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Ep 75: Leverage Your Time & Earn 6 Figures- Working Just 10 Hours a Week

Hey there, ladies. Welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast and I’m here with Heather dollar, who is another business coach? And you might say, Wow, Jude, why are you bringing on the competition? Because we’re not competitors? Well, I guess we are but not really right. Heather, how you doing today?

You’re right. Yes, totally collaboration over competition. And that’s definitely something the Lord had to work on my heart.
Yes, yes. Well, let me tell you ladies a little bit about Heather. And this is going to just be a great like sister talk rate, a great girl chat. She has a business called God and business. And I love how you said your mission is to ditch the doubt. And out the women ditch the doubt and confidently pursue their dreams with faith, tenacity and massive belief. I love all that. So thank you, let’s start, would you mind giving the ladies an idea of your background?

Yeah, so I started, I’ve been an online business for seven years, I started out in network marketing. And then I, about four years into network marketing, I started to feel a tug in my heart for something different. It stemmed from a place of be becoming very successful in my network marketing company. And God just really just got to a place where I just really wanted to hear him, I felt like I was praying and trying to trust him. And then I just, I just was starting to feel a little lost. I felt this tug of my heart hurt for something didn’t understand it, didn’t know what it meant. And I had no idea what I was opening up to when I got vulnerable before the Lord, but I just, I that’s exactly what happened is I just got really vulnerable before the Lord one night, and I was just frustrated. And I realized that I just didn’t like who I become.

I didn’t like the way that I was having to do business. I didn’t, I’ve been doing it for four years, I was burnt out, I was tired of people telling me that I had to make sacrifices, you know, with my children, that it was just temporary. I was sacrificing my health. And, you know, I was just, I was tired all that. And it didn’t, it just I just felt I don’t know, like I just was felt like the Lord is trying to move in my heart. And I just couldn’t hear him. And so I was so frustrated. And I just remember just laying out like strong Eagles ready to go on the floor and, and like ugly, crying and frustrated. And, um, and the Lord just telling me, basically, to that there’s a better way to do business. And to that he was calling me, he was calling me into something different. He was calling me into something bigger than what I could, you know, perceive at the time. And, and I didn’t know what that meant. At the time. You know, I had no idea. I just knew that. Where I was at and what I was doing, didn’t, it didn’t feel right now i’m not saying that I woke up that morning was like, Oh, I quit. Like, that’s not how that happened.

But I just felt a tug for more. And so, you know, and I mean, it took time, like I had to pray about it. And he was like, What is this more look like, Lord? Is it more you know, am I supposed to do something different in network marketing? And I was supposed to do you know, what is that? But one thing that I did know is that I, the Lord began to reveal to me as I begin to pray and really just seek Him the Lord really revealed to me that it really, that I had developed this hustle mentality, I fall I fell into the pressure of that and I was hustling him right off my business. I was hustling him right out of my life, even though I was praying over my business, I was trusting him but just really had opened my eyes to it was more about me. And I was chasing the power and I was chasing the success and I was just praying for him to bless it along the way and guide my footsteps instead of fully, fully putting faith first and trusting Him.

And so I just went Yeah, I just stepped into this place of obedience into the to the Lord and and just my life began to change. You know, I begin to develop greater humility, I begin to you know, lay down myself and become my be my business became more about him. So it wasn’t until that happened that I was even really able to truly see how I really did not have a God first business, you know, and that’s how I’ve gotten business was burst because it’s really about God in business, right and not business, and God.
I love it. So take us back. So So this happened seven years ago and you had this revelation, or was it even before the seven years ago?

No, it was for Gosh, so yeah, about four years ago now. Okay, that was in network marketing for four years, and then transitioned into the world of coaching, and all of that, so, okay. After Yeah, so, so how old are your kids when you started when you had this transition from the multi level marketing to the coaching?

Oh, my gosh, so well, I remember being pregnant. So he, it was that it was that year really was like that January, that he started that I feel it started filling that stirred my heart. And my, I was pregnant, I was pregnant with my daughter, because I remember, like, starting to try and figure out like, what he was what this was all about. But then I got pregnant, and I like, couldn’t think. I was like, Okay, I’m just gonna devote my time and energy to network marketing for right now. And we’ll come back to this later because I can’t even think straight, like, you know, once I got through that, and had my daughter, who is almost three, and wow, when I was able to say, okay, Lord, like what is this really about? And I, I wanted to do both things, right. Like, I worked really hard in my network marketing company.

I was a top leader, I had a team people counting out like, it’s just hard to let that go. Right. And so I was trying to make them both work. And as I was praying about this, probably like begging the Lord, like, please help me make this work. You know, he revealed to me, he said, I want you to pray for 15 minutes a day, every day for 21 days, specifically for your business. No, I was like, okay, so I made a little sticky notes and put it up on the board, like are pulling it off, like every day just to make, really make sure I did it. And I’m clear as day by the end of those 21 days, I knew the Lord was saying focus. And I just knew that what he meant was that I needed to give up my network marketing and focus on where he was calling me. Hard.

Absolutely. Like, it was hard, because I didn’t want to just give up what I’d worked so hard for. And it was good money, like I wanted to keep, like, money coming in while I go, you know, pursue this new path. And, you know, and everyone was against me, you know, my parents were like, why would you do that, like, keep working this business while you start this one, and I might be obedient to the Lord, He told me to focus. This is what I’m going to do, whether you like it or not, you know. And that’s what obedience is about us being obedient to the Lord is about it doesn’t matter what anyone else is saying.

This is what I’m gonna do, because this is what he’s called me to do. Right? There’s a huge reward, right? When we step out in obedience. Absolutely. You’re right.

It doesn’t matter what mom and dad and brothers and sisters and wives and husbands, whatever say, it’s got to be, if God says, and I think that means I’m losing all this money, but if he says to do it, who am I saying? No, I’m not gonna do it. And that’s really awesome. And I read an article, I think it was your most recent blog post. And I really want to talk about that. Because I know that this is a struggle for pretty much every woman out there. The Truth About obstacles. Oh, yeah. The fears and limitations. That really is what’s stopping us from doing God’s work exactly what he called us to do, right?

Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Yeah. So can you speak to that, because I really loved that that article, and you were being really vulnerable again, with your readers and saying, Hey, this is what happened to me. Is this what’s going on with you?

Yeah, I mean, I think that’s the number one way that the enemy gets to us and prevents us from stepping into everything that God has for us, which which sounds really cliche, but like dreams and your full potential, like all of that we hear a lot. But that truly is God’s desire for us. And it’s the enemy’s desire to stop it. Right. And I do believe that he uses that through creating fears, whether they’re self limiting beliefs, or fear of what other people are going to think our fear of failure or fear of not being good enough, even that’s a big one. And then these limitations that we put on ourselves, right? Different things trigger those, but we can’t, you know, we tend to put God in a box.

We are put limits around ourselves, we put us in a box and put the lid on it right and we’ve got these limits now that we’ve put around ourselves that we put around God like we would love to have Let’s say a six figure business. But we can only see what’s in that. four walls, you know, the limits of our box. See, oh, well, I don’t know, I’ve only really ever made like, $3,000. So I’ll just, you know, maybe I can make six one day, but that you see how like that self backing? Yeah. Yeah. Because we can’t see past those walls, like we can’t see past those limits, is choosing to take those limits off to release the limit. So take the lid off the box and allow God to do whatever he wants. Because you believe it’s possible. Right? You know, you have what it takes, you know, he has what it takes. And you believe, like, truly believe it’s possible.

I think a lot of times we say, you know, yeah, I believe I can do it. But there’s so much unbelief in there. And I mean, I’m guilty of that. I totally used to do that. Like, I’m going to be a six figure earner, I’m going to be well, no, not until I dealt with that unbelief and those limits, because I was, you know, I had a fear of being a failure. And then when I transitioned into coaching, I had a fear of success. Let’s talk about, yeah, I was afraid that I was going to not like who I became, because that’s what happened last time, I didn’t like the person that I became. And even though God was showing me like, there’s a different way to do business, Heather, I still like I had this fear of being successful and stepping back into that. But you know, God, so good, and he’s so faithful. And when we pursue him, first, truly pursue him first. And we work on the character of our heart.

That’s the first thing that has to happen to be to reach six figures to build a successful business to step into really like your next level that God wants to take you to, like it starts in us, when I begin to allow him to work in me. And in increasing my humility, increasing my faith, increasing my trust in Him, increasing my faithfulness to him. That’s when it became clear to me that I can be successful and not be who that was, who I was, then, as long as I’m changing as long as my I, I really love that when you say it’s about the character of your heart. And I always say new and I talked about this last time, when we were chit chit chatting and getting to know each other that for me, it’s like, we just have to trust who he made us to be exactly enough.

And he really, he has equipped us with everything we need, as long as it’s not in our strength, but in his. And as long as as you say, Take God out of the box, take us out of the box and say you know what, it’s limitless. I love a fishing be 20. Because he could do more than we ask or even imagine, like, Jesus, right?

Like, he just doesn’t, he doesn’t just say I just do a little bit more, he says, me abundantly above all you can ask or think. So in order for him to go above what we could ask and think like, we have to be thinking, and we have to be asking it. Otherwise, what’s the point of that scripture?

Yeah, exactly. And that’s the power and asking and thinking big and you can’t do that if you’ve got these limits, if you’re living within these fears, if you’re living within these limits, that you know, maybe you’ve placed on yourself, maybe were placed on you, you know, by your environment growing up or things that have happened in your life, you know, all these different things create these limits. And until we recognize it and remove it. They, I mean, we can’t step into the verse. Right, right.

And that’s why I love at the end there you say massive belief. It’s not just belief, it’s massive belief, because our God is a limitless, sovereign God. So it all goes back to Faith and surrender. Right, like believe that God is who He says He is, and surrender yourself to Him and trust that I just told my clients, I had a call earlier this afternoon with a couple of clients. And I said, ladies, you do know, you do know that? You let’s just say you have a negative bank account right now, you know that by the end of the week. If God wants it, you could be rolling in it. You know that right? And they’re like, yeah, I mean, you gotta you gotta believe and yeah, so the mindset, that’s the thing, deer deer, we’re dealing with this Heather, where your clients are like, Okay, great. I want the one strategy that’s gonna work and I’m like, I could give you great strategies.

But if your mind isn’t right, it probably isn’t gonna work. Yes,
absolutely. I do a lot of mindset work. Obviously, with our clients because the number one thing that will prevent you from ever being successful is is your belief and that that happens in your mind, like your mindset has to change. And I mean, it just really does like, you can want $100,000 in your bank account all day long, but until your mindset has transitioned to a six figure earner to $100,000 earner, you’re not going to get there. The mind. It happens in the mindset, first, the character, the heart, all of that, and then the money catches up with it. And that’s, that’s, that’s where we get lost, right? Because so many of us were like, no, like, I just wanted to happen. Now.

I don’t want to have to change who I am. I just wanted to happen overnight. I just want that magic bullet. strategy, but God’s like, that doesn’t take faith. I’m not doing that for you. You know, he’s like, I my goal for you is to be able to use your faith and look at what’s happening in the world, right? I feel like everything that’s going on right now just makes it so evident as to why faith he pushes faith so much.

What do we have to have to overcome all this fear right now, we have to have faith, literally, Faith is the opposite of fear, and then pushing it and pushing it and pushing it, he wants us to use our faith. At the same time, he had a moment I’m gonna trade or am I going to step forward and faith and make you know, may not make this happen as in my own power, but take faith fueled action? That’s what I call it like faith.

I love that. Yes, Faith without works, is dead. So let’s go back to what you said. Because it’s huge. It’s a huge mental shift. When you say you need to get in the mindset of that six figure earner, for example. And I say it like you know, a lot of people say, Well, when I have more money, and I’ll do this, and now be a six figure earner. Oh, no. And I know, you know, this too, it’s the beat you have, you’ve got to be who you know, God made you to be, you’ve got to be this six figure earner, whatever your goal is, you’ve got to take action, you got to think like that. So that you take action like that. And then you will have, you know, so difference between a dreamer and a Dewar.

There’s lots of dreamers, you know, we can sit around and dream all day. But until we’re willing to step forward in faith and start doing nothing’s gonna happen, right, those dreams will not come to life by just speaking of affirmation every day, you know, like, the faith behind it. And Faith Comes with action, the action to to match the faith, right? takes both of that, you just have to like, nothing’s going to change that you’re never going to get where you want to go until you start taking action right now to get there. I get that a lot. It’s a struggle for a lot of us. And I totally was guilty of that before to make sure Oh,
heck yeah.

I mean, look, I was raised poor, I was raised to think certain ways money doesn’t grow on trees. You know, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. You know, all these negative things. And you know, oh, we’ll never have money, we’ll never have extra money. So I had to do a lot of mental work to say, No, I’m not buying that. Okay, I heard that all my life. I not accepting that because the Lord God can do amazing things. I mean, the fact that I’m so alive is an amazing miracle bad for 1000 reasons. But yeah, yeah, for sure. I this whole thing about action taking.

And as you said, faith, every step you take, and faith will strengthen that faith muscle, and then you’ll be getting more faith and then you’ll take more action, but but they will. But I want the ladies to hear when you step out in faith, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna like have this straight line to Uber success. Right? Let’s talk about that. There are going to be bumps in the red.
Yeah, faith is a one step at a time thing. You know, it really, really is. And I had a client and I remember she, to this day will still text me and just be like, that’s the best thing you ever taught me it was just let reminding me that the house is not up to me, that I the How is not up to me, it is literally one step of faith after another after another after another. Now we make goals. Yes, we have a vision. We have a vision, we have goals, and we work toward that we plan.

But figuring out how exactly that vision is going to come to life. That’s that’s, that’s between the Lord and your vision, right? Like he gave you that vision and he will get you there. If you trust him. Again, there’s all these things that you’re fighting against. And so until you work on that mindset, it’s like a tug of war, where your mind is going one way and you’re trying to get your actions to go and another way but they’re not they’re not you’re not moving because you’re in a tug of war, right until you develop that. mindset, that six figure mindset, and you believe, and you see yourself and you’re acting like that six figure earner, right? And everything’s going in the same direction. It’s not until then that you’re actually going to start moving forward.

Right? Oh, I love that analogy about about that, that’s really good. But even when you have your mindset, right, the enemy is the son of a gun. And so especially if you know, if you are following in the Lord’s purposes, and that means you’re going to do great things for him, you know, the enemy’s going to want to mess it up. So we have to expect ladies and I’ve learned this for myself, the more he attacks me, um, the stronger I need to be in Christ. But also, I’d be like, Okay, I guess I’m doing something pretty good for the Lord. Otherwise, he leaves me alone. Yeah. So when those things happen, we have to really go to God and say, okay, Lord, protect me. Help me get over this and just keep that positive mindset, which is not easy.

No, it’s not. But I think that is the power of renewing your mind. I think one of the most important things that we can do, as a believer, as a believer in business is truly renewing our mind. And I mean, I, I actually have, like a specific incorporated into a training that we that I teach, where I talk about the power of fasting, and prayer and fasting in specifically for your business, during your business, how that ties into things, because I don’t think there’s anything more powerful then, than prayer and fasting when you are really fighting, fighting a fear. Oh, wow. And, and that, I mean, honestly, that’s one of my most listened to podcast episodes is where I get really vulnerable, about a time when the enemy tried to attack me with fear and how I had to handle it. And it happens to all of us. And it’s at those times where we can let it make us or we can let it break us. But we’re not going to be strong enough to handle it unless we are renewing our mind. Not just daily, but just even like in that moment, right? Like, oh, I’m feeling this fear, I need to go renew my mind. Right? Like it’s time.

And like you said, it’s moment. It’s not moment by moment, because that’s why I love scripture. And that’s why God says, hold it, you know, you know, in your heart close to your heart and secret because then when you need it, these verses. I never can remember the reference, but I remember the verse and then I’m stronger. See, that is in me that is in the world. Yes, yes. The Lord fights my battles for me, I need only stay still. And all things are working out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. And so you lean on these things. And, and yes, for anybody listening, that is thinking, Oh, really, you can mix faith with your business. And you I would imagine, most women believe that and know it, but there may be some women that just fell on the podcast. But this is the best way to do business.

Yes, yeah, I can’t I Well, honestly, I can’t imagine. It’s kind of like living, you know, once you know, Jesus, it’s like, how can I live my life without like, I don’t know how people do that. Like, you know, it’s kind of the same way. Like, I don’t know how people do business without faith, right? Because you want to be successful, right. And in order to be successful, you need to honor the Lord and all that you do. And in order to really, truly honor the Lord with your business, you’ve got to trust Him, to trust him, you got to use your faith, to get where he wants to take you. Not just where you want to go where you want to go is probably far short of where God wants to take you.

That’s so true. Different You know, it may even like look different than what you can see right now.
Yeah, and what you just said, it looks different than what you see right now. See, we don’t know what God has in store for us and the twists and turns and even the bigger thing as you mentioned, you know, he may have you on stages when you’re like what I don’t know about going on stages or he might say you have like three books coming out. Oh really good. You know, but if I don’t trust him and listen, it’s like you’ve got to have time to sit and listen.

So this is really cool vision to so you can know what to believe God for like what are you trusting God to take you where are you fruit? You know, where are you putting your faith in him to take you and you know, like he’s providing that next step. But you do have to have something to trust him for. You got to know that and that end destination You know, it says write the vision and make it plain. It doesn’t think it it doesn’t say to you know, picture it in your head every now and then it says write it out and make it plain. I mean, put it in writing and make it visible and then speak it like he talks about saying things out loud. A million times in the Bible.

Yeah. A lot and Because there is so much power in speaking the Word of God and speaking your vision in declaring, like our words are powerful, right? Yeah, declaring I mean, this is life and death are in the power of the tongue. So, I mean, I take that very literal in my house, because I’ve seen it firsthand. I know that, and I want life and producing, you know, results in my life. So I’m, I’m very careful about what I say. Yeah, absolutely. The same way because I want them to know that life and death are in the power of time. So what you’re saying that needs to be which what you’re believing God for, you know, like, that’s me that faith needs to be coming out of your mouth.

So good. Yeah, that’s so good. Because women, even in our own minds, we say ugly things to ourselves. Yes, myself included. I am a work in progress on that. But

oh, aren’t we all? I mean, I’ve made a lot of progress. But I mean, we don’t I just don’t think we arrived. because like you said, faith, faith is an ongoing thing. And the enemy’s going to show up. You can feel like you master something, and struggle with it at the same time. I think that’s really important. For you ladies to hear real quick, is that because I get this from people a lot is, you know, who am I to be teaching this? I feel like I’m struggling with it too. Well, yeah, you totally are gonna feel that way. Because the enemy sees you. And he wants to make you feel that he wants to make you feel ill equipped. And like you’re not good enough to teach this. Sometimes the greatest thing that we struggle with is often the very thing that other guys permission, like it’s okay to to struggle.

Oh, no, did I go out? You did? You did. So I think you could go back, you said sometimes, our greatest struggle is if you could start there and say that again. We think I’ll edit so no worries, but okay. Sometimes our greatest struggle, I don’t even know what I said. And now. I’m so sorry.

See, any enemy took that out? Okay, no, I just Satan, okay. enough that is in the world. So get lost?
Yes, sometimes our greatest struggle, what were we talking about, um, about how he throws monkey wrenches in and
what I was, I don’t know. And that’s why he took it out. But it’ll come back around, it’ll probably come to me in like five minutes.
Okay. I’ll be like, wait, this is what it was. Oh, this has been so good. And I know that the ladies have been enriched by our conversation. One thing that I really don’t want to stop until we address even if for a moment is you have little ones. And so Time management is ginormous for us, ladies, especially those like yourself that have all these responsibilities with little ones in tow. So what is your best advice for those, you know, in your shoes, you know, trying to start a business or work a business and build it while you have little ones?

Oh, gosh, okay, my best advice is to first of all, you need to work on your mindset. Because in order to be to leverage your time successfully, you have to think like a business owner, you have to the way I work my business about 10 hours a week. And it’s all mostly in one day. I have a babysitter. I have a babysitter that comes from nine to five one day a week. And I am I leveraged my time, I’ve learned to leverage my time. Well, I don’t believe in time management. I believe that we leverage our time we choose how we want to spend our time. And whether you know, so you get to choose, you get to choose to I totally choose sometimes to sit and watch Netflix, you know, like I choose how I want to spend my time and and I know that as in this phase of life I cannot or really any phase of life. It’s always been this way. I can’t work when my kids are around because I get it here oh no other however, Oh no.

Oh no. Heather, can you hear me now? I heard you Just say are you here but your video is blocked? Can you hear me now?
Oh, no. Am I back? Now? There you are now you’re back. Okay. Okay, moving. Okay, I changed over my internet connection. Sorry. I don’t know. Hopefully it works.

Okay, so you were saying about how you, you leverage your time you don’t believe in time management, you leverage your time. Oh, you were starting to say that there’s no way I could work with my kids. Yes. So
yeah, there’s no way that I can work with my kids. I’ve tried it for I mean, like I said, I’ve been in, I’ve had an online business for seven years. So when I tried to work, and this is how I was taught to work my business, like work it throughout your day, like, just sacrifice your time with them, it’s just temporary, you know, you’re doing it for them. And I just don’t believe that that’s God’s way of doing business because you’re pushing your family away, and you’re pushing the Lord away. And you know, before you know it, you just you’re, you’re putting him last.

And our first and foremost calling is to serve Him be obedient to Him. Our second calling is to be good at our you know, mothering and, you know, wife wifely duties, and you show up, and we’re obedient to that calling first and not calling second word going to be able to be more obedient and good at this calling. And that’s something that I had to realize that those other things came first. So I work from nine to five, I have a babysitter that comes on Wednesday.

And this is where I go back to you need to work on your mindset, because you have to think like a business owner, and act like a business owner, to be a successful business owner. And for a long time, I thought I just can’t afford a babysitter. Then I realized I can’t afford not to have a babysitter. So there’s a big shift that has to happen if you’re not at that place yet. Okay? really start praying about that. Because you can like if if you’re committed to your business like, and the obedience of the Lord and serving Him through your business, then you got to act like it, you know, you got to act like it. So I so that you know that that mindset shift had to change.

it’s disrespectful to my kids, for me to try and work while they’re around. Because it irritates me. And I take that out on them. I like to focus on what I’m doing. And I like to get it done. It requires a lot of mental thoughts constantly around and they’re yelling and their mommy and they’re needy, and I’m just like, I just want to get this done. Like, that’s just, that’s just rude and disrespectful to them. And I just am not, you know, I just got to play something I’m not I’m not willing to do that anymore. And so that that’s how I leverage my time, it was really a just about a big mindset shift.

Realizing, Okay, you know what, and I’m not saying this to make anybody feel guilty, like if, if you work and you don’t feel that way, when your kids are around, like, that’s great, that’s awesome. But for me, like, that’s how it is for me, I can’t do it. And so I had to, you know, I had to figure out how can I be obedient to my calling as a mother and a wife, and to the Lord before I, you know, before my business, and that that, honestly, is how I leveraged my time, how I love the love of my time.
I love that. I love that. And so I imagine that for your Wednesday’s you plan. So you know, exactly like what you’re doing today and what the big goals are for that day?

Yes, yeah. So I have the same things that happen every Wednesday. And sometimes there’s more that, you know, I have to work a little bit more to get something out, you know, if like, if we’re doing a sales funnel, or you know, something like that requires more work. But for the most part, I have coaching calls on Wednesday. And then I have content creation, where I’m mapping stuff out. And, and then depending on like what’s going on in the afternoon, I am able to record a podcast episode. So you know, but if I’m doing like an interview or something like that, you know, that’s obviously going to take up some of that time. So yeah, my, I know, like Wednesdays, I got nine to five like that. I got to get it all in.

Well, that’s, that’s great. And, again, I know that’s gonna be an encouragement for the ladies out there. And ladies, it’s a similar thing to like hiring a VA or something. You think I can’t afford it. But once you take the plunge, you’ll say oh my goodness, it’s so worth it. They opened it did do that as well, that that is part of how I leverage my time.

Yeah, that’s awesome. I can’t believe how quickly Time goes. So before we go, I have two questions. Number one, please tell the ladies where they can find you online. Yes, so you can find me at God in business. So it’s just The letter in God in business, you can find me on Instagram you can find me on gotten business.com I don’t really do Facebook, but I do. We my business partner I and I have a Facebook group called the six figure offer club that we would love to have you part of if if it’s a fit for you. So I would love to
connect. That’s awesome. I love it. Thank you for that. All right, the last question. This is called the she is extraordinary podcast. So I would love for you to share with our listeners, one extraordinary lady in your life and what makes her extraordinary.
Oh, man, I have so many extraordinary people in my life.

Wow, that’s great. But I would say um, I would say I I mean, which direction do you want me to go like somebody that I don’t actually know or like, close to me, you tell me. I’m pretty awesome people.

In my life, I would say I have a friend who’s a very extraordinary person. And and I love it because it’s like extraordinary right now. And and what makes her so extraordinary is just her heart to serve you, as a friend. serve others serve just, she’s real. She’s raw, but she serves you know, she serves you as a friend. She takes value in the friendship. She purposes like this day and age like we really have to be intentional to cultivate relationships. I love it, because it’s something that you know, she and I are able to do naturally because we’ve both intention on cultivating these friendships. Right. And that’s something the Lord spoke to me about, about this time last year was just telling me to cultivate relationships.

And and I think, you know, I think this day and age that alone makes you extra extraordinary, right? extraordinary. just recognizing, like, if you need to cultivate relationships more and purposing to do it, you know, so she does that. And I just love her for it.
So sweet. You want to say your name, at least your first name, give her her name is Melinda, Melinda Perez?

Melinda Perez. Well, yeah, that’s awesome. Because you know, I I’m writing a book called she is extraordinary. Yeah, yes. And I thought it would be at the end of this year, I think it’s gonna more likely be out the beginning of next year. But then I want to put together that’s more like us. I don’t know. We’re like a guide, like more like a book book. But then I want to put out another book that features extraordinary women. Love it.

Yes. Yes. That’s awesome. But their bios and their pictures and all that. So anywho Heather, it has been such a pleasure chatting with you. Thank you so much. Oh, my gosh, thank you for having me. This has been so much fun and such a blessing. And I
just love you and your podcast. I love it. I just I love the you know, I love more than anything, seeing people be obedient to the calling that God’s placed on their hearts, and stepping out in faith and just doing it. And that’s what you’re doing. And I’m loving it. And I’m honored to be part of it.

Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you so much talking about being humble. I mean, I’m totally like when you say that I’m just like, really? Who am I? Thank you. I know. I know. But God you know, you it’s it’s just people who have grown in humility. Like it just shows, you know, like, I see it all over you when you talk. And when you when I look at your face, you know, like it’s just you radiate the presence of God. And that’s how I don’t know about you guys, but like, that’s who I want in my life.

Absolutely. Oh, I just love connected. Thank you.

Yes, it is such a blessing. Thank you, Heather. And ladies, please, if you could take an extra moment. Now that you’ve listened, please leave a rating and a review so that others can find this podcast and let us know what other topics and other guests you’d like us to have on the show.

So thank you again for being here, Heather. Ladies, we will see you next time. Bye. Thank you so much. Take care.

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