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Ep 81: The Intersection of Faith + Business: What It Looks Like Transcript

Hello there, welcome. Welcome to Thriver Thursday live! The place to be to learn powerful business strategy and to grow in your walk with the
Lord. Welcome. As you’re coming on, I would love you to take a moment and let me know who’s here. Let me know where you’re from. And what you’re really excited about for today, you know, this topic is gonna be good. It’s faith and business and it looks

Because I’m coming to you from my phone. For some reason my computer would not connect. But that’s okay. Right? Because what the enemy is using for bad, God will use for good. So welcome, welcome. Hey, Mary, so glad you’re here. So listen, thriver Thursday live happens every Thursday at 11am right here inside this amazing group of nearly 3500 extraordinary women like you. And I’m so so glad that you are here. I repurpose this content. And so if you’re listening or watching in the future, and you’re not yet a member inside this blessed to thrive community Facebook group, I want to personally invite you Hey, Julie, this is more than just a community. This is a sisterhood of extraordinary Jesus loving women committed to making a difference in the world, using their God given gifts, talents and passions through a business that matters, and allows them to pursue their life’s purpose and thrive personally and professionally. So welcome.

If this is the first time we’ve met, Hey there, I’m Judy Weber, and I am the professional woman’s business coach, right, I help high achieving women if they’d like you build an impactful, profitable and scalable business God’s way.

But today’s topic is a hot one. When I announced that I was going to talk about the intersection of business and faith, I have to say I got the most engagement and the most interest of any topic I’ve ever thrown out there. So I know that this is an important one and is really a massive one, right? There’s no way that I’m going to be able to cover everything that I would love to cover on this subject in 30 minutes.

So I’m excited to share what God has put on my heart. Now, I’m sure I’m going to be doing a second version of this based in part upon your feedback. So right now, before we go to God in prayer, let me ask you, what is your biggest question? When it comes to combining your faith and your business? Right, I would love you to take the time to share your thoughts in the comments because as I said, I’m going to be addressing this topic on another thriver Thursday. I don’t know if that’s gonna be this month or later in the year. But it’s too important not to so please do leave your comments on that.

All right, let’s go to God in prayer. Heavenly Father, we thank you. We thank You, Lord, that You are here. We thank You, Lord, that despite technical difficulties, we are still able to meet together we know that you are moving mightily, I see it in my life, in my business and in the lives and the businesses of my clients. Lord is just so exciting to be on this journey with you. Thank you, God for all
that you’re doing. I pray that you will speak through me Lord, I am your vessel. So take over do as you will, Lord, we know that when you are involved, nothing but good comes of it. So thank you, Lord, for being here. We love you. And we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right, so one little, like administrative thing, before we jump in, I want to make sure you know about an upcoming
week long virtual event that I’m hosting beginning October 19. That’s just about a little over a week away. And this workshop has already impacted hundreds of women’s lives. And for many it got them on a fast track to a thriving business, right. It’s called the thrive method workshop and inside, I’m going to teach you how to generate five figure months inside your business with simplicity, with grace, and with joy. And always God’s way, right. Because look, you do not have to work 12 plus hour days, you can choose ease
instead. Okay? You do not have to post five times a day all over social spoiler alert. It’s not about the post anyway, right? You have
to come to the workshop to know what it’s really about.

By the way, you do not have to chase down prospects and convince them to buy from you. You have to position
yourself uniquely so that your ideal clients find you and want to work with you. And finally, you don’t have to do all the things. Instead, you got to be strategic to optimize your efforts and leverage your time. So if you’re ready to do business differently, and better, I need you to register the link should be there. It’s bi t.ly slash thrive workshop with a capital T and a capital W. Okay, so faith and business, what does that look like? First, what is faith? I mean, we as Christians, we darn well better know what faith is right. But it’s good to be reminded, okay. Faith is confidence in what we hope for, and assurance of what we do not see from Hebrews 11. One. See, we have hopes and goals and dreams for our business, right? In fact, I would love for you, I want this to be engaging. Hey there, missy. Hi, Virginia and county. I’m so glad you’ve joined.

So listen, tell me in the comments.
What are your hopes and goals and dreams for your business? Right? It could be a revenue goal. It could be the number of clients that you want to impact over a certain period of time, it could be a goal of hoping to help a certain group of people to do something important. Whatever it is. Take a moment write that down. Hey, Bonnie. Hi, Michelle. All right. Look, we all have
these goals and dreams. But do we have the confidence that they’re actually going to become reality? Right? Confidence. It’s a tough one for us, ladies, you know, as I speak with ladies every day on console calls as an as I work with my clients,
confidence tends to be a place where we struggle. We doubt we may be uncertain.

We hope but when you get right down to it, lots of you doubt that what you hope happens is actually going to happen. Right? You lack confidence. Well, faith is that confidence. Like, I know my goals will come to pass. Right? So that’s faith, not only having this hope, but having the confidence that that hope and the expectation and the goal will come to fruition. Right. Hey, Bonnie. Hey, Tara.
All right. So the second part of that Hebrews 11, one is related. It’s assurance, assurance, and what we don’t see it’s blind faith. Right? Not seeing God work. Maybe you need more leads. Maybe you need more clients, you’re working hard, but you’re not seeing the fruits of your labor come to pass. And so you’re doubting, if all that you’re doing is worth it. Right? You might say to yourself, does
this even matter? like should I keep going live when nobody’s watching? Right? And then you’ll just stop. But that attitude, that lack of faith, that lack of blind faith and confidence is what 80% or more of people are going to say to themselves, and that they’re going to take action on. Right?

They doubt. And so they stop. But for us Christians, that should not describe us, right? Because we serve Almighty God, hallelujah. And he can do anything. Can I get an amen? on that ladies? Right? And our God, he his power is limitless, right? And because of all his promises that he graciously gave us our Yes, in our Lord Jesus Christ. I mean, that’s a huge hallelujah right there. I should be seeing us blow up here on that one, right? You see, and I’ve said this before, in my opinion, Christians should be the most joy filled, peace filled, confident, positive, faith filled business owners in the world. Right? Our walk in both life and an entrepreneurship should not look like the walk
of non believers, right? If it is, that’s really an affront to the Lord, isn’t it? See, doubt is going to come and we can’t beat ourselves up. Because we have those momentary doubts. We’re only human. But it comes down to a decision. It really does. Everything in life
is a choice.

And it’s a choice we have to make. Because when you don’t make the choice, that lack of choice is really making a choice, right? So when I’m doubting when I feel like throwing in the towel, what am I going to do with that? Will I take the easy way out and quit and and make up all the excuses that people make when they quit? Oh, I really didn’t go all in. You know, I didn’t have the time. You know, it was the wrong time to do that. And you know, the excuses. Are you gonna take that easy way out and quit?

Or will you decide to not only keep going but to go all in, go all in inside your business, and go all in on that beautiful woman that God made you
specially To be okay. You got to lean on and have full
confidence in not yourself. But in the Lord God Almighty, you see, and the person that he made you to be. Okay. So that leads to a question. Okay, well, who did God make me to be? did God make you to be a winner? Or a loser?
A leader or a follower? A thriver? Or a barely getting buyer? Okay? Did he make you to be a strong, bold Voice of Truth? To speak boldly and confidently? Or did he make you to be this, you know, quiet, sheepish person kind of looking from the outside in and kind of wishing that you could be bolder, right? Okay. There was somebody else who thought
that he wasn’t called to speak. But he ultimately stepped up to his calling. And because of the actions he took in faith, he led the Israelites out of Egypt.

Who was it? Moses, he didn’t feel equipped. He didn’t want to do this. So let me ask you, this is really good. God gave me this last night. Who killed Goliath? was it David or was it God? Who parted that Red Sea? Was it Moses? Or was it God? You see, God ordained it to be. So it happened. By His power. Things happen. God says this will be and it is hallelujah. Right. But the beautiful thing is, God graciously invites us along, to be a part of his plan, to be a part of what he is doing. And so while God speaks it and says it shall be done. He calls us to be a part of his story. And so we need only be obedient and walk in what faith. We just need to listen to God. take bold, courageous action, even if we’re not feeling it.

Because of who God is. And because of our faith, in knowing who he is, and what he is, you see. So make no mistake, ladies fear happens.
Doubt happens. there holding you back, though,
right? So we don’t beat ourselves up. Romans eight one, no condemnation for those in Christ. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, God,
okay. But I want you to understand, again, when you’re feeling fear, when you’re feeling doubt,
you have a choice. And that choice is I’m either going to do it afraid. Or I’m going to step back, I’m either going to go all in on who Christ made me to be, or I’m going to, you know, give into my fear. And who’s happy about that? The enemy. See, if you’re struggling in your business, I am so super confident that it’s because you’re not going all in,
you’re holding back.

You see, to thrive as an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you do not need to fake it till you make it. See, I never liked that. And the more I studied it, looked into it. And then the closer I got to the Lord, it became crystal clear.
There’s no need to fake it. God gave you everything you need. And see the world sometimes says that the non believers,
everything you need is inside you. Yes. But there’s an important piece to that. And by God’s grace, we have that knowledge, that important piece, and that is, we have everything inside of us. Because God made us that way. We may find all of our perfections dear sister, but the Lord God made you perfectly in perfect. He didn’t make a mistake. He’s given you everything you need to fulfill his calling on your life. And you obviously felt this deep desire to serve people through your business in some
way. Right?

So if he calls you to that, we can be confident and boldly confident and take courageous, bold action. Because we know that God fulfills his promises. And he said, Judy, I call you to this. But Lord, I don’t. Okay, you don’t have to feel it. I gotcha. It’s amazing, right? How you lou? Yeah, I need to see it blow up with love. Come on. Isn’t that make you feel like okay, so I don’t have to fake it till I make it. I may not feel Like that thriving seven figure CEO that I longed to be, right. Or that expert who knows, you know, is the go to in this particular niche, right? I may not feel that now.

But I choose to believe what the Lord God tells me in his holy work.
That where he calls me he will equip me and I’m going to have faith in that even if I don’t feel it, okay. All right.
Um, you know, on this point of, of Who are you like, like, Who are we in Christ and that is definitely something we have to explore. As we go to God and spend our quiet time with him and devotions and reading the Bible. But this morning, I was speaking with a friend. And to the world, this woman appears super confident, goober knowledgeable in her area, right and a true expert and leader in her profession.

But she was expressing some serious doubts to me how she felt less than unworthy, unworthy of success, even unworthy of happiness in life. She’s grappling with guilt, so much time away from the kids and the family because of her work. Right? She was struggling also with hurts from the distant past. Even from years ago, these feelings and thoughts haunted her. Right? My heart went out to her. I love her. But I totally got it. I know exactly what she’s talking about. Because I felt that too. I think we all had, am I right about that, sister? Have you ever felt that unworthy,
even unworthy of happiness and riddled with guilt?

I don’t want that for you. And more importantly, God does not want that for you. And that’s again, where faith comes in. You see, the enemy loves to whisper lies in your ear. And he wants to remind you of all the crappiest crap of your past.
And he knows your hot buttons. But God, you see, I love that phrase. But God, I went through this trial, but God, but God got me through it. But God was right there with me. But God had a plan and look at how it turned out. Right? God is truth. Hallelujah. So we look to the Bible to see what is truth. Right? What does God say about who we are about who I am?

Let’s be personal about this. Ladies, what does God say about who I am? So we’re going to look in the Bible, Proverbs 31. You should read that at least once a week, ladies, God says you you are worth more than rubies. Come on.
I don’t even know how much rubies are worth. But it’s a precious stone. Right? You are so much more precious than the most precious of stones, then the most precious of any material thing here on the earth. Right? We are God’s you are God’s precious daughter, who he loves dearly. He sings over you. And he loved you so much you sister that he died for you, he thought of you on the cross.

So please don’t doubt you are worthy, my sister of joy of the Lord’s peace, of happiness in your life, you are worthy to walk in the journey that he has begun. And he promises to fulfill his plan. And to be there with you at the end of that journey
and all the way through it right? I want you to make no mistake about that. See, when we realize who we are. I mean, when we accept the truth of not only who we are in Christ, and the fact and it is a fact that in him, nothing is impossible. That is when we go all in. Right? That is when we step out in faith and go big. And that my beautiful sister is when absolutely incredible things happen in your business and in your life. Okay, but you got to go all in. You got to know who you are and who’s you are. And you have to just take action based on that. And leave your fear and your doubt and your and your guilt and all those bad feelings that the enemy loves to get you to. You just have to leave them leave them behind you. Right.

Today is a new day and you are new Christ in your new creation in Christ. Right. That is the truth that we need to meditate on. That we need to focus on daily and sometimes hourly, sometimes minute by minute depending on the day we’re having okay. But instead of all of that good stuff,
which I noticed To be true, because I’ve seen it in my clients and in myself, okay? All too often, I see you playing it safe. You get stuck in your comfort zone. Because it feels safe, right? We, we kind of don’t move because we don’t know how this thing is going to end. We don’t know how this is going to turn out. And we don’t want to do something, unless we’re certain that we’re going to succeed. And that’s I think, why so many of you had this thought about starting a business, but you haven’t even
taken that step.

Because you’re, you’re acting or I guess, choosing to take inaction as a result of the fear. And this wondering how it’s gonna turn out, okay, but wait a minute, wait a minute. When God called Abraham, Abraham had no clue where he was going. But he went, why? Because God called him. And because Abraham trusted God enough. So God’s words to Abraham, I will show you where you are to go. And his calling was enough. The playing it safe mentality is absolutely deadly to your success in business, and really in life. Right. And in Christ, it’s so unnecessary the playing it safe. Okay. And I think Jesus like, I don’t want, you know, lukewarm. He said, I just want to vomit you out of my mouth.
He wants us to be bold, right? We don’t need to see that end result. We don’t need to see the end, okay. We need only have faith in he who called us.

Can I get an amen on that?
He has promised to equip us and he’s absolutely reliable and trustworthy, to fulfill all of his promises. The best life that we could ever have, is when we go all in on Christ, and who he made us to be, do you see this theme? I’m going to keep recurring it because it’s that important. It’s basic, it’s fundamental to who we are as Christians, right as children of God, and it is fundamental to the success of your business.
Okay. God wants you to be that powerful you that he made you to be that bold and courageous person inside you. She’s there.
Okay. Second, Timothy 174. God did not give us a spirit of fear, or timidity,
but a spirit of power, and of love and of sound mind, which is discipline, right? So if you say, Well, I can’t focus, don’t say, can’t, you have to choose a better way? You have to do things differently. Right? And that’s why faith, and the Lord Jesus Christ is a part of who we are. I mean, when people say, you know, take out that faith part and just do your thing. Well, wait a minute. I at my very core I, I am a Jesus loving lady. You can’t take Jesus from him any more than you can take my heart from me. I mean, he is my heart. Right?

All right. So if you don’t feel powerful, and full of love and discipline, to do the things you need to do, to live well, including having that thriving business, as your sister who loves you, I need to suggest that you go to the Lord today. And you say, Lord, help me to see who you made me to be. Right? Tell me, Lord, who I am. Right? I want to see things through your perspective, okay? Faith is essential to your success as an entrepreneur, even non believing gurus are saying it. I mean, it’s blowing my mind, everybody’s saying it, even the woowoo where’s the talk about the universe and stuff, they get it? And you know why? Because they’re made in the image of God, and I just pray that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. But you see, there’s a difference when we talk about faith because our faith is grounded in something,
namely, someone, the creator of everything that is.

And so again, we should be the most confident, courageous, bold voices in the marketplace. And not necessarily screaming Jesus’s Lord because he may or may not be a part of your brand. Okay? But bold voices speaking your truth. Right? The message that God laid on your heart. Okay, pursuing your calling, exactly as God created you to do right for exactly the purpose that he planned for you. And when did you plan this? since before he created the earth? Okay, crazy stuff. Crazy. Good, right. What are you thinking? There’s like, more than a dozen or so here. What are you thinking? I want to hear from you. Okay. Before I wrap up, I want to go through just a couple of exercises because I want to help you strengthen your faith. Okay? Because the more you exercise faith, stepping out in faith, doing new things doing it afraid, the stronger your faith is going to grow. Okay? So just basic things. First thing, do exactly that. Do something scary. Daily, for example, going live, okay, go live at least once a week, pick up that phone and reach out to those past clients. Are those leads those prospects that you’ve been saying? I’ll get to but haven’t gotten to yet. Because why? because you’re afraid.

I don’t know what I’m going to say I may miss up. Okay. Also maybe reach out to those industry influencers, ask to be a guest on their podcast, serve. Do the bold thing, right? I mean, why not? What’s the worst that can happen? Somebody will hang up on you. Somebody will ignore you. I mean, really. So first way of first exercise to get stronger in your faith, take that scary action, do it afraid. Okay. Second thing, seek out Bible verses that speak to who you are in Christ. Right. And I mentioned, I referenced a bunch even here, although I didn’t necessarily get the Bible verse. But these are basic verses that I’m sure you hear in church on a regular basis. seek them out, find them in the Bible, print them out and put them up everywhere. Okay, bathroom mirrors in your office and read it. read these verses many, many times. Okay, get that truth inside. And actually, I have a beautiful thing I did in Canva with Bible verses. And if you want that, here’s what I want you to do. Now you got to follow instructions, okay? If you want my beautiful Bible verse thing to hang up, wherever, then I need you to go find me on Instagram. I’m at at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live.

And I just need you to send me a message there saying, hey, Judy, I would love to get a copy of your pretty Bible verses that I could hang up in my office. Okay. All right. So that was the second thing. Go to the Bible, find verses, print them out. Okay, third exercise to strengthen your faith. I just need you to go to God. Go to him. Ask him to strengthen you to fill you up afresh with the Holy Spirit to embolden you. Okay, he invites us to come boldly to his throne, and where we seek wisdom, he promises that he will reveal it to us. So go to Him in prayer. Lord, help me to see me from your perspective, Lord, fill me up with the courage with the strength and Bolden me Lord, He will love to hear that, especially as you read back his promises, Lord God in your word, you promise that when we seek, we will find right?

All those Bible verses, he loves to hear that pray to him. How do I know that? How do we know that? The Bible tells us Jesus was our model, right when he was tempted by the enemy. Okay, so that was number three, go to God. You know, just lay it all out there for him. And the fourth exercise to strengthen your faith is to decide

We’ve got to be decisive ladies. We don’t need to second guess ourselves. And we don’t need to doubt and hold ourselves back. We need to decide to be decisive and to make good choices, right? Decide to walk in faith, wake up and say, Lord God, today I decide. Today I decide to be bolder in my faith Lord helped me to do that. Please present opportunities where I can, you know, I guess exercise that faith muscle, right? Decide to walk in faith decide to be bold, decide to take action, even scary action. Because you know, it’s good for you. Right? And you know that Jesus is right there with you. Right, Edie battle you’re facing. He’s fighting it just as he fought on behalf of David, right. And he killed Goliath. And Jesus is right there next to you walking with you through it all. And by the way, even more than that he’s inside of us. So like, ladies, I’m with you. Like I just wish he was here right now. And I could look at him and I could hug him and but he’s right here anyway, he’s inside. He’s inside. Hallelujah. So do you see ladies? How faith and business work together?

Do you see how important faith is not only to your life journey, but to your business journey as well. Okay, so now, there you go. How was that teaching? How was That discussion. Okay. That’s all well and good. lalalala right. But wait a minute, Judy is all about action. Okay, I want to give it to you in in impactful nuggets of truth. But now it’s time to take action. Okay. So my question to you is, what will change for you, as a result of being here right now listening to this? Will you implement any of the exercises that I just mentioned? Will you take scary action? Will you decide to speak boldly with confidence? Not in your abilities, but confidence in the one who made you and says, Your you’ve got all you need Sister, I will equip you where I call you. You see, I want better for you. Right? When we go all in, on who Christ made us to be, that is where better begins. And that can happen after we realized that the possibilities are limitless. With God, nothing is impossible, right? Because of this all powerful sovereign God, who not only created us, but everything.

Okay, exciting stuff, right. All right, I’m gonna come to the close that up. I want to come to you ladies and see what’s going on. Let’s see, let’s see bodies here. I hope to help several families achieve owning a home. I believe everyone desires to own a home. That’s awesome. Wendy is here in Saudi, and kiante hope I’m saying your name right. Hon. I want to be an inspiration to others. As I grow in God myself, show them how to inspire themselves with the products I sell. Beautiful, beautiful. Julie says, I know that being profitable is okay. And what the Proverbs 31 woman did. That’s right. She was profitable. And Scripture says, you know, that was a great thing, right? However, how do you know the specific monetary goal is from the Lord or from my human nature? Wow, that’s a good one. The only the best answer I can give you is have a little tete a tete with the Lord. And say, Lord, give me a number.

What do you What’s your vision for my business? And please download that to me. But what I don’t want and I kind of sent this in your question is that you’re thinking if you say you want to make a certain dollar amount, right, on a regular basis, per month, that there will be a point where it’s like greed, and not from the right place, not really from your heart. But here’s a thought on that. I’m gonna kind of change the the mindset and the perspective on that. And that is, the more you make, that is an indicator, right? The more people you’re helping.
So, you know, think about that. Is there ever too many people for you to help? I mean, if there are people raising their hand and they say, Julie, I want to, I want to work with you because you’re the best homeschool coach in the world. And because of your expertise and your experience over the years, they seek you out. You are on stages, blah, blah, blah.

I mean, should you turn business away? So think about that. Okay. Missy Agnetha is here, awesome, right? Do it afraid. You’re talking about choices? Julie. I’m reading a book, the purpose of temptation. And it says the function of temptation, whether it be doubt, fear, whatever, is always to trigger a choice and provoke a stand or action. Yeah, you know, it’s funny, the more you read and read the Bible, and you you experience life, you see how God is is directing us to get clear on a message on a word from him. Right. And so, if you’re hearing the dis make a decision, it’s all about choice. Then maybe that’s the lesson he’s trying to teach you right now. Right. All right. Lisa is here Elma is here. Missy said I love that where he calls me he will equip me.

Yes, yes. Yes. Lydia is here. Oh, thank you. Julie says I love your heart. Thank you hon. can’t click this. Why is it not working? Okay. It’s amazing to think about it. Really. That is part of his plan all along. Missy says that’s right for your business. Right. He knew he’s not limited by time. He knew what was going to happen. He’s not you know, our tomorrow is his any day right? I mean, I don’t even understand it because my finite my mind can’t wrap around that but he he has plans for your great great great great grandkids unless he’s decided he’s coming back before them but it’s so awesome right?

Okay, I can he says yes read back his promises. Bonnie says dear Lord, please please show me how to trust you so much more and it’s a beautiful prayer. And I think one that he would love to answer Agnetha, we are one with God and God is everything. Amen. This is just confirming what the Lord has been telling me this last week seek Him and He will guide me It’s as easy as seek, listen and do Wow, that was really great Julie. Missy says thank you. You’re so welcome. Agnetha possibilities are limitless.

That’s right. Agnetha, I’m blessed to work with her as a client. And yeah, I mean, big, big plans coming, but it’s because of who God made her to be with this drive. And with the goods to backup the drive right? by His grace, right. Julie says, Wow, the more you make, the more people you’re helping, that’s a good mind shift. All right. choices. Yes. All right, lady. So I would want to know, what are you going to do differently? Are you going to do it afraid?

Do you know your voice? You know, are those things that you think and believe that you’ve kind of been keeping inside because of fear or doubt or all these other things we’ve been talking about? I encourage you to go to God say Lord, what is my message to the world? Help me to discern that and help me to boldly proclaim it. Right. Being confident in him.

Alright, ladies, thank you so much for joining me left. God bless you. I hope to see you inside the thrive method workshop. Even if you have participated in it in August when I ran that the first time, believe me, you’re going to want to come again, I’m going to be making some tweaks to it. So it’s going to be even better.

And as I always say, rinse and repeat. listening to something again, twice, three times four times is you’re guaranteed to learn something new and get even more aha and breakthroughs. So register now and save your seat and I will see you next time. Take good care.

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