. That is the same as the time and effort that an Olympic athlete puts in when they’re training for the Olympic Games. And they don’t make sense, right? I mean, think about it, how can you expect to have a thriving, booming, impactful, profitable, sustainable multi, six figure or six figure whatever your goal is business when your market is saturated? Right. And by the way, the fact that you have a saturated market really is a good thing. And I’m going to be talking about that on an upcoming thriver Thursday live, which happens every Thursday 11am. I might do that this week. But stay tuned for that. So what I’m saying is, how can we expect to have this great business that is super successful?
When there is a lot of competition?

Right? We talked about how to eliminate that competition with branding, right? But how can you expect to win and thrive? If you’re not giving it 1,000% you’ve got to commit to mastery. And in order to eliminate the competition, right? You got to commit to branding and creating that brand and staying true to your brand forever. and developing messaging that’s going to make your ideal clients fall in love with you, and not your competition, all of that, right? And you’ll never do that. Unless and until you commit But here’s what I see so many ladies doing and I hope you’re not doing this, when something they tried doesn’t work, when they launched, they launched a new product, a new course a new something. And it doesn’t work, meaning they had this goal, and they didn’t hit it, right. So in their mind didn’t work. So a lot of times they quit, they just

At best, they quit that launch method, because they just think that method just doesn’t work. Because they didn’t hit this goal that they have. Or they assume that they’re can’t do it, they shouldn’t do it. And they quit, they just give up. Or what sometimes ladies do is they pivot, and they do a whole different thing. So they went from being a life coach, to being a health coach to being a mindset coach, and they just keep flip flopping. But it’s like, wait a minute, what are you doing, don’t do a whole different thing. That’s just like starting all over again. And then you know, three months down the road, when you’re not really anywhere, then you give yourself an out. You give yourself an excuse to go well, that’s okay. That’s okay, that I didn’t get much farther, you know, because I just started over again, don’t start over again.

Stop dabbling, and stop trying, okay. Instead, you’ve got to start committing and taking action on becoming a master, as the CEO, you got to master those CEO skills? And how do you do that? With focus, with dedication, and with strategy. So what are you thinking, ladies? Does this make sense? So on this point of a strategy, I want you to ask yourself, do I have a strategy? Do I know what I’m doing?
Or am I flying by the seat of my pants?

And so if you don’t have a strategy, and you’re really not sure what you’re doing regarding this whole entrepreneurial thing, can I ask you, what is your next step? Like? How will you get a strategy that moves your business forward? How will you learn what you’re doing? When you should be doing it? how it should be done all of that? Okay? You’ve got to master got to commit. That all was key number one. All right. key number two, is confidence, confidence. But that word confidence, it’s a loaded word. There’s a lot behind it. And so I am not just talking about confidence where you appear sure of yourself. I’m talking about confidence that allows you to invest in yourself,

And believe not just in yourself in the flesh, right? Because hearts are deceitful we know in Scripture tells us that, but that we invest, and we believe in whom we are in Christ. So it’s kind of related to key number one, but we’re going to go a little bit deeper, okay? Because that was commitment and going all in. Now I’m saying confidence in who you are in Christ, so that you can invest, right, so that you can jump in with courage and know that you are capable, and that you may fall down a few times, but you can build that thriving business that God put in your heart. And you can impact hundreds and thousands, maybe 10s of thousands, even millions of people, if that’s the vision he gave you, you can make a significant impact on the world. Because remember, with Christ, nothing is impossible. So I need you to go for it. You don’t have to have all the answers.

And you certainly don’t have to have everything all figured out. You need that commitment that we just talked about. And the mindset of I can do this. Yes, with Christ, I can. So again, he number two is confidence in Christ. Right. Um, your ideal client is going to see that confidence and they’re going to be reassured, and that instills faith and trust in you. But without that confidence in Christ that he has anointed you to do this business. And so you’re going to go all in, and you’re going to invest in yourself, whatever that looks like, when you buy a book, when you buy a course, when you go with a coach when you whatever it is that you’re doing, right. But without confidence, you’re not going to take right action, your prospects are going to kind of get that lack of confidence and they’re not going to trust you.

And so if they don’t trust you, they’re not going to buy from you. Because before they buy from you, they have to buy you. So this confidence in Christ, and confidence in who you are in him is going to allow you to do a couple things right? Among many, it’s going to allow you to do it afraid and we talked about this right? Every day in business ladies, you should be stretching yourself, whether that’s calling your past clients, or calling your prospects, even though you should have called them back last week, last month last year. Right?

This resonating with anybody what else, you’re gonna do it afraid you’re gonna reach out to influencers in your community and in your industry, why not just people, you’re going to reach out to other business owners, you’re going to collaborate, you’re going to seek opportunities
about this one, you’re going to go live, whether it’s in a Facebook group, or whether it’s on your Facebook business page, or whether it’s on Instagram, or YouTube or LinkedIn, you are going to go live, you’re going to do it afraid. Remember, a couple minutes is all you need. people’s attention spans are not that long. Because here’s the truth. And I really need you to hear me on this ladies. You cannot build a thriving business based on fear. You cannot build a business based on fear, your messaging is going to be off.

So you won’t be standing out to your ideal client, your brand will be mush, right? Your confidence is going to be off when you operate out of fear. And again, you won’t impress your ideal client, your sales conversations are going to be off, right? If you’re not confident, if you’re fearful. If you’re feeling desperate, oh gosh, what if they say no, all that negative negativity, and that doubt, and that fear is going to come through on that conversation no matter how you try to hide it. So you can’t build a thriving business on fear. And so this confidence that I’m talking about, when you’re confident, you’re also decisive.

When you’re confident, I want you to stand strong that you are a powerful decision maker, you are a take charge problem solver. And you don’t let little things kind of you know, get under your skin and take you off course. And so I want to give you another real life example of how this fear how this lack of confidence bears out and it keeps you stuck. Here’s the example. I know that some of you watching right now, again, whether it’s live or on the replay, would love to jump in to the Academy.

But you may be asking yourself, you know, you may be stuck on this question of will the academy work for me? Will I get that ROI that return on investment? And you no doubt asked that question. For other things that you may be thinking about joining again, whether it’s buying this book or signing up for this course or whatever it is, right? What respectfully, I need to tell you a sister, what a mentor told me, and we talked about shifts, this is huge. Okay. When you say, Hmm, will this academy work for me? You’re really asking the wrong question. I mean, when you’ve done your due diligence, when you’ve heard testimonials, and you trust the person leading the opportunity that you’re considering whether it’s the academy or something else, and you have heard that it works.

And again, you have a relationship with the person making the offer and you trust that person, the only real question you should be asking yourself isn’t? Is this going to work? The question is, am I willing to show up? Am I willing to do work? Am I committed? That’s the question.
Because it’s up to me. It’s up to you. Right? Only you can do the work. So in the case of the Academy, Peck yet works. That’s how I built my businesses. And it works for my clients, and many of whom you’ve seen over this past weekend. So yeah, it works.

You see a please hear me on this. When you ask that question. Will it work for me? What’s behind that question is really fear. You’re giving yourself a way out. Right? And so I’m asking you to make a shift, a pivotal shift in your thinking, the shift that took me to my first six figures, as an entrepreneur, yes, it’s that important. Ladies, I need you to walk in your power. I need you to walk and stand in who you are in Christ and step in to all that he needs you to be and all that He has for you. You got to show up, you got to do the work. When you invest, you’ve got
to do the work.

And I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you this, you know, there are some people out there that are trying to take your money. And they’re telling you that you can you know, build this thriving business on like five hours a day, some couple hours a week, they tell you Oh, live on the beach. Just need your laptop. You’ll be rolling in it in like, what, 90 days. I love you too much. I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m going to tell you the truth. This is work. It’s not gonna be easy. Like it’s not rocket science, but it also isn’t going to be easy to build this thriving business to serve the Lord and to impact others. But nothing worthwhile ever is easy, right? Building a thriving business is going to take time, it does not happen overnight. And even those so called overnight sensations that you may have thought you saw, they were actually years, and sometimes a decade or more in the making, right. So if you’ve decided, if you’ve committed that your business is your future, I can tell you with the utmost confidence, there is no better program for you than blessed a private Academy.

So I would encourage you to make this decision for yourself today. And really, at the end of the day, you’re not really investing in me. If you were to join, you’re really investing in you. And you’re showing that commitment, and that confidence in who Christ made you to be and the purpose he put on your life. Okay. So we have mastering and commitment of business skills, we have confidence in Christ. And so now we are at our third key, our third shift.

And this is you got to be focused, you got to be focused, I was talking to one of you beautiful sisters yesterday. And she told me that she’s constantly getting bombarded with shiny things, whether they’re coming, you know, on, on social, that she sees these opportunities, or through email, whatever it may be, you know, it’s like this coach is offering this, and this other coach is offering that, and then this coach has this one way of thinking, and then this other coach has this other kind of twist on that. And this woman that I was talking to said, Judy, I’m exhausted, I’m exhausted trying to put it all together.

And I told her, you couldn’t possibly put it all together, right? You can’t be taught on the same subject by 10, or five, or even two teachers. Think about it. Think about yourself in the high school or the college situation. Imagine if you were taking one course, from even just two teachers, it can’t work. No two experts are going to approach things the same way. And so if you’re trying to follow more than one person with what they’re doing, you are going to be confused, you’re gonna be exhausted, and I can promise, you’re probably not going to accomplish a whole heck of a lot. Right? But when you’re committed, and when you’re confident, and you trust in who God made you to be. So you can make a decision. I’m doing this one thing I’m investing here. And then you need only put your focus right there. on that one thing, to keep the blinders on like a horse. Did you know that horses when they’re in a race, they get those blinders.

Because you know, the trainer and the jockey, they don’t want the horse looking in somebody else’s lane, stay in your lane,
remain focused. So whatever you choose to invest in, at any time, you need to go all in and don’t look around what somebody else is teaching, you’ve got to stay focused on what you said yes to.

And along these lines, you’ve got to complete one task, before jumping to something else, you stay focused on the strategy on the task at hand. And so you’re laser focused. And so when you’re, when you are that focus, the beautiful thing is you stay on task, and nothing pulls you off. Have you ever experienced that kind of focus? When you’re working with the right person, when you’ve invested in the right way, you can master yet that skill, which is pivotal to have a thriving business and be that thriving CEO, right? And how we set that, that you can stay focused with those blinders on and not worry about what anybody else is doing and stay in your lane. How can you do that? you’re committed and you’re confident. And you know that the shortest path is a straight line. So you’re not going to allow the enemy to take you here there that you’re not going to zigzag. It’s a straight line laser focus. Okay.

All right, the fourth shift, and I think this is a toughy. Okay, I’m going to tell you that right up front, is you need to be willing to take a risk. Oh, make no mistake. Entrepreneurship is all about risk. Did you know it’s in the definition, an entrepreneur is someone who operates a business and takes on greater than normal financial risks to do so. So yeah, And I say it’s more than financial risk. It’s other risks, right? Again, putting yourself out on social, you know, going all in on who God made you to be. Putting that brand out there going all in risk is a part of entrepreneurship. And here’s a very important truth. And I know this from experience, growth in your business only comes when you take a risk. If you don’t regularly push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and you’re not taking risks, and you’re not doing it afraid
to struggle.

And so if you are watching me now and you are struggling, think about that, how risk tolerant? Am I? Or on the flip side? How risk averse Am I like, am I afraid? So look at these risks, they shouldn’t be like, you know, jumping out of an airplane, you know, I’m talking about calculated risks, you’ve got to be smart and strategic, right? But you cannot play it safe in business. I mean, that’s just not gonna get you where you need to go. Think about it. It’s plain as day when you when you when you think about those that are thriving and entrepreneurship, they take risks, they do the scary things every day. And they double down on the strategy that they’ve decided to implement. And they go all in. Because look, the statistic is 80% of businesses. 80% of businesses are going to close in two years or less.

I know the 20% that survive less than 3% will ever make six figures. Think about that. That is a staggering statistic. So if you’re in business, and you’re participating, really what you’re doing is you’re participating in a risky venture, there are no guarantees, it takes work. But you can be in that top 3%. How might say, Whoa, Okay, great, how well, the things we’re talking about today, going all in on who you are in Christ, being confident taking bold, courageous, and yes, even scary action, being decisive, being committed and taking risks. What do you think, ladies? What do you think, does this resonate, because it makes sense. And we as business owners have to model the behaviors and the mindset that we’re telling our clients to do.

Right? I know, there are many coaches in here, and other service providers and similar type experts, thank you for the love, thank you. And there are some of you, who expect your clients to invest in you. And yet, and yet, you’re not investing in yourself. And I can tell you, if you don’t invest in you, your clients aren’t going to either, that’s just not going to happen. And so let me say it another way, if you’re wanting someone else, to invest in you, at a level that you’re not willing to invest in yourself, a thriving business is a pipe dream, it’s simply not going to happen. So if you want clients who are empowered, who do the work and get the results, who are committed, who go all in on whatever it is that you offer, whether it’s a service or it’s a product, right, then you must be empowered, you must be committed to what you do, you must do the work, and you’ve got to invest in yourself. And sometimes that requires risk taking.

Right again, calculated risk taking the past week, I have poured my heart and my soul into you ladies inside the workshop. And I do that even more with the clients inside the Academy. Right? those ladies that you heard and may have seen over the weekend, they trusted me, they jumped in, they made a decision to invest in themselves. They believed in me. And so they said yes to the Academy.
And you know, inside the Academy, that belief was confirmed as they show up.
Right, and they do the work. So the neat thing about the fact that I have high level coaches is that my Academy members and my other one on one clients, they get the benefit of everything I’m investing in myself by right because what I’m learning from my coach that I’m paying thousands and thousands of dollars a month for my Academy members get the benefit of that. And that is truly priceless. So if you’re not happy with your business where it is right now in love, you know, I want you to think about it.

You got to do something different, right? Especially if you’ve feel like you’re kind of stagnant for a period of time now. Maybe now, maybe today. It’s time to make that decision. It’s time to take that leap of faith and go all in because If you’re not where you want to be in business, it’s only you that stopping you. Truly it is. And some of you have already mentioned that in the posts, right? And your mindset shifts, I realize it’s me to standing in the way of me, okay, let’s get out of the way, let’s let God do his thing in you and in your business. So I want to encourage you
get out of the way. Think about this calculated risk, again, whether it’s investing in the academy or something different, but now may be the time for you to do that very thing to do the scary thing. Okay. All right, we’re on our fifth and final key or shift. And it’s just kind of encapsulated in the other four. But I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about this. And the fifth key or shift is faith. Faith, oh, my goodness, faith is the root of who we are and what we are right in Christ, faith in him.

And faith is, as I said, involved in all the other shifts as well. But I wanted to take a moment about to talk about faith on itself, because we as Christians understand what faith is, it’s grounded in Christ, it’s knowing him, knowing who he is, and knowing who you are in him. So there are times in business when you need to take a leap of faith. We live with faith, right? not needing to see things first, because we’re going to walk by faith, not by sight, we’re going to be obedient to God. Right? And in everything we do, we first go to Him in prayer, we’re going to seek his face, we’re going to ask his guidance and by faith, and in obedience, we’re going to move as he instructs us, even if it’s scary, and if we don’t have it all figured out yet, right? Faith, it’s what we do as Christians. It’s what we need to keep in front of us in our businesses as well. Okay, so those are the five keys, the five shifts that you need to have a thriving business and do it God’s way. So where are you? How many of those five do you have? And again, it’s commitment, and the mastery of skills and confidence in God and who we need to be? Focus. Okay, keeping those blinders on staying in your lane, and a willingness to take that calculated risk, and go all in. And finally faith. Okay, so I would love to know, you could tell me, how many of those Do you feel that you have? How many zero? That’s fine, because we’re working progress.

That’s great. Okay. No worries at all. So it’s q&a time now, so please pop your questions in the comments. Let me just go to the comments first before I dive into something else I just wanted to mention. Um, let’s see. Let’s see. Oh, this is so good. Pamela joined. And Missy says I’m hearing I’m all caught up on all the bonus section. session sections. Congrats, missy. That’s awesome. Julie is good. notetaker excellent. Rebecca tried. Excellent. Very good as seasons here and angel is here. And Julie says, I know it will work. I’ve seen it through what you have given us this week. I’m so convinced. It’s awesome. Pamela says I believe the academy will work. And there’s lots of focus going on some risk taking. You have to invest in yourself as you want your clients to invest in you.

Wow. That’s cool. Cool. Cool. Okay, good. So Julie or no? As Caesar says The time is now. My Now faith is calling right. I think that’s what the dot dot dot means. Joey says I have faith. I have others in some measure. Just not as much as I need yet. Okay, very good. We’re works in progress. This he says yes, I definitely got number three and number five, yay. And shameka says I think I just need to stop gambling. Okay. And Georgia says yes, yes. All right. So happy, your questions, anything business related? I have about 10 minutes. And I’m happy to say another five or 10 minutes if there was a burning question on your mind, right should make a says no more hobbies. It’s time to woman up and get real love that love that. sherlyn says not just to have faith in ourselves, but also in God.

Right? And Margie says, Thank you God, I’m not where I was, but much more growth to come. Amen, sister. Amen. So as these questions come in, I do want to address something that came up in a couple of conversations that I had over the weekend. I was blessed to speak to so many of you and I’m actually I was horrified to hear how you’ve been treated out in the marketplace. And you know, it really made me mad. You know, I have heard instances of you being ignored or forgotten. At best, and some of you have been outright lied to, and misled, at worst. And to me, it’s just absolutely amazing what some people will do and how they will behave. There is one coach in the real estate space that one of you told me and I had heard this before, she is well known.

Because I used to work in the real estate space. And I worked with a number of her former clients who said they paid this woman $10,000 for a 12 week program, and they got absolutely nothing from it. And they tried it her way, and it didn’t work. And she was not willing to, you know, help she pass them off to a team member. And, you know, just laissez faire just didn’t matter. To me, that’s just amazing. In a very bad, bad way, how someone could kind of bait switch, make lots of promises, and leave them unfulfilled. So I get it. If you’re sitting there like, Ah, this academy sounds cool, but right. Um, but you absolutely must do your due diligence before hiring anyone before opening up your wallet to anybody including me, right? Whether it’s a virtual assistant, or a social media manager, or Facebook ads manager or a copywriter or a coach or anything, right. But I would say to you, when you find someone that you know that she knows what she’s doing, and you hear from her actual clients, like not just words on a page with a first name that you could never check.

But with a person whose name and business you can check, or whose video like you see, it’s a live person, don’t wait to pass go. Like go to God seek His counsel, and when he gives you the green light jump in? Really, that would be my best advice. Because if I would have done that sooner in my business years ago, I’d be further along. But I operate it from a place of fear. And it cost me time and money. Right. Okay, so Julie says, what about when you’re starting up and finances just starting and no wiggle room? In our personal finances? I’m not bringing in income yet, at some brand new. So how do you propose we invest in the things that cost money, just wait and make it a go make it a goal. Um, that’s one way to do it. But I will tell you what I did the first time I invested. And it was, it was like, I think it was either seven or $9,000. Um, I personally put it on a credit card. I had a zero percent credit card. So I put it on, and I had six months to pay, or whatever it was. So I wasn’t concerned about that. Because I said, darn it, I’m not getting where I need to go. And so I’m doing it. And again, you may not have that risk tolerance that I did.

But, you know, there’s a question you have to ask yourself, you know, like, it’s a question of, how am I going to come up with the money? So there is that reality to it like, Lord, is this is the time for me now, or is it not? And you’ve got to listen to him on that. But sometimes, it’s that thing of stretching yourself and saying, Okay, I’m going to do this, because I know this is going to get me there sooner. So that raises a really good point, Julie. And I’m not saying that you should or shouldn’t, I’m saying go to God, first and foremost. But the second thing I want to say is inside the Academy, my goal is that you will make money, certainly in the first 90 days, if not in the first 30 days. And so if that is an absolute must for you, that when you come in, I need to know that.

And on that first one on one, we’re going to map out how you’re going to make that investment back. And so with the monthly if we decide to go the monthly 250 bucks, or whatever it is, is I mean that’s nothing to sneeze at, right? It’s not a cup of coffee. But to me, if you’re ready to go in for business, you should be able to sell $250 worth in the first month, no, no sweat. So, again, I know that I’m committed to make that happen. If that is your situation, and there are others of you like that. It is a scary thing. But I want you to think about the alternative. Like depends how long you’ve been trying to get the business off the ground, and the actions you’ve taken and the results you’ve gotten. But the fact of the matter is, it’s the implementation, that’s the hard part. It’s the knowing what to do and how to do it and when to do it. And, you know, knowing whether or not this way is going to work. That’s going to cost you money.

And so if you keep doing the same That you have been doing for a period of time, you know? Then you say, okay, three months from now, what’s going to be different? Like, why would it be different if you’re not doing anything different? So because everybody’s situation is individualized. That’s why, you know, I’d love to hop on the phone call with you, right? The bonuses and this pricing goes away at midnight. But you know, and I’m going with calls until like nine o’clock tonight, Eastern, believe it or not. But if that’s something that you are seriously grappling with, then let’s chat. And maybe at the end of the call, we’ll realize you’re either not a good fit, or now’s not the right time. And that’s great. But it might be great to jump on the phone and connect, and get even more deeper into kind of how it would look for you.

So I hope that helps. I hope that helps. Lou says thank you, Judy, so much for everything that God bless you and to the ladies, thank you for your commentaries. Have an amazing day. Enjoy Florida. Yes. So Julie says, I’m listening, I’m going to God, I love your confidence. I’m going to keep praying and believing. Yeah, I’m only a couple of months in. Yeah. And see, here’s another thing that when I was talking to ladies over the weekend, there have been so many who in these early times, talk to coaches, that and Robin saying we made a wrong choice, necessarily, but the coach was about, you know, the secret and law of attraction and stuff that just didn’t feel good. And they didn’t realize that until they got in and spent money, like significant money significantly more than the Academy.

And they felt like they were stranded and trapped. And because, you know, the core values weren’t aligned, it was just a really bad situation and money, you know, was kind of wasted in the, in the minds of these ladies that I talked with. So you really have to consider everything. And ultimately listen to God, be obedient to Him and say, Lord, you say yes, I have no idea how I’m gonna pay for this. But okay. You know, one thing that I, one of the ladies had told me is, occasionally, PayPal has a promotion where it’s six months zero percent interest if you don’t have a zero percent card. And so that may be an option. And I usually don’t do PayPal, but if that’s the way you want to go, let’s hop on the phone and see what happens because ladies, just the bonuses alone are over five grand. I mean, the half day VIP with me is 2500 in and of itself. And that’s the cost to the program with the weekly coaching and the modules and and and right. Okay, so Margie says I put it on a credit card, and then God answered and two sources of income I wasn’t expecting popped up. Almost will cover it. Believe me I was praising because it was his permission. Hallelujah. Oh, that is such a great story.

Thank you for sharing that. Thank you for sharing that Margie. Missy says she’s praying on this shamika. I’ve experienced this before. And oh, yes, they do. I didn’t think about PayPal. Yeah. And so shamika and Margie experience, the group coaching and mastermind session today this afternoon, right before we came here and the social media office hour with our thriver expert, Makita. Smith, and I asked them, What do you think? And they both were like, Wow, this is so good. This is so much like crazy, good information, and great perspectives and beautiful ideas and resources were shared. And just a really, it is a great community to be in. Because I get lots of love there. Because when you don’t know what you don’t know, how are you going to find it. But when we come together with me and my thriver experts leading it, I mean, I am the lead. But when it comes to social media, I defer to Makita when it comes to copywriting, I defer to Caitlin I mean, I chose these ladies because they are masters at that special business area. So you know you are going to be tapped into a network of resources and strategy and information that I mean, the cost of admission. I mean, you know that first, that first session could be worth the cost of admission and more intense love and caring and and God breathed and strategic strategy and information and resources that you could use in your business to grow it.

Like that’s a one one meeting could be worth the cost of admission. Truly, that’s how I designed it. That’s how I designed it. And shamika says yes community Everything, do you offer it more than once a year says Maggie, um, I do occasionally open up the doors. And I would say, I haven’t done my 2021 kind of plan. But I will be running another workshop, I’m done, definitely run this thrive method workshop and opened up the doors to the Academy, definitely at least one more time during the year, but it will not be at this price. Every time I opened the doors again, the price is going up. And the reason for that is, is because it works.

And because the demand is there. And that’s why so yes, I will do it again. But it will be more expensive. So again, you know, if God’s prompting you, you know, consider that. Okay, so angel says, sounds amazing. And Georgia says, so I can pay monthly? Yes, you can. So you can pay in full to get the bonuses. But there are a couple of bonuses you would get even if you decide to go with the payment plan. Absolutely. So I have the link here. It’s Judy hyphen Webber comm slash Academy. And right at the top, it says get started. So if you click on that, that will take you automatically down to the bottom of the page where you can see the pay in full option, or the monthly payment option. So it’s definitely you know, if the monthly payment option, I believe it’s 250 a month, for the next year.

If that’s more palatable, great. You won’t get the half day VIP. But, you know, maybe the timing right now is just to jump in. And that could be something that you tap into later. Okay. All right. So any other questions? I have at five o’clock, I’m starting call after call after call until nine o’clock eastern. But if you would like to chat with me, I am open. Okay. So just reach out to me, we’ll make it happen and don’t say oh my gosh, there’s only three hours left and whatever. Okay, because I know some of you are on the west coast. And that takes me at three in the morning. So I don’t really don’t know that I’m going to be out till three in the morning.

But I will make myself available to you if you want to connect. Okay, so I’m not seeing any other questions. So I am going to head out. Listen, ladies, thank you. Thank you for being with me on this journey inside the thrive method workshop. Thank you for being here in this beautiful community of faith based ladies, I love you so much. Isn’t it a joy to be here with other ladies who love the Lord as much as you do? And who have on their heart, this burning desire this passion to build this business to bring God glory and to impact others.

It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. You are so welcome. Wow. God bless you and I look forward to seeing you inside the Academy. Take good care.

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