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Ep 76: How to Get Booked as a Guest on Your Favorite Podcast & Skyrocket Your Business

Hey there ladies. Welcome to this special episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m here with Kelly a Hearn. Hey, Kelly. Hi, Judy, how are you? I am great on this Friday morning. Kelly is here to talk about, Well, a lot of things. But primarily how awesome she is. I just love this woman and also podcasting. Like getting on podcasts. Ladies, if you are not reaching out to podcast hosts, and you know, pitching them, you are missing a big opportunity. Because what Kelly does is she helps ladies like you get on podcasts and build your brand and generate qualified leads. So Kelly, as I said, welcome.

You are a new media strategist for interview connections, which is I understand the first and leading podcast booking agency. That’s a mouthful. So first, if you can tell the ladies kind of what podcast booking is, and and then give them a background on kind of how you landed there.

Yeah, so podcast booking agency is a really new niche in a booking agency. So just like you would hire a marketing agency, we specialize in podcasts and getting you on your specific podcast that are speaking to your target audience. And we go through a whole discovery process to make sure that we’re getting you on the right shows where even the host could be an ideal client for you. And that’s going to maximize results for you. And it takes the pressure off having to do it yourself if you delegate this to experts that know how to do it properly. So that’s a little bit about what we do. And yeah, I’m really excited to be here and talk with you, Judy. This is so exciting. Um, what was your question that you asked me?

Or Yeah, so So tell the ladies about your background, because you have perience in marketing and social media. So I want to help them understand, you know, how awesome how extraordinary you are?

Yeah, of course. So it was really interesting how I landed upon this job, I have background, I have my Master’s in communication with a focus in social media. And I was doing door to door sales before this one. Yeah. Which is very, very challenging. Literally knocking on businesses, doors. And I was working for Verizon, I was selling upgrades for cable and internet. So it was a it was a tough business to get sales in. And you really develop some thick skin, but you also really develop a lot of people skills and sales skills in general. And that got my foot in the door with sales. And then after a little bit, I’m like, you know, I sort of have more to offer the world than going door to door selling internet.

So then I stumbled upon interview connections. It’s all about who you know, I was taking an improv class. And I was talking about my door to door job and they were like, Oh, you you’re in sales and marketing, you should reach out to my friends, Justin margay. They have this new position, they’re opening up their sales and marketing departments. And I sent my resume the next day. And I got a call that day. And then I was hired four days after I put in my resume. And I’ve been there ever since. And it’s just been an amazing, amazing journey. Learning how to navigate marketing and sales.

You know what I love about that? You took action. Now, our listeners know, I love action takers, you know, that opportunity. And you jumped on in there. And of course, I love you know that you work for a bunch of ladies, I you know a women’s advocate. So Margie and Jessica, love what you’re doing hope to meet you one day soon. And let’s talk about podcasting. Because you know, here we are in a podcast. So I just want to give the lady some background on the power of podcasting. When you and I talked gosh, it must have been a couple of months ago now. And I was telling you about my downloads and I didn’t think it was all that great. And you’re like, oh really you’re doing pretty darn good.

So. So before we get into like getting on somebody else’s podcast, just talk about the power of podcasting, and whether you’re guesting on somebody else or whether you have your own.
Yeah. So a little bit about the downloads that a lot of people don’t realize. So when you have over 150 downloads per episode. You’re doing better than half of the podcasts out there, there’s over a million podcasts. So if you have over 150 downloads, you’re doing better than 500,000 podcasts, which is really exciting because you know, 150 listeners per episode, it doesn’t seem like that many to be doing better than half. And there’s some really great statistics around the listenership. So it’s really powerful to speak on podcasts, you know, 150 people per episode is a lot of people because you’re getting the opportunity to share your story, which is really where the power of podcasting comes in.

Because nobody is going to have the same exact story that you do, no one’s going to have your journey of how you started, and how you got into business and how you grew your business, because everybody has a unique story. And so when you’re sharing that on podcast, somebody will listen to that, and they can relate to it in a way that’s different than traditional media advertising, because they’re getting to hear your voice, make a connection with, you know, just the unique ways that you grew and your struggles and, and your experiences. So it’s really powerful to put that message out there. Because you never know, with one little thing that you say it could resonate with somebody.

Yeah. And and I’m in the in the opportunity of going on somebody else’s podcast, it puts you in front of an entirely new audience. Yes, yes. You know, that may have never even heard of you. So yeah, I love it. And I’m surprised that there’s over a million shows, that’s just insane. And it makes me even more so grateful to the Lord, that this podcast is really moving, you know, in the in the right direction. So let’s talk a little bit about about, you know, identifying which podcasts that you should be going on, like, what is that process? What does that look like?

Yes, so you have to think about who your target audience is, and really niche down into the types of shows that they could be listening to. So it’s not really a generic idea of what you do. But But you could think of a lot of different topics that they would be interested that is a like what you do, and come up with a list of shows. If you do your research, I mean, Google is a fantastic place to start with just putting in, you know, the right words, and attaching podcasts, and then creating a list of shows and looking into shows that, you know, the the audience could really resonate with your message. And then, you know, one of the things I mentioned before was that if you target the host, and think of them as your ideal client, that’s going to be really effective, because then they will possibly probably have the same target audiences, you. So look for shows with hosts that are your ideal client, because, of course, you can, you know, leverage the your exposure to a new audience, of course, but the first person that you’re talking to is the host.

And we’ve seen it time and time again, the interviews that Justin margay, do some, sometimes the host becomes a client of ours, and you’re really getting to talk to them, make a connection with them, nurture that relationship before and after the interview. And it’s a really great networking strategy, because they’re, they can, you know, invite you back on their show, they could have somebody that they know, that would be a great client for you. And so that’s really your first point of reference to really get on a good show for you.

Okay, cool. So as I’m doing this Google search, and I’m writing down my list of podcasts that I think either have my target audience, they’re my ideal client, or maybe the hostess, my ideal client, how do I know kind of how to prioritize them? Am I looking for number of ratings and reviews? or number of episodes? What should I be looking at?

So you want to look at the number of episodes you don’t want them to be too little. You want them to be definitely producing recently, and you want to proximity is key. So if there’s somebody that’s a like you in the amount of followers or a social media presence, then you’re more likely going to get booked on their show because it’s a it’s a mutual connection for both of you. It’s mutually beneficial. You’ll both get exposure you’ll both make connections. If you pitch outside to outside of your your target market. your ideal clients or somebody that’s, you know, maybe really successful with podcasts like Joe Rogan, or Oprah, you might not get booked with that. So I would say, in a close circle of, you know, people that you know, people that know, you know, mutual friend from the show, so keep it, um, you know, what the same caliber as you, it’s going to be a great way to just keep growing that network.

Alright, so now I’m gonna address the pink elephant in the room. And that is some of the ladies listening to be like, Oh, my gosh, I’m afraid like, like, we’ll get in a minute about secrets, maybe of making your pitch, you know, hit. But how do you even get over that fear of saying, Who am I? And why would they even consider having me on their show?

Well, I mean, that’s, it’s a really great question. I would guess go back to your why, you know, why do you want to speak on podcast? What is it going to do for you? What message do you want to bring to the world? I asked people this, you know, every, every time on on sales calls, what’s what’s your goal? Where do you see yourself in six months? And how do you see podcasts helping you achieve that, you know, people have these really powerful messages, they want to help people, they want to inspire women, and they want to make connections. And, you know, if you’re not utilizing your voice in every way possible, then you’re not doing yourself your own message or your own justice. So just think back to what really motivates you and and just go for it take action, right?
Exactly. And see, that’s why I love it, too. I’m always about doing afraid, you don’t have to have everything figured out. But I know my audience enough to know there’s going to be some that are gonna run with this, right? Especially when we jump into some secrets of pitching and getting on the show.

But others are gonna be like, Oh, I want to but and for you, ladies, I say, look, if you are an entrepreneur, you got to put the fear to bed. We are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, he has you here for a purpose. And so go for it. The worst that could happen is you don’t hear from them. Or they say no, which is no big deal. You move on. Alright, so let’s talk about topics first. How do I know I mean, we have that story of, for example, how we got into business or how we’re doing whatever it is that we’re doing. But what are those? How do we identify other topics that this host might really be interested in? besides just our backstory?

Mm hmm. Yeah, well, that also comes down to the research that you’re doing. So before you pitch a show, definitely look at some of the topics that they’ve already talked about. And then in your pitch, you can mention, hey, this is something that I also have in common with you. So you could put that on your one sheet on your topics. So then it makes a connection for both of you guys. And when I’m thinking of topics, for our clients or for myself, you know, we talk about things that are going to bring passion and excitement to the conversation. And you know, there’s there’s, I mean, everybody has so much expertise, when they’re speaking on podcast, there’s it can go in a million different directions, but keep it focused to what you really enjoy talking about, because that’s going to come off so much more authentic than, than anything else.

Okay, cool. All right. So let’s talk about how does your pitch stand out? Because I know I get pitched, and sometimes I get really excited. And other times, I’m just like, not really, and it’s for various reasons. But now that you’re the expert, I’d love to know, what secrets can we pass on to the she is extraordinary listeners to really stand out?

Yeah, well, definitely do your research, because there’s nothing more of a turn off your your podcast host. So you know, if they’re reaching out and they don’t have anything in common with you, then you know, it’s definitely not going to be a fit. So you have to find people that have that connection with you. And to make your pitch stand out, you’ve got to have a really great one sheet that, you know, summarizes everything about you. It has your bio that shouldn’t be more than 200 words like 100 to 150 200 words. So it’s not too long. And then, you know, just a quick bullet points of your topics, questions that you’ve really are passionate about, answering on shows that you’ve spoke on. And that’s going to really summarize the pitch. And a lot of people are or they have assistants that are looking at pitches or they’re looking at them themselves. So you don’t Want to make it an overwhelming process for them, you want it to be quick and effective. So don’t, you know, give them a ton of paragraphs about why they should be on your show, narrow it down to what you can do for their audience. And that comes down to the research to knowing what they’ve talked about kind of knowing who their audiences, and mentioning that in the pitch will definitely give you an upper hand because then they’re like, this person really cares about my show.

And it’s so true. Because the ones that I say bye bye to out of hand, or those that don’t even take a moment to say hello, I don’t know who they are. But they kind of make it seem like I should know who they are. And it’s almost like, like, I’d be doing them like, like they’re doing me a favor by reaching out and I’m just like, No, no, you didn’t even you don’t even know what I’m about. Really. So that’s so true. And I love how, you know, we’ve been talking about this all day, the idea of client, if this is where your ideal client is, and it’s going to move your business forward, then we always have to come with that heart of service. So it’s not like choose mee mee mee mee mee mee really it’s not about you. It’s about how am I going to serve your audience? And so, you know, one of the things when I pitch I try to think about I look at their episodes, and I say, okay, where’s there a gap? Like maybe where something that or twist on something that may have been covered before, because let me ask you this, how important you think it is in your pitch.

And I understand the one sheet I want to talk about that a little bit further to but the headline, or like the title, like, like a catchy, you know, something like, you’re almost like imagining the title of your episode, how important is that?
I mean, that is important, it’s something you want to stand out among the other pitches they’re getting. And if it’s something catchy, and you know, that relates to what you’re going to talk about relates to you relates to the opportunity for both of you, then it’s definitely going to sparkle a little bit more than Can I be on your show, podcast, episode interview request or something, it can be a little bit more flashy. And it also shows a little creativity and on your side that you’re willing to cater your message to fit their brand. That’s always a plus anything that you can do to
really dazzle them, it’s gonna it’s gonna shine. Yeah.

I love that, that we’re not only then thinking about serving their audience, but obviously we want to advance their brand and make them look good. So that’s a really good point to to highlight their brand. I love that. So do you have like, I know it’s off the cuff. But do you have an example or two of some cool, like titles or pitches that you’ve been involved in that you think are particularly kind of sexy or out?

I actually don’t, but I could probably look through our archive of our booking agent pitches, ask around and you know, I’ll shoot you that that message, and then you can share it on your platform cuz that that definitely is something important and interesting, too.
That’s great. Yeah, added to the show notes I would appreciate.

So let’s talk about this one sheet that we’ve been mentioning. Some of the ladies out there might never have seen a one sheet. So can you describe more specifically what it is and how important is it that we have one when we’re pitching,
right? Yeah. So podcast one she derails from the speaker, one sheet. So if you’re a speaker, or you want to be booked on a speaking engagement, then it’s typical to have a one pager. Some people call it a media kit or press kit that outlines what you talk about in your presentation. And so a podcast one she is a really short, short and concise form of that. So media and press kits, Speaker one sheets they can get you know long and talk about each of the different speaking engagements that you’ve been to a one she kind of wraps it all up and gives you the the meat of what you talk about what your audience can expect.

The the topics, it binds all together your experiences and your bio, it talks about what really it presents you in one page, a one sheet, and so we in interview connections, we make one sheets to match the design of our clients brand. So you want it to be a little bit pretty pleasing to the eye. And not too overwhelming because it’s a it’s a pitching tool, essentially. So yeah, that’s a little bit about one too. And it’s super, super critical to have because it also gives you a lot of credibility as a speaker. So if you were to just pitch yourself to a podcast, and you don’t have that, I mean, that’s just giving you an extra boost to say, hey, I’ve talked about these things already. You know, this isn’t my first time speaking about this. Here’s why I know that because I have all of these gathered, topics and questions.

It’s really good. So besides this information, and I love that it’s branded to you, I would imagine you should have a picture of yourself, like, like, you think it should be one big picture of yourself on like a portion of it or a couple of smaller ones with you speaking? Or does that not really matter? No, the pictures do matter. One works, a couple scattered. I like how you said, you know, have you speaking that’s really good, too, because they can see it right there. But I wouldn’t put like a whole page, I’ve seen some one sheets, where it’s multiple pages, and one page is an entire picture of them. I like this, this is too much.
Keep it keep it really simple.

Okay, excellent. Now, where do we send this? I mean, is there like when we’re searching the podcast, and we seek out the host? Should we be reaching out to them via Instagram? or Facebook? or whatever? And if so, how do we do that? Or maybe LinkedIn, I don’t know what would be the best way to do it, right? So So do your research on social media, find them on Facebook, find them on Instagram, find them on LinkedIn. And it’s best if you can find an email that’s attached to those social media pages, and email your pitch, we do. If that doesn’t land, you can also follow up on like Facebook, or Instagram in a direct message. But the pitch doesn’t come off as professional when it’s a LinkedIn message or Facebook message. Because if you get a lot of LinkedIn, and Facebook and Instagram messages, it’s even harder to stand out among those when it’s not, you know, wrapped up nicely in an email and an email is very direct.

Awesome. So I’m going to go back to social in a moment, but on the email, is there a formula, quote, unquote, to do the subject line to get it even open, because sometimes emails don’t even get opened. Um, I would say, you know, like what we talked about before, making it a fancy title that, you know, highlights the opportunity, it highlights that a little bit about you. And, you know, to kind of make it like you made your topics really, really short and concise, and effective. You don’t want to you don’t want to have it too too long. But something really catchy. I mean, all of you ladies here are very creative business owners. So I’m sure you guys can think of something to stand out.

Excellent. And I and I want to reiterate that there is no one way. And so sometimes, if you have a good connection with somebody through social, then go for it. And other times through the email, I just don’t I sometimes I imagine that women are sitting in front of their, of their computers. And they’re agonizing over the subject line, you know, maybe put podcast inquiry or, you know, I don’t even know what but but just hit send. And then we need to follow up, I think follow up is going to be ginormous on this. We if we don’t hear back, we can’t think that was a no, because they may have missed it. Or they may be busy right now. So you need to resend this address that for a moment before we go to social. So what is the norm? or What should we do in the way of follow up if we don’t hear back after about a week or so?

First of all, do not fear sending that pitch. I mean, you got it, it’s such a great opportunity if you land it. And then second of all, we are our company gets more success in the follow up than the initial pitch. And so if you don’t hear back, a non response is never a no. Like these are very busy people, you know, it might have just got lost in the flow, it might just be like cross their mind. The follow up is really what the fortune is in the follow up right? And so, but don’t wait too long. Wait maybe three or four days follow up, and then even do a second follow up after a week. And that’s going to be really effective. And so actually a lot of pitches that I’ve seen that aren’t successful if you put everything in the first pitch and then you have nothing to follow up with If you scatter, you’re sort of, you know, this is why I would be great for your show reasons throughout the follow ups, then it’s going to even nurture them a little bit in the process. You’re popping up in their email. And here’s something valuable each time.

Yeah, Kelly, that is so interesting to kind of hold back on something amazing that you can. And so in the follow up, would you begin at saying, you know, following up from my earlier email, and then like, I want to make sure you understand X, Y, or Z, or here’s why I’m especially excited about coming on your show, like that kind of thing?

Well, actually, we’ve had people talk about some experiences they’ve had on other shows, and you know, even give testimonials from podcast hosts that they’ve been interviewed before. And that gives you a lot of credibility, it bumps them up in in your, in their mind bumps you up in their mind, like, Oh, this person has spoke. And if you didn’t include that in the first pitch, then you know, they might go back into your first pitch after hearing that and like, reconsider you and reconsider that first pitch.
That’s beautiful. I did not even think of testimonials from prior podcast hosts. That is that is genius. And it’s so obvious, right? All right. Well, I want to end this show, talking about social media. And you’ve said it, I love it the power of a good dm. So can we wrap that up? Even with what we should do when we’re seeking out podcast opportunities? Mm hmm.

Yes, yeah. Oh, my gosh, the power of a good dm. So before I was like, you know, don’t pitch in social media. But I mean, you know, do everything that you can really, cuz you never know, people who value email or value, Instagram or value Facebook, everybody really has their platform that they’re really most in love with. And for me, personally, when I get an Instagram dm with opportunity, I will always answer that, and you really never know with people. So spread your message, and the opportunity to share that on on all platforms, and make it really personal. You know, if if you get a DM that shows that that person doesn’t really know who you are, like we said in the beginning, then it’s a huge turnoff. And when I’m reaching out to people on Facebook, you know, we’re sending each other voice messages back to me. And you know, that shows a personal connection. So anything that you can do to show your authenticity, to make sure that you know who they are that you checked out their stuff, mentioned that and it’s really going to move the needle and it’s going to make that connection even better.

I love it. So, but so would you recommend though, um, because I just want to I always want to embolden and empower these listeners to do the thing that scares the bejesus out of you. So you can’t stretch, you know, reach out to that industry influencer. And if nothing else, if you stay if you keep commenting, and you keep showing up, they’re going to notice, and maybe one day, if not invite you to the show, at least respond to their dm. But what in your experience has worked really well, in the way of Okay, I found this influencer, or this podcast host. And I want them to be introduced to me, would you recommend that you know, kind of like some posts and comment? And then at some point in the not too distant future, take it over to DMS? What is your thoughts on that? Yeah, do that and do that consistently. Never stop, never give up. You know, Justin margay, tell tell us be be a bug in their ear until they can’t say no to you. And, you know, if you just come off, don’t come off annoying.

I don’t know how I could give tips on that. But just be yourself. And like their stuff. Slide into their DMS and do it every once in a while and don’t give up because you never know when people could just be a lot of successful entrepreneurs like to lurk. They like to just view your message and keep you in their back pocket and you never know when they could just respond and it could be an opportunity for you so, so never give up. I message about 500 people a day. Some of them it’s like, all me. But then sometimes they respond and they’re ready to you know, make a connection and work together. So it’s when that happens that it’s all worth it and You can never just never give up.

Yeah. I love that keep going and never give up. When I had Sinead Moray, who is a LinkedIn, and her and her partner on my show, it was after months of diligent pursuit of them. Finally, you know, your post, and I, you know that, and then I would be voice texting and things. And when I finally sat down with them, they said, God, we loved your persistence, we knew we were going to talk to you, it was just a better time. So thanks for staying there. I mean, because it was crickets. But so so take that ladies, you know, as an encouragement, keep going, as Kelly just said, well, Kelly, I do have one last question. And that is, this is the she is extraordinary podcast. So I’d love for you to share an extraordinary woman in your life with our listeners.

Oh, my gosh, I know the person who comes to mind and it’s my mom, and extraordinary people. She’s a Christian woman, super dedicated to her faith. She is she works for two churches. She’s the accountant for both of them. So she’s working every day. And I I asked her all the time, I’m like, how do you do it all, you never stop working. you’re cooking dinner for our family or grocery shopping, you’re cleaning the house every week. And I mean, she has this notebook where she writes down all the things she has to do all the time, and she’s constantly crossing them off. And I want to be like that. I’m starting to see myself in her like that. And it’s really exciting. And we just have such an amazing connection. She’s since since quarantine.

We’ve really become best friends. I mean, we’ve been best friends for my entire life. But it’s just really solidified. And I love her so much. I I can’t imagine life without her. Oh, that is so neat. I know. I love my mom so much. That’s wonderful. And you know, a lot of women that come on, it’s their Mama. Amy, so yay for moms out there. Thank you so much for pausing with us today. I know that there are so many women that are going to be so inspired to go out and pitch now. So thank you, Kelly, for all your advice.
Oh my gosh, thank you, Judy, so much for this opportunity. This is so wonderful. I love chatting with you. I love connecting with you. And if there’s anything I can do for you, let me know I’m always here.

Thank you. And you know what I just realized, I did not ask you where the ladies can find you. And interview connection. So if you can please tell us that before we go? Yes. So join our Facebook group. That is where we provide trainings about pitching yourself and getting books on podcasts.

So look for the guest expert profit lab, Facebook group. And then I think the link is facebook.com slash groups, slash guest expert profit lab. And that’s where you find us. We have an intake form, you just fill out a little bit of information about yourself and your business. And you can mention that you came from listening to Judy’s podcast, and I’m gonna be like, I know that person. Get a man. Let’s talk to them. I’m excited to connect with you.

That’s awesome. And I love that Facebook leads to so much so Kelly once again. Thank you so much. Ladies, thank you for listening. Let us know what you thought of this episode.

And know that we are here for you. So be sure to let us know what other topics you’d like us to cover.

For now. Have a beautiful day. God bless.

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