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Ep 93: Creating Your High Ticket Offer With Ease Transcript

Hey ladies, welcome to another episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m so excited. I recently found an extraordinary woman on Instagram. Her name is Sally mopan. And she is a business and marketing coach. And she coaches mamas to sign a four figure clients and scale with one high ticket offer. So you are in for an amazing ride in the next half hour. Sally. Welcome.

Hello. Hello, everyone. Hi, Judy, thank you so much for having me today. I really, really feel so honored to be here.
Oh, my goodness, my pleasure. And you’re going to bless so many. So why don’t we start with getting to know you a little bit? Why don’t you tell us about your background, and what led you to be this business and marketing coach?

Yes. So hopefully, I can kind of, you know, say this and kind of wrap it up really quickly, but a little bow on it. But I don’t want to be too long winded. But, um, before I started my business, um, I did social media marketing for a mortgage bank for a little over two years. And that’s where this whole like marketing world, you know, opened up for me, and it was truly a God thing. Because honestly, God, I had no marketing experience at all. And so the marketing department at the mortgage bank, they opened up this position for the first time and they interviewed me and I got the job the same week. And so it was just an amazing experience.

And from there, it really just kind of just was just a trickle effect. And so after I worked with them for a little while, I do social media marketing for a real estate team, and then a damage restoration company and have some offers other places. So I really, really was loving just the Social Media Marketing World. And so after that, I really, really felt LED. And I really felt that God was calling me to start a business because even before I had my business or not my business even before I was doing social media marketing for the mortgage bank, I you know, always had a desire to be home with my kids. Like, that was my like, that was my heart. Like I had to be home, my kids. And my husband like, No, we cannot put our kids in daycare, I just want to be, you know, at home with them.

And so what I did, I worked for a network marketing company plexus, and that was that was there a great company, but it wasn’t going so well for me, right. And so I took, you know, my, my efforts to social media, and I had no idea how to market myself, I had no idea how to brand myself, I didn’t know anything about that. Right. And so, um, I was like, you know, what I feel like God is calling me since I have this experience now in marketing, to help other moms that were in the position that I was to really help them, you know, grow their business, and really be successful because, um, know, us, you know, as being moms stay at home moms work from home moms, you know, we really want to be, I guess we really want to provide for the family, when we really want to provide with the children and with finances and things like that sounds like there’s no reason for you know, moms to struggle, right?

We need we have a desire to be home with our children. So I was like, okay, and I felt like for a little while I was being a little bit disobedient with God. And I’m just like, Okay, well, let me finally just kind of step out on faith and just do this thing. I didn’t know really what I was doing. Even though I had the experience, I lacked confidence. I was very nervous. I like all the things, a lot of us feel more startup. So went ahead and just did it. And it was like a whole different world. In the coaching industry, right? Even though I had the experience, I was like, well, this is a little different. So let me get a little bit of help. And so I hired a business coach and a couple of business coaches, really, and then it really just kind of took off from there.

And so yeah, I mean, I guess that’s a little bit of background of like, how I got here, I had the experience with social media marketing. And you know, here I am today, that is awesome. And I really love how vulnerable you are and real and saying, You know what, I didn’t have, you know, the confidence that I have today, back then I think that we all need to give ourselves grace. And know that, you know, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of growth, I think with every year, as you build your business, you know, you’re more experienced, and I know for me, like where I’m at now. I’m a few weeks shy of my 55th birthday.

And so, you know, I’ve lived a little while by God’s grace, and I, you know, done quite a few things. Yeah, I will say that the confidence comes with every year that you’re so so I’m really excited to dive into a couple of hot topics that I know the ladies that listen here are going to be like so ladies, grab your pencil and paper right now or grab your computer. Okay. So one of the things that you and I wanted to chat about was, what advice or tips you have for those that are just starting out, or if they’ve been in business for a while, but they just can’t seem to generate that consistent revenue. So what do you think they should focus on? And what do you think? They really better not focus on.

Yes, this is a huge, a huge misconception for those that are really just kind of starting off out in business. The misconception being that you have to do all the things, right. You have to be all places on social media, you have to post content every single day, you have to, you know, run a Facebook group community and consistently nurture your community, you have to have this large email list that you’re sending emails out to every single week, right? You have to run Facebook ads, you have to have a podcast, you have to have a YouTube channel. Yeah, that website, you got to create, you know, multiple programs, memberships, courses, all these things. And I know this because number one, that was me in the very beginning, and I’m like, I cannot do all of this, I cannot keep up with the Joneses. Because I know that the the coaches that I was looking up to, they were either single, or they just didn’t have any kids.

Right. And so they’re able not saying that they don’t have a busy lifestyle. But you know, it’s just a little bit different as a mom, right. And so I just was like, you know, after I literally did, did all those things, and I had this overwhelming, these overwhelming beliefs and thoughts that I had to do all these things for literally a whole year, my whole first year. And so I kept, you know, hitting this wall, and I’m just like, you know what, so I just pray really, really hard about him, like, Lord help me like I can’t like this is what it takes to run this business. I just don’t know if I can do this, right. And so I’m finally realize that when you are just starting out in business, or if you’re not making consistent income, consistent, you know, hitting consistent, whatever, you know, your goal is for whatever, you know, month, then you need to just really focus on one thing. And that one thing being your signature offer, right, your signature program and you sell that thing hard, you go hard, and you like become known for that one specific signature offer.

And so that’s where I am now, and I literally could not be more thankful. And just honestly, it’s been the best thing for me. And I just also know this, because I’ve talked to a lot of moms like obviously doing a lot of market research, just asking them, do you? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel burnt out? Do you feel stretched too thin, right. And I’ve also talked to you know, some moms that are like, I’ve worked with business coaches, their strategies are great, but I feel burnt out, like I hear this time and time again, I’m like, Girl, I get you that was me, let’s work together. Because I now like, I really feel like I have the answers for you. So really just focus on when you’re first starting out, focus on one thing, create a signature offer. So basically help, you know your clients get from point A to point B. And that’s just it, like create a program that can you know, yield results, get your clients results with that one thing. And then from there, once you start, you know, hitting consistent months, then you can start scaling with all these other things in the background. Right?

Right. There’s, that’s great if I can, if I can just back up here, one of the things that my clients and students have issues with is like, Okay, well, I can do 1000 things, what should I focus on? So it’s kind of like building the brand and getting real clarity on Who am I serving? Because when we first start out, you know, how it how it is and how it was right? When you’re like, Okay, I’ll sell to anybody, well, that’s great. You can sell to a various group of people, you know, a bunch of different groups, however, to get the messaging, right, and make your time that you have none to waste. as effective as it can be, you really need to know who you’re talking to. So, right, along those lines with clarity, and getting your signature offer kind of what would be step one, how do you how do you get your clients started to focus even in on that in the right way?

So yeah, you definitely right, Judy, you definitely need to focus on, you know, one specific target audience. So what I like to tell my clients is, a lot of times, we are our ideal clients, we were who were, we are who we used to be, right? And so if you can’t figure out who you want to serve, think about where you used to be, and how you got to the point that you are now. And so that’s kind of what I tell them and it kind of, you know, hits, it turns a light bulb on for them, and they’re like, Okay, that makes a lot of sense.

So, okay, excellent, excellent. Okay. And I love the idea of the one signature offer. And I want to talk about a little bit more of that. But first, I’m going to address the price point. Because if they’re going to be focusing on one thing, and they’ve got to generate revenue, when you say high ticket offer, what what dollar value are you talking about?

Yeah, so I, I would definitely start off No, no less than 1500 dollars. And it’s really about number one, like first building out your roadmap. So how do you get your clients from point A to point B? So we’re going to literally create this framework and it’s your signature framework is your signature way of getting your clients from here to there. And I tell my clients, you know, start off at least 1500 dollars. And then once you finish building out, you know, your framework, your deliverables, meaning, you know, your modules, your, your tutorials, and all the things that go on on the back end. And just think about how you want to be assessable to your clients as well are you going to have a Facebook group that you’re assessable with, are you gonna, you know, have X are your clients gonna have access to you through voxer, just think about all the things that you’re putting into your, your program, and then that’s where the price comes in, as well.

So if you’re available, so your clients, you know, Monday through Friday, certain times, if you have a DM group going on with your clients, where they can hear your voice throughout the week, if you have all these deliverables and some supplementary content, like workbooks and worksheets and things of that nature, then your price can obviously raise at that point. But so between, you know, 1500, dollars to $10,000, to start. So that’s kind of where the price ranges.

I love that. And the $10,000 price point, I think I can imagine that when some of the ladies are listening, they’re like, What did she say? $10,000? So let’s address that before we go back to the signature offer just for a moment. Um, how do you kind of help your clients through their money issues, their mindset issues when it comes to money? Because I think so many the ladies that I’m working with, they know they’re good. But yeah, there’s just like this hesitation. Oh, should I really charge that much? I’m like, yeah, yeah. So So how do you have your clients through that?
Well, it’s really just, you know, talking my clients, to talking to my clients about like the time, like leveraging your time number one, and then you know, also the fact that you do have experience, like, you may not feel like you have the experience, but you do, because even if you don’t have, you know, clients results, yet, you have been able to get get yourself to where you are now, right. And so you can use yourself as your own testimony. Right? testimonial. So that’s one thing.

And another thing is you have to also think about the expenses, like the overhead costs, the expenses, and you know, for example, if you host your, all of your modules on kajabi, kajabi, it’s like $200 a month. So if you literally calculate all the things that you’re paying for in order to run your business, then a light bulb will also go off to, and then they’re like, Oh, well, that makes sense. Okay, because I have, you know, calendly, like, whatever scheduling app you’re using, whether it be acuity calendar, whatever, that’s what about 15 to 20 bucks a month, and then all the things like your laptop, okay, you had to pay for that, like all the things that you have to pay for in order to run your business, that’s number one. And then two, if you’re working with your clients, one on one, you have to think about the time that you’re spending with your clients, the strategy that you’re giving, and it’s also really the transformation that you are providing, right. So that’s really what your clients are paying for, you’re paying for the transformation that you’re actually getting, and you really can’t put a price tag on that.

But if you want to get down to specifics, it’s the deliverables is the time that you are spending with your clients is the customized strategy that you’re giving them. It’s the cost, the overhead cost that goes into running your business and things of that nature. So does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that’s, that’s what I tell my ladies, I’m like, Look, think of all that experience you have. And if you have a certain degree, or certification or something that is valuable. And one of the things that I’m realizing, you know, as I’m working with my clients is you don’t want I tell them, I don’t even want you to think in terms of an hourly rate. Like, I want you to think about the transformation, and what is it worth. So if you’re, if you’re a health and fitness coach, and you’re getting someone to a healthy lifestyle, where they actually like themselves when they look in the mirror, and they have energy, and they feel great.

I mean, if you’re thinking in terms of like 50 bucks an hour, I mean, that doesn’t even make sense because you’re giving someone a life, a whole new life and a whole new lifestyle. So, so I love that we’re definitely like minded. Let’s get back for a second submit your offer. Um, how do you like when you’re talking about the framework for the signature offer? I love it, you want that you’re taking them from point A to point B. But sometimes ladies have a hard time thinking well, I don’t know. I don’t know what transformation I’m delivering and they just really get what it really comes down to overthinking. Hmm, right. So do you have any tips to help the ladies to really discover what their signature offer could really be about?

Oh, yes. Okay. So really the number one thing is market research. Like you’ve got to do market research. Market research is for those of for the ladies that don’t know is basically where you’re gathering information from your ideal audience, right. And so be very careful about just taking in any kind of feedback from anyone because you know, your friends, your family, you know, your co workers, these are not your ideal clients, your ideal clients are those that you want to work with. So just be very careful when you’re, you know, doing market research. And market research can be done a number of different ways. Um, market research can be done through, you know, polls on your Instagram stories. And so you just kind of ask, you know, questions and have people, you know, answer those questions to try to figure out, you know, what they’re struggling with, what their goals are, what their pain points are things of that nature, like, how long would they want a program to be? What kind of support do they need? Do they need one on one support, what they prefer a group program to be in a community of women, you know, questions like that. And then you can also do market research by, you know, hopping on a face to face call, you know, on zoom, right.

And so I really love face to face calls from market research opportunities, because it really allows you to get that connection point, it really allows you to really see the person on the other side and what really brings them I guess, like pain, like, what is it that you know, what’s keeping them up at night? What’s really, you know, making them struggle? What are they struggling with right now. And so you can really see, you know, how they kind of react and you know, their, their movements, and just all of the emotion that goes along with the questions that you’re asking them, right. And then another way is, if you don’t ever have time to, you know, do zoom calls, or face to face calls, or whatever, you can also do surveys, so you can create, you know, market research surveys through, you know, type form, which that’s typeform comm or you can do Google Forms. So you just really create this form, and it has a plethora of questions, you don’t want to make it too long. But make it just kind of straight in, you know, forward.

So the main questions are, you know, what are you struggling with right now, in, you know, whatever industry you’re, you’re in? So what are you struggling with? In your health? What are you struggling with? In your business? What are you struggling with? As a mom? Right? So you ask these questions, and you just ask them, you know, what are your goals? Where do you? What do you visit? What’s your vision? Where do you want to see yourself in about three months from now? or six months from now? Where do you see yourself? So just asking questions like this together, you know, your research, and then that’s really, you take that into consideration. And you also mesh it with your experience, right? Because even though you’re getting these answers, you also want to make it make sense for you. Because you want to run your business in a way that makes sense for you, that feels comfortable to you to where you don’t really have to do a whole ton of research. Like it has to come natural, right? You don’t want to do something like oh, you know, your experience, your expertise is in, you know, branding, and then people are like, Oh, well, I really want you know, help with my marketing, even though kind of goes hand in hand.

But if your experience is really in marketing, and they want branding, then you kind of have to, you know, do what feels good to you. And come do what comes natural to you. That’s for sure. Because I think when you’re not playing to your genius, and you’re trying to chase, yeah, you know what people need? That’s, that’s just gonna make you crazy. It just what you said, burned out, overwhelmed. And like, wait a minute, wait a minute, how did I get so off course? Yeah. All right. So so let’s get back to establishing the deliverables or what, what your signature offer will look like? Because I think, again, it’s a place where we tend to overthink, you know, oh, should I do live video? Should I do recorded video? And if I do video, how many? So you know, these are the kind of the reason I’m asking you is because I want to see how like minded we are. And I have a feeling you’re we’re very similar. But how do you approach that aspect of actually, you know, looking at that blank piece of paper or the blank screen and saying, Okay, I’m putting a program together? How do I do that?

Yeah, a great question. Okay. So you really have to think about what is it going to take what all is it going to take for you to get your clients the results that they need, right. So you know, all your clients are going to be different, everybody learns differently. So you can kind of get your clients in, you know, different ways to teach them. So it really just depends on the type of program that you’re running. So if we’re talking about a one on one experience, or you work with your clients, one on one, you know, just having those, you know, 16 minute calls, and then obviously, one of the things is they have access to the recorded calls, unlimited access to those recorded calls, so they can always go back to that for reference. And then number two, you know, you taking notes for them during the call you providing the strategy and just like writing the strategy down for them as well. And if you want to, you know, you can even if you’re working with your clients, one on one, you can create some pre recorded modules for them.

Because you’ll find that a lot of the times when you’re working with your clients, you’re going to be saying the same thing. So a lot of these strategies you know, are what’s the word I’m looking for, you know, can be Obviously can be used for different people. So you can record pre record that and just give that to them, especially if they’re working with you and you are a high ticket coach, you want to give them something right away. So it’s like, Okay, well, it’s you only took you two seconds to get or to pay the invoice. So I want to make sure that I give you something right away, right? So recording the modules for them. Also, you know, worksheets, like you can give them worksheets, you can give them scripts, scripts, meaning just really depending on the industry, but for me, for example, I love to provide my clients with scripts. So obviously, they plug and play make it sound like them, but it’s something to so that they can use as a baseline as an example on how to really navigate conversations in the DM and really how to get people on a sales call.

So I will give them give them scripts to use to really navigate those conversations. So scripts always handy. Also, you know, just thinking about tutorials, right? So if you want to literally screen share your screen and just show your clients how to really navigate something like a presentation or you know, if you want to show them if you want to show them how to set up, you know, Zapier or something like that, just give them just a walkthrough of how to do that. Or if you want to show them you know how to walk through look on Facebook and find ideal clients just doing a screen share that like literally whatever it takes to get your clients those results. And if you also want to, you know, offer workbooks, like you can literally go on Canva, I love to use Canva, create some workbooks and get the job done. Right. So workbooks, tutorials thrips pre recorded video? Um, yes, I mean, those are the types of supplementary content and the type of deliverables that I would recommend. And honestly, like I said, anything else? Like, for example, if you’re a fitness coach, pre record yourself doing a workout so that your client can learn how to do the perfect form, right. So that’s, that’s how we go about that.

That’s great. That’s great. And I think that just what just what you said, Sally, it’s like, whatever you’re thinking, this is the thing. We don’t have to look around and say, is she doing? What is he doing? It’s like, no, this is, this is business, according to Judy, and for you, it’s business according to Sally, and so you don’t have to ask for permission to do something outside the box. In fact, that might be a very, very good thing to do. And I love what you said about once someone signs up, to get them kind of a breakthrough to give them something, and maybe a task or you know, just like you said scripts to review and all of a sudden they feel like oh, okay, okay, this is exciting. Okay. Great. Um, I have a question about social since you have such experience in that. What, what is your strategy for approaching social, for your clients, especially busy moms that don’t have a whole lot of time? What do you mean, exactly? Sure. So So do you recommend that they choose one platform and go all in on that? And if that’s the case, then how do you, I guess, help them to get that social plan in place?

Oh, yeah, I definitely run once again, recommend, you know, focusing on one thing, so not to stretch yourself too thin on, you know, multiple platforms. My favorite platform is Instagram. Um, and recently, I’ve kind of been navigating Facebook, like using your so if you were to use Facebook, I would say, you know, use your personal profile as your business profile, because you get a lot more reach on your personal profile, as opposed to your business Facebook account. Okay, so there’s a tip there. But yes, I always tell my clients, choose one core platform, and then go from there. So from there, we’ll obviously you already know who your ideal client is. So how can we find your ideal client on this core platform that you’ve decided to use? So let’s say for instance, we’re going to use Instagram. So we’re on Instagram. So how do we find our ideal clients? So what I tell my clients is to number one, you can go to complimentary accounts, I don’t like to say competition, because there are clients for everyone. So somebody who is in the same industry as you, you can go to their account, and you can look through, I would say look through the comments, look through those who have actually liked their actual post, and see who’s really engaged with them, see who has questions on that post, see who’s, you know, talking on that post and see what they’re saying. And then from there, you can pick through and see, okay, these are my ideal clients, let me go to their page, kind of look through their, their page and see if they, you know, I can actually help them. Another way is through, you know, hashtags, right?

So obviously, going back to you know, who exactly who your ideal client is, so you can find them through hashtags. So, just being you know, obviously depends on what industry you’re in, you know what you’re doing, that’s how I will kind of give my clients exact strategy. As far as hashtags, so but look through the hashtags, look through complimentary accounts for your ideal clients. And then from there, what I would tell them to do is, you know, go ahead and follow them, go ahead and start engaging with them and start a conversation right away. So you start that conversation. And this is one of the things that in the very beginning of my business, it kind of took me a long time to really just kind of, because it’s always this thing of building know, like, and trust, okay, so we want to, you know, we want to start building rapport in these conversations. But in the beginning of my business, I was finding that I was taking these conversations, they were taking so long in order for me to get them on a sales call. So I figured out a way to get them on a sales call, literally within 24 to 48 to 72 hours, like, let’s get down to business, I see that you have a problem.

So what I do is that take them through a series of questions when I first meet somebody, and so, you know, I feel for, you know, always, you know, lead with, you know, influence and, you know, compliment. So you look through their profile, you say, Oh my gosh, your kids are so cute. I really love what you’re doing whatever it is that they’re doing, leave a compliment, right? And be genuine. Obviously, we’re not just robots here, we’re being very genuine. And always having that mindset of I’m here to serve you, how can I help you? So how are you leave them a compliment? Something they’re doing a great job? And then you know, ask them something along the lines of, you know, what are you working on? What are you working on towards the end of this year?

What are your goals for the next three to six months? And then you know, we start a conversation that way? And then that’s literally how it starts just asking them right off the bat, you know, what are your goals? What are you working on? From there, I see that there may be a struggle. And then from there, you know, the conversation may last a little bit, just depending on, you know, how long it takes you to get back to the person or them get back to you. But from there, I say, you know what, I really feel like I can offer you some support. Why don’t we hop on a 30 minute complimentary call and see how I can support you.

And so from there, I tell my clients to go ahead and give them a pre qualification application, they fill that out, see if they’re pre qualified, and then you get them on a sales call. And then you sign the client and you serve them. So that’s basically how, you know I would give them that strategy. So it doesn’t need to take, you know, months to get people on sales call, it doesn’t need to take more than you know, necessary, you can literally sign clients within the first 24 to 72 hours, honestly, I love it.

I love it. And so what was I gonna say about that I lost my train of thought, okay, so so what is on the pre qualification questionnaire, like I have, like an application or some sort of questionnaire. And I actually ask about, you know, their level of investment that they’re considering. Mm hmm. So I know that if it’s zero and it goes, zero, I’m broke. Or if they say I’m willing to spend whatever it takes to get me to where I need to be. Do you have that a net? Is that what you mean by pre qualification questionnaire?

Yes, definitely. You always want to have a, a, what is it called an investment qualifier on your application, and you want to make sure even in your, your content that you’re always using words like, you know, high ticket or luxury or four figure investment that way, because you’re getting your clients ready and prepared to know that you are a high ticket coach, right? And so showing up in your content in that way. So using words like that. And so on the pre qualification application, I always say to make sure you have a pre What is it called? I just said it, and I just forgot what it was, um, ah, qualifier. Yeah, yeah, that investment pre qualified. I love that. Okay. That’s really, that’s really important. And I think that some ladies are afraid of that.

Yeah. Oh, I don’t want to scare anybody off. But wait a minute, you don’t have time to talk to everybody. It’s time to talk to those that could actually, number one, value your expertise. And number two afford you. So yeah, and I love that encouragement to do that. That’s awesome. Okay, so let’s talk about the last topic, and that is launching versus evergreen. Now, let’s start with what the heck we’re talking about. And then explain to the ladies you know, kind of which you prefer?

Yeah. So there’s really two primary ways that you can run your business, and that is the traditional launch model, or you can go evergreen. And so, launching basically means where you are, or you have a program and you open carts for about five to 14 days, and then you close the card at on the 14 day or however long between that time you decide to open and close cart. So basically that means you know, people have a limited amount of time to get into your program. This is the most common way, right. So there’s some you know, there’s some perks to this. There’s some cons to this as well. And I know a lot of a lot of coaches, they have this traditional launch model. And this is what I started with as well. Um, the perks is basically you know, there’s, you can get a huge cash injection right within that time frame. So people are signing up for your program, let’s say you get, you know, 20 women into your program, and there’s this huge cash injection. Okay, so there’s the part, another perk is really, you’re able to make that offer really exclusive. So it really just gets people excited to get in as soon as the doors are open. There’s another part another perk is really you’re, you’re able to create scarcity, right?

It’s like real scarcity. Because women, you know, we as women, we want to feel included, we don’t want to feel left out. So we want to get into this program. And so the cons are basically I feel as though, you know, it leaves you feeling like restrictive, right? So I started my business to feel expansive and to feel open, right. So if someone has a problem, I want to be able to solve that problem for them when they’re ready, right? I don’t want to wait months to solve that problem, just because my doors are now closed. And I put that in quotation marks not like, my doors are closed, like, if you have them, wait, what are they going to do, they’re going to find somebody else that can do the same thing or better, right? So being open to them whenever you want.

So I’m really just thinking about the launch model, it kind of like, stresses me out, and it gives me anxiety because, um, you know, you there’s so much that goes into preparing for the launch, and, you know, having the launch and then post launch and all of this, all of these rules and restrictions and strategy. It’s just like so much anxiety that goes into it. And I know, I’m not the only one that feels this way, like I’ve done enough market research to know that other moms, just other women feel that way. And it’s really a quick way to burn out. Um, so what the Evergreen model is this is saying, and there’s a lot of tech wrapped up in the whole launch model. Oh, yeah.

Yes, yes. Absolutely. And so the Evergreen model is, you know, this is where, you know, you have one front row, you have one primary program, and this is where you sell this program, 365 days of the year, right. And so if you basically, if you want to work with me, which my program is called moms on the rise accelerator, this will be the way to do it. I have one program, and then it’s open always. So whenever you come to me and say, Hey, Sally, I’m really not signing clients. Can you help me instead of me saying, Hey, sorry, my doors are closed, you have to wait to the next round. I’m so I’m like, Yes, come on.

And let’s, let’s hop on a call, let’s talk about how can help you always open always available. And it’s just really allows you to feel expansive, and allows, you know, you to have a system and a process in place. that’s ongoing, right. And so from a business standpoint, you really want to be able to project your cash flow and not rely on a launch because you always this allows you to scale, right? This allows you to have money coming in consistently every single month, as opposed to like I said, this huge cash injection for one month, let’s say it’s, you know, $20,000 and then what’s your plan for the next month and the month after that, so that means you will probably have to recreate another program, or open up a program that you already have to sculpt through this, you know, this roller coaster, or this cycle of opening cart closing cart then open like just is so stressful, Judy. Oh, my goodness.

Yeah. So yeah, that’s, that’s the difference between you know, the Evergreen. Okay. Excellent. All right. So ladies, now you know, enough to be dangerous. What I mean by that is, I need you to commit to doing your own research, right, and to going to God and saying, Lord, I want to take this business to a new level. How do I do that? Right, I could do it launch. I could do it evergreen, and there’s other ways to do it as well. Those are the two primary ones. But ladies listening, I want you to understand that there is no right or wrong way. There is the way that’s best for you. And so I love it, Sally explained evergreen, it definitely has its perks. I kind of I kind of straddle I launch at the same time. It’s still evergreen, so I’m you know, so it’s just that I have special things coming up special perks when they enter when I’m launching So, so I just love your approach to that. I can’t believe we’re nearing the end. But I did want to ask you to ask questions. Okay, number one, Where can the ladies find you online so that they can stay in touch with you?

Yes, so you guys can find me on Instagram. That is my primary account. It’s at Sally mopan Sal Li e M a up i n and it’s just a Sally method on Instagram. And because like I said the beginning I don’t do all of these things right now. I’m not at that place in my business where I mean That’s the only place I don’t have a website. I don’t have all these other things that is where you can find me results are there, you know, all client testimonials and just all the information that needs to be known about me and my business. So, Sally mopan on Instagram.
Well, I love the simplicity, Sally, I’m all about simplicity. Let’s not overcomplicate things, keep it simple. And I love it. I love it. Okay, last question. This is called the she is extraordinary podcast. So please share with our listeners an extraordinary woman in your life and tell us why she’s extraordinary.

Oh, man. Um, let’s see. I would say my grandmother, my grandmother is extraordinary. Because she has been through a lot in her life. She not only raised her own children, but she raised her grandchildren, grandchildren, me included. And I really don’t think I would be where I am today. If it wasn’t for her. I think she’s extraordinary, extraordinary, just because she is a woman of God. And she just really, um, role model a wonderful example of what a woman of God should look like. And so, you know, kudos to her because I am literally trying to be like her, and I always get compliments and say, Oh, my God, she just like your grandma. And by the way, I’m named after her too. So that’s why I have such a, I guess people say old lady name, but my name is Sally.

And I don’t think it’s an old lady name. I think it’s a beautiful name. Thank you. That is so neat. Well, Sally, thank you for joining me tonight. And ladies, I’m sure you’re gonna love this episode. And we’re gonna have to review those notes a few times. You gave so many great points. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me, Judy. I appreciate it.

Absolutely. All right. Ladies, if you’ve enjoyed this episode, please take a moment leave a rating and a review and subscribe if you haven’t, because at least two episodes drop every single week. Thank you again ladies for watching, and we will see you next time.

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