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Ep 84: The ONE Thing You Must Focus on to Thrive in Business & Streamline Your Success Transcript

Hello, ladies, how are you today? October 15, can you believe it? We’re halfway through October. Oh my goodness, Well, welcome to thriver. Thursday live, the place to be to learn powerful business strategy and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I just want to make sure that you’re hearing me and that I am live.

Yes. Okay, awesome. So, if you’re here, I need you to take a moment and say, Hey, drop some hearts, drop your favorite emoji, whatever it is, I want to know who’s watching. Because I want to start doing something special for those of you that keep showing up for me, as I’m showing up for you. Okay, so whether you are here live, or on the replay, please say hello. Let me know, kind of where you’re watching and what you’re excited about. Because today I’m going to be talking about that one thing that you need to focus on in your business in order to thrive, okay, so if you do not know thriver, Thursday, live happens every Thursday at 11am. Eastern right here, inside the blessed deprived community Facebook group with nearly we’re inching closer to that 3500 extraordinary member, Mark.

Now, as I said, before I repurpose my content. And so I’m going to be sending this video out to a bunch of places. So if you’re not watching me live now, which you would have to be in the blessed, deprived community, if you’re watching me or hearing my voice. And you are not yet a member of the blessed to thrive community Facebook group dedicated to high achieving women like you who are serious about building an impactful, profitable and scalable business, I need you to find me less to thrive community Facebook group, you will want to be here. Okay. So once again, welcome. And if this is your first time meeting me, I want to say Hey, my name is Judy Weber, I am the professional woman’s business coach, what does that mean? Well, I help high achieving women, as I said, like you build businesses of significance, this this is that impact people’s lives in a powerful way, and God’s way.

So professional women that could be those that are still have their foot in corporate, or used to do corporate, or, you know, I, myself am a trial lawyer, although I don’t do that now. So there are a bunch of lawyers out there who are tired of the billable hours, tired of working so hard and not getting the recognition and the pay that you deserve. And doctors the same thing and accountants and architects and engineers. So that’s what I mean by the professional woman’s business coach.

All right. So as I mentioned, today’s topic is a really, really hot one. And it’s what everyone is looking for. It’s what every one of you seems to be searching for the one thing, the one thing that if you do it, your business
will instantly be booming. And, of course, the reality is, I don’t want to bust your bubble, but I love you. So I’m going to tell you the truth. The reality is there is no one thing that you can do, and immediately go from broke to millionaire, okay, or from two or $3,000 months to $50,000 month. I mean, it’s possible. But it’s not. It’s not likely, right? Good things take time. Or there’s no one thing that’s gonna get you from zero followers, and close to zero in your bank account to 100,000 followers at a six figure business
like that. Hey, Rebecca.

She says what? So that is a delay. All right. I’m so glad you’re here, Rebecca. All right. So no matter what the so called gurus, or business coaches like me, or influencers out there are telling you, I love you enough to tell you the truth, building a business of significance, and a business of impact. And a business that is profitable and scalable, does not happen overnight just doesn’t. But here’s the good news. But there is a streamlined way to do business God’s way. And that’s what I’m gonna be talking about. Okay, so this one thing, that is the foundation of success in business, it is so, so important. And it’s often taken for granted. And I’m so excited to tell you what that is. But before we go to God in prayer, and then get into that one thing, I have a question for you.

What is your biggest challenge? Or struggle right now? There’s nearly 10 of you watching right now. I want to know, please take a moment, put it in the chat. And if you’re watching on the replay, I want to see it. What is your biggest challenge or struggle in your business right now? I want to know and I may not be able to address all of these questions today. But I promise that I will inside this beautiful blessed to thrive community Facebook group. That’s why I created it. Okay, hey, And there’s so many of you here, I really wish you would just take a moment and just throw me an emoji if you don’t feel like telling me what your challenges are right? Because when it’s engaging, not only is it more fun for me, but the more important thing is that you get more out of it.

If you have an issue, and you’re stuck, I can get you unstuck, but I can’t if I don’t know what that is. All right, let’s go to God prayer, and then we’ll dive in. Heavenly Father, thank You, God that the technology is working today that I could come using my computer through zoom, I will praise you in the little things just as I praise you in the big things. So God, I just thank you for being here. I thank you in advance for all that you’re going to be doing in this next 15 or 20 minutes together, Lord, that You are in control, and I am your vessel. So change my words, Lord, I want them to reflect your your heart and your truth, Lord. And I’m just so excited to share with the ladies this foundational truth about thriving, whether in business, or just in life.

So thank you, God for all that you’re doing in the background that we have no idea we trust you, Lord, and we love you. And it’s in the mighty name of your son Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen. Okay, so data is here, raising enough funds to develop my project. Okay, and Teresa, the right team. Teresa, I’m so sorry, I didn’t get a chance to reach out to you yesterday, I’m going to reach out to you today. I will try to do it as soon as I get off to here if you have time. All right. So before we dive in, I do want to make sure that you know about a week long virtual event that I’m hosting, and it’s coming up on Monday, October 19, that has already impacted literally hundreds of women’s lives. And for many, I got them literally ladies on that fast track the streamlined method to a thriving business, and it’s called the thrive method workshop inside, I’m going to teach you if you show up. And if you implement, I’m going to be teaching you how to generate five figure months consistently with hold on grace,
simplicity, and joy.

Because during our week together, I’m going to break down the five key aspects of a thriving business. So you got to register I think the link is here in Facebook, it is bi tu bi t.ly bi t.li slash thrive workshop and the thrive and the workshop is the first letter is capitalized. Okay. All right. So let’s jump in. Let’s jump in. Hi, Lee. He’s here Pamela is here. fana about she’s asking what time next week, I’m going to be going live every day at noon, Eastern. But there will be tons of other stuff to replays. And you’ll get all those details over this weekend, once you register. All right, oh, and plus replays are going to be available plus special bonuses for those that register. So don’t delay. This is like free coaching basically, take advantage of the opportunities. Okay. So today, as I said, we’re gonna be talking about the one thing you need to focus on to thrive in business. And if you saw my post inside a blessed broad community group, and, you know, you see that this is going to be kind of tough love on today’s topic. So I want to begin with this very clear understanding.

I’m always like transparent and authentic. So no sister that I’m on your side. And the word I have for you today is for you, not to beat you up. Okay. As a successful multi multi six figure, business coach, I’ve built a reputation for telling it like it is no BS, no fluff. I tell my friends and I tell you my beautiful powerhouse less deprived community, women, what you need to hear, even if it’s smarts of it, right, because I love you that much. So here’s the truth. As I talk to so many women, as I’m blessed to do each and every day, here is what I hear from you. I just don’t know, Judy, things aren’t working. Why aren’t I making more money? I don’t know. Can I really do it? I’m overwhelmed. There’s a theme here. Ladies, do you see it? What would you say that theme is? Take a moment type it in the comments.

What do you think that theme is of the questions I just asked. Okay, I know there’s a delay. So for time purposes, I’m going to go I’m going to answer my own question, but I do want to see a pop up. Okay. So what’s the theme of those couple of questions and that does seem to be a theme with women, before they start working with me inside the blesta private Academy or one on one or whatever the case. It’s doubt. It’s fear. And it’s a negativity. You’re right sharing a lack of clarity. More specifically, you is a lack of clarity. But if we come out to that 30,000 foot view, it’s this negative mindset. Right? And it’s really, it’s, it’s, it’s founded in doubt.
It’s founded in doubt.

And that, that negative mindset, the doubt, the fear is what so many of you are focusing on. Right? The lack the doubt, the I can’t, even the woe is me. And I’m like what? We are women of faith. Right, ladies? But where is that faith?
The faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is all knowing all powerful, all everything, right? Where is faith in Him when it comes to our business?
Now, you may know from watching my primer, Thursday’s earlier this month that faith is my word for October inside this group. And it could truly be the word of the month, even the word of the year because it’s that important. So spoiler alert, the cat is out of the bag, the one thing you must focus on, to thrive in business, and in life, in anything, is faith.

Now listen, as Christians, this should be like the foundation of everything we do. So it should be second nature. This is this is not a surprise, I’m sure. But it is pivotally important. Faith, as we learned in Hebrews 11, the faith chapter. Faith
is the substance of things hoped for the substance.

And it’s the evidence of things not saying I’m a lawyer, I love the word evidence, evidence. It’s facts. It’s it’s what we what we have seen, to help us believe what we haven’t yet seen. Do you hear what I’m saying? If you get what I’m saying? I’m gonna see some hearts. I’m going to see some emojis blowing up in the comments, please. Because you see in Christ. Faith is not merely some nebulous hope, or a wish that’s kind of hanging out into the atmosphere, right? It’s not something passive, that has nothing real attached to it. If you don’t have Christ, that’s what faith and hope and belief is. Believe. Believe it What?

Hope, hoping what right, as Christians, our faith, our hope, everything. Thank you, for the love is founded in the Lord Jesus Christ who can do anything and everything. Right. So faith in Christ has substance. There’s something to hold on to it is called his holy and precious word. It is called the stories of the Bible. It is called the way he’s moved in our own lives. That is the evidence, right? There is absolute evidence that the Lord Jesus Christ lives hallelujah. And so our faith is so much more than what the world has in the way of hope. So, ladies, faith needs to fuel you, as this powerful woman of God. Okay.

Faith needs to energize you and me into action. Yes, even scary action on the mission fields, whether domestic or elsewhere.
And faith has to energize us to take scary action in our businesses. Right? After all, God Himself is the one who put this business idea and this passion into our hearts. So let’s not forget that we’ve got to remember that we’ve got to think on that and pray on that. Right. Faith is what pushes us to persevere, even when it seems that nothing is happening at the moment, right? Faith also is what motivates us and inspires us to keep going, we walk by faith, not by sight.

And then I just say, Oh, if only God would allow us just a glimpse of what’s going on in the background,
how he is working on our behalf, on your behalf. Right. He has plans, and he has a way to do it. And it may not be what we expect. And it may not be in our timing. But oh hallelujah to the Christ. Right. And we want that glimpse, we want to see the end. But that’s not how God works. God says I am who I am. You’ve seen me work throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament. You know me? Do you trust me? See, and thank you for the love ladies. Thank you paid Pac God never fails. We know this right? So why are we so quick to doubt Why think about that.

Why? The Bible tells us as a man thinketh so is he. So? How do you think? What do you think? Okay, how you think see the world, you know, the secret, and some of these other books that that are really worldly and not of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have nice sounding soundbites and nuggets of truth. But you see that truth in a small tea and in quotes is not grounded in anything. Because truth, capital T is grounded in the only one that matters the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is absolute. You see, that’s the foundation. That’s why we say when you The Bible says, when you build your home, on sand, it’s gonna fall, it’s gonna it’s gonna come crashing down. But when you build it on the sound principles of God,
it’s gonna withhold anything and everything, right?

So Hebrews 11, six, now, without faith, it is impossible to please God. That is a very convicting statement, isn’t it? Without faith, it is impossible to please God. That first goes on to say, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists, and that He rewards those who seek Him.
So some of you I’ve seen, you know, preach, preach. Yeah, true. Okay, so this is not, but here’s the beauty ladies, this is not rah, rah, rah,
this is the meat of our existence.

Can I get an amen on that Jesus is our existence, we are only alive because of him. Because he is alive in us, you see, oh, Lord, thank you, God, you’re talking. This is all stuff that I don’t have written down here. But you see, it is Christ. That is our foundation for all. And we so easily just, I don’t know, somehow as humans, it’s just, we know it. We love it, and we get excited. But then life, but then the world, we’ve got to shut down the worldly voices, and go to him and trust him, right. Now, ladies, this may sound very simplistic, but I am firmly believing in because of my life experience that there is power and simplicity. You know, as one quick example, some of you’re trying to get cutesy with your branding, and with the naming of your programs and offers and it just falls flat.

You know why? Because chaos confuses and doesn’t sell. And simplicity is clear. As Sharon mentioned earlier, clarity is a beautiful thing. And so as simplicity. So listen, you might say okay, faith, okay, you rah rah. Yeah, yeah, but how does that impact my business? Okay, great question. Listen, faith in Christ is the foundation of life and business, period, faith to see your business from God’s perspective, which is limitless possibilities. Right when God’s hand is in it, thanks to seeing yourself, my beautiful sister, as God sees you. A beautiful, perfectly imperfect woman seeking him as a proverbs 31 woman did a woman who was able, by her own mind, heck no.

A woman who is able in and through Christ, to do extraordinary things. You see, God gifted us with things like he gifted me with the brain. He gifted me with ambition. He gifted me with energy. That is, you know, beyond many of my age, I’ll be 55 in a few short weeks.
I just don’t stop. I’m like the Energizer Bunny, I wouldn’t be that way but for him. And I couldn’t be smart, like my parents were smart. But I I went to college, and I went to law school, and I took that risk, a six figure risk, and I didn’t know how I was going to pay it back. I didn’t get hardly any scholarships. Nothing. I wasn’t smart, but I just didn’t get any.

And so ladies, I kind of got it. I’m hurting off the point. But the point is, God has gifted you with everything you need to take your business as far as your imagination could, could go even beyond what you think is possible now. But it begins in faith. So yes, faith is that one thing you must focus on to thrive? Faith is the foundation faith over fear. Let’s make a decision ladies and put I decide. Please put that in the comments. I decide. faith. Faith over doubt, faith over fear, faith over overwhelm faith over distraction, faith over confusion, faith over worry. Are you with me sister. I need to see that. I decide. You get to decide, every day, every hour, every moment. I choose, right? I decide faith over all faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So remember what Jesus said to the disciples when they woke him when he was sleeping when they were being tossed around in the storm at sea? What did he say? Oh, ye of little faith? Why are you afraid?

Why are you afraid that Jesus was sleeping was sleeping. They didn’t see him doing anything, okay. And they walked with Him, they saw him do miracles. They knew what he could do, and they doubted. So if you are in your business right now, and you’re not happy with the way things are going right now, you’re working too darn hard. And your bank account? Does it reflect that? Feels like Jesus is sleeping.
You don’t know what he’s doing?

Faith. I decide faith over anything else. Because Jesus is ready to reward you, sister. But he can’t reward you with the big thing until he sees that you trust him with the little things. Okay. Oh, ye of little faith. Jesus says to you and to me, where are you afraid? Right? Okay, so faith, that is what you are to think on every day. throughout the day. Thank you for the love, ladies love you, ladies so much. So look when something goes wrong in your day think God’s got this. I can’t figure it out. I mean, right. But then you say God’s got
this and by him. And when I believe and have faith in Him, He will download that to me, I can and we’ll figure this out by His grace, nothing to worry about. When a client who you thought you had ready to say yes decides to go a different way, I need you to think faith and choose decide faith. No worries, God will take away something good.

In order to give me something better, and do his best he wants to get to me
is best. So again, hey, you see how this is foundational ladies. You see, all business comes down to just two things all business you know, there are plenty of online people making millions of dollars to overcomplicate business, but it really comes down to two things. Okay. mindset and strategy. And this mindset piece, the all important mindset piece where everything begins, is all taken care of when you go all in on your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s a fact.

Who believes that, who’s going to act on that? Look at Paul, even in prison, his faith was strong. Look at Daniel, his faith allowed him to persevere in his daily prayer routine, despite the king’s edict against it. He believed in God. And that propelled him to take action, trusting in the one that made him his faith in the Lord was stronger than his fear of man.

Look at Daniel’s friends, shadrach, meshach and abednego. Same thing. They would not bow to this human being with powerful faith. And wow, how did Jesus Christ show up? Come on. That’s a Chris stafanie ladies on effects the first one, and that was the first one but come on, faithful sisters and brothers through the ages. Hallelujah. That’s praise the great name of the Lord God, right. Ladies, we serve a big God, the one true God, the one who could do immeasurably more than anything we could ask or even imagine. So with that, what do we do? Instead, we should run, not walk to him, we should run to Him in prayer, seek His guidance, seek His wisdom, pray that he strengthen our faith. And to pray back to him is exceedingly great and precious promises taken straight from his word. And every promise as we know is yes. In his son Jesus Christ. So make no mistake. I’d love to debate anybody.

I don’t care who they are. I don’t care. You know how many followers they got. This is the one thing you need ladies to focus on to thrive it is fake. And the interesting thing is, about a month ago, I heard a secular person talk about faith. And I thought, huh, there again, they kind of sort of get it. But it doesn’t mean anything. But it’s not grounded in The one who’s holding everything together, right? So exercise that faith muscle sisters, go to God today, even this morning, ask him to strengthen your faith to eliminate your doubt, and to show you his plan for your life and your business, and then go all in. And each of our faith journeys is absolutely unique. But let’s encourage each other as we seek to grow in our faith. And as your coach, hear me out, Sister, I want to instruct you stop thinking, I can’t stop saying I can’t.

Perhaps you in your own strength, can’t. Right. But oh, in Christ, my sister You can do the impossible me is able?
Are you looking to him. So stop worrying and saying I’m afraid, stop worrying about what others will say, that doesn’t want you to be afraid of anything. So step out in faith with confidence in him knowing that Christ is right there with you. Now we’ll take a breath.

If you are watching, and thinking, Hmm, I thought she was going to focus on the one strategy to really get my business going. Let me say this,
again, may sound like tough love, but it is truth. And I’m giving it to you because it’s the best I got. If your mindset, my dear friend is not right. And this foundational piece of faith in Christ is not in place. There is not one strategy that’s going to get you to where you say you want to go. Okay, I understand that may be a hard pill to swallow. And that may not make sense. But you see, God does an actor move in ways that are to make sense to us. God’s ways are not our ways, His ways are far above our way. So it’s not about logic, my friend. It’s not about what’s possible, from a finite human perspective. And it’s certainly not about what is reasonable.

From our perspective. It’s about faith in the Lord God Almighty and His power, His might his strength, which is without limit, hallelujah, hallelujah, I’m going to come to your comments in just a moment. So with faith, unwavering, solid faith in Christ, the one temporal thing that I would say, I want you to become absolutely obsessed with in your business. Anybody have an idea? I hate that there’s a long delay. So if I had to come, okay, faith is absolutely the foundation of a thriving business. And that is in Christ. That is that is really eternal. That is not of this world. But what is the one temporal thing that you think I’m going to suggest? You should be absolutely obsessed with?

Any ideas? All right. It’s people. That’s right. I want you to be obsessed with changing people’s lives. One by one. What people for those in your target audience and specifically, your ideal clients, you have them, right? You have that figured out? Don’t you the clarity there? And if you don’t, and if you’re like, What are you talking about? You definitely need to attend next week’s workshop, and you will be blown away. You’ll be blown away.

So what do I mean by being obsessed with people? Well, you got to show up for them consistently. like nobody else in your space. You’ve got to love on them, like nobody else is doing in your space. Thank you for the love. You’ve got to serve them. like nobody else in your space. I need you to be obsessed with people and prospects, your target audience, your ideal clients and obsessed with your clients getting results. Okay? See, the impact of your all important human connection is huge, especially these days, right? personalized, customized service, the highest standards of excellence, I need you to be obsessed ladies with changing people’s lives one by one, and watch what happens. Okay, so that coupled with primarily your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I mean, it’s limitless. So instead of being obsessed with social media, How many times should I post today? What should I post? How many followers do I have? Right? Instead of being obsessed with things like that? I want you to ask yourself these questions which relate to be obsessed with people.

What’s the last time I reached out to Anita or Bonnie or Christina? Hmm, how can I make my program my course? Have my services and my product even better? How can I deliver more? Or better results? Or how about this question? Where can I find that woman right now? Who needs a coach like me? Whether you’re a health coach, business coach, mindset, coach, whatever it is, who not only knows her stuff, but who actually truly deeply cares about her?
Right? Who needs what you’ve got?

Are you asking yourself that question and trying to find her right? The quality of your life and the quality of your business is determined by the questions you ask, What questions do you regularly ask yourself? What are you obsessed with? Now, I’m going to come to you in the comments in one second, my last question to you is, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this here in the comments. How will you think and act differently? As a result of today’s thriver? Live? How will you show up differently? How will you think differently? How will you act differently? All right, so Rebecca is here. Sharon is here, Teresa, as I said, Ana is here. Oh, hi, Dolly is here. Yay. All the way from South Africa. So glad you’re here. Hi, Dolly says her challenge is staying focused on creating rather than on what’s not happening yet. See, and that is so common, right? You know, when we’re starting out in our business, or when we’re coming back from a time away, or when we’ve decided we want to take our business to the next level, we definitely have to again, be intentional about how we spend our time. And we always have to prioritize that is a thriving SEO skill set that we need to master.

So we need to say today is a day that I need to focus on x. So if you need to generate dollars, you need to specifically strategize about revenue generating activities. What can I do today to get more money in my pocket sooner? And so how do you do that? Now that is the C word. Right? connecting. And that’s related to what I’m asking you today to be obsessed on, which is people reach out to people. And not just on social media, although that is a marketing tool. But reach out to people through email, reach out to people through phone calls, if you’re able to get out, go out and meet people, but be very specific and intentional.

I’m talking about people who are in your target audience, your ideal client. Okay, so I hope that helps on Pamela having the time block but not using it. Okay. So there we go. We know what to do. Now we just need to do it. And knowing what to do is really the hard part it should be and we’re over complicating it ourselves with not honoring the time block that we’ve set for ourselves. So say, Lord, help me to do what I have here in my calendar. And to hold true to that. Okay, it is as easy as that. I know that can be difficult, but if you have the time block written, just honor it. Okay. And trust that that will get you where you need to be.

Pamela says, I love your life. Thank you, hon. And Kate, fear of being proven that we aren’t enough.
Okay, let’s be real. We’re not enough. By that, I mean, but for Christ, we were unworthy we are we are dust. But with him, we are more than enough. Okay. So again, I’ve often said, My confidence is not in me as a human being. It used to be. But now as my faith in Christ mature, I realize
I will let myself down. But where my confidence is in Christ, and who he made me to be and I know he doesn’t make mistakes, and I know his timing is perfect. I can show up very confidently for you ladies right now. No matter what if I don’t feel like being here, if I have a headache, if you know, I don’t know if the sun’s out, and I’d rather be taking a walk.

You see what I mean? Okay, so, so this idea of I’m not worthy, or I’m not enough. That really comes from being too concerned and maybe obsessed with you. And I’m not being I don’t mean anything, any any disrespect there, Kate. I’m talking to many because virtually every woman there are times we feel unworthy, less than not enough. I mean, I’ve been there. But again, we have to hold on to the absolute truth of God’s Holy Word. You are beautifully and wonderfully made perfectly imperfect, everything you need. God promises to equip you where he’s called you. So you’ve got to squash that little whisper of the enemy and move forward in confidence knowing who Christ is and who he made you to be. Okay, hope that helps. Jackie was here God is moving. Sharon says God uses everything and so often he’s waiting for us to get off the couch. Yes, literally and figuratively right all right Sandra joined and she said I decide cases I decide faith awesome awesome Shayla is here I decide faith, faith over everything.

I decide faith over it all. This is so good ladies. Julie says I choose faith. Pamela I decide faith. Julie says he’s a lamp to my feet. He doesn’t promise to show me the entire path. Just the path right before me. I have to walk forward in faith not by sight. Amen. Pamela says only in Christ. Sandra says if we want to walk on water, we got to get out of the boat who I love that. Yes, yes, sister Christy’s here. And cases reading and praying daily is so important. Absolutely. Absolutely. changing people’s lives. Griselda join. Sandra likes the idea of the highest standard of excellence. That’s That’s right. And Who says that? The Lord God, the Lord God, we need only, you know, stay with what he tells us that we overcomplicate it, we’re trying to figure it out ourselves, that we’ve got it all figured out. We just need to go to him and be quiet enough to listen and ladies, believe me. You’re you’re looking at someone who that is not easy.

I love to talk. I love to be the center of attention. I am kind of smart. So I’d like to figure things out. And sometimes you know what, there’s nothing to figure out. It’s just about caring, hearing and cleaning out our ears and pausing to listen, be still and know that I’m God. Right. Julie, I will choose the Lord first every day and throughout the day. Donna says I hope I’m saying your name right. By the way, hon. I will recharge and have more energy in proceeding ahead. Excellent. Sandra says focus intentional. Yes. And Griselda says blocking time I need to work on that you’re not alone. Absolutely. So ladies, listen, I hope that today’s thriver Thursday live was helpful. Would you
please let me know?

If that is something that you know that you’ve been blessed by being here. I would really appreciate that. Just pop it in the comments. What are your thoughts about driver Thursday lives? If there is a hot topic that you would love me to cover before the end of the year? Let me know here. This this page, you know, the blessed thrive community Facebook group is for you. And that’s exactly why next week’s workshop, I’m putting that on again, because we had so many breakthroughs and so many of you jumped inside the blessed to thrive Academy. And you’re seeing big things happen.

You know, you have these big dreams and you’re seeing it piece by piece come together. Because you’re doing the work. You’re showing up. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to watch. Yes. And Kate, I get it. I get it. You’re right. That’s not a personal struggle for you as far as not feeling worthy. And I’m sorry, again. I need to point that on you. So thank you for the clarification. Yeah, you’re right. It is a common thing that we women grapple with not feeling enough.

Yes, yes. Yes. All right. So ladies, I’ve got to run. Thank you so much for being here with me. know that I love you know that I am here to serve you. If you and I aren’t yet connected on Instagram. please seek me out and I’ll connect back with you. I’ll follow you back on that at Judy Weber live. And as always, ladies have a beautiful, beautiful and blessed rest of your day.
God bless.

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