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Ep 83: How to Stay Focused & What to Focus On Tips for the Thriving CEO Transcript

Welcome to Episode 83 of the she is extraordinary podcast. Ladies, are you having trouble focusing? Like, do you go through your day and you’re feeling scattered? Try as you may try as you might. But focus is something that eludes you. Right? If that is you, my dear sister, you are not alone. And if that is you, you’re gonna love this episode because we’re gonna be talking about how to stay focused. And what, as a thriving CEO, we should be focusing on.

So stay tuned. Now before we dive into the actual content, I thought I would read just a couple of the 9999 five star reviews. I wanted to read a couple of these right, this one’s from Sharon. She says Judy has a way of getting straight to the heart of the matter, and get her listeners to look internally so that they get a breakthrough. Thank you so much. Brooke BLC said has this to say, Judy is an amazing God centered, heart centered leader, love this podcast and the blessed to thrive Facebook community. If you’re looking to step into the fullness God has for you. This is where you need to tune in. leaders in this group give you their off, and Judy’s faith, professionalism and encouragement, ignite your steps
to success.

Love it. She says, Thank you so much. And finally sherlyn rich says don’t know if I can properly express how valuable the information you will find on these podcasts is. But it is thorough, real and authentic, we’re blessed to be able to have access to this for free. sherlyn Thank you so much for that. Now, ladies, I want to make sure that if you’re listening to this in October, that you are registered for my upcoming thrive method workshop. Listen, it is time to do business with grace, simplicity, and joy. And so it’s a call, it’s a call to all high achieving women ready to grow their business. Because inside I’m going to break down the five key aspects of an impactful, profitable and scalable business because sister You do not have to work 12 plus hour days, choose ease.

Instead, you do not have to post five times a day on all the social platforms. And by the way, spoiler alert, the power of social is not in the post, you do not have to chase down prospects and grab them by the heel right and convince them to buy from you. You need only position yourself uniquely so that your ideal clients seek you out. And finally, you do not have to do all the things right. You just need to be strategic to optimize your efforts and your leverage and your time. And that is exactly what we’re talking about a little bit here on today’s episode. But I want you to join me in next week’s thrive method workshop. To accelerate your business growth. I’m going to be sharing the exact framework I use and a framework I pass along to my clients so that we build thriving businesses there is no more guesswork, no more ever overwhelm. No more guesswork, no more overwhelm, you need to get inside the workshop.

So if this is you, and you need to say you know what, I’m tired of messing around. I’m gonna do it Judy’s way. Let me jump on that free five day workshop. Just go to Bitly. That’s bi t.ly slash thrive workshop.

All right, so let’s dive in to today’s topic. This is the hottest topic for entrepreneurs, especially us women, right? We are natural multitaskers. And a lot of us tend to be people pleasers. And we as women doubt ourselves, like way too much, right? And women tend to get easily distracted. And all of that leads to a lack of focus, and even a feeling of ADHD. And in fact, after speaking to thousands, literally thousands of women, I have yet to meet even one that doesn’t say to me at some point in the conversation. I don’t know, dude, sometimes I just feel like I’ve got ADHD, right? I mean, who listening to me right now has ever spent 1530 even 60 minutes or more scrolling through their phone when they pick up the phone and thought Oh, I’ll just be a quick two minutes. Right?

Time goes so quickly, doesn’t it ladies and yet time is so so precious, right? When it’s spent, it is gone. We will never get it back.
Right? We do not have a moment to waste. And so on today’s episode I’m going to help you make the Focus, so that you can get better control over your time. So you can be more productive and ultimately have more freedom in your business. And I’m talking about both financial and time, freedom. Okay, so let’s just before we dive in, do a quick prayer to the Lord, as came to anoint what I’m saying so that it hits even more in your heart and in your mind.

Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity to come before these beautiful ladies, thank you for allowing me to have this platform to reach so many, so many ladies that have a heart for you, Lord, may my words hit where they need to hit for each and every woman and I trust you to be able to do that, Lord, we love you. And we thank you for all that you’re doing that we have no idea. All that going on in the background. And so we walk in faith, knowing that you are there. And we thank you for it. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right. So I love words, and I love definitions.

So I looked up this word, focus. Now, focus as a noun is defined is this The state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition? Now that probably relates more to like a cameras focus, right? clear definition. But I thought, How neat is that? Our focus is The state or quality of having or producing a clear vision for our life. And for our business, right? That’s the noun definition. And the verb definition is to pay particular attention to that works to right. So my first question to you ladies is, what is your vision for your life? And for your business? Do you have one? Right? And if so, is that vision?

Or if they’re different life to business? Are those visions clearly defined? Right? So a vision when it is clearly defined when you can actually picture kind of your future, be it a year from now, three 510 or more years from now, that vision gives you clarity, right? It helps to define important things. Like what am I all about? What are my core values in my life principles? What are my priorities?
Right? And when you’ve got clarity, and you can visualize it, you see this vision that God has kind of downloaded for you in your life and in your business.

With that clarity comes some amazing things, including simplicity, and ease. Do you see a theme here, ladies? Look, this is can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. We overthink, we overcomplicate and I’m all about who let’s dial it back.
Let’s dial it back. And let’s come to a place of simplicity, and actual ease where it’s fun to run my business and not overwhelming, right. So when you’ve gotten this vision, and it is so clear, for your life and your business, at that point, there’s really not a whole lot to figure out that vision, that plan is already there. So all you have to do is walk in it. And that clarity from having your vision allows you to stay focused much, much more easier. It allows you to stay in your lane and keep those blinders on. right ladies, there is no need to look and see what she is doing, or what she is doing, or what they’re doing over there.

Okay, there is no need to compare. No need also to constantly search for something better, something different to do in your life or in your business, right? No, no, no, you are hole in Christ. And he’s promised that where he calls you, he will equip you. So walk confidently in that. Walk confidently in that promise. Because every promise is yes. In our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord.
So maybe that’s the issue. And this is a tough question. But it’s one that needs to be asked. Do we trust him? Right. We say we have faith. We say we trust the Lord. And it’s okay to have those momentary doubts. But, but at the end of the day, do we really believe what we say we believe?

Do we have that faith? Do we trust him? Do we trust the Lord to equip us? Do we trust him to be fighting our battles? Do we trust him to be right there with us? Walking with us in the fire with us through the ups and downs. Right? Do we have faith in Him? Are we confident in him? And who he made us to be? That’s really the crux of it, ladies. And when we mastered that, when we really have that faith like a child, and
then everything gets easier, because then it’s not by our effort and strength, it is by his. And his, I mean, there’s nothing more reliable than the Lord.

No one, nothing. Okay. So, from where I sit, ladies, focus begins with faith in Christ. And a confidence in the vision that he gave us. The vision for our life, the vision for our business. And if you don’t have one, and you’re like, wow, this sounds really cool, dude, but I don’t think I have one. No worries, okay, and definitely no guilt sister, no shame, no judgement here. But I would urge you to schedule a date with the Lord,
just you and him.

And ask him to kind of give that to you. And listen, as he lays it out for you the vision for your life and for your business. Okay. So that is first, how do we stay focused, and trust in the Lord? To give you that vision, so that all you need to do is walk in it.
And I know that so much easier said than done, but make that priority number one sister to get that all important focus.

Okay, second, second. Focus. I mean, let’s face it this in this day and age in which we live, there is so much coming at us at any one moment. I mean, how many apps are going off on the phone? Ding, Ding, dang. Right. television, radio, you name it, we’ve got plenty of things to take us off course. So one of the critical pieces is temporal earthly things, right? Because going to god that’s, that’s eternal, and that’s spiritual. But now talking about just the practical, which is time blocking. Now, I’ve done an entire podcast episode on time blocking, and I’m telling you, I can’t even the number of women who have said, Hey, Jude, Wow, I’ve never heard time blocking talk this way. I never understood it before. Thank you. That is Episode 47, Episode 47. So I encourage you to listen to that. Even if you listen to it before and you’re not implementing, do it again, listen to it again. And this time commit to taking the steps that I lay out there to finally master time blocking.

Okay, nothing worked for me until God gave me this step by step that I give you through Episode 47. Okay, so that is advice number two, and keeping focus. Alright, the third tip I will give you is, when you have this plan, or these to do lists and these priorities, you need to break it down. Right? If you have a big project, maybe you’re looking to get your CRM, your relationship management, your database all set up, right? And you’re looking at the context from here, there and everywhere. And you’re like overwhelmed. Oh, my gosh, where do I begin?
Okay, no, overwhelmed.

This is a funny little phrase, but I love it. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So use the same approach. When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, stop, pray, focus. and break it down, step by step. Okay, this is the big project. Now what’s step one? What’s step two, and so on. Okay, focus. Because you know, you’re going to feel great at the end, when you accomplish each and every one of those steps to finally get
to the end of the project.

But if you overthink it, and allow yourself to get overwhelmed, you won’t even take that first step. And that will only cause you to be disappointed to be confused, to be overwhelmed to be, you know, ready to throw up your hands and say, I can’t do it when you can do it. Okay, trust me, follow what I’m saying to you, sister. I’m trying to help you and I know that it will help you. But learning this and having these aha moments is not going to really make a change in your life. You need to act on it. Right.

Okay, that was step three or tip three, break it down step by step. Right, tip number four on maintaining focus is you got to learn to control your thoughts. And that, as easy as it sounds, just control your thoughts. I realize it is not easy, right? And that is why the Bible tells us we are to hold every thought captive, as unto Christ.

Every thought, and I love to bump it up against the think list that God gave us he graciously gave us in Philippians, four, eight. We are to think only on certain things that are in Philippians, four, eight, if anything is true, right, or noble, if anything is pure, admirable, or lovely, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, God says to think on these things, right? And so thoughts come into our mind. You know, and there are so many thoughts like, Who are you? Nobody cares what you have to say. You’re not an expert. Who do you think you are? All the way to you’ll never get this done? You know, you’re disorganized. You are not tech savvy. You You know, you are ugly. I mean, this is a vicious things that I know, we tell ourselves. Because I’m right there with you sometimes sister. Right, we can say a goalie thanks to ourselves, that we would never allow anybody to say to anybody else. You’ve got to learn to control those thoughts and say no, to the negative and yes to Christ. Say no to the negative, and yes to Christ. And, you know, it’s all about the mindset, reframe.

And I’m just going to quickly take you through this exercise. You may have heard me talk about this before, because I love it. Okay. We all have circumstances in our life. And you probably have heard that life isn’t really what happens to us, but it’s all about how we react to it. Right? So let me walk you through this mindset reframe. And it’s all about starting with the right thought about a circumstance. And that leads to right feelings, right actions, and a good result. Okay, so follow me here. Here’s a circumstance, right? There’s a circumstance, you’re not making the money that you want to in your business, okay.

Now, the negative thought the bad thought would be this is hard. Or maybe I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. So when you have that thought, business is hard, I can’t do this. What feelings would result from that? Well, begin to feel Oh, my gosh, I can’t do this. I’ll never make money, I really should get a job. You know, you’re going to still feel confused. So when you’re feeling confused, and I can’t do this, what actions are you going to take? Well, you’re going to start to make excuses. No excuses about why you have no clients and why you have no money and why? why you’re not going to do it. Right? Oh, well, you know, I don’t have the money to invest. So of course, I’m not going to make more money, it takes money to make money. And you know, all that, you’re just going to play the actual money stories that are limiting you anyway, back in your head, in the form of excuses. And when you take that kind of action, what kind of results are you going to get, you’re gonna be stuck, right, you’re not going to move forward in your business.

And you’re definitely not going to be getting clients because you’re not approaching that whole situation. With the right mindset, you are defeated before you’ve even begun. Okay? But, but but but let’s flip the thought, from that same circumstance of you’re not making money. And let’s take it into a positive thought and see what happens. We’re reframing it, okay. So we’re switching that thought, of not making money. So instead of thinking, this is hard, it’s hard to make money, your thought can be, I can figure this out. I can figure anything out by God’s grace. Okay. Think about that. When you have that positive thought, even from a situation of Ooh, I don’t like the way my bank account looks. But you say I could figure this out.

What kind of feeling is that going to generate for you? You’re going to feel more confident, right? You’re going to kind of help to pump yourself up to say, Hey, I can figure this out. I’ve been in a tougher spot before in my life, I can do this, right? And with that feeling, what action are you going to do? Well, you’re going to go to Google, you’re going to say, you know, where did I go wrong? on this thing. You’re gonna you’re gonna hire a coach, maybe, right?

You’re gonna call your friend, um, who knows what you’re going to do but the action that you take, or maybe you’ll do what I always say and connect, connect, connect with People, right? You want more business, ladies, nothing better than to hop on the phone, engage with people on social, create relationships and nurture those relationships. But the action you’re going to take, when you say I can figure it out is you’re gonna figure it out, right? You’re going to take good action to do what needs to be done. And the result is your business will move forward. So does that make sense?

That is the, you know, mindset reframe, to control your thoughts. Get rid of the negative, the enemy wants you to lose the Lord God Almighty wants you to win. And the Lord God Almighty is a winner. He’s on your side. Already more aptly. You’re on his side.
So he, he’s the winner. And he takes us along right? by His grace. Hallelujah. Thank you, God. All right. And the final tip is you got to look to the Lord, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or a lack of focus.

And you say, Lord, help me. Help me, God. Help me God. Right. So that takes me to the next part of this episode, which is okay, those tips will help me to focus but help me like, I have 1000 things that I could be focusing on. So what do I focus on? Right, and I get it, because when when you look at all the things that you could do in your business, it is it can be overwhelming when you look at it all in a big chunk, and say, okay, where do I begin? Right? We have the branding, we have the messaging, we have the packaging and pricing of your offers, and what offers Should I put out there? And how many and you know what price point, right?

We have the marketing and the thousands of things you can do there, including social content creation, and, and then distribution like where am I posting it? And, and how am I posting it? And what is the caption say? And oh, yeah, Judy says I should do video and should it be live? Or should it be recorded? And what equipment do I use and blah, blah, blah, right? systems and processes is another thing we can think about and, and sales, you know, what am I saying? And what is my sales process and, and all of that so, so I get it, sister. If you look at everything at once, it’s it is hard to know exactly what to focus on. But again, we have this vision. Remember, we started with this vision for our business. So we’re going to look at the vision.

And we’re going to say okay, today, right now, I need to identify my priorities. Okay, in another episode, I’m going to be talking about specifically the CEO skill set, the skill set that a thriving CEO like you needs to master. So look for that in an upcoming episode. But for now, again, you’ve got to identify priorities, okay? So let’s take this, like 30,000 foot view, and look at what’s going on in your business and identify what is most important. Okay. So, if, as you’re looking at your business from that 30 foot view, you’re just like, you know what, I need to generate revenue. My bank account is dwindling, and I need an infusion of dollars. Okay, great. You know what that means, right? And I mentioned it even earlier in this episode, if you want to generate revenue, and you want to get sales as your number one priority has got to be Connect. It’s got to be absolutely Connect, connect, connect.

It is not about figuring out at that moment, what you’re posting on social media. Truly, trust me on that. If you’ve seen if you follow me on Insta, at Judy Weber live, you know that I’ve said many times already, the power of social is not in the post, the power of social is in connection, it’s in the relationship building. So you need to generate dollars, you need to connect with people, you need to talk to people. Whether that begins, you know, in reconnecting, you know, on social posts, where you’re engaging with, with people with your target audience, and then taking them to the dams, and then ultimately inviting them to a phone call or whatever your sales process is. But ladies, you need to identify what is most important to you. Okay, and then, as you prioritize in that way, you’re smart, and
don’t overthink it.

Say, okay, if I need to put dollars in my bank account, what do I need to do? Connect, boom, how am I going to do that? Then you focus on that, and that’s the priority. If you’ve got dollars in the bank, and that’s not an issue, and instead you’re trying to get more visibility, great. Then you’re going to focus on and strategize about how am I going to get more visible? First of all, you know, who’s my ideal client? Where do they hang out, how can I get there? What’s their preferred method of communication? Would it be by email or you know, if it’s a social, which platform and all that, you see what I’m saying? So identify what is it in your business that needs that needs attention, got to prioritize that. Okay. And then, when this final issue of focus, I really need you to focus at the end of the day, on possibilities. In fact, I want you to dwell on the possibilities, right, you have this vision for your business. And I want you to focus on where you are a year from now. I don’t want you to focus on your struggles, I want you to focus on the positive and focus on the possibilities, right, the impact you’re going to make, given your God given abilities and talents, you know, he blessed you with so much.

So I need you to focus on the possibilities and not on the frustrations of the day. And in fact, when you have a challenge in the day, I need you to grab that bull by the horn and say, Okay, great. I’m a leader. I am a strong decision maker, and I am a thriving CEO. I’m going to figure this out. How can I turn this challenge this frustration around? And that’s going to be your mindset, because ladies, the top 1% of thriving CEOs, those that actually make it in business, and have the financial and the time freedom. That is what they’re thinking about. When problems come up, they don’t allow it to turn their whole day upside down. Right? For a minute or two.

Okay, say Darn it. That’s thanks helped me Lord, help me, Lord and turn it around. Right? So my prayer is that this episode has given you a couple of aha moments and that these tips and strategies that are giving you that you’re not just going to have them written down on a piece of paper, which is a beautiful first step. But most importantly, that you are going to, you know, implement. So let me know reach out to me on Instagram, snap a picture of this screen as you’re as you’re listening and, and then post it in your stories, tag me at Judy Weber live and tell me what action you’re going to take as a result of listening to this episode.

I’d love that. I love to engage with you. And by the way, let me know what other topics you would love me to cover because this podcast is for you. And finally, if you love the show, and you have not yet given us a rating and review, would you please consider doing that? Also subscribe because I don’t want you to miss any episodes we have coming up because there’s going to be some really, really great ones before the end of the year. All right, beautiful.

Thank you so much for listening. And I can’t wait to engage with you on social and chat with you over in the blessed to thrive community Facebook group. Thanks so much. And I will see you next week at the thrive method workshop. Catch the link in my Instagram bio register and I can’t wait to see you there.

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