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Ep 86: The Key to Real Life & Business Change! Transcript

Hey there, ladies. I’m a little bit early wanting to check out the tech, make sure all is well. And I want to wish each and every one of you a very, very warm welcome. Welcome to day one of the thrive method workshop, you are in for a business change. And more than that, you’re in for life change. And all of it is powered by the Lord Jesus Christ as Scripture tells us
alone, man could do nothing.

But with God, the impossible becomes possible. Hallelujah. Yes, all praise and glory, of course goes to our Lord Jesus Christ.
So as you’re coming on Angelica and Lydia, I’m sure there are many others that are here. Um, Dylon does so good to see you, hon. So good to see you. I want you to pop on and tell me refresh my memory. Because if you know me, you know, I want to get to know you. Each of you is important to me. So tell me what is your business? Are you a coach? Or consultant? Are you a speaker? Are you an author? Are you an accountant or a lawyer or a creative?

Are you an agency owner? Are you in direct sales? Right? Do you have a brick and mortar? I want to know so please tell me that in the chat. Hey, Cheryl. So good to see you ladies, as you’re hopping on. Also, besides like signing in and saying, hey, I want to know, are you working full time in your business? Right? Or are you still working to 95 right. Or maybe you’re a full time mom and you got bless you’re homeschooling your babies, and you’re also working your business on the side in your spare moments. I really want to know what your situation is. Hey, Teresa.

Hey, Diane, so good to see you all here. So listen, Sister, I want you to hear me if I say I am blessed that you are here. Well over 200 registered and a big, big bunch more this morning. So I’ve lost all track. But it is important to me that you know that each of you is valuable and important to me. And in fact, in my eyes, you are extraordinary. And I’m speaking to each and every one of you. So if nobody’s told you that today, or this week, or this month, or in 2020, please hear it from me. You are extraordinary. And that’s why I named my podcast. She is extraordinary. And she is you. Okay, my goal for us this week, inside the workshop is that every single one of you who participates and does the work, who does the success work at the end of each day’s training, you are going to experience a breakthrough, a breakthrough in your business. And as I said in your life. So as we jump in, and there’s so many of you here and I’m so so excited. Please answer two questions for me. So I want to see the chat really, really blow up here. Oh, cameras here and Bonnie and Miranda. So good to see you. All right. So question number one, okay, we’re going to be doing numbers on a scale of one to 10.

On a scale of one to 10. How would you first rate your mindset? How would you rate your mindset overall? Right with one being? Not too great. 10 being. Yeah, pretty darn good. Okay, tell me where you’re at in your mindset right now today. Okay. Hey, Ruthie. Hi, Jen. And Michelle. Sylvia, awesome to see you here. All right. So on a scale of one to 10. How do you rate your overall mindset? Okay, that was question one. Question two is similar, but different. Okay, it’s important that you answer the second question as well. On a scale of one to 10. How would you rate your money mindset? You see, the first is the general mindset, kind of where are you? Right? What do you think about things? And are you more positive? Or were no, we’re not so positive, right. And then the second one directly relates to the stories that you tell yourself when it relates to money. Right? So one would be money is hard to come by. and money doesn’t grow on trees, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. That’s the one mindset or zero, right?

That’s what I grew up with. And the 10 mindset is money comes easily to me. I know how to make money, and it’s fun. Okay. So tell me where you are on a scale of one to 10 and your money mindset. And remember, ladies, engagement is super important this week. prizes begin tomorrow. Yes, I not only show up and give you such valuable content, because I love you so much. But I also want to incentivize you to not only be here and listen and learn, but actually do to implement and to take action. So as I said prices start tomorrow based upon your participation, including your engagement today. Good. I see these numbers popping in Good, good, good. The more you comment, and I’m going to go back and check out all these comments. Don’t you worry. The more you comment, and the more you engage support others. And the more me and my team See you, right? gauging here.

As we go in the success work threads in each day. Are you going to comment on each other’s right? Are you going to go live in the group and give us your feedback for the day your take of you know, your your breakthrough for the day and your takeaway for the day, the more we see you show up, the more you’re likely to win one of our fantastic prizes. In fact, one of you later this week is going to win a scholarship inside my signature program, right the opportunity to join my blessed to thrive Academy at 50% off which is crazy, right? It’s an incredible opportunity. Just very, very briefly, what’s the academy you might be asking? Well, the Academy is a unique, nothing else like it 12 month experience, and it’s the first I love the love Thank you. It is the first and only results driven program for high achieving go getter, Christian women ready to generate consistent five figure months and up, right.

And for those of you who don’t know me, I’m just gonna pause real quick. I think I have like 30, some or maybe almost 40 new members just in the past couple of days, I want to take a moment to introduce myself, either beautiful ladies, my name is Judy Weber, and I am your Christian business coach and growth strategist. I’m actually becoming known as the professional woman’s business coach, maybe because I was in the C suite for years, maybe because I was a former trial lawyer. But in any event, I’m becoming known as the professional woman’s business coach, and I work exclusively with high achieving women of faith like you and I help you build impactful, profitable and scalable businesses. How do we do that, with grace, with simplicity and joy, and always putting our Lord Jesus Christ first. So good to meet you. If you’re brand new, you know, make sure you do an intro video inside the group we want to get to know you, right.

That’s the kind of sisterhood and community that we have in this group. And I want you to participate fully, because that is how you get the most out of the program. Okay, let’s pause now and go to God in prayer. And then we’ll dive on in. Heavenly Father, I thank you, oh, Lord,
another beautiful day, you’ve blessed us with another beginning of the week. It’s a new beginning every day is a fresh start, Lord. So no matter where these ladies are in their business just getting started, or years in, or perhaps just having an idea and haven’t even yet launched. Whether they are thriving in business with six figure months or whether they’re trying to get their first client Lord, I just pray that you will be speaking through me today and all week.

Lord, I am your vessel. I defer to you, Lord. So you know I have notes. But if there’s something you want to say, just please quick in my spirit, quick in my mind, Lord, and I will defer to you. Lord, I ask you to bless each and every one of these ladies to speak to their heart in their mind directly, Lord, as they need. We love you. And we trust you. And we can’t wait to see how you’re going to move in these ladies lives and businesses this week. Thank you, God, we trust you. It’s in the mighty and strong name of your son Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. All right. So let’s start here. What is mindset? Well, it’s defined as an established set of attitudes held by someone, it’s your beliefs. It’s your perspective. And so as I’m sure you’ve heard, your life isn’t about really what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you. And how you respond is a result of your perspective and how you think, right?

When did you know that the Bible gives us guidance on this issue of attitude, and belief and perspective, and specifically, on the point of how to thank God in His infinite wisdom has given us an exclusive list of things we are to think about. And it’s found in Philippians, four, eight, and it goes something like this, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable or lovely. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy think on these things.

So if a thought comes up in your mind, and it’s not one of the things that I just said on that list, my dear sister, we are not to think about it. Right? thoughts like, I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy. Who am I look at her. I’d love to be successful like that. But that’s not really possible for me. Or thoughts. Like, I’ve got to do it all by myself. I can’t ask others for help. Or how about this one? Everything’s got to be perfect. That’s like, I can’t do that. What would they think of me? or thoughts like, hmm, not today. Maybe tomorrow? or doubt, fear, shame, guilt from the past. Ladies, none of these things. None of these thoughts. that I just mentioned, are on that Philippians, four, eight list.

So trust me when I say, God as a way to think about them, right, that’s negative, that’s the enemy, right? And I get it. Okay, I understand these thoughts come up. And you may have tried to push them down, but they just keep coming. Believe me, I get it. Later today, I’m gonna give you an exercise. But if you practice, it will definitely help to reduce those negative thoughts. And with practice gets you closer and closer to actually eliminating them altogether. And not by our power right now by my power, not by your individual power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit living in you. You see, for me, in business as in life, Christ is smack dab in the center, no ifs, ands, or buts or maybes. He is who I am like, Jesus is my everything. Because you’re here, I’m kind of thinking you feel the same, right? A couple years ago, when I was working as it has General Counsel, and the director of HR of a big company, my boss posed some sort of scenario at me. Um, you know, I was his counsel. So he was sharing an idea for me. And he was Jewish, but he didn’t, he didn’t practice. And so as we were talking through the scenario, he said, Judy, how would you answer this question if you take Jesus out of it, because I had answered prefacing something like well as a Christian, up above? And when he asked me that question about take Jesus out of it, and how would you answer it?

I said, Gary, I can’t take Jesus out of it. Like he’s a part of everything I am and everything I do, he guides what I do, and how I think, and I’ll tell you, he was just baffled. He was scratching his head. Now, listen, for some of you. Having a faith based business, maybe a new concept, even if you love the Lord Jesus Christ, right, because you love him, but you didn’t maybe know how he fit into that business. Or maybe in this PC culture that we live in. You didn’t want to offend anyone. So you thought it best to keep your faith out of your business? Well, I am here to tell you, my sister, I am here to tell you, I want to give you permission to invite Jesus into every aspect of your life, every moment of your life, including your business. Remember, he wants relationship with you. He cares about the details of your life, he loves you so much. He sings over you. I love that verse. Business is not outside of God’s care. He long said business as in all other aspects of life will be done ethically and with a servant’s heart, heart centered in love, right, and your God given talents, abilities, your God given passion to serve and help others, your education, your background, and all of your life experiences that he allowed happening to you up to this point, to be used to help others and bring him glory.

So it all comes together. Thank you for the love, right? know this. Your faith in Christ does not have to be in neon lights flashing inside your business, right? That does not Jesus does not have to be a part of your brand. Okay? But how you run your business can absolutely be faith based, Jesus focused. And I firmly believe that when you no longer exclude your faith from your business, you’re going to feel better, more aligned with your values. And when you invite Jesus into your strategy and your planning sessions. Oh, my goodness, he’s going to show up. He’s going to support you. It’s going to advocate for you and he’s going to pour into you. I know because he does it for me. I was having a tough time a little bit on Saturday night I woke up Sunday. I said Lord, I’m not having a bad day,
dove into his word, had a beautiful time with him.

And he downloaded some amazingness into me sisters, please hear me on this. Not only will you be blessed when you invite Jesus into your business, but your clients are going to be blessed also whether or not they’re believers. Okay, so trust me, you need to lean on Christ to build your business. And I truly can’t imagine no other way. Right? If God put this passion is drive inside of your heart, you got to press on and walk in your purpose, right? with him, guiding you.

Now we know that the naysayers are going to come. You see, the devil is going to try to bring people and things into your life to stop you from living out that God given purpose. Absolutely. And you know, the closer you walk with the Lord, the more you’re going to be under attack. So if you feel like you’re under attack, then you should turn to Jesus to say wow, I must be on the on the cusp of something great Lord, show me Show me helped me strengthen me right. And as the Bible tells us, quarrels are not on this world. So don’t fight the flesh and the blood, but the power is in the principalities. So if others that includes close family members, If they’re telling you to quit your business, or not start at all. If they tell you to stop being foolish and go back to your job, it’s safe, they say, and even if they’re telling you business is not godly, that’s when
you need to go directly to God. And ask him yourself, seek His wisdom and guidance, go boldly to the throne, as in Hebrews 416, and listen to what he tells you.

And we need to be obedient to Him, right. And I love all this blown up. Thank you. Thank you, ladies. Because we are agreeing, as sisters in Christ together, this is the way business is to be done. And no guilt over making money. It’s an exchange of value for value. We’ll talk about that later in the week. I have a quick story, I want to bring this point home for you. My oldest son, Mike, had graduated not this past May, but the May before and had a little bit of a hard time finding a job. He’s a worship pastor, and you know, brand new out of school hard to find a job. Well, there were a couple of opportunities that opened up at home, but they weren’t quite what he wanted. And so he said, Mom, I’m sorry, that’s not right. I know, I believe that God has something better for me. I thought he was wrong, wrong, wrong. And I got angry with him. And I said, You know what, Mike, I don’t know what you want this perfect job.

You’re fresh out of college, you know, you got to pay your dues. Do you know that was May you know that in December, after turning down three jobs that I thought he should take, after starting to work at retail nights and weekends, which I thought why is he doing this? Why don’t you just take one of these other jobs in the faith. He was right. He was right. God opened up the perfect job for Michael. It felt great. Their ideology the church fitted with his and Marie is outside Chicago having the time of his life. So we’ve got to listen to the Lord. We’ve got to listen to the Lord. Even if our friends say something, even if our flesh feels like it’s not right. If God says to something, we got it, we got to listen to it.
My right.

Okay, so who’s excited to be here? All right, show me some love and like it’s some hearts in the comments. Tell me I’m ready. Okay, type. Praise Jesus in the comments. let’s commit to our time together here and dedicate this special time to him. Okay, so just a quick, a couple of quick administrative things before I really dive into the meat of what I want to talk about. First, the workbook, didn’t my team do a beautiful job on that workbook. It’s so pretty. I don’t want you to miss the last page. It has several Bible verses to encourage you as you work on building your business. Okay. Second, remember, I go live with my main training aid here at noon Eastern every day. But I’m also bringing a couple of
bonus sessions, right I call them implement, thank you for the love. I call them implement and accelerate sessions. Today, Wednesday and Friday at four o’clock eastern.

These are additional trainings plus Q and A’s right, I’m going to give you a little bit of additional training for about 1015 minutes, and then I’m going to open it up for your questions to help you as you implement that day’s success work. So be sure to come back to date four o’clock eastern as well as Wednesday, Friday for even more trainings and sisterly fellowship. Just so you’re aware today at four o’clock, you want to come back because I’ll be talking on why most programs and courses do not work. I’ll be identifying what’s missing. Right, this question, how many of you bought a course or joined a program and you didn’t get the results you thought you would? Right? So you want to come back and forth back? I’m gonna tell you why. Okay. And by the way, look inside the workbook, because I have our schedule of the main trainings for the day, as well as our implement sessions. Better bonuses,
okay. All right.

Let’s start. Let’s start here and grab, grab your workbook for day one looks like this. Okay. Let’s start here. Your mindset establishes how you show up daily. All right. So if you’re following along in your workbook, that’s the first blank your mindset. your mindset, for example, beautiful is going to determine whether you wake up at 530 or nine. Whether you do that scary thing, like going live on Facebook or Instagram, or putting it off for just one more day. them is gonna make the difference between whether you invest in yourself or you keep struggling trying to figure it out on your own right. your mindset is going to determine whether you actually open for business or keep working on that website to get a perfect or keep preparing or otherwise, just keep getting ready to get ready to get ready.

Right? your mindset is going to determine whether you do what you really don’t feel like doing because you know you need to to move your business forward. Or if you wait until you someday feel like it until you’re motivated. Right. So look at love you enough sister To tell you the truth. You cannot trust your feelings. Right? proverbs 2826. If we trust in our hearts, we are fools. We can’t trust our feelings, right? to thrive in business, you have got to do things you don’t want to do. And I love you enough to tell you that truth, right? Nothing on godly, nothing unethical. But things you don’t want to do things that scare you, and things that are going to grow you and stretch you way beyond your comfort zone like video. That’s a big one for a lot of us, ladies, because we are our own worst critic, Can I get an amen on that? And I want us to cut it out. Right? But you know, when we have to do these things, like going live so that people can really get a feel for who we are right? See our smiles and hear us talk and see us talking with our hands, right? It’s as simple as this. I don’t want to do it. But do you really want the business that you say you do? Do you really want to thrive? Tell me in the comments.

Do you say yes, I want to thrive? Or I really don’t care. Right? Do you want to thrive in business? Okay, I want to see that blow up. Now. The comments. I’m looking right at you over here on the side. Okay. See a lot of Amen. Amen. coming in. Awesome. Okay. Listen, your mindset, how you think your perspective establishes how you show up each and every day. So now I want to show you what a thriver mindset looks like, right? The top 1%, which I want you to be if you really want this business, you got to be in the top 1%. Right. To be set. Here’s thing, I wasn’t gonna say this, but I said now, do you know that to reach the level of success you want? One of the biggest determiners is
just don’t get it.

Keep going. Don’t give up. Okay. You know, this thriver mindset is premised on commitment. And I’m seeing I want to thrive a couple of exclamation points. So be ahead. That’s awesome. Okay, commitment to the business that God put on your heart. So Howdy. This is not a Oh, I’ll give it a try. No, your business has got to be a commitment. You’ve got to be 100% committed? no plan B, right. Okay. Second, your mindset should be grounded in who God made you to be a belief in what you can accomplish in Christ, fully embracing who he made you to be. Right. we stumble. When we look to ourselves. It makes me kind of crazy. When the worldly, you know, coaches out there say, you got to believe in yourself. You’ve got to look yourself and self made women and men. No, no, no, I don’t think you created yourself.

And if you’ve had success, I don’t even want to tell you and you don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t even want to tell you who’s helping you get there. Right? These are hard facts. These are true absolute truth to the heart of the Lord God Almighty. So if this is
offending you, I love you enough to tell you the truth that sometimes the truth hurts, right? we stumble, when we look to ourselves, in our flesh by our own power, right? But let’s be clear on this, we need to believe in ourselves to the extent that we identify ourselves as Daughters of the king, right? It’s who we are in Christ. And I see when we put too much emphasis on self, outside of who we are in the Lord. That’s when we’ll go astray. You see, self is the root of all sin, self. So we need to be careful not to mention that we ourselves are only human, and our humanity absolutely limits us, and what we can actually do, what we alone, without the Lord could accomplish.

It’s very finite, right? But God, I love that, but God hallelujah. But God has blessed us. And he’s right here with us, doing things with us, strengthening us, giving us the joy, the peace, the strategy, the knowledge, the guts, the confidence in him to do what we need to do. Right? In Mark 1027, Jesus Himself said, with man, this isn’t possible, but not with God. All things are possible, right? Ephesians 320, which is my life verse. It talks about how Christ is able to do what, immeasurably more, not just more but immeasurably more than all that we ask, or even imagine. Nothing’s hard for him.

And the neatest part about the rest of that verse is that God allows us to be a part of what he does, as it goes on to state that all of it is done according to His power at work where within us, I when I think about that, it’s just amazing and wonderful, what a blessing. How great is our God. So this idea of belief in what we can do, it’s not it’s a belief in what We can do by and through the Lord Jesus Christ.
That makes sense, right? Everything I do in my business, with my clients, and with your beautiful sisters here in my group is grounded on this fundamental concept that I firmly believe was given to me from the Lord. And here it is. When you go all in, on who you are in Christ, you fully embrace everything that he needs you to be. And you stop being critical of yourself. And instead, accept and embrace the truth, that you are wonderfully made by our Heavenly Father, that you are perfectly imperfect.

When you do that, when you go all in on who Christ made you to be that my dear sister is when you will be able to finally tap in to your full potential, and walk in your God given purpose and live that extraordinary life that God has planned for you.
I mean, hallelujah, it’s, it’s a mic drop moment, right. I’m excited. I’m excited. And I see the comments blowing up. Thank you for that. So question, ladies, are you thinking differently already? Are you thinking differently already? Have you had a few? Aha? Are you seeing things from a different perspective? Okay, so going back to the workbook, we see three circles, we’ll talk about that now. Okay, I want you to put inside the circles starting at the left, be do have, and what I’m about to share is going to turn things on their head for you, if you haven’t heard me talk about this before, because this is a revolutionary way to think, as a founder, as a thriving CEO, as an entrepreneur. And in my opinion, the way to think that I’m going to explain is absolutely vital, if you want to thrive,
okay, and it’s this.

So many believe that once I have x, like more money, like more followers, okay, once I have that, then I’ll be able to do a, you know, once I have more money, once I have more followers, then I’ll be able to launch my program, and then I’ll be able to open my facebook group, and then I’ll be able to start the podcast, and then I’ll be able to, you know, fill in the blank. And the way this philosophy goes, then after you have, and then you do, then I’ll be a success. Okay, I’ve got it backwards. It’s not have do be it’s B do have. Okay? Because if you wait until you have something, whether it’s more money, more followers more clients, or maybe lose weight or have more time or whatever it is what you’re waiting to have, if you wait until you have that before you take action, well, then you’re never going to take action, right? I mean, that action is going to be delayed. And that means that absolutely nothing is going to happen in your business. And I think if you think about it that way, maybe that’s why you feel like things aren’t moving in your business. Like I said, that may sound crazy, and they sound wrong. But trust me, it’s 1,000% true. And latia kita. She’s inside by blesta thrive Academy. She’s amazing. She’s tearing it up. Why? Because she’s jumping in doing the work. And she says, Yeah, I love it. You do have, right?

Listen, instead you need to think like a thriving CEO that you envision yourself to be, you need to think like her right now. Today, you need to be that woman, you are her. Consider that your success is a done deal. Because in Christ, it is. Right. You are a success right now. It starts with a decision. And you get to decide. You see, it’s up to you. You’ve got that power to make that choice. Right. It’s how you think, and rest at the foundation of it. It’s what I just said going all in on your faith. Right, trusting God with your future, trusting God with your business, the one that he put on your heart, it is actually your choice.
Think about it.

The decisions you’ve made thus far. They’ve determined where you are today. Right? You decided to go to college and get your degree and
you decided to be a college graduate. So you took action. As someone who graduated, what action you attended school, you took classes you studied and ultimately you decided who you wanted to be and you took action on that. And then you had what you want it. That is you got your degree. Got me. You decided I want to be a college graduate. So you took action. Now you have it. So today’s the day, the time is right now. For you to decide who you are, are you a success?

Are you that thriving CEO that you’ve been dreaming up? Or are you not? Will you decide to merely be a one to be a hobbyist sit on that fence, you’re going to be one of those I’ll try or babies, I can tell you, you don’t want that baby, or want to be
status. I want you to decide ladies, and I know this might be kind of a mental aquabats. For you to fully get this, you might want to listen back on this. But I want you to know that you get to decide and I want you to decide right now that you are a success. You are not will be You are a thriving CEO right now at 12:30pm. Eastern on October 19. And that says yeah, that was me. She had it backwards. Good. I’m so glad you’re here. Now, understandably, you’re working progress. But that’s where you’re headed.

And to have that, to be that to get your goals between right now. And making that decision to succeed, and actually enjoying that success. You’ve got to take action. And that action is the action that a thriving CEO takes. And so if you don’t consider yourself a thriving CEO, then you’ll take different action, or a lot of times inaction right? And I love it. Tamra says I am a thriving CEO, a thriving CEO. Here’s what she does. And here’s what I want you to do. Okay? a thriving CEO takes scary action every single day. a thriving CEO shows up consistently for her target audience again, every single day, whether she feels like it or not, what does she’s having a great hair day or not? Whether she’s got a pimple or not, whether she feels bad or not. Okay, a thriving CEO fully embraces who she is in Christ and she takes imperfect action, striving for excellence but realizing I’m only human.

So she gives herself grace. Knowing perfection is thankfully not required. Only Christ is perfect. Okay, that was a big one. a thriving CEO is a life long learner, you’re here, that means you got that jab, right? a thriving CEO invest in herself in her business. She reads business books to learn and grow. She’s smart. But she knows she doesn’t know everything. So she invests she reads joda time to chase all those shiny objects download this freebie from this business coach and, and watch hours of video from you know, five other different people, right? a thriving CEO hires a business coach to shortcut the learning curve.

To smart to do otherwise. a thriving CEO goes to God seeking His wisdom, praying specifically for her business, and she takes time to listen to him. And all of that thriving CEO action that is going to get you to your goals, the goals you’ve set for yourself in conversation with
the Lord, making significant impact in the world, generating consistent five figure revenue, hitting those financial goals that God gave you. And that my sister is an absolute Win, win win all around.

Okay, so how are we doing? How are we doing? I’m gonna come back to the comments in a moment. I want to do that exercise that I mentioned, to get you to minimize or with the idea of eliminating if we can, that negative mindset. Okay? And I call this
the mindset reframe. Okay. All right. So it starts with a circumstance, okay. And from that circumstance, we have a thought that thought leads to feelings, and those feelings lead to action. And that action leads to results. So, let’s say for an example, I’m going to take you through it, the negative mindset and then flipping it and reframing it. Okay. So let’s say the circumstance is, you’re not making money, or you’re not making enough money, okay? So if that’s your circumstance, and you have a negative mindset, because you’re not making money, your thought may be, this is hard. This is really hard.

That might be your thought, or maybe a related thought. I’m not good enough. Okay, so when you have those thoughts, what feeling would come as a result of that thought, and you could pop it in there. I know we’re delayed so I just want to keep going because I knew this would be a longer one for today. But when you have the thought of businesses hard or all Not good enough, the feeling could be, you know what, I can’t
do this.

Or I’ll never make money. I guess I should go get a job. Right? You’re going to feel confused. So when you feel confused, and disappointed, and all of that, what action Are you going to take? If you take any action, it’s probably going to be a bunch of excuses. excuses as to why you don’t have clients or why you don’t have money and why other people may be able to do it, but why you can’t, right? Um, so what do you think about that? I mean, that action coming from that feeling coming from that thought of, I can’t do this, I’m not good enough. That’s a big, big problem, right? So what result Are you going to have, you’re going to get stuck, you’re going to be stuck, not moving forward in your business, you’re not getting the clients you want to have, and then you’re going to be likely to be a statistic. Right? One of the ones that gets out of business and quits.
But they didn’t have to you didn’t have to quit.

Okay, so let’s reframe that the same circumstance, ladies, the same circumstance, that you’re not making money.
That’s reframe that. Instead of thinking, this is hard, this is hard, or I’m not good enough. Your thought can be, oh, wait a minute, I can figure this
out. I can figure anything out. That’s your thought. Same circumstance, none of money’s coming in. And you’re getting kinda, you know, we’re, you know, scared. Oh, and a month, I got bills to pay. Okay, what is your thought? Your thought should be positive. I am a thriving CEO. Why? Because I decided it, because I’m committed to my business. So my thought is not I can’t do it. My thought is, I can figure this out. And I’m going to figure it out. Okay. So when you have that thought, what feeling?

Would you have a very positive feeling? I can do feeling I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I can figure it out. So what action Are you going to take, you’re going to do what needs to be done to figure it out, whether that’s hire a coach, whether that’s find a mentor, whether that is getting involved in a course or a program, whatever have you, you’re going to take action to figure it out. And the result is going to be your business is going to move forward.

Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Does it make sense? Yes. being resourceful body sets. Okay. And understand, you don’t have to have everything figured out to be that thriving CEO. I often talk about the doctor frame. What I mean by that is, you know, I think women we are we tend to be perfectionist and a lot of us are people pleasers, right? We don’t want to disappoint anybody. And we hold ourselves to a ridiculously unrealistic, unattainable standard of perfection. And we think we should know everything. Right? Um, but what about the doctor? What about the lawyer like me, which I something, I represented doctors in medical malpractice actions, I was their counsel.
And they don’t know everything.

And they don’t need to know everything to present to their clients to their patients who are their clients right? very confidently, because they know what they need to know. And they know where to find what they may not know. That’s what I need for you. Same thing with the law, some stuff I didn’t know, some circumstance, I have to go look in the logbooks, go look up some cases and figure it out. You don’t have to figure it all out. Right now. You don’t have to have all the answers. Okay. So I want to before I come to the comments, I do want to wrap this up in a pretty bow. All right, the three things you must have to thrive as an entrepreneur to be that woman, founder and business owner, that is truly thriving, you need these three things. Number one, you need to be committed to your business. commitment, no plan B, no excuses. Okay. Number two, you need to go all in on who you are in Christ. And maybe that’s really should be number one, right? You are perfectly imperfect, and you can do all things through Christ.

And remember, he can do immeasurably more than all you ask or even imagine. He does it through his power in you. Okay? So you need to go all in on who you are in Christ that allows you to be courageous and bold, and to show up when you don’t want to and serve and give valuable, valuable content in your social and valuable, substantive trainings, where you’re going live like I am now. Okay, so first committed to your business second, go all in on who you are in Christ. And third, you need to be think and do like that thriving CEO that you desire to be right now today. Okay. Alright, just going to quickly go through some of the comments. This is really, really great. So again, I want to acknowledge you if you were here, Jeanette is here, Veera Beth. Bonnie is here. Great to see you a seiza Eb so good to see you.
See who did I not Virginia and Mary is here.

Michelle and roofie Miranda, Diane nairaland is here. Okay. All right. All right. I just tried to see which comments and misuse here that I could read. There’s so many candies here. Like goodness, ladies, this is so good. Michelle and Gina. Sylvia I mentioned.
Beth says, Wow, this is what I’ve needed to hear for so long. That is just awesome. And talk to Jesus to the Lord God Almighty be all praise.
Yes, yes. I see a lot of praise Jesus, I’m ready to go to the next level says Mary. Jeanette says me I’m ready. Praise the Lord. Michelle says so ready. Beth me, I’m ready. And I’m so thankful Praise the Lord. Diane says Praise the Lord. Marilyn says the workbook as well put together. Thank you so much. Teresa says yes. And Sharon, I’ve spent way too much on courses. Yeah. How about it? Okay, so you’ve got to come back and four o’clock when I talked about that. All right. A lot of I want to Bri, I want to thrive in business, I want to thrive. Okay. I want
to just I want to just emphasize something here.

I may have said, Do you want to thrive, okay. And that’s great. But now it’s like, are you committed to that desire?
Right. And that will require sacrifice. Right? Even though there’s some gurus out there that say that you could start a business from the beach and work two hours a week, I could tell you, if you’re a millionaire and have a team doing it, I guess that’s possible, right? Otherwise, that ain’t happening, ladies. So it’s, it’s great. I want to thrive. But now all of you ladies, so the beautiful ladies that said, I want to thrive, I need you to realize that I want to thrive.

But the most important thing is I decide to thrive. I am committed to the business. I am willing, ready, willing and able to make the sacrifices required. And I am going to show up, courageously, boldly, I’m going to speak my voice, my message, the very one that unique one that God gave me. And I’m going to do it unapologetically authentically as me. Okay. Does that make sense? Okay. All right. So, because of time, I want to go to my last point. All right. One last thing I really need to talk about ladies. And for many, it is the big pink elephant in the room. And that’s why I want to make sure to get to it. I am so blessed to speak to ladies like you every single day in my business. And somehow
many of you have this notion that making money or even the desire to make money is a sin. And I want to dispel that way of thinking right now. And we need look no further than the Proverbs 31. Woman.

Okay, and Teresa just went. It’s like a bomb going off, right? All right, first on the issue of how much God loves you and how valuable you are. In Proverbs 3110. It says, You, you each of you, you if you’re hearing the sound of my voice, this is for you. And
you, God says are worth far more than rubies. You’re not just worth worth what rubies are far more than rubies. That’s again, right. Your value far surpasses that of even the most precious stones here that I believe that.

Second, this Bible verse about money is often misquoted. It’s First Timothy 610. For the love of money, is the root of all kinds of evil. You see, it’s not the money in and of itself. That’s evil. It’s the love of it. It’s putting money above God, above people making money and idle. So it’s not money is the root of all evil. It is the love of money is the root of all evil. Right? And the Bible verse goes on to say what happens when people put money above God? It says this, some people eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
That’s not you.

If you’re saying yes, hallelujah, Lord Jesus, I love you. And if you are living that godly life, then that’s not you. You don’t love money. You realize that when you have money you are getting you’re getting value for an exchange of value number one and number two that the more income you make Bake, the more impact you can have not only serving your clients but in donating and tithing and giving to very worthwhile charities.
Thank you for the love. I’m glad this is hitting home.

All right. Thirdly, the Bible tells us that the Proverbs 31 woman is not only an incredible wife and mother, but she is an entrepreneur. And more than that, she’s a serial entrepreneur. And even more than that, the Bible specifies that she is a profitable serial entrepreneur. Verse 18, says it plainly, she sees that her trading is profitable. You see, ladies, this proverbs 31 woman is pointed out in Scripture as a woman of noble character, and her businesses are profitable. I hope that that is all you need to really get that it is not a sin to make money. If you like me, were raised to the church and you kind of have this way of thinking, what you need to do, my dear sister, I’m telling you this because I love you so much is is reframe that and go to God and say, Lord, I have been taught this all my life. Tell me the truth, Lord, tell me the truth, Lord, right. Because, look, if your business doesn’t turn a profit, you don’t have a business. It’s a very expensive hobby. Okay, and I don’t want that for you. Okay. Now, I told you that the Proverbs 31 woman is a serial entrepreneur.

So let me show you that. Verse 13, says she selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. Verse 15, I love this person I can serve relate. She gets up. While it is still night. She provides food for her family, and she portions for her female service. Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. She has employees who she serves as a servant leadership. I love it. And it says she provides food for her family. Not that she makes the food that she provides it see. She is a valuable contributor to family funds. And she’s being exalted to a degree. Do you understand what I’m saying? by that? Like, obviously Jesus is exalted above all, but she is being highly favored by the Lord. And she is being described in a very favorable way, and especially provides family.

All right, verse 16, she considers a field and she buys it. out of her earnings. She plants a vineyard.
This woman is smart. She is savvy, she is strategic. Verse 18, she sees that her trading as profitable. What does that mean? She keeps her eyes on the dollars. She’s intentional about what she does, and how she does it to ensure that her work will produce that profit. Do you see? This may be eye opening for me? If it is like like, show me, give me a heart in the comments or throw me an emoji. Okay. Finally, verse 20, she opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. You see, when you make a profit, as I mentioned earlier, you’re able to give and donate to those who need the more profits, the more you can get. Again, it’s hard lead.

That’s the foundation. It’s Christ. Thank you for that. So my prayer is that if you came in to today’s training, doubting whether God wants you to really be in business, or make a profit, if you thought that making money was somehow sinful, if that’s you, My prayer is that you would know that, according to Holy Scripture, not according to Judy, according to the Scripture, it is not sinful to make a profit. And in fact, I look at it this way, when God gifts you with a special something that can help others as a good steward of what it is that God gave you, you need to use those gifts. Right? It’s like, it’s like the story of the talents. When someone took that talent and they buried it. God wasn’t happy with that. I don’t want you to bury the talent, the gifts that he gave you. He gave them to you so he could help others and advance his kingdom. Hallelujah. Oh my goodness, thank you, God. So lastly, on this point of money, as you think about your mindset and your purpose, I want you to, I want your focus to be on impact and service, impact and service.

When significant positive impact and top notch concierge level service to your clients. That’s servant leadership, and of course serving Almighty God. When you focus on that the impact and the service, believe me, the money will come guaranteed and more than you could imagine. I hear some so called faith based coaches out there talk about million dollar mindset, as if that’s the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. So I know it’s kind of sexy to say that, and seven figure I mentioned it here. But there’s nothing wrong with having big goals. I mean, I do have a seven figure years in my future. But I want you to hear me sister that success. And thriving comes in a bunch of different sizes. I specialize in helping my clients get to six figures and multi six figures. But success really comes when you make that significant impact. When you serve with excellence, the dollar goal is personal to you, at your current stage of your life in your business, right. And that dollar goal may be much less than a million bucks, but that doesn’t make you any less successful, or any less of a thriver. of a thriving CEO.

So as you strategize and as you implement, and grow your visibility and your reach, and you gain the reputation as the very best in your industry, you’re the go to expert with a unique background offering a unique standout product or service. Over time, your dollar goal may increase it ultimately may be seven figures. But I will personally congratulate you for having a profitable business, the business that you determine right at your level of success. The business that gives you freedom to spend time with your loved ones, and do whatever it is that you choose to do. It’s your business. Whether that profit is six figures, or seven figures or something
different. Oh, I am tired. I am tired. All right.

Back to you your success for kawase this I would love to see before you go, would you please leave me your biggest takeaway in the comments. And you may have several. Just think wow, what was like something that rocked my world something that Judy said that I never heard before. Or something that didn’t sound quite right. I’ve got to kind of pick it over. Or Wow, that really brought it all together for me. I would like I see it blowing up now with the comments. Thank you for that. Ladies, I really want to know how today’s training impacted you. Okay,
so back to be homework, what I like to call success work back to the workbook. Take your session, one page of your workbook. Okay. See if I have it here. Okay, so it’s this page. Okay. It’s really simple.

Three questions. Okay. Your key key, your key takeaway? What are you committed to in your business? And what’s your vision? Now your vision is your long term future, what do you see your business doing? Why are you in business, that’s your vision. Okay. So your success work, there’s going to be a day one thread being put up here in the Facebook group, what I want you to do is I want you to finish a complete this one pager, okay, I want you to snap a picture of it. And I want you to post it inside the thread inside this group, okay. Now, if you want a chance to win the prize, I’m going to give out tomorrow, which is a one on one strategy, call with me.

Then to buy for that. You’ve got to do the success work. post this inside this group. But then also post this on Instagram. And you need to put it on your feed and in your story. And you need to tag me I met at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live and use hashtag thrive method. Okay, so I’m going to come back to the comments real briefly. Don’t forget, I want to see you back here at four o’clock eastern for today’s implement and accelerate bonus session. And then tomorrow at 12 noon, you’re going to learn how to leverage your expertise so that you curate your irresistible personal brand. Let me see what we have here. Bonnie, I’ve never heard that proverbs passage. So eye opening. This is where
my hang up has been.

The that truly I am worthy of financial abundance. Thank you, Judy. For this breakthrough. I will go back and reread and read that scripture again. Awesome. You are so welcome to God be all glory. Bonnie. Miranda says I agree 100% success I’m serving for his kingdom will unlock mine. I’m sorry, unlock more than you imagine. He provides more than monetarily as well. That’s right. Health, relationships and peace. Very good point. Very good point. Thank you for that Miranda. Cheryl says awesome. Gina says you’re amazing. Thank you cheat I love you honey. You’re amazing. Do Cheryl says mindset reframe that I am a thriving see. Oh and my mindset matters. Ruthie says proverbs 31 woman has a goal to strive for. Yeah, I don’t know that will ever reach it. But absolutely hon. Gina, I’m going to give myself grace. Yes, sister. Please give yourself grace.

Give yourself the grace and I’m speaking to all of you and I’m speaking to me. Let’s give ourselves the grace that somehow seems easier when we extending it to somebody else. Right? We need to extend that same grace and understanding and empathy to ourselves. Right? Missy says I’m working on my vision. Awesome. Michelle, I am good enough. And I need to stop burying my talents. I will be a thriving success. That’s right. And Michelle, just a quick tweak.

You are. You are a thriving CEO. Okay, you are you decide to be so now you are. And so now with that thought and that mindset. Now you’re going to take action, and you’re going to think like a thriving CEO. Okay. Marilyn says, I’ve been studying proverbs 31. And each time I read in here, something goes off inside.

And yeah, Jeanette says I feel the same. So listen, ladies, I I trust that today
was valuable for you. And I look forward to seeing your success work and see just how far you’re going to come this week. So thank you so much for being here.

God bless you and enjoy the rest of your Monday night. Love you so much. Take good care.

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