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Ep 88: Whitedove Gannon: Doing Business On Purpose With Passion Transcript

All right, ladies, welcome to this episode of the she is extraordinary podcast. And today I’m here with a new friend who I love so dearly like Doug Gannon, why don’t you want to say Hey, thank you so much. Hello, everyone. Hello, listeners. I’m so excited to be here today. Oh, my goodness, it is an honor to have you. I I knew you were amazing, right, the founder and the host of FEM nation podcast. I didn’t know how extraordinary you are until I did some more digging. You are a speaker, a strategic mentor. for business experts.

You are a leader. I mean, Ben nation, when I interviewed with your podcast, I didn’t even know that was short for female entrepreneur movement. So you’re doing so many amazing things. So would you mind starting out with just telling the ladies about yourself about your background about the fact that you have five amazing kids and all these amazingly thriving businesses?

So many things? Yes, I always a creative, right, I think all creatives Can I can really resonate with the fact that our brains constantly go. But yes, I am in my early 40s, we have five children, we just celebrated our 23rd anniversary a week ago, been together for 25 years have had five businesses inside of that had to think for a minute, we had a construction business for 13 years, went on a limb and started a sustainable farm having zero farm experience and we handle all the animals, not the vegetables, the animals. And in the meantime, prior to that I wanted to have a little retail store. So I built out a little kids consignment clothing store when my boys were little little that we just had the two boys at the time. And then from there, came back from the farm to Colorado and got my accounting degree and opened up an accounting business or kind of organically, I just ended up having.

And this is where a lot of my film stuff started. I just didn’t know what at the time, but I had a lot of women solo women business owners that were like, Can you help me with this? Can you help me with this, it didn’t need full time accounting assistance. And because of businesses are small, but just needed to have the general guidelines. And so I would kind of keep an eye on them and, and give them pointers and stuff. build that out to a very successful accounting practice, and didn’t love that. And so I had to take some time to figure out what part of it would drew me into it. And then what part of it dude, I’d love and what part of it that I want to move forward with. So in 2018, I was ready to just, you know, I had a measurable success.

And everybody around me, I was now in the online space as well. So I was building out a membership for Do It Yourself business owners, and had some great success with that had some great local clients and my clients were all amazing. But it was me, I had to find me. And I didn’t want to build out a team of employees. And that’s where I needed to go next. And then I start taking from my kids. And time was coming away from them. I built myself into a job. And so 2018 I just said I’m done, I was ready to burn it to the ground. I wasn’t burnt out, I just I hit a brick wall and said, doesn’t matter how much money I’m making, because I made you know, easily over six, you know, my first six figures and not one and I was just like, Yeah, looks successful, but I’m miserable.

Why am I miserable? I was making next to nothing and my sustainable farm and enjoying that much more. So I had to figure out what was I missing in this conversation. And so I really took a step back and walked, you know, walked away from my client contracts I gave them till the end of the year they so there was plenty of runway for us to you know, move forward, transition out, and then really spend some time to determining what what about me, it was the first time I finally sat back and reflected of all the things that I’ve created. Where did I belong in this and actually, who was I in all of this?

Prior to that I had been a business partner for a corporation. I had been a mom had you know raising five children. I had you know been basically the caretaker the the meal prepper you know, the chore Dewar’s, the delegator, all the things that come with being a mom of a large family, I had been that in a side gig mom at the same time. So then I thought, okay, kids are old enough. I went to school, but this is not what I want to do. But it did give me some some metrics to be able to incorporate into how I business coach and so I don’t love that word, the coach word because it’s so subjective and can just run off. But I decided in 2019, I needed to find out what the missing piece was. And so fin nation was officially born at the beginning of 2019.

So great, okay, so there’s a lot to unpack. My goodness, yes. to unpack so ladies, get ready. Okay, so first I just want to say, I agree with you. I don’t like the word coach, hurry from the end. I don’t like the word coach. And I don’t know, way back when it was coming into fashion in the 90s. I think I remember life coach, business coach, I like to coach. And now it’s like, duh, yeah, we all do. But I feel like that’s just, I don’t even know what I can’t even put into words why I don’t like it. But I don’t like it either.

So I’m with you. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, it’s like, I thought consultant but that doesn’t sound right, either. Anyway, we’ll talk offline. So before we get into some personal stuff, I just want to address some of these things that I’ve seen on your website, which I love. You say success in life and business starts within. And, you know, it’s about showing up for your clients and your family and your business all as a cohesive unit and not as like kind of compartmentalised. And I never heard that before. So I would love you to kind of address that before we go into the personal stuff, because I think that’s pivotal to how you do things.

Part of part of my advantage to understand that I would say is because I started raising fam my family in in a big entrepreneurial space, our construction company was both of us. And so we took our, our firstborn at the time we took him to the office, he always went with us. So I had an advantage to understand that there was both and I, I just put them together, I didn’t have any other option, because we could make the rules up. That was in the early or the late 90s. You know, so in the construction world, I was in the office, my husband would go out in the field, he would take Jake with him. You know, it just became the norm. You know, it wasn’t like we have five little kids all at the same time doing that, but we just built it around building a family.

Now I understand that that’s not always the case for a lot of people. And that’s where people don’t quite understand that it’s not a balancing act, because I am only one person. And I have multi facets, and I have different compartments of who I am where I am how I show up. But that doesn’t mean that I have to shift on and off between the two. My kids know my kids are all actually well, three of the five, our oldest doesn’t live at home anymore. He’s He’s on his own. And our second oldest is 17. And he’s already working for the day. So the other three are here, they are here. But they also know that when mom it has the ring light on when I have my microphone on, I’m recording, they need to be quiet, they’ll grab the dogs, if they hear them starting to pitter patter around.

They do things because they were raised in this environment. And that’s the difference is that that it becomes it becomes so natural for me that I overlooked it. And so then I had to address it on some of the copy on my website. And, and really, really when I dove into understanding that I wasn’t splitting off into creating a job for myself, and then having my home life. Even if my job or my business was in at my home. It wasn’t two different people I wasn’t switching off or on. And my clients, my people and who I was showing up for, we’re going to understand no matter what, that if someone pops into the frame, or if you know, I don’t break off and answer questions because they’re old enough. They’re not toddlers, they’re not little babies. But I cannot be two different people. Because that was conflicting for me. I had to figure out what one look like specifically, who am I? How do I show up?

And how am I authentically, you know, addressing the world? through what I speak about how do I talk to people how I raised my children, they go together cohesively and have to. But I had to help formulate that as well. And I grew into it. And a lot of us that come into business after the fact we didn’t know exactly what that looks like you’ve got longevity in in the entrepreneurial space. So you’re you are able to take that time to weave it together as well. And figure out what that looks like for you. There is a space and time when we try to separate. But ultimately, we will be at odds between the two offices internally until we bring that together and figure out what that looks like specifically for us.

That and that’s so true. That some another one of my friends just said that recently, there’s no such thing as balance. I mean, just think a balance is really the wrong focus. Because it’s an impossibility. I mean, so I guess some would say, well, that’s just the same thing. But you’re calling it something different. I don’t think so I think it’s pretty important. It’s an important distinction. I know my kids, my youngest has the most entrepreneurial spirit. And it’s funny, because I started my business when he was two. Oh, I used to that’s when I was an interior decorator and he would go with mommy to the store to look at fabrics to look at furniture to meet clients. Even sometimes when I got interviewed for the local paper. He was there at my feet playing with Legos. So it’s funny and I And right now you know what he wants to do, he’s going to school for film, but ultimately, he wants to be his own filmmaker, he doesn’t want to work for somebody else. And so I think that’s a neat life experience, it can be for them. Um, it’s kind of like homeschool, with a very specific purpose, you know, right.

It’s a class in itself, right? You know, they get to just grow into it. I, my, my oldest actually works for me and has for three years on the back end of my business. While he was going to college, we started there. And then I have a 15 year old daughter, she, she has her own business as well. And I have a 13 year old daughter, who is a complete artist that has her own space there. And then, of course, our youngest, he’s 12. And he’s super into scooters. But he’s gonna go off and do his own thing and create his own, you know, income stream, you know, but that’s the thing is entrepreneurial spirit is possible to dream about.

And I believe the time that we’re in, it’s going to revolutionize that again, and bring that back around, because so much certainty ran with the corporate world that now that they’re that certainty has been stripped away to some degree. People are saying Hold on a second, then if I can, if if I don’t have that blanket of security, being in a position like that, then let me see what creativity looks like an embracing little bit that their kids will be able to see that. So we’ll have a we’ll have a generation of much more entrepreneurial kids coming out of this as well.

I totally agree. I think it’s awesome. You know, I remember when I got out of college, that was the thing, find a great company, stay there 30 years, watch, you know, and you’ll be set for life. And that just doesn’t happen. And no, no, yeah. So I love that. And, you know, I really appreciate the words that you use on your website, again, with your whole thing, because every business coach, we all approach it differently, you’re also also a Christian. And so faith is a part of your business, which is super, super, something I can relate to, and the ladies here listening can. But I love how you’re talking about leadership, and how important it is to be a risk taker and to be confident and to be daring and brave, when you walk down this entrepreneurial journey.

So I want to talk about that now. And then I want to switch over to some personal things, because I think the ladies will really appreciate that. But talk a little bit about if you would about this whole idea about being grounded and boldness to lead and thrive in business.
Well, it really being grounded a boldness is being willing to willing to stand for where you know you need to be. And that’s going to ebb and flow. So that also is boldness, it being able to lead, lead starts with leading yourself first starts within within. And a lot of that stems from my life and the cohesiveness of both my business and my personal world and deciding what that looked like. But being bold, is also being brave. And it’s being willing to say this is who I am, this is how I’m called to show up, this is what I’m supposed to do. And there’s so many opportunities we can take and I you know, I’ve dabbled in being creative.

I’ve, you know, thought maybe I should go down this road. But then too much knowledge in the headspace would kind of get in my way of what my calling was. And for me being bold is, is knowing that I had a calling to lead for started with me. And then it went to, you know, trickle down to my children. Because I’m the first, you know, official leader that they see in their lives, you have the direct leadership, as you know, brush your teeth and brush your hair and take a bath, you know, I mean, and now you know, some dishes, because you’re old enough to know how to do that or wipe the table off, you know.

So that’s the first line leadership that I had. But that gets sidelined so often because it becomes such a integrated part of our regular lives as moms, that I had to understand that that was also leadership, but then taking that into my marriage and what that looked like in my marriage, but then past my marriage, what did that look like for my clients? And how do I show up? Because the world is going to give us so many different ways of how we could or should, or what, you know, make sense, business strategically, or, you know, organically or paid or educated or all the different things that we could perceive as being bold and being a leader. But ultimately, what is what comes down to the authenticity of who you are, and being in tune with the calling that God gave you. Because that’s then where you will feel completely aligned outside of that you’re going to consistently be conflicted on the inside.

Yes, when we if that I approach business very similarly, my main mantra is go all in on who Jesus made you to be. And then you know, you’re going to be good, because as you said, he equips you for this. He calls you to this. So you’re going to fulfill that because that’s why he called you to it because you’re absolutely ready for that. Yeah. And I also really appreciate I know that there are many moms stay at home moms who either want to start a side gig, or have already begun, and you’re listening now ladies to two ladies who fully understand where you are, it is not easy. And you are a leader.

So pat yourself on the back if nobody else has recently, because is amazing, right? Absolutely. All right. So I would appreciate you sharing. We were talking earlier before we started recording about talking about leadership leadership of what’s going on in your life and in your marriage. And so I know that there are many women who have issues in their marriage, and they vary. Some are supportive. Some spouses are supportive, some tribe, but not really, they’re kind of up and down. But if you would, I would so appreciate you kind of addressing this issue of your personal issues, and the joys and the struggles all wrapped up in marriage.

Yes. So my, I’m writing a book, it’s not out yet. So I can’t give anybody a link yet. But but you know what word sounds amazing. I have a subtitle for that, that it was the unintentional journey of becoming a leader. So about 10 years ago, when we left the farm and came back to Colorado. I knew at that point in time that I was going to be headed into a storm, I didn’t know what it was. My husband is an active alcoholic, but he had been dry for 10 years. And this is not a story I share lightly I want it I just want the listeners to know that I’m actively sharing it here because I want the story to have have some positive influence. So this is not a shameful thing. This is not a sad thing. It’s not his story, this is my story. But raising the children and being a part of someone who doesn’t understand how to dive deeper into their faith, how to cope with things, you know, and using something to kind of drown that out a little bit.

He’s not abusive, let me put that forward. First, there is a line there. And I have I have stepped back and I have looked to see if that was, you know, evident, if any even past physical. So I have sought counseling for it, I have gone through a lot of the parts that you know, someone could say, but maybe you’re not looking at it, maybe you’re just a you know, enabling him, I’ve gone through that. Those are the things that I work through in the last five years myself. But 10 years ago, when he was doing his dry spell, he was dry for 10 years, he went cold turkey and and God loved them truly, because he knew he needed to make a change from it. But we met and didn’t know each other for very long, and then got married, you know, about 18 months later.

And so there was a lot of things about him and I that we did not grow up together. We didn’t know each other previously, nor did we actually intend to get married, it was just going to be a grand adventure. Right? risky, maybe no cell phones back then. But it God had his hand in it. But at the same time, growing together and not losing hope and not losing faith and then bringing children into the world. And then having construction businesses we had, we were multi seven figures in our 20s. And that buys you some time, I’m going to tell you that that’s the downfall of making great money is that it can buy you time to not have to look at the problems. We could entertain ourselves. We can go on trips, we could have friends, we had plenty of friends, we have plenty of family, everybody wanted to be in our circle. Why? Because we had money that most 20 year olds never touched in their 20s.

And so that that shifted the the need to have to look at what was underlying and what was not being addressed. So we cruise through our 20s with this business. And when we got to a point where it was we had the construction company with the sustainable farm. But it was in the separation of the two at in the farming venture bringing more children into it where my focus wasn’t so much in the construction because he had that handled. I was raising kids building a farm, you know, learning new things with animals that we had never done before. And really started to see that there was a depression issue on his end that was not being addressed. I’m not equipped to handle depression. I don’t know where it was coming from. He was he he would just withdraw.

He’s very introvert introverted, in which he would withdraw. And so I would just be like, Okay, well, I’m raising the kids, you know, I’m, I got you know, I’m mom Anyways, this is my role, and so in in between his construction jobs. At that time, we were not seven figures at that time. I just want to make that perfectly clear.

Our business ebb and flow and we had to, we had to diversify and the need for what our specific niche was in the construction business. started going away, you know. So this was in that that phase out timeframe before he was willing to really let go of the business. Because that to him was a failure, we had put so much time and effort in, this was who we were. Now all of a sudden, he didn’t have that identity, he wasn’t able to provide for his family the same way. So that contributed to a lot of this. He didn’t turn back to drinking until 2015. We came back here in 20, in Colorado in 2010. And then he thought he was just like, you know what, I have a handle on it. And for me, I don’t know anything about addiction, I have not had that.

I’ve not suffered from that. I’ve not really walked that road. And he had been drive for 10 years. And at this time, you know, it was just very, it was such uncharted waters. And so watching him move into that and watching the addiction come back, this time, I was a little older, a little wiser, the children were a little older. And I had spent quite a few years at this point, you know, raising the kids, his babies up to teenagers now. And watching him struggle with that and watching him go from, I’m just going to enjoy a beer on a Saturday or a glass of wine with you, babe on a Saturday, and not have anything because I don’t need it to become Friday and Saturday. And then Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And then all of a sudden, it was like I and I’m not much of a drinker. I’m strictly dry at this point in time, and I was during his drive time to in solidarity for him. Because how is that going to help somebody if I’m just like, Hey, no for you, but yes, for me. So I offered that, you know, gladly on my end, to help him with with that part of his life.

But when in my, in my ignorance, not knowing certainly, what addiction was like, and how it could grip somebody in comeback because I’ve never struggled with that. I would have a glass of wine with them, because I enjoyed wine. And then he went to beer, and you know, which was his original love. And so then we just kind of progressed. And then he was having a glass of wine by himself. You know, if I was like, No, I just don’t feel like when tonight, he would just have one anyway. And so there became this separation, I thought, I’m gonna watch this. I don’t know what this looks like. And I’m not, I don’t even know what to do with it. So for about three years, from 2015 to 2017. I watched it progress and get to where he would be there was more days of him drinking a drink, or more than not in the week. And so I started backing off 100%. So then we went through a phase of okay. You know, I went into independence mode where it was this very much, okay, no, I’m going to force that we don’t drink in the house anymore.

No more drinking in the house, because I want to help him with this. But that didn’t work. Because I’m too close to the middle. And I was trying to fight the addiction the wrong way. Or I was trying to adjust what that was going to look like I was trying to outcome adjust is really what I was trying to do, but inadvertently doing that it caused him to withdraw more, so I wasn’t able to help him. But I had done this many, many, many times that I needed to be the fixer, I needed to step in, and I needed to be the independent leader, I need to work on this, I’ve got to come up with an answer, I have a solution, and not thinking of my own self. And I want the ladies to hear this, that in the middle of the struggles because every single one of us have them to some degree, we also have to see what our internal boundaries are for us. You can love someone and be married to someone and still put up boundaries and say, hold on, because this is not for the better good of you or me. So hold on a second, that is not violating your marriage vows.

That is not violating what God has instituted for your family. That is simply saying that I have to understand who I am. And I have boundaries to We cannot let our own boundaries, the overrun by somebody who doesn’t know how to put their own up for themselves. And by us helping them is not helping them put their boundaries up for them. It’s putting our boundaries down and letting allowing the room for us to have no identity to get lost in it. And then to be a part of the problem, not the solution. So we are still actively working on I don’t I don’t want to dribble too much on it. But I want to say that a lot of my independence comes from understanding those boundaries and my husband has been very dear in giving giving you know not not giving well.

Okay, yes, giving, seeing or truly, truly working on in his desire to find an answer. hearing me, but at the same time I can’t I told him I can’t be your rock. I can’t be your only rock. Only God can be your rock because if you’re looking to me for the answer, I’m going to fail you somehow because I don’t know how to manage all of this. I frankly would tell him, there are times where when he has had a drink or two, I’ll know the minute he has one drink, because he retreats. And I’ll just say, okay, sometimes he needs the time. He’s processing. All right, sometimes he’s agitated. And he’s just like, okay, the kids didn’t do their chores, it didn’t do that. I said, Honey, hold on a second, hold on. And this is where boundaries come in. And this is where I do step into that leadership role in our marriage.

And it’s not me trumping him, it’s me standing up and saying, You are not at the moment something else is going on. And you need to take the time and have the freedom to please work on that. But right now, we do not come in and say chores need to be done at 830 at night, because all of a sudden, you feel like you need to get on something, you know, like, get something done to complete it, because that makes you feel worthy. Hold on a second. We can do this tomorrow, huh? That is so good. I mean, there’s just so many things that are written down just from what you said, Let’s start with boundaries. I, I tell that to my children to where like my middle son, he is so sweet and nice to a fault. And like with his employer, they’re low on staff. And he’s like, Mom, I can’t take off on this day when my older son was just home last week, Mom, I can’t take that day off. Because then you know, they’re going to be low on staff. I’m like, Baby, you’re not the manager, you’ve got to set boundaries. So protection, that is an important life skill.

So I would, first of all, I appreciate you being so open and vulnerable. And I’m sure my listeners appreciate that as well. But can you help help someone out there who says, Wow, this idea of boundaries? You know, I’m, I’m kind of lost? Like, I don’t know what that could look like for me, like, how do I even know what boundaries to set because my husband and I are so at odds, like maybe for someone like that you have any advice for them in that regard?

Those are going to change, they’re going to ebb and flow. And you’ll find what works for you. But honestly, going back to what I said earlier, that standing for yourself and allowing you to have boundaries and saying no, not at this moment, or no, I don’t have to jump and do this, just because you think that we have to get this done at the moment, understanding what that is for you. Because you are a person, you have your own internal struggles, you are probably micromanaging quite a few things, men don’t understand that they’re very linear, we are much more complex as women. So we juggle a lot of things at one time, we’re gifted that way. But at the same time, it can also be a little bit of our breakdown, because men with their linear thought and then at odds if there’s if there’s a little, a little bit of something that you know, maybe God’s working out in your marriage or God’s working out for for the two of you together, then then there has to be a respect from both sides, that if you say I just, I just can’t do that right now.

Be willing to say, I can’t do that right now. I don’t know how to bridge that gap, and be willing to put it out there and be bold and brave and say, I don’t know how to do this. But I know that this is what I have to do right now, or this is where I have to be right now. Or this is as far as I’m going, I will pray more, I will seek more, I will try to understand more. But there has to be a given take on relationship where they have to understand that you saying this is where I am at the moment is a boundary. So finding what those are, and being willing to say not even necessarily knowing what the boundaries are putting down, but being willing to say, I don’t know, but I know that something internally is off. Let me please have a moment to explore this. And then come to a resolution of it. I don’t have it perfect. You know, I don’t I don’t do that perfectly as well. You know, I mean, there’s times where I snap back at something, and my husband will look at me and just be like, wow, okay, so what is you know, where did Where did that come from?

I’m just like, be like, in fact, this just happened yesterday. He was just like, you are grouchy. And I just said, okay, because Adam just texted me and I’m running out of service. We were up by a lake area, he was dropping us off to hang out with family. And I was just like an atom texted me for something. I’m losing service. And I’m just frustrated at the moment. I was like, You know what, no, no, this is me. Let me process this for a minute. This is me.

It’s not you. It’s not got anything to do with anything else. Hold on a second. Let me have a moment please. Instead of the because he was starting to he started to react to my short sightedness on the moment, because I was only thinking of what was happening at the moment. So then he was reacting to it. And then his reaction was coming back over. And then I was going to read I was like, hold on. No, no, hold on my Dev. It. Hold on, put a boundary up. Give yourself a moment. Just say Hey, guys, I need a moment. Let me work through this. It’s not got anything to do with you guys. It’s me. I’m trying to figure something out.

Can I just be stressed for a minute? Can I just go through this for a minute? Okay, I’m stressed you know? But recognizing what that is, and it diffused the entire thing, not that we were going to fight about it, but he was just like, Oh, my word, you’re stressing. And I was just like, No, no, let me be stressed. Let me carry the stress. Don’t take on my stress, just because I’m putting it out there.

This is so good, because I could see how I’m sure everybody listening could say, Oh, yeah, I could see that happened to me something similar. And then it escalated, and it got crazy. And you’re like, wait a minute, why is everybody all messed up right now. So that’s so good. I want to talk about boundaries. Where your business is concerned, like I know from talking with many, many clients, some are blessed with a spouse that is all over it very, very supportive, and rah, rah, everything good. Others are kind of trying to keep the marriage good. But they feel like they need to kind of keep the negativity of their husband away. Because he’s like saying that you want to go back to work? or Why are you doing this, and we’re spending so much money, blah, blah, blah, they’re not seeing the long term. So do you have any advice for women in that regard, in that situation, I’m going to say something that probably a lot of people are going to say what there is, even in a marriage, when it’s the the union of two people as one, there is still an individuality there.

So in this came about this was something that came about in 2018, where I had to make a decision at that point in time that I didn’t know what the future held with my husband. He went through a really, really, really deep depression time, then, in towards the middle of 2018, he had worked out some of that he sought counseling for that, for those components, I had reached out for help for him for that. But I had a period of time where the possibility of moving forward as a single parent, not through divorce, but through the possibility that he may be more harm to himself at that given period of time, then I even understood, the possibility became real. And so in that there became this sense of I need to understand what I’m building, and why I’m building it. But I’m also building a solid foundation for my children, so that we can weather storms so that these things can come about if God so chooses them to be part of our life, I’m not making any changes, I just need to be able to withstand anything that comes forward.

But I had to be independent, that meant that I needed to build my business up differently, that needed that meant I needed to be available and present so that we can have lots of conversations should the need be there. That meant that I needed to be able to be financially independent, not to where I could have a secret life, that money could afford me, or that it was me versus him, or my money versus his money has nothing to do with that. But I needed to be able to be okay for me so that I could actually move forward in this world. And there became a separation and a very deep independence in who I was in trying to figure out what that looked like. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. And just because I know that I am fully committed to my husband having a breakthrough and being delivered that because he does seek that I know that it would be to God’s greater glory for that to happen for us to be able to tell that story. I know, I know, deep inside soul searching everything, the thought of divorce has come in my mind, maybe I’m supposed to leave. Maybe I’m being foolish, all of these things that I did process, but always with the desire of the better outcome in the long run.

What is better for my husband? If I left him? How is that going to affect his soul? Because we are connected there? You know, how is that going to affect my children? What do I want for them? Am I sending the wrong signal? Do I you know, tuck my tail and run as soon as I can? Or do I stand and fight for what the what good could come about? Do I give it a chance do I decide you know, all of these things, but ultimately building a business that I could create that would Evan flow that and that’s where my online independence become became. So you know, so pivotal, and being able to take on more clients or back off and more clients if time needed. If my children go through something as they’re going from Teen to adult years.

At this point in time, if there’s something that I need to be present for them, can I back off of a few clients for a month and give myself a little bit more time and not be you know, not dramatically affect my life? Those were all pieces in how I needed to step forward my business and that’s why the accounting world, how the needs and necessities of my clients and that particular business. We’re not going to fit that model. I had to do something else. I tried employees. It’s a revolving door and then the workload was going to be on me if I didn’t you know, I just was like Can’t do that, and manage my home? I can’t do both. So then what can I do? So then that’s where it’s like, okay, God, what am I supposed to do?

I don’t, I no longer want to try to say with my will in my mind, because I know I can create something if I want to create something, but God, what am I supposed to do? Where am I called to be? What am I supposed to stand for? How am I supposed to show up in this world? How am I supposed to show up for my husband? How am I supposed to show up for my children? And how am I supposed to show up for my clients. And that really is where business can be one in the same and that’s where it’s not balanced, it becomes a part of your life, it becomes integrated in who you are. But you can’t be one person, personally, and somebody completely different. on the business side, you can be professional, but you can’t have two different sets of values, you can’t have two different rules you live by, you have to be able to be that you have to be cohesive. So stepping into what that looks like for you.

And there’s no template for that, you just have to openly Be willing that if if you walk into something in your business, and you you seek and you search for authenticity, and true oneness with your family and with God, then you will find that way that works for you. And that’s where you make it together. And that’s really if you feel anxious, or if you feel something, take the time to look at what that is, don’t push it aside to say I’m just being silly. Look at it, because then you can build it going for it the right way instead of two different paths.

And ultimately, you know, I wrote this on a comment in some Facebook something today, where I said, you know, the more I The more I do longer I live I guess, the more I see, when we keep our eyes and our mind and our heart on Christ, first and foremost, everything else will, you know, fall into place. And we will have these trials as we’re building our business. And maybe our spouse has these days when they’re like all gung ho and then another day when he might be stressed out with money or whatever. And you’re right, when we just say, Lord, what do I do with this help me find the right path, the path you have for me, because then we only have to be as obedient. And that’s easy, right? I mean, not easy to be obedient. But for me, I always said, you know, those old testament characters, they had it easy. And one of my friends said, Well, why would you say that?

And I said, because God spoke right to him. Me, Judy, do this, this and this. I’d say I You got it. Lord, I love you. And I know if you said it, then I know it’s gonna work out. But for me, it’s like, oh, it’s like, I don’t know, I struggle a little bit. No, it’s God speaking to me, or if it’s me speaking to myself, or heaven forbid, the enemy was bring some sort of why that at the moment might sound okay. Now, so that’s, that can be true.
Well, and he is so merciful, God is so merciful to that even when we do step in front of him, because we think for a moment that that is what we’re supposed to do. It just continues to walk beside us until we’re like, oh, gosh, that was the wrong way. But we have to be open in our hearts to want to do the right thing for the greater for his greater glory, period, everything I do, how I show up is all for his greater glory in the long run, because I am the messenger, but he is the message and I do not want to get in his way.

I just have to learn to not be in my own way. I love that Andre is that I am the messenger he is the message I am so good. As Matt has, you have to tweak that or something. Um, so as you and I spoke up, you know, together offline, you are confident in your husband’s, you know, deliverance, and so I so appreciate that. So ladies, if you’re struggling know that you’re not alone. I think we all do from time to time, and it’s a matter of whether we are just coming out of it, whether we’re in the throes of it or whether it’s just ahead, so know that you’re not alone, sister. All right. So I want to come back to business. And you mentioned digital products, that that is where you shine with respect to your clients. So can you tell us what you do in that regard and what maybe what your best tips are, if their listeners are on the online space, and they have struggled with getting their online product, you know, out into the world.

So the digital products is because there is a lucrative business opportunity there. But we have a noisy, noisy, noisy online world and so many people and I’ve been on the back end of a lot of influencer stuff as well as either affiliates or I’ve never launched any affiliate but I have watched the back end or being contacted to coach on the back end of you know, things that you know processes or or programs that they use. sold themselves. And I see a resounding issue is that so many people can use their business brain and a template to create something, but we get in the way of the message. So what it is you are meant to create and what it is that you are meant to bring to the world, the change is uniquely from you, God ordained it that way that does exist, and you can do it in the digital space. But instead of us getting our brainy brain in the way of the business side of the digital products, let’s not get in the way of the message because you have an opportunity to change people’s lives. And you can do that in the digital space.

But just because you can create a membership or a course, or virtual workshop, or a challenge, or whatever that looks like doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all meant for you, or a particular path is meant for you. Find out what works with your life, find out what works with your scenario, and find out bits and pieces as you’re learning in the digital online space, no matter where you learn it from, or no matter where you see things from, take little bits and pieces of each of those. And instead of trying to take their whole template and saying, Okay, this is how I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it a 15 day challenge that’s going to upsell into a course, then it’s going to upsell into a one to one, it doesn’t have to be like that, you can decide that you’re going to do a 21 day challenge every single month and just do that. You don’t even have to have an upsell. And I actually don’t love the upsell model anyways, because that that’s very linear. And we talked about linear versus, you know, multifaceted earlier. So that linear model is what’s perpetuated out there. And it doesn’t have to be that women, we have to break the mold on exactly how things have been taught.

Year after year after year, no matter what industry, we have so much to bring to the table on a well roundedness that we need to stand and say we can do a different, we have a creative thought process on this. So use that thinking and create your digital products that way, what works for you, and then allow it to evolve in the future?

Oh, well, that that, again, is something brand new. And I would say that I am fairly astute in the ways of online space. Yes. So I’m intrigued by what you just said, you know, this linear model, and you know, there are these various funnels for lack of a better word to lead into a coaching program or one on one or whatever it is. So what alternatives are there? Like? Could you just throw an example of that out, you know, kind of a different way of approaching the standard business models?

So it’s a good example, because I’ve tried, I tried so many different variations of these because you know, things, it would just wouldn’t work that when I’m like, why is it not working for me. So for me, there was a period of time where repetition needed to be my my thing. So I had a 21 day challenge that I did month after month after month. And I focused strictly on that, and generated the income through that challenge itself. It was a lower ticket offer. But I didn’t want to upsell, I tried a couple of different variables inside of that. But the one I found most was when I was able to organize ahead of time, give little bits of information for busy entrepreneurs inside of that challenge, then it worked for me as well, because it didn’t have me hours of lives in front of the computer, I didn’t have the time for hours of lives in front of the computer. And frankly speaking, if you have hours and hours and hours of lives, be cautious that you know what your outcome is, because that’s indicative of not knowing your particular outcome.

If you’re constantly doing lives, a lot of people do that. They think they give so much more. But that’s not necessarily the case. They just don’t know the outcome they’re providing with their digital product. Now, there is a five day challenge. But you have to be super sustained on the outcome area. That’s a micro outcome. So you take maybe you know a lot of cool things, you take one little topic, and I did a micro challenge on a five day of a tiny topic of simply how to write an organic Facebook post. That was it. That was the only outcome. And so I had so much fun engagement on that one. But that was only five days we came in, we got it done. And we walked away with an outcome that they knew coming in, that they’re going to get. And that’s what they got going out of it. So it doesn’t matter what you’re providing. If you as long as you are willing to go all in without thinking that it’s going to be financial gain, it’s going to be time investment for it because it’s still business. Business is an exchange of time. Even passive income is not truly passive.

We have to exchange the time for it somewhere. So determine what works into your schedule. A 21 day challenge for a lot of people may not work in their schedule to be able to show up 21 days in a row. But a five day challenge is now there are people that maybe don’t want to run a course but love to run challenges and have that in constantly. engagement. That works good too. But not every business model can actually do that. If you have a brick and mortar store, I have a lot of people in the health space, chiropractors, acupuncturists that have one to one clients and actually have a business front a physical location, they don’t have time to do a 21 day challenge. So we create a little mini course for them that they can record get together and it’s evergreen, see how it fits, you have to determine what fits into the model you have down. Even in the transition.

If you’re wanting to go from local to online, and reaching more you can but you can’t just jump into this huge funnel like you were saying, where I have an offer a free offer, and then we’re going to do a 21 day challenge. And then we’ve got a eight week course then I’m going to run after that. You can’t do both. So give yourself the grace of stepping into what works right now. Because then you can actually evolve it later.
Ladies listening, find that out, right. That’s why God’s our CEO, is gonna say the board. Here’s like, I’m feeling I hear it every day. And I’m sure you do too. Like my job boards, like, I love what I do, but I don’t sleep. And I have a hard time fitting in lunch and this and that the other end, it’s just, you’re running ourselves ragged. And a good friend of mine just last night, God spoke to her and she actually private messaged me to give me a word. And she actually said, Judy, God told me you need to sit still, because he’s got some big stuff to download to you. And you’re listening. And I took that.

And I said, Thank You, Jesus for speaking through my good friend, and I will listen. So that’s the only way we really determine what really makes sense for us. And it’s not chasing this guru. And that guru and listening to this one is downloading that. And ladies, really you have to, there’s only one person you need to listen to. That is the Lord Jesus Christ, as he tells you, this is what I need you to do. And this is how I want you to do it. And as you just said, hon, I love what you said, you know, we are complex beings. And so we can do things differently. Like we can create something that nobody else is doing. And that’s really exciting. Yeah, okay. Well, thank you for that. I’ve got two more quick questions for you. Number one, Where can the listeners find you online?

I love to places my website y dub dash gannon.com you can see me there. And you can always reach out to me on messenger on Facebook. I’m just might’ve Ganon, you can find me all over the place for business for personal. My father named me that before I was born. And little did he know he was branding me with that. So I ended up embracing it. Three years ago, I just said I might as well just do that. Because most people either assume that’s the case, or you know, think it’s my business name or whatever. So they searched that one anyways. So you can find me on Facebook, you can find me on Instagram, you can find me on LinkedIn, and you can find me on my website.

Okay, we have time just for a quick summary. Right? How did your dad come to me that? What’s your backstory, he was a hippie in the Bay Area of California. So and the reason real quick is that he wanted something unusual. If I was a boy, it was going to be Eddie Jr. named after him. And then two months before I was born, he came home to my mom and said, if it’s a girl, let’s name her white dad. And my mom was going through a spiritual journey herself at the time. And that resonated with her. You know, so the Holy Spirit and the white dove, you know, with john the baptist, and so she felt called to that name for her reasons. My dad, I think he was just being a little bit of a rebel. And so, here I am.
wonderful story. And I feel like I knew.

Thank you for that question. This is the very podcast. So you need to share with our listeners, a married lady in your life and what makes
a truly extraordinary lady in my life. My mom and I will say my mom, not because we have the easiest of relationships, but because she has, she has struggled for years to find herself in Christ and has always truly wanted that. But in me being present for her and authentically giving myself to her helping her find that role of who she is as a mom and identify I’m oldest of eight siblings, you know and so in in her in her walk, to, to be open and to be loved and to find love through Jesus that has given me the opportunity to love unconditionally on my end because anytime she would make a decision that would you know, she would withdraw herself or she would move somewhere else. Or she would go silent for a little bit. I would not I learned to not take it personally, and learn to let her ebb and flow in her life. And it’s her journey. It’s not it’s so much of our lives, guys, it’s so, so not about us personally.

It’s about other people, and how they’re trying to figure out what it looks like for them, and their walk with God, and what they’re supposed to be doing. And when they’re called and understanding, hearing and learning that call, she was the one that actually helped me understand that. So she is my extraordinary woman.

That’s great. I love that story. Thank you so much. Why w amazing. You’re an extraordinary lady. I hope you know. And truly, you know, I don’t pick just anybody on the podcast. And as we chatted for the last 45 minutes, I just, I just fall more in love with you. You have so much I mean, I I know I could bring you back easily for another time. You keep on going and if that’s ever gonna happen, I would love it. But thank you so much for joining us. Lots of yourself.

Thank you so much for having me on. It’s been my pleasure.
All right, ladies. We will see you next time.

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