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Ep 91: Messenger Marketing – What It Is & How to Use It to Grow Your Business Transcript

All right, ladies, welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. And today, I have the honor and joy to be interviewing one of my beautiful clients rose Imperial. She is the owner and founder of the virtual Empire. And I love what rose does. She helps Christian women. entrepreneurs, like most of my listeners, use the power of social media and messenger marketing to get their sales on autopilot. Let’s say hey to rose. Hey, Rose.

Hello, Judy. I’m so excited to be here. Thank you for inviting me over their podcasts and listening to it and they love it.
Thank you, thank you so much. Now, ladies, I want you to understand at this time of recording, It’s one o’clock in the afternoon for me here on the east coast. And rows for rose. It’s been a long day, it’s 9pm, Eastern, or 9pm, in her local time. So thank you for you know, staying awake and being ready for this for this discussion.

I loved as soon as you and I really connected, you know, right away, I’m like, Oh my gosh, we have to get you on the podcast. Because chat box and messenger marketing is really, really huge. So before we get into that, would you mind telling the ladies a little bit about your background, and your family and all that good stuff, so they get to know you a little bit better? Sure.

So again, my name is Rose. And, and and why don’t you this client, and I’m so blessed to be one of our clients to really learn from her. Because that’s just me, I really love to learn. And I really want to learn from the best. So I’m a Christian entrepreneur, and I’ve been praying for this business since the start of the year. So I need to know that social media is my thing that they want it but at the same time, I also know that messenger marketing is something that they really enjoy. I don’t know, Becky, in that aspect, that they love the program, because I know I love having conversations.

There’s something about me a love the converse, of the topic of people building relationships, and that is something that they really want to do. And so the Lord has answered my prayers, so he gave me clients this year. And you also put it in my heart when I watched your workshop just a few months ago, right? He put it in my heart, go join that. And you know that because I’ve been messaging you all the time regarding that. And I praise God that He allowed me to be able to be part of that awesome, awesome group. And so I’m a social media manager for Christian entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t it’s not always like that before. But he but I know serving Christian women, as a pray to the Lord and they have this daily discussions with him or what he wants me to do.

I’m in the business, who he wants me to serve. And he always need me to a verse in the Bible that says, what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul. So that right then and there, you know that I would need or I would love to serve Christian entrepreneurs. But the thing is, and they’ve already shared this video with you before, when they started doing that, I then realized that there’s not a lot of them online, it’s really hard for me to find them. And they would only find them in private Facebook groups, which is really difficult. And, and as I realized, as I realized that it made it, I made it my personal mission to help them out, to help them out be visible on the build those relationships, for people to know them, not just their business, but their brand. Because after all, social media is about relationships, it’s not about your business. People don’t care about that. What they care about is what you can do for them and what relationship they can have with you. And so my journey started, I’ve created a group and more about that either I And currently, as Judy mentioned in here in Dubai, I’m originally from the Philippines. So I’m I’m a social media manager, and I’m a messenger marketer, as well.

And that is one of the things that I really enjoy, and my business, and I have two kids. So I have a three year old and a one year old. Love them the bits. I have a very amazing husband who has been my supporters and they whine their entire times that they don’t really believe that I can do it, but he’s always the one who tells me that you were really good at that. So you should continue that and appreciate For him, and without him, I don’t think that I could do this. Because you’re you remember, right when you when you were talking about this, I told you that I need to ask my husband and all of that. And he did. And he said, yeah. And actually, you’ve been listening to that. He’s with me, whenever whenever you’re watching this, it is with me. And he was really amazed on how how you serve the business we got in it. And it’s like, there’s not a lot of like you out there, especially online. That as bold as that. And that’s what we are really hooked about the program was really like about you to really focus on who’s the source.

And and whenever they ask you, you know, this, whenever he asked me to do it, should he do it this and he was always, you know, wrote, what I want you to do is to talk to the employee, just give it to the Lord and, and he will talk to you. He will tell you what you want, what you want to do. And then when they have that aha moment, I will tell it to you. And then he will say see Rosa. So it’s just an amazing, amazing experience that they haven’t they know that you’re working with me to reach my goal in the business.

And I know there are times that I value that he don’t know if if I could really do it. But they’re also one of those people who, who encourages me and who tells me that before anyone can believe in me have to really believe in myself. And there’s so much value in what I do it hence the podcast, you were asked me to be a guest and there was like even even telling you is are you sure you thank you for this opportunity that you’ve given me?

Absolutely rose. And so well, I’m just blown away by that. And I think we’ve been working together for one month, and we’ve gotten your tagline down, you’ve gotten clarity around your branding, so much more so much work you’ve done in a month. So congrats on that you are an action taker. And that is exactly who I want to work with. You are committed to your business. And yeah, of course, congrats, you’re doing really great stuff. So we’re talking about today, social media, but more specifically the messenger marketing piece, which the ladies may know better as chatbox. So I’m gonna start with the pink elephant in the room. Mm hmm. And that is, there are some people, some ladies who are like, I don’t like the chat box. It’s impersonal.

And why should I care about a chat box? And how would you respond to that to that attitude or that statement? That actually does, you are not about them. And it’s not really about about their thought of not Nike, converse with a chatbot. But anything is more so about the experience that they get from it. Because at the end of the day, if there’s anything that this pandemic has taught us, is that we really have, it’s really enabling us to be connected to get connected. And that is something that chat bot do.

You know, it’s it gets us connected the business, it human eyes is the business. And it also reach people that it wants to reach. And that’s how powerful this to this, but I get I get the point that you know, for them, it’s very versatile. But what they don’t know about this is that when you have a chatbot and your messenger, there’s a lot of thought put into it. Because what we want to do me as a marketer, we want it to be as personal as possible, to have to have it be a humanize it in a way because we know that people especially now we have a very short attention span. And we always want to have our information is that like they want to do this and want to message you you have to reply to me. But entrepreneurs, we cannot be everywhere, at all times. Right?

And and that’s just that’s how God created us to be. So what we do as marketers is that we actually mimic the voice of whoever that brand is because whatever the brand wants to be perceived that that’s what we put on the messenger and there’s a lot of thought process into that. Because we have to make sure that how they communicate with us how your your audience will communicate is something that is so personal for that brand. There’s anything more so more about, it’s more about the experiences that they have, rather than really interacting with a chatbot because Whether you believe me or not, in everyday life, we are interacting with a chatbot. And that’s why messenger marketing is very, very powerful, because messenger is the third most used app in the world. And that’s just goes to show how we want to be connected to have that to build that relationship.

Social media, after all, is not about business, it doesn’t care about your business. What it cares about is the engagement that you get from your business, which means the relationships that you build, after all, this means what what what remains is the relationships that you gain, the relationship, the connections and all that. And that’s what messenger marketing is about. It’s not just, it’s okay.

Yes, and I love that. And so, you know, what this one person said, in particular lately in my world, was, I hate them. And I don’t like them. And I didn’t have time to really press her on it. But I get that it could feel impersonal, I would rather talk to a person, but to your point when you do the bots, right? And when they have the voice of your brand, then it feels like you’re talking to the person who actually might be sleeping at that point in time. Right? All right, so let’s let’s just talk about for those that don’t know what we’re talking about, want to make sure we’re really crystal clear. Ladies, on messenger in Facebook, there is an ability through your business page to have automation, where you know, people come to your business page and want to message you, and and message you. And then they have like, you know, certain ways of communicating like, Hey, did you come here?

Because you’re looking for x, y, and z? Yes or no? Right? So I just want to make sure that they know that’s kind of what we’re talking about here. So when you have a client that comes rows, and they say, help me, I think I want to set up a bot, kind of how do you? How do you work with them? What’s the first step?

Well, the first thing that I really want to ask is how, how clear are they are with their brand support? And how clear are there? Are they with their business? Because after all, a messenger is not just there for marketing is there for there’s a lot of things that they can do with with a messenger bot. And I also need to know what they want the chat bot to do for them. What What could it help them with rather other than sales, because it can have it could do a lot of things. So the main thing that I would focus on when I am asked to set up a lot is to make sure that I know what the brand’s voice is, what are their values? What do they want to put out there? Do they want to humanize their brand? Because I’m all about it. I’m all about building relationships.

And they think that that’s also one of the reasons why messenger chat bot is there, why Facebook allowed it to be there, because after all, Facebook is all about relationships, it’s all about connection. So that’s the one thing that I want to know, right there. And then the message of the of the brand, what is their brand, what is their core values, and all of that, and that will be put into into that messenger chatbot. And they just want to clear this with with regards to the messenger chat, but there’s actually not a lot put into it, because we want to make sure that they have the best possible experience as they interact with you, as the brand. And studies shows that there’s actually a lot of engagement happening within the messenger not even without, even without the platform itself. Just in the messenger alone. There’s a lot of interactions out there, because people want to be, um, to get connected and people want to have their answers ready as quick as possible. So those are the things that we put on the messenger chat bot.

Okay, so that’s great. Let’s have the ladies that have seen it pop up. I hold a certain everyone has seen it. What are some examples of how we as business owners as entrepreneurs, how can we use a chatbot? And I’ll just throw out the first one, where if someone comes to your page, you have a welcome where it’s like, Hey there, welcome to the page. Are you looking for xy and z? Yes or no? So that’s one way and I just want to say this, the experience. That’s what this is all about ladies, the experience where someone doesn’t have to wait for you to get back to them, where they can get what they want, when they want it. And they get the experience even if it’s from a robot, which is what this is right? That they get a feel for what it would be like working with you. So what are some Other examples, just to get them thinking?

Well, actually, there’s a lot of ways you can use the messenger wine ways of whatever we see now we see this everywhere. And those are QR codes, right? You see a QR code, you scan it, and then it will read it and the messenger, and then it will lead you to have that conversation out there. What it do for it for your clients is that they will be served right then and there. questions will be answered. If a chat bot can answer that question, then it will automatically be given to the owner, the brand owner, whoever that might meet. But for the entrepreneur, what helps or what chat what helps with is, you know, the productivity, the customer service experience, and the automation and all those things, again, running your sales on autopilot. And the good thing about the chat, but is that you can actually integrate it everywhere. Good.

You can put it on your website, not just on your Facebook page, I know that it’s been a concern now about you know, the organic reach that Facebook has, and messenger can help that. Because how about this, you want your audience to have you you as an entrepreneur, God enormous. you value your audience so much, right? I mean, you’ve been you’re answering all my messages in your in your personal profile. So I know that you value them so much. And because you value them so much, you put on content out there for them, right. But what’s happening now, is that Facebook, let’s face it, it’s not giving it to all of them, right? Because Oh, without a name and all that sorts of things. What chaplet can do is that they could it could actually remind your audience.

Okay, Judy, is going live now, would you like to watch her? So things like that, that is something that that helped me not just with engagement, but it can help you grow your pitch, because there’s a lot of women out there who needs to listen to what you say, because hey, you helped me. So therefore you can help them right. But at the same time, it could also be put into the same email. All right, you can just put up your code there or like a link, and they could just put in there, I think the main thing that we need to consider here is the honesty, that whenever you need people to that, you have to tell them that it will lead them on the messenger has my assistant bot will be the one having it for you. And they would see the experience there. Because they would see you they would hear Judy, not the bot? Because it’s you it’s your personality in there. It’s you as a person, how would you interact with your artist because you don’t want to set up? Okay, I don’t want to set up a bot, if you just want me to tell your artist Hello, how may I help you? Everyone can do that.

And I’m not going to do it for you. You have to personalize your brand. And that includes your messenger, your that includes your message, the one the one, what do you want to point across using your messenger so I could go on, on a lot of things and how you could use chat bot, but those are just the ones that we are really aware now of what we can do. And also I have another thing, just like you and your business, you are running this workshops, right. And you’re doing it on the Facebook group.

Correct. Which means that the audience on your Facebook page will not have access to it. Unless you share that video on your page, which will give you more, you know, less productivity for you, right? Because what we want, what you want to happen is for everyone to see it, who have access to it. Right, not just the one in your group, yes, they are very special for you is very intimate, but at the same time, you want others to experience the same or at least have the sneak peek of what you could offer them. So what what messenger could actually do is that you could post it on your on your group, but you could also ask them, um, or you could integrate it, post it on your page and then it would post it right away on your, on your on your group.

And then those on your group who will message on that video would actually have more engagement, which means it will give signals to Facebook that hey, this video is going viral. This video is getting like hundred comments on it, which means it’s really really good. And that’s what you want because you will want more eyes on your page. And Facebook because it has a lot of engagement would actually Put it more out there, it was a more on the feet, which means more people will get to know about you. And this is just another case study, I’m given to chalkboard or to manage that. There’s one live video. And because she used this, this chatbot, she was, um, she were able to get seals of 89,000 in just one single video. And why did it happen?

Because she provided a good experience to her audience, like, she will just ask when a video, okay, you comment this, and then we will give it to you. This is really good if you have like a deep packet, a promotion going on, and all those, all those kind of things, you just ask them to mess it to comment you. Because again, at the end of the day, that’s what you want, as an entrepreneur, in social media, grow your business, what you want is more engagement, and comments on your video with shares that that’s how videos get

Because it has more share. It has more comments, more likes not that much. So that’s about it. I’m not 100% sure of what you’re saying about video, are you talking about? If a video I use on my business page? How What am I doing with that video to incorporate it into a chat bot that would help it go viral? I missed that. I’m really sorry. Okay, that again.

So this is actually happening at the back end. That’s the thing, right? So what you want to do is to have it on your page that is your private, that is your public page, which everyone has access to which you want more eyes on as an entrepreneur, right. But at the same time, you want those people, your audiences on your group to have access to that first, right because you love them. And you want them to get the experience at first. So what you can do, although many chat or chat bots are actually not not available on groups yet, because it’s only available in a business page, there’s actually a workaround for that. There’s a lot of integration happening in the back end, like whenever you post on your page, it will automatically post posts on your group. And you just have to inform them that they have to click this video so that they can comment on it. They can still watch it, they still experience it, but at the same time, others can see it with them.

Right. So I think as entrepreneurs is what we want. Wow. Okay, so that back end stuff is what someone like me has no idea how that happened. But it’s someone like you who knows how to make it happen, right? Yes, yes, I love it. I want to go back on one of the things you said, which I really want. The ladies listening to here, you mentioned where you could put your QR code or any link in an email just as much as you could on messenger. And that’s true. And I’m always wanting to say, ladies, you’ve constantly, you must always prioritize growing your email list. But why a messenger couldn’t be better why you’ve got to diversify and include this is because more people are going to open up the messenger, then we’ll ever open up an email, the average open rate of an email is like 20%. If you’re lucky, if you’re blessed, and what is it in messenger? Do you know?
Yes, it’s 70 to 80% open rate. Because I just want to ask you how many times you use a messenger?

I think this answers a question. Maybe that answers the question, because that is something that you could get a hold of right away and there’s a notification you will see it right away. I like email, right? But um, I’m not saying that, that you should, you know, you should not build your email list. It’s not that, but it’s just that you’re not as an entrepreneur, if you want to be productive or productive. You don’t want to put your eggs in one basket. And I don’t think you would advise that to your to your office, right? Because that’s not who you are. You only sell a size that you have to make sure that you have everything covered. Right. So it’s the same thing with with the messenger. It’s just not with messenger, you always have to ask permission, because after all, this is for them. Right? But that’s also a good way for you to know if people enjoy your content, because of course, they would only they would only say yes.

If they enjoy your content like hey, I’m going on nine Would you like to watch this? And then they would click Yes, they would only do that if they already have that relationship with you and if they really enjoy your content, so That’s another thing about it, it could just, it could help you Yes, but more. So it still depends on you and how you do how you do your business. It’s not like a magic thing that it will do everything for you, I just want to make that clear, especially to the audience. But it could definitely help you out with the amazing user experience. And why? Because here’s the thing, this is the third most use App. But it’s not, as you said, this is not fully utilized first, because people are really afraid of this, they really don’t know how to do it. Because as I mentioned, there’s a lot of things involved in it. There’s a lot of thought process, like the flows, the sequences, and they can go on the technicals. But of course, I don’t want to bore your audience and all that.

But the thing is, um, that’s, that’s how it works together, you really have to make sure that it’s all put together, you want it to wherever you want it to be, because the thing is here, if you will ask your origins, okay, you have a theoretical grade, and this gear code will lead them to the website. Now, unless they give you an email, that’s the time that you will get to know them. Right. And there’s a thing, but unless, or if they if they just want to, you know, lurk around, there’s a lot of us are lurkers. Right. So if they’re just lurkers, there’s there’s no way that you can find out who they are.
But the good thing about messenger is that once they click on that get started button, you will already have their profile, you would already know them, therefore, you could already start building that relationship with them. And that’s another good thing about messenger. That’s, that’s one thing that is so powerful about it.

And as I’ve mentioned, there’s a lot of ways that you could use it, it could book appointments for you via reminders for you. It could also be something that, you know, that could just live them off, and all those kinds of things, you could really build relationships with that because again, as I’ve mentioned, so many times social media is not about business, social media is about building relationships getting.
Yes, and I love it. I love that. And I also appreciate that for non techies like me, like, ladies, I want you to understand this is only like a superficial explanation. Because if, if rose were to talk about this flow and the sequence like she’ll talk to you, if you’re interested in exploring this in a language that makes sense, but it’s definitely a step by step.

And I know from the little experience I have with it, that that rose, and people that do what she does, which they’re not that many really that specialize the way rose does. You know, she’s the one that takes what you say you want to do, how you want to engage how you want to further relationships, and she creates it in the back end. And she’s the one that kind of from what you tell her creates the flow and the sequence. So I just wanted to kind of throw that out there. There’s only so much that rose can kind of say on this thing. So I really appreciate that. By the way, if somebody wanted to chat with you further about this, what is the best? How can they reach out to you?

All right, well, I have a Facebook page is the virtual Empire. So they could get a sneak peek of what they can have with a chat bot that they have my chat bot set up there. So they could book a call and all those kinds of things. And at the same time, I also have my own Facebook group, which again, has my personal mission to help them be visible on social media. The Facebook group is called Christian female cautious that entrepreneurs building a solid presence online. So this where you could go, you could get a hold of me. I also have a website. It’s called the virtual Empire dot biz.

This B is Ed. And you could definitely check me out there my messengers, they’re messengers everywhere.
I love it. I love it. So all right, how about we leave with three quick tips on social media generally, what about or or either three tips or three mistakes that you see women entrepreneurs do whichever one is is best for you. Okay, well, I would dive into the mistakes and this is what I love about you, Judy, you are all about relationships. You’re all about it. You’re about connecting everyone your target audience and whatnot.

And you always want Want to learn from them? Right? The first mistake that most people make in social media is that they treat their social media as a marketplace, which is not. It is not. Again, it’s not about your business, but how you can connect with the audience, how your stories can resonate with them, how you can invoke emotions to your audience through your content. And the second one is that they really get very impatient. As I’m very, very early on. Again, building a relationship will not take you just a day. I mean, and this comes by third, the third mistake, the cheat social media, as an app, not about people.

Right, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna go to the second mistake first, which is there get very impatient on again, social media is all about the word leadership, it doesn’t just stop on your page, you have to go everywhere where options is, and you have to engage there. Your, your business speech isn’t just a social group of who you are as a brand. And who wants the interest to do in the check your page, that’s where the goal, and that’s how they see you, as a business. But before that, you have to build a good connection elsewhere, you have to build that relationship, because there is no, there is no easy relationship out there.

But, um, but you have to really nurture that and get connected to someone new. And then the third, the third mistake that I mentioned is that they actually treat Facebook, Instagram, whatever app that is, or whatever platform that is, as an app that says, they will just post and that’s it. After all social media is all about. You want, you know, how you want to be treated is how you want your audience to feel. And that’s what social media is all about. It’s all about. It’s all about them and not about you.

So that’s my I love that. I’m sorry to interrupt. But yeah, you’re You and I are like minded, right? Because the power is not in the post. It’s like a posting go, Wait a minute, power to the engagement. And so if you don’t, you know, engage, you’re not really doing anything. And I love that you said, social is about people, and it’s about emotion. How do you make someone feel, and that ladies is the power of messenger marketing? Where Yes, it is a bot. And if you know me, you know, I’m not a techie girl. I’m not an AI type girl. I miss you know, people connection. That’s why pandemic has been tough for me. But we also know that women and then everybody, we want it now.

So if someone is looking to find out more about your program, or more about what you offer more about your lead magnet, you will make them happy, if you are able to deliver it like that, even if you’re, you know, in bed sleeping. So keep all that in mind. Well, thank you so much. Rose, I do have one final question for her. That is, this is called the she is extraordinary podcast. And so I asked all my guests, tell us about an extraordinary woman in your life. And what makes her extraordinary.

Wow, that’s a very amazing question. Well, that would be my mom. Everything that I am now is because of her. And this business and mindedness and all those kind of things started with her. And, you know, my going on my father is an absentee because she is a worker out of the country. So he’s working abroad just like me now, but I have my family here.

And so she’s always the one with us and they really, really, I am reminded of just how strong she is and how how she perseveres you know and, and how amazing she is. So all this and I have comes from her. So that she know that like, what she’d be surprised if she hears you say that.
I think she will cry. Yeah.

That’s awesome. Thank you so much for your time and your expertise. I am sure your blessing. Hundreds of ladies, maybe thousands of ladies over here. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you God for this opportunity.

Oh, my pleasure. Ladies. Listen, if you have enjoyed this episode, please make sure to take a moment right now to subscribe to leave a rating and review bro And I would love your feedback on this particular episode and how we might be able to help you further so don’t be a stranger.

Okay? All right ladies, thank you again for listening and we will see you next time.

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