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Ep 89: Do the Impossible: How to Generate Consistent 5-Figure Months Transcript

Ladies, welcome to this new masterclass that I just literally put together for you this past week. And it is all about doing the impossible, which I love because we serve a mighty God, you can do anything hallelujah. And so we are His children, and we can do the impossible by his power. So this is all about that and the thrivers framework, we’re all thrivers. And we want to generate consistent five figure months or consistent six figure months, this framework works, okay. And before I go to the next slide, I do want to say, as I work with my clients, when you get right down to it, if they’re not generating the kind of money they want, it’s because in large part, they’re not really asking for the business. Either they don’t really have an offer.

That is clear. And or they don’t have confidence to talk about what they do. And therefore, you know, so it’s not rocket science, why we’re not getting sales. So we’re going to be talking about what has to happen in order for you to get confident in order for you to get that offer that you’re really excited about and that your ideal client wants so that you can generate consistent revenue month after month. Okay, so open up your chat, please. And on a scale of one to 10. When you think about your business right now, what would you rate it? With 10 being off the charts, and one being yikes helped me. Okay, now, my goal throughout this masterclass today is to help you get closer to attend, even just by listening to this masterclass and getting some points to implement afterwards. Okay, that’s my goal. I know it’s a lofty one, but I love the challenge. Okay. So here are a couple of reasons why if you’re not at a 10, you know why that’s the case, you may want more clients, you may want to make more of an impact, right?

You know, that God has gifted you specially and you want those gifts to be used. Or maybe you’re not at a 10 because you want more money. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We talked about that inside the thrivers five method workshop, right? It’s okay to want money. It’s not okay to have money as an idle, right. Because we can do good things with money, we can donate it back and, and give to worthy causes and give back to the church and all that good stuff. So you might want more money, you might want more time and more freedom. Hey, you know what this business is great and all but I really didn’t want to spend all of my waking hours on it. Right? Any of you thinking that? And you may not be at a gym because you’re just working too darn hard. Okay.

And I want you to know that at the bottom line, I know why you’re not where you want to be. I know it. And I hope you’re excited when I repeat a why that is okay. Are you excited? I am Okay, so, this may feel weird. Okay. We’re on a masterclass, but I’m gonna ask you to close your eyes. And I want you to picture your dream business. What does it look like? What is lifelike? And I’m saying to dream, ladies. And this is an exercise that I would love for you to do. Time block 30 minutes, at least in the next day or two? And just write down what is my dream business? What am I doing? What team members do I have? What impact Am I making? How much money am I making? Right? picture that dream business? Where’s it look like? What does it feel like? And where are you? Are you still at home? Or do you have an office? Are you a big company or smaller one?

Whatever your dream is, I want you to picture that and get it so clear that you can see it. Okay. And when you have more time to do that, I want to welcome you to your future. I want to welcome you to your joy filled life. I want to welcome you to your impactful business. Right, welcome. I’m going to welcome you that today. Because your dream business is yours, if you believe if you believe that’s the big hint on the crux of the matter, right.

So let’s go to God invite him in to what we’re going to be doing together today. Heavenly Father, thank you for always being here. Lord, thank you for showing up in our lives in very real way so that we know you’re there. Thank you, Lord for those small and large confirmations that we’re on the right track that we are doing what you want us to do, Lord, we are willing servants God, we want to, you know, use our talents and gifts that you were so gracious to give us in ways that you would have us use them. We don’t want to bury them in the ground. We don’t want to play it safe, Lord, help us to think differently to think, from your perspective and to take bold, courageous action, knowing that you are right there with us. We love you, God, we trust you. In the mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right. So here’s the thing. Do you believe that you can have five figure months? Like, do you believe that?
Do you believe they’re possible?

So I looked up the word possible. I’m a wordsmith I love to see. So definition of possible being within the limits of ability, or capacity. Okay. I’m having an indicated potential. That’s a good one. So do you believe that it’s possible to have five figure months, month after month? even six figures? Do you really think it’s possible? So I have a warning for you here, I want you to stop concerning yourself with what’s possible. Or even with what’s reasonable. You know, why, right? Because our God can do anything. So we’re not limited by what we think we’re limited to. Okay. So when we’re talking about five figure months, you know, it’s, it’s, you know, $1,333 a month to get to 100 grand. So that’s not quite five figure months, but I wanted to just put this in front of you to see it, it is absolutely possible to reach $100,000 in your business, okay. So here it is. 500 people buy $200 product from you.

Okay, there you got your million 200 by a $500 100 by 1050 by 2000. And only 20 people if you had a $5,000 product. And I can tell you that if you and I were to sit down and work together and see what your talents are, what your business is, who you serve and what you do for them. I have no doubt in my mind that you have inside of you a $2,000 at least offering. Okay, so that’s only four people a month. Is it doable? Yeah. Okay. So, as Christians, the number one thing we’re called to do, is believe. Right? Believe in what we know the Lord Jesus Christ, we are to have faith and faith is what’s missing, right? Faith. So many get this messed up, you know, those those worldly gurus that talk about self confidence and confidence in yourself, wait a minute, no, I don’t have confidence in myself or my abilities, but I darn well have faith and confidence in my abilities, when I use them for Christ, and when I know he’s in it, I have confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ in the way that he’s made me number one. And number two, the way he’s directing me to go and to move, and that is the faith, right? Christian faith is confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s where your confidence needs to be. Because if your confidence is in yourself, guess what, you’re going to disappoint yourself, and then you’re going to get all messed up.

And that’s you’re going to get frustrated, things are going right, you’re going to look to yourself and your own strength. And that’s when things go awry, because we’ve got to have the confidence where it belongs, or Jesus Christ. Okay. So of course, the faith chapter, Hebrews 11 one. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. So we’re to walk in faith. But we do have evidence all around us that, you know, what we hope for, or what we have faith in, you know, can actually come to me? How do we know that? Well, think about all the times God showed up in the past, he’s gonna show up again. And it’s the substance I love that the substance of things hoped for. When people say they have hope, but they don’t have the Lord Jesus Christ, what are they hoping in hope is only you know, as valuable as what you’re grounding it in, right and what your faith is in if your faith is in yourself, wow, you’re going to be in trouble. If it’s if it’s in the Lord, you’re great, you’re solid. And that is what we have to go all in on ladies and stop playing small. Right? So when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we go in on him and he is where our confidence comes, comes from, then all we have to do is believe in what we say we believe. Believe in God’s exceedingly great and precious promises throughout his word. Trust in his faithfulness, he showed up before he will come through again Relying on his character, right? He cannot lie.

He is trustworthy. And he promises to be right there with us fighting the battle, he is in your business, and he wants you to make him a part of it. So these are just some of the exceedingly great and precious promises that the Lord has. And if you have not gotten this copy of, you know, of these Bible verses, and if you’d like them, just let me know.
Okay, So bottom line, welcome to the impossible. Your dream business, right as your reality. Okay? It’s as easy as that. You’re like, oh, gosh, no, it’s not where you’re right. Look, let’s be honest, there’s work to be done. But it starts not with a strategy, and not with a tactic. Okay? It starts with the way you think. And that’s got to be grounded on the foundation of confidence in Christ, we need to stop playing small, we need to show up. We need to think bigger.

Because we need to understand that the impossible is possible with the Lord God. Okay. And that’s just awesome about us being Christians. And I’m not, I’m not using Christ, to say, Well, I’m gonna, you know, as, as one of the pastors I used to listen to said, you know, you can’t like just kind of bring Jesus into your portfolio, and then you think you’re going to thrive, we’re still going to have issues. But when we really do walk our faith, that’s when he says, okay, she trusted me with that. Now, I’m going to give her this. Oh, wow, she trusted me with that great, she was obedient. Now, I’m going to give her this. You know, that’s how we work. We read it all throughout Scripture. And you know, this is my life first Ephesians 320. And I love it. Because right here it right here it all is, God is able to do more than we could even measure about all we asked for, or all that we could even imagine. And this end part just always brings me to tears. How does he do that? How does he do a measurably more according to His power that is at work in us?

That’s the Holy Spirit. He allows us to be a part of his amazingness. It’s just crazy. But as I look around, excuse me, and especially here in the States, with the election, everybody’s gone half crazy, right? I see believers saying, I can’t do it. And they make up some excuse. They say, I’ll never make it because you know, I’m too tall, fat, short, old, rich, poor, who knows, right? My husband doesn’t support me. I’m a single mom, whatever, right? And I get it. I don’t mean to minimize these issues we have in our life. But you know, Jesus was poor. And I never saw him sitting around crying about it. Right? He took action. He didn’t allow his circumstance to keep him down. And look at Paul, he was in prison. And he still was used as a minister of Christ message, right? I see other believers say I’m not good enough. I’m just not good enough. Oh, my gosh. And when I put myself down and look at my body, and I say, Oh, I hate that.

And I hate that. Really. When you get right down to what we’re criticizing the Lord. He made us we are perfectly imperfect, just as he designed we are more than enough, right? And we we know from scripture in Christ, we’re we’re more than conquerors. I don’t even know what it means. But we’re not just conquerors. We’re more than conquerors in him. So we’re done. Well, good enough. And, you know, so many believers say I just don’t believe it’s possible, at least not for me. I can’t think like that, ladies. And here’s even worse, here’s even worse, and I may ruffle some feathers. And I hope I do. Because I feel like this was something from the Lord for me. I see lots of believers who are engaging in a victim mentality. Whoa, is me. They’re saying, because of my upbringing, because of my race because of my insert, whatever it is there. Okay. That is not what we’re gonna do as Christians. He doesn’t want us to play the victim. I see so many believers playing that blame game, and not taking responsibility for their own life today, right now.

I see believers using divisive words and actions, they they label everything so that they can be divided and it’s us versus them. That is not what Jesus Christ called his people to. I even see some believers looking for vengeance, looking for what they deserve. And I saw one person who actually was talking about I’m going to make my millions getting plunder from my clients women plunder. That is what that is what they took in the Old Testament from their enemies. Are you calling your clients your enemies there? Just this anger, and there is this divisiveness. And as your sister in Christ, if that is you, I want to say, look, we all have stuff going on in our past, and our generations and ancestors past. But
let’s hang on to Scripture. Let’s not buy into the rhetoric of the world. Philippians three says one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and I’m going to reach forward to those things which are ahead, I press on, for the goal for which God has called me heavenward. Right. We can all cry about the stuff that happened to our ancestors, my parents, I’m poor folk, but I don’t. I’m looking forward to the possibilities and even the impossibilities Amen. Hallelujah.

Thank you, God for that good word. So it’s I love you. It is I love you is faith in the Lord God who is love. That is when we start to thrive, ladies. So you may say, this is great, dude, my little soapbox there. But what does this have to do with business? And I will tell you, everything. Everything. Business is an extension of your life. And I know this for a fact. Without faith, you will struggle, no doubt about it. Without faith, you will struggle even with faith, you’re going to have some hard times, but the faith will get you through it. Okay, we’ll be talking about that. You see, entrepreneurship requires decisive, bold, courageous, consistent, action taking ain’t no time for the Whoa, is me. There just isn’t. That is such a waste of time, right. And when we, when we think small, and we don’t think about the possibilities, or even as I said earlier, the impossibilities we miss out ladies. And Doggone it, I don’t want to miss it out anymore. I really don’t. I’m super passionate about this. And this whole idea that that your success in business.

We know the success in life comes from faith. But I’m here to tell you success in business begins in your faith. And this is the concept that I call your faith quotient. And this is the subject of a book I’m writing. So yeah, pretty passionate about it, right. So the greater your faith, the more you are going to be what we are called to be with the fruit of the Spirit, joyful, peaceful, hopeful, loving, patient, kind. And this the faith, when you start living out your faith, and enjoying the fruit of the Spirit, that is when you become super motivated, and super successful.
So let’s remember this ladies, the very best that we could dream. Remember earlier, we were just dreaming about our dream business, right? But the very best the biggest that we can dream or even imagine or hope for is absolutely nothing compared to what the Lord God Almighty already has for us. Okay, so we need to get out of our own way. We really do. So just very, very briefly, if there’s anybody who that doesn’t know me, who am I am a Jesus Freak day by grace like 100 times, maybe 1000 times maybe a million times. Okay. I remember when I was in college.

They were people that I come Jesus freaks. And that’s what people I call my kids. I’m glad they do. But I would Jesus Freak all the way right now. I’m a small town girl with big ambition. Always I was born to always think like, oh, what can I do? What can I do? I didn’t care where I came from. I was certain wasn’t gonna let that hold me back. I’m a thriver, not just a survivor, following domestic abuse that they handed my first husband that hold me back. I don’t have anger for him. I forgave him a long time ago. I’m a mom to three amazing boys, and a step mom to three other ones. I’m a former Philly trial lawyer, former C suite executive, lifelong women’s advocate. I think I was born a women’s advocate, serial entrepreneur since oh three. I’m known as a professional woman’s business coach. And I love the beach and my three food groups. My favorite food groups are ice cream, french fries, and chocolate. So for me, the vegetables and the meat. That’s not really what I’m into. It’s these but I know that’s not real healthy.

All right. So as I said, this thrivers framework to get these consistent five figure months begins right here with your faith. Okay? Because here’s what faith is going to do for you. It’s going to keep you going, when you don’t feel like it. And when you don’t see it happen, right? Your faith is going to allow you to do that scary thing. Oh my gosh, she really wants me to go video. Alright, I’m doing it. She really must make that phone call. Okay. She really wants me to create a webinar. You know, but you don’t have to do any of those things. You may choose different marketing, primary marketing strategy, right? There is no cookie cutter with me ladies, okay? There is no one way. Okay? But having faith is gonna definitely allow you to do that scary thing, whatever it is for you, because you’re going to choose faith over fear. And faith also is going to keep you positive and hopeful knowing that God’s right there with you. And that’s a beautiful thing. So this picture just sums up business, if you want to cut to the chase, you have something you’re selling, it’s your offer.

And then on the other side, you have clients who pay you, okay? And what’s standing between your offer and the money and the clients you are. So as I said, we need to get this right to get you out of your own way. Okay, so this is the thrivers framework. And you could snap a picture of this or whatever you like. And I’m going to be going through each one individually. But I wanted to set this all up for you at once that this is the framework, you start with your branding, then you have an offer one or more, not tons, no, no, then you have a visibility strategy in place, then you go out and sell it, and then you follow up. And all of that is grounded on the foundation of faith in Christ. Right? It’s all without the faith in Christ to me, the others are just going to be slippery and not as streamlined. And of course not as effective without faith in our Lord and having him be a like I said the foundation of your business.

So let’s take each of these separately one by one. Okay. So branding. Why is branding so important? Well, we talked about it inside the thrive method workshop, but your branding, the thing that you really have to remember is number one, the emotional element, right? Because you want your brand to be relatable and memorable and relatable, like, like to who? Well, not everybody, right? We’ll get to that in a second. And memorable. Okay. So there’s two main pieces of the branding your identity, that’s huge. Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your core values? What do you believe about yourself? Right? Your identity. And again, when you have that confidence in Jesus, your identity becomes a heck of a lot more positive, when you realize that he gave you all you need. Now you just have to trust him with it. Right? He’s tried, he’s entrusted these gifts and talents to you.

Now trust him and say, Lord, you may be this way to do this business. Okay, Lord, tell me what to do. And I will do it. But what is your identity? Do you feel good enough? Because you are? Do you know that you’re the expert? That God made you to be? Right? Okay, so the identity piece, and then of course, your ideal clients? Who are you going to be doing things for, you need to know them intimately. And so remember, your brand can be polarizing. And in fact, it should be polarizing? Absolutely. It’s got to be because you don’t have time to talk to world, you only have time. And, and and, you know, availability to talk to those at smaller group or groups of people, right, your ideal client, you could have more than one but but you know, do it one at a time, go through the framework one at a time. Otherwise, it’ll get confusing, because you need to know specifically who you’re talking about. Is this going to be a woman in her 40s?

Or a woman in her 20s? Right. So important, okay, so that’s the branding piece. Next is your offer. You got to create something to sell, or have something to sell, right? If it’s a product or service, right? So you need to know what your ICA your ideal client avatar once, what do they really want? Right? So here’s the thing, this is an interesting little side, note that all that I’ll say you have to sell for lack of a better word, what your ideal client once and then give them what they need. quick example of that, is if you’re a health coach, and you tell you tell someone that you really want to work with that, okay, so I’m going to take you through this rigorous exercise program and I’m gonna put you on this this strict diet, but they’re gonna be like, bye, bye. No, thank you, right for the most part. Instead, if you tell them what they want, look, people that work with me have lost, you know, x pounds, and their life now is so different.

They have more confidence. They they’ve gotten that promotion at work, they like what you focus on, what do they really want, they want to feel better. They want to have a better life. They want to be more competent, whatever it is, do your market research and find it out. And then when they get inside your program, then yeah, you’re going to give them that, but you’re also going to give them that you know Here’s my tough love, here’s what you need in order to get what you want. Right? So this idea of your offer, these are the little pieces of it, you have to have a compelling title, what are you calling this thing you’re giving, it has to have a big transformation that again, your ideal client once, then you have to package it in a certain way. That’s cool. And you have to position it in a way that is compelling, then you price it right? Not too low, right? And then you have to be confident and clear.

Clarity is huge here on the specifics. What exactly does the offer involve? What is your buyer going to get? And how is it delivered? And what are the benefits, all that good stuff. Now I have here, there’s two schools of thought. Some say you should have a ladder of products, starting from, you know, a low $7 offer on up to thousands of dollars. That’s one kind of school of thought another is just have one offer, and make it your signature offer. And it’s a high ticket one. Guess what, ladies, there is no wrong way. Either way can work. It’s about your business model, and how you want to run your business. See, and that’s the thing. So many women are so like, Oh gosh, can I do that? Can I do that? Sure. You can do whatever you want. It’s your business. Right? And I’m here to tell you both of those business models absolutely work. Okay, so the next piece is visibility, which is your marketing piece you got to get out there, you got to be seen. And there’s just a couple of ways to do that. Get on speaking stages or virtual stages, you know, get on social wherever, again, your ideal client is write a book, write a blog, go on a podcast, have a podcast, it really isn’t that hard to do live video, all these different things, you have to have your marketing strategy to get out there. Because it’s not like that movie, build it, and they will come No, no, no, they’ve got to see you.

They’ve got to find you. And they’ve got to see you many, many times before they finally click and say, Oh, I like her. I think she’s pretty good, right? So you can have results or excuses. but not both. Okay. So this is just a little thing to keep in mind that we could say, well, I don’t really want to do video, or I don’t really want to knock on doors or whatever it is that you think in your industry you need to do to be visible and to get the clients. Well. The hard love there is you either can hang on to your excuses, or go after what you want. Right? Can’t have both. Okay, now, a couple other pieces to the visibility is, besides just you getting out there. See, this is like, for example, posting on social. And to me, that’s not even the power of it. You got to connect and engage. It’s about relationships.

So if you’re not making money, right, now, I have a question for you how many people? How many of your ideal client Did you talk to last week? Because I guarantee you, if you increase that interaction, that engagement, that connection with those in your ideal client target audience, you’re going to make more money. See, we think that if we talk with one person that we expect that person to be ready, right, then sign up right now and be done. Because we’re awesome, right? And then when that doesn’t happen, then we kick ourselves and says, I’m not enough. This is horrible. It doesn’t work, wait a minute, we have to be more patient than that. And we have to be very intentional about the connection that we’re doing. And then a third piece of the visibility and the marketing strategy is having an opt in having a freebie that, again, your ideal client wants and using that to grow your email list, and then the whole nurture and follow up, which we’ll get to in a second. Okay, so the fourth part of our framework is the sales pitch.

And I really don’t like the word, but I don’t know what else to say. Yeah, could say presentation. But I don’t like that either. And I’ll talk about that in a second. But you’re basically telling someone, here’s what I have for you. What do you think, right? And basically, this is inviting your ideal client to a sales conversation. And I like conversation more than pitch. Pitch seems like, you know,
I’m being pushy. I’m pitching. I’m kind of twisting things just so you buy. And that’s not what this is. You can be very successful in sales as a woman of integrity, a woman of faith, a woman of God. So I like to think of these things as conversations and I’ve had conversations with a number of you already I know. So that you know what it’s like it’s serving. You’re a servant leader. You’re trying to find out information. And again, trying to get them to a decision. Is it yes or no? Right. So inviting them to that sales conversation. And and what’s so important about the success of that, and the conversion of that from just someone on your list or someone you kind of sort of know to a client is you got to come, you got to come with the confidence, you got to come with the energy and the excitement, right? That’s huge.

That is like, huge. Because if you’re not excited about what you’re selling, why would anybody else be right? And then here’s a big one, ask for the business. Don’t just don’t just wow them with your value and with how great you are, and then say, Okay, well, let me know if you have any questions and then get off the call. what in the heck was that? You, and I’ll take you through. If you were just if you were to work together, I would take you through, like the whole little yeses on the way to the big Yes. And if they’ve given you those little yeses all along the way, why would you not say, I’m so excited to work with you. I think this is a perfect fit, you know, based upon what we talked about pop up. So I have two opportunities for you the monthly, month by month or the painful, which will work better for you. That’s it, you ask you assume the sale. Why? Not? Because you’re pushy. But because it’s all led to that. And you phrase it in a way, it’s just a natural part of the conversation. There’s nothing like strange about it. But I have when I do role plays with my clients, it does feel sometimes like that. But that’s only because you are, you’re feeling that. And so you’re making it feel like that, right?

Something I could say anything, I don’t care what it is, I could say anything very matter of factly. And it wouldn’t feel weird. I could say you know, bananas eat fish. That’s weird, right? But I’ve said matter of factly. So I didn’t feel weird about it, you see what I’m saying? So asking for the business, it’s huge. And then the last, of course, piece of the whole sales thing is handling objections, understanding that objections are really an interest to some degree, or they wouldn’t bother spending time with you on the phone or, or in person. So how to handle that, and how to continue to move this thing forward this relationship and possibly this opportunity to work together. So that was all the sales piece. And then the final part of the framework is the systems element. And the follow up.

There’s so many systems. But you know, in today’s tech world, it’s not as overwhelming. It’s much more user friendly, much more affordable, like a like a database, for example, so that you can keep track of leads as they come in, where did they come in from, and tag them in different ways so that you can nurture them and reach out to them in a very intentional way that is written out, all you got to do is follow the process, right? So it’s intentional and consistent, nurturing, and really all this is ladies and following up is relationship building. And this takes time. And again, let’s let’s bring this idea to real life. If you meet an amazing guy who seems superduper awesome. Like, you’re like, oh, he looks good on paper, and he looks good in real life. And he seems like he’s got his act together.

Of course, he loves the Lord Jesus Christ. He seems real sweet Up, up up. And but if he asked you to marry him on the first date, would you know? So why do we get you know, all upset when someone we have a great conversation, but they’re not necessarily ready to, you know, give you $5,000? Okay, we’ve got to be patient and nurture that relationship. Okay. So, again, here’s the framework, branding, offers visibility, sales, pitch, follow up, all grounded in faith in Christ. So I’m going to pause here to say, Are you feeling overwhelmed?

I hope not. But if you are, I would say, that’s good, because you’re paying attention. And you’re trying to pull all of this together. And you know, these pieces, but maybe the thought of bringing it together can be it can be kind of overwhelming. But I don’t want you to feel that. I don’t want you to have overwhelm. I want you to go to Christ, because you know, he’s got you he will help you figure this out. So I’m going to go through some keys to generating consistent five figure months at the end. But right now, I just want to pause because many of you have asked me about the Academy. So I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you more about it. You know, I had posted the sales page at various places and emails and on the page and the blessed it ride community Facebook group page, but I really wanted to take just five or 10 minutes to go through some of these highlights with you.

Because there is a way to build your business quicker and easier and with joy, doing business God’s way and getting the accountability and support you need and always with Christ as the foundation, okay, and it’s the bless the thrive Academy, nothing else like it. And so on the sales page, you know, on the URL, you’ll see there are tons of success stories. Some are, you know, you click on it, and it’s just going to be words, others click on it, it’s going to take you to a video, I encourage you to absorb this, I also have put on my blessed to thrive tv youtube channel, there is a playlist of all, not all, but a bunch of 12, or more case studies and testimonials so that you can find it all in one place. It’s very important. Before I invest, I always make sure to check it out. So you know, when you hear from all these different people, that helps you to know if they’re saying like the same thing over and over again, about what they’ve gotten out of the program, then that becomes more reliable. So I encourage you to check out these success stories.

There was a study recently done by the American Society of training and development. And it really brings home kind of what I put together, and I didn’t put this together, knowing about this study, the study I just recently learned. What it says is, you know, when you have community is like a place where you know, you can go and get the support you need of like minded people who are doing the same thing you’re doing right locking arm and arm, and you have a coaching element, someone who’s been where you are and is willing, ready, willing and able to share that expertise. And then there’s the accountability piece saying, okay, where are you, I want you to, to get where you want to go. And there’s little steps along the way, I need to make sure you’re staying up, right. That’s the accountability. And so when you have these three elements, the community, the coaching, and the accountability, this study said that that increases your likelihood of success by 95%.

And so I’m not really a math person, but I think if it increased it by 100%, that would make your chance of success twice as good, right? Two times more likely than if you did it alone, pretty much. So I think that speaks volumes to kind of what what the power of the Academy is. And on the page, I also have this what typically my clients are missing when they come to me. They’re missing the strategy piece. They they piecemeal, their stuff, they’re grabbing freebies, and they’re watching masterclasses, but they don’t have a cohesive strategy that starts with the branding, and only then goes into the marketing and then talks about the offers based upon all of that knowledge, right. And then the systems they don’t know how to automate, and they’re working way too hard.

They’re thinking, the automation comes later, when really the best time to insert your automation in your business is at the very beginning. And again, because the price points aren’t crazy. It’s absolutely doable, right? And then the third piece, and this is ginormous is the support. Look, you could take everything that I’ve done in this masterclass and inside the workshop that you’ve just done, and you could study it, and you could implement it by yourself. And there’s no doubt about it, you could get to a better place in your business as a result of going through that than you were beforehand. But what happens and it happened with me too, before I you know, as I was learning that as you’re implementing your questions, we’re going to go for the questions. Are you going to post on different free groups to try to find the answer? Again, listen to one guru, they’re going to have a different approach, talk to another one, they’re going to have yet another and so on.

Okay. So the cohesiveness of the strategy, the systems and the support is, is what can really get you from, like, from here to there, let me know if you’ve seen some of the more recent case study interviews that I’ve done with my clients, one for extra revenue, just in a couple of months of working together, and she was so optimistic she does. And I know in 2021, I’m going to double that. I mean, it’s just so exciting when you have you know, these tools and the strategies and the support and your confidence goes through the roof. Right. And again, it’s all grounded in the Lord. So I just wanted to put this quick thing together is the academy for you, okay, well, it’s for you, if you love the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s that if you don’t love the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re not gonna like the Academy at all.

But if you do, you’re gonna love it. If you’re committed to making an impact on others lives, okay. Now, other people are in a similar coaching program might focus here on if you want to make a million bucks, come on in. Well, if you want to make six figures want to make seven figures, great, you could do that inside this program. But the ladies that I work with, they’re more concerned about their impact and then making a million bucks.

So if you’re committed to making that impact on others lives, then the Academy’s for you, if you’re a professional woman, and I don’t mean necessarily Corporate. But I do work a lot with corporate women and former lawyers like myself and doctors, right? If you’re a professional woman, like you know your craft, and your working life experience makes you an expert, then the Academy’s for you. And even if you’re just starting out in your business, let’s be real. You would not call yourself an expert, you would not open this business unless you knew you know how women are that you could do this, that you could benefit someone, if you’ve seen one of my interviews from this weekend, Julie Contreras, just started, like not even four full weeks ago, and she just got her first paid client. She had been homeschooling her kids for more than a decade. And now she’s a homeschool coach. And a month ago, that was just like this idea. But in three and a half weeks, we’ve taken it from idea to actual product.

And now she has assigned client that’s so exciting. She’s an expert, right? If you’re done holding yourself back, you’re ready to go all in on who you are in Christ, and you’re willing to do it afraid than the Academy’s for you, even if you’re afraid to do it afraid, you’re good, okay? If you want to learn from someone who’s been there, a bit where you are, so you can get where you want to go. Academy is a great place for you. If you want to learn to do business God’s way and building again, this business of significance, that yes, is profitable, and scalable, this is for you. And if you would love to surround yourself with like minded ladies who are founders of businesses, business owners, thrivers, leaders and the Academy’s for you, right.

Okay. And then, just briefly, this slide, you can see, and this is on the website, so I’m not going to belabor it. But this is just a little bit of what you get inside the Academy. I mean, it is the most comprehensive, action oriented, results driven program that you’re ever going to find, especially at this price point. So I did want to highlight these amazing five ladies, because I could have taught you copy, I could have taught you PR I know a little I don’t know about Facebook ads, pretty much everything else I feel pretty good about. But I said no, I need to get subject matter experts. So that at three o’clock today, those in the academy are going to be joining Caitlin for her office hour this month. And what happens there, go ahead, you can bring your website, you can bring your sales page, you could bring your email and say and say Caitlin, could you please review this and let me know your thoughts? She’s so good on the spot.

She doesn’t and they’re recorded. If you miss it, you can watch it again. It’s amazing. She’s fabulous. Makita she’s the best at social media monetization, not about the post. It’s about is my work and efforts. They’re going to matter. Right. And Julia sales, she she created the art of feminine selling, all right, she she knows what it’s like she’s been in sales, hardcore sales for the financial industry for more than 20 years, even though she looks like she’s 20 herself. She’s an amazing lady with tons of experience that night. Have you listened to her recently released podcast, she’s blowing up all over the place. She’s been on Oprah, she’s been on Dr. Oz. And Lisa Stoops, she is my Facebook ads expert, you are going to have access to my network of amazing Ladies, ladies who have their own networks you can tap into I mean, I mean that the reach of you know, the network inside the Academy is insane. Okay, so let’s see, what’s this? Okay, member benefits real quick, high touch access to me. Okay. It’s so funny. I got a call right before new time.

And a woman who’s been following me for a while she goes, do you know what? I do have a concern. And it’s my only concern. I said, Okay, great. What is it? And she goes, if I have a question, as I’m implementing, am I gonna have to wait like 10 to 14 days to hear back from you on an answer? I laughed. And I said, No, not at all. I mean, high touch. direct access to me is a hallmark of this academy. So you know, guaranteed if you reach out to me, I will be getting back to you as soon as I can write, and at the very most it will be within 24 hours. That’s on a long time. I like to do it within two to three hours, right? So high touch access directly to me, I don’t pawn you off the team members, they’re there to help. But you want me so you’ve got me, okay. You also get access to powerful on demand business trainings, which are videos and other materials, everything you need not, you know, we don’t have time to waste right? specialized coaching every month by our thriver experts and I just talked about that and they’re always eager to answer your questions and share the very best with you. We have weekly group coaching and mastermind sessions every Tuesday at one o’clock.

I can’t wait for them. Everybody loves them. Get all your questions answered so that you could implement and take your next best step. But remember what I just said. If it’s Tuesday night You’re opening up a new module. Let’s say you’re starting on the branding module and all of a sudden, yes, I have a question. You don’t have to wait until the next Tuesday, go in the Facebook group. post the question, right, these days since my Facebook thing is still hacked, text me and All my ladies, no, my text number, you know, and I will give you an answer. You know, and where do you get that these days? I’ll tell you nowhere. Okay. And if you want to, if you were to jump in, you were to join a sisterhood accountability partners. Oh my gosh, you’ve got to listen to what the ladies that I’ve interviewed this weekend are saying about their accountability partners. It’s fun. Like, like they’re making friends, not just business besties. But friends, and they have a support system, like no wonder. And when they watch what everybody else is doing, it encourages them to Oh, okay, she’s doing it. I’m gonna do it. Right. And here’s one that I think is huge. You learn to think like a thriving CEO, right?

You got to shift that mindset so that you can shift your behavior. So you can make that impact and make more money with ease grace and joy. Okay. Like, like, like, I went to law school, learn how to think like a lawyer. I learned how to identify things and think really fast and logical. Okay, so you come into the Academy, so that you learn to think like a thriving CEO. Okay, so you’re not a baby, you don’t make excuses. You don’t cry and whine about the past, you are decisive. You look at an issue, you know, you’re a problem solver. know you’re a problem solver. And you take action. That’s what you learn inside the Academy. Just very briefly, the bonuses. Okay. So if you were to come in all of you get access to my time blocking training, my video marketing training, my opt in training, which is crazy plus to one on one coaching sessions with me, okay, which is, which is I just love this strategy sessions.

And they go fast, but there’s a lot of value there, they’re recorded on zoom. So you could refer to them always in forever. Okay, then if you’re able to pay in full, you get these crazy bonuses, I help you create your brand. Like, I’m always giving support, but this is more dedicated support. Okay, a deep dive into your personal brand to make sure you stand out in any marketplace, whatever your business is, okay. We also do a marketing strategy, deep dive, where I do a very low, deep, deep analysis of your online presence everywhere. And I give you very specific recommendations for improvement. This is not well tweak your bio? No, I say okay, here’s what I would think about that. Here’s how I might reword that, you know, me, I’m detail. Alright.

And then the last bonus, which is crazy, this is worth more than what your investment would be. Two and a half hour zoom session with me, it’s my half day VIP, where we’re going to leave there, you’re going to you’re going to have like your entire like strategy for 2021. Done. And we’re going to talk big picture, in order for you to get that framework so that you know where your business is going to hit the goals that you set for yourself. Okay. And so monthly, this is a 12 month program, this is not a month to month. Why? Because you need these 12 months to get the full benefit of what I put together, there are 12 modules, when you join, you get access to the first four. And then every 30 days, the next one rolls out why I wanted to give you enough up front to
keep you happy.

But I don’t want to overwhelm you. So every 30 days, a new one rolls out. Okay, so it is a 12 month program at 249 a month, or if you’re able to pay in full and you can save nearly $500 and it’s only 2495 pretty tire years high touch coaching program. It’s insane. And that’s why after midnight tonight, that’s going to double. Okay. So I promised you that I’m going to give you some keys and pull this together. And I want to warn you, some of this may sound simplistic, but I’m telling you, the older I am. And the more experienced I am in business, the more I’m absolutely convinced that simplicity is where it’s at. If you were to talk to Gary Vee, if you were to talk to Rachel Hollis, if you were to talk to some of these people that we all know, Marie Forleo, they would say the same thing. We’ve got to stop overthinking it right business. At the end of the day. It’s about relationships. And let’s talk about some of these keys to generating that five figure income so you can make 100 grand right? First thing, we got to surrender.

We got to stop fighting ourselves trying to figure it all out. We got to go to God. say Lord God, you gifted me with this. Please give me your download. And when I first did that, I was shocked at how things just kept coming to me. And I will bore you with stories but but he does it pretty much every week. I mean, I’m always going to him and he gives me new stuff. And I’m like, I’m like always looking for my pen. I don’t know about you when I wake up and when I go to sleep, that’s when I’m praying. And then I’m saying okay, God, I’m open. Among other times, but I say, okay, God, I’m open. What do you got for me? And as I was finessing this masterclass, there were some things that he gave to me. And then I grabbed my pen, I gotta write that down.

So I don’t forget. But surrendering, that’s huge in the way that I do things. Okay. Next is my set, we got to think, right Philippians, four, eight, I’m not thinking about crap that God doesn’t want me to think about. I’m not going to dredge the past of me or anybody else. I am thinking right and positively because that is what I’m called to do. And it’s about transforming your mind by spending time in the world and spending time with other sisters in Christ, who could always keep us focused, where we need to be right. Time blocking, I will give this to you. Because you’re here with me on the masterclass if you have not yet watched my time blocking workshop, reach out to me, and I will get you the link to the training. Okay. That’s huge.

That’s huge. Because you know what, as women, we don’t have time to waste. If we’re not blocking specific, and I’m talking specific action items into a specific timeframe. That’s why you have a squirrel squirrel throughout your day, right? distractions are being pulled off task you Oh, now, I got a phone call. Should I answer to show an audience? Right? Oh, an email popped in? Should I should I answer that? Or should I not? Time blocking ladies, that’s critical.

Next consistent action taking, okay, got to take action. imperfect action, we’re not going to overthink it. And finally, you’ve got to be bold. You’ve
got to be bold, right? You got to step outside of that comfort zone. You got it? You know, they say, you know, outside the box, we’re way beyond a box, there isn’t a box, okay, in our thinking in our strategy, we’re speaking our message unashamedly, loudly, clearly. And we’re doing it all afraid. That is the thrivers framework. And those are the keys to making sure you’re generating five figure months, you’re taking a full batch and you’re going to you’re going to have these goals for yourself, I’m going to connect with at least 10 people every day, 10 new people every day, and I’m going to reach out to X number of people that are my past clients and, and other people that are on my list, this is what has to happen, you got to do it, you got to be bold. And you got to get these things in front of you to know what you have to do to get where you want to go. Right. And then finally, community, we talked about that, that study from whatever that organization is, I forget, but the community, the support the encouragement of like minded, ladies, right?

These are more than just his besties these are, these are your good friends forever. Your sisters will be with each other for every night. So it’s so awesome. So you have a choice to make, right? Trying to figure everything out on your own and you you may be able to do that. Or take a leap of faith. Make that a heck of a lot quicker and invest in you by joining the blessed to thrive Academy. Okay, I have the link there. So there’s that. So Judy, hyphen Weber comm slash Academy. Right. I want to come back to you now. All right, and see what we’re doing in the chat. See what questions we have. Thank you so much for being here, ladies. All right. Good morning. Good morning. So awesome. A two. Okay, a two out of 10. All right. Well, I hope that you’re hired. Let’s do this in the chat. Remember, in the beginning, some of you came late. But in beginning I said to please rate what you think about your business between one and 10. And now you’ve watched this, did that change it at all? I would love to see tell me you know, I was an X and now I’m up whatever. Like Can you tell me that please? Okay, so non existent right now. Okay, that well, Jennifer, you’ve got so much Oh, man, you should be like a, at least a five.

See that we’re too hard on ourselves. But that’s I’m dying to see if that’s changed. Okay. And Sharon, it’s up. Okay. Okay, bye. I’m loving this, Judy. Thank you, missy. Looking forward to your book. Thank you, by this exercise she took us through is immensely valuable and helpful. Thank you. You are so welcome. Bonnie and fundraising we say an invitation. There you go. There you go. Write an invitation, an invitation to apply for a call or something like that. That’s right. Following up is an act of love. I love it. Your client deserves it. That’s so true. And and that’s just really thank you for that Bonnie. It makes the point that where does that go to ladies mindset. You can approach follow up as I really make that phone call. They’re not gonna want to talk to me anyway.

Like, they’re not gonna be interested in hearing from me, or do you say, you know what, I can’t wait to talk to Jill because I want to see how she’s doing. And then if the conversation works in a way that you can then talk about what you offer. Great. That’s a bonus. It’s relationship building. And it starts with that mindset right? your calendar, you have to have designated times on your calendar when you’re talking to people when you’re doing nothing other than connecting. And not just necessarily to get the sale. So I love that. Thank you, Bonnie.
It’s an act of love.

And Beth actually pretty excited not as everyone as I thought. Good. Sharon. Yes, ma’am. Tamra. Good. Thank you for that. Actually, if you want ladies if you want because this is going to go away. And then I I don’t know. I have access to it. If you want my time blocking or if you want to schedule a time to chat, and I didn’t even mention that. Yes, ladies. I’d love to chat with each of you. If you if you and I haven’t chatted Beth and I are chatting tonight. If you want to chat with me about anything, the workshop, the Academy, anything you’ve learned a question, please text me. Okay, I’m going to pop my number here. Because that would be the best way to reach me since Facebook doesn’t seem interested in answering. I don’t have a live body.

If anybody knows anybody that works at Facebook, please let me know. So please take down that number and text me what you need. And let’s set it up. Okay, so that’s what I need to do says Chris lb stop overthinking because only my face Yeah, face gonna get you where you need to go. Virginia night, Virginia. I was in my accelerator lab. And she has looked at her. She’s just such a beautiful lady. She’s doing lives. I was talking to last on keto earlier and she’s like, Virginia, can you believe it wasn’t too long ago and Virginia’s like what I need to go live and now look at it. going live like every day is just insane. Really, really great. Congrats on all your success on Beth. I was a two now probably a four.

I know I can do it now. Awesome. I know I can do it now. Yay. Through Christ. Right. Excellent. For Selby and eight. Awesome. Jennifer it’s changed them and eight now. Okay, wow. From a from a nowhere to an eight. That’s awesome. And Missy has become good enough to seven or eight. Awesome. And Bonnie says Are we together has totally helped transform how I feel about my business. But I want to launch can’t wait to hear more about that. Hi, Dolly. A seven very good. And, and highly and I was blessed to talk to highly so many of you. I was blessed to talk to you. But I’ve never talked too highly about a week and a half two weeks ago. And then you know what after that call, and it has nothing to do with me. She took action. She did alive.

And I saw some new activity there. And I was just like, Oh my gosh, that’s what happens when we just say okay, okay, I’m not gonna say I can’t I’m gonna say I can by the strength of the Lord. So congrats highly on everything you’re doing for Selby eight, because this is the time to take action. Amen. And so yeah, Beth, and I got I got your text I saw that come through. Missy, you’ve given me more confidence. I did my first video on my business Facebook on Friday.

I gotta go see it when I can get back on. That’s great. And highly. You are so welcome. All right. So you know, I really love talking with each of the entities. Unfortunately, I have to go I have a hard stop at 205. So I have like seven minutes. But does anybody want to ask me anything? Or make a comment? If you do, just please unmute yourself and and say hello. Don’t be shy. Give it a try. You’re gonna send me without talking with one of you please down?

Do I have to pick? Chris? lb? Yeah. Hi, how are you? Good. How are you? I just want to say thank you. And I pray for you. I was in this workshop and the other one. But this, you made me so much confidence that I make my Instagram last two days ago and make a video about it. And that’s that’s a big biggest step for me. Because right now I’m crying because I feel like over one I need. I know I have to do a lot of stuff. But like you said, I just came from work and was like God, because you was tell is only the faith. They got you in the business. And that’s what I tell God The guy is my faith because I almost gave up in I know I have to be here because I’m have purpose. And I know that say when I say thank you, thank you, thank you. I really appreciate everything you do because you don’t be bad when you lose Facebook, you find that way to continue talk with us and to continue to support us. That’s amazing. Thank you and God bless.

Thank you. God bless you sob and Congrats. That is a huge thing. And I’m glad you identified that as a huge thing. Right? That was huge for you to go on Instagram because I No, I, I thought Instagram, you already want to do it, but I finally did it. But that’s
huge. And then did a video on top of that, yay. And, you know, just do it. Really that’s the Nike thing, but really just do it, I do more videos, and it really doesn’t take that long to do it. And here’s the best thing for Sally. 20 seconds, 30 seconds just so they can see you. And then you drop those little nuggets of your wisdom and your expertise. So awesome. Congrats. I’m very proud of you. Thank you.

Sure, sure. So I’ve got four minutes. Anybody else want to say? Anything? Or ask a question? I hope I get to talk to all of you if I didn’t already.
Or even if I did, but not recently, I’m always open to it. My husband’s like, Hey, dude, when are you done? I’m like, Oh, honey, I’m in workshop mode. So it’s gonna be, you know, it’s kind of like, I’m kind of like I’m on trial. When I was on trial, I live 30 minutes away 30 miles away from Philly. But in a workday, it could take an hour and a half to get there. And so, you know, I would leave at like six in the morning. And sometimes I would get home at nine or 10.

And sometimes stay up to prepare for the next day’s cross examination and whatnot until one or two. So I feel like I’m on workshop mode. So I’m not saying you have to call me at 1am I’m just saying to you that, you know, don’t think I’m too busy. This is like this is launch mode, and the price is going up at midnight. And so if you have if you have an interest, I want to chat with you. And you know, see if there’s a fit. And don’t forget ladies at four o’clock, someone’s going to win that scholarship 50% off of the Academy.

So all right, last call for questions, comments. Okay, all right, ladies, thank you for being along with me on this journey. I look so forward to the opportunity to speaking with you and hopefully working with you inside the Academy.

Have a beautiful rest of the day. See it for
why Love you. Bye.

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