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Ep 87: Julie Wins Her 1st Client + Finds Freedom..All in the 1st month inside the Academy!

Ladies, I am bringing you yet another case study of an extraordinary woman inside the blessed to thrive Academy meets Rolly contrariness. Hey, Julie. Hey there. Julie is a wife, a mom of five. Yes, five, I can’t even imagine. And she is a homeschool coach. And you are gonna love this story. Because what Julie has done within the first month inside the Academy is absolutely insane. So, Julie, once again, welcome. And you, would you care to just give the ladies kind of a background of all the wonderful things you’ve done in your life up until the time you and I came in touch?

Oh, wow. Um, let’s see. Like Judy said, I am a mama of five daughters, all girls, and but we have also, my husband and I have been married for 15 years we have done apartment ministry we have fostered kiddos. I always say that the Lord tricked us by getting us to homeschool when we had one kiddo. And we were told we weren’t going to have any more. And then he surprised us with four more. Yeah. And then just a couple months ago, I can’t believe it was a couple months ago, just a couple months ago, the Lord kind of smacked me over the head with this, this business idea. And and then that’s where God comes into place.

Thank goodness. So yeah, so you jumped in to my thrive method workshop, which I think I started end of August, early September. And tell me about Tell me about that experience inside the workshop? Well, so I think I’ve told you this before God, but I found you via a Facebook ad. And which is totally a God thing as it is because I never pay attention to Facebook ads, you know, I just think it’s usually just people trying to get
money, or something like that.

But, um, but I, I don’t remember what the wording was. I just know, it said something about, you know, doing business, like with God kind of wording. And I was like, Yes, that’s what I need, because I don’t know what I’m doing. And it was for the thrive method workshop. And I was like, an entire week of free stuff about this, this, a this is either not going to be great, or it’s going to be amazing. And it was it was amazing. You were so present, like I was expecting, you know, an online course where I didn’t have access to the person I worked the modules as you know, whatever. But you were there. And you were interacting. And I mean, day one, you talked about mindset, and that already, like changed. Everything. It just like already blew my mind. And I was already thinking God for just day one. And then you were so you were just so available. And that was such a big deal.

And because I felt so unable for what the Lord had called me to do. I mean, I’m passionate about what I teach about and what I help with, but the business stuff, and you know, I, I homeschool my own kids, and I’m running a business and all of this kind of stuff. I was just like,
I don’t know what to do. And I don’t want to waste time. And you just laid it out so clearly, that I just every day I went home and told my husband about it. I was like, he’s like he just seemed so much more peaceful right now. And I was like, what to do. So yeah, that was amazing. You know what you just touched on something that I hear a lot of. And that is even though I work exclusively with women, there’s a lot of hugs out there that know me.

They’re like, thank you for giving me my white white back basically. That is so awesome. Yeah, I love doing these workshops. Because well right now as I’m recording this, as you know, I’m locked out of Facebook because a hacker came in and Facebook’s not understanding that because of whatever the hacker did, I can’t get back in. So in any event, that’s been kind of frustrating. But normally on these weeks, I’m very, very involved and showing up live and you know, interacting. So you in the course of that week, decided to take that leap of faith and jump in. Now this tell the ladies about what that what that struggle was like even getting to that decision of saying yes, so
yeah, okay.

We are in a very tight budget, our family and we, I just, I didn’t expect to ever be able to do anything that cost money for as far as coaching. But in one week of just a free content with you and seeing how passionate you were with people that weren’t, you know, paying you like, my goodness and just your heart and everything. I just wanted to be around that more. I needed that direction. In my life and, and my husband, like I said, every day, I would come home and just spill out all the things that I would learn. And I said, babe, I really I am. I know, I’m not bringing any money in right now. But I really want to pray about seeing about her being my coach, you know, and, and he said, okay, we can pray about it, which was number one God thing because my husband’s very frugal, and very tight with the money. And for him to say, let’s pray about it was huge. And that was a surprise for you.

Right? It was a huge surprise. I mean, I mean, because he is so he is so believing in me. And my ability to do all of this, which is awesome. It’s amazing that I have a husband like that, but he’s like, you can do this like you don’t need like, he’s always had that mentality. And, but I think he saw something different. Just in my, my being when I came home that I had confidence and I didn’t feel so scatterbrained anyway. And so we did we prayed about it. And and I had another conversation with you. And you were just so encouraging, and like, Look, you tell me what you need out of this, this investment that you’re making, and we’ll make it happen.

And you were even willing to talk to my husband, which he was like, No, I’m good, you know, but willing. And and so we we did, we took the leap, and it was it was a big leap for us. Because there just is no wiggle room in our finances. However, what in the world? Like, okay, you know, this already, but um, didn’t what was it maybe two weeks later, I think, um, my husband ended up getting a promotion, and the monthly bump, he’s the salesperson as well, but the monthly bump that he got was exactly the amount that we were paying for the Academy.

And really, and I just kind of like looked at guy because I had heard some stories of other ladies that had said similar things that had joined the Academy. And I was like, Oh, well, that’s for them, you know, but then it happened for me. And then, you know, other things have been happening to that. I’m like, okay, God’s totally got this. God, it has brought us together. And it’s so funny because I don’t do Facebook ads on a regular basis. So I had forgotten about that, that you found me through an ad an ad that you normally wouldn’t listen to, you know, or look at and me an ad but I don’t I don’t do a whole lot. So that’s really interesting. All right, so now you’re inside. So tell the ladies, what happens inside the program? Like what, what? What happened in that first week even?

Remember, first week, man, there was a lot of, um, there was a lot of a lot of the thriver experts and office hours. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the hours, the office hours, thank you. And it was just, I mean, I went on, and I put everything on my calendar, because I was like, I am gonna do all the things. But first of all, you put us in the Facebook group, that is like an intensive group of super motivated ladies that are super active. So that is where I would start my morning every morning was on the group, you know, interacting with these people. And then and you, you were on there as well. And then I think, oh, Tuesday was the the mastermind, you know, the group session or what have you. And I was, I was halfway terrified and halfway excited to be a part of that, because you had said, like, you know, you put people on the hot seat, and all of this kind of stuff. And I was like, please don’t put me on the hot seat like that in my head. But it was fantastic.

I mean, it’s, it’s, you get to see all of these ladies face to face, you get to hear what they’re struggling with what they’re having success with. And you get all of these wonderful nuggets. And then I’m also in the times that I’m not in the calls and the trainings, I’m in the academy with the modules, you know, and I’m getting all of that. So I mean it. And I’m still working through all the modules like I’m on module three, and it’s branding and it’s amazing. And I’m so I can basically have Judy all the time.

If I want to, you know, or whatever. But I’m the the driver experts have been more than I expected them to be like, I really I really thought I was coming into the academy for access to you. Right. I’m the masterminds, and that was my main things and then just kind of being around other like minded people. And I thought later on the thriver expert stuff would would be for me, I didn’t think it would be for me right now when I met the like babies stages of building my business. But golly, I think was the second one was Beth. The PR.

Yeah. And like, I came to it just being like, I’m just going to take notes and learn some things that maybe will make sense to me later. And I don’t know if you remember that one. But it was like, I introduced myself first. And I was like, Okay, I’ll introduce myself, I’m fine with that. And then she just started asking me some questions because she’s from New Jersey, and she’s like, straight to the point kind of thing. And I just started, like, I was on the hot seat, I was on the hot seat in that training. And she was just, she just called out some things that in a wonderful way, not a horrible way. And she said one thing that just shifted my mindset on what I was offering, the whole implementation is my superpower, when it just, it made it so that I had confidence in what I was doing. And I went into that not expecting to really get much out of it. And it it really kind of changed the game of it.

So awesome. Yeah. And I love that because it’s those surprises, and things that you didn’t expect, that pretty much happens on a regular basis. And that’s why, you know, when women say, what can I expect inside, you know, I have ideas, but really, I, I don’t, because I’m here where I am in my business now. And you’re there where you are. And so you never know, when those huge aha moments just like what Beth brought to you. There’s like, Oh, that’s your superpower implementation. And you’re like, oh, all of a sudden, that just turn the light bulb for you. And, and you’re amazing. So I’m going to cut to the bottom. We’re going to go back, but I want to I’m so excited about this. So you’re not even in a quite a month. Right? Like, I don’t know, we might be starting your fourth week. And last week, you had a call and tell the ladies what’s going on right now. This is exciting stuff.

Yeah, so I was in the middle of just building my business, like working on the brand, figuring out, you know, messaging and all of that kind of stuff, even particularly what I’m offering. And, but God and and some of the other ladies had also been encouraging us to be lives regularly, um, which I was like, Well, I’m not gonna do that yet, because I don’t even know what I’m offering. But I did. It started going live weekly. And through that connected with a lady that I don’t actually know, personally, and via Facebook, and she was like, hey, I want to consult with you. And I was like, Okay, and so she did a paid consult on Thursday.

And Judy was so kind that, um, I think we had the, it was another thriver call with Beth, where we talked about it and you’re like, hey, if you have any questions, let’s hop on a call and talk about how you’re going to do this, you know, because I’ve never done this I’m not a salesperson. I’m not, you know, I mean, and, and so that morning, the morning before my call you and I jumped on and you kind of coached me through that. And it was so wonderful. I took so many notes and just kind of been prayed through it and stuff got on with this this lady and had so much like comfortability with it, because so much confidence, because I just had the things going on that you had told me about the business side, kind of and then I have my own knowledge about the homeschool that just flows. And it was a wonderful conversation.

Got to the end where I show her I mentioned the packages or how we can continue to work together, went into it with complete confidence, somewhat complete confidence of what I was offering and how much I was charging because God knows what I originally wanted to charge was probably four times less than what I was encouraged to charge. And which was terrifying to me. And I wanted to go so I’m gonna do this. I’m sorry. Is that okay? But that’s not how I pitched it. And when I pitched it to her, she was like, Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. Okay. Well, and then so she is going to work with me. She has not signed a specific package. She’s talking to her husband about it. But like package A or B, right, right. Yeah. It’s not whether she’s going to work with me or not. It’s which package she’s going to step into. So I was like, Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I have my first client in like a month and I don’t fully even know what I’m doing. Yes.

Ladies, ladies, this is what I’m talking about. Okay. You will get out of the Academy. Everything you put into it. Yes. More. And that one on one that I that I jumped on the phone with, you know, with Julie was above and beyond Why? Because I’m a giver, because I want her to succeed. Your success is my success. So if my ladies don’t thrive, I’m really not thriving. So I was so happy to do that. And so Julie, congratulations, because I wasn’t on the call. So it wasn’t me, sister, it was you and God working. So how are you? Yeah, congrats on that, in that it’s just so amazing. All right, so let me ask you. What is your favorite part of the academy? There’s so much going on. But what what’s your favorite aspect of it?

Okay, let me try to pick one thing, let me think what keeps screaming in my mind, honestly, is the accountability group. I didn’t even mention that before, which is crazy, cuz those two ladies that I’m in with man’s gonna make me tear up. But like, so much of this was a God ordained thing you can just tell. And I was not the one to reach out to them. One of the ladies reached out to me and she was like, by the way, I also reached out to this other lady. And I was like, great. And so and I knew nothing not much about these ladies, but I was like, hey, they’re reaching out to me, let’s do it, you know, whatever. Um, not only are they my accountability group for my, for the business, but we kind of just do like our walk together, like our believers walk together and, and when we we met the first time and just kind of got to know each other on zoom or what have you. And then as we started kind of unfolding some of our goals, we noticed that while one is like a realtor, and and a writer, the other one is a virtual assistant seemed to be like, what, like, a virtual assistant agency, you know, and I’m a homeschool coach. So like three completely different things. We had a lot of similar goals, a lot of like, even health goals, it was insane. It was insane. It was like the Lord said, Hey, you three are going to be together.

And, and so we are able to, you know, hey, I’m about to have the consult, pray for me, you know, or what have you, which is not something I know, I could text you Judy, that, but I’m not gonna usually text you constantly, because you have other people you work with. So these ladies are that, that person, it’s almost like having a coworker that can kind of, you know, push you on and, and everything. And we we have calls every Friday for at least an hour, sometimes a little longer. And we have hammered down our goals and we encourage each other. I mean, that has just been it’s just it’s been priceless. That’s been absolutely priceless.

I have a couple more questions. Thank you so much for your time. So how, how has life changed for you, even in these, you know, three and a half or whatever, it’s been weeks How is like different. Um, I was thinking about that when I was about to jump on here. And it has changed in the sense that I, I feel like I’m a businesswoman, you know, as opposed to playing pretend a bit. Like that’s an obvious thing that is happening. And just because I could have figured out all the things right, I could have figured out branding, I could have all of this stuff I could have eventually figured out after a lot of trial and error but with with you and this academy, the way that you structured it, it makes it very easy to just focus and move, focus and move do hard scary things right.

But um, but the big part about that that gives so much freedom is it gives freedom in the rest of my life. So being that for the past two weeks, I’ve been focusing on my physical health like I’ve been spending time at the gym in the morning and I’ve been more intentional with my spiritual health so spending time with the Lord all these things because it’s almost like if you just think like my brain you have in the academy have what is it like made have organized the business part of it so that it’s not taking up my entire brain so then I’m able to focus on my family focus on my health focus on my time with the Lord and and not just have to constantly be like freaking out about the business side of things and am I going to make money and how am I going to do this or whatever. So that has been I mean, just across the board in my life it just feels like it’s kind of put everything into place.

Wow. Wow. Glory. I mean, I see exactly what you mean. And I never heard anyone put it quite that way. And so I really see what you’re saying, knowing that you got the business done, quote, unquote, because you just have to follow the steps and the processes, right that we talked about, then you have freedom to live the rest of your life and not work the 14 hour days and constantly on the hamster wheel. So that is a beautiful thing. All right. So here we go. So if someone is watching, she’s watching and she’s like, I want to do this. But, you know, is it really gonna work for me? And you know, I’m hearing all these case studies and yeah, yeah, yeah, but what would you say to her?

Oh, um, I mean, the Lord brought you here for a reason. The Lord brought you here for a reason, you can’t step outside of his well, like, he won’t let that happen. So move forward, praying, but move forward, trusting that God has you on this path for a reason. And that he’s wanting you to serve people in whatever realm you’re working in, for a reason. And this, this academy is going to make it so that you are able to do it with confidence and with like, clarity and freedom in a joyful way, because that’s what the Lord wants, right? He wants us to go forward in
his will in a joyful way not going you know, the whole time or what have you.

And this is what it has afforded me to do is to do it joyfully. If it has to do with the money, you know, what I’m going to have to say about that already, like the Lord is gonna provide he 100% is gonna provide because I’m not the only one that has that story. And I’m, I’m serious, like just pm me or something. And I’ll tell you the details of our finances.

And it’s just it was absolutely scary. And and he made it work. I mean, I was in tears. So there’s, there’s no reason it is going to excel you so much faster. And you’re just going to be like floating on cloud like me.

Julie, I love you so much. I can’t wait to see where you are not even just a year from now, but in three months, so we’ll have to do a little update then and see if superior businesses. But thank you, Julie, so much for being here. I really appreciate it. Of course. Thank you, Judy. All right, ladies. We’ll see you next time. Take care.

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